Derrick says if Victoria was my daughter and Zach talked to her like that, I would break his jaw!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 02-13-45-128
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12:40am Hayden tells Zach and Cody that he and Nicole were laying down in the rock room with Caleb and literally all we talked about was Amber. The whole time, it was so funny! Nicole comes out and Zach calls her a Vixen. Nicole asks what’s a Vixen? Zach says AKA a sl*t. Nicole asks what?? Zach says you’re a beautiful woman. Nicole says I am honestly glad I just talked mad crap about you in the DR! Zach tells Nicole if his girlfriend was half as perfect as you, I would be married in three months. And that’s if I was a divorce lawyer, so that basically I would be doing my own divorce. Hayden says so you just said you would marry her and then divorce her?! Zach says if she found out I cheated on her but if you don’t find out then… Cody says then technically its not cheating. Nicole says WOW!? Cody says just kidding Nicole.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 02-17-25-198
Meanwhile – Frankie, Derrick and Christine whisper on the hammock. Frankie says if Zach walks out the door I am going to act really upset and say that Hayden, Caleb and Victoria voted to evict him. Christine asks what if the vote is 5-3? That means one person in our alliance flipped. Cody’s going to think .. but if you just distract him. Frankie says yeah I’ll distract him. Frankie says I got it. Derrick asks what if he doesn’t want to talk to you? Frankie says I think thats the way to go .. I’ll handle it. Frankie leaves. Christine sasy whatever happens, happens I guess. Derrick says I don’t think it will work. Christine says if its 5-3 its going to look like I flipped. Christine says Nicole wants it to be 4-4 vote so she can personally vote Zach out. Derrick asks why don’t you find that out? That would be perfect. Christine says I know for a fact that Hayden is voting out Jocasta. Nicole comments on the big bite marks or zits on her back. Derrick looks and tell her it could be from her mic. Its in the exact same spot.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 02-19-29-619

12:55am Frankie and Christine are in the hammock. Christine says that Hayden doesn’t think that Zach is ever coming after him. Frankie says that after Donny and Jocasta are out of this house, his target is going to be me or you. Christine says we need to know how the four are voting so that we can just our votes accordingly. Frankie says he doesnt think so unless Nicole grows some balls and starts bullying people in the HOH, then we’re fine. Christine says I think I will just not confirm who I am voting for. Frankie agrees. Christine says its scary because if it is a double eviction we won’t have time to cover our tracks. Frankie says everyone isn’t going to think it was us, they’ll think it was everyone else. Frankie says all I think he (Zach) wants to so is be the first to jury so that he can vote for me. Frankie says I don’t want to work with Nicole! I want to work against her, which is why I would like to vote to evict Jocasta. Frankie says maybe we sit down with Caleb and Victoria and tell them that Zach is coming after them. Which is true and everyone know how unpredictable he (Zach) is. Frankie says the other option is we keep him and know that everything he says is a lie. We know he is working both sides of the house.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 02-59-47-825

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1:13am Caleb joins Frankie on the hammock. Caleb says it just eats me up, its killing me that I am being punished for all of this. Frankie says we’re just trying to figure out where the rest of the house is going to vote. Like if its going to be unanimous. I don’t really believe that Donny would vote out Jocasta. Caleb doesn’t believe it either. Frankie says this is just an opportunity to see where the vote would lie. I don’t know how Victoria would vote either. Derrick joins them. Frankie I don’t believe Donny and Zach are working together. Derrick says I think Victoria will vote with the house. Caleb says I just want to vote Zach out.. just the fact that he lost and he is eating right in front of me. Derrick says the better man won it. Frankie and Derrick comment on there was no way Zach threw that competition. Derrick says its got to be a double eviction on Thursday. Caleb says as soon as I get out Beast Mode Cowboy BB16 is going to be my new name and no longer “insain_physique”. Caleb says I can’t wait to see all the fans I have when I get out. Derrick says everyone is going to have fans and people that hate them. Caleb says Amber’s parents probably love me after they’ve seen everything I’ve done.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 03-08-56-448

Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Caleb are playing pool and watching each other play. Zach comes out and starts twerking. Chirstine laughs. Zach says I love that you laugh at everything I do. Christine says I especially love it when you twerk on something.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 03-17-22-335

2am In the bathroom – Hayden and Cody are talking. Hayden asks what is the plan for how we go about the next few days? Cody asks with who? Hayden says with Caleb and Frankie. Like how are we going to do that? Cody says I feel like Frankie is going to flip because of Christine. Hayden asks you think Christine is getting in his ear? Cody says oh 100%! Cody says it wouldn’t be detrimental but it wouldn’t be good. It’s going to go right to Caleb. Hayden says its so ridiculous how we have to treat him like a kid. Like how are we going to break it to him this week. Cody laughs. Like last week and this week. Hayden says maybe 2nd times the charm.. like Caleb he said you’re his target! They laugh. Cody says maybe plant a seed tomorrow and then tell him on Wednesday.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 03-27-47-379

In the kitchen – Cody, Christine, Zach and Derrick are talking. Zach looks at the memory wall and says one of those people are going to win half a million dollars!! Caleb pulls out his Memory wall key and hold it on his forearm. He says that’s the tattoo I’m going to get right there when I get out. Zach says the exact same one Frankie’s getting.

