Danielle says Frank is fixing to be a Wikipedia champ by escaping death 3 times!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


2am Shane, Ian and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking. Danielle talks about how they will need to somehow convince Dan that getting rid of Janelle. Danielle says that Janelle told her that Frank hates me because I was going to vote him out last week, I won HOH, then I nominate him, then I beat him in the POV, then I stole the POV from him and put him in a spirit-tard. Shane says wow she brought all those things up?! Danielle says that then Frank talked to me and he wasn’t mad at all. Danielle says that if Frank had talked to her, she would have probably put up Janelle instead. Ian says that the more we hash it out, the more I feel that it is the best decision to get rid of Janelle. But that it is you decision and I will do what you want. Danielle says we need to get Dan up here tomorrow and hash it out. Shane says even if he isn’t on board I think we should still do it. Danielle says she doesn’t know. Ian says look we talk to Dan and say alliance of 5, 4 out of the 5 think this is what is best for the alliance. Danielle says Boogie is in the game no matter what and he is going to continue to alienate himself. He doesn’t throw out a mist he just throws out facts. Shane says that Boogie just doesn’t want a floater to win this. How much can we trust him. Danielle says it doesn’t matter we can’t trust Janelle. Janelle and Boogie can’t be in the house at the same time after next week. Ian says that is not Frank’s time to go. Danielle says he is fixing to be a Wikipedia champ by escaping death 3 times. Danielle says that her and Frank need to have a heart to heart and he needs to put blood on it.
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Danielle asks what Janelle will do if she puts her up. Ian says that she will self-destruct and try and get votes from people. Shane says that Janelle will only have Jenn, Joe and Ashley, maybe Jenn. Danielle says that we will have Ian, Shane, Dan Britney, me, Frank, Boogie. I’ve already got 6. Shane says even if one wavers we are still good. Danielle says that Boogie would like nothing more than for Janelle to leave at his hand. Ian says Frank and Boogie’s vote would most likely be to evict Janelle unless he is a very good actor and he wants to vote Wil out and he would have Janelle .. then it would be really messy. Ian thinks he is going to need to go on a fact finding mission tomorrow. Danielle asks if Frank swore on his nana would he stick to it. Ian says I would hope he would, but I don’t know. Danielle tells Ian to hang out with Frank and find out what he says and wants. Danielle wants to go to sleep.


2:20am Britney joins them. Britney says that Boogie only wants to work with us if Frank is here. If he isn’t he will work with Janelle. Danielle says that there is no way he would trust us after already trying to make this deal if we didn’t keep Frank. Danielle says that Janelle’s wrath will be terrible. Britney says if we put Janelle up and Boogie’s team and Janelle decide to work together anyways they all vote for Wil to leave, it’s a 5 – 4 vote, they would have the votes. Shane wonders if they got out Boogie could we get Frank. Britney says this is what you would need to do for Frank to stay, put Janelle up against Frank. That is the only way to make sure we get out Janelle. We would then have 4 votes plus Boogies. We have to secure the votes. They talk about running it by Dan. Britney says that she will be the mystery vote, that she will be telling Janelle she has her vote. Then we can sell Joe down the river and say that it was him.


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Britney says we need to figure this out tomorrow, because POV ceremony is Monday morning. Danielle says if Boogie gives any attitude about Frank staying up then the deal is off. Britney tells Danielle to make sure she only says we have 3 votes and that Boogie has Ian’s vote. Britney tells Ian that he is in the best position. She laughs that Ian is in the best position and his is in a dog suit sleeping in the backyard. Britney then takes Ian out to his dog house. She says this is kind of sad. Ian says no it’s not it cool.


2:30am – 3:30am Dan joins Danielle up in the HOH room. Danielle talks to Dan about back dooring Janelle. Dan doesn’t think that Boogie would rally to keep Janelle. Danielle tells him the option of putting her against Frank so they were assured he would not rally with Janelle. Danielle says the thing is, Janelle is going to scream and attack me. She says she is not worried, but if I put her up she has to go. Dan says this is actually not a bad move. Dan tells Danielle that she just told a room of people that you’re going to put up Janelle. Dan says Janelle would not put you up, but now if you don’t they have this. Dan says putting up Janelle is personal not strategic. Dan thinks it’s better to keep the nominations the same. Danielle asks do you think Frank or Janelle is a bigger threat? Dan says it doesn’t matter; it’s about how you play this game. Dan says that we would not want people to know they are working with Frank and Boogie. Danielle asks who Dan thinks would be easier to beat in a competition. Dan says Boogie. Danielle asks another question, who do you think will be easier to get rid of later down the road? Janelle or Frank? Dan says Janelle, people will always want to vote her out. Danielle asks what if we put her up and she wins the veto, she told me she has won 9 vetos? Dan says yeah, she has won like 11 competitions in two years. Dan tells Danielle that is playing personal. Danielle says yeah, but if you look at the strategy. Dan says that’s your cover up, you say it isn’t but… Danielle jokily says she can’t win with him! Dan says it’s not about me being right; it’s about you being self-aware. Dan says that the wheels are in motion and it will be difficult to stop. Dan heads downstairs to bed. All the house guests are now in bed.
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5:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:20am They’re all still fast asleep.

