Dan and Britney laugh about Joe telling Jenn he had vital information, calling it amateur hour!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


12:10am Dan and Britney are in the bathroom. They are laughing and talking about how Joe went to the other side to say that he had vital information. Dan and Britney laugh and call it amateur hour. Britney says that if she was on the block she would want to be up against Joe. Frank comes into the bathroom. Frank says that he doesn’t think Joe had any vital info. Frank tells Britney that he thinks Joe saying he has vital information if I get voted out earlier to Jenn was a weak plan to get votes. Britney asks Frank what the vital information is? Frank says that he doesn’t know. He says that he doesn’t even think there is any vital information. Frank says that they keep using words like expendable, maybe to make Jenn think she is not valued on Boogie’s team.

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Frank flirts with Danielle by chasing her and spinning her around. He carries her to bed and tickles her. In the arcade room, Britney and Wil are telling Ashley about Joe going to Jenn saying that he had vital information. Ashley says what the fu*k is he trying to get evicted? Wil tells Ashley that Joe went to Jenn because he doesn’t trust Wil. Wil says that Joe was being defiant about it too afterward when Joe and Wil talked. They talk about how Joe cannot be trusted. Wil says that he is mad but will still keep Joe. Wil makes fun of Joe saying that in HOH earlier that he was hurt by Wil promising his vote to Frank. Wil says that he didn’t even say he was going to promise his vote. Ashley says that even if he did that was just the plan to confuse the other side. Britney says that she was freaked out that Wil might be so upset that he votes to keep Frank. Wil says that he kind of was but he is keeping Joe. Ashley tells Wil he is smarter than that. Ashley says that she might put Joe up on the block next week because she can’t trust him. Britney, Wil and Ashley call Joe Eagle Eyes. Britney leaves. Wil and Ashley talk about Janelle thinking she has everyone fooled but that she doesn’t. Meanwhile, in the storage room, Joe and Shane have a quick conversation. Shane tells Joe that Wil has been saying his vote is 100%. Shane says that he understands where Joe was coming from. Joe says that he doesn’t understand why Wil would have to lie about his vote to the other side. Shane says that he doesn’t blame Joe.


1:10am In the kitchen Wil Ian and Frank are talking. Wil asks Ian what he thinks the HOH competition will be tomorrow. Ian says that he thinks it will be endurance. Ian says that he told his mom before he came that he was really going to try and win an endurance competition. Ian says that his mom wanted him to win at least 1. Ian says that he could be up there for a while. He says that he has to, I want that letter, I want that photo. Frank says that he hopes it is something that involves them sitting on something so that he will have a chance at winning. Wil says that he thinks it will be tailored for a girl to win. Meanwhile, Joe and Janelle have a quick conversation about why he went to Jenn saying he had vital information. Joe tells Janelle that he panicked. Back in the kitchen Frank, Ian and Wil are still talking. Wil says that he is way too fu*king nervous to go to bed right now. Frank says that no matter how safe you feel when you’re on the block there is always something in the back of your head. Ian starts talking about tomorrow’s live show. He says that he thinks Julie Chen will ask Shane about his three Veto wins in a row and ask himself (Ian) about being a Have-nots for three weeks. Jenn joins them and starts massaging Frank.

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1:30am In the storage room, Joe and Ashley are talking. Joe apologizes for going to Jenn and saying he had vital information. Joe says that he wanted to tell Jenn that Boogie was going to throw her under the bus. He says that he hit the panic button and he is sorry. Joe says that he is also going to apologize to Wil. They leave the room. Joe and Janelle go into the arcade room. Joe tells Janelle that he apologized to Ashley. He says that she wasn’t mad at all. Ashley joins them. Joe apologizes again. He says that he likes Jenn and if he were going to be evicted tomorrow he wanted her to know that Boogie was going to throw her under the bus. Joe says that he made a bad game move. Ashley tells him not to worry he is staying. They tell Joe he needs to chill out. Joe says that he panicked. Janelle says that Wil can do what he wants and if he is going to do that, let him make his own mistakes. Janelle says that if Wil flips he will have five people mad at him. Joe says if it is an endurance comp tomorrow he isn’t coming down. They talk about how Dan doesn’t know Janelle’s team is working with Shane and that if he found out it would not be good. Joe and Ashley are surprised Dan didn’t know. Janelle coaches Ashley to hang on tomorrow during the competition.