2:45am Cody says Hayden and I were talking in the bathroom. Cody says that the other day Christine told me about how Frankie told her about the Tres Amigos. Not the Tres Amigos the three, the Tres Amigos the final 3. Cody says Frankie said he never said anything to her. Derrick says he said the same thing to me. Na I haven’t said nothing to her. We know he’s lying to us a little bit. Cody says he tried to play it off like Zach told her but he didn’t it was Frankie. Derrick says I don’t know Frankie told me that Zach told him. Cody says Zach told him, Frankie told her. Derrick says whatever happens I don’t care. Christine joins them. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return. Cody says to Christine someone is going to get tripped over it and say someone told me this for him to stay. Christine says thats why we have to make sure its Hayden. Cody says that Nicole and Hayden are tight. Christine says that Hayden will tell me how he’s voting. Cody says its risky convincing people for Zach to stay but wanting him gone. Derrick says the more I think about it the vote should just be unanimous and then we do damage control when he goes out. Derrick says we just need to wait to see where the vote is in a couple days because Caleb could come to us and be like I want to vote Zach out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 03-45-02-558

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3:20am – 4:35am Cody, Frankie and Derrick playing pool and talking about how Caleb is getting pissed at Zach for talking about how he can eat. Frankie says I think at least a 5-3 vote it gives him something to think about. Cody says I think he would still blow up on Christine and .. Zach comes out and ends the conversation. The conversation turns to talking about different medications they’ve taken for ADHD. Like concerta, adderall, xanax, etc. Zach and Cody Zach says he was on ADHD medication before coming in to the big brother house but didn’t want to take in here. Why would I need it, when I can just sleep all day. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not Victoria is lying about having a photography business. Zach says he doesn’t think she is smart enough to own her own business. Derrick says I don’t think she is dumb. Zach says you think she smart? Derrick says no I said I don’t think she is dumb, but I don’t think she is intelligent either. Derrick asks what does it matter if she’s lying or not. I try to see people at their best. Zach says Victoria is just so f**king annoying … she claims to be so independent but she can’t go to sleep by herself?!?! Zach asks am I just a hateful person?! Derrick says you literally said you hate half the people in the world. Zach says I just hate people that are dependant. She just really grinds my gears. Zach and Frankie head inside. Derrick says if Victoria was my daughter and Zach talked to her like that, I don’t care how many CBS security guard are here, I would break his jaw! Zach comes back out and says I just don’t get why Victoria is here. Derrick says exactly for the reason why you don’t like her. Zach says it is working for me .. I’m in the alliance that’s running the house. Frankie says yeah its working everyone wants you out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-05 04-08-20-178

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Yes! AMEM!

BB16 sucks

Oh yes, and the Cop!!! Pronto

Beast Mode Cowpie

Zach and Frankie alone in the jury house for a week? They will hook up for sure if that happens.


Good for them!


Hell no! Get rid of the boring people. Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole – they all have to go.

It’ll be like season 6 when Maggie won. We all know how exciting it was then.


Would love to see Frankie and Christine evicted during Double Eviction. Would be one of the most satisfying moments so far


Then team zankie will b together again


Oh Geez, people are still grasping on to the
Ridiculous Zankie shit, get a life !!!


My god the conceit of Frankie is unbelievable – all Zach wants is to be in the jury so he can vote for Frankie ?!?!


Zach has said this to Frankie, but who knows if Zach means it.



Bunny Slipper

Derrick is so into Victoria!!! You can tell he loves her attention by the way he hugs her and now the way he defends her even though he instigates a lot of bullying against other houseguest!!


He is not into her I think he feels protective by what Zack keeps saying about her. Zack lives at home and plays golf all day and it totally dependent on his parents.


I wonder how his wife feels about this. Victoria def seems too into Derrick. When she came into the HOH room when Derrick and Frankie were talking he was telling her it warmed his heart and was cute she wrote his name on his cup. It’s a weird game play subtly flirting with V.


He also said he wanted to hang himself taking to her, which is something he would have heard from Zach and said he’d knock him out if it were his daughter.


