Mike says honestly it feels like I won if this goes through on Thursday and she is gone.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


9am Mike is up and out in the backyard by himself. Mike tells Dr Will to tune in Wednesday he has a suprise for him. Mike says sorry to the superfan’s that love Janelle, but at least you all will have her all summer in the blogs and to chat with. Mike then tells Dr. Wil to watch his flirtmance go out the door. He says totally awesome and says maybe you guys will not be mean to me now.
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Frank joins Frank out in the backyard. Mike says he hates Janelle says up late, you never know if she is up talking. Frank says he was able to go to sleep easier when he remembered that Britney was the one to bring up Janelle’s name. Frank says that Britney just wants to be a part of it too. Mike says that Britney saw firsthand being a part of the brigade and one of them winning the half million. They talk about buddying up with Joe. Frank says that he can tell Joe he was the one that wanted the coaches out, now put up or shut up. Frank says once they do this they are in waist deep. Mike says if we want to get really diabolical once Janelle is gone and we win HOH we could put up Britney and Shane. Frank says or Danielle and Shane, I am tired of her. Mike says she has gained favour with me if she does this, this is pretty ballsy for a Alabama girl. Mike says honestly it feels like I won if this goes through on Thursday and she is gone. Mike says Joe is gonna be real surprised this morning. Frank says yeah he thinks he is going up. Frank says that the way Ian is acting shows he’s nervous. Mike says he is real tired of Ian staring at him from a distance. Frank says he want to see Jenn’s face too, look at your ship that you just jumped on. She will change her tune when her leader gets put up. Mike says that he would rather have Jenn in our third spot, than Ashley.


9:40am – 10am Danielle says that she is stressed. She says how would you feel if I used the veto on you. Wil says that it depends on who you use it on because right now I think I am safe. Danielle says what I think I am going to do is huge. Wil guess who are you going to put up, Janelle? Danielle says yes, it’s going to go down and shits going to hit the fan. Danielle asks him you aren’t friends with her now are you? Wil says HELL TO THE NO! Danielle says good. Wil says that he can help get the votes to evict Janelle. Danielle then asks Wil for her safety next week if she uses it to take him off the block. He says yes you are safe next week. Danielle asks for Dan to be safe too. Wil says he is safe too with him, but that he has been hearing people talk about him. Danielle talks about all the lies Janelle has been spreading about her. Wil talks about how he thinks all the coaches pushed the button to enter the game and that Dan is the only honest one. Wil asks who else knows about this? Danielle say no one. Wil asks not even Dan. Danielle says no. Wil says he can assure her 4 votes to get Janelle out. I won’t name names but I think I can get Joes vote. Danielle wonders if people will be mad at her. Wil says that Ashley wants her out. Danielle says that she is worried about Janelle slinging her name through the mud. Wil says that he will stick up for her. Wil says she is nasty, she is a bit*h! Danielle tells him not to tell anybody that she is thinking of taking him down. Wil says that he won’t. He tells her not to tell anyone he can get her the votes. Danielle says that she has never, ever not been able to play for the veto and she has made it to final 3 twice. Wil says we can use this if Frank gets HOH again to stay safe. Wil asks if she has told him yet. Danielle says no I haven’t told anyone. Wil says she is a nasty bit*h, she needs to go! Danielle says that she is going to say in her speech, I choose to use the veto to save Wil, there is someone else in the house that has been talking sh*t about me behind my back and so Janelle will you please take a seat beside Frank. Wil says that’s perfect, thanks again for saving me. Wil leaves the HOH room.

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10:15am Jenn and Wil are alone in the backyard. Jenn brings up how she noticed he was gone this morning. Wil says he was up in the HOH room. Wil tells her not to be surprised today. Jenn asks are our people safe? Wil says yes, but that he can’t say anymore. Mike comes out into the backyard. Wil starts talking about how Boogie looks like a leprechaun. Boogie says he self admittedly says at the right angle he looks like a leprechaun.