9:55am Ian is stirring in his dog house.. Boogie wakes up and heads to the bathroom.

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If no one trusts Janelle anyway then all she has is competitions, and clearly getting third place two times should tell them Janelle is capable of losing her one ace in the hole; she can literally go at any time. The minute you trust Boogie and make a deal with him is the minute you lose the game. As soon as he has that inch, he actually will take it a mile. God, why is Dan the only one who sees this. I really started to like Danielle this week, but now she’s back down as the insecure, paranoid girl who should have just been left to rot on the dating show because she’s making it personal.


I agree with you Erin, I just think Boogie and Shane will turn and come after Dan/ Dani the first chance they get. They were lied to so it will be the same. If Dani puts Janelle up, I hope Frank and Boogie go back on there word! Game ON!


@Erin.You are completely on point.I don’t just agree with some of the things you said.I 100% agree with everything you said.I feel bad that Dan is or,I probably should say was in alliance with a bunch of fools.Danielle actually believes that Boogie&Frank aren’t going to first come after Dan than Shane and then they’ll take Danielle out.Boogie said he don’t want to work with Janelle because she’s a liar.These fools(Danielle,Britney&Shane)must have forgotten that they lied to Boogie&Frank too.He’s coming after these idiots,but they just want to focus on Janelle.Instead of getting someone out of the game,who they lied to(Frank).Boogie&Frank want revenge.These idiots think just because Boogie&Frank aren’t saying “We are coming after you guys,because you lied to us and tried to evict one of them(Frank)by blind siding them” to their faces,then that means they(Boogie&Frank)are telling them the truth.They are really stuck on stupid.Boogie&Frank are pretending as though they won’t come after them,because Danielle is HOH and she won the veto.She holds all the power.So.of course they’re going to act like they aren’t planning on picking them off one by one.I can’t believe how foolish Danielle,Britney&Shane are being.But when Boogie&Frank start winning competitions back to back(that can happen now,because there’s no more coachs.Which means that Boogie can help win the HOH competitions,when Frank isn’t allowed to compete)and put the idiots on the block who believed they(Boogie&Frank)would keep them safe,despite the fact they tried to blind side Boogie&Frank.I will enjoy every bit of it,because anyone in this game that has someone(Dan) to warn other players about a fatal move they will be making in the game and they decide to ignore that person’s advice.They deserve to get played like a fool and that’s exactly what’s going to happen to Danielle,Shane&Britney(Boogie&Frank are coming after Dan first,but Dan won’t go down looking like a fool,because he can see through Boogie&Frank’s load of crap and the viewers will know that Dan wasn’t fooled by Boogie&Frank.But the people who were in his alliance,refuse to listen to him.They prefer to trust Boogie&Frank over their own alliance member.Dan was playing this game perfectly,but he can’t help if the people he was working with are idiots.

Big Sister

If they backdoor Janelle and make a deal with the devil (Mike), they deserve to be made to look like fools when Mike steamrolls over them. I am no longer impressed by Dani and Shane. They are so gullible if they believe Mike. This clearly shows why putting so many people in the House who haven’t watched BB in any past seasons is what is ruining the show. Before BBAD went off last night, Mike was crowing to Frank about his plans to take “The Avengers” out and coast to victory. He is so arrogant and obvious in his negativity towards women HGs. I don’t care for either Mike or Janelle and am opposed to bringing vets back into the game. This year could have been so much better without them.


I totally agree! Thats all Boogie wants is to have his way and think he’s running something. Although Janelle leaving is a good idea, this week I feel like they need to just get Frank out. This is his third time on the block, KICK HIM OUT! If Boogie wants Janelle out so bad, he can win HOH and put her up himself. And if Frank stays and makes it to the end, all this hopping on and off the block will do nothing but make people vote for him to win


Get with it Danielle. If you feel this is best, get rid of Janelle. Up to this point, Janelle has been eligible to compete in four comps and she’s won two. She’s the comp queen for a reason. Backdooring Janelle is the best way to get rid of her. Plus Janelle doesn’t get to go to jury house and can go home to her family. It’s win/win for all involved.