Exactly, what a hypocrite Derrick is. I am liking him less and less every day. He says he would punch out Zach even if security was there. Probably because he knows he could get away with it being a cop. He would punch him out for saying things about Victoria and then proceeds to say he wants to hang himself when he talks to her. I guess its ok for someone to say that about your daughter then right pigface? (Pigface due to his snout not because he’s a cop). Everyone hates Frankie for some reason but these people are pretty much all equally bad/crazy other than Donny who seems better than this. Another really bad year of casting after last year’s debacle.


You guys are foolish! Derrick doesn’t have a thing for Victoria and his wife has no reason to be jealous. It is obvious he just knows how to play people. He is keeping Victoria close because she is a vote and isn’t strong enough to actually do anything. So he keeps her in his pocket and she votes however he wants. Come on people, this is a game and Derrick knows how to read people and knows how to play him. He is VERY good at this game!


I agree about Derrick. He really knows how to read people, and being nice to someone does not mean he is “into” her, ridiculous. He is being nice. I like Derrick more and more based on his game play and how great he is at reading people. This season is by far 1000% times better than last year, it is nice to see game play and not all the hateful racist comments.


I disagree. Derrick is playing the game and keeping Victoria close so she can vote for him or he can beat her. He is all about options. Derrick may be playing this game but he is a man who remembers that after this game he wants his character left intact. Degrading women isn’t what a real man does. The young people don’t care because they are young but Derrick knows that it matters, so does Donny.


We have yet to see the “Can only
Vote for 6 hours” TeamAmerica task for tomorrow night. I wonder what it will have to do with. I sniff production manipulation for Zach….


So tired of Frankie and Derrick. They think they are the only ones who need or deserve the money. When Derrick said Brittany gets child support so that’s good enough for her really pi__ed me off. That’s when I lost all respect for Derrick. Hopefully someone else will win this summer


Who are they doing damage control for/with if it’s a unanimous vote? It makes no sense. Zach only has a short time in the house to low anything out and if everyone knows they voted him what would it matter? The house already knows it is divided.


Caleb is the only one they’d need to do damage control with, but it looks like Derrick has that one in hand. Just stroke his ego with the whole “Zach is eating in front of you while you’re on slop” thing.

I think Derrick sees right through Christine. She is trying to get a few votes against Jocasta to save her own hide. Why? She knows Zach dislikes her, and the person he’s most likely to blow up at in a unanimous eviction is Christine. He could drop the Detonators bomb, but it really wouldn’t hurt the games of Derrick, Cody and Frankie — most already suspect them of working together. But it would destroy Christine. Nicole already has doubts — mostly planted by Zach in his “you’re on the outside, Christine’s on the inside” conversation with her. Zach affirming publicly that Christine indeed was working with the guys would leave her persona non grata with Hayden/Nicole/Donny — and she’d be their No. 1 target.

If you hate Christine — and most of you do — a unanimous vote potentially would be detrimental to her game. And might see her go in the DE.


There won’t be much time to do damage control with Caleb with the DE. They could just say we were trying to protect you because Zach said you were his target. He’d believe it and be thankful to them.


How many final two deals does Derrick have?


Are there any others that I’m missing? He’s really playing all these players. He manipulated the whole coming together and Frankie and Cody so easily. He is playing this game well, but I just don’t like him. At this point, I don’t see anyone catching on that he’s running the show until it’s too late. I found it interesting that Frankie described Derrick’s game play to him as calculated. It is calculated. You’d think if Frankie sees this he should be more worried, but he isn’t. No one is seeing Derrick as the threat he is. He’s got final two locked up unless something happens. I don’t see him being taken out in the double eviction.


Derrick is playing the superior game and I am enjoying it. Frankie isn’t playing a bad game either. Cody is so-so and seems to play well because of Derrick.


Derrick has a F2 with Nicole as well. They’re the Bottom Feeders-lol


I’m so sick of Derrick and his new alliance every week. I got an alliance for him and it’s called the Back Doored and I hope he joins it. Derrick is the most anti Donny so that why he’s number one on my sh*t list.
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Derrick is covering all bases with some people. He’s a power player. I don’t even consider them alliances so to speak. He even started connecting with Jocasta the past week. He’s smart. I think he knows Donny hasn’t trusted him for a long time but Donny hasn’t really been in position to pull the trigger and knowing it would take Derrick completely out. Donny is just as intelligent as Derrick and shows a lot of restraint but not as powerful as Derrick in the house were he can pull the trigger on him or have others do it for him really. I hope Donny makes it past Thursday because I think he has some more game play in him but has had to be careful since he hasn’t had any real influence where Derrick has through out the game.


