Cody says Its just fun to bullsh*t people all day and get them scared as F**K!

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 07-58-59-825

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7:50am – 8:15am In the kitchen – Zach and Cody get up because they can’t sleep and head into the kitchen to make omelets. Zach asks Cody on a scale of 1-10 how hot is Brittany? Cody says her with a ponytail she’s a 10.. na like strong 8 .. na 9! Zack agrees she’s smokin. Cody asks what would you give Amber? Zach says an 8. Cody asks what?! I think they go hand in hand. I think Amber’s face looks like a lion. Zach says one of us are winning big brother! Cody says my only problem is that I might be playing too much of a social game! My social game is going to bite me in the a$$.. hopefully not ..sooner ..more like later. Even if I just make it to jury. Its just like fun to bullsh*t people all day and talk and get them scared as F**K! LIKE WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON?! And then be like Dude we’re golden! They both laugh! Zach asks what do you think the HOH comp will be? Like hang on a wall? Cody says maybe. Zach says I think I am going to throw it. Just because I feel like there are way better targets in the house. Cody says its not an easy thing for me to throw it because when I get in it I’m trying. Making decision like as HOH f**king suck! Zach says yeah that’s the worst part about it. I know who I wouldn’t put up. Cody says if you put up Victoria and Jocasta you’re not a target. If you and I are up in the HOH we’re f**ked. We would have to put up like Victoria and one of our own and Jocasta and one of our own. I feel like we can’t put up Donny right now because if we do there’s no working with him. They head out to the backyard.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 08-12-36-420

8:15am – 9:15am Cody says I just feel bad for Donny because he has a bad social game. Zach says you better not f**k my game for Donny. Cody laughs. Cody says I just wonder what is going on in Victoria’s head. Zach says I don’t think anything is going on up there. Zach asks are you going to try for HOH? Cody says yeah, I don’t have a problem with putting up Victoria and Jocasta. Jocasta does like nothing for my game. Zach says I think if we keep playing the way we’re playing ..we’re golden. It all depends on who wins the HOH’s. Zach says my game plan was just come in and make people laugh. Cody says mine was to come in and be likeable and just not be a target the first week. Zach says one thing that I’m not sticking to my game plan is I said I wouldn’t be friends with anyone. ANd you and Derrick are my boys! I have no problem slitting someone’s throat though. Cody says wow, that makes me feel great about working with you. Zach says if I can’t win it I would want you or Derrick to win it. I would have no problem cutting Frankie. Cody says thinking about Brittany being a single mother of 3 just going through a divorce ..I would feel horrible about cutting her. Zach says that’s why you need me here to tell you to get over it bro! Zach says I think everything is going really well. Cody says I think so too I just want Devin out of this house. Zach says I think we should start an alliance with Donny. Cody says not right now. Cody says I feel like I am getting the BB paranoia. I just need to chill the f**k out. Zach says as long as the LTA doesn’t get out we are golden. Cody and Zach talk about wealth and spending money on cars. Zach says he would buy a Prius. Cody says that’s a tampon wheels. Cody wants a new BMW 3 series. Zach says that’s a total waste of money. Zach says while we’re here we can’t take our eye’s off the prize. Cody agrees. That’s why I like to talk about things because I get paranoid.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 08-34-06-108

9:20am Zach and Cody head to bed. All the house guests are now sleeping..

10am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Nicole and Victoria are awake in the bathroom. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Donny and Hayden are out by the hot tub. Donny comments on how poor of a sleep he had last night. Donny wonders if the veto ceremony would be today. Hayden says he doesn’t think so usually it would be tomorrow but you never know. Hayden comments on how he thought there was going to be some money involved in the veto. Maybe this next HOH?! Donny says possibly. Hayden says I feel like this HOH will be endurance. Donny wonders if they might leave that until later when there is just one HOH. Donny says wouldn’t it suck to be here at the end with people you don’t like. Hayden says yeah like Devin. Donny says every time we’re in a group of people together he comments on how we should do the amazing race together.

