Brittany says the sorry’s are fake, everyone is f**king lying to each other!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 05-22-07-776

5:15am – 6am Out in the backyard – Zach, Jocasta, Pow Pow and Brittany are talking. Jocasta brings up how she heard Zach say about Victoria that he wanted to rip her tongue out. Zach starts getting mad and says that I never said that! I would never say that! I only said she was pretentious, rude and stuck up. Jocasta says and you said she was a piece of “sugar ice tea”. Jocasta says I have a women’s ministry I can’t be seen voting to keep someone that wants to rip out a girls tongue. Zach says I can understand that. I never said that though. Brittany tells Zach to not worry about it because everyone lies in this house. She says except me! Jocasta says and me!

Brittany asks what they would do with the money if they won:

  • Zach says I would buy a 200K house on the golf course. Then put the rest in savings and drink beer for the next 6 months. And hopefully find a job after that.
  • Cody says pay off my brother and my school loans.
  • Jocasta says donate to my church, pay my mom back. Pay to my uncle and pay off all the debt we’ve accrued. Zach says you’ll have lots left over after that. Jocasta says no.
  • Brittany says same story as Jocasta. My dad’s paid my rent the last two months. Pay him off. Go on a trip with my kids. Brittany says if I don’t win I would take my kids to Disney World.
  • Pow Pow says there are 8 of us siblings in the Philippines. I would buy 8 puppies and but a place in long island.

Pow Pow asks what Zach’s brother looks like? Zach describes him as having a round face and square base. Zach says I’m a bad influence but a good role model. Cody says those two things are contradictory. Zach says I try to get him to swear but he just won’t.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 05-43-55-241

5:55am Zach jokes that Devin is Brittany’s boyfriend. Jocasta says WOW! Zach says I don’t believe that he actually likes you. Brittany says she doesn’t believe it either. Nothing against you. I think its all a facade. Cody says it bothers me, every single day. Brittany says there’s strategy behind it. Zach says he has no strategy. Brittany says I don’t care what goes through that guys head! Cody says except when we watch the video back and find out what Brittany’s true feelings are. Brittany says watch them back and you can all call be and say you’re sorry. Pow Pow says you have to say you’re sorry with me! Brittany says I did say sorry! If that was me I wouldn’t make a deal with someone like that! I’m sorry for you making a dumb decision! Brittany says I don’t think anybody should say sorry in this house because the sorry’s are fake. Everyone is f**king lying to each other! Nobody’s going to stay friends.. Pow Pow says F-you Brit! Brittany says I don’t know anything any more. I don’t know who I trust in here any more. Brittany says that she’s going to sleep. Zach asks her if she’s going to in the HOH room. As Brittany walks away she fingers him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 06-25-36-379

6:30am – 7am In the bathroom – Jocasta and Brittany are talking. Brittany says that she thinks Devin brought us in to pull everyone outside the alliance together. Brittany says I will not be okay with Victoria staying here longer than us. She is lucky to be here. Brittany asks Jocasta if she is going to tell anyone about when Devin told us? Jocasta says no. Brittany says I’m not going to either. Brittany tells her how Derrick tried to get me to talk but I didn’t say anything. Brittany says we can’t say anything because that makes us a target. Jocasta comments on how I have constipated face and you have sleep deprived face. Brittany goes to bed. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Zach, Cody, Pow Pow and Jocasta are talking whether or not Amber likes Cody. Cody says that it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t do anything any way. He says that even in life if there is a girl that a guy likes he wont do anything with her because there are plenty of other girls out there.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 06-32-16-650