Janelle won 2 out of 4 comps…but the comps only had 4 people in them. She doesn’t have those odds playing against 12 people


If the 6.5 (Ian is the .5)person “BB avengers” do backdoor Janelle, the wil,joe,ashley, (jenn?) show will cease as a working cog. Danielle gets another vote later from Wil for taking him off the block. Drama momma Janelle goes home, less stress for the HG. winner of the next HOH can go after whom ever they want. Avengers still have the numbers, even if boogie or frank are nominated. DO IT DANIELLE! DOIT DOIT DOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow Simon, do the houseguests usually stay up until 3:30 AM?


Simon, how did ian get up to the HOH room is he is in the havenot dog house?


As much as I want Danielle to follow her own mind and play her own game, I believe she is going to keep the nominations the same and vote to evict Frank. Dan is manipulation her big time and her being insecure is not helping the matter not one bit.


I can’t wait on Thursday that Julie Chen would say “By the vote of 6 to 3. Wil your safe, Janelle your evicted of Big Brother House” Janelle’s face will be priceless!

Red Lampshade

I really love this plan to backdoor Janelle. Britney’s idea to put her against Frank was brilliant too. People harp on Britney a lot, but she can be pretty smart sometimes and is pretty savvy to how things work in the BB house. Dan keeps trying to convince Danielle to do what’s best for him…hopefully Danielle sees through it. She just needs to get him to say that he would evict Janelle over Frank and then she’s good to go.


I will say Britney woke up in the past couple of weeks. It’s been her best two weeks in the house, strategically speaking, in either of her seasons.

Count Boogula

I think if they put Janelle up against Frank, Dan will probably end up flipping it and blaming it on someone else that Frank got evicted.


Why is Britney supporting backdooring Janelle? She is so fake and untrustworthy! I can’t wait untill some of the stuff Brits been saying gets back to Janelle. Woah! The drama.


How does that make Britney any different than Janelle?

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Dan fight for my girl lol dan need some one to get shane out and that’s janelle.


Your girl Janelle is D-O-N-E! She will be leaving on Thursday! Dan will vote her out as well. Shane will win HoH next week.

GoGators4Lyfe is on the Brit Wagon

Dan is fighting hard for Janelle n i think Shane see’s it as him looking out for himself, Frank has been nominated 3x, he cant really win when his BB life is on the line n Boogie is way overrated, so its obvious you need to get Janelle out now even tho im sure AG will find a way to save her or bring her back. I love me some Brit, she will get very far in this game.


I love Dan. I do. And I understand the reasoning of taking Janelle to the end. But dude…..c’mon? You’re really going to keep Jani in until the end so she can win that last HOH and NOT take you because you would be too tough to beat? Think about it. If you’re thinking she’d be good to take to the end, she’s thinking the opposite- and has said so on multiple occasions. She’s untrustworthy-and just because you *think* she might be telling YOU- out all people in the house- the truth, you seriously gotta think this one through. Thank God the rest of his alliance is full steam ahead with the plan, he really doesn’t have a choice but to go along with it. I just hope he doesn’t do something crazy and throw her a vote.

On another note, glad Boogie’s head and heart is back in the game. I wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to be able to find hope and play this game- but I really do think he’s done a great job of convincing the rest of “The Avengers” of the plan. 24 hours ago I wanted Frank to go- but Boogie even has me convinced that this new super alliance would be awesome. I can only imagine how the actual players feel about it. Sure it’s Boogie and he’s untrustworthy according to some (blah, blah, blah) but I am 100% sure anyone could say that exact same sentiment about any of the coaches in the game and it’d be true. You don’t win BB without breaking some promises, and you don’t get far in the game without severing friendships. So what? I personally think it’s better for them to have him on their side then be against him. Then when it gets down to 6, they still have the odds and numbers in their favor- AND he knows that. Just get rid of Janelle already, she’s too much drama (and there is such a thing on TV as too much drama AND not the right kind of drama). I want to see the drama of true alliances and sides forming and having a these people vs these people kind of show and watch them battle it out until the end. With Janelle in the game, the lines will get so skewed and she’ll just spread lies about everyone.

This isn’t The Real World our Real Housewives….it’s Big Brother. And it’s game time- finally!!


If Janelle is put up, does anyone think that production and AG will have another cou d’tat (sp???), or is it too late in the week to get that vote by America accomplished? I cannot remember how the Golden Power of Veto worked, so I do not know if they would go that angle to save Janelle. It looks like Janelle is going home.


I guarantee production will try and influence Danielle in the diary room, not to use the veto. I’d put money on them not wanting any coach getting evicted until at least the jury stage.


Dan is so effective at communicating his opinion and timing the conversation just right. Dang, he is Good! My hero!!!


