Derrick says this is going to be a hard one to get out of.. once you lose trust its hard to get it back.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 09-59-16-542

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9:45am – 10am In the hive room – Donny explains to Frankie how last night he was woken up to Devin sitting beside him telling him about an 8 person alliance in the house. Frankie says that Caleb and Zach made peace last night and once that was done pretty much everyone decided they were going to vote …. Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds come back – Donny says ya’ll were the miniority. Frankie says there was an eight person alliance but it was fractured groups. It was never an eight person alliance. Donny says I’ve decided that Pow is going home and I would like to give her my vote. America will understand if I don’t wote with ya’ll. When Pow gets voted out she is going to say I love Donny and I don’t want America to hate me for voting her out. Frankie says he is sorry that Donny got woken up for it last night. Donny says yeah its not something that couldn’t wait till tomorrow. It’s not like you guys were going to vote me out today. Frankie says Derrick and I can keep you safe. Frankie says that Devins trying to put you on his side with Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria. Frankie says we need you to be our eyes and ears to keep Derrick and I safe. Frankie says I have no alliance other than Team America. Donny says that he will and that he would have done that anyway. Donny asks are those girls okay with keeping Zach in the house who talks so much smack about women?! Donny says No we don’t condone it! We can explain it as we are keeping him in the house as a bigger target. Frankie agrees. They leave the room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 10-22-23-858
10:05am Frankie heads out to the backyard and talks to Christine about his conversation with Donny. Christine says its perfect because Donny said last time how livid he was the last time Devin woke him up in the middle of the night before. Frankie tells her that Donny said he will be giving Pow Pow his vote. Meanwhile inside the kitchen – Donny tells Derrick how he got woken up again last night. They head into the hive room to talk. Donny says that Devin told him about an 8 person alliance. Derrick says what Devin doesn’t know is that you, me and Frankie have decided its best to keep Zach in the house for the best interest of Team America. Derrick says Devin came to us individually and said if you vote this person out I will keep you safe this week. After we all came together collectively and talked about how its not better for us. Derrick says it was obvious that Pow was working with Devin and she threw that competition with you and the one with Brittany. Frankie says Devin forced our hand to be an eight person alliance when we weren’t. Frankie and Derrick tell Donny that they only alliance we have is our alliance. He doesn’t know that we are in this alliance. Frankie says and he is going to tell you everything. The main thing is to keep the target off the three of us. I agree with Donny that I don’t think many people are going to buy what Devin tells them. Donny says I’m not worried today its an eight, tomorrow it will be another eight and next HOH it will be a different eight. Frankie leaves. Derrick talks about how Frankie is playing an aggressive game. Derrick says contractually I don’t think Frankie can expose Team America without us. Donny tells Derrick how he likes talking to just Derrick some times without Frankie. Derrick tells Donny in his opinion he should give Pow his vote. Donny is worried if Zach finds out and goes off. Derrick says thats a valid concern. Derrick tells him don’t tell anyone and deny it.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 10-16-40-272

10:10am Out in the hammock – Christine is talking to Amber. Christine tells her that Devin is a lunatic. She says that Brittany was acting really weird last night too. Amber says that Devin is trying to control everyone’s game. Christine agrees. Christine says what an idiot! Christine says there was nothing you could do, he cullied you into it.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 10-18-05-834

