Derrick says the only one we’re backdo*r!ng this early is Devin because he’s a d*uche!

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 03-00-53-390
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2:40am Outside on the backyard couches – Derrick, Zach, Brittany, Frankie, and Nicole are talking. Derrick says as far as I’m concerned Devin is going home but if Donny decides to do something else then it is what it is. Brittany says he already pretty much gave it to her. Derrick agrees and Donny already put the veto around Jocasta’s neck after the competition. Derrick heads over to the pool table where Hayden and Cody are playing a game of pool.

2:50am Up in the HOH room – Cody heads up to the HOH room. Cody says that Frankie has been grilling me about what me and Brittany talked about. Derrick says that Frankie was asking me if Donny was going to use the veto or not. Hayden joins them. Cody says she was trying to talk to a lot of people to protect herself. rightfully so.. She’s doing what she needs to do but I don’t think she trusts me any more. Cody says then Brittany comes in and asks if there is more paranoia going around the house. She said well Frankie came in. Cody says yeah Frankie came in and he was asking about you. She was hinting at did Frankie come in and start talking about me. Cody says I told her that Frankie was asking about you. It was getting awkward and honestly I don’t trust him. I don’t know when the time would be to get him out would be. Cody says I said I feel bad what I did to Donny I think it was paranoia on my end and because after I talked to you and Jocasta .. it was Pow Pow that was stirring shit up. Cody says that Brittany said that she is starting to trust Donny. Cody says that doesn’t just come up from no where, you never talk to the dude. Hayden comments that I honestly feel like an idiot. I feel like I got played. Everyone was saying how sketchy Donny has been and I was like sh*t that doesn’t look good. Derrick says that Donny is definitely trying to start an alliance to go against the 8. Cody says this is what turned me off about Brittany. I told her that the person that caused all this is going home this week. I told her it would be nice to get out Caleb but honestly with Devin gone the house is divided. Cody says and she said you know see you on the other side. And I was like wow, what?! I don’t know if she was joking and I didn’t get it or. Derrick says no I think you were having a conversation and indirectly she was like … Big Brother switiches the cameras to Nicole and Christine heading out to the backyard.

Out in the hammock – Caleb and Amber are talking. Amber asks do you have any other questions? Caleb says I just hope you know. Amber says it would be great if you and I were hanging up there together. Caleb ask if we’re up there together. Amber says if we’re up there together I would still hang on. Caleb says for me I’m not letting a girl beat me in anything. If we’re hanging together, just give up! Amber says no. The conversation turns to Caleb service in the military.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 02-55-39-526
3:05am UP in the HOH room – Cody and Hayden are still talking. Hayden says its good that we didn’t win this HOH, so hopefully one of us will win this next one. Cody says that if I won HOH this week I would put up Victoria because I don’t know where her head is at, I’d put up Brittany because she doesn’t trust me, I’d put up Jocasta but she is so close to Amber. I think she would side with us over Caleb. Hayden says if I had to pick 3 people that had to go in the next 3 weeks… Brittany, Donny and Amber in the next three weeks and then maybe Frankie. Cody says I am literally not trusting anyone but you two (Hayden & Derrick) So if I get f**ked over it would be you two. I am trying to get my trust back with Brittany but.. Hayden says yeah don’t even bother. Cody says I am going to f**king try for this HOH. Hayden asks who do you think should go next would be Brittany and Donny… but not Amber. Hayden says that Victoria is potentially a vote for us. Hayden says that Brittany is talking a lot of game. She seems like she is trustworthy but if you tell her too much information she will tell everyone in the house. Cody and Hayden talk about how they trust Christine. Cody says that he doesn’t trust Nicole. They talk about how early it is still in the game. Hayden says only 2 people have gone. Cody comments on how no one trust Frankie any more because he was mentioned in the 8. Cody says Caleb would come after me just for the simple fact of wanting more time with Amber. His head isn’t in the game. This kid would send me home just for the simple fact if he thought she liked me. Cody says it’s clear as day that Amber wants no part of it with him. Hayden agrees and says Caleb is clueless about Amber’s disinterest. Cody counts the votes to keep Caleb, he counts 6 votes. Hayden says that Nicole would also go along with you and me. Hayden says Caleb being voted out wouldn’t make sense for competitors like you and me. Cody says that Amber worries him because Amber could possibly vote to keep Jocasta over Caleb in order to prove she’s not working with Caleb. Hayden doesn’t think that would happen.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 03-39-39-423

