Danielle “I weigh Less than Ashley” Wil: “I told him I’m voting to keep Frank” Boogie: “Spool of Lies”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

8:23pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Room Dan, Boogie and Frank
Dan is telling them that Danielle is leaning towards saving Frank but he’s going to really work on her late tonight.. Right before they go to bed.
They start chatting about the two nominees and how they lose their time for a speech because production has to explain something
Dan: “where do you think his confidence is at”
Boogie: “7 or 8”
Dan: “What do you think is happening”
Boogie: “It’s big.. could be us going in.. could be a player coming in”
Dan says he thinks that they are all going to compete in the same competition and the first coach to drop is out of the game. Dan: “It’s decision time”
Boogie: “If they do that the coaches thing has to end”
Dan: “Tomorrow is the day of reckoning.. there is no more (Coaches) after this”
boogie: “Spool of lies” .. boogie explains to Dan about season 7 when Howie told them his guess for a question from production riddle was “Spool of lies”

Dan asks him if he’s going into the game. Boogie: “If Frank stays.. no definitely not”
Dan will go in unless he can get Kara then he might want to roll with 2 players in the game

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8:26 Cam 1-2 HOH Wil, Shane, Britney
Janelle is talking about if she wins the coachs competition maybe she can brign Kara back into the game. Janelle laughs says maybe JOJO.. Shane doesn’t want JOJO coming back he jokes that they want Willie back.

Wil points out that Kara smoked JOJO in the first competition she was the only one on that team that made it back with a bear.
danielle leaves abruptly.. britney asks “where you going Danielle” Danielle: “Downstairs” . Janelle: “Oh my God.. what is wrong… what is wrong”
Britney: “She acted mad”

8:32pm Cam 1-2 Have Nots Danielle and Wil
Danielle: “Did they send you down here?”
Wil : “no no”
Danielle explains that she’s upset about be treated badly from people. She doesn’t like it when ‘Certain people” make is sound like she is heavier in the game. Danielle: “I weigh Less than AShley”
Danielle feelings are hurt, she’s tired of people in this house giving her dirty looks. Wil: ‘Well Fuck them.. I don’t do this girly Bullshit games” (That Janelle and ashley are doing)

Danielle is sick of all these little jabs from Janelle and Ashley . Wil thinks they underestimate Danielle they do not see her as a serious player.
Wil makes it really clear that he’s separated himself from Janelle and wants to team up with Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle. Wil is done with all the lies Janelle and her team are spreading.

8:42pm Dan in joins them in the havnots

Wil asks him what they are going to do after Frank goes home if They win HOH
Dan says it’s time to start making alliances but it’s really hard in this game because of the teams. Dan: “you can never know if the player is going to run back to their coach”
Wil: “I don’t trust Janelle, I don’t trust Joe and I don’t trust Ashley”
Wil says next week he wants to partner up with Shane and AShley
Dan: “ no one must know.. otherwise two go on the block”

8:54pm Cam 1-2 Have nots Danielle and Dan

Danielle explains to Dan about Janelle saying that Ashley is their only chance to win the HOH next week.
Danielle said “Thanks Janelle” to her
Janelle replied to her “you’re taller and your bigger than Ashley”
Danielle adds that they all made it sound like Kara was the only player on her team that was any good. Danielle: “I weigh LESS than Ashley”

Danielle says that Janelle is a nasty person she was talking in teh HOH about how she’s going to make personal attacks on Ian during the HOH to throw him off.
Dan tells her next time she needs to stick around when people are nasty becuase

1)Other people see how that person is
2) gives you ammunition when you have to put someone up
3) creates sympathy for you with the other players.

Dan: “It’s like when Jerry called me Judas it really propelled me to final 4 everyone was against him and they all expected me to put him up.. You want people to say those things about you”
Danielle: ‘I cannot stand her DAN.. I cannot Stand her..”

Dan tells her that Janelle personally attacking her is a good thing because She now knows Wil cares about her, it shows other people what kind of person Janelle is and when she goes into the game Danielle has a reason to put her up.