10:35am Out in the backyard – Derrick tells Frankie how he is really close to Brittany and she lied to him last night about what Devin told her last night. SO she is definitely working with him. Derrick says I don’t think Donny buys what Devin was saying. Derrick says everyone needs to just ignore Devin. He is trying to send us home. If you are up there too much with Devin people are going to start thinking you are working with him. This is going to be a hard one to get out of because in this game once you lose trust its hard to get it back. Derrick says I’ve done a lot to keep Brittany in the house and she won’t even give me the respect to talk about it. Derrick calls Christine over and tells her to keep her helmet on today. Devin threw you and us under the bus last night. We’ve decided we won’t go up to the HOH room any more with Devin. If he wants to talk to us he can say it in front of everyone. As far as everyone is concerned it was just a 1 week deal. Derrick says Brittany is going to come after us and I think she is going to make you and Amber the icon of this. Just know I will not vote you out.
bandicam 2014-07-09 10-35-36-970
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10:50am – 11:10am Derrick and Brittany go over to the hammock to talk. He tells her that it hurt him that she lied to him last night. Brittany says I didn’t lie to you. I just didn’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t know who to trust. Derrick says why not talk to everyone and get your own opinion. I haven’t lied to you. I’ve confided in you more than anyone. I am upset that you don’t want to talk to me about it. Derrick says this all happened because we said that we weren’t going to vote you out and that we weren’t going to vote out Zach. Devin came up to us and said that if we go against him we better be ready for an all out war. There was no alliance. There was a 1 week deal the first week and a 1 week deal the second week. My only problem is that you didn’t come talk to me. It bothers me that you just don’t care. Brittany says I obviously care, I want to make it to next week. Brittany says I am hurt because I felt like I was on top of the game but the reality is that I had no idea. Derrick says you are telling me everything that I needed to know. You’re telling me that you don’t trust me. Derrick says I have nothing to gain by coming to talk to you right now. I am coming to talk to you on a personal level. Derrick says I went to battle for you and then you hear one thing about me and you don’t even address it. Brittany says I don’t want to talk game with anyone. Every single hour things change.

Derrick says I am not working with Devin. He told me he was going to people that. Brittany says I didn’t think you were working with him. Derrick tells Brittany for personal selfish reasons I want you here. And then when it comes down to it I want the money. Brittany says your vote doesn’t count. Derrick says my vote didn’t count last week either but I made sure you stayed. I am not working alone. Brittany says I know you’re not. Derrick says I have to know that I can tell you stuff and that I can trust that you’re not going to burn me. I am telling you that I am doubting our relationship because of how you acted last night. Derrick asks you okay right now? You’re sweating like a pig! Do you want to move? Brittany says no. Brittany says to be honest I think a lot of people made deals with Devin and now they don’t want to honour them with him. Derrick says exactly. Brittany says he is tarnishing and toxic to my game. Brittany says I trust you 100%. Derrick says I’m not asking for any information. I just need to know moving forward that we’re cool. Brittany says regardless of when I leave I am still team Derrick. Brittany says I am seeing that a lot of the people that I saw as loving caring people .. I am seeing them differently. I just need to gather my thoughts. Brittany says I am questioning Christine and Cody now. Derrick says I should be in that category to then. Brittany says I don’t think you are. Derrick says I will give you your space.. I hope you come to me in the next couple days before the HOH because I plan to win HOH and I need to know if I have your back that you have my back. Brittany says I’ve already told you I have your back. I can’t even talk or get words out because I am f**king tired! Derrick says we’ll talk when you’re ready to talk.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 10-53-37-481

11:15am The camera’s switch to Donny talking to Jocasta on the backyard couch. He tells her how Devin woke me up last night. He told me about an alliance that I wasn’t a part of. After he left there was a lot of, lot of, lot of talk last night. Donny asks is there anything you want to share on that? Jocasta says I knew there was an alliance but I didn’t know it was that big.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 11-17-25-016

11:30am – 11:40am In the kitchen – Frankie tells Christine that its basically Caleb vs Devin. If you’re seen talking to Devin or Brittany people will assume you’re working with them. Christine heads out to the backyard couch. Cody tells Christine that if Brittany doesn’t come and talk to me and be honest with me .. I am done with her! Amber joins them. Cody

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 11-43-00-370

11:55am Donny and Nicole are in the backyard lounger. Donny tells her that they swapped Zach for Hayden. Nicole tells Donny I definitely want to work with you. If I get HOH I want you to know you’re safe with me. Donny tells her the same thing. He tells her that he thinks we should infiltrate the 8. Nicole says they are going around telling stories and Victoria is going to believe it. Donny says we can make our own with Cody & Hayden because I feel we can trust them. Nicole says I heard that Hayden at first said no and then was pressured to work with them.