7:20am – 8am Cody and Zach are playing pool and talking game. Zach tells Cody how Caleb said I only care about one person in this game, and that’s Amber. Cody says that he doesn’t trust Caleb because he is so obsessed with Amber. Cody says that Caleb it is f**king up his game bad. Cody says that Caleb is so grinded by what he thinks is a f**king showmance. Its so funny. Cody says that Amber told him that Caleb freaks her out because he follows her everywhere and is always looking at her. He’s creepy as f**k! Cody talks about how Hayden is going to use what Amber said to get Caleb to vote her out. Cody says I was done with the alliance when Devin brought in Christine and Amber. Cody says we don’t need to start a new alliance, all we need to do is make sure our social game tight and get out Devin. Zach wonders if he should go ahead with his eviction speech like he was going to. Cody says yes of course! Zach says he is going to hate me but at least him targeting me we still have the votes. Cody says yeah.. just say whatever you want to say.

7:59am camera 3 Zach wonders if Big Brother will take the cost of damaging his mic out of his stipend. I don’t think they will, it was an accident! Cody says I don’t think they do that. (There’s a feed leak of the control room with a guy saying “We should, you tool! Because seriously what the f**k! HAHA Hey! I will say this at least he feels bad. …And compulsively caused Paola to drop the mic. Zach feels extremely fucked up about it, which makes me hate him less! Yeah!”)

Zach says I want to win HOH on Thursday so bad! Cody says then do it bro!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 07-44-47-295

8:25am Zach and Cody head to bed.. They stop by the memory wall Cody says I love Christine. She great! Zach agrees. They think Joey’s picture is a good one of her. Zach says I don’t get Brittany in that picture, she so doesn’t look attractive. Cody says that Frankie look like a troll. Cody says when I look at Devin’s photo I just want to slap him in the face.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 08-29-28-839

8:30am – 8:40amZach and Cody go to bed. All the house guests are now asleep.. Zach then gets up and goes to the diary room. He comes out soon after, changes his mic batteries and stares at the memory wall. He then goes to bed in the havenot room.

Wheres the vote?
Zach is staying 7-5

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This season really is picking up. Everyone seems to be playing the game (except Jocasta the ghost).


wtf, i just woke up from a dream where me caleb and amber were cuddling together in the same bed and i couldnt stop biting and kissing amber toes…nothing fetishy…..more lovngly….

is that weird?????


perfectly normal 😉


Were there remnants of Happy Meals on the sheets? Maybe a french fry or a bit of pickle? Was Caleb’s mom around?




Jocasta was more active last night. She and Frankie talked game.(That’s how Frankie knew that she would not vote out POW) She visited Devin in HOH and then went outside.

King Silva

I’m glad Zach is likely staying.

andy 2.0

brittany needs to get some sleep soon so she realizes Devin is a liar and she has to stick with Derrick if she wants to stay in this game


What did Devin lie to her about? And why should she stick with Derrick when Derrick is the one that told Devin to put up Brittany and said he would vote Brittany out and keep Pao safe. And everyone in the game lies because it’s a “game”. Derrick never had any loyalty to Brittany.


Devin was putting Brittany up regardless because he wanted her out. As you see, Devin is playing his own game, actually the whole game since he’s making decisions and changing things for everyone on his whim.

Julie's Glitter

Derrick is the master manipulator. He’s so much better at playing this game than anyone else, he’s likely already picking his final 2 in his mind. I think he was considering Brit and Marica’s team for final 4, but now need to rethink it – or work his manipulation magic to get Britany back on board.


Stick with Derrick????? OLOLO .. I gues you have really dont been watching the show.

And What lie has Devin told Britanny???


As a white sheep, I only like white sheep. Oooh..that Devin is scary! Baaaa!

smd nicole

i HATE brittany now! she has turned into such a biatch since she was taken off by devin and it is clear she has no idea how this game is played and she has never watched an episode before……. no more goddamn recruits please!


Brittany feels betrayed by people she trusted after Devin told her the truth. What’s the matter with that? In my opinion, her days are numbered. If she works with Devin, she’ll be a target. If she gets back on good terms with Derrick, she’s still low on the totem pole. (If they trust her at all)

Her only option, IMO, is to gather up the non-BS players and try to form something. Brit, Nicole, Vic, Jocasta, Donny. Unfortunately, they haven’t done much in competitions. (Except for Donny’s POV) And Derrick is already trying to circumvent that move. (Talking to Vic.)