Come on Danielle, Backdoor Janelle right now! She needs to go!


danielle is making a huge mistake by listening to brittany….if she takes will off and replaces him with janelle…DAN IS GOING TO VOTE TO KEEP HER,they are worried about boogie and frank turning on them but it will be dan that turns on them…she better just take frank off completely….


OMG I can’t take it.
YES, Frank hates you. He will say and do anything to stay at this point.
I thought Danielle was getting smarter, she just got *Boogied*. And much as I do not want to look at Frank for one more minute I think they should just hand him the damn 500k check now and be done with it. Why do these “powerhouses” not see that Janelle cane be taken out next week just as easily? You save Frank again and you may not get that next chance soon….
Once again I say, Brendan/Rachel Part Deux. You think they are finally gone, and they scurry rich back in.

btw- that pic of Danielle at the top looks like a donkey braying (her voice kind of has that tone to it too, you hear it come out over and over and just want it to stop for the love of godddddddddddddddddd!) , perfect screen cap.

Bad Things 999

She needs to stop fucking listening to Dan. Screw him! He’s not her coach anymore. Just the other night he was talking about cutting Danielle when the time is right. He’s just trying to cover his own ass so he can form an alliance with Janelle. Don’t listen to him and send Janelle’s ugly fat ass packing!

Janey Doll

I really can’t stand how dumb Danielle is being. She was so set on getting Frank out and then 30 mins with Boogie and she has to get out Janelle cause it’s “the best move for her.” Just because she doesn’t like her doesn’t mean she’s most dangerous to Danielle’s game. Janelle has no one right now and your choosing to align yourself with a widely known backstabber and manipulator and his little protege. Dan’s right, she’s about to make too personal of a move.


It’s her upbringing. She can’t say ‘no’ to a dominant male/authority figure. That’s what Boogie is to the weak-minded.


Right after winning HOH Danielle said she was going to put up Janelle because she didnt trust or like her and not put Frank up to make amends for her intent to vote for him. Then smarmy Dan got in her ear and she did the exact opposite – putting Janelle up is following her original instincts and is a good game move. I cant stand Boogie but if Janelle stays shes a much better competitor and production may make the next HOH a Janelle-friendly competition. J’s target will be Shane and she will put up Danielle saying that she’s good at comps and if she wins veto wants her to use it on herself and not Shane. At this point Danielle’s best strategy is to listen to Dan and do the opposite. And I think Dan is a little jealous that Boogie came up with a game change move and not Dan who wants to be known as the house mastermind.


Get rid of Janelle List:
-Nomination ceremony:check
-Remove Frank from the block:check
-Replacement Janelle on the block:check
-Get Ian,Frank,Shane,Mike Boogie,Dan & Britney vote Janelle out:Check
Bye Bye Janelle!


Daneille should vote jenelle out it’s here best move. Dan just wants jenelle to stay for a jury vote, get rid of her now. Work with Shane,frank,Brit,boogie, and Dan til 6 then work wit brit to rid boogie and dan


Captain- – Janelle is gorgeous, strong and smart! You, Captain, deserve to be backdoored!!!


Really, Really,Really! Janelle is not gorgeous,smart or even strong. She useless, weak, and even dumb! She is floater! Period! Janelle will be backdoored!


Danielle, do the right thing & backdoor Janelle. Think smart move to get rid of Janelle. Let her self-destruct and it’s a right thing to do.

Just Me

Jess, you just may be right. I never gave that a thought. I think he absolutely would do that. No one would know who did it and he gets what he wanted all along, 4 coaches and Frank is gone. He knows a coach stands a better chance of winning against another coach in the final two. Now we have to wonder if he will do it. Great for the coaches, not so good for the newbies though. Dan doesn’t like mikes plan because he needs jani to take out dani or shane. He doesn’t want to be the one to do it. He also fears the newbies will take out the coaches first. Great call.


Glad to see Danielle thinking about HER game and not Dan’s game. Janelle is the obvious best choice for replacement nomination. Who would Janelle nominate if she won HOH next week and Frank is already gone? It’s not going to be Wil, Ashley or Joe. It’s not going to be Brit because she thinks Brit is on her side and probably not Boogie because she wants to have vets in jury to have a chance at the win, and if either of them made final 2 with her, she would win. Would she waste an HOH on Ian and Jenn? I really doubt it. So that leaves 3 people that she could possibly put up to further her own game – Dan, Shane and Danielle. She would 100% put two of them up and keep the other one ready as a replacement if POV is used. She knows that she couldn’t beat Dan in final 2 and that Shane and Danielle would beat her too. She will say anything this week to keep herself safe, but we have seen how she flips week after week and forgets about the promises and alliances she made the week before. Putting Janelle up is the best move and I am pleased that Danielle is thinking about it. Of course there is still a full day for Dan to get in her head and change her mind, but Dan should realize that this is a good move for his game too. Boogie is not a threat. He ruined his chances of beating anyone at final 2 because of the way he played as a coach. I do believe he didn’t think they were coming into the game. He would never have kept the 6 grand himself and he would not have isolated himself from the newbs that weren’t on his team. He also would have treated Ian and Jenn better. I don’t think he could even beat Jenn in front of the jury. It doesn’t matter if him and Frank are tight. It just gives everyone a perfect reason to put them on the block together once Janelle is gone because they are just 2 votes.


