Boogie continues to sell Operation Evict ALPHA Female

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


10am Boogie heads out into the backyard and asks Ian how he slept. Boogie says this is bazar but do you need to go to the bathroom? Ian says no I’m fine I went last night before I went to bed. Boogie says he is going to finish making coffee and be right out. Ian says cool we can talk. Boogie says yeah it would be good to talk before people get up. Frank joins them out in the backyard. Ian tells Boogie we have to think of a way to keep Frank here. He tells him it is possible very possible. Frank comes out into the backyard and says butt cheeks for days, yo! Frank grabs Ian’s lease and starts walking him around the yard while he awnings. Frank brings Ian over to the couches. They talk about how he can’t sit on the couch. Frank wants him to get up on the couch just so he can say Get DOWN BOY! Boogie tells Ian that even though the coach thing is over he still wants them to look out for each other. Ian tells Frank that he thinks he is in a pretty good position because people might wise up to an anti-Janelle movement. He says that Janelle is Wil’s right leg and people want to take her out.

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10:25am – 10:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.. Dan and Boogie are in the backyard. Boogie is selling Dan on the idea of getting Janelle out again. Boogie says he could only get out so much information while there was a million people walking out of the room last night. Boogie says that obviously we will be the brains operation. Boogie says it is right for the picking. She is not workable, she can’t be trusted. And if she gets HOH we can’t trust what she will do. Dan is silent. Janelle joins them and the conversation ends. Shane, Ashley, Wil, Ian and Britney are in the kitchen waking up and talking about random things. Janelle, Joe, Janelle and Boogie are sitting on the backyard couch.


11am Boogie says I just can’t bring myself to walk a human being on a leash, I think I will pass on that today. I bet if they offered Ian 2 G’s he would stay in that suit for the rest of the season. He is the perfect person for that.


11:20am Frank says that he doesn’t want to work out in his spirit-tard with his junk on blast! Half my shaft and one ball is hanging out. He figures he will work out in the pool since he doesn’t have to wear the outfit in the pool. Frank wonders if they will worry if the letters on the spirit-tard come off. Boogie says way is your fu*king responsibility to keep the letter on it. Ian is sitting on the floor and Frank says some times when he has his feet up a dog will lick his foot. Ian says that’s not going to happen.


11:45am Dan gets Ian to go over what happened in Big Brother 7 All-Stars. Meanwhile Frank and Janelle are in the kitchen making breakfast. Wil and Britney are sitting at the kitchen table talking about Britney’s season. Britney talks about Lane and how he put every weight in the backyard on the bench and bench pressed it.

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Red Lampshade

I’m still horribly confused as to why Dan wants to keep Janelle. Does he actually think he can trust her?


me too…dan was my favorite and now he is being so shady, i dont get it…


The target in Dan’s mind is Frank not Janelle, because Frank put up Danielle on the block 2 weeks ago.


Dan is scared sh*tless of boogie – his attempt to get in good with boogie sayin ‘i hit the button to come into the game to save frank’ blew up in his face. and he ran to janelle to find out how to deal with boogie. also i dont think dan is comfortable with men – he picked 3 women as players and manipulates Danielle in such a skeevy way – taking advantage of her trust in him as a coach and looking out for her best interests.. he wants janelle around as a buffer between him and boogie and will get off trying to manipulate her too.


Because it benefits him, at this point he’s no longer playing for anyone but himself, he sees Frank as the bigger threat to him personally so will do whatever it takes to convince his allies that it will benefit them too whether it does or not.


If the Dan, Danielle, Brit, Shane alliance was thinking clearly (and Shane actually brought this up last night, but for some reason it was just brushed over and not considered) they would back door Boogie, and take in Frank. Frank is a better competitor than Boogie, and Dan just admitted last week that Frank is more trustworthy than Boogie as well. Frank and Janelle absolutely HATE eachother, so there is NO way they will work together next week, and would likely target each other. Any other scenario, Frank gone, Janelle gone…..the remaining two will team up. BUT, if Boogie was gone, they’d gain Frank, probly Will (if they were smart, they’d take Wil down, and tell Frank he’s safe and make a deal w/ both), and have Janelle going for Frank. If Ian TRULY was a superfan, he’d have come up with this scenario. Instead it was Shane who mentioned getting out Boogie last night and bringing Frank in, and it got ignored….


Janelle is a huge target in this game. Why get rid of her when she wants to take out the noobies anyway?