I agree. Go beard.


I never thought that a contestant would gradually get more annoying than frankie or Christine, but Cody is really working for it. He just complains too much and thinks that he does way more than he is actually responsible for. I personally don’t see him as a contender for the top prize.


Cody is very similar to another NJ player:Enzo. Both were very prickly whenever their names were mentioned by anybody in the house. Both were totally fine scheming and throwing other players names up for eviction. Both did very little in the house. The only difference is Enzo was more entertaining than Cody.


Cody is nothing like Enzo, if anything Derrick is more like Enzo. Cody is like Lane to me Best friends with the pretty girl, all talk and no game. hes the perfect person to bring to final 2 and get 2nd because he hasnt done anything


So who seems to be targeting who for the DE? Looks like Donny is doomed if he or Hayden doesn’t win HOH.

bb crow

Don’t worry Zach I will take Victoria away again


Huge Bummer that they are targeting Zach. I can’t say I am surprised that Christine did not use the Veto. They are wasting this week. As much as I personally like Frankie, I do not want him to win. Christine should have used the veto so that Nicole could have nominated Frankie. It would have been the smarter thing to do. Big Brother 16 is becoming old hat/boring. I like Derrick because he plays a good game, however, I just want to see something really “happen.” This whole voting unanimous thing is boring.


Ah, you probably would want to break his jaw because you yourself like Victoria Derrick but you are married so there goes that. You had to say if she was your daughter because you can’t say girlfriend. Although you are sounding noble you’ve done some things that isn’t very protective of women including knowing how Caleb was out of line with the Amber situation but not giving a sh*t about turning it on her last week without blinking although she’s always been nice to him and others. Saying Britney is probably used to getting things she wants because of her looks. Which who knows if that’s even completely true since she’s been married and now getting divorced and seems to be into three three kids. Taking up for Victoria is purely self-serving which is fine but obvious that’s all. Besides, Victoria actually has her own sexiness about herself not so much in her feautures. That’s why she showed what a pea brain she is by being catty. But someone like her probably wanted to be the prettisest in the house when she has stiff competition.


You are absolutely correct. Derrick’s faux protectiveness of Victoria is purely self-serving. He wants the audience to know he acknowledges Zach’s comments about Victoria don’t sit well with him but his hands are tied. Because to do something about it would wreck his game. Thus, his good guy label remains intact.


Exactly. Derrick is talking to the audience. He thinks America just loves him. He is playing a good game but his utter cockiness is a complete turn-off. He also thinks America hates Donny because he wouldn’t play Team America last week. He talked about Donny like he was a deserter from war in his feeble attempts to make Donny look bad to America. I’ve noticed many times when he appears to be playing to the audience. He wants to win America’s Favorite Player. Yeah…Good luck with that, Derrick.


Please let it be a split vote. No more of this Borg ” we must all vote as 1″ crap.


I hate Derrick but he is fooling all these dumbasses and no one is mentioning him to be on the block so if he makes it to final five, I hope he goes to final 2 but with Donnyyy!!!! And Donny wins hopefully 🙂 and them all these idiots will find out they have been played by Derrick!!!!!


I will admit Derrick is playing a great game. I can’t figure out why I absolutely cannot stand him.


Agreed. Derrick is playing the best game. I wonder how he would have fared with a cast that actually knew what they were doing…. but still, he’s playing best this season.

I absolutely do not like him because
1. He makes boring TV. His DR sessions sound like a boring cop training video.
2. He totally threw Donny under the bus with last TA mission (sorry America, it’s all Donny’s fault…) C’mon, I think for the most part America can’t stand the TA “twist”.
3. He even lied in DR session for the sake of getting on America’s good side (“I would never put up Donny”) when actually he and Frankie were pissed and talking about turning on Donny last Wed night when they got the mission and Donny didn’t want to do it.


Why is it that when someone game play is good the boards become a bashing ground for them? The three players that have done the best so far are Derrick (no one ever talks about putting him up….he must be doing something right), Donny(smart…..and well loved…no one wants him up) and Frankie (they want him out because house guests know how damn good he is!). Like or dislike Frankie, his game has been pretty solid for being the guy everyone says “his social game is really good”.


It happens every year. But the truth is that most of the time it has nothing to do with the game but rather with the person themselves. Are they likable enough? Relatable? Attractive? Working with other people you’re rooting for? The list goes on. Few viewers root for a player 100% based on their actual gameplay.

