Danielle says she hates bullies, and when she sees them, it lights a fire under her a$$ that she can’t soon forget.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:30am Danielle and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Danielle asks Britney if it is bad that she doesn’t feel bad? Britney says no, if she treated me the way she has treated you, I would be like BYE! Britney says that she just feels bad, but she knows she has to do what is best for their game. Danielle tells her that Janelle plays that emotional card on Britney because she is such a sweet person. Danielle says that she hates bullies, and when she sees them, it lights a fire under her a$$ that I can’t soon forget. Britney is crying and tells Danielle that says she felt horrible when she did this to Matt Hoffman in her season, and she didn’t even have a deal with him. Danielle says that Janelle would be coming after Shane, and she walks all over Britney. She has to go! Britney says that at the end of the day, if it were me, Janelle would not even bat an eye at getting me out. Danielle says that is the difference between us, we have hearts and Janelle is a cold hearted bit*h. Janelle comes up to the HOH room and Britney runs to the bathroom.
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Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!Janelle asks Dan what everyone is thinking. Dan tells her people are talking about why we should keep Frank. Janelle starts talking about how dangerous Boogie and Frank are in the game. Dan and Danielle tell Janelle that they want to go down to eat and Janelle follows because Britney is having a shower. Janelle then heads out into the backyard and talks with Wil. They talk about what is going to happen this week. Wil says that if Danielle sticks to her guns, Frank will go. Wil says that Frank should have gone home last week. Janelle says she doesn’t think she will budge, she’s strong. Janelle tells Wil that Frank is a goner, but says if she is going to go, she wants to go before jury because she wants to see her daughter. Janelle says she knows Danielle isn’t coming after you, or me. Then Janelle says well, maybe she is coming after me, who knows? Joe joins them and asks if there is anything they need to know. Janelle says that as far as she knows they are safe. Joe asks if they were trying to throw her under the bus? Janelle says yeah, Boogie and Frank said if they stay they are coming after me.


1:25am In the bathroom, Janelle and Britney are talking. Janelle is talking about how she wants to talk to Dan again before the power of veto ceremony. Janelle says that they need to win HOH and offers for Britney to sleep up in the HOH room with her if she wins it. Britney says thanks. Janelle says that she can’t believe Boogie is so obsessed with someone he is willing to save them at the expense of his own game. Janelle says that there are so many people and asks how do you think it will work? Britney says that she think they will do a double eviction and when it gets down to final four and maybe do a fast forward. Janelle asks do you think we can keep the coaches? Britney says maybe me, you and Dan, but Boogie won’t be workable if Frank goes home. Janelle says that Boogie told her he likes her, but doesn’t trust me. Britney says he that Boogie told her the same thing. Janelle says that she is not going to beg someone to work with her; I won’t beg a douche bag who wants to save his bed buddy. Britney gets called to the diary room. Dan joins Janelle. Janelle starts talking about how her talk with Boogie wasn’t good. She says Boogie said that the only way he will work with them is if Frank stays. Janelle asks what is his problem? The guy is a freaking loose cannon, he is just all emotional, and no logic. Janelle says that she regrets trying to work with Boogie, because he will use it against her. Dan tells her to deny it. Janelle asks are you serious? Yeah, we will deny it and then he will look like such a fool. Janelle tells Dan that she will tell Britney to deny it too. Dan heads to bed.


2:15am Danielle and Dan are talking. Dan tells her that tomorrow is going to be tough but that she just needs to do the right thing. Danielle asks him what the right thing to do is. Dan tells her to just not play the game personal. Danielle says that she really thinks Boogie and Frank will keep their promise. Danielle says that when Janelle leaves, we will go after them. Danielle asks if he still think it is the right thing to do? Dan says yes, it is our best move right now, I don’t think we will regret it. Dan asks what the votes would be? Danielle says it would be 5 to 1. Dan says okay and heads to bed. Britney joins Danielle. Britney asks if she talked to Janelle and if she told her everything is still the same. Danielle asks what, we didn’t say a word about things being the same. Danielle says that Dan said verbatim that Boogie was just trying to explain why we needed to keep Frank. Danielle says this is why she needs to go. Danielle says that never came out of our mouths, ask Dan. Britney says that Janelle fully intends to put Shane on the block next week, she is laying the groundwork. Danielle says that Shane has never said anything about getting rid of coaches. Danielle says that she would feel way worse sending Janelle to jury because she has a baby. Britney agrees. Danielle says that she feels bad for blind siding her. Brintey says that she is going to think I knew about it all week. Danielle says that Janelle wants to use the showmance against me and Shane. Danielle says I am just as smart as she is. Danielle says that Janelle insulted her the other day by calling me unintelligent. Danielle says I am glad she thinks I’m not smart. I see right through her blonde a$$. Danielle asks Britney if the viewers will hate her for doing this. Britney says that they will hate both of us. Britney says that Janelle is the most popular big brother house guest ever. Britney says people respect Janelle’s gameplay. Britney says that Janelle didn’t need to come into the house and make up lies. They start talking about what the HOH competition might be like. Britney then heads to bed.