Danielle, think smart or biggest move & backdoor Janelle. She needs to go home. She not smart,gorgeous, and athletic. She is a floater. Bye Bye Janelle!


Danielle, babe, come on now, Boogie is WAY more trouble than Janelle. Janelle is playing a totally crappy game of simply talking about everyone behind their backs and lying to as many people as possible this time around so she is NO threat right now. Gotta get Boogie out of there (mainly because I can’t stand him). Please girl, come to your senses and ruin Mike’s game. Backdooring him would be the best move in Big Brother history and would wipe that sh*t-eatin’ grin off his creepy face!! He’s not really much of a threat competition-wise but he’s a much better and more effective liar than Janelle and that will end up being real trouble.


Janelle’s alone at this point because she has told too many lies her jig is up. I think she only has Ashley, but Ash can’t win anything. So Janelle isn’t a threat, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe she’ll win once or twice, but D/D/team have the numbers to override her.

Boogie has Frank and I bet he will gather his troops again and, if he gets Wil or Joe on his side, he will target Dan or Shane and then it’s over.

I’m off the 1-day Danielle bandwagon. I can see why she let 7 guys talk her into sleeping with them already. Boogie pretty much did the same last night.


Dan is kind of a scum bag. I wouldn’t have guessed it before last night. Danielle trusts him because he was her coach. Now he is using that trust to play his game. I know it’s how the game is played, but Dan pretends to be above that part of it. His arguments last night were dizzying. “Boogie is a lair, so we must evict Frank. Then we will work with Boogie.” …Huh? “We can’t keep Frank because what if Boogie wins and puts two of us up next week? Better that we should evict Frank, leaving Boogie here to put two of us up next week.” “We should keep Janelle, because we KNOW we can’t trust her. We should evict Frank, whom we could possibly trust, because we KNOW we can’t trust Boogie. Oh yeah, and then we should work with Boogie.” “If my rock solid reasoning doesn’t convince you, how about I lay here pouting and accusing you of playing it personally. That might convince you to ignore your self-interests and everybody else in the alliance.” Dan wants Boogie and Janelle in this game so he can work with them if he needs them. Possibly to make a run as the four coaches near the end. It’s best for him, and I don’t mind the play. I just don’t want to hear what a fair, honest, and all-around good guy Dan is.

Jake K.

Finally some unpredictability. Yes the coaches are getting too many chances to win but hell these newbies are not going to go down without a fight like last years. I love Boogie this year, but this the DDBS I? is going to pull through. They are all wanting different people out but in all they are right. It is Wil Janelle Boogie and Frank versus the other 4/5. Jenn Ashley and Joe are just kinda there in the middle cause they won’t win crap. So yes I agree backdooring Jani is the only way to get her out but either way a good player will be gone this week.


^^^ why are you checking items of your list? none of this has happened yet and there is still 24 hours before nom ceremony. lots can happen to change daniell’s mind


Let the self-destruct of Janelle began!


I have a great name for their alliance… How about “Fish out of water”? because all DDB & S does is FLIP-FLOP. I’m sure Ian is like “Why did I align with these idiots?”


Frank as a threat is overrated. He won one crapshoot comp. Janelle’s won two comps and has only competed in four and she’s comp queen for a reason.

Bottom line: YOU DO NOT GIVE JANELLE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN A COMP. Would anyone bet against her for HOH or POV next week if she sticks around? Didn’t think so.

Most of the people condemning Danielle for leaning in that direction are Janelle supporters. While I understand having your favorites, saying that this is a bad strategy is just wrong. Janelle doesn’t have any close allies so it’s the perfect time to get rid of her before she can forge those relationships and you definitely don’t want her in any comps; Danielle should know this better than anyone after the cram session that had Friday night.


Watching this year has me against the vets winning period. If Dani gets Janelle out before jury her chances increase to win the 50g’s. Frank or Shane could win the grand prize but without Janelle the vets become weak. The more newbies in the jury house the better. Can Dani cut a real deal with Frank and Boogie for 2 weeks. If so replace Frank and if 1 week replace Wil with Janelle.


Come on Danielle, make a smart move and backdoor Janelle. Pull the trigger and send her out of the door. Get rid of Janelle!

