Caleb tells Donny you had a knife in your back & I’m telling you I know how it feels.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-16-25-846

12:15pm Over on the backyard lounger – Donny tells Nicole if she wants to throw my name in there to Hayden you can. It would make you look more presentable too. Nicole says I will. I trust Hayden more than anyone. Nicole says he is smart too! She tells him that Hayden had a 4.02 GPA in high school and didn’t even try. Donny and Nicole decide to get out of the sun.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-18-30-579

Frankie and Brittany are over by the pool talking. Brittany says that its frustrating that people think I am working with someone I can’t stand. Frankie says I had a huge fight with him last night. Brittany says I am tried of being on the block, I’m tired of being a havenot. Frankie says it just sucks because he is just a monsterous person. Brittany says Devin probably wants to work with me because I fight and I don’t give up. He’s desperate and since he saved me he probably thinks there a good chance I would work with him. Brittany says outside of this game I don’t know what kind of person he is but in here is is no good for my game.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-20-59-509
12:25pm Derrick talks to Caleb and tells him about how Devin layed in the bed last night beside Donny to tell him so that no one would see him talking to him. Derrick says that he talked to Donny and Brittany. He says that Donny was more receptive to talking about it. Caleb says at the end of the day Devin blew up our games. Derrick says we should collectively say no one should go up there and talk to him. He’s done. He’s got to go. If I was you for your game I would tell him if he wants to talk .. not to talk to him in the HOH. If he wants to talk he can talk down here. Derrick says Amber is out there on the couch kind of shaking. You should probably go out there and talk to her. I think she could use some support. Caleb gets up and heads outside. Derrick goes into the havenot room and gets into bed. He talks to Zach about how he asked in the diary room and we’re not off being havenots till midnight tomorrow. Derricks says that he also complained how the first week have not we’re able to add clothes on the bed to make it more comfortable. Derrick says they said they’re working on it to make it more .. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds12:35pm Over by the pool – Caleb tells Frankie that keeping Pow in here is bad because anyone who wins HOH can use her to put up against someone to make sure they loose the Battle of the Block competition. Brittany says people see me and think I am working with Devin. Caleb says people just think that because he used the veto on you. Brittany says I am not working with him and as much as I try to avoid him he calls me up there 10 times a day and if I go up there once people automatically think I’m working with him. Caleb says the weak people need to go. Frankie asks you would save Devin?! Caleb says no, not after last night. I will never go up in that room or talk to him off to the side again. Frankie says he’s the plague. Caleb says he is running around making up lies about people. Brittany says that Pow is here by luck and needs to go. Brittany says that Devin’s played the kid card a lot. I am going through a divorce and don’t know if my ex is trying to get custody of the kids saying I disappeared for 3 months. I am stressing out everyday about that. Caleb says get the people that don’t do crap out of here. Caleb says the sucky thing is.. its guaranteed that it looks horrible that he put that veto around your neck. And he can say anything up in the HOH room. Brittany says I tried to reject it but I couldn’t.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-44-02-323
12:50pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a in door lock down. In the earth room – Derrick says so its an endurance competition. Don’t count on me. Caleb says you can count on me. Derrick says I know I can cowboy!
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-53-29-049