3:15am Danielle and Shane are up in the HOH room talking. Shane wants to call out Janelle tomorrow in front of people using what he has heard from Britney. Shane says that he wants to say that he has heard her throwing his name around, and ask her if it is true. Danielle tells him he should ask Britney first. Shane says that he can’t wait to call Janelle out. Danielle says that Janelle gave us a showmance name, Shanielle. Danielle says that Janelle will use things against us like that we are the biggest threat, we are in a showmance, and we are the only veto holders. Shane gives Danielle a back massage.

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4am – 5:30am Jenn, Wil and Ashley are in the backyard talking. Ashley says that she wonders if she will be the next target in the house because people think she is close to Janelle. Wil and Jenn tell her that they don’t think the others will be coming after her because after the vote they will know she isn’t with Janelle. They talk about how they think Joe will be the next target. They talk about how when they need to talk to each other in private they will use the code word, “tits” to let each other know to meet in the storage room. They call themselves team tits! Ashley says that she wonders if they could be having a double eviction this week. Jenn says that if one of them wins HOH they have to put up two coaches against each other and think they would put up Boogie and Dan. Wil says that he would want to put up Dan and Danielle because he thinks Danielle would have the votes to stay. Wil comments on how the coaches are playing the same way they were the first time they came into the house. Jenn reveals her secret to Ashley and Wil, she tells them that she is in the band Kittie that sold over a million records. Ashley and Wil are surprised. Jenn continues to talk about being in a band and says that she played at Ozzfest and is friends with Kelly Osbourne. They talk about random things. Ashley says team tits is the sh*t! They finally head to bed.

6am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Done with Big Brother when Janelle goes. Danielle needs to realise she is playing Dan’s game, Britney is going to get played by these boys like she did by the Brigade in her season, such a silly thing to do. Janelle would’ve rallied girl power, rallied coach power, rally anything she thought good make her win. So what if she went back on her deals and put up Dan and Shane, they needed to go anyway for the current Pretending-to-be HOH [Danielle] and the I-think-I-am-HOH [Britney] to get closer to the end. If only Danielle knew that Dan is willing to cut her when he needs to, and so does Shane. These people need to get a grip on actually play the BB Game. Boogie will stab them the first chance he gets.


so glad if janelle leaves, she sucks..trouble maker and shes soo fake.! bye bye!


Lmao.. lying and backstabbing isn’t any different than being fake.. There are a ton of people doing just that so don’t call Janelle out for being fake. It doesn’t make sense..


I wonder if they will have that crazy twist they had last year where america can vote someone back in i would laugh if janelle comes back


Boogie and Dan are not great players. They are doing the same things they did their own season, and they consider themselves genius? A genius does not do that. Play the game a different way, stop finding yourself a “Memphis” or a “Dr.Will”.. so lame. People are so over it. Britney isn’t playing a different game.. the only coach who is … Janelle. Whether it’s a good or bad game, she’s playing it different and its hard to see her go for it!.


These ppl are not thinking logically. I didn’t want the Coaches to come into this game. I see Boogie winning it again. I can’t stand that guy. He is the biggest lying backstabber in bb history. I can’t wait until he puts Danielle, Shane, Brittney, and Dan on the block. I thought Dan was smarter than that. I believe they can take out Janelle before Boogie. Don’t get me wrong, I love Janni and I was thinking the only way I wanted the coaches in is if she could win. I don’t like Boogie and I don’t like Britney. I hope they go next, but I don’t see that happening. I believe Shane or Danielle will go next. Can’t wait until next week.


Dan is trying to find his “Memphis” this time, and Mike fits the bill…


Very true. I think it is funny when others say how Boogie is such a liar. Unless I am really blind, he has been more honest (if there is such a thing) than anyone of the other bigger players. Dan has played a nasty, lying game thus far.


Really? Shane and Danielle are thinking logically. Other than each other, who would they have if they separated from Dan and Britany? Your beloved Janelle?

Janelle told Britany that she wanted to win HOH (and even though she is beyond her prime, she can do it). If she was HOH, think of who she would put up:

Dan, Britany and Boogie (yes Boogie) would be safe because she wants as many coaches in the Jury as possible. (Boogie would be first Juror)

Wil, Joe and Ashely would be safe until Jury too, as she feels they would all vote for her. That is why she hesitated when Joe’s name was thrown out.