Lennon's Ghost

Captain please give it a rest.

We all know that you don’t like Janelle and want her out.

You’ve posted your feelings about Janelle repeatedly (30 – 40 times) over the last few threads and we get the fact that you want her gone. You don’t have to keep repeating yourself over and over. We got your point a long time ago.

Enough please!

This is not an attack, just a simple request that you chill out for a while on your Janelle rants.



I’m relax but some people thinks that keep janelle, keep janelle. I’m sick entire of Janelle is greatest player. I’m really pissed off! So I will relax!


If Frank goes., then Janelle, Boogie, Ashley, Joe, Wil and even IAN will become the new team of 6 if this side of the house wins HOH. Then, Danelle will regret not back dooring Jenelle. Wait and see. Nothing more than what CBS would like to see…power shift.


CRBT. Cat Lady Gazette is no more. Her blog was hilarious. Plus no Squabble, BB Grandma. So little clever humor this season. :-(

Kathie from Canada

We need to hear from Rock Star too this year. She can really shake things up!!!


Agreed. Where are these entertaining people?


I think the idea to backdoor Janelle is great. Janelle was Danielle’s #1 when she won HOH and Dan talked her out of it. Not sure if when Dan says her desire to evict Janelle is personal he is trying to influence her or truly believes it. I think too many men think that a woman’s reasons are personal when she goes after another woman (they did it last year when Cassie was evicted). Everything that happens in the BB house affects you personally – you are, after all, trying to win $500K. What Janelle is doing is affecting Danielle personally. Danielle feels that she and her alliance is threatened by Janelle. Janelle’s lies STRATEGICALLY impact Danielle and her game play. The lies Janelle tells help influence how the other houseguests view Danielle and how they would or would not work with her. Janelle knows which buttons to push with Danielle – although she hasn’t gotten the reaction she wanted. What if, when she lied about JoJo saying Danielle was fat, etc. Danielle had gone Willie on JoJo (which is what Janelle wanted) – do you think that might have altered the house vote? Possible. Janelle is a threat and will continue to stir the pot.

Putting Janelle up against Frank is genius. Boogie can’t be too upset over this – at least they are giving Frank the opportunity to stay. After the things that went on Thursday and Friday, this is an olive branch. Hopefully Boogie will take it. Hopefully Dan won’t use some of his Ninja skills to disuade Danielle. Just because Dan has played this game before does not mean he is the expert with this group of houseguests. Just because Boogie won all stars 7 years ago doesn’t mean that he is going to play this game exactly the same – Frank is not Dr. Wil. Danielle said it best – Frank only won the HOH that she threw – the win was all luck. Everything else has been won by Shane, Danielle, Janelle and Boogie. Janelle came close to winning the endurance comp. She is the bigger physical threat to them than Frank.


Dan still has hope of a coaches alliance with Boogie and Janelle. He’s out for himself and its so painfully obvious. Danielle is just refusing to see it. He will cut her loose when the time is right. She serves a purpose for now, but he is so plainly playing her like a pawn on a chess board. Taking frank down is the better way. I do not trust that Dan won’t vote to keep Janelle if she comes to him with a deal. He’d be the swing vote, and blame it on someone else. I think he knows that, and is encouraging her to pull Wil down so he keeps that option. I’m so sick of Janelle getting her way all the time. She needs to go.


I can’t wait until Danielle gets put up against Dan or Shane in 2 weeks because those moron is willing to trust boogie. Let’s remember just last week they were saying how they CAN’T trust boogie and he is too dangerous. The smartest move is to get rid of boogie because frank will be an honest player without him. Yea Danielle’s genius answer to that is janelle will have a showmance with frank. Where has this girl been the last 4 weeks? Janelle hates frank. No way would she team up with him. Then the genius Danielle thinks that if they get rid of frank that boogie and janelle would team up. Hello moron boogie just came up and wants her to go up why would he team up with her. This girl wins 1 HOH that was designed for short men and women and thinks she can beat frank at anything. Dan is the only one with brains on that team but he needs to take Danielle and tell her I know how these 2 play better then you do and if we don’t split frank and boogie now we never will. I can’t believe how all of a sudden Danielle and brittney believe everything boogie says. Wait actually I can believe brittney is because she’s the worst player ever. She believed lane and Hayden when they told her final 3. Oh yea I’m sure if will and them win HOH next week that boogie and frank are just going to say put us up. No stupid he’s going to say we need to break up Dan and Danielle or Shane and Danielle. Bottom line is I would rather go with janelke because she is 1 person. So even if she won HOH And betrayed then , which she wouldn’t, then they could get back at her the next week because she has no one. But if boogie is HOH and turns on them then they still need to deal with frank.