You can’t tell me at least some viewers wouldn’t change their positions if say, Derrick were working with Donny and was more attractive (straight men do prefer to root for a better looking guy, not just ladies) and Frankie was a straight, non-touchy, non-pink haired man. That argument could possibly also be made for Amanda Zuckerman had she been a man and not a woman. When was the last time a female villain was actually liked on shows like BB and Survivor? They’re usually summed up as vile, crazy b##ches whereas contestants like Zach, Evil Dick, Russell Hantz, etc. are fan favorites.

Christine's crazy eye

I dont find Derrick to be unattractive. Cody, who is physically better looking, is waaaay more unattractive. He is whiny, self centered, and kinda dumb. Derrick is playing an almost perfect game. The only one who suspects him, is Donny.
No one else in that house will ever see him coming, until it is too late. Even the evicted house guests seem to be blinded. I would like to see the house flip. But, not because I dislike Derrick, but because chaos is more entertaining to watch. I have high hopes that the chess game will begin in ernest very soon.
The pawns are almost gone. I also hope, that I will have a favorite emerge. So far I don’t like or dislike anyone enough to root for.

Super Fan Catalog Keeper

The first few females I can think of were well liked and villains Janelle and Brittany. Although I think Brittany v Rachel is why she was so well liked. Janelle was highly bitchy and villainous but then again she was against the worst alliance in BB History (Sovereign 6).


A lot of people liked Rachael. A lot of people disliked her too. Lol. I liked her, because much like Zack, she kept things lively.

Amanda I hated for some reason. She annoyed me to no end!

Is reality real

What would save this season is more Nicole in a bikini !!!


Derrick is really putting to good use his good cop/bad cop training. He has mastered the good cop manipulation that makes the others trust him with their information and believe he is on their side. Like him or not, and I don’t, he is playing this game like a champ so far.


Yep!….Derrick’s a real killer Cop.

Love BB

I knew it! Derrick says to Cody…the final three…me, you and Jacosta or Victoria. Cody…look at what he just told you! Do you think he wants to sit next to you or someone who guarantees him $500k????? Man, Cody is soooooo dumb.

C’mom Donny………….WIN HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't Like Derrick

I don’t know if that is dumb on Cody’s part. I think Derrick can beat anyone in Final 2, including Cody. If Cody wins the final HOH, he would be very wise to take Jocasta or Victoria. He could beat either of those 2, but not Derrick. So, Derrick would be smart to take Jocasta or Victoria, ditching Cody, and vice versa.


losing track of all the alliances and their ridiculous names


The most satisfying thing this season would be to wipe off the cocky smile of Pinky rat’s face and see him evicted


It would be sweet to see Derrick and Cody put on the block at the same time. I think Cody would start crying. Jacosta and Victoria would start crying also just because that’s what they do.


Maybe Jocasta and Victoria’s tears are “tears of joy” due to not being on the block… Assuming we’re done with the 2 HOH twist, which is beyond tiresome at this point.


They should let evicted houseguests that got sent back to the real world compete to go back in. That would be a real twist, because they now know EVERYTHING!!! Big Brother has never done that and it would bring serious drama. Dare to dream!


I think this is the week that kills Derrick’s game. I do think he’ll survive the DE, but he will expose a lot of his game, and this is when he will become a target for the rest of the house.

Double D

I know being a “have Not” sucks, but this group complains about it more than any other BB group


anyone notice Christine looks like Marsha Marsha Marsha from the Brady Bunch after getting hit in the nose with the football? LMFAO


OMG your so right ” O MY NOSE “


awwww, shame, shame but actually she does!!!


I do not like derrick at all but i respect his gameplay. Hes doing well and has never had to win a comp. Thats impressive. His so so allegiance with frankie is what makes some dislike him more. Evict the rats christine and frankie and derrick becomes more likeable. Is cody a woman?


Derrick HOH with Nicole.


I think Derrick would be happy to get Frankie out, but at the right time. He’s playing Helen in the “it’s not time…” Way of running the house. He even said on the live feeds at one point he’s be Helen when they were talking about who was playing a game like players from last season.


look production if Donny goes home on double eviction America will be real mad cause of derrick want Donny out in he got his way in he is on team America derrick should of never been on team America him an Frankie was talking about get Donny out week or two weeks ago an they was doing the team America mession too production yall got to help Donny out he team America favorite person in the game over every body why you think hes on top all the time for favorite we wish Donny could get hoh with the golden power of veto if I was all production I will do everything I can to keep Donny an the game cause that’s what America wants that’s good for the show 100 percent good if Donny goes 100 percent bad an America will be real real mad in you will lose viwer cause we don’t want to help Frankie or derrick cause they didn’t help Donny please help Donny produiction


I am really not sure how anyone could have rated that post up or down.

May I borrow a decoder ring?