In the bathroom – Brittany is talking to Jocasta. Brittany says this is really difficult because obviously we were never asked to be a part of that.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 11-59-36-009

Over by the hammock – Derrick talks to Frankie about his conversation with Brittany. He says that if she doesn’t come talk to me then she needs to go because she’s not good for anyone’s game. Derrick says that Brittany’s excuse is that he’s tired. Frankie says she’s stupid! Well this is Big Brother! Everyone’s talking game. We just need to bank as many of these missions to get as many $5000 as we can. Victoria comes out and says that she talked to the diary room and we’re not off havenots until tomorrow at midnight. Derrick says he just talked to them an hour ago and they said tonight. Derrick goes to clarify. He comes back out and says nope, they’re going to keep us on it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-05-19-061

12:10pm Amber, Christine and Cody talk on the backyard couch. Amber says that she thinks Devin will stay up in the HOH all day. Cody says yeah because he’s a 2 year old in a giants body. Amber asks if he is going to talk to him at all? Cody says nope, I have nothing to say to him. The only thing I have to say is that I am going after him to get him out. Christine says that she’s worried that if Caleb goes up and talks to Devin that they’ll start working together because they keep doing that. Amber comments on how he is affecting her game now..

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-05-29-325

Wheres the vote?
Zach is staying 7-5

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I can’t decide if I like Brittany. She acts like she doesn’t know that this is Big Brother and some people will lie to her.

smd nicole

she isn’t acting she legit doesn’t know anything about big brother… she has never seen an episode of it before


if she keeps up these petty grudges, she’ll have an opportunity to watch a lot of big brother – at home on tv, or in the jury house each week. 😉


Im sick of her and her shallowness. If she was that concerned about losing her kids and not having rent paid then she would not have taken the chance. Its either all BS or she is one BAD mother!


if anyone was smart they would know that voting off Zach is the best option this week instead of evicting Pao. I know Donny knows this, but can he gather up winning votes to evict Zach? as much as they are saying Devin is a liability to their game, Zach is no different, his douchey attitude and stubbornness actually created this mess. I kind of now want Devin to survive for a few more weeks just to see the house even go more crazy. without Devin, nothing up to this point of season would of happened.

Big Jim

Exactly getting rid if Pow is a complete waste of an eviction she is disposable. Get a big dog out. Seems so obvious


I feel like I would want to keep both Zach and Devin for as long as possible. They both have bigger targets on their backs + a hatred for each other, and for me, that would better than a floater who everyone feels like they can use!


I really like Brittnay and Derrick together. They see through most of the bs that comes out of peoples mouth. Plus they seem to be very level headed.


Compared to other people in the house,I think they are (of the few)the hardest to manipulate. If Brittnay gets some sleep…and stays under the radar while the other houseguest fight to get Devin,Amber and Caleb out she can potentially get far.


Britanny needs to get Victoria, PowPow, and Jocasta on her side.

and get ride of Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Zack




What ‘V’ said…say what now? Brittany needs some muscle and game smarts with her – Cody and Derrick are the best option for her in coming weeks. Not sayin’ they won’t dump her when the time comes, but in the short run, it’s her wisest move.


With NO sleep AGAIN last night, Britt shouldn’t be talking to ANYONE! She and her brain can be nothing but little crispy critters at this point. It’s kind of amazing to watch.


Her stamina is quite remarkable. Then again, she’s the mother of three 🙂 I feel for the girl, I’d be certifiable without some comforts. I think the havenots is over the top this year with that freezing room.

smd nicole

derrick just proved how great a player he is! he is playing the perfect game! i love his gameplay i think he has potential to be an all time great!


Nope>F 4 at best


His game is reminding me a lot of bb10 dan


He is doing just what Memphis, Lane etc did.

This kind of game can take you far, but no win


Now everyone’s scrambling! Lol.
That’s what I like to see. Devin May be annoying and all but he did the right thing exposing the bomb squad.
I mean why should Zach get to have all the fun?


“Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble….Fire Burns and HGs Are in Trouble”
Brit is right. Everyone lies and no one knows who to believe.
Why should people play Devin’s game for him just because he’s big and threatening everyone?


Devin is playing his own game. Zach was scheming to take Devin OUT!. Why would he keep Zach?


Brittany knows Derrick is lying to her. She barely told him what Devin said last night. Plus all of what Derrick is telling her Devin told Brittany this is what they were gonna say.


Exactly. Devin really likes Britanny and told her all the true. And Brittany now sees that Devin makes sense

Captain Crunch

i don’t know why everyone trust Derrick, according to him when people are talking to Devin in the HOH room it means they’re working together/making a deal but when they talk to him (Derrick) its fine. he’s a hypocrite


Derrick is on a Power Trip
since being picked for Team America,
He is acting just like Devin & Caleb.
His pompus arrogence is getting on my nerves.
This season should be called Big Brother: DICTATORSHIP


According to Derrick last night he and Cody “Control the house”. So why is he upset that Devin who is HOH is trying to control the vote.