12:50pm Up in the HOH room – Devin is talking to Nicole. Devin tells her that 6 guys formed a guys alliance and then we pulled in two girls. Nicole says I heard bit and pieces this morning. Devin spills everything about the bomb squad. He says that he wanted Brittany gone because she was a threat to me. My alliance didn’t want to get rid of her. Devin says my whole alliance got called into the bee hive room and I just didn’t want to be a part of it. Nicole says I definitely heard your alliance members talk not nice words about you so I never would have guessed that you were working together. Devin says everyone thinks this is the season of getting rid of the floaters but in my opinion its about how you use the floaters to get out the strong players. Nicole says I’m not stupid and I’m not shocked that theres an 8 person alliance. ..But now its crumbling. I was hurt that I wasn’t a part of it but I am glad now that its crumbling that I wasn’t a part of it. Devin says that Zach and Caleb made a truce so it went from an 8 person to a 9 person alliance. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it so I went to Frankie and told him I’m done. Nicole says I am here to fight and here to play. Devin says I 100% expect to be put up. All I can do is win competitions and the BOB doesn’t count because I expect to be put up with someone that will lose. I all I can do is fight to be here and if I go home I go home to my daughter. Nicole says I’m sure the 8 will still stick together. Devin says just keep this quiet or you’ll be targeted too. Nicole asks do you ever think you and Caleb will mend? Devin says no, we’ve had too many ups and downs. I disagree with some of the things he says and does and the direction of his game play. Nicole says I’m not going to say anything. Thanks Devin. She leaves the HOH room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 12-55-21-667

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1:10pm – 1:25pm At the kitchen table – Caleb is talking to Donny. Caleb says so Donny how does your back feel. Donny says oh its all right. Cabel says I’m talking about when Devin stabbed you in the back. Caleb tells him that Devin and I were working together just him and me! Caleb says that Devin threw me under the bus just like he threw you under the bus before. Caleb says Amber is being targeted now because I’m close to her. She got thrown under the bus. Caleb says it was me that said I would protect her. Caleb says as far as I know an 8 person alliance that’s crazy. It never happened. Caleb says that guy up there misconstrued us making deals with each other as being in an 8 person alliance. Me and Devin were the only two that said we were working together. If you can let Amber know that you don’t think she was a part of any of this. Caleb tells Donny I know you had a knife in your back and I’m telling you now I know how it feels. Take it of leave it. I know you and Amber are close and I don’t want it to get messed up because of me. Donny says I’ll talk to her. Caleb then goes to tell Derrick and Cody about his conversation with Donny.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 13-14-26-538

1:30pm In the storage room – Hayden tells Donny I feel very proud to be the replacement number in the alliance. Donny says why could’t it be me! Hayden says Devin being Devin ruined it. Hayden says Brittany and Jocasta are still going back and forth up there. Hayden says I don’t trust Brittany obviously he made a deal with her to use the veto on her. Donny says he will probably call me up there too and I’ll go up. Hayden says that Amber is not to be trusted. I am not an Amber fan. Donny says that’s what Caleb was selling me right there. Donny tells Hayden that he trusts Jocasta 99%. Donny says I trust you and Nicole 100%. Just be careful of who you trust. Hayden says right now everyone but Caleb doesn’t trust Amber. Hayden says I have good information to switch Caleb to want to get out Amber. Hayden says there are 4 people we can get out over the next 4 weeks.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 13-35-51-658

1:40pm Caleb talks to Victoria in the kitchen about how Amber had nothing to do with it and she’s being dragged into it. Caleb says it makes me mad that he is dragging her into it because it makes you look bag. Caleb says that’s my princess! That’s my princess! Caleb tells Victoria that Nicole just got called up there alone. It doesn’t look good. Hayden tells Nicole that if she gets called up there he’ll go up with her. Cabel says I won’t because if I do it will be world war 3.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 13-43-16-747

1:45pm In the earth room – Jocasta is laying beside Cody. She starts to cry and says that its hard because they can lie and stuff but that being who she is she can’t. She says that her pastor told her not to lose herself in the house. Don’t let them change you because you won’t come back from it. She says telling more people about the saviour is the best thing that I could do. Jocasta says I’ve come through a lot. I’ve hurt people because I hurt. She says that her mom made her go get therapy in a Chruch. I was mad that she wanted me to do that when thats where it happened. I dated a lot.. I dated a lot of men and got screwed over so I dated a woman because I thought a woman wouldn’t screw me over. And she did. I went to the therapy and faked the funk just to get through it so that I could tell my parents and leave. She says then I left and it didn’t get better it got worse. She says one day she freaked out. I was in the bed doing the wrong thing when it happened. I just started to feel real nasty, dirty. And you can just imagine the look on the guys face. Jocasta says I told my husband that story and he just laughed. She says five months later is when I met my husband. I was transformed. I am able to get along with people because I can be like ..did that! Did that! Cody says that he’s been through a lot too. I grew up really young. I hung out with my older brother and started drinking at a young age.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 13-47-26-612