Janey Doll

Well put, I agree with everything you said. She is so clouded by her and Brit’s catty obsession with hating Janelle that she won’t even make the logical decision to break up two of the smoothest talkers in the house. Janelle is all alone right now and would probably rather team up with DDBS for a while while she took out her players that are openly targeting her. Boogie and Frank are just playing on Dani’s obvious insecurities to buy another week in the house. Just wait till they stab her in the back. Janelle, despite me liking her, is playing a more obvious and predictable game so far, it will be easier to get her out in the long run. Boogie and Frank–not as simple.


What are you talking about–you make ZERO sense! Janelle still has her whole team of Will, joe and Ashley and will control all of them to get Shane and Danielle up 100% next week. Backdooring Janelle is the best move for Danielle’s survival next week PERIOD.

Janey Doll

If you think Janelle still has Wil and Joe under her control then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Wil takes every chance he can to talk about her and how untrustworthy he thinks she is and Joe is the genius boasting about getting the coaches out. She barely has Ashley, Boogie and Frank won’t work with her. She’s pretty alone right now.


Have you even been watching the show? Will, joe, and Ashley want janelke and the coaches out. So what are you talking about? Getting rid of janelle will be the end of SDDB. If will wins then frank will be in his ear to get Dan up with either Brit or Shane or even Daniele because she out him up. Janelle knows her team wants her out. She’s just keeping will close just in case. So keeping frank and boogie in this game together is the dumbest move.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Well said, Mike. Danielle is making a big mistake by trusting Shane over Dan. I don’t care what anyone says, Dan is trying to look out for Danielle. Shane on the other hand is completely using her. He will dump her well before the end if he joined up with Frank and Boogie. Shane did not give Danielle the time of day last week, why does she think he is so suddenly interested in her now. Dan has been there for her since day one. Even though the coaches theme is over, Dan still cares about Danielle’s success because of his dedication to being a great coach. It is in him naturally to want her to succeed. It doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want to win, but I think he would be ok with her winning if he doesn’t.

Britney and Danielle need to get over their obsession with hating Janelle because she has no one in this game. Her whole team wants nothing to do with her. Why would you waste this week on getting someone out that so many people hate. As far as I can see, Frank still has a lot of friends in the house. Get Frank out, then Boogie will be alone. It doesn’t matter whether he teams up with DDSB or not, he won’t be able to do much of anything by himself. Daneille, Britney, and Shane are so dumb sometimes that it makes me sick.

Dannie Boy Rocks

I’m sorry, but does anyone not see that Danielle is making a dumb move by putting Janelle up. Janelle isn’t even coming after her. On top of that, how can Danielle and Shane think that Boogie and Frank are trustworthy. Boogie already said last night when he was talking alone with Frank that the first chance they get, they will backstab the Avengers. How can Danielle and Shane and even Britney be so dumb and think that Boogie and Frank don’t have any resentment for Frank being put on the block by these guys two weeks in a row. I feel sorry for Dan because this group of people he is working with are so freaking dumb. What a bunch of idiots. Anyone who thinks this is a brilliant idea is an idiot too because Boogie will destroy this alliance the first chance he gets. His plan is to turn them against each other and as far as I see, it is already working. I sure hope that whatever happens Dan survives.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


@DannieBoyRocks.I agree with you.I’m just going to paste what I’ve already written on the last update,because it applys to this topic.Last season I was rooting for Danielle Donato.I really wanted her to win the game.But as soon as she made it clear that she will trust Jeff’s(aka the grudge holder)word over Brendon&Rachel.I said mark my words,when Jeff or Jordan win HOH,they will nominate Danielle and evict her.I was obviously right(I didn’t want to be right,because I wanted her to win the game.)Danielle even admitted that Jeff&Jordan hardly spoke to her the entire time they’ve been in the house.Earlier in the game she tried to get Jeff evicted.He found out about it,and from that day on, he never had any intentions on working with her.Even when they got to the jury house he was still mad at her.But guess who wasn’t?Brendon wasn’t mad at Danielle.He understood it was a strategic move that she felt she needed to make.Some people in the game can get pass another player making a strategic move,but Boogie&Frank aren’t those kind of players.Dan is trying to win the money just like everyone else is,but their is no way that Dan would turn on Danielle&Shane before Boogie&Frank turn on them.Since Janelle is working with Dan,she won’t do it either.Danielle is trusting Boogie&Frank(two people that she was apart of the plan to screw them over).Boogie told them that he can’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.But these fools(Danielle,Britney&Shane)didn’t think if he can’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.What makes them think he will work with them?All of them(Britney,Danielle&Shane,Dan also lied to him.But Dan is smart enough to know he can’t trust Boogie with Frank still in the game)lied to Boogie&Frank.Boogie’s basically giving it away that he doesn’t work with people who lie to him.But these idiots don’t understand that includes them(Britney,Danielle&Shane).These three also haven’t taken into account,that the only reason Boogie&Frank are acting like they don’t care that they lied to them,is because Danielle holds all the power this week(she’s HOH&she has the veto).But,what are you going to do.It is what it is.