She has good reason to be p!$$ed off.


Britanny is playing the best game by far..

She was up on the block 2 times, and got herself out both times…


ur an idiot if u think she is playing the best game!!!!!!! she has maybe 2 weeks left in the house. lol she is just FLOATING through she has no true alliance if any alliance and she clearly has no gameplay at all because she doesn’t know anything about this game….. she didn’t even understand how the POV worked even after there was already competition for one…..


She also said last night to Pao “you have Devin’s vote”…….Paola needed to tell her that Devin doesn’t have a vote. MAYBE that was delerium (sp?) talking…hope so.


12 votes this week means Devin would get a vote in a tie. And it’s been a very tumultuous week as far as deciphering votes, so the possibility is there. Just so we’re all clear. If Devin does get a vote, giving it to pow to evict zach is not a lie or too far reaching either. Even so called fans don’t always keep the games mechanics in mind either. Calling someone a floater at this point is also really unfair in my opinion. Any attempts to make an alliance or deal is so risky because there are already a lot of dangerous “alliances” in the house. Speaking out could be worse then ‘floating’ for a lot of people at this point. If it were me, I’d float on by and let the groups in the house pick each other off, form my own floater army on the fringes of the chaos.

I enjoy the different perspectives on the forum. But I will say that none can say Brittany is playing the worst game in comparisson to everyone else. Not knowing a lot about the game does have it’s advantages. So many players try to anticipate and manipulate the game and for most it doesn’t work out so well (last years moving company, namely nick). Victoria is in my opinion, playing the worst. She talks too much and is way too catty.


Who needs twists? This group is entertaining without them


So now everyone knows about the bomb squad. Devin is like a spoiled child. It has to be his way or he blows it up. He apparently doesn’t know that an alliance means you work together, decide together and protect each other. The guy is so volatile you don’t know what he’s going to do from one day to the next. I don’t get why Frankie and Caleb would tell him about Zack staying. He has no power anymore, just the big room. Watching Derrick last night convincing Caleb was one of the most skillful manipulations of BB history. Kudos to him. But what is going on with Frankie? Everything was good, the whole house except Jocasta was going to vote to keep Zack. Devin wouldn’t have had time to go off on anyone because the next HOH competition would be on and he can’t play. Unless Frankie wants to create chaos, but I don’t see the point of doing that until the next HOH is crowned. Got to say I am glad Zack is staying. Derrick and Hayden are playing the best games in the house, but props to Zack also who was for sure going home 2 days ago, and with the help of Derrick he is staying now.


Frankie went up to tell Devin that Zack’s staying BECAUSE Caleb, out of loyalty, told him to. Caleb thought it would be better that Devin know this before the Live Eviction. Anyway, Frankie played it just right with Devin. And now thanks to Caleb, Devin knows everything and just put the BS on alert. The first person Devin told about the BS after Frankie told him what’s going on was Donny. Then Brittany and Jocasta. Looks like Devin is trying to start his new alliance. Getting very interesting…..


I thought Zach blew it up too. Lol


zach only told hayden, and they included hayden into the alliance. christine told nicole about it too, but kept that secret. since learning caleb is keeping zach, devin has now told donny, brittany and jocasta about the bombsquad. the only people who don’t know about it now are victoria and pao pao.
i’m not surprised devin was the first to put up an alliance member and is now the first to really blow-up BS to house guests outside the alliance, to ppl who will not keep it secret. he is so unstable and so self-centered. the way he talks to brittany now it’s SO CREEPY. i don’t understand why frankie is remaining up devin’s ass, it’s really worrying.