1:55pm – 2:10pm In the kitchen – Hayden asks Nicole so you don’t want to have a kiss on national tv? Nicole says no. Hayden asks why? Nicole says because what if it’s horrible. They start talking about name brand things and Nicole says that you’ll never see her buy something because its a name brand. Hayden says I would give you things that I would make for you. I would build a house for you. Nicole says I don’t think you know how to nail a nail. Hayden says I know how to nail a nail. Nicole says you said you don’t know how to do manly things. Nicole tells him he needs to learn how to do manly things like change oil. Hayden says he’ll learn.

Nicole asks Donny if he knows what the medical abbreviation NSAI stands for and during the feeds being block Donny told her it stands for non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. When then feeds come back Donny is called to the diary room. Caleb tells Nicole there is no way anyone else in the house would have gotten that. He says that Donny had to have gone to Harvard Medical school. Nicole says if he had he would have gotten it a lot quicker than that.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 13-59-54-354

2:20pm – 2:40pm Amber and Cody talk about talking to Donny together later. Amber says she thinks he’s been bombarded a lot today. Amber tells Cody that she is going to give him a nickname she says I’ll call you Grease .. then she says I’ll call you lightening. Cody and Amber talk about how they like Jocasta and think she deserves to stay here longer. Amber comments on how Devin hasn’t been down all day .. and why .. because he’s embarrassed. He’s hot and cold all the time. Amber says I will never put someone up for personal reasons. Cody says Devin has completely crippled Caleb’s game. Luckily he has us to protect him. Amber says I am having a change of heart. Cody says me too. Amber says I can’t believe we tried so hard to keep Brittany. Cody says I put my neck on the line for her and this is how she treats us. Amber says that Devin being HOH honestly thinks he’s … Cody says king of the castle. Amber says yes. Amber says when Caleb was HOH everyone was up there and had his key. Cody says after day 1 I couldn’t trust Devin. He showed his cards and I knew I couldn’t trust him. Amber says I really want to talk to Donny. Cody says yeah but not today. Amber asks can we at least make sure he goes to jury? Cody says we can try. Amber says why don’t we just switch things up and play our own game. Amber says that she would like Jocasta to make it to jury too. Cody says I trust you to tell you things. Cody and Amber agree there is no alliance. Jocasta joins them.

2:55pm – 3:10pm The house is fairly quiet. Amber is doing the dishes. Donny is sweeping. Victoria, Hayden, Cody and Jocasta are sitting at the kitchen bar talking about food and other random things. Christine is sitting at the kitchen table with her head on it. Most of the house guests are sleeping. Devin has been hiding out up in the HOH room all day and hasn’t come down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 15-09-24-367

Wheres the vote?
Zach is staying 7-5

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Zack gotta go..

Derrick gotta go

Frankie gotta go

Cody gotta go

Caleb gotta go

Amber gotta go

Donny gotta go


No, you gotta go.


Not Donny. He is one of my favorites. And Devin and Jocasta aren’t bad either. I did like Hayden, but not as much anymore.


Frankie is a little weasel I cant stand his punk ass. Victoria is a moron who thinks those men want to harm her which is stupid, and Devin is the biggest idiot I have ever seen.


lol, Nicole could not have looked more disinterested talking to Devin.Did somebody already spill the BS to her?


Christine told her about the BS.