Jenn and Ian would be safe as Janelle does not think they are a threat and she can get Jenn’s and Ian’s vote in Jury. (Ian through Ashley)

Who would that leave?

Shane and Danielle.

They know it and that is why they will be voting out the Queen of Mean and sticking with Dan and Britany.


I agree.


I highly doubt that Janelle would have rallied girl power. She’s too much of a jealous person for something like that.


I love it when people say they are going to quit watching once their favorite player goes. Janelle is screwing herself this year, telling too many lies to WAY too many people, and now starting to get caught in them. She is this years Shelly, and the funny part, is just like Shelly, she really has NO reason to do it. Janelle is fake 100% of the time, and that is BOUND to catch up to anyone. BigFan, I’m sure CBS will mourn the loss of your viewership, about as much as I believe you’ll actually stop watching the show.


Very good point. She is acting like Shelly.


Aint that the truth ! Hell be yelling i did to those stupid people AGAIN! in the diary room !


anybody that says danielle is playing dans game….u r right…but not about backdooring janelle…dan didnt want to do it at first…danielle wanted to put janelle on the block at first but decided not to do it…so she is definately not playing dans game….if u dont want to watch big brother because janelle is gone then dont freaking watch it….janelle has no skill whatsoever….she lies, and makes fun of people….i agree that danielle has to stop asking for reassurance from everybody…she needs to just do her thing…i hope this goes as planned….because if it doesnt….they will realize that janelle is the bitch they thought she was…what does janelle get out of making fun of danielle and everybody else…she thinks she is gods gift to women….she is just a shell of a human being…janelle is a robot…she would sell her soul for a nose job


i am officially on team boogie!!!! because it takes skill to pull of what he just did


I am with ya on that one. After watching BB after dark, he pumped me up. I love the part when Dan says are you ready to roll. I think with a curse word in there. :)


Great stuff, NOW it get’s interesting, so glad Janelle is GONE!


How is she playing Dans game? She wanted Janelle out for a while against Dans decision to get rid of Frank. Its obviously personal for Danielle, she has bully issues.


I am excited about this move. I think this will shake things up a bit. Otherwise it is the four picking the others off. I like when a line is drawn. You can’t trust Janelle either. Boogie makes good points. If he turns, they still have the numbers anyway. I’d like to see Boogie in this game a couple more weeks. It’s time for Janelle to go see her baby.


I agree. Brit an Danielle are so stupid for listening to Boogie. I can’t stand him and Dan knows he will keep guys before women.


hmmm it seems that Joe is the only one not in an alliance. Not surprising since no one would want to work with a big mouth. The only thing about that is everyone will be going after everyone else alliance and he will be so off the radar hell make it further then I want him to


I hate when girls turn against each other over insecurities. After almost blindsighting frank last week, promising him your vote, why would he hesitate to do the same to them next week? They totally humiliated him and they think he is going to give them his word and roll with them too the end? The house must really mess with people’s heads. Janelle hasn’t played the best game but I think this back door is especially cruel and petty. I’m just cringing imagining how smug Boogie will be in his diaryroom session after the veto ceremony,


I hate it when girls band together just because they are girls. It is a non thinking position that takes all integrity out of the game (BB, Survivor, etc.). It does work though. I just hate that stratagy.


“cruel and petty”., uh, NO. That would be Jani calling her fat legs, fat azzz,. dumb and making her cry, then blame JoJo who was already leaving.

MU Tigers

I don’t think she said those things. She said someone was smaller than Danielle and the insecure hayseed makes a mountain out of a molehill. I am sure many see an insecure and needy woman and think awww, isn’t she sweet. I see those qualities and see a weak person that is easily manipulated and will be used their whole life.


I totally agree with you. Danielle is on a mission to get Janelle out over stupid, childish insecurities about herself. She is an idiot who has let power go to her head.

I do like Janelle….I don’t think she has played a good game this year, but I think what her coach “friends” are doing is crappy.

Do any of these people watch BB? Do they remember how Boogie won his season? And why his friend Dr. Will won his season? It was on the back’s of players who trusted them. Granted, that’s the point of Big Brother….but I wouldn’t trust Boogie for anything.

If Janelle does get voted out, then I think Boogie should win the whole thing…even though I despise him. He orchestrated this whole thing and if it works, he should take the half million dollars.

I don’t imagine watching after Janelle goes, because there really isn’t anyone that I can root for. I think they’re all a bunch of morons…except Boogie…..and he’s a jackhole.