Dan says that he had people personally attack him all the time on season 10. Michelle told him to burn in hell and questioned him being a teacher.
Dan goes on a and on showering Danielle with Praise. give her advice about hiding her emotions. He says that Dr Will was a master at it and after he watched those season he knew that was the way to play the game. Dan tells her it’s tough to hear those mean things beign said to you but if you stick through it you’ll end up farther ahead in the game.

9:12pm Cam 3-4 Storage Room Dan and Danielle Dan warns Danielle to not share her emotions with Bitney “She’s a hair away from Janelle and if Janelle stays.. ” Danielle agrees. Dan tells her he trusts Shane more that Britney.

9:12pm Bedroom Wil tells Boogie every decision he makes from this point on is his own he’s breaking free of Janelle. Boogie: “That’s good buddY”

9:13pm Storage room Wil, Dan and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Wil tells them he just told Boogie that he has his vote. Wil is laughing.. (Wil lied to Boogie.. His plan is to try and pin it on Jenn)
Dan:”‘welcome to the game.. my friend.”

Wil asks Dan if he still thinks that voting Frank out is the best plan. Dan: “I always think that removing the most roadblocks is the best way to go if you want to win.. and you need one or 2 people you can trust.. a large component of this game is luck .. 20% if you can control the 80% 100% for the time you’re in good shape… another part is controlling your emotions.. if you let that slip you end up like Willie”

Wil starts talking about all the lies Janelle is saying he’s had enough.

10:10pm Cam 1-2 HOH Britney and Danielle
(Just a note Danielle HATES Janelle)

Danielle: “Ashley is way over 140 and I’m only 135”
Danielle asks her if she trusts Janelle. Britney says of course not. Danielle wants Boogie and Janelle up if they win HOH. Britney says that will start a war. Danielle knows but she thinks they need to get one of those 2 out. Danielle goes over all the nasty things Janelle said.Britney says if Janelle wins HOH she will put up Boogie and Dan. Danielle: ‘I have a real fire under me to win that competition”

Danielle: “I always thought all you and Janelle did was talk shit about me week one”
Britney says that not a single person in the house has ever talked bad about Danielle to her. Danielle doesn’t understand why people are so mean to her.
Danielle about Janelle: “She’s threatened by me she thinks i’m really smart” Britney brings up that Janelle has been asking her about Danielle profession, they do not think she’s a teacher they think she’s a med student.
Britney starts grilling her.. Danielle sticks to the story.. they start to giggle (britney doesn’t believe her)

10:35pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Room Janelle, Ashley, Wil and Joe

Janelle wants to have a team meeting. but it’s more like a grill Wil meeting, She asks him about the conversations he was having today with Danielle in the have nots, Dan in the storage room and Boogie in the bedroom. (Just FYI Eagle eye told her about these conversations taking place)
Wil avoids the Danielle conversation in the have nots he explains that Danielle is OK he just had to calm her down . He kinda says it was about Danielle feeling second to Kara. Wil says that he never agreed to vote to keep frank but he implied it. wil went into the Storage room to request chap stick and Danielle and Dan were in there. Wil: ‘I trust Danielle but I don’t Dan”

They call Dan in and start grilling him. Dan plays down his relationship with Danielle they bring up that Danielle offered her 1 week of safety if they keep her in the game last week. Janelle wants to hear from Dan if Danielle is voting Frank out. Dan reminds them that he doesn’t get to vote. Dan: “I coach her to honor her deals so if she made you a deal she’ll honor it”
Ashley tells him she’s not targeting Danielle she’s targeting Ian. Dan acts surprised by that.

Janelle: “we shouldn’t be worried about the hour long conversations with Boogie”
Dan: “no.. I talked to everyone you know that… It doesn’t mean I talk Game”

Dan and Wil leave..

11:10pm Storage Room Dan and Janelle

They laugh at how brainwashed Janelle’s team is. Dan can’t believe she’s convinced AShley to target Ian. Janelle asks him if they are still working together Dan: “yup” Janelle: “And i’m going to win HOH’s and you’ll pick who we take out” Dan: ‘Yup”
Janelle: “who’s on your hit list”
Dan: “I don’t know”
Janelle asks if he’s talked to Boogie about entering the game. Dan has a bit Boogie would enter if he had 2 players but not if he has 3. Dan thinks if he had 3 players he would stay a coach but with only one he’s going in for sure and he’s excited. Janelle is thinking about going in.. she doesn’t think her players can beat Boogie and Dan.