She’s known all week, Christine told her about it. Everyone knows now. The bomb squad is over. If Devin had stuck with the plan instead of bringing in Christine and Amber without telling the others, the plan might have worked, but Devin is a loose cannon. From that moment I think everyone except Caleb had doubts about the BS and all of them set up escape routes in case Devin did something stupid, which he did. Now he has lost Caleb, too. The only thing left for him is to try to align with the people he started out targeting, Donny, Nicole, Brittany, Victoria and Jacosta. Even if he was able to sway them, he still doesn’t have the votes. He should have just accepted that Zack is staying and tried to accommodate himself for next week when he can’t play for HOH. Instead of working out a way to keep himself safe, his ego and pride and personal delusions took over and he ended up alienating everyone that would have had his back. I will be glad to see him go. Nobody can win every competition. They are already locked down, so it sounds like an endurance competition, and unless it involves getting whacked with something, girls and small guys have the advantage over big muscles.


I want to hit your like button over and over and over……well said!


Devin, his ego, his pride and his personal delusions.
That’s a solid 4 person alliance right there! 😉
Add the few people in his head, and we’re in the double digits.


Exactly. Big guys don’t win Big Brother. Not just because of their size, but because of the mentality of arrogance that often accompanies them.

Jessie (BB10 and BB11)
Frank (BB14)
Jeremy (BB15)
and coming soon to an eviction chair near Julie Chen…Devin, BB16


same thing for pretty girls, they never win. The reason is jelous of other girls


You don’t think Jordan was pretty?


Jordan, nooooooo. She’s just a normal blond hair blue/ green eyes girl.


You forgot Russell the love muscle from season 11


Paola listening to Devin’s stupidity and going along with it too like a sheep is what’s making her go home this week. Brittany better take notice and not let his crap he was spewing to her last night cost her the game. We all know she’s a damn recruit! I wish BB would cast one just ONE season with the whole cast knowing the game and that’s seen many past seasons. It would be crazy seeing them try to outsmart each other.


Like every all-star season?


There is one thing that Devin has forgotten to spill out clearly to Amber and Chistine, and that’s that they wanted an all guy alliance of 6. He was the nod that decided to bring them into the alliance. They did not want them in, not even Caleb.


I was listening to the feeds while Caleb was talking to Donny. It’s unreal how he is defending and trying to protect Amber. Let her play her own defense. Is he the only unrequited showmance where he I’d defending his love even at his own expense?

I loved seeing Nicole’s lack of expression talking with Devin. She played it cool. I was hoping to see her talking about this “meeting” with Christine, but that hasn’t happened yet that I know of.

I think Jocasta is cool as a person. I was listening to the talk with Cody. Know we know why she is quiet in the house. She has to really think about what she says and does. If she can win this game honest, more power to her.


Ikr!! I’m starting to gun for Jocasta too! As much as BB is all about lies and chaos, it is just refreshing to see honest and humble people. If Team America didn’t corrupt Donny, I would’ve said the same thing about him but it forced him to play.

crazy… it is only week 2! I have never been so addicted..


Donny was playing but he was playing Donny’s game. He knew there was a big alliance. He knew that these young egos would turn on each other. He just sat back being Donny and now everyone loves and trusts him so now he has quiet power. He’s been watching and listening this whole time. Donny is also getting tired of Derrick’s obsession with America’s Team. He told him he’s not here to win 5 or 10 or 20k but here to win it all.


I had high hopes for Amber coming into this season but she doesn’t seem to have the killer instinct needed to win. Too bad because she’s easily the most physically capable woman in the house and if she had the strategic play to go along with it she could have been a force.


Amber’s game is to have Caleb do her dirty work and play poor Amber. I love the fact that she flirts with Cody knowing it drives Caleb to the edge. Cody knows this and loves flirting with Amber to mess with her game and mess with Caleb’s mind. So much fun.


Agreed. It would be interesting how she plays without Caleb since he seems to be the one to make decisions then relays them to her. It’s almost like she’s going along with whatever but now that she says she wants to play her own game I hope it happens.


I agree with you about Amber being a potential threat in the house. The one thing she has working against her is that she doesn’t know who dislikes her/going against her while almost everyone else in the house had been told when someone doesn’t like them or is targeting them. Look what happened right after Brit and Zach were nominated.
Also it seems that Nicole’s hatred is now leaking on to Hayden.