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3:35am Caleb and Amber are still talking in the hammock Caleb asks her why she won’t be his date to the finale? Amber says maybe. Caleb says we need to get something straight. I put my 500k on the line for you and you are not able to agree to a date? Why not? What is it going to take? That’s all I got. If it takes more than that, I’m out of luck. So say yes and say I’ve have done enough. Amber says all my relationships are long distance. I also need a whole lot before a single date with me. She says I wont even do it for a free meal. Caleb says before it is all said and done, I think you will say yes. Amber says all right. Caleb says you basically already said yes. Caleb says I’m different. I actually have morals, most don’t. The good thing is that we both have good morals. It makes it harder and in a sense make it easier. I would never go for a girl without morals. Caleb says girls should be honest and real with him and not string him alone and play games with him. Amber says I think people try to protect other peoples feelings and you end up hurting the person more because you are trying to protect their feelings. Caleb starts talking to Amber about the veto competition.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 04-12-56-533

4:10am Zach and Cody playing pool. Zach says you know who’s the f**king man. Cody says the thing is Derrick want’s to work with me, you and Hayden. Cody says we’ll talk later. Cody comments on how he can’t believe Amber and Caleb have been talking this long. Caleb and Amber come by as they’re heading in. Amber heads inside. Caleb stops and the guys talk about pool. They talk about Devin’s odds of getting picked to play in the veto. Zach says but that wasn’t your competition. The conversation turns to talking about the havenot food. Derrick comments on how great the corn tortillas taste with cinnamon. Zach says that Big Brother put another bag of the intestine in the freezer. There’s a 500 pound Bag in there.

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smd nicole

i really want caleb to leave this week instead of devin! and i want devin out the first week of jury so he can’t go home to his son… wait son or daughter?


Then send Frankie the rat and derrick the Dick home!!!!!


How could you forget that? lol

smd nicole

i have been getting tons of down votes lately lol what did i say that was wrong in that


Smdnicole, while I agree Devin seems rude and paranoid, I think the downvotes might be b/c you brought his daughter into the comment. Seems a little petty to want to keep him long enough to only deny a reunion with his kid. 🙁


It’s just really mean that you don’t want Devin to see his daughter. No matter how bad of a game he played, his daughter is his heart and pride.

Julie's Glitter

devin said that he hasn’t seen his daughter for 6months before coming on the show. now he wants to see her?


I thought it was 3 months. But, they’ve used Skype. I know at least 3 or 4 weeks of that had to do with BB.
If he shares custody and moved….then it would be a while before he saw her again.
I would be offended if he had not seen her in a year. But that’s not the case. He is more than he appears to be… Who would have looked at him and thought that he was such a Harry Potter fan? Or that he would be comfortable massaging Frankie?


Like these guys or not, this is getting to be more and more common each year. A group of strong guys gets together and by the time the outsiders wake up, it’s too late. Donny has their number and is trying to open up everyone’s eyes but instead they doubt him. Once Devin is gone, they’ll just be picking people off one by one. Makes for boring TV regardless of whether or not you like the people that make up the alliance.


Yeah. It gets aggravating how dumb some of these players are, especially (majority of) the women. Where is Rachel or Danielle or Amanda, girls with balls and a plan. I’m already sick of a few girls this year. They’re mentally weak and physically not able to play hard. What’s the damn point. It’s the selection process. They need to pick stronger personalities, fit, and just people who have watched the show before and know how things play out. Half of these people have no clue and probably only a small chance of winning, if lucky.


I blame casting for the girls. No physical, strategic and mentally competitive females like Survivor contestants Latasha and Parvati, or like Margie (was with son Luke) of the AR. And if they did cast one, they would be alone without other competent females to strategize with.


These are some of the weakest girls I have ever seen. My girl wont even watch BB no more because they dont have a backbone. I cant see myself watching this show for a full season but I hope another Hayden wins again. Christine and Derrick have ruined the show for me and the fact that Victoria and Jocasta are staying makes this show so lame to me.


I must have missed something on the feeds…what did Donny do to make so many people not trust him anymore?


That sounds like Donny was saying something negative (ie: true) about Derrick, not something negative about Nicole. Guess that’s BB for you.

Not A PHD Student

It’s a good thing no one else in house misses anyone from their family other then Devin.

Solution Devin: Pack up your bags and walk out the front door!! You can leave at anytime, it’s not locked. If you want to do something to be remembered on the show, walk out.