First of all, yes, Danielle does have some personal issues with Janelle – and rightly so. But, it has nothing with Janelle being a girl. It has everything with her being a cancer to the house and everyone in it that will not further her in the game. Strategically this move makes sense. Janelle has won 2 of 3 coaches competitions. Janelle was almost there at the end for the endurance comp. Every time Janelle lets loose with another lie, she impacts the games of others and screws with the trust that has been developed between people. An example is what she told Danielle JoJo said about her and then tried to prod Danielle to confronting JoJo. If Danielle had done that, how would it have impacted her game and people’s perceptions of her? If you put a little doubt in someone’s head, it festers and grows and causes damage. So, while Danielle may view Janelle as a bully, which she is – she is a mean girl, it betters her game if she is not there. Getting Frank out does not necessarily impact her game. She had not been a target of Frank – that was made up by Janelle and pushes by others – he actually told her that she was not the target when she was up with JoJo. She had beaten Frank in comps, except for the cat burglar competition which she said she threw. Another benefit is separating Brit from Janelle. The only other girl for Brit to naturally gravitate to is Danielle.

I can actually see Shane and Danielle making the move to get rid of Frank & Boogie in a 2-3 weeks. I can also see them moving against Brit and I can also see Shane getting Danielle to make a move against Dan. I actually think that the other HGs may have underestimated Shane and Danielle in the smarts department. I also think that cultivating a relationship with Ian is a very positive thing.

Regardless of what happens, it’s going to get interesting.


FRANK needs to go!!! .. That would make Boogie the next target and Boogie wil target Janelle. – Wake Up Shane and Daniele!!! – do NOT trust Boogie . Frank can Not be trusted as long as he is Boogie’s Boy!
Dan is Messing up! .. He is playing as if he is Afraid of Boogie! – Boogie is Only dangerous as long as he has Frank!


Yes! I totally agree Don’t be fooled ! Danielle your just getting personal ! Get frank out !

Then if you want get Janelle next week


Get over it! Janelle is done. Why would Janelle trust shane & danielle when she call her Fat & Ugly & target shane next week Huh! Tell me! I didn’t think so. Janelle is gone. She will be home to her husband & her kid! Goodbye Queen of Comps! Don’t let the door hit you!


@StoptheTwists.I agree with Frank needing to go this week.It’s the best choice for Dan’s game.The fact that Boogie refuses to let Frank go.He called Frank his #1 player.It sounds to me,if Dan wants to be able to make the chances of Boogie and him,going to final 2 together higher.Then he has to get rid of Frank now.That way, Boogie won’t have Frank to depend on.If they put Janelle on the block,next to Frank.Then Dan should still come up with a plan to save Janelle and kick Frank out.As of now Boogie feels like Dan is completely on board with working with Boogie(I think Dan wants to work with Boogie.But he doesn’t like Frank).Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for Dan to work behind the scenes to get Frank evicted.But Boogie won’t know that Dan had anything to do with it,because Boogie saw how Dan seemed like he was on board with Boogie’s plan.That way,when Frank gets evicted,Boogie won’t act butt hurt with Dan.But Dan would have to put the blame on other people.Dan needs to take Frank out,while he has this opportunity,that has him in a position where Boogie believes that Dan is on board with keeping Frank.Boogie has no reason to want Dan with him in final 2,while Frank Is still in the game.It’s better for Dan’s game with Frank gone.I obviously haven’t thought everything thing through regarding the details of this plan.Like who Dan should place the blame on when Frank leaves.All I know for sure is Dan can’t trust Boogie period,but at least with Frank out of the game.Boogie might be more loyal to him than he would if Frank stays.But Dan will need to cover up any evidence,that he had anything to do with Frank’s eviction.Don’t you guys think the idea that I’m throwing out there,seems like it’s right up Dan’s alley?(Obviously if your a Frank fan,you probably shouldn’t even bother answering,because the very thought of what I’m saying,will make you guys heated.Lol.)Does anyone actually think Dan will be able to work with Boogie,while Frank is still in the game?I’ll be the first to answer my own question.No.The key to all of this is,Dan will need to make the entire house(mainly Boogie) believe that he had nothing to do with Frank’s eviction.Which will lead to Dan working with Boogie in secret,until he feels he doesn’t need him anymore.Dan needs to remember why he wasn’t ok with Boogie suggestion earlier,about working with Boogie while Frank is still in the game.Nothing has changed.It’s still a bad idea.The little hope I do have with Frank still leaving on Thursday and Boogie working with Dan(because he won’t know Dan had anything to do with it.) Is how extremely popular Janelle is with CBS/Big Brother.I doubt that anyone who’s aware of production constant interfering of the game,in order to help their favorites,can seriously believe that the producers are going to allow Janelle(one of producers favorite house guests) to leave this earlier in the game.I can’t see that happening.Anyone that has read my comments should know that I’m only rooting for Dan to win.Which means I’m not a Janelle fan,who’s desperately trying to come up with ways for her to stay in the game.It’s just anyone that knows Janelle’s history with Big Brother(I’m referring to her popularity),shouldn’t be surprise if Janelle all of a sudden has a special power(production might try and act like Janelle was given that power.Before she was in danger of going home).Or they will work twice as hard trying to manipulate the house guests to vote Frank out.The bottom line is it’s way too earlier for Janelle to leave.The house guests aren’t in charge,production is.And they love Janelle.I would prefer if production loved Dan the way they love Janelle.But that’s not the case.