I don’t know for you guys,but for me,it feels like Devin has been HOH for a month hahahaha


Reminds me of Willie Hantz on BB14…
Willie was the 1st HOH, so his reign really did last more days than normal. Devin’s is only 7 days, but it feels just as long!

new to BB 14

it appears Zach will be staying and Pao will be leaving Thursday night!!
Still OMG how much would hayden&nicole flip out if Zach is voted out(even with a 6-6) tie
I think they will cry like Gina-Marie did last year when Nick was voted out

Don’t be hating on Donny and Jocasta people they are probably the two most honest humble people in that house. And while Derrick is a master manipulator(kudos to him) theres still something I don’t trust about him he’ll make a good corrupt chief of police one day!! Zach is staying it appears but he is not to be trusted in all honesty and Devin while definitely messed up mentally from drug or alcohol abuse steroids or bipolarism he really isn’t a bad dude

Its going to be an epic big brother for the rest of July so pao goes the next 3 evictions will be downright epic and they will be not necessarily in order Devin,Calib,Amber


Don’t say corrupt cop. I liike Derrick and find him level headed. He is an undercover cop and has training in how to deceive people. That is adfmorable if used for good!


Simon Dawg
Been a loyal OBB reader/poster for 3 season love all the upgrades you have made over the years. I rely on OBB every summer for my BB fix. Luv u BB 16 off to an amazingingly twisted start. too early to tell but…..ZACK FTW


hey dawg, we know this crazy crew keeps insane hours, hope you were able to sneak a nap. simon says you two have been juggling schedules to bring us the info, and it’s really appreciated!


Dawg are you sure we are only on Day 20? Sure feels like it’s been about a month and a half already!!


I really appreciate all of the work you both do for us to stay tuned in the house. One year I bought feeds, when Evil Dick was there, and all I wanted to do was watch them. Now I donate that $$ to you each year!!!! Thank you, thank you!!


Thanks Tomasa it’s much appreciated.


It doesn’t seem like knowing about the BS is changing anything. If a non BS member gets HOH, maybe they’ll be brave enough to form something to take on the BS.


I want a Hayden, Donny, Nicole, Christine alliance. As of now almost everyone is playing a bit too hard for second week. Things could blow up in their faces and those who had been quiet could slip through.

And am I the only one who enjoys Jacosta when she is invisible and only appears one or twice on the feeds? I prefer the “where’s Jacosta” game rather than seeing her “I’m an honest person, I don’t like to lie” gameplay.


jocasta doesn’t understand the difference between lying in real life and playing the game?

jocasta, read the rule book again…lying IS the game! hg that bring up integrity must not realize keeping that integrity means following the rules, and the rules include lying, planning, betrayal, watching, acting, sneaking around, and winning comps. why do some hg confuse real life with playing bb?


Honest question: I thought 4.0 is the best grade possible… So how can you get a 4.02 GPA?


Not any more. Just like highest SAT score used to be 1600. Just outed myself as old.


Some schools weigh advanced and AP classes more heavily than regular classes which allows for a GPA above a 4.0.


If you take a lot of Honors classes and get straight As in all of them in addition to the standard classes, you can get up to a 4.05 GPA


Thanks! THIS answers my question in a way I can understand it!


Honors classes earn bonus points to calculate a weighted GPA in high school. At my school you could earn a 4.5 if you maxed out honors classes.


AP courses allow for a higher GPA


What did i miss? What does Hayden have on Amber that would make Caleb vote her out?


all the stuff that devin said that amber told him about caleb she also told hayden so its true


Geezzz will someone tell Ms. Gluten Free that gluten is a protein not a grain. Its a protein in grains and other things.


Yep honors classes!!


I feel like Brittany is playing a similar game that Candice played last year. Just like when Candice was on to the moving company, Brittany has been on to some of the alliances and who is controlling the game, and just like Candice she has a huge mouth that gets her in trouble. Also she has a good group of friends but no solid alliance, and her friends would be willing to vote her out if that’s what the house wanted, just like Candice. Anyone else see the resemblance?