I think Divine has a Daughter but he doesn’t like to talk about her.
When you look the word moron there should just be picture of Zach.
Fakie’s medical condition is that he’s a lying little b#%tch.

Holy Cow

Can;t stand Frankie and Derrick!!!Both never shut up!!!


1. All the gamers seem to know that this may be their only opportunity to get out Caleb.

2. So far I am most shocked that Derrick has become so vocal and controlling. I was sure he had his eye on the prize and would definitely keep to a longer term strategy. It is only Week 2!

3. I think Donny makes the whole show more interesting. He refuses to play the traditional way by talking ad nauseum. Instead he listens and observes everyone’s comings and goings. I predict he will pick up on the player’s who distrust him and do something subtle to win back their trust.

4. Out of all the thousands of people who could have been on the show, why did they waste good oxygen on Victoria?…..her dressing like she was attending the Junior Prom at last week’s eviction was the nail in the coffin for me and demonstrated her real reason to be on the show was not to entertain me!


THEY ARE SOOOOO PRESSED THAT DONNY WILL SAVE JOCASTA, I actually respect and love donny more because the fact that him and jocasta made a pact early on in the game to NOT put each other up is just great because donny is sticking to it and taking her off the block…and he diesnt care WHO LIKES IT…

Frankie time is limited..mark my words
& I think it would be 10 times smarter to send caleb home over devin, no way in hell caleb is gonna make it easy in a Endurance comp..

WE NEED A TOUGH GIRL & donny and caleb TO WIN NEXT WEEK, BRITT OR JOCASTA..even Amber ..but not if caleb is still there..I want someone to shake the house up..

IM SICK OF DERRICK EGO.and Zachs ego..
im ready for double eviction, thats when the game really starts and most likely this dumb stwist is DONE!


Devin!!! Go wake up the outsiders right now and have a group discussion. Let them know how they are handing the win to the BS and then let them talk. Keeping Caleb is game suicide for them.
Don’t let them vote out their only chance……


I agree. He is crazy to not campaign to Donnie and at least try and flip the game on its head(Derrick)……CBS or whoever is running BB over thinks shit sometimes…Im starting to see this TA thing is dumb none of them really wanna work together and they will all lose because of stupid twist that is forcing their hand and on top of that Nicole spotted it immedietly…..kill team america!!!


You do realize that Devin can’t hear you, no?


Well, they must all know by now that if he is their only chance, then they’re really f’ed.
They all know his track record regarding making deals:
-) Donny: Double D’s on day 2; then wanted him gone real bad for a week.
-) PowPow: Made a deal that he’d take her off the block if he won POV, re-confirmed this to her right before the POV comp, and when he did win it, guess what? Deal’s off, “because he changed his mind”.
-) Bomb Squad: “I’ll never put anyone of you up until it’s only us left” – “Boom! Zach, you’re up.”
-) Bomb Squad: “Whatever happens, I’ll NEVER rat the Bomb Squad out” – “Boom! Hey, Brit, hey Donny, hey Jocasta! Let me tell you a little story…”

I’d personally rather be allied to a bucket full of nuclear waste than to Devin – the chances of survival are much higher! ;).

I Don't Like Derrick

Only part of the story. Zach was planning on backdooring Devin before he was put up. Devin found out, and struck first. Betrayed by the BS, Devin ratted them out. PLEASE, BE ACCURATE AND COMPLETE!!


Waa,Waa,Waa … Go home Devin. You dumbass *!??&#.


Anyone else wake up every day and check this site like it’s the morning paper?


ha ha. Thought I was the only one. Even worse, I am an insomniac so am up all hours of the night. I log on around midnite, again about 2, at 5 and then keep checking back every few hours during the day. The dustbunnies multiply during BB.


My summer guilty pleasure is morning coffee while reading the overnight reports.




Id and even did when on a 10 day vacation in Hawaii!! I ran up my data on my phone, which I never do!! I have been reading this site for as long as it has been in existence, except last year when I just couldn’t bare it any more!!!


LOl…yes as well as before I go to bed. That’s pretty bad..lmbo I even check it before I start looking for a job. I guess you can say my priorities are not in the rt order….


Every morning, before I go to the gym, after dinner, and before I go to bed. Also, anytime I’m bored or have a spare 5 minutes. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


“Hey Derrick”, If Devin is a douche what does that make you?
Devin has problems due to his medication, what is your excuse? The longer you stay in the house, you show that you are not a nice person. You, are the only one entitled to win all of the money. America voting for people to be TA before they even know who these people are, is stupid. Letting people who only watche the CBS version is even worse.