10:40am All the house guests are up and getting ready for the Power Of Veto Ceremony. Dan, Shane and Joe are out in the backyard. Shane says that he has never been on this side of the POV ceremony. Shane asks Dan if he is proud of Danielle. Dan says that he is very proud of her, she did a great job.


10:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA.. The Power of Veto Ceremony is happening right NOW!

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LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO Danielle pretending like she came up with the backdoor plan


she is not pretending. she wants janelle out the beginning of the week! it was dan with his “coaches have to stay in the game to protect me” who pushed her not try to get out janelle. but thats history after this coaches only meeting. where eberbody could see, that janelle is the biggest liar in the house. and thats a tough thing to do with boogie around.


No, Danielle hates janelle but she wasn’t going to go after her yet her goal even when shane was hoh was always frank it was boogie who manipulated her into doing it but i have to say i was never a boogie fan till now it was genius how he got them to turn on janelle and save the player that they have been gunning for. I think boogie could actually win this i like frank always did but at the end of the day boogie is doing all the pulling of the strings. This is so much a dr. will move this is how he went in season 2 from being the most wanted player (and only player of chill town) to winning bb2 he taught him well lol. Frank is what boogie was when he played all stars now boogie is in the drivers chair


No, Danielle wanted to go after Janelle from the beginning of her HOH. Dan asked her who her #1 was and she said Janelle. She has said all along that she has a bad feeling in her gut about Janelle. Dan is the one who used his mind game ninja skills to talk her out of it. He talked her into nominating Frank (because he thought Boogie would then turn to him) and Will (whom she had promised safety). Dan tried his hardest to avoid this, but when faced with Janelle’s lies being outed at their coaches meeting and Boogie telling him, don’t assume I will run with the coaches if you oust Frank, Dan was dragged kicking and screaming into this. What these coaches need to learn is that you cannot win a game playing how you did before. People who have watched your season(s) know how you play. THAT is why everyone has been so nervous about Boogie. THAT is why everyone is concerned about Dan’s mind games.


I hope that happens!!! She will die of shock but if she talks her way into staying she deserves to be in the house.

Red Lampshade

She kind of did. Dan most certainly didn’t! I actually think it’s hilarious how he’s taking credit for the plan to back door Janelle when he was completely against it a few days ago! But that’s fine, it puts a bigger target on his back if people think he was the mastermind behind it


I think she’s doing this so as to NOT expose the Silent Six alliance, she’s making Wil think it’s all her and just her.


I think she’s doing this so as to NOT expose the Silent Six alliance. She wants Wil to think it’s her and just her behind this decision.

Red Lampshade

Dan is actually kind of annoying me. He actually thinks he can trust Boogie, and I sort of hope that he gets blindsided by them for it. I do think it’s funny though how Boogie and Frank assume that they’re going to come into power. They aren’t the greatest competitors. Britney and Danielle are arguably in the best spots right now. Depending on which way the power shifts next week, Wil could end up in a good spot too

Shaniqua Golden

Dan is boogie’s bitch. Boogie can control Dan so well its pathetic and hilarious. Can’t wait to see Frank or boogie win HOH and put britney, dan, shane, or danielle on the block. Good job, idiots!


I know they were tossing the idea around but i truly don’t believe this will happen, it’s just not a good move. They’d be right back to square 1, the whole house against them, they’re gonna wait and “trim the fat” as boogie says before they line up to make another big move.


Your wrong about Dan. Janelle lied about Wil putting up Dan, that is why she is going on the block, Dan is not blinded by Boogie, I do believe we got a little insight into Dan’s mind, he said he likes to roll the dice, he is a gambler, and right now he is seeing how many balls he can keep in the air. Does he trust Boogie, no, and I do believe he might flip the vote and get Frank out still.


Not watching anymore if Janie gets evicted


Boo hoo.