I was thinking the same thing today JW. Dan is sneaky enough to get rid of Franks without blood being visible on his hands…..would be interesting if that was his plan.

Team Dan

i think they should take out Frank.. I think Boogie STILL can’t be trusted


I wonder if Janelle will go HAM or if she will just go out without a fight (seems like she doesn’t want to go to jury). I would not want to be on the block with her!

Dae Yum Yum

So that’s how Jenn got on the show-she is friends with Kelly Osbourne! Makes perfect sense since otherwise that is one personality that would NEVER make it past first round with casting!


god I hope it happens, all this Jannelle is a great player, she is one hell of a social floater at least this year, will be awsome and classic to see her face when she is back doored and then booted when side by side with frank the one she hates so much, to sit next to him and lose would set her to super pissed.


I hope Janelle gets voted out! She should have NEVER left her baby!


Poor Danielle and Britney, they think they are gonna be hated for sending the blonde bimbo home…nope, they will be praised and rejoiced with. A blind person listening to BBAD could tell how full of it Janelle has been this season and she is about to get a serious taste of her own medicine. Once you say so many lies in that house, they come back to get you. The POV Ceremony is going to be great to watch if it goes down the way it needs to. Boogie and Frank really needs to win HOH though before the Secret Six implodes on itself. It is sad though, I would want to see those 6 (7 with Ian) be the last ones in the house before battling it out, but as long as Frank can get another week in the house to gain some footing, I’m happy. It says a lot when your are on the block more time than not in this game for winning 1 single HOH, but being labeled to biggest threat in the house…good grief. If that is the case, then Danielle and Shane are Mega Stars compared to.


Shane is the worst chime in person ever!
On bbad when all of the Silent Six where in hoh any
time some one makes point he finds the need to put in a word, or say something under his breath.
I like Shane butI get agood laugh when he does that.


NA NA NA NA (2x)! Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye! Janelle is gone! Let the self-destruct began!


Boogie’s goodbye message to her will be either a highlight or THE highlight of this season. She came in with the Anti-Boogie talk because he sent her to Jury in All-Stars and now Boogie is getting her out “Week 1 of the Reset”…just amazing. :)

Sinful Mind

If Pignelle gets put on the block, I’m sure Grodner The Hutt and her staff will try to keep her safe. If she does get evicted, I’m sure the Hutts will rig some kind of spin to have her come back…


They already have to do 2 double evictions for the show to end on time, bring Janelle back and do a triple evicition? I don’t think so, they’ve already done enough bringing other people in the game, this WILL NOT happen.




I can’t believe Mike worked magic like this…Dude was an outcast 48 hours ago, and now he’s running the house lol…


Yeah. I am no fan of his and hope he leaves soon but he was super persuasive. Did an excellent job.


I don’t know if Boogie is that good or the other people are that dumb. Probably a combination of the two. Boogie is so dangerous that Frank should have been voted out in week 1 and Boogie in the 1st week after the reset.

But it sure is entertaining TV.

I think I’ll be on Team Boogie from now. If the others don’t see what can happen with this move, I may as well root for him.


This^ people should not be listening to Mike, he keeps Frank this week, and the new alliance is good for a week, he’s going to be around for awhile…They get rid of Joe next week, and then Mike lays low, leaving Frank as the guy that takes the brunt of all his dirty work–Dan thinks the samething about Mike…


Anybody know what kind of competition it was when Danielle won the power of veto?

MU Tigers

They had to see who could fill a toilet first. With her IBS and Joe’s cooking, it was a competition made for her.


Haha. That was good! Thanks.


The reminds me of Season 8, when everyone thought Dick was going home when he was up on the block with Dustin, but somehow campaigned well enough to stay that shocked people. It’s going to be shocking if Frank stays, mad respect to Boogie if he pulls it off…


Boogie haters, say all the nasty stuff you want about him but he just assembled a 6-person alliance with no power (HOH or POV) and having his partner on the block. Not many peeps can say they can pull that off. Boogie has game, saying otherwise is stupid. Janelle wishes she could work people like Boogie does but socially, she’s simply inadequate.