Wil barges in starts starts freaking out that Joe is in the bedroom telling Jenn he has”vital information”

Janelle runs out to grab Joe into the storage room. She asks him what he’s doing.. Wil Barges in again freaks out on Joe says he’s feeling like voting Joe out right now, “Give me 5 reason why I shouldn’t vote your ASS out” . Joe explains that he was only telling Jenn that he had information that is important to her if he goes home. Both Janelle and Joe tell him he should just keep his mouth shut.

11:26pm Bedroom Jennm, Wil, Boogie, Ian, and Frank
Boogie tells them that he heard Janelle saying to Eagle Eye “That is too much information why did you tell him that” boogie heard it when Janelle rolled into the room to grab Joe. Boogie wants to know what she meant by that. Joe: “He just stiring things up last minute”

Link to Nip slip

11:59pm Bathroom Britney and Danielle Britney tells her if there is a big blow up they still need to vote Frank home. She adds that Frank and Boogie’s team will try and get between Danielle and Janelle all night.

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Lol! I’ve been drooling over that coffee cup since I first saw it. I want one!!! (Hey…maybe there’ll be one on Ebay after the show ends?) ;)


Janelle has always had that on her chest…. Birth mark


Well, from now on, I’m going to refer to that thing as Dawg.


The way she talked about mold was it was more respiratory problems…. Dont u wonder why she parts her hair so far over always covering it!!!! Just a birth mark


No, the other night I thought she was explaining that spot on her chest when she was talking about that apartment she used to rent with insulation and mold. I thought she was saying that her skin started doing that ever since living there but I may be wrong, she was whispering so I couldn’t tell, but she was rubbing it while she was talking about her skin reacting to the mold so I just assumed that was the cause…




i love this site!!


I remember someone in the house asking Janelle what it was and she said it was a scar. That was less than a week ago. Was I dreaming?


Dude Frank’s feet are gross…….


What happened to Dan’s leg?


janelle ftw

BB King

I can’t really agree with Dan and his three points:

1)Other people see how that person is
2) gives you ammunition when you have to put someone up
3) creates sympathy for you with the other players.

America seems to love bullies. They awarded a nasty b**ch as America’s Favorite Player once (Britney), and before that were highly supportive of another bully named Evel Dick.

Enzo also talked behind people’s back and he was also pretty popular.


britney Is awesome!


I didn’t mind Evel Dick. He was pretty straightforward in most things. He was an asshole, but he was good at the game and if he didn’t like you, he didn’t pretend that he did. Janelle isn’t an asshole; she’s a bitch. She’s fake as all hell and annoys me to no end. Honestly, I could take anyone winning but her. I’d prefer Ian, Shane, or Boogie to win at this point. I don’t mind Frank, but it looks like his number is up.


@BB King.I think Dan was referring to the other house guests.Not the viewers.

BB King

Either way Dan is wrong. Bullies and a-holes make it far in BB than nice guys. Look how far Brit went, look how far Enzo went (and he talked behind people’s back all the time), look how far Dick went (he won)!

The key to success is to be a villain that people like (both viewers and house guests) instead of going on a rampage like Willie did.


@BB King.I get that you think he’s wrong,that’s obviously your opinion.But,I understand and agree with what Dan is saying.I guess the fact that Dan won his season and the majority of people consider him as one of the best players that ever played the game.Therefore,I think he knows what he’s talking about.But,again that’s my opinion.I think Dan is on point with what he’s saying,and you made it clear that you think he’s wrong.It’s not a big deal,just difference of opinions.


And look how far Dan himself went. (He won). Look at Jordan. You may not like her. You may not respect her, but she was a sweetheart and she won.