They need to keep Zach because he is one if the few that has the guts to go after Devin. Powpow is just a place holder. Brittany I know you are lacking sleep but wake up, you are walking around like a mindless zombie and gathering targets on your back in process.


Britt needs to get some sheep

Baby Firefly

When do these people(not Zach) sleep? I have never seen a season like this. Brittany’s been up for days, but also Derrick and Frankie are always up it seems. And the one on Adderall sleeps like a baby even with the whole house against him.


DEVIN’s sports team manager’s Id is often very tidy + inside
the overlap zone of HELEN’s Super-Ego and NICK’s bold EGO.
I feel he game is his to loose. Can the BOUNTY mutiny? Is a
total change in command about to send BLIGH to his lil dingy?

Roisen dubh

Derrick needs to shut up. He’s putting his game in the crapper. He talking way too much now. The way targets switch this year, he could be in trouble if he doesn’t win HOH.


Devin will be gone soon… He is exposing the BS just like I said he would when he did not get his way. Zach may have been the first blast, but lets be honest Devin pulled the pin.
So what really comes out of this?
Devin may have gone next week or three weeks from now… People have had the entire house against them an hung on…. not forever, I think Janelle and Dr. Will went the farthest with that being the case. I would say Rachel when she won…. but not really, she had Jeff, Jordan, Porsche, Brandon, Shelley and Joe helping her along. Her Season where it was just her and Brendan… she went to jury… Brendan only lasted an extra week.
. Caleb is free of Devin and the scar Devin put on his game… now he just has to dump Frankie.

Derrick, Cody, Christine and Hayden are all in the same place after the reboot… Derrick may have a larger target.

Frankie is still Frankie… The Shady Queen.

Jocasta came out from where ever she was hiding… mad because somebody punched a hole in her innertube that she was floating on.

Donny is still Donny, that is why we love Donny.

Nicole is in the Christine, Hayden and Nicole Trilogy alliance… I hope they go far I like them

So really Devin will probably go down as a 3 week loser and be invited back for another All-Star Season.

PowPow is being evicted…… or is she?


you forget frank and boogie. they went quite awhile with the entire house against them. of course they had numbers and didn’t betray each other(FRANKIE screwed Zach and the entire BS including himself just because he freaked about a guy lacking sleep over a huge dude with control over the house. smh.)


You are correct Anonymous… That is why I call Frankie Shady Queen. He has been screwing up all over the place. That is why I would prefer Frankie never make Jury. He is also Screwing up Team America. He can’t help himself… I can tell you as a Gay man, Shady S**t talking Queens can’t help it… He has even done “Sign Your Name”…. Talked carp then went to the person and said it was somebody else that said it.
First clue that somebody has talked crap…. they can’t tell you who told them…. and they have all done that.
Another big sign it is crap is what Andy did last year “Don’t tell them I told you anything…”



I’m a little confused by Brit’s behavior. What’s up with her not trusting everyone all of a sudden? Is she really just letting Devin manipulate her that easily, or perhaps the sleep deprivation is getting to her?

Thanks for all you both do keeping up this site btw, even though I have the feeds, I can always rely on you both year after year to filter out all the extra and deliver the gem moments!


Thanks Nick!

SHe’s found out about the bombsquad from Devin and knows Derrick and Cody were in on it. She’s learnt that Derrick was on-board with getting her out at the beginning of the week. She was closest to Derrick and Cody and is sleep deprived.


Brit has been put on the block. She just found out the person in her alliance was in an 8 person alliance. She has a creepy guy stalking her threw out the house and she has never watched this game so she has NO idea what is going on.
Honestly a lot of people long for an all fan Season… well Blah Blah Blah…. I would prefer an all Big Brother virgin Season. I think it would be a great way to remake the Show, as matter of fact flip the whole game on it’s butt.

Take away the Golden Power of Veto… go back to the old veto, that if you won and used it…. you could still be nominated.
Take away the HoH… NO HoH… NO HoH room… make them have to face people and not have that room to hide in…. or no locks on a dorr to talk game. Have a comp where a team of two or three make the nominations. Dump that BoB
Bring back the Have-Not comps and make everyone be at risk of being a Have-Not… wouldn’t you love to see nominations by a person that has been a have not for a few days, much more.