I’m liking how the potential sh*t that can happen in this house is getting achieved so quickly. Last week was very entertaining and now this week is gonna be even more entertaining.


Completely agree! That was some masterful game play last night, and believe me, I’m not a big Boogie fan.

Janelle's worn out lip

Finally they get it and will make the right decision to send Janelle home.
I have been hoping all week that Boogie would just say to Dan…what if Frank goes…then I am a freee agent and will have no desire to work with you. That is what finally made Dan see that his plan of coaches vs. The house would never work.

This week should be interesting watching the queen of disinformation squirm.


OMG im not even kidding, but like it was the first week when I thought of the name Shanielle, and now the name is starting to be used more often! LMAO i wonder if production read some of my comments and told Janelle what people are calling their so-called “showmance” name, so that she can stir up some drama!


Britney proves she sucks at BB and she doesnt know the fans that well…..saying she will be hated…i think she is just trying to exaggerate….britney thinks she knows everything….i am getting so sick of her…i hope she goes out next…


Brit plays an extremely emotional game, I can’t believe she was crying over Janelle smh, Dan saw this as a weakness though and I think he knows she’ll be an easy one to get out down the road. I’m thinking Dan must really want to go to the final 2 with Boogie as going up against another winner will be his only chance at winning.


That’s a smart move on Dan’s part, and I don’t know why more people aren’t thinking of trying to take Mike to the final 2 with them…He wont win in the end…


OK. I voted multiple times (free at CBS.com) on a rigged vote. I didn’t want the coaches in the game. But whatever, it happened as we knew it would.

I have seen so many posts about Production saving this player or that player, how Production has now saved Frank 3 times. It has been bothering me as I don’t believe that Production and AG mess with the game THAT much. I could be wrong, but lets look at the last incident in which Production “saved” Frank with the Twist:

When was the twist announced? Two Thursdays ago. It was at the end of evicting JoJo and Shane had just become HoH. No one was on the block. Production didn’t know that Shane was going to put up Joe and Wil, win Veto, take Wil off the block and replace him with Frank. Now if Production wants Frank in the game, why wouldn’t they give a “Pandora’s Box” to Shane with money in it to take leave Frank off the block when it looked like Shane was going to put Frank up? Doesn’t make sense.

You think that they decided to do the “Reset” to save Frank? Maybe. More likely is that Production ALWAYS wanted the coaches in the game. Less money put out in prizes, more drama in the house, a better Vets vs. Newbies than last year. They knew that Janelle wanted redemption after 2 failed attempts to win (soon to be 3) and would go into the game. They want tension and drama in the House and needed Boogie for that. They knew that he didn’t want to play the game. They got him there under false pretenses and flipped him into the house. That is why the had an All or None deal with the coaches coming in.

If Production wanted the most popular player to win, Janelle would have already won twice.

Production wants a good show with drama, they don’t want a rigged game.


I had a gut feeling the coaches would play, day one when Jodi left. After Willie – I knew it was 100%. You have three of the most popular houseguests in BB and they’re going to sit around all summer coaching newbies? No way, this is television. No way they’ll miss out on an opportunity like that. I don’t think the vote was rigged and the majority was in favour of the coaches returning. The average viewer isn’t a feed watcher and they want maximum drama – only idiot superfans think their internet polls on forums are the accurate numbers.


I agree, and I don’t see Frank as some great threat, Shane is the physical threat, but this group doesn’t seem to get that…


So they are giving Boogie his main man (Frank) and his entire team (Ian, Jenn), hoping that somewhere down the line (after they take out Janelle’s team), they’ll take them people out. Wow. I didn’t know Dan was this stupid.

I like Janelle on a personal level, but her game as been a total disappointment. She’s basically been the female version of Joe.


Dawg/Simon, I wish we could register accounts here so we could edit our posts because I didn’t know if I wanted to type ‘those people’ or ‘them’, and since I’m doing 5 things at once here and am in a hurry, I accidentally left ‘people’ in and made myself sound like Willie, lol.


Kinda off topic, but ever since I have been reading these posts, I think about the people as they are described on the posts and not the way CBS wants them to be portrayed. But I can’t even tell how BB is editing these people anymore!! Like are people actually going to hate Danielle for putting Janielle up or will they see the reasons why danielle is doing it?