What messed with Candice` s game was Howard. She wanted to get all the guys out, but she kind fell for Howard and went away from Helen.

I hope Britanny will know how to handle being close to Deviin.

Britanny is playing the best game right now

Sheep Deprivation

I see Britt as more like Howard. Candice wrecked Howie’s game , just like Devin has wrecked Britt’s game.


Hey Dawg/Simon? This is my first time on the feeds–thanks guys. Anyway don’t they ever show the DR? And do they always have 4 cameras but only 2 areas being shown?


Hey Jax, DR session are scripted so they don’t show them.. Most of the time it’s two scenes with two cams on each. Very rare do you get 1 scene 4 cams or 4 scenes 1 cam.

Everyone in the house except Devin

Dear Caleb,
Want us to really really trust you? You’ll be on the block with Devin.
1) Don’t win the BOB
2) Win the Veto
That will send Devin home. We be scared of him.

Get A Clue

This is a joke right now. Can’t even follow who is aligned with who. Oh wait Caleb has an alliance with Amber who is laughing at you behind your back because you are such a stupid puppy that is blowing up his game for her.

mr ed

Derrick and Frankie should have an alliance called the Rat Pack!!!!Both of them are full of it!!!!Hope people catch on soon to their garbage talk!!!

Sheep Deprivation

We’ll see which rat gets the cheese.


Aside from the obvious crazies…delusional Devin and creepy Caleb…my gut was warning me about Frankie and Derrick from the start. I knew that Frankie wasn’t going to have any loyalty…and that has been proven. Now Derrick on the other hand, my instinct tells me his problem is going to be his ego. Put him in a position of authority and he is going to get really cocky. And now that he is on Team America, we are going to see his true condescending colors come out. I have a feeling the public are going to regret choosing him and Frankie. I am sure Derrick’s controlling, calculated, demanding and inquisitive nature might be assets to his career as a cop…but I think the housemates are going to get tired of being told what to do and getting interrogated at every turn. And him being chosen for Team American just might encourage his ego to the point of no return. I could be wrong…but my gut is telling me otherwise…


Jacosta this game is not for u!!!!


I have 2 question to ask you guys

Why is it that just because Caleb decides (once again its his decision) to protect Amber, that its somehow Amber who is disliked? Just because she’s doesn’t like him romantically doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him as person or a friend and wants to talk and be around him. Is she supposed to avoid him like he has the plague? Also she doesn’t have to like him romantically to want to be in an alliance with him, he’s a good competitor. So I don’t see why ppl are questioning her loyalty unless she’s said she’s using him or is talking about voting him out. Am I missing something?

And secondly for those who don’t like Amber because they believe she is manipulating Caleb where is the same dislike for Cody who knows that Amber likes him and is using that to try and drive a wedge between Amber and Caleb. Flirting with someone you know that you don’t like is manipulative, right?
Funny how the only post I saw that talked about Cody’s strategy was to praise it.


It’s going to be very hard, but not impossible, for Jacosta to make it to the end without lying or backstabbing anyone. After hearing her conversation with Cody, it makes perfect sense as to why she is playing the game the way she is. In order to play “the honest game” she has to be very careful about what she says to people, as well as who she aligns herself with.

I think Jacosta is smart and has a better read on the people in this house than she lets off. We as the viewers just don’t know because she rarely talks game with anyone and we can’t read her mind. If she makes it to the end without lying and letting the game change who she is, and at the same time make some big game moves, then she should win.

Chaz Pinna... Super Chaz

Stella has to go…pronto

Chaz Pinna... Super Chaz

I feel bad for Devin’s daughter… but very happy for his ex wife.Hayden, Christine and Donny should be the Final 3.


donny still winning on all polls on online big brother,,,joey said when she was out she was comming on here i hope shes does,,i like her i would love to chat with her shes cool..