That’s true, America would definitely choose Boogie or Janelle(as a Jury vote) if they made it to the final 2 against anyone besides Brit or Shane. However, Janelle’s game is just sloppy and obvious, I don’t know how far she can make it when her own players don’t even respect her “game” lol Evel Dick’s game was part bullying(keep in mind, his season had mentally bankrupt characters – Jameka, Amber, Dustin), but mostly manipulation, something that everyone’s game lacks in this house, except Boogie, to a point.


I am so sick of Danielle’s insecure whining. All she wants is a big pity party and attention. I can’t stand listening to her. All of the other players use this weakness against her, what a fool!


Danielle is so weak and insecure it’s sickening. Janelle didn’t say anything mean about her. Danielle was not happy about Jani praising Kara talking about how well she did in the first hoh comp and saying she would bring her back

MU Tigers

Yeah, Danielle has some serious insecurities. She would be so easy to take out of competitions. Any kind of comment about another girl being better than her at something would break whatever focus she had. Yeah, I can’t watch her on the feeds, it’s too annoying.


I am so sick of the Britney and Danielle bashing on Janelle


.I almost was about to copy&paste everything Dan said.Lol.He’s giving Danielle excellent advice.If Danielle heeds what Dan is telling her, they will make a great team.Danielle should take all the jabs that people are taking at her and direct all her energy on Thursday’s HOH competition.Dan really knows how to play this game.He’s completely on point.Go Dan!


I noticed that in the show last night. I thought it was funny that Shane made the comment about maybe kissing Danielle again because when he said it the only thing I could think about was how the DR must be asking him what if questions, you know, what if there was no other woman left alive on this planet. Shane has been playing a game with Danielle whether he wants to or not. What he should do as a man is just steer clear of her because she obviously has major issues, but for this game, he has her right in his pocket. I would of much rather seen boogies and ashley’s kiss last night than shane and danielles, that was funny.


This just made me laugh out loud….”what if Danielle was the last person on the entire planet then would you kiss her?” HA. She is so desperate for him its pathetic and her obsession with her weight is driving me insane. Seriously, she needs to point out at every minute who she is smaller than, who weighs what. Like seriously, wait a few weeks when they need Danielle to have a breakdown, those other players are going to start calling her fat just to push her over the edge. She is doing a terrible job of hiding her weaknesses


I agree with everyone, Dan is playing an amazing game so far. I really wasnt crazy about him in his season, but I find him a lot more interesting as a coach because we are getting to hear his strategy when he coaches Danielle. I am routing for him to make it to the finals – he is such a great strategist and he knows how to manipulate people and they NEVER figure it out. A lot of these house guests are going to feel stupid when they see some of the things that Dan orchestrated.


Is it just me or does anyone else think dan is playing an incredible game? From the way he speaks to the way gets information without giving up any of his. Maybe I’m just a huge Dan fan and being biased but I really think if he has a hell of a shot at going far in this game if he goes in.


I agree! Dan is the man. They knew (coaches) how smoothe he was and he is still working them all over. He’s a great coach. Shane or Dan FTW


Dan is playing awesome, especially right now. He’s making Janelles team nervous in this little meeting, it’s hilarious. Dan is a smooth operator!




Danielle is PATHETIC…she needs some major counseling… i find her difficult to even watch


@Tito.It’s not just you.I think Dan is doing a great job.Your right about the way he gets information.He’s very subtle.I said earlier that the only way Dan doesn’t make it to the end,is if production trys some of their funny business.Or, he bumps his head and start playing the game differently.He’s too good not to make it to the end.


I didn’t watch Dan in his orginal season so I am not biased at all, and I really like his game play this season. I wish Kara would of stayed and Danielle would of gone home though, but if that would of happened, we would of lost one person to talk major sh*t about. lol

The Other Simon

Yeah I was wondering about the mark on her collar bone and then went back to season 6


What is Danielle? She’s acting like she’s a doctor. I thought she was a nurse?!? She is exhausting to watch. It’s getting really old really fast. I have never seen someone that needs as much validation as she does. She is basically dissing teachers when they are required to have a four year degree and in recent posts it said she was only a LPN which requires a maximum of a two year degree. She needs to just stop with the drama and the annoying pity parties.