In my opinion, Dan is absolutely deadset on going into a final two with Boogie, and as long as Frank is around, that’s not going to happen. I think Dan would drop Danielle in a heartbeat in order to make that happen. It’s almost like a really messed up hetero love triangle- Dan loves Boogie, Boogie loves Frank, and I suspect Frank will love anyone who can keep him from going home.


He’s got a final two deal with her . . . period.


Dan understanding Janelle’s game. But Boogie, the undying loyality to Frank, that has to be broken up. There relationship is infinitely more dangerous than Janelle’s game.


When janelle leaves I’m not watching anymore. The other 3 coaches are terrible complainers mixed with 8 noobs who can’t do anything for themseleves


Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t care. So many people “loved” Janelle and thought she was the best game player ever. The moment she starts playing they hate her? It’s like.. wtf?

Debbie H

I did love Janelle in her previous seasons but this year all she does is lie and float to power. I starting thinking maybe she was like this in her seasons but just had a good edit.


when i woke up this morning and read this new info i was PISSED. i cant stand Danielle and her whiny ass voice. and she so stupid, Shane dont like her! if Janelle goes im done with BB. then i will truly know its rigged as i have suspected from the beginning of the season.

Shane's pink Tank

she is sooo clearly playing personal. I am glad Dan called her out! She is still talking about the Jojo “legs” comment! OMG get over it, who cares if your legs look gross, focus on winning the game.


Now I REALLY want Janelle out. I hope this goes down. All the Janelle worshippers will quit watching the show and leave this site alone and we can have rational posts instead of “Janelle is the greatest player ever. She runs the house. Never makes a mistake. They should just give her the money now.”


I’m 100% agreed with you. Janelle is history. She waste our space & floating around from week to week. I want her out. Have fun at home with your family. And for Janelle worshippers, stop bother posting about Janelle is a greatest. We need to move on.

Shane's pink Tank

Your definition of floater is horrible b/c according to your definition ..everyone is a floater!!!!! Brit does the same thing, so does Dan, Danielle.. everyone!!!!


Difference is they might “float” to the power, but they don’t throw their team under the bus the same way Janelle does, she has no alliance and can’t be trusted by anyone end of story. All she does is spread lies through the house and cause drama, she needs to go.


Love all the Janelle tears, keep em coming!


LOL Dan must be very pissed right now yo. Loving this stuff.

pitty party for boogie

Whos Ian really with

Michelle A

This is the best plan of the season by far. Get Janelle out. Have this “avengers” alliance and get this comp exciting for once!

Shane's pink Tank

It sounds like a good plan, but they are dumb for trusting Boogie. Watch his seasons, he is one of the best manipulators ever. Frank is his mini Dr. Will


Yeah, and now we will have to endure another DR session where Boogie and Mike do an idiotic phone call routine. Every time I see one I feel painfully embarrassed for them. Chilltown (and Boogie) is nothing without Dr. Will ;-)


im a little confused by dan myself he did everything short of dropping down and giving boogie a bj begging him to work with him and now hes gettin wishy washy for some reason hes scared of frank who hasnt done a damn thing whie janelle is just a super beast at comps danielle is right if they dont get frank and boogie on board than janelle and boogie will get together ad probally steam roll that whole team

Shane's pink Tank

He wants all the coaches to stay because if you have 3 coaches in the Jury then you have a better chance of winning if you make it to the end


Janelle leaving the house will be a high point for this season honestly. She honestly thinks herself to be a celeb or something, I just don’t get it. I really hope Team Boogie pulls this coup off and they back door her ass. I was so happy to wake up and saw earlier that Danielle is actually using her brain and realizing who is the actual liars in the house, who the villains are.

Danielle's Pathetic Ego

Well Folks, this is yet another reason why we love BB right??? Anything can change in a nano second! And although you all know me to be anti Danielle and feel that her juvenile pleas for garnering the attention and praise of other people is downright pathetic, I do believe she may actually have found a brain cell in that head of hers now.

As I noted yesterday, Frank has been playing this game well yet he’s been deluged with nothing shy of sheer HATE from Janelle. (BTW…. wouldn’t you agree that Janelle calling Frank “a worthless piece of shit” and all of the other things she’s said about him as being downright hateful??????) My God, this woman will stoop to the lowest of lows to gain leverage in this game and it’s disgusting.