Remember, Zach asked (no demanded) that he be put up. So, he was! Now he’s saying Devin turned on him. Although..Zach was already telling people he wanted to vote Devin out at the first possible chance (via back door). He said this before Devin put him up. He admitted it to Devin. So, its better for Devin to get rid of Zach.
And its better for the weaker players to pull down a strong one ASAP


Zach blew the BS first during POV. He outed it to the entire house. Devin only told Brit and Jocasta who already knew of the alliance. So what’s the big deal that he tells Brit and Jocasta? It’s not like they’re the majority of the house or have any power or pull to do anything. But if they were smart they would stick with devil and pull in Christine Victoria Donny Nicole and Amber, because of all of them they’re all going home before Derrick Frankie Caleb Cody and zach if they don’t.


where are you getting this info from? zach did not blow up the BS during the POV? he just called out devin and asked for frankie’s vote. zach told hayden about it AFTER the POV, and they brought hayden into the alliance (this was on the live feeds). brittany and jocasta had NO idea about the BS alliance, couldn’t you tell from their reaction? they started crying..


Zach called Caleb and Frankie out.

Julie's Glitter

Won’t work: Christine won’t work with Devin, Nicole won’t be in an alliance with Amber – she said Amber is her No.1 target.


Was the Bombsquad ‘blowup’ meeting on live feeds?? if so what time?? it was probably a while ago but i was away and missed it, playing catchup now..


I knew Derick’s talk with Caleb would set Devin on a rampage. Looking back now, he shouldn’t have tried to get the house united together, he painted a target on his own back. Not expecting a counterattack from Devin but he’s smart to pull in Brittany and Jocasta. Next that he needs to do is expose everyone in the house and reset everything, he’s got nothing to lose anyway.


Derrick is just playing for Derrick/Cody(or so he thinks). Last night on the live feeds Derrick told Cody and I quote “We are in control of the house now.” He bragged to Cody that he had just manipulated Caleb into voting against Pow. Which, I don’t think Caleb would have said, if he had not been so intoxicated.


Derick wanted to pull Caleb back in to cover his ass (and Frankie) in case Devin’s group (Caleb, Jocasta and Amber) wins the next HOH. He wants to avoid dividing the house because it will expose his vote and which side he is choosing, had he pulled this off unscathed he is one hell of a remarkable player, the problem though is that by pulling Caleb back he exposes himself to the larger group who’ll vote for Zach.

I hated Devin but he’s got some smarts in him, he needs to go blow up and expose everyone that has betrayed him and that will shake up the house. Devin could still get the votes of Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, Victoria when he tells them that they will be the next targets of Derick, Cody and Zach. Still wanted Zach to stay though and backdoors Caleb. In comparison to Caleb, Devin may be a hell lot more annoying but I don’t see him working with Derick, Cody, and Amber again. I really don’t want to see a united house this season.


Me either! I said earlier, Devin is trying to use his HOH to HIS best interest. Unlike Aaryn who did exactly what was best for Amanda and McRae.


THURSDAY NEEDS TO HURRY UP!! I feel like I’m in limbo with the same drama over and over again lol!

I’m curious, Who do y’all think Donny’s going to vote to save and why?


Brittany has now become one of my least favorite house-guests. The way she reacted to what Devin told her was way too emotional and personal. And everything he said wasn’t even the total truth and she believed everything he said. How can she be upset? It’s a game. I don’t see how she can be mad mainly at Derrick (even though Devin lied about Derrick going to vote her out) when it’s not his job to keep her safe. Now I am wishing she has stayed on the block and went home. She’s not cut out for this, and I am tired of her being like “I need this, I owe my dad, my kids need this and that.” These people are not here to feel sorry for you.


It is a game, but the people are real..

You have never been in there to know how it feels.

Look back, and see that almost everybody takes it personal.