Bless his heart!!! I think he’s saying go for Donny, I think that’s what I got I’m not quite sure, I glad you noticed cause I thought it was me. Bless his heart again. LOL Go Donny!!!


I may be wrong but I’m assuming English is not this person’s first language. If that is the case I say don’t discourage him/her! I would recommend learning about punctuation a little bit (i.e. full stops/periods).

Decoder Ring

“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

Decoder Ring

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine

Rat Floaterz

Zach hates people who are dependent… and he lives in his parents basement??

it really annoys the crap out of me

he didn’t say he didn’t hate himself.


Good Luck in the jury Zach, don’t worry Frankie will follow as well. Team Zankie at the jury house together. One of them will come back in the game.


i hope if someone does come back its zach i love him team Zankie


Zachattack for pandoras box…. production shows him everything… mission blow up everything make the whole game reset.. expose everyone that will be fun to see everyone adapt and scrabble to the news


Derik is setting himself up for final two with Vic or Joe. Christine and Frankie will target Derik and Cody if given the chance and I think they are going to vote out Jo keeping Zack and blaming Hayden, Cody or Derik. I wish Hayden, Nicole and Donnie would get together and target Derik, Cody and Christine. Team beard!!!

Too funny

Caleb thinks Amber’s parents love him?! hahahaha Amber’s dad will most likely be waiting with a shotgun and restraining order when Caleb gets out of the house!


CANT stand F@ggie, LOOK AT ME< LOOK AT ME he gives all us gays a bad name, fake, liar, twofaced, back stabbing, and the biggest drama queen on tv. VOTE HIM OUT ASAP!!!!

frankie spankie

agree 1000% bbnj well said!!!!!


that’s not homophobic at all…..

bb bro

how was that homophobic? HE is gay himself??? dam read it again fool!!!


It is homophobic. The use of the F word is just the same as the use of the N word. They should have deleted your homophobic comment.


He didn’t call him a F@#)^ He called him F@ggie we all have a nick name, didn’t take his comment as bad, (being gay myself, I am m called fruit loop joey , does not bother me a bit) IN your narrow mind YES! GET A GRIP!!!


Totally agree 100%. None of my gay friends act as foolish as he does esp at his age. I’m about his age and he’s just an embarrassment – dresses like a teenage girl. Is needy in every way, and total drama queen but not even in a funny way.

Zach is funnier but he’s becoming a one trick pony. I hate that he’s constantly practicing his speeches. It’s that they are all so aware of their TV presence and not letting go.

The same way Frankie is an embarrassment to gays, Jocasta is embarrassment to ministers (like smart ones who are real theologians), as Donny is to southerners (it’s productions fault though making keep that silly beard), as Caleb is to physical trainers, as Nicole is to nurses, etc etc. They are all caricatures of themselves. Even Victoria is an embarrassment to Jewish American Princesses her being soooooo dumb and ridiculous. (And I’m jappy myself so no hate. Lol)


It’s a lot of us that like Donny’s beard, I don’t believe he’s an embarrassment to southern people nor Victoria is an embarrassment to Jews, she is who she regardless of her nationality or religion beliefs. Nicole, is a YOUNG nursing student whom has been sheltered (I believe someday she will be a good nurse) It’s ok to dislike someone with strange behaviors but let’s not categorize them because of their affiliation. We all have quirks someone doesn’t like, What are yours???


You’re missing the point. Who cares if you like Donny’s beard…HE DOESNT…and has said he wants to cut it off when “they let him”. It stage frigging producers who are pushing these stereotypes and caricatures. Of course it matters what they look like !!! Look at the cast! Why do you think they were chosen?? If you say they’re smart or play the game well, then I can’t help you. The whole point of my rant is that BB casts in a way that is based on how they look or how public perceives a certain type.

And to be clear I didn’t say “Jews”… I specifically said Jewish American Princesses(aka as jap). Which I used to be called and to be honest was one. Her intro to this show if you watched from beginning was of a spoiled brat from Israel.

And I’m sorry Nicole being “young” cannot explain her uneducated mine when any 13 year old would have a better vocabulary, better sense of geography as well as literature. ” Hansel and Gretle…. I don’t even know these people”. That is not behavioral ….that’s just dumb


I don’t consider Donny to be in any way an embarrassment to southerners. On the contrary he is smart, likeable, & generally not judgemental. What they LOOK like has nothing to do with it,


He’s on TV for that exact reason – to be used in that stereotypical fashion. If they wanted just a regular gay with an every day kind of look, they would’ve casted someone like Kenny from BBCAN2. It’s the same reason we always seem to see the same type of over the top gay in any show.

That, and he’s Ari’s sibling.