Seriously! And every time someone tells her what someone else said she’s always like “what did you say?” and I just interpret that as “how did you take up for me? How did you compliment me? What good things can you say about me? Please tell me I’m pretty and weigh less than everyone else”….which btw, there is no way she weighs less than Ashley…and the other day didn’t she say she was 129? Now tonight she is 135…she can’t even keep up

Beyonce Fan

Danelle the type to get marry 50 times. Y’all


That, is a Port Wine Stain, also known as Nevus Flammeus. Mikhail Gorbachev had one on his forehead. This season is still boring as all hell.


I don’t know why, but Janelle look’s like some kind of reptile woman with that braid and everytime she plays with it, it’s like she’s stroking her own tail.

Carol & Steve

You are soo right on with that! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone play with their hair as much as her. Thanks for the laugh!

Beyonce fan

Danelle just so ughhhh I hate her hate her I can’t wait for janelle to get in this game britney is so fale ugh I hate these people so much.


Yeah but she will continue to fail again & again. She useless without her sovereign 6 alliance. She will continue to choke. Janelle will be the next target and go home to her husband & her kid. Janelle doesn’t stand her chance of winning. She will lose again & again & again. If Janelle comes back of age of 40, 50 or even 60. She will broke her hip. That’s why when the coaches coming back, Janelle will be next to leave. She will lose again!


I liked Janelle in 6 and 7, but watching her this year having the live feeds, I think she is the most fake person in the house. Looking at Britney and Janelle sitting next to eachother, Janelle looks like Britney’s mom. Janelle’s whole body *looks* (don’t know if it is or isn’t) fake. Plus, since the beginning of this season all Janelle has done is flip flop.


Omg. Danielle she is such a psycho. eg.
Janelle- ashley has a better shot at HOH shes the shortest
Janelle- if i had to choose I would bring back Kara


Joe needs to shut his damn mouth my God “I have vital information” Boogie is suspicious now


Can Joe really be that stupid? He is a nut case!

Frank's Hair

Plot twist: No one goes home this week since production seems to like Frank. And if he does, he will come back.

Carol & Steve

That has crossed my mind – and if nobody goes home this week then perhaps even Shane gets to play for HOH – guess tomorrow all will be revealed.


I would LIKE to see production make is it so the coaches can either pick someone to return to the game (Frank for Boogie, Jojo for Brit and Kara for Dan), they don’t have to go in, or they can go in themselves. I would like this because then Boogie might not join the game, and Kara (and Jodi) should of been able to get more out of this season than one day/week.


This can’t work, what would they offer Janelle?


Wow. Watching BBAD tonight.

Ashley a Manchurian Canidate?

Is Wil working with Boogie?


If anyone wants to make a big move, after Joe’s dumbass move, vote Joe out!


Where is Danielle’s Orange Dress on this thread? Talk about your mondo mocking material… :)


Why was britney asked to be a coach? First of all she did nothing in her season except get played worse then anyone. All she does is talk about everyone behind each of there backs. She has no game what so ever. But her biggest mistake is she gives out way to much information to everyone. The other 3 coaches are some of the best to play the game and she is no where in there league.


I liked Janelle in her past seasons but they should have only brought back coaches that WON the game, but they probably couldn’t get them, Janelle was a fierce competitor in her seasons but the truth is, neither her nor Britney won the show, so obviously they weren’t that great of players.

Carol & Steve

If Joe’s not careful he just might go home! Or can we evict that thing on his chin?

Side note – this whole no speeches thing tomorrow is weird. Haven’t watched Wed’s show yet – napped instead, but do you think they’ll announce the big twist before they vote & if so, do you think anyone would change their vote knowing the coaches are coming in? I think you may need Frank & Shane to get the coaches out…

Darn – it finally got interesting for a split second & now everyone is together again with random chit chat. Oh well – 20 minutes of BBAD. Later friends! :)

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Joe lost his damn mind!

Now Boogies team is all over them and the look on Janelles face says it all. WTF Joe!