Why does Zack and Cody keeps saying they wanna punch Devin in the face?? That is personal feelings


Well said, most of these crazy comments about Devin are a bit over the top. He’s is playing a game that brings out the worst in most people unless ur floating. Personally if all of america hates Devin then he must be doing something right. He’s a beast in comps and I wouldn’t be suprised to see him in jury at the very least.

Just Visiting

I am super annoyed with her too. I thought she was strong willed and discerning and it seemed like she was slowly becoming a capable BB player. However, she has one conversation with a literal crazy person and wholesale accepts his narrative of house events to the point where she will no longer even talk to Derrick, who she considered her biggest ally 2 hours ago!

Yes Devin gave her information that is mostly true (there is no way she can know this). She should be using that information to get more information from Derrick/Cody and to negotiate a better position in the house. That is playing the game. All she managed to do was re-establish the target on her back and go from slowly forming a legitimate bond with Derrick/Cody/Zack that could have turned into an alliance, to letting Devin derail her game so that he and Waldo in a bow tie are now the closest thing she has to an alliance. Maybe she’ll pull herself together though!

Either way Devin can never leave, he the best worst player to ever be on BB!


so basically everyone knows about bs except pow pow and victoria ahahah


think jocasta told pow about the bs. think only victoria is in the dark…


I thought Pow Pow and Victoria had been told after Zach told Hayden. This is new: having hard time keeping track because so much is going on


I’m leaning toward him keeping Zack. First cause he said he didn’t trust Devin after he put him on the block and second because of his part in Team America and Derricks influence.


So glad Zach is staying.

I am sure I missed it, but any truth to tweet that said 3 condoms were missing and they think it is Frankie and Zach that used them? (again confusing me why Frankie wanted (wants) Z out.


Brittany, POWPOW and JOcasta joked about it they also joked that Cody had been using them.

There was condoms missing before they started turning them into water balloons.


Cops make good LIERS!!!!!!!


Umm.. I think you mean LIARS


so POW POW is going…. POW for sure?


As of right now POWPOW is going. I doubt it will change by tomorrow but it could.


Even without Brittany voting for Zach to stay? That is if no one else changes their vote. Do you think Jocasta and Brittany might talk Donny out of voting Zach out? Also, will Donny tell TA?


***disclaimer*** votes can change any second last year we had the house flip 5 hours before the live show.. Also I stopped watching the feeds at 2:30am last night so I missed some of the Brittany drama and have been just catching up on Dawg’s notes.

* denotes a vote I am confident is locked
? denotes a vote I’m not sure about

Votes to Keep Zach
Hayden *
Christine *
Victoria ?
Frankie ?
Brittany ?

Votes to Keep POWPOW
Jocasta *

Some people might throw POWPOW a vote to stay in good with Devin but “At the end of the day” (f** i’ve been hearing way too much of that phrase from Caleb) Pow is going home.


Thanks Simon! I read the feed leak you posted above and that is funny stuff!


Hey Dawg is that ”feed leak’ actually something that happened?? lol if so it’s hilarious


Yup it did happen..


What happened in the leak?


7:59am camera 3 Zach wonders if Big Brother will take the cost of damaging his mic out of his stipend. I don’t think they will, it was an accident! Cody says I don’t think they do that. (There’s a feed leak of the control room with a guy saying “We should, you tool! Because seriously what the f**k! HAHA Hey! I will say this at least he feels bad. …And compulsively caused Paola to drop the mic. Zach feels extremely fucked up about it, which makes me hate him less! Yeah!”)


what “feed leak”? Did I miss something about a feed leak?


Zach and his guys are getting too cocky. They better be careful come Thursday. I see a way Devin can still pull this out. All he needs to do is convince the following people to vote for Pow Pow to stay and bingo–new stronger alliance.