10:55am – 11:50am Donny asks Hayden what he would do if he won the money. Hayden says he would buy a cheap economical car and then take 3 trips in a row. Island hopping. He says he really wants to go to Europe. Devin comes out to join them on the couch. Donny says he would like to go to Europe too. Devin asks you’ll go to Europe but you won’t do Amazing Race with me. It’s the same thing! Donny says no it’s not. Nicole joins them. Donny asks Nicole have you tried peeing on someone to see if they get warts?! They all laugh. Donny asks havent you heard that if a hoppy toad pees on you, you’ll get warts. Jocasta tells Nicole and the camera that there will be a lot of guys wanting to date her when she gets out and that she’ll help find her a good one. Devin says I’ll be your big brother and chaperone the dates. Devin gets called to the diary room. Jocasta heads inside. Donny starts talking about how crazy it is we’re on a tv show and not a rinky dink show either. Donny says people are saying good things about us. Donny talks about how loud Zach, Cody and Brittany were this morning. He says they said lets be quiet Donny is sleeping and they they were hooting and hollering for 3 hours after that. Nicole asks Hayden if he is brushing his teeth with salt water like he’s supposed to. Hayden says no. Nicole jokes you’re not going to be able to slice and dice girls with Zach if you don’t take care of your teeth. Donny says if he doesn’t have any teeth he can still gum on their ears. Nicole says Donny!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 11-04-46-689

11:55am – 12:05pm Hayden heads inside. Donny tells Nicole so Zach likes you. Nicole says apparently. Donny asks what do you think about Zach and Amanda? (Team America mission) Nicole says I don’t know. Donny asks what did Christine say about it? Nicole says she said it was a possibility. Nicole says it could be true. Donny says they do look a lot a like. Donny says its in the eyes. Nicole agrees and says Christine says they have the same eyes too. Nicole asks of the three boys (Hayden, Zach, Cody) if you were a girl which one would you pick. Donny says oh there you go asking my opinion. Last time I gave it I got in trouble. Nicole says I’m sorry I feel so bad about it. Donny says I would pick Hayden. I think Cody is too good looking and will get bombarded by girls. Nicole says yeah I think so too. Nicole says that Hayden is nice and funny… a little inappropriate at times though. Devin joins them and they talk about California.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-13 11-49-35-817

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We have lion, Mr. Piggy, and a frog in the house. hahaha!


You forgot about the rare Bearded Beast Turtle


Amber and Brittany are the ultimate pretty but dumb as a doorknob stereotype. Thanks big brother casting for this, glad you feel the pretty but stupid stereotype yourself.


Big Brother gave me my favorite Pretty but not stupid person ever… Britney H. (not this one) she is pretty but that little firecracker is not stupid… bets one liners in Big Brother History.

smd nicole

britney is one of the best ever! i love her!


Brit was recruited and doesn’t know BB. Yet she figured out the BS Squad early on. She didn’t realize how knowledge is power and needs to be kept quiet until it benefits you to use it. She also didn’t realize in BB the person everyone tells you is sketchy that you haven’t seen for yourself (Frankie) is probably the person you should trust (Donny) because the others are trying to play you. She’s now beginning to catch on but it may be too little too late. Amber is playing the game she plays in real life–get the guy to do things for you and then get another guy on the hook so you can drop the 1st guy.


Agree, I don’t think Brittany is dumb… all things considered, she’s not that bad at figuring stuff out. Amber is forgettable. If she wasn’t pretty, she’s equivalent to Jacosta and Victoria, only a little less annoying than Victoria. Irrelevant basically.


Amber is a weapon to use against Caleb and nothing more.


Brittany has a spine & isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. She managed
to get herself on the block and off by Devin. She is emerging
as the Dark horse in this soon to be den of ruthless snakes.
She will get herself into some bad situations and we will be rooting for
her to survive.