WAA,WAA,WAA, go home Devin you dumbass ******!


If im Donny and i know there is an alliance and i also know there is a guy in the house that they are all afraid of i would let Jocasta know that i like her but i need to make a business decision why save Jocasta she cant even participate….yea Devin has lied to him but so has everyone else….Jocasta is driving me crazy she needs to pack her bags and that dumbass “i wanna play an honest game” strategy and get the hell out of the house… rather Donny take Caleb off the block then use it on her….she maybe a nice lady and thats great but she just isnt cut out for this kind of game…i hope Donny doesnt use the Veto


Devin apologized to Donny. If Devin had not told Donny this entire game would of been different. Also, has everyone forgotten Derrick’s part in Zach nomination?


I don’t want to be a grump. But how did Anonymous get credit for my remark? He might not want the credit.


Why would he use it on Caleb when Jocasta is one of his only true allies in the house. If caleb stays then they all will be picked off one by one unless someone wakes up and sees that most of the bomb 8 are still working together.


After reading Derrick’s bio I have a couple of questions that would best be answered by an American.
Derrick went to uni on full scholarship. I assume he would leave HS in the US at age 17. He went on to get Masters Degree — would that not take him to about age 20 or 21? He became an undercover cop at 20 but when did he ever go to the police academy? No police force that I know of would put someone into undercover work without a basic knowledge of police procedure and firearm training. Am I overly suspicious or reading too much into this?


I don’t have personal experience as a cop, but… I think a police academy is only 2-6 months, depending on the state/city. Derrick could have gone to undergraduate, got degree, joined police, and got his masters while working as police officer. I got my master degree while working, many companies even pay for some/all of the education.


thank you. What you said does make sense.


I’m sure that’s how it happened. Most unis don’t let you start a Masters without some work experience…unless you’re going for a straight academic masters, i.e, you want to be a prof. An example would be teaching. You can’t go straight to a Masters in Ed without teaching for 5 years. I think it’s similar for all helping professions: nurses, social workers, law enforcement, etc. Makes sense, you need the real working experience to apply a higher level of thinking in Masters.


jocasta made an amazing recovery! as soon a donny won the veto and promised to use it to take her off the block…voilà! she’s up again, walking around, talking with the other houseguests…it’s a miracle! she’s saved!


She prayed a lot…. for Donny.


I don’t see the part where cody says britt is a lying sack of.. and they all bash her.. cody is getting nasty


Haha, Derrick is an ugly little guy, so how can he say Britt is not hot. I’m sure she would not give him the time of day in or out of that house.


You are delusional. Even the ugliest guy has the God-given right to judge the hotness of any girl. Wake up!


Everyone bashes Caleb for liking amber n doing things for her but seems Cody is jealous n really wants amber himself n Zach jealous of Caleb always negative n is really bi sexual n wants Frankie!! What a joke…..


It’s Zach’s business, not ours, but I’ll admit it makes me a little sad that he’s clearly trying hard to back pedal on the fact that he was initially attracted to Frankie. It indicates a likely possibility that he’s not 100% straight, but too afraid to come out.


Did anyone not notice Caleb manipulating Amber into being grateful to him because he “risked” 500 grand for her?

Did Amber ask him to do that? NO. His motives for that were to endear himself to her. Gameplay aside, how manipulative is that!?

She needs to stay as far away from him as she can get.


He is making is very uncomfortable for her. Imagine being in her shoes. She’s stuck in a house with him, and has to be nice to him, yet he keeps pushing the romantic thing over and over. The guy has no clue. Once he let her know how he feels, he should have dropped it and waited until the season is over to ask her again. He is making her not like him.


Thanks for your penetrating insight! Do you think the sun will come up tomorrow?/

Amanda's dog Woofie

These girls are stupid. Devin goes home.Then 3 or 4 girls.Then the guys can turn on each other. Amber & NICole will make F6 by whoring.


Simple and to the point. I like it, lol.


But,,, but, but, Caleb says that Amber has morals.


Derrick and Frankie have hurt America’s Team because they go around trashing Donny. So how is Donny supposed to fulfill his part of the assignments when they’ve made sure no one believes him? Derrick has HOHitus. I wasn’t a Derrick fan but really want him gone now.