For now, Frank could be a tremendous ally. Down the road they may still have enough votes to take Janelle out of the game, but why not take advantage of a sweet opportunity to do it now whilst leaving Boogie’s hands dripping in the blood and before she could potentially win competitions. Down the road they can revisit their ability to take Boogie out…. he may be somewhat good at strategy but he historically sucks at competitions.

For now, I would love to see Janelle exit this game on Thursday…. and when Julie Chen plays her house guest exit tapes, we see Frank & Boogie in the DR together taking her out “Chilltown Style.”


Operation get rid of Alpha female starts now! Team Avenger Yo!

Ice Princess

Yes! This why I love Big Brother, things are starting to get interesting…..

Shane's pink Tank

Its not going to be interesting if that alliance stays intact and takes everyone out. It will be boring and predictable. Like Britney’s season after rachel was out! a big SNOOZE fest


Britney said, last week, no big moves are made this early in the game. Obviously, we know why now. Big Brother will not let moves that big happen. They’ll literally cancel the voting, and, therefore, deem the week defunct, if they need to. So look for Jan to go up. Then she will form an alliance with Boogie and Frank that they had in week 2, after they learn DDSB had a side alliance with Ian. It’s the best of both worlds. Frank and Jan don’t go home.


I think dan still want this coaches alliance with the all the coaches to go to the end, and he just cant say that because boogie is really stuck on frank, Dan need to roll with this idea, i think its pretty cool and for at leat two weeks they all can be safe. i dont see ashley, jenn, joe, winning anything really.


Why is Frank wearing his skirt below his azz? I am so sick of looking at it! Ugh


BBs costume person wont be in till tomorrow to fix it.


The reason Dan doesn’t want Janelle up is that he wants Frank to go. He wants to be Boogie’s Dr. Will this season and Frank would take that spot if he stays. Dan had better be careful about pushing to hard on this. None of his alliance members are stupid and pretty soon they will start to question why he is pushing so hard for Janelle to stay. Danielle will have a hard time seeing this as Dan worked his “trust me grasshopper” mojo so well on her that she thinks he is the wisest of all. But, what Danielle is doing with insisting that everyone must agree is actually genius. If Dan refuses to go along, and the noms stay the same and Janelle and Boogie team up, he has that on his shoulders – he led 4 people down the path they didn’t want to go down. That is a huge responsibility.


Agree one thousand percent here!!!!


Boogie and Frank are very cruel and demeaning in the way they are treating Ian. I personally want nothing more, than to see both of them out of the game. They are the two biggest schemers in the game. Boogie has done nothing and now all of a sudden wants to start trouble. I wanted to give Danielle credit, but she is a moron. Frank has to go; how many times do they let this guy stick around? A smart move would be to get rid of them. I like Janelle, but she is not the threat that she used to be in past seasons. Let her go until later in the game.


boogie is just dissing ian so people will think he has cut ties with him…but if boogie gets power again, he will team with ian


good god. its strategy. they said so last night on bbad. they are trying to make it seem like the others can trust ian and take him away from boogie and frank by treating him poorly. boogie has stated to get him and jenn back on their side, it will take 1 on 1 time that right now they don’t have, and don’t need yet


if dan stops the plan, hes really going to out himself as not looking out for groups best interest. janelle WILL win the next HoH if they leave her in game, its a huge mistake to leave her in there

everyone keeps talking like leaving boogie and frank is a bad move. frank has been honest, boogie has nowhere to go, they cant team up with jenn and count on her to win anything, hes basically trying to buy them a few weeks to win prizes, stir up the house, then go to jury

boogie cant do this alone, as if frank goes, hes the 1 vs an alliance of freaking 5.


Sorry rmrr (whatever), I don’t have the live feeds, so I can not keep up on everything. I thank you for the update on why they are demeaning Ian. Regardless, Boogie is probably getting off on it. He is not a nice person. Either way, I want Frank and then Boogie out. Janelle is not the threat that they claim she is at this stage of the game.


dan, this makes you look pathetic to be that concerned about boogie turning on you. my god, he isnt that powerful and im a fan of the guy. hes 42, hes not as tough of a comp threat as he was, and he wasnt even much of a threat before, hes good at sizing up the house but you fooled him once, you can do it again, and even if you don’t you have numbers.

just silly to assume janelle and boogie won’t look at that super alliance and decide to team up if frank goes. I dont think Dan wants to team with boogie, I think he wants to know if he will turn on him completely if frank does indeed go. I think he will, and dan knows he absolutely needs boogie’s vote this upcoming week