Has anyone’s opinion of Dan changed? I just wonder with the way he’s using Danielle – basically, doing what Lane did to Britney, minus the hint of romance – if he is going to lose some of his popularity. I kinda think he’s more of a villain this year. Granted, this is an individual’s game, not to mention that Danielle is so gullible, but I think that we’re going to see her get hurt in the end and, especially, after she watches the show later. I’m a bit surprised by Dan.

MU Tigers

My opinion of Dan won’t change. He is ruthless in this game, but legitmately cares for the other HG’s. But he understands this is a game first and foremost. That’s something that too many that post on here forget. They get attached to a particular HG and lose all objectivity.

As far as Danielle goes, I don’t care about her feelings. She came on a cutthroat gameshow, check your feelings at the door.


He’s playing the same game as last time. If he makes it through the next few evictions, and Danielle doesn’t wake up to him, she is eventually going to get Keesha’d. Brit is also setting herself up to be in the same situation as she was when the Brigade tossed her aside. Brit’s best plan after Janelle goes would be to cozy up to team tits. I don’t think she can win the game.


The orignal 4 of the group has just got to keep winning the HOH if they want to stay off the block. If anyone other then Danielle,Shane,Dan or Brittney get HOH they are all targets and some of them will be going on the block. Danielle really is in a tough spot because she can not trust Boogie,Frank or Janelle to keep them off the block. So I guess it really does not matter to their game if Frank or Janelle go because they will be in the same spot regardless.

MU Tigers

Danielle says that she hates bullies, and when she sees them, it lights a fire under her a$$ that I can’t soon forget.

With her IBS, that could be downright dangerous. Don’t want an open flame near Danielle’s ass, she might have one of her assplosions and people could get hurt.

MU Tigers

FACT: Boogie likes to be backdoored. But only if lube is used.


Here the moment of slient of beloved BB greatest player Janelle! GOOD RIDDENCE! I’m glad that dirty blonde is going home. Have fun seeing your kid. Someday, your kid grows up being on big brother. She will play dirty like her mom!


Team Tits about to make some noise up in this beeeotch!!!!


Frank has proven so far that his word is golden, so I think he will honour the deal. He let Janelle get into his head when he was HOH and he made a bad move putting Shane and Jo Jo on the block, but he isn’t stirring up trouble and throwing people under the bus with lies. That is how Janelle has played the game this time, and I am happy it will get her sent home this week, as long as Danielle doesn’t waver and the Super Six stick to the plan. Even if they don’t, Janelle’s ex team seems to be thrilled at the idea of voting her out too, so this could be a real blindside. The way it’s looking, she will be lucky to get Joe’s vote. Imagine her face if the vote ends up being unanimous. It is absolutely the best move for Danielle to get Janelle out, I don’t see how she is playing personal, but I do get that she will have added satisfaction because of Janelle’s hurtful remarks. Yeah, there is revenge involved, but the number one reason to get her out is that Janelle would obviously go after Shane and Danielle if she got the power. Once Janelle is gone there will be plenty of time to get rid of the other coaches. Boogie was good last night, he had nothing to lose, and he knows he won’t win the game, so he is playing balls to the wall. I do think his days are numbered though. His ego will be huge if Janelle walks out the door, and unless one of the six wins HOH, he will be on the block. He is already bragging and it will get him sent home soon. I think Ian would put him up. I have been hard on Danielle, and I don’t want her to win, but she earns some respect from me for making this move. Love her or hate her, she will go down in BB history as being the girl that bested Janelle. Move over veterans. A new generation of BB alumni has arrived (I hope).


It’s more likely that Janelle will win next week especially since it’s a quiz so they need her out. Janelle isn’t the type to throw a comp so let’s be realistic. Then she’s putting up Shane and Danielle.
Boogie won’t be completely with them but, he’s def not going out after them next week.
Simon can you put a poll on who is the better choice for the BDDS alliance to evict. Frank or Janelle?


I cant wait for the ultimate betrayal this year which will be Dan turning on his prodigy Danielle. She is going to alligator tear up grenades. She really looks at Dan as her house father.


This season just got interesting Kudo’s to Boogie for pulling this one off. I am glad he was relentless, and Janelle? She cut her own throat, Boogie just used it to his advantage. I think that’s pretty much all Boogie wanted to do, was get the best of her a THIRD time, and pretty much be like. “Hah! I’m the one who sent you home, AGAIN!”


OK. Next train of thought leaving the station.

I know that it is human nature to brand any decision that is contrary to what we think is stupid and uninformed (which explains politics). One moment in time does not determine eternity. The Silent Six have formed. Who knows for how long. They are taking out Janelle. Many think this a bad move and think that Boogie and Frank cannot be trusted. They feel that Boogie is in control of the game and don’t like it. Dan is being stupid for trusting Boogie, Danielle is just being emotional, Britany is being played by Boogie and Dan like she was with the Brigade, etc.