Brad H

If derrick, cody, & victoria/jacosta/caleb are final 3 then I really hope derrick wins the last HOH so he can completely blindside cody by not taking him final 2!! That would be EPIC!!!


Or Jacosta finally wins something and takes Victoria! LOL Epic

titus pullo

I hope his insanity continues and he takes out cody long before then while the “other side” sits there and laughs at his paranoia.

they will only be able to sit around blaming Zach for stuff for a week or so, like pau pau, only works for so long


Can someone please tell me, what is Cody doing? It’s like he is not even in the game, at least Jo is a pawn and a weak player but what is Cody’s title?


Cody’s purpose is to look good for the cameras, that’s about it. Unfortunately he isn’t smart enough to realize that so he continues to wear too many clothes and open his mouth too much (to speak). Derrick is using him to distract the girls with his beauty while Derrick carries him to the final 4/5, at which point Derrick will drop him in favour of one of the useless carcasses Victoria/Jacosta. Cody is stupid enough to believe that Derrick will take him to the end when we all know that the sleazy cop will drag Victoria/Jacosta to the end knowing he can beat them. I have no respect for that kind of strategy and it would be something for it to backfire and have one of those two beat the slimy cop. Cody thinks he is playing a great game and thinks he is smart, completely oblivious to the fact that he is neither.

titus pullo

cody is weaker than Cochran from Survivor. seriously. I would take Cochran in a street fight. heck I’d take him in any contest that wasn’t about getting girls. Cody is a total wet noodle.

it really annoys the crap out of me

when you hear a cop talking about breaking a kids jaw.

so if someone used words, you would resort to not only violence, but violence that leads to a possibly life changing event for both the kid with the broken jaw, and you…the man in jail for assault.

shut up Derek, go talk big with Cody who also loves to talk about “smoking” people, when all he can do is hope to one day gather the courage to use a urinal.

Christine's crazy eye

Meanwhile in the land of DaNile,
You have heard of Conan the barbarian, here is Calub the BeastMode. Calub’s lady luv, Amber the moderately pure, was sent away, (thru no fault of his own, ok!?). Our hero, Calub is confident the the fair Amber’s parents will see ALL that he haf doneth for their beloved child, and approve his pursuit. Out in LALA land the lovely lady(cough,cough) Amber has been placed in an ivory tower. Unbeknownst to our hero, Calub the BeastMode, her parents are, GASP, evil! They are plotting to keep the handsome, bald, shredded, mammary enlarged, estrogen impaired, ect…BeastMode from the lady that GOD has given to him!
Will he ever see Amber, the slightly pure again? Will his glad ever stop sweeling? Will his ego ever deflate? And will that crow come back for Victoria?
Stay tuned….


big brother, please pass out the costumes for the summer classic movie remake Frankenhaydenstein. Hayden is obviously the monster with his straight brow & razor sharp baby teeth. Just add the 2 screws to his neck. Vic is the bride of fhs with her blank stare & her pet crow, Christine, sitting on her shoulder. Derrick is the evil mad scientist with his sidekick, Zach, as Igor. Donny plays the blind hermit with Nicole as the little girl. Frankie plays aaaaaaall the townspeople. Caleb is the drawbridge at the castle. Cody flies in at the end as Dracula for the 2nd classic movie remake, Frankenhaydenstein vs Dracucodyla.

its funny

Zach wouldn’t get a single vote. not one in final 2. Zach would stay strong at least until final 6. is he unpredictable? I guess, but he is unbelievably easy to control. you once again are sending home a loyal soldier (like amber) who wouldn’t win the game and would only help you get there.

#WILDCARD in one week without even knowing it, by just being Zach, has helped expose Frankie, and soon enough…Derrick. if they had just shut up, saved Zach and stopped with this “blood on my hands” BS, they would have exposed their alliance by voting out jocosta, and if others noticed….WHO CARES. instead you gave them another number, and handed hayden and Nicole a chance to win the game

all to get rid of Zach,because he says things that make you, a cop… want to “break his jaw”…its pathetic, and one of the many reasons derrick’s “near perfect game” is just that….near perfect. and just the smallest thing can sink you in BB, this might do it.


It’s funny that Derrick cares so much about what the viewers think of him, wants us to like/love him. Now he is going to target Donny and become the vilan that he is trying so hard not to be.

I agree he WAS playing the best game, but the paranoia is getting the best of him now.

its funny

derrick” what does it matter if she is lying or not, I try to see people at their best”

which is why you have judged Zach this entire game. made about 100 comments about beating him up and physically harming him, and are voting out another alliance member. because you see the best in people.