I am understanding that either, unless he is doing it to see what the other HG say about Donny. It also looks like they are NOT working together and keeps the target off of him, Derrick. What happens if pone of the AC gets evicted? Is it over for America or do they go on with 2?


Ugh all these boys are starting to look like total douche bags. We’ve got Caleb telling Amber he can’t let a girl beat him in a competition, and then Cody, Zach, and Derrick analyzing what the girls look like without makeup/who’s the hottest. It’s getting gross, and they said Devin mistreated women. Smh.


Omg thank you for saying that! The guys commenting on the girls looks was just gross
Plus Derrick saying Britt isn’t that hot is he for real I have seen his wife and she is the one that is not hot at all


I think these players are over thinking the vote this week. All this obsessing about whether or not Donny’s using the POV to save Jocasta. He said he is and by all indications if Donny makes a promise he keeps it. So stick Devin up on the block with Caleb and get rid of one of them. How hard is that? Scared that the one who stays will put a target on their backs? It’s Big Brother grow some balls or do they all want to be know as the Helen’s of BB16?


In total agreement with you. Grow up, and play the game. Plus, what on earth does Derrick mean by Donny’s use of the POV means he’s going against the house??? Wasn’t the plan to backdoor Devin??? And Donny is bringing that to fruition while saving his friend, which he, by all intents and purposes, he promised to do? Derrick is delusional.


Question… Can Devin really be backdoored? I thought people were only backdoored when they had no idea they were going. Am I wrong?


‘Backdoored’ describes the replacement nominee going home, without being picked to play for the POV aka he/she never had a chance.
Devin knowing the backdoor was the plan all along doesn’t disqualify this as being a backdoor, but Devin having gotten to play in the POV does. He had a chance to save himself, so he didn’t get backdoored. At least that’s how I understand the term! 😉


Oh and I am getting really annoyed by the men’s choices of accessories this season, especially Caleb with that blue scarf tied around his head and Zach and Frankie with the backwards and side turned baseball hats…. Don’t these people every look in the mirror?


You don’t know cool.


Caleb uses Amber’s scarf as a headpiece. He also used her DRESS as a scarf! Now that’s crazy awkward.
He also started wearing her ‘rabbit’ slippers a lot after he saw Cody put them on once.
IDK if it’s because he’s been training dogs, but this trait of wearing something of her on him to show his allegience / smell her all the time seems rather… canine to me.


If Donny could rally the troops and backdoor Caleb it would help the “outsiders’. Derrick has said ‘Devin is a beast with physical and mental capacity.” So, he knows if Devin is gone, then the boys run the house and it ends as we predicted at the beginning of the season.
However, if they save Devin make a 3 week deal, then between he, Donny, Jocasta, Amber (Nicole/Hayden) they could run the house. We know Frankie would go with whoever holds the reins.They rid themselves of Derrick, Cody and Zach. in that order.

Julie's Glitter

Most paranoid season yet.


Nope. Season 11 (Jeff/Jordan’s season) takes the cake for most paranoid.


forget amber or brittany, cody is the prettiest in the house.


You’re just saying that to make Frankie cry




The problem with trying to have an alliance with Devin is he can’t stick to it for more than 5 minutes. He acts impulsively and then thinks an open apology redeems him of actions. He’s a loose cannon, no one in their right mind should try and work with him again.

Also, Caleb is using classic coercion tactics on Amber, it’s gross and he is a misogynist. Boys need to pay attention, when a women says “no” or “maybe” do not badger (coerce) her until you get the answer YOU want.


My thoughts so far:
1) Christine is playing the smartest game so far. She’s got allies everywhere.
2) Nicole and Donny are playing too hard not to be more in control and with more friends.
3) Derrick is playing a smart game by staying tight with Cody, Zach, Caleb, and Frankie. Amber follows Caleb, and Victoria follows Frankie. That’s 7 votes, plus Derrick’s TA alliance with Donny and warming up with Brittany help him out, too.
4) Devin was like a bull in a china shop; his game was awful.
5) The sleeper right now is Hayden. He’s floating like fecal matter in saltwater.
6) Jocasta has no game, which makes her a keeper.
7) If I were HOH, Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, and Amber would be my top choices because they’d lose the Battle of the Block and keep me in power.
8) If Devin really goes home this week, Caleb and Amber won’t be too far behind.

Write it down! Ha ha!


Judging on whose the hottest girl. But yet Devin is a Douche?


Yes, Devin is a Douche. He just has company in the bag


Sorry guys- you are nothing like the Brigade.