What you don’t understand is that just because you think differently doesn’t make a decision a bad one. Lets look at some of the claims:

Dan has swallowed all of Boogies BS and will soon be backdoored by Boogie or Frank AND he is too stupid/enamored with the idea of playing with Boogie to realize it or Dan doesn’t realize that Boogie is lying to him. Nonsense. IMO Dan DOES want to work with Boogie but he doesn’t trust him 100%. He wil try getting rid of Frank with about 7 or 8 people left. He has his stratagy in place and will adjust to Boogie/Frank as needed.

Britany hasn’t learned anything from her season. Poppycock. Granted that things worked more organically than most would want but because of her position with only having one player, she HAD to side with Dan and his one player (and Dan had to do the same). She is not being lead around by the nose like season 12. She has been making big decisions and helped form a major alliance. Boogie and Dan might betray her. Why do you think she was 50/50 with teaming with Boogie (it wasn’t because of the great love of Janelle).

Shane and Danielle are having the wool pulled over their eyes/ don’t think for themselves/ are not playing their own game. Balderdash. I think they are more naive than Dan or Britany, but they are making their own decisions. Danielle wanted to get out Janelle when Dan wanted her to stay. She has called him on the carpet when she thinks he is wrong and then proves it. Does she trust Dan completely. Yes. Does she trust him too much. Very likely. Shane isn’t as stupid as people think. He knows who is coming after him. He and Danielle know that they are Janelle’s targets.

Just because you don’t like a decision does not mean your favorite players are not thinking or have turned their brains off. The last two weeks should go to prove that things are very fluid in this house and can change very quickly.


I’m anxious to see how this all plays out. I actually like the idea of Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane working together, and I don’t like Danielle or Shane. Danielle gives me second-hand embarrassment, and it’s ridiculously painful. And Shane, ugh. He’s such a douche bag. – However, I think that this would be an amazing BB moment if Dani does in fact backdoor Jani. I didn’t like Janelle on her first season, nor did I care too much for her when all-stars first started, but somewhere along the way during that season, something switched, and I did kind of start to like her. – When she first came in the house this season {BB14}, I was all for Jani, and then she did a 180 on Brit for no reason other than Brit’s team no longer had the power. When I saw that, I knew she was still the same old “give two sh*ts” about anyone but herself type of person. – I personally don’t believe Dani is “playing Dan’s game”, but I could be wrong. Either way, I can’t wait to see the veto meeting, and Thursday can’t get here quick enough! I want Janelle gone, and either Boogie or Frank in the HOH room next week just to see if they will stay true to what was said last night. – Ian would be a good one to win HOH as well, just to see where he stands, and also because I can’t help but want the best for the guy. He’s so dang sweet!

Done With BB

BB will lose lots of ratings when Janelle goes….. Danielle you’re an idiot if you listen to Boogie. Geez have season 2&7 taught you anything??? Danielle will regret this move, she is going to come out of the BB house and find out about all the horrible things Frank and Boogie said about her. Danielle and her little alliance will regret ever trusting Mike Boogie.

Janey Doll

Janelle screwed this up in the coaches’ meeting that she wanted and now she’ll be leaving. Sad to see her go but her gameplay has not been up to par with that of Dan and Boogie. DDBS flip flopping around every two seconds though on Dan and Brit’s whim is hilarious though.


I don’t care who’s playing the better game, who’s going to win, etc. All I know is that I watched magic last night on BBAD. Some of the best BB I’ve seen in ages.


I hope they do back door Janelle, but remember it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Remember Janelle can turn on the charm and lies when she is really backed into a corner. Can’t think of a more deserving person to go home than Janelle.


Danielle and Britney gonna wish they didn’t listen to those guys and took Janelle out. Britney learned nothing from last time. How the Hell is Danielle talking about she doesn’t like bullies and she hanging out with Britney and about to team up with boogie. She is a puppet and I feel she even give them a bad name. I hope frank and boogie stab them in the back next week. Janelle needs to get the other players on her side if she makes it out of this jam I hope she wins hoh and cause a bloodbath. If not boogie, frank, and Dan FTW,


Janelle didn’t get a fair shoot cause she has been playing for losers. It’s just like in real sports when a team can’t win they fire the coach. It a shame that jenn and Ashley will be in the house and Janelle is probably getting evicted. Smfh


Here is hoping the other 3 coaches follow her out the door.


Pignelle picked her team and did a horrible job at it on first impressions while to me Booger did the best with balance. After making bad team pics she threw herself under the bus.