2am – 4am Joe apologizes to Wil for panicking. He says that he is sorry. Wil accepts his apology and says thanks. Everyone heads to bed except Joe. He is in the kitchen cleaning. He talks to himself and says these motherfu*kers! Joe heads into the have-not room and tells Ian that he was told he’s not allowed to sleep on the floor anymore.


3am Wil and Janelle can’t sleep and go into the bathroom to talk. They laugh about how Boogies team believes that Wil would vote Joe out and keep Frank. They talk about wanting to talk to Jenn tomorrow in front of everyone so that Boogie will blame the vote on her. Wil tells Janelle that he is going to act outraged after the vote and point fingers at Jenn. He says that he will yell in front of Boogie that and say that Joe got to her. They are laughing about their plan. Wil talks about wanting to win HOH and be friendly to Boogie and then blind side him again. Joe gets up and joins them. He complains about the have-not bed. Wil says that he wants Shane to call him an a$$hole to help sell his plan. They all decide to go back to bed.


5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Case scenario
If America’s vote of coaches half, three-fourth, or whole decided to get back in the game or not, they will have another America’s vote to bring back evicted player to the game.
Think about the numbers
2 will be say yes, 2 will be say no. We will have America’s vote again. What you think Simon?


Another scenario:
Coaches Half Yes, Half No
Coaches (No return):Britney & Janelle or Dan & Mike Boogie or Britney & Dan or Mike Boogie & Janelle or Britney & Mike Boogie or Dan & Janelle
Coaches Return as players:Dan,Mike Boogie or Britney,Janelle
Final two:Shane, Danielle
Three Yes, One No
Non Jury:Shane,Frank,Kara,JoJo,Wil
Coaches Yes:Mike Boogie & Janelle, Britney & Dan or etc.
Final 2: Danielle & (Coaches Yes survival)
Coaches decided not to return
America’s vote 4 evicted houseguest return:Frank
Non-Jury:Ian or Jenn, Jojo,kara, Jodi
Jury:Ian or Jenn,wil,ashley,joe,danielle,
Final 2:Frank & Shane
What You think Simon?

Karen S

Has anyone considered that the competition may just be for the coaches.. first two coaches to drop out will go home, last two can choose whether or not to stay and have their first head of household?


I love to see Janelle’s face if the coaches decided to return or returnee evicted Houseguest! Janelle would be easily target without her alliance.


I don’t think any newbie wants a coach to win, so every coach is likely to be a target. They’re pissed enough they have to play with them as it is.


Let the newbies pissed some more. Janelle will be targeted & end up going home. She wants to be with her husband. So, that’s her wish.


Her wish is to win the game, just like everybody else’s. I don’t know what you’re talking about.


I know I’m talking about. Janelle wants to go home to her husband. She can’t win everything. She will always be a loser. A three time loser! In Big Brother History, Janelle will be a three time loser.


Instead of spewing immature hatred toward a player, why don’t you discuss the game instead.


Dude, I always talking about game and mature person. The only reason I dislike Janelle because she mean, manipulator & she can’t be trusted. That’s my reason.


I know what I’m talking about. Janelle got her wish, is to be with her husband. She will come back in the game,Janelle will be a three time loser like always. She will never win. PERIOD!


I know what I’m talking about! Janelle will get back in the game, she will end up go home to her husband which she got her wish. Congrats Janelle, your a three time loser. Dr. Will will be happy that Janelle can’t anything because she carried three floaters and How stupid does Janelle going to be?