I agree. It’s not fair. Frank gets saved last week because of the stupid twist and now janelle is probably going home and she didn’t even get a chance to play for veto…


That’s good! Janelle is done!


I like Danielle’s move here, she tells Wil that NO ONE knows about this idea, so if Janelle finds out…Wil is the leak, I like this. I honestly think that Wil won’t spread this around due to him NOT liking Janelle.


Lmao.. When Boogie says he feels like he already won this game, and he is sitting in front of Frank. These people are stupid!


Hahahah! That is REALLY funny. I don’t have a favorite player this year so I’m enjoying just watching the hampsters scramble, but Mike is obnoxious!


Power of veto ceremony is happening…. Poor janelle :(


theres a reason why people like britney and danielle dont win big brother!!!…BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE BALLS…..boogie and dan, and even frank have the balls to make deals with people…and then put them on the block the next week…thats how u win a half of million….i think dan is safe until the final 3….DAN KNOWS BOOGIE IS GOING TO BETRAY THE SILENT SIX…..he just doesnt want boogie to put him up…dan knows damn well that boogie will go after shane and britney and danielle….thats why dan has won BB…and that;s why its either going to be him or boogie to win this one


thats probally true i wonder who would get the votes id say boogie is winning right now based on this move


@Unclerog33. I think if Dan&Boogie make it to final 2,Dan will win.Boogie isn’t likeable.When he talks to people he some times come off in a threatening,bully/arrogant way.That’s why Dan wants Boogie as an option to take to final 2.He was also thinking about taking Janelle,because the house guests don’t seem to like her.On a side note.Does everyone on here really think that production will allow one of their favorite house guests(Janelle)to leave the game this earlier?Before anyone answer this question,think about how production always have gone out of their way to save certain house guests that they favor.Last season with the pandora’s box,saving Rachel&Jordan,showed the viewers that when one of their(production) favorites are in danger of leaving,they will stop at nothing to keep them safe.I just can’t see the producers allowing Janelle to leave this early in the game.Come on now.We all know Big Brother loves Janelle and she’s still popular with the viewers(obviously the people on here don’t like her.Lol.)


yes JW, i thought that Dan wanted to save the coaches. it is too early for Janelle to go
and I know you respect her because at least she’s playing Big Brother. But maybe Janelle won’t try to
stay because she didn’t want to be on the jury.


What a big mistake , trust Boogie are you kidding me, Hate to see Janelle leave because Boogie is afraid of her
and because he knows that Janelle will beat him in any challenge, and as for Dan and Britney you just made a deal with the devil
and kissed 50,000 away, winner of bb will be Ina why you ask because Boogie plan is to take Ina all the way and is using Frank
to do it. He really doesn’t care about Frank……………………………………


Ina is going to win bb because Boogie is going to take him to the end (the finale two) he does not care for Frank
he is using Frank and keeping the focus off Ina You have to listen to Boogie when he talks he gives little hits
here and there, and the rest are just their to play Boogies game.” It’s his game you know ” who agrees?……….


Ian is bb winner this year, a big guest on my part but Boogie is keeping the focus off of him think about it.
As for Danielle that girl can’t stop talking about herself , she thinks she smarter then any one in the house
not so smart she just blew her chance because she is playing a personal game when it comes to Janelle.
Poor Dan just blew his chance of the money by making the deal with Boogie .Britney didn’t learn nothing
from the last time she played (loser) bb. At of all of them maybe Shane has a chance. Frank I don’t see him
winning because the first chance Boogie has no use for him he’s gone. and the rest will just be picked off little
by little Boogie is taking Ian all the way………………………….what do you think?


Sure. Why not. Makes her look big, puts a target on her back and gets it off of Dan.




I have to give it to boogie this is genius and danielle will deserve what she gets for being dumb when boogie evicts her and shane because even though janelle is a b***h and can win comps at the end of the day she will never be as dangerous as he is in this game.