Hard to believe that Joe was that angry about being put up….what did he think was owed him? Lord, he’s tiresome…but I wonder, do y’all think he’ll stick to his word with Shane? It was great to see Ashley doing so well in the POV game.


Ashley is very adept with two balls in her hands.


Pignelle had a nipple slip. Did you get it simon.

Carol & Steve

I think it was an intentional one – just saying that was too convenient. A veteran BB player would know better – LOL!!


Yea You right…… she’s a sneaky b***h, but she got a slammin body

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik



Lol Joe Dirt has spilled the beans.


I think I might be a bit lost… Who is eagle eye?


I love how every complained that Brit couldn’t control her players but how is Janelle any better? Because she can brainwash that doofus Trixie? How do Wil and Joe not trust each other? That makes absolutely no sense. Janelle should have done a better job making those two trust each other. Regardless Frank the tank is going home but the catch was to keep it under wraps until Julie Chen said “With a vote of 3-2 Frank you have been evicted” but thanks to Joe’s dumbass and Janelle’s incapability to control Wil and Joe that cat is out the bag and an explosion is due at any second now.

MU Tigers

I tend to agree with Dr Will on this one. If your players are getting kicked out of the house for violence, you are doing a terrible job of coaching.


Holy shitballs…Janelle totally naked in the tub!!!


OK, Wil, please shake things up and vote Joe out. You can blame it on Danielle and watch her squirm. Flip the house and change my opinion of you. And speaking of Danielle, she does have a big ass. Everyone is making a big mistake in not talking to Jenn. Shane and Brit had a great opportunity to talk with her and they both bolted. Dan is smart. He makes a point of having one on one talks with everyone, game and non game.


LOL…ooops…no her stupid top is just light colored..from a distance she looked topless.


Janelle had a nip slip?

Cool hahaha

This update is on BBAD right now, so I guess I have to wait to stay up to see first hand Wil going off on Joe.


“Now that’s a tittie!”—- Thurgood Jenkins


I hope Wil wins HoH..

Um that nip slip was funny..

I was hoping Ian being a super fan and intelligent that he would be a bigger part of the game…without Boogie he’d be so lost


Yeah but wait till the coaches coming in. Think about the numbers game. Dan or Mike Boogie coming in. Also, wait till evicted houseguest return.


Even with America’s Vote it doesn’t matter if they want the coaches back in then they will be back in…

Even if Shane doesn’t win BB I hope he lasts a couple of more weeks

Even though Danielle seems so insecure and clings on to Shane I actually like her…I mean she’s still real young and naive, give her a break haha then again shes two years older than me and I can catch a hint from a dude


Do you think I’m pretty?

Fleur de Lis

Danielle annoys me so much! How many times did she have to say that she weighs less than Ashley! For a nurse, she is pretty stupid since muscle weighs more than fat. So just because she weighs less doesn’t mean she isn’t fatter than Ashley and not as strong!


This would be Shane biggest mistake ever. Even the production didn’t do nothing of not penalizes Joe for nibble cheese cake. How bogus was it? If I was on CBS Production team, I would penalizes Joe for nibble cheese cake & 1 vote penalty. WTG Production team for not doing their jobs to penaltizes Joe. I can’t wait the coaches coming in so Janelle will go home to her husband.


Dan is up there with Dr. Wil as the greatest to play this game in my opinion. Shane n Dan to the end.


Danielle and Brit are getting on my nerve. I don’tt understand why Brit back her with her bs. They talk about Janelle every chance they get, I don’t know if Danielle lies or she see different then most of the world. This girl talk about weight all day long and if someone bring up size they are calling her fat?


So my husband had a thought, what if there is a twist inside the twist? What if no one is going home tonight and the coaches are coming in the game?


For some reason I get the feeling production will save Frank tonight. They can’t do it by having the coaches vote because Frank would still not have enough to stay. If Frank gets evicted and Boogie joins the game I definitely think another Americas Vote will give Frank a chance to re-enter through a competition like Brendon did last year.
So I look forward to double evictions this year in order to manipulate the number of and preferred players staying in the game the longest and going to jury house for ratings.


Danielle….stage 5 clinger.
Stay far away.