Go janelle

Did I misunderstood what was said at the last eviction when they said that by resetting the game and letting the coach’s come back in and play that a player could return. If so then if they vote out janelle she could come back and clean house by getting rid of Brit then Danielle Frank and Shane. I would like it a lot of people are wanting out Janelle cause of her lying well Brit has lied more and is acting as if she is still hoh and kissing whom ever butt she can to stay on top she doesn’t deserve to be in bb. For all the janelle haters yeah vote her out and she’ll be back then let’s see who starts eating their words and kissing her butt. If Dan is as smart as he was before he’ll keep her. Brit needs to go and I think everyone will see how most of the lies will stop. Danielle is hopeless all she thinks about is how many people likes her, how she looks, she wants or thinks everyone should give her the attention it’s a jealously thing with her and Brit.


no they said if they dont press the button a player will return


Yeah, you misunderstood. Nobody is coming back into the game, people need to get over this.

Janey Doll

I really hope Dan puts an end to this plan. If not, I will definitely be rooting for Frank and Boogie to screw these fools over in the coming weeks.


I want janelle on the block with Frank to see how AG and production try to save both of them without the evicted players coming back. Good luck AG.

Godless Monkey

No shit. AG’s most likely crapping her old-lady panties right about now, calling in the crew on a Sunday, “Get here ASAP! Danielle is starting to play this game….AND WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!!! She was cast to be a pawn, not a player! Who vetted her?? You’re fired!!! Bring me a double cheeseburger and some Xanax, STAT!!”

Shane's pink Tank

Hoping things stay the same this week.

Its too early to get rid of Janelle.

She is good TV…. KEEP her so I am not bored all season!


but shes not good TV. thats the problem. she WAS. boogie provides good DR sessions, janelle does not. at this point, she brings nothing but a big target, and the house’s disdain for her to the table.

Shane's pink Tank

I prefer watching Boogie over Danielle. Especially on the feeds and BBAD. But I wouldn’t want either of them out now. They both belong in the Jury. I want Danielle and Brit out!


It’s really interesting to hear all the posts about Danielle. Basically the people that want Frank out thinks she’s an idiot for wanting Janelle out; and the people that want Janelle out think she’s an idiot if she decides to keep Frank. Is she or isn’t she?
You can draw your own conclusions on this one.


Lol!!! Excellent observation!!! I personally think Danielle’s pretty damned smart, but is ultimately going to fall victim to her borderline obsessive need for approval. She’s a fascinating psychological character, and I can see why BB cast her. I also think that has alot to do with why so many people here find her so annoying and doubt her, whether they realize it or not.

Shane's pink Tank

Wrong, Danielle isn’t smart! She is playing a personal game as Dan pointed out. She doesn’t like Janelle because of the whole “your legs look gross” comment. She is kinda playing like Rachel was her first season. We all know Danielle is insecure!

I think if she were smart she would get rid of Frank, she can always put Janelle and Boogie up in the next few weeks. Janelle isnt coming after her, but Boogie is!


”…keep Janelle.”, is what I meant to say, but I’m sure you guys got that I put the wrong name.


I don’t know where to post this since I don’t use Facebook and there was no where to post it at so here it goes..

I was looking in this thread since that is where the full seasons were posted:

And WTF I was going to start watching season 3 after I watched all of season 2 but they are all gone now!

Fuck CBS!

I hope you can upload them on a different account. :'(

Damn this pisses me off I still have to watch season 3-9 since I only really started watching a lot during Season 10.

P.S Dr. Will was awesome although damn I didn’t know he never won any HOH’s. The game was so different back then.. I mean wow it was sorta weird watching it.


CBS wants you to pay now.. I think they are being posted on itunes for $$

King Silva

Thanks for the quick response. ;)

Fuck them again..

How come they didn’t take down the second season and the 9th?

Seems odd to only take down 3, 5, 6, and 7..?

I’m a little surprised they have not formally released the seasons on DVD; I mean they have with Survivor!


yep. but boogie was too, it was the summer of boogie, hooking up with women, getting a car, winning 500k, spending it with will and the phone calls, erika and the whipped cream on her leg boogie birthday party and so on.

they must smart up, see that ian is chicken george, and if they can control chicken george aka ian away from boogie, they can easily make this deal, knock out the bigger threat, and do whatever they want.

Janelle's worn out lip

any chance you can update the screen caps?