Boogie is obnoxious, but so is janelle, how come people “fans” seem to like her, she is soooo fake, from her attitude to her implants…


I don’t understand the Janelle love either. I can respect the fact that she can win competitions, but by that metric, I’d have to root for Shane. If it’s because she’s trying to play the game with the constant lies, then, sure, that’s valid I guess, but Joe does the same thing and no one seems to like him. Add in the fact that Janelle just comes off as so god damn fake and I just can’t see where the love comes from.

Janelle's worn out lip

Britney is fighting hard for 5th place.
I hope Boogie and Frank don’t turn on the 6-pack. The summary seems to indicate they are thinking about it.
I don’t think they will turn until it is time. It wouldn’t make sense for them to make that many enemies right now especially with at least one double eviction coming up.


at the POV Shane won a Veto is that right? How does this work?

Carol & Steve

If I remember from an earlier post – what he won was the right to play in the veto comp. And I think it’s only good for 1-2 weeks. I believe Ian made a comment that if Shane used it then there would be 7 people competing rather than 6.


Danielle won the POV this week.


It is a veto pass letting him play in next week veto compeition without being on the block or having his name pulled.


he is sure to play next veto. regardless what happens when they pick players.


oh that’s right I remember that now from other seasons. Thanks everyone


Why would Danielle tell Wil?


Honestly, telling him was a smart way to see what he would do with the information. Obviously, Janelle is going up regardless, you can see where the information floats “pun intended”. Wil only told Jenn and didn’t even tell her the whole deal, so Wil proved loyalty to getting Janelle out. Goodbye Janelle, not sad to see you go. Now BB Production, give them alcohol and let the fur fly!


Because Danielle is an idiot. She already has 5 votes to boot Janelle, without Joe, Ashley, Wil or Jenn. I guess she told him so she could make a deal to save herself next week. But since she promised Wil safety and put him up, this week, why should he keep any promise to her? Oh wait she not only wanted to make a deal for her safety but also Dans. (?!?!) I am surprised she didn’t ask for safety for Dan, Shane, Brit and herself. Well she’s at it tell Will about the Silent 6 and ask for ALL of their safety too. Idiot.


Perhaps to built trust with him, telling him in advance so he’s grateful and rallies people to vote off Janelle since he can’t stand her.Plus if he wins HOH he might not put her up.


Just imagine if some shit happens and Frank ends up leaving instead of Janelle,and Janelle somehow finds out about the ‘failed’ backdoor plan like Boogie did with Frank’s backdoor, that would make for an epic war in the house. But right now it looks like a done deal that Janelle ‘s going home.

Caren in Canada

oh how beautiful would that be, although never give up remember the DR has a strange way of leaking secrets, Janelle could find out about it before its too late! I have seen every single BB too date and trust me stranger things have happened! Oh and if so I hope she has a huge smile on her face as she waves good-bye to either Brittany or Danielle ;)


Dr. Will probably watching right now that Flirtmance Janelle will be leaving on Thursday. Danielle,time to pull the trigger & get rid of cancer & poisonious Janelle. Bye Bye, Cya, Ciao, peace out, tell your husband & your kid I’m a three time loser. Looking forward of see her leave.

Caren in Canada

grow up she is not gone yet! I suppose you are a Danielle fan right? lmaooooooooo


Not watching anymore if janelle gets back doored

Janelle's worn out lip

you know you will. :)


Nobody gives a sh*t whether you watch or not.

Real Talker

This is great. I love The Silent 6! Atleast for now. I can’t stand Janelle. I really like Dan, Boogie, Frank, Britney, Danielle, and Shane. If one of those won, I would be 100% happy.


Couldn’t agree more and what a great statement

Caren in Canada

lmaooooooooooooo thet all sheep being led to the slaughter! What part of that did you miss? lol




I cannot wait until after POV is used! I bet Janelle doesn’t give Danielle, Shane, Britney & Dan 20 minutes before she adheres herself to their collective hips. She will be living in the HOH room for the next 3.5 days. She is so annoying.