Derrick may be playing a good game(altho IMO he ruined it with amber then Zach in back to back weeks where they had total control over 2 loyal votes)…but he AND Cody are complete Weenies. I can’t stand either of them and I am sick and tired of both of them bashing people to no end then claiming Zach is the one that is so terrible. so Zach says Victoria is not smart, Derrick said “she is not intelligent”…how is that any different? freaking tool

its funny

I also hate TA. I think it handed Derrick , Frankie and Donny a RIDICULOUS advantage in the game. practically forcing an alliance for a few weeks keeping them safe, and tanking Zach’s game over and over and over.

not a fan of that at all, and unless they told TA to SAVE ZACH, they need to get rid of It now. its useless. and its unfair as can be to EVERYONE who isn’t in it.

Michael LB

Let’s be real here. If we’re basing purely on external appearance, Derrick is the male version of Christine. Perhaps in the real world we would just call them average looking but they’re not TV pretty (not everyone can be an Amber, Brittany or Cody). But when you add in an ugly personality like both Christine and Derrick have (they both talk so much sh*t about everyone else) then they’re just plain ugly.

Michael LB

Oops, this landed under the wrong post, but you get what I’m saying…


how is Zach playing both sides of the house any more than the others?

why is he the scapegoat for everything in the house, yet they still want to vote him out?

do they realize that they will be SCREWED once they all realize how many lies were told just to get rid of AMBER AND ZACH. dumbest thing ever. Amber sitting on that freaking couch was still going to be loyal if sent back in, its unbelievable to me that they are doing this

yet again its not. if you saw derrick on the feeds up to 3 weeks ago, it was obvious that the first chance he got Zach would be gone. good thing too, Zach almost won the last 3 comps, has almost won a bunch more. I think if he had any luck in this game(like Rachel) he would have won a heck of a lot by now


Zach isn’t playing both sides of the house at all! His only alliances are within the Detonators, but now the other four members are saying that he’s “splitting them apart,” which isn’t really true at all, but I guess paranoia is rampant in the BB house. Derrick and Cody should realize that after this vote, they really don’t have the numbers.


Bingo! The boring people are controlling the Detonators.

I do hope if Zach goes, that every other Detonator follows, just to teach them and everyone a lesson on how boring the house can be when the ‘Maggie-like’ alliance is all that’s left. Only problem is, the boring people don’t have a Cappy they can cry over in the HOH. (For you kids, that’s season 6).

New Punishment

Everytime there is a unanimous vote I think everyone should be a havenot for the week. With no slop, food or water….or snacks… or sunlight… just lock them in the room and last one standing wins. Of course it would probably end in a tie because they would all bore each other to sleep at the same time.


Simon & dawg, are you make a poll who is leaving Jocasta or Zach? Also can you open the final 2 polls until finale night.


hi captain.. i’m a bit confused which poll you want. It may be easier for you to make the polls yourself and add them to the comments this is the poll platform I use


The final 2 hall of fame polls till finale night. I just want to know who leaving this Thursday Zach or Jocasta.


Derrick and Cody are good players maybe the only good players this season. Big Brother is a game not a place to make friends or be nice it’s Big Brother! Cody is playing all the girls while Derrick is playing everyone. Of course they are lying and influencing people and thinking moves ahead that is a indication that they actually know this game and …everyone else seems more concerned about being social this is a game like chess more peoples head should be in the actual game. If Derrick doesn’t make it to at least the last 4 I will be shocked….I also look forward to seeing them turn on each other Derrick and Cody because there is no way Derrick is keeping Cody to the end that would be stupid and he’s not stupid!

screw derrick

they turned on their alliance before it was necessary. They are not smart players. They are not good players. They do not deserve to win.

Jake K.

In the announcer voice….”ITS TIME FOR AMERICAS VOTE! WHICH HOUSEGUEST WOULD YOU LIKE TEAMAMERICA TO TRY TO SAVE OVER THE COURSE OF THE NEXT DAY? A. Jocasta or B. Zach. SEND ALL TEXT MESSAGE VOTES TO 81818. (said incomprehensibly fast…) 99centspertextmessagevotecanvoteupto10timesstandardratesmayapply.

My bets for production tomorrow….


Is this true? Then production realizes they need Zach. And America will 100% vote to keep Zach. I would love this if this is true. I would love America to stick to Nicole and Hayden. They are becoming the most annoying players in the game.


TA would just find the lamest way to ‘complete’ their mission and get the money. Like Amber being a physical threat, or think Zach rambling off on someone is considered an argument. If it was ‘save zach’ they would half-ass it and be like oh well we tried America where’s my $5000.


Lately some comments are a bit “holier than thou” when they point out the name calling in the house as well as this site, and yet we are all watching the same drivel. I admit I feel like a manipulated sap.