Like the screencap posts? If so i’ll have it posted here in the next hour

Janelle's worn out lip

When I go to the BB14 screen caps, they only seem to be as recent as Aug 3rd. It is possible I am doing it wrong.


Yeah I missed the 4th.. Just posted the them for today.. I up date those images throughout the day every hour or so I dump another 300 hundred in

Janelle's worn out lip

cool. thanks. will you be posting Aug 4th at some point or just moving on?

King Silva

I just have to say that every single time I see your username I crack up!

A lot of people post as funny names; God I love this site! :p

King Silva

‘Janelle’s worn out lip’ was who I was referring to if people didn’t know. :p


I prefer that Danielle backdoor Boogie. Frank and Boogie need to be split up. It’s that simple.


why? they have no alliance within the brit/dan group, no alliance with joe or wil, and wont be having one, while janelle easily can, and will mend those fences.

with boogie and frank, you know what you are getting. janelle wil lturn the house against them the second frank is voted out

this is janelle’s freaking decision, she wants frank gone, how dan doesnt see that is crazy

stop being such a janelle nut hugger. backdooring boogie is moronic, hes no threat right now, and has ZERO chance to win the game, dan’s best move would be to take him to f2 if he could, but he knows he cant trust him quite that long. but trusting him short term to take out janelle is a lot smarter than taking out mike boogie right now.

Shane's pink Tank

have you seen Season 7. Boogie will turn on them! The only person that Boogie keeps safe is himself.


Calm down RSHRSHSRH. Take a hit or something.

My comment had nothing to do with liking Janelle because I do not. Boogie/Frank are loyal alliance and should be split up. It is not the time for Danielle to unsettle everyone by changing her noms. HOH and POV already puts a bigger target on Danielle. By changing her noms, it makes it worse. She needs to show she sticks by her decisions. Neither Boogie nor Frank NOR Janelle will ever stick in an alliance with Danielle so it doesn’t matter in regards to them who she gets out. They are equal threats at this point.

Team Shane FTW

Dannie Boy Rocks

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just like Dan said, you have two paths, you just have to choose the right one. Put Boogie on the block against Frank. That way it doesn’t matter which one of them goes home, you have broken up their alliance. Why Boogie wasn’t put on the block in the first place baffles me. Dan please work your magic and fix this whole mess. Danielle please get over your insecurities and grow a brain. Shane please stop wearing your pink shirts and shorts, it’s obviously not helping you think clearly. Britney please get breast implants, maybe you won’t hate Janelle as much anymore.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


agreed….it really is that simple!


Yes make it Frank and Boogie throw out Boogie then Frank , Shane , Will, Joe, Ian, Danielle , Ashley the newbies have got win this thing because with boogie out then Janelle next week then Dan then Brtiney then they can play a good game


Question to all of you… if you were a BB14 houseguest, and were in a solid final three alliance, which other two HG’s would you choose? And which one would you cut at the last second, given you had the power?


“Danielle, go to DR”……’Now Danielle you don’t really want to put Janelle on the block, do you?’ ‘Here’s the deal, if you leave the nominations the same, we’ll give you a Pandora’s Box.’ ‘Deal?’ (Production is so obvious)


When did that happen?


It hasn’t happened, just my devious mind and how AG screws with the game.

Janelle's worn out lip

sadly, you are probably correct. if it seems too good to be true, it almost always is.
they will probably talk her into putting up Jenn because she has the least value to production and nobody would miss her.
Also, that would allow Janelle to mind f*ck the house guests for at least another week.

On another note, Dan seems to be really shady right now…even more than usual. I have a feeling Dan is contemplating a final 2 with Janelle.
I understand his concerns about Boogie, but that is easily mitigated by having a group agreement that if any group member puts up another group member, the entire team is required to put up and vote out that member the following week. That should keep booger honest.

Carol & Steve

So SImon – what do you think about backdooring Janelle this early? I think it’s a great idea & will certainly be fun to see her running around trying to get votes.


Really Mike?! If these people are that stupid to evict Janelle over Frank and believe Mike’s lies then wow, hahahahaha. DANIELLE KEEP YOUR NOMINATIONS THE SAME otherwise your butt’s gone next week…


Danielle,think about long terms. Do you want to keep a floater like Janelle around or having a stronger player like Frank fight till the end. Mike Boogie was right, you have to cut the head of the monster like Janelle. She sneaky, shady & even untrustworthy. Mike Boogie has a strong point: he has Frank,Dan has Danielle, and Britney has Shane. Have five powerhouses fight it out for next HoH vs five floaters. All you have to do is pull a trigger & backdoor Janelle right. This will be a smart move and no one will hate you especially Shane.