The ones he needs to vote to keep Pow Pow are:
Caleb or Frankie

Then if necessary, Devin will be the tiebreaker. It’s obvious Zach and his crew are going after the girls after Devin and/or Caleb. The girls need Devin/Caleb to keep the target off their backs. Unfortunately, Nicole/Christine are too full of themselves to realize this is going to happen if they stay with those guys. JMO


This is Devin’s only chance, but tbh I think Devin exposing the BS in it’s entirety ruined any chance of Caleb/Amber flipping back to him, but you never know


Kinda sick of Cody, all he does it talk shit but never walks the walk.
I want to see how long his good looks will last in the house.
He’s worst then a 15 year old tween girl.
Let’s see if he’s got the balls to really go after Devin & Caleb
or if he’s just going to hide behind Derrick & Zach’s shadow.


I’ve noticed this to, Cody is a lot of talk but I think if pressed by Caleb he would back down in a second. I hope COdy wins HOH and makes a huge move to prove me wrong.


The reason Derrick and Cody are pissed at Britanny now, is because they were hoping she would win HOH and put or backdoor Devin.

Because they are too scared to do it…


During Devin’s “NATO Meeting”, when Devin was staring Cody down while talking about “some people here want me gone”, Cody asked point blank “are you threatening me?”.
When Devin nominated Zach, Cody was the ONLY ONE to tell Devin/Caleb that he would vote for his friend Zach to stay.
They have referenced a few times how there was some altercation between Devin and Cody on day 3, before the feeds started, and how Cody stood his ground and didn’t back down.
Obviously, he’s still trying to smoothen the edges as much as possible, agreeing with them as much as possible, otherwise it would be bad gameplay. Cody’s big move won’t be the noms if he wins HOH, but backdooring Caleb or Devin if the Veto gets used. That seems like the smart thing to do, doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to do the big move.


I keep reading that people are saying they don’t trust Frankie yet I keep reading that people are still telling him stuff. From those that are watching the feeds, is Zach believing them that Frankie can’t be trusted? Anyone else actually being careful around Frankie?


Sometime people share just enough information so the other party does not suspect anything. Also think of it as a information exchange. I’ll give you 3 bits of information than you give me 3 bits etc etc..

With Zach I have no idea if he trusts Frankie I wish I knew.


So even the people in the Control Room know how much of a asshole Zach is? Im glad they have eyes and ears unlike a lot of the idiots in these comments. Totally biased!


If they are this crazy without sleep they really need a challenge that keeps them up all night. That would probably be viewing gold.


Devin is an idiot. He changes his mind from one minute to the next. He is a trainwreck. The moron can’t play for HOH tomorrow. He stopped having any power in the house when he made his replacement nomination. As soon as things don’t go how he wants he goes to Donny, Brittany and Jacosta to blow up the bomb squad. Now he wants to form a new alliance and pick off the bs one by one. He is so delusional if he thinks Jacosta or Donny are going to win competitions for him and keep him safe. He is also delusional if he thinks he will just win competitions to stay safe. There are lots of competitions that he will probably not be good at, like endurance, puzzles, quizzes and then there are the crap shoot competitions where it’s down to pure luck. Any outgoing HOH knows that once veto ceremony is over they have to position themselves for next week, I can’t think of one that had the arrogance to blow up his alliance going in to a new week and before he even knows who will be HOH. The boneheaded things that Devin has done, he has betrayed just about everyone he ever claimed to be in an alliance with, and he still thinks he is the only one that is loyal and in charge, everyone else is a traitor if they disagree with him about anything or dare to state an opinion or idea that he doesn’t agree with. I wish he would shut up about his daughter. She isn’t even old enough to be watching, and I don’t think he even lives with her. Jacosta, Brittany and Derrick have kids too and they don’t use them as tools in the game. I also don’t think Frankie plans to be loyal to Team America. I hope Derrick realizes that they are not TA because America thought they would be the best team, it was a popularity contest and they got the most votes. If Joey had stayed, Derrick probably wouldn’t be on Team America.