I’m nervous, and I’m not even playing the game. – I have a feeling this season might actually turn out to be memorable after all. *fingers crossed*


Hmmm…if i had to lay money, I’d bet that if Janelle leaves…she’ll come back. LOL They’ll be a pandora’s box or something..like the mystery box that James was inside….but somehow..someway..production will find an excuse for her to return.


You are probably right – it will be a Pandora’s box. My guess, it will be if Boogie, Frank, Danielle or Brit are HOH. It will be a punishment for evicting her.


ahh yes the Pandora’s Box You just might be right. I really hate the Pandora’s Box. Every season they open that stupid box. I wish for once we had a HOH that would refuse it. Say boogies line NO THANKS AND WALK AWAY. The good is never worth the bad that comes out of it.


@Cleocat.This is the first week that the coachs were allowed to play the game.I seriously don’t think that the producers will allow Janelle to leave the game this early.I know she’s not popular on this site,but I’ve noticed other people still like her.And I know production loves her.They’ve(production) saved their favorites before and I think they will do it again,but this time they’ll save Janelle.If she ends up being evicted.I think they will bring her back,but not that lame 24 hours return.They will allow her to come back and play the game.Of course,once that happens they’ll(production)will make a HOH competition that will favor her winning it.I’ve seen so many times were production interferes with the game,in order to save their(production and sometimes the viewers)favorites.So,why wouldn’t they do it for Janelle.If this was late in the game,then maybe they wouldn’t save her.Wait,on second thought.They(production)would probably save her.They had no problem being blatantly obvious,when they saved Rachel&Jordan,late in the season.


The reason why this is going down is because Danielle is an idiot and Dan over thought this. Frank and boogie will back stab them next week. I told you all this. It was not in there next interest. Now I can’t wait for next week because this will be nothing if frank or boogie win HOH.


I agree. This is a BAD move for Shane/Danielle/Brit/Dan. Janelle needs to go but later. Boogie/Frank need to be split! Thank goodness Shane gets to play for POV as it looks next week. I’m just hoping he doesn’t feel safe next week and chooses to postpone using it.


If this goes down, Janelle will go into SUPER bitch mode……it will be hilarious. Also, if somehow Janelle survives the vote……Danielle’s ass will be grass. Janelle will be highly motivated to win HOH.


I was a Danielle fan but not no more I hope Boogie wins the next HOH and put her ass up next to Dan.




Boogie did it again LOL


People there is NO silent six. This is not a true alliance. Boogie and frank will turn in them next week. So anyone who loves the silent six really love nothing because it doesn’t exist. You watch if one of The 4 Core “which should be BDDS alliance name” does not win HOH then goodbye BDDS. Did britney really think that if one of them didn’t win HOH that boogie and frank would be oooh let’s all stick together and threaten these people. Do job brittney this year you may get 5th. I think she thinks the earlier you get evicted the better chance you have to win


Yea Dr will looked great the other night. Are they sure that wasn’t a Wax figure of Dr will. Use a little more Botox Dr will your mouth is still moving


Dan is boogies little bitch! It’s hallirous I hope he gets fucked over by them


30 years for now, Janelle will be in age 60 at big brother and still lose.


Has anyone seen Beyonce Fan? Her Janelle is going up.




Beyonce fan drank herself into a comma after last night BBAD. LMAO


Boogie and Frank are gonna go deep in this game if this goes down. Who will put them up after this week? S6 is rock solid for awhile so they wont. Boogie can still control Jenn and Ian so they are non threats. That leaves Wil, Joe and Ashley and they view the Dan Danielle Shane trio as the biggest threat espcially if Boogie spins it the right way.

In fact I would be surprised if boogie and Frank dont throw the next HOH and just go work as puppet masters again next week–keep their S6 alliance intact AND get 1 of them out at the same time.