Beside Danielle, you get your bloody hands if you backdoor Janelle. She will have her self-destruct, meltdown, & etc. That way, Ashley,Joe, Wil & (Jenn?) will be useless of winning hoh comps.


I have a question for everyone on here that think Dan should go along with Boogie&Frank plan.If Janelle gets evicted this Thursday,Do you guys really believe that Boogie is not coming after Dan?Boogie told Dan and his alliance that he can’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.So,for the people who say,“yes,Dan go along with Boogie’s plan”.If Boogie doesn’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.Then what makes you guys think that Boogie&Frank aren’t out for revenge,and plan on getting rid of the people who lied to them and tried to blind side them?It wasn’t that long ago that Simon even said,“Boogie hates Dan”.In matter of fact,it was about two days ago.The only thing that’s changed is Danielle won the veto and that means if Boogie wants Frank to stay in the game.He will need to sell them a load of crap and hope the buy it.Which everyone except Dan has bought it.If the reason you guys are saying Dan should go along with Boogie’s plan,has to do with the fact that your a Boogie or Frank fan.Or maybe you don’t like Dan.Then just tell it like it is.Don’t try and act like this is in Dan’s best interest.When you know it really isn’t.I don’t have any problem admitting I’m only rooting for Dan.But I really would like to know if the people who think this is a good idea to further Dan’s game.Who are you really rooting for?I should also mention,I’m not trying to start a argument.I just want a honest response to my questions.


True. Boogie tells them that Danielle’s HOH would be a waste on a floater newbie, so what makes them think if Boogie/Frank wins HOH that they will be safe? hahaha. Props Boogie. ;)

GoGators4Lyfe is on the Brit Wagon

Definition of a floater= Jenn, Janelle is definitely not floating but she has been hardened by her past losses n its causing her to play a villian role one minute, fake sweetheart the next minute. From what I have seen she has pretty much ran this house from day one, the fact that it took her less than a week to reel Wil back in is just scary how manipulative she really is. Add it all together and you get the biggest threat. Get her out now if ur smart. Franks comments to Ian while he is rocking the unitard is pretty funny.

GoGators4Lyfe is on the Brit Wagon

Who cares what Dan wants to do, he didnt win HOH!


i second that, dan is acting like he won HOH telling danielle what to do. danielle needs to start thinking on her own.


I used to love jedi jani. this season janelle is no jedi jani. However, the thought of getting rid of her is unpleasant. what will happen? those 6 will take out the barely breathing houseguests and then what? boring. it would be a boring season, and the 13th player – BB- will not let that happen. So, boogie and frank will turn on shane and danielle. and quick. How come all these players never consider what the silent player is going to do? how come Dan and Boogie and Brittany are not yet smart enough to wonder if BB will let Jani out of the house this early?
i knew this was going to happen the second Danielle won HOH and Jani was not picked to play in the HOH.

Last night on BBAD, boogie told Dan he was going to roll with them either way, so how come Dan is not remembering this or seizing on it?
how come Brit is running around saying the opposite?

What i think would be super fun is if Danielle did put up Jani against Frank. This sounds like it came right out of the DR. Then, Jani got votes from Wil, Jenn, Ashley and Joe. And, Dan flipped at the last minute, got out Frank and rolled with Janelle. in a week or less, Boogie would realize he cannot play this game with Brittany and Danielle. He strongly dislikes woman, and these two are highly annoying. So, it would be Dan, Jani and Boogie for a couple of weeks, and Brit would of course come running.

i do not see the point of leaving the strongest players in the house to get through in order to win. what is danielle thinking? she wants to be left with dan, frank, shane, boogie to get through? why? she has a better chance of getting through jani. she is such an idiot.


“Dan gets Ian to go over what happened in Big Brother All Stars.”

I imagine Dan is trying to get a feel on how Boogie played the game back in season 7, and it’s smart to use Ian to do that, since Ian is like an encyclopedia when it comes to Big Brother. I don’t think it’s smart for Danielle to trust Boogie. He’s infamous for lying and backstabbing. She needs to avoid playing with her emotions, and realize that giving Boogie an inch will only lead to him taking the whole nine yards.