Please you guys give Brittany WAY too much credit. She was doing nothing but sitting around looking pretty the first week when it was JOEY that had the balls and the foresight to know that the girls needed to get together.

Brittany wanted nothing to do with that. She wasn’t talking game or strategy with anyone. She was a lame duck, just breathing air but not adding anything. She only began playing the game when the target fell on her back because she was the number 1 outsider.

Now she’s back to her floater position, appearing only on camera for looks.

Amber…c’mon Caleb was going to put her on the block if she didn’t “reciprocate” his feelings.

Funny how we choose to have selective amnesia to things.


I don’t really think those two are all that stupid. They just have some things missing in their personalties for the game. I don’t even know why Amber came in other than to be seen. She’s too luke warm in there for me personally to care if she stays.And Britney has her personality flaws too but stupid doesn’t come to mind. Each to their own though.


What is missing from Britt and Amber personality is trust among women. Joey would have brought them together but they did not put trust among women. If they had they would not be in the position they are in now. Joey said it plain, that a girl needs to win.

If truth be told I bet non of these girls trust their own mothers.


Yeah they don’t trust each other not that I really too much blame them because they don’t really connect as a whole. I just think the chemistry among the girls is off in general as usual in the house and in real life and some women click with others better based off different things men click with in general (or can overlook). And I have my doubts about Joey. I think she talked a big talk but whether she was able to actual be a part of a girl alliance is another thing and I don’t think she would have really.She didn’t seem to t know enough about the game or timing and she herself connected with people like Frankie based off emotional connections like hair color and she didn’t come off like she had a great read of people based off observations in general.


Britanny is really smart. And everyone in the house sees that. That`s why she went up on the block 2 times. and she got herself off the block both times.

You are just jelous of her


Let’s be fair here. The guys are very handsome but dumb as rocks too. Perfect example: Caleb, Devin, Cody, and Zack are not rocket scientists. lol I think Caleb might be the dumbest (and cutest too).

They should have stayed in bed...

Simon and Dawg,
Thank you for all of your posts and continuous updates!!
I’m just sorry that you had to waste your time on these two clowns.

Not a PHD Student

Simon/Dawg bro, I tihink Cody and Zach are requestion a Brittney only picture galley from you guys. I sure Devin would appreicate it, bro.


I vote to evict….Brittany’s purple top.
I am sorry but I am SO sick of seeing her in that thing. Did she even pack other clothes?!


What?? You were expecting a fashion show?


They don’t get to bring in all the things they brought. BB goes through the bags and decides what they get.


I was wondering why they do that. It would just be smart, once they have been selected to provide instruction of what they can’t bring in the house. I’m aware they can’t have t-shirts that promote businesses but it seems some they strip down to alittle of nothing and others have more of a clothes selection.


Some colors and patterns don’t film well so they don’t get those. And they want each HG to have a persona for the show so they only give them the clothes that fit with that persona. They only let Vic have 1 pair of shorts.


what’s the point of thumb down. Just observation of the HG attire. Wow some of u all can be something else. I’m not sure about the color bcuz of the HD technician can make any color work. Frankie wears that oversize T beater constantly which has every color in the rainbow.


They sure didn’t do that with Elyssa last year. She had a slammin’ wardrobe and dressed in something different – and fabulous – every day.


Cody is in a good spot. But Zach needs to be careful with this confidence, almost sent him home already once.


Cody is the cutest guy ever in the BB, but he is too boring and playing this way nobody will vote for him


Zach needs to be careful about what Cody said. Luckily, Zach needs to stop be so cocky and play the game.


“POV Used : YES”
Dawg, are you showing off your psychic abilities? 😉
Might seem like a given, but you’ve already got it written down in the top box…
I’m sure he’ll use it though, for so many reasons. (Jocasta is his ‘friend’, and he wouldn’t risk her leaving ; she’s sick, so even more pitiable ; Devin put the Double D’s on blast for no reason ; he’d put an unnecessary target on his back for being seen as protecting Devin)




OMG!! Dawg did you just throw Simon under the bus? Has this group driven you to that point this early in the game? LOL


I’m telling!