How can you say Janelle isnt coming after Danielle?? Janelle is after ALL the newbies – her biggest target is Shane and Danielle goes up with him so that she cant take Shane off the block if she wins veto. Andjust because they are going with Boogie’s strategy doesnt mean they trust him – his way is the lesser of 2 evils.


@Atomicblonde.You wanted to know,how can I say that Janelle isn’t coming after Danielle?Dan,Janelle&Britney were going to get rid of the newbies who want the coachs out.Danielle&Shane have been working with Dan&Britney,so obviously Danielle&Shane aren’t in the same category as the other newbies like Frank,Joe&Wil.Janelle is aware that Wil is coming after her,Joe doesn’t like her either and Ashely isn’t that far from turning against her either.Dan&Britney were going to continue working with Danielle&Shane(they wasn’t anti coachs at the time)and try and bring in Ian and they told Janelle to try and bring Ashley closer to their group.Read the updates on this site.Everything that I’m saying is backed up by what the updates say.None of them had a problem with the plan to take out Frank this Thursday.That’s why they were so happy when Danielle won the veto because she was suppose to seal Frank’s fate in this game.They all(except for Dan because he’s not stupid) became foolish after listening to Boogie&Frank tell them they aren’t coming after them.Bascally they changed their minds after buying the load of crap Boogie&Frank were selling them.


If Dani replaces Wil with Janelle on the block do the votes go:
To Evict Janelle; Ian Shane Jenn wil Boogie
To Evict Frank; Dan Brit Joe Ashley




i wouldn’t be shocked if Dan voted Frank out and kept Janelle … He can only win this game if he’s sitting next to Boogie or maybe Britney. He would never beat Janelle .


They all realize that there at 12 people in the house, what would be the point of getting Janelle out so early, wait a week or two make her feel secure in her place then backdoor her. If Danielle does this it will come to bite her in the ass later when Frank and Boogie start picking them off one by one.


this a perfect scenario to get janelle out! the only reason dan is against it, is because of the “coaches thing”. he wants her at least in jury to vote for him. so he s playing danielle.

for her it would be the right move to get one of the most dangerous players out. boogie isnt that scary. and him and frank are bigger targets. janelle is going whereever the power is. nobody really will put her up.

in the end this will not happen. the noms will stay the same. danielle will never do something against dan. and thats what will get her out later! and in addition production will NEVER let janelle get out this early!


Am i the only one who thinks the better idea would be to backdoor Boogie instead of Janelle? If everyone is so worried that Boogie will link up with Janelle then send Boogie packing. Frank doesnt have a mind of his own. Without his mentor whats he gonna do…piss and moan. Then it wont be so hard to get Frank out. Without Boogie to tell him what to do hes not a big threat anymore. Boogie wants 2 take Frank to the end so he can say he deserves the half million cause he was the mastermind and Frank was his puppet. Frank hates Janelle so he wont turn to her. Shane and Danielle are the only newbies that have done anything and they cant win everything. The rest of the newbies will get wiped out and it serves them right for coasting along instead of playing the game. I would like to see Shane and Danielle fight it out with Dan and Janelle as the final four. And by the way Janelle only won two comps because Dan threw them remember…he admitted to it in his diary room.


Yes I agree with you. Boogie is the trouble maker. He just said last night that they will turn on them. Which means boogie and frank still have Ian. And basically Ian confirmed it this morning. If frank was in the game without boogie he would be trustworthy.


if dan wasnt playing her game, and her entire team’s game FOR THEM, they would have taken the deal

its why I hate the vet thing. boogie right there, or someone IN BOOGIES SPOT, offers that deal, danielle was ON BOARD, brit ON BOARD, but then dan talks about boogie like he does stuff dan doesnt do in big brother, what a freaking hypocrit


how is it personal for danielle to take out a threat like janelle, but not personal to take out frank, who has shown ZERO desire to take you out

kind of stupid for anyone NOT NAMED DAN to pass up on this deal


its time for shane to step in, and cut dan the heck out of danielle’s brain


The key to evicting Janelle and partnering with Boogie and Frank is knowing when to pull the plug on B&F. Use them for 2-3 weeks then put them up against each other – evict Boogie.


Anyone notice Boogie no longer wants out the door and is now playing? My production birdy told me he got offered some cash to chill out and get his head in the game. Im glad they did it.

Real Talker

Looking at Danielle…….DAT AZZZ!!!