So yes, I would rather an all Never watched Big Brother Season, so it is all fresh.


Agree. There should no need for all these twists either. The game itself might be interesting if there wasn’t so much artificially inseminated paranoia. While it is interesting to watch the rats scurry every moment it has lost the human element.

You should check out the Brit version of Big Brother. It’s less “scare tactics” and more human entertainment with natural human drama.


I preferred Season 1 where America made the noms. Agree that they should bring back have/have not comps but no one should be more than 1 week as have not. Would also like to see BB take a page from BB Oz where housemates are assigned tasks, which usually benefits a charity and the h/mates win extra food for completing the task. Am also wondering what would happen if BB tried a season of all males and one of all females, The testosterone and oestrogen would certainly be flying. They could also operate 2 houses side by side, 1 all female, one male. After 4 weeks of eliminations, they could combine the houses. Just a way to shake things up.


Please forward to AG


Derrick deserves to win this thing!


Zach and Frankie HAD the right plan. you wait until a Double Eviction, and then you take out Devin in hopes that he simply can’t expose the bomb squad. best case would be someone else neutral wins that HOH and puts him up, he is voted out before he knows what went down.

Frankie BLEW UP basically the entire BS and a strong plan just to throw Zach under the bus. thinking Zach would stay quiet(WHY?) Frankie is in the running for worst BB HG in terms of decision making. Devin goes down as worst 2nd HOH in house history


What makes Donny think that American wants Zack in the house?

Well, I guess production is telling him what to do


Derrick seems to keep hinting that is what America wants.


OK Britanny is my favorite right now.

But I think this should be choice for just vote Zack out.. same thing goes to Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden.

Donny??? OMG he just found that 8 people were aganist him and he will keep those people together? What a idiot.

Get Zack out.. The way he talks in the Dairy Room is so fake… is like if he was reading a scrpit


are u stupid? pow pow in the DR is like 100000x worse

Sheep Deprivation

Christine is winning this game.She just needs to avoid hooker boy Cody.


Brittany is getting more annoying as the days go by. Maybe she should go to sleep and get it together! Soon she might start crushing on Devin because of no sleep.


staying in an alliance with devin until the first double eviction (just before jury?) would have been impossible. his game play – acting before discussion, behavior, ego, paranoia – made him too erratic and unstable to trust in any alliance. if the rest of the house is smart, devin will be gone sooner than later.

that said, he’s an entertaining “loose cannon” in the house!

JK okay?!

I Vote to evict…… DAWG. 😛


DAWG’s sleeping…shhhhh!


Love: Derrick, Donny and Frankie

Ok: Amber, Brittany, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Jocasta, Paola and Victoria

Dislike: Cody, Hayden, Nicole and Zach


oh god please no. If Christine wins this she will be one of the worse BB winners to go down in history. She is sitting in a good position, but really? who would be even rooting for her?

I don’t understand how they evict such random floaters at the start. Go get the big players out from the start.


For everything that’s happening if pow goes home or zach goes home it’s still the second eviction there’s still a lot of BIG BROTHER left so I feel this des icon will have an impact but not a very large one. Either way it’s still the beginning.

No Name

Devin did not start the destruction of the BS. Zach came to him and told him to put him up.


Devin will ultimately self evict.


I don’t understand why people say Derrick is great when he is acting just a paranoid as Devin in regards to Brittany’s talk with Devin. He is getting just as personal as Devin with his three headed alliance of Cody and Zach. They are all acting paranoid and playing personal, hello this is big brother.


These houseguest are starting to make me mad with the whole Brittany thing. Not one of then have ever been honest with her and they’re making her a target cause she doesn’t want to talk to them and get roped into their sh!t. I feel bad for her. An while it’s a great strategy and level of skill, it’s so f’d that Derrick would say that kind of stuff to Brittany right now. Great game, just disappointing.


Whole bunch hypocrites…..


I am now seeing that Donny is smarter maneuvering around the HG than I thought. Even though he’s been nominated as AF he is still getting a side alliance just in case the cookie crumbles. LOL Good play on his part I feel. Now he needs to show us he can win a competition to solidify that he’s a true fan of BB.