Its not looking good for Donny. I think only a wizard power will save him. If he doesn’t win HOH or POV next week, I think he is a goner. Nicole and Christine know that if he makes it too far he can win the game. Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Amber want him gone because he messes up their game plan. His only ally is Jacosta, so no help for him there, she for sure will go home next week or the week after that. The guys are running out of people they can put up without having to put up one of their own.That’s why getting Caleb out right now is the best thing. It would be an accident, no real blood on Derrick’s hands because Caleb volunteered. Why would you keep him? If you take him out, Devin is going to be grateful. Amber is going to be stranded at the bottom of her “alliance”, easy pickings for reeling in for a vote. If the girls would just get together, they could flip the house, but that’s not going to happen. Derrick and Frankie won’t be manipulated by feminine charm, but Caleb, Devin, and maybe even Cody and Hayden could be if the girls used it. Brittany would be stupid to vote out Devin, she knows he is infatuated with her, she can use that to shield herself in the future. Devin is going out soon, but it reminds me of the scenario in season 12 where everyone wanted Brendan gone, he took himself off the block and the brigade made a phony alliance with him to get some other players out of the house. I think he lasted 2 more weeks before going out. Brendan and Devin are so alike, but since Brittany hasn’t watched the show, she wouldn’t know that. Devin will be easy to get out, Caleb will not. I think Caleb could go home this week. Frankie had a great talk with Amber last night. He is thinking he can use her, but Caleb is in the way. Caleb is dangerous to Zack, Frankie and Christine’s game. He is good for Derrick and Amber’s game. I think Derrick went too far. He told lies that he didn’t need to tell. He stirred pots that he should have let others stir for him and I think it will come back to hurt his game. As for his alliance with Nicole, I am not sure if Derrick misted Nicole, or the other way around. Hoping Nicole is not buying what he’s selling.


I agree. I posted almost the exact same thing. Keep Devin, alliance 2-3 weeks. He can win comps, and help keep Donny safe. Jocasta has been quietly playing the game but handing out very good advice. She told Brittany that Christine was a big part of the BS. She caught her in her web of lives. She and Donny called her out. She called Derrick on his manipulation of the HGs. If only they were paying attention…smh




Cody says to Zach, “Wow, that makes me feel great about working with you.” This right after admitting to how much fun it is to BS people all day. Hey Zach,,,, Zaaach!!


Im start to think that Zack is gay, even tough he said he is not.

That is way is like to trash the girls …


Or maybe he is just very immature and insensitive or too self absorbed like a spoiled brat.


I am starting to liek Zach, he makes me laugh!!!


Is anyone else having issues with volume? No sounds is coming out when I just tried playing the live feeds.


Forget it…. The earbud I usually keep in my ear must be broken. The left one has volume.

BB Obsessed

Zach and Cody are the hottest guys this season. Especially zach


Last season when the F3 were whining that other seasons got to see a movie, etc and BB said “You’re the reason we can’t have nice things” I thought I would die laughing. They said it again to this group when they complaining about the ants everywhere.


Ok so I don’t have live feeds but I do watch after dark. Are Cody and Derek playing Brit when they say they really trust her? Cody sits in the room telling her what sounds like the “truth”. I don’t know if he’s just that good of a social player or he really does trust her? Thoughts anyone?

A Nonny Mouse

Cody….man. Seriously beginning to think that this guy’s a disappointment. Welp, to paraphrase, he may be pretty, but someone somewhere is sick of his s@#$!!


I am starting to see why Devin was such an evil player, Zach really should have went home, Zach, Christine, Victoria, Derrick, Cody, none of them are nice people, all they do is insult and personally attack and gang up on the other house guest. I hope someone really sends them home.