What I would like to see (and it won’t happen) is that America’s Choice is to NOT let the coaches in, production does NOT have coaches enter the game. Coaches compete in the endurance challenge for 1 of 4 different “prizes.” The first coach to drop picks a prize. The next one to drop picks a prize and can keep it or trade it for the prize the other coach picked. As so on. Last coach up gets choice of prizes.

“Prizes” would be:

Choice of evicted houseguest to return (must give up 1 player if you already have 3). Select 1 player to be a have not.

Choice of evicted houseguest to return (must give up 1 player if you already have 3) Select 1 player to be a have not.


Have Not for the week.

Or something like that. (Maybe a fifth “prize”: Your players will be given to ramdom coaches and you are evicted.)


Today is the day!!!!! Bye Frank…..Wake up Boogie!!!!


Not over yet. Even Frank is leaving, we will have America’s vote with coaches return or return evicted houseguest.


Totally agree, especially with the ‘wake up, Boogie’ part!!!:)


I always have and always will watch BigBrother. but this is the…
Lamest. Season. Ever.
(so far)


You really think so? I actually felt that last season was one of the lamest I’d ever seen. This season for me has kept me pretty much interested and not nearly feeling as ‘manipulated’ as some previous seasons.


. Does Dan really not know Janelle’s team is working with Shane?Or is he pretending like he doesn’t know?


If you have the feeds, you might have seen Frank chase and lift/spin and tickle Danielle last night. He told her she should sleep with him (not sexually, just so he could keep his eye on her). He keeps calling her ‘sweetcheeks’. Who does he think he is? He’s so fake, so obvious, it is annoying the piss out of me and I’m not even in that house. Danielle was annoyed. Add that constant/fake smile of his (an act to seem like the friendliest guy in America), and I just want to see him get booted. I’ve had enough.


If he calls Julie Chen “Jules” tonight on the live show I’m going to scream out loud!! He did that the first time he spoke to her during his HOH chat. He didn’t even know her yet and took those liberties….get him out of the game…..he grosses me out!


She was clearly taken aback by that and it made for an uncomfortable moment on live TV. He thinks he’s too cool and too liked, to the point he doesn’t understand he can’t be so forward with people.


How is he fake. Don’t jus throw words around. One example please…..

Oh yea, I am sure Danielle was annoyed that she was getting attention as if that has ever happened. HAHA


You’re clearly a fan of his, so nothing I say will make you see that.


Haven’t watched much the past few days and I don’t know if any of the players have figured out that the coaches are coming into the game. I really don’t understand why Danielle would think keeping Janelle’s team 3 strong would be a good idea. None of them are trustworthy. I am hoping Wil really does vote Joe out and lets people think it was Danielle that flipped, but I don’t think he will. The newbs will need Frank to help get Janelle and Dan out. If he leaves, they will expect Shane to singlehandedly do it for them, and he’s already the biggest newb target. I don’t see anyone else even trying to make a big move like that, and the last thing I want to see is Janelle win after having so many advantages like Rachel last year.

Boogie told Dan that if Frank stays he probably won’t choose to enter the game. If he does go, Boogie will go into the game and he’s going to be pissed. There will be no way for Danielle to deflect the blame onto somebody else, but if she votes to evict Joe, she could plausibly blame it on Wil. For now, Boogie barely knows she exists and it would be a waste for his team to nominate her when there are much bigger fish to fry, and in Danielle’s head Janelle is picking on her (no, Janelle just sees the vulnerability of an opponent and is using it to her advantage). I don’t see the reasoning behind giving Joe the vote. He proved to all the people that have fought to keep him that he’s a loose cannon. Joe did squat to plead his case, it was all Janelle, Ashley and Wil, and then he messes up their plan by going to Jenn. Dan seems to be setting Danielle up to take the blame. He knows that Janelle is a bitch. He knows that she has 3 snakes on her team, he knows that Boogie will be very pissed and he has been telling Boogie that they are good. This could all blow up in Dan’s face, but he has Danielle to shield him. Last night in the storage room you could tell that he is exasperated with Danielle and her insecurities. He told her not to share her emotions with Brit, and less than an hour later she was telling Wil about Janie calling her fat and liking Kara more than her (exaggerations of course). WTF? If Dan tells her not to trust Brit, she goes to someone even less trustworthy and spills her guts? The girl is one of the biggest airheads to ever pretend to play the game.