The worst thing they could do is win HOH and turn on S6 this early–they are too smart to get the blood on their hands this soon.


If F and B throw the HOH and Wil, Joe, Jenn or Ashley wins HOH who goes up? F and B !!!


@All the Janelle fans, I don’t see why you’re even bothered she’s going up, if she’s as good as you guys seem to think she is then she’ll have no problem beating Frank in the vote and talking her way out of this amirite?


frank is staying i believe steve-o!

Dannie Boy Rocks

I am a huge fan of Dan, but with the recent turn of events, I am not sure where his head is at. Is he so desperate to work with Boogie? Time and time again I questioned Dan during his season and he always came through. I sure hope he does it again. Dan, could you please tell America what the heck you are doing?

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


I thought Dan was trying to keep Janelle for jury vote. The next three will probably go home and not be voted back into the house according to Julie. But production will find a way to Janelle back into the house with a pandoras box I figure.


It’s funny how earlier everybody was saying “Danielle will be so dumb if she doesn’t back door Janelle it will show that she has no guts” and now that she will probably do this everybody is saying “What an idiot! Everybody knows not to trust Boogie!” Make up your minds people, you all criticize Danielle when honestly you would be just as unsure on what to do, because Janelle would target the new players such as Danielle and Shane and so would Boogie and Frank! It’s not a dumb move, no matter what she does. The only hope she had was trusting Boogie and Frank for one week, because she already knew for sure that Janelle would target Shane if she won and she didn’t know for sure if Boogie was, so she went with one of the only options she had. Stop hating, she has a tough decision and you would be just as unsure on what to do as she is because BB is a tough and strategical game. As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Britney, Shane, and Danielle ;) Had to do some defending there haha


I got to give Boogie props for making this happen. Love him or hate him, he did his thing and it worked. I just hope the other newbies (Wil, Ashley, Jenn, Joe) can band together, win some comps, and do some damage. I don’t want to see Boogie and his group coast to the final six.


YES!!! I am super excited about this new alliance. I went to bed last night a little disappointed after I thought it was a done deal, they weren’t backdooring Janelle. I have always preferred people to play as clean a game as possible, and she does not do that at all. But then I wake up this morning, check the spoilers and BAM, things changed literally 30 minutes after I went to bed. Go figure. So I went back and watched it all happen on flashback and I am pumped!

Do I think Boogie and Frank will turn on DDBS? Of course. They’ll probably turn on Boogie and Frank if they get power, duh! BUT I hope it doesn’t go down next week. As long as Janelle goes this week, then Joe & Wil soon after, I’m happy. I haven’t like that team at all this season.

I am conflicted know, however, because I have been down for DDBS since it formed a few days ago and now I’m also rooting for Boogie simply because he’s awesome. I mean, you can’t say he’s no (He finally woke up and decided to play! I totally thought he’d self-evict a few days ago). So I guess if I had my pick for final 2 it would be two of these four: Shane, Dan, Boogie, and Brit/Danielle (depending on how the rest of the season goes). I like Frank alright, but I’d rather see Boogie make it to the end before him and I just really like the other 4- but I think it would be boring if it was only those 4 in the end.

Boogie and Dan at the end would be epic, but I feel for Shane and I think he has played the cleanest and most competitive game thus far, so I kind of hope he slips in there and gives one of them a run for their money.

Can’t wait to watch the Veto ceremony tomorrow night and see the look on Janelle’s face!


Masterful job by Mike Boogie…Dude, was amazing last night on BBAD…Looks like Frank will escape again LOL! Hilarious…


YES,YES,YES,YES,YES! Janelle is going home! woohoo! Let the self-destruct began!


LOVE IT! I will be happy to see Janelle leave. I just watched allstars again, and Janelle was not that great. She was great at competitions but as far as the game itself, she sucked. She gets caught in lies, and starts squirming. I like this Silent Six alliance for now.