Devin, Britanny, Victoria, PowPow, DOnny and Jocasta.. really needs to team up.

get ride of Zack, Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Amber , Hayden, Cristiane and Nicole in this order.

Does anybody knows what has Nicole`s reaction when Cristiane told her about BS??.. this girls seams to be even more lazy than Jordan


yes, brittany, in big brother, everyone lies to each other, even friends.

now that we’ve straightened that out, let’s talk about santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy…


So the question is…….Will the BS stick together, now that they’ve been exposed? I think they will. They have most of the comp threats on their side. I just wonder where Hayden will go.


victoria is the worst her accusatins on devin are uncalled for this woman would say or do anything if she doesn’t get her way or be center of attention.with that being said you could say she would probably falsely accuse some body of rape and that is just what i think but thats what her character shows that she has no game play just falsely accusing devin of scaring her when he never did but zach has and she forgives him that my freinds is white and black take it how you want thats just how i see it.


I don’t know if anyone else has said it so far but Hayden and Nicole are definitely the Jeff and Jordan of the season. Their similarities are uncanny!


I think Derrick losing Brittany is a big hit for him. She’s the one girl in the house that will make a decision based on her game and not be manipulated by the guys. (At least I think)

Brittany is annoying as F*** on the feeds but from what I see she’s a valuable component in shaking up the powers that be in the house. She doesn’t trust Frankie and Derrick at all, the two guys working the house.

Hopefully she wins a HOH and we can see what she’s capable of.


i hope they patch things up, it’ll be a test of brittany’s game (and derrick’s, too). throwing away an ally in derrick would be a bad move for her right now, and make her a target.

if she’s willing to listen to *anything* devin says, surely she’ll give derrick an opportunity going forward!


And too add/reiterate: do we know for sure Derrick suggested Brittany for the block? I don’t recall this and it doesn’t “sound” true. What would Derrick have gained from this? I’m sticking with Derrick; he was my first impression favourite and I still think he’s playing the best game.

Baby Firefly

How many times did Frankie say he was told to tell Devin all that. Anyone know, because I heard him say it once to someone, ( can’t remember who) and then he said to Jocasta and Pow that he was ‘assigned a task’ I ask this because did anyone catch it and ask what he was talking about. He didn’t even seem to lie about being told by Production to tell Devin. Someone should have caught that.

Brittany fingers Zach?

5:55 am entry : Brittany says that she’s going to sleep. Zach asks her if she’s going to in the HOH room. As Brittany walks away she fingers him. WTF?


Man, Derrick is an amazing player in this game!!! However, Devin’s leak of the BS could possibly come back to hurt his game.

I’m kind of interested to see what Brittany will do if she wins HOH, especially since she knows about the BS and sees through Derrick. If she were smart, she would keep the convo with her, Jocasta, and Devin private, try to figure out who in that house she can really trust, and not allow Derrick to manipulate her with his amazing social skills.


We are getting out money out of the feeds this year. These guys never go to bed! Got to say this year is gearing up to be way better than I thought, now the claws are coming out all thanks to one loose cannon in the house that got the ball rolling!!


it makes me nervous what the control room said. we ALL know the influence production has. I don’t like that someone working for BB is calling Zach what he is(a tool). this makes me wonder if they really are team Frankie this year.

I liked Rachel, I really did, but I also was 100 percent aware that BB Production wanted her to go as far as possible(buying the shelly vote wouldn’t shock me even one bit, I just don’t think Jordan would have been that convincing in the jury house)

I’d hate to think Frankie is getting tips and advantages


If you’ve ever seen “Deadliest Catch”, TV production is a lot like a fishing boat. The captain (producers) makes all the decisions and the deckhands (tv crew) make it happen. The deckhands aren’t supposed to question or complain about the captain’s decisions, but when
not around that’s ALL they talk about.

Same thing here. Just some guy who’s getting paid to keep the video flowing was shooting off his mouth and got caught. Don’t read too much into it.