The reasoning to get Frank out is because Frank and Boogie are too dangerous together. That simple. Shane said he possibly could have worked with Frank, but not with Boogie around. They can get Joe out any time… he has annoyed enough people already.

Interesting thing happened yesterday. Shane told Britney he will deflect blame for today’s vote on Danielle, so Boogie comes after her. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He is so scared of Boogie, he will send a monster after a girl. What happened to playing with integrity, as he wanted? He even started talking about backdooring people, something he supposedly didn’t want to do in the game.


One thing that is not clear is why is production is telling Frank and Joe that they will not be giving speeches before eviction? Could it be that production has decided to give Frank a chance to beat Joe in the endurance comp to stay in the game. BB may be making this comp a do or die to continue in the game for the two on the block, a coach eviction, HOH and have nots all based on how long the HG’s last in the comp. Crazy thinking, I know.


Janelle is jealous of Rachel accomplishment. Rachel won big brother and took two tries. Janelle how many times you appear big brother and still your a loser. If you have a guts to come back in this game. Prove it! No Sovereign 6 alliance can’t save you on this one.

Fleur de Lis

Rachel never had to play against Boogie or Dr. Will and Janelle has. Their is a big difference on who the competitors are between the seasons and that has to be taken into account when you compare the two.


How many times does Janelle win Big Brother? ZERO! Did she success of winning Big Brother? NO! I’m comparing Rachel two tries & won and Janelle two tries & still a failure. Face it, Janelle is a joke. She use Rachel strategy but it won’t work. She will lose again.


But who was Janelle up against in Season 6? No one really special.


They will have to cram a lot into this episode, so that’s probably why they won’t do speeches. There is eviction, the twist and HOH to fit into the show. Of course they have to show some more fake showmance to the cat ladies. I swear, if you only watch the episodes, you would think that Shane and Danielle are the next JJ, one step from the altar. Maybe the evicted HG and the coaches will compete to see who stays in the game and who doesn’t. Like if it’s endurance, the first 2 coaches and evictees to drop are out, and the other 3 enter the game. I also think production likes Frank and will try to find a way for him to stay.

Shane wants his death wish

If Wil wins he’ll put 2 pawns up and if Shane doesn’t play in the Veto he will be marked 4 death. His so-called best will be the worst since BB3 when Marcellus won the POV to take himself off the block and didn’t use it. Shane is in the same boat. YOU DON’T PLAY ‘N the HOH and you think Danielle is winning HOH…. (Chill Town laugh…).


Love the posts from Chloe!


There won’t be an eviction. BB already notified them that the nominee’s won’ t be able to make a plea speech and instead Julie willmake an announcement and i believe it’s a non eviction coaches enter game endurance elimination afterwards…yes!


My latest assessment of the current BB House Guests, mean as it may be at times (at most times):

Danielle- I can’t shake the urge to reach through the TV screen and sucker punch her until she goes into acute renal failure (again). What’s she going to do next? Slip Shane a piece of notebook paper saying ‘Do you like me?’, with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ box for him to check? I swear to God, if I tune in to BBAD one night soon and there’s an all-girl HG slumber party going on where she suddenly breaks out into ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ from ‘Grease’, I’m cuttin’ a bitch. I haven’t watched a HG and felt this awkward and sorry for them since Lydia.

Dan- When he’s not cryptically answering everyone who corners him, I’m guessing that his main, non-game thoughts revolve around whether or not he remembered to make sure his wife renewed his Ralph Macchio Fan Club dues while he was gone. Either that, or how to perfect his ‘crane kick’, just in case that injury on his calf gets worse.

Britney- Witty as hell, also mean as hell, and the only person her original season I couldn’t stand more than her was Rachel. This season, I have to admit I’m kinda digging her. She’s pretty good at seeing through people and not being fooled, which almost makes me not get as annoyed at how often she tries to eat her own hair.

Shane- Impressed with him winning so many comps and staying in the game, but as for personality, he’s still basically just Kara with a penis to me. I’m actually rooting for him, even though if he won, he’d probably spend the majority of his winnings on As Seen On TV products.

Boogie- In the 70’s, there was a hugely popular ventriloquist act called ‘Wayland Flowers and Madame’, who were on TV all the time, from variety shows to Hollywood Squares and other game shows. Please, please, please Google this, pull up a photo or two, and tell me that Mr. Flowers’ puppet didn’t jump ship, grow some genital warts, a serious sleeping disorder, and douchebag wardrobe.

Jenn- Oh, yeah… there is a Jenn, isn’t there? At this point, I’m just waiting for Roto Rooter to come in and deal with this floater. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if starting this next week, she starts to surprise us all.

Frank- If some horrible global disaster occurred, resulting in Frank and I being the only male and female left on the planet to revive our species, I would be totally okay with knowing that because of me stabbing myself in the ovaries, the earth was spared a horrifying new race of pompous, stinky, surfer warriors who live in vans with shag carpet and 8-track players, who worship by watching old Matthew Mcconaughey dvds.

Ian- I’m sorry, but this guy is a spree killer just waiting to happen. And I’m not kidding here; he’s just a couple rejections away from a breakdown. I’m fascinated with him in that I’m hoping BB will do a piece on him and his family so that I can understand just who’s responsible for this.

Janelle- I hate to admit that I didn’t discover BB until after her seasons, but heard her talked about constantly in the seasons I have seen… am disappointed in that everyone but Ashley seems to have seen right through her. I hate to say it, but at this point, I’m more impressed with Rachel as a physical competitor. And I won’t even touch the funky nose job/upper lip thing. I will say, though, that every time I see her on BBAD, In my head, I see a neon sign with a really bad topless club name on it like ‘The Bald Beaver Lounge’, and I hear this really bad DJ voice in my head, saying something like ‘Gentlemen, get your bills ready, and please welcome to the center stage… ‘. You get what I’m sayin’;)

Joe- There is a special place in hell for this idiot.


LOL!!! Forgot Ashley!!! To sum it up, I watched ‘The Soup’ last night, where they dedicated a spot to how stupid she is on their show. Nutshell, this woman either deserves and Oscar, or lobotomy reversal surgery;)


I think tonight’s episode will be a double eviction personally. They’ll do the eviction, then reveal the twist of the coaches coming in, do a quick HOH, they will have to nominate two people and someone else will get evicted, and then the last HOH will be endurance. The reason I think this is because if production only wants 3 coaches in, if a coach doesn’t win that quick HOH then it’ll guarantee that they will be nominated and one of the coaches leaves.

But who knows? I could be totally off, but I think that just having the coaches compete in endurance to see who stays is kind of lame and wouldn’t be climactic like an double-eviction would. That would also make the numbers make more sense. To have a huge twist like the coaches coming in, I feel it needs more action- not to mention it would make it more fair if there’s way more HGs to compete in the HOH than coaches and then the coaches nominated wouldn’t have time to campaign. Just an idea.


The fans of this show would have better and more intriguing twists than the producers have come up with in the last 8 seasons at least.


Lol you’re right Chloe watching the show on CBS this year is SO different from reading these updates and watching Big Brother After Dark. Thank God for those two


Janelle’s face probably be scare if America’s vote whether the coaches return or evicted houseguest will return as well. Her face will be priceless.


I don’t get why everybody seems to love Shane, to me he seems like a douche


Shane is not “Mr. Nice Guy”, like everyone thought. His head is getting bigger and bigger, {Maybe it is because he is around Brittany}. but not even Mr. Wonderful can win everything.



lol u have me roflmao i love it


Thank you, sweetheart:) Can’t believe I forgot Wil, too… one of the ones I have the most to say about!;)