Ashley and Danielle Applied to the Same Dating Show and ended up on Big Brother 14

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

6:26pm Cam 3-4 Janelle and Trixie They are studying the dates and events that occurred in the Big Brother House.
How many times has the Power of Veto been used?
Who won HOH week 1, 2, 3
Who was a have nots and who designated the have nots.
What did the have nots have to eat.

6:53pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen

Frank talking about littlebigboy being a sweet game. He talks about a bunch of other games he likes to Play. Dan is really into football fantasy games. Frank gets really excited is using his hands a lot when he talks. Joe asks him if he can talk with his hands tied up.

7:53pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Wil and Frank Living Room

chatting about video games. Dan says he “platinumed” Grand Theft Auto 3 and Fallout Frank explains to wil all about achievements in video games and getting platinum means you get all the achievements. Frank is really surprised with Dan getting platinum with Grand Theft Auto 3 He comments about the amount of time that must of taken.
Dan really liked Bioshock.. and so does frank.. (So does Simon)

Dan asks Frank why he’s a playstation player. Frank explains he doesn’t like the Xbox360 controller… Dan agrees says when he got out of Big Brother 10 he signed his Play Station 2 and used the money towards a Playstation 3. (I wonder how much that increased the value?)
(Dan and Frank talking some hardcore video game talk)
7:17pm Britney in the Kitchen “Holy crap they’re still building out there.. It’s going to be big kids” (talking about the HOH Tomorrow)

7:19pm cam 1-2 Have Nots room Ashley Ian

Ashley trying to get Ian to Vote out Frank.
Ian: “umm sorry sorry Ashley… I just can’t do that.. sorry.. it’s nothing against Joe”
Ashley understands, frank is on his team, “did you promise him your vote.. ”
Ian: “Ya.. “
Ashley asks him how his day has been . It’s been a shitty day for Ian he doesn’t like being in Lock Down all Day.

7:30pm Family Dinner (They needs some grenades in their yo)

7:49pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Janelle
Talking about how little food Boogie eats. Janelle

Frank wishes it was more like prison food, “I never knew there was going to be such a variety”
Janelle: “Do you really hate me?”
Frank: “When Did I saw that”
Janelle: ‘By the table the person you hate the most” (During table topics Frank said he hated Janelle as part of the game”
Frank: “it was a joke.. I love you Jani”

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7:52pm HOH Brintey and Danielle

They are walking up to the HOH when they get to the balcony Ashley asks from the Kitchen if she can come up. They say yes. Britney and Daniellle rush inside the HOh room. Danielle tells her that Janelle told Ashley to come up here. Danielle is pissed.
Ashley comes in says he’s full from all joe’s cooking.. Flops on the bed then kinda passes out. Britney and Danielle look at each other and giggle. AShley finally wakes up says a bunch of weird things.. cut to fish.

Shane in the HOH talking about her husband whose an electrical engineer for the OKlahoma power company .. he’s a Protection control engineer.

Just Chit Chat.. talking about dogs.
Shane: “Did you dog stay with your mom on season 12”
Brit: “Hmm ya”

Britney asks Ashley about how she got on the show.
Ashley applied to Eva Longoria dating show “The One” she didn’t get on the show but the next day she was called to be on Big Brother. Danielle also applied for the same show and didn’t get on but got on Big Brother.

Britney: “What! .. you both applied to be on the same Dating Show and ended up on Big Brother”

Danielle and AShley: “YA”
(Does anyone ever get on BB by just applying ? )

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Why is Joe yelling in the DRs. He sounds like will Ferrell in that skit , where he can’t control the volume of his voice. ” a little bit softer now! A little but softer now!”


i got a real good friend that does the same thing. he tells crazy stories too…but ive known him since we were kids and their all true!!! i blamed his volume on a 20 year drug consumption (marijuana)…that or his mom dropping him on the head as a baby!!!

i think joe gets excited…wants to be heard so he powers over everyone else. thursday night should be cool…frank gets evicted, some or all coaches become players, the new HOH comp begins. hope shane and danielle are safe next week, i wouldnt put anything past janelle telling her players to get out of HOH comp early…or have the last team member make a deal with ian…jenn or boogie.

and seeing mike boogie blow his top after eviction would be cool too


This is just crazy, first Jenn with Facebook and NOW Danielle and Hippie Ashley from a dating show tryout!?! I should just try out for Survivor to get on this show!


sheila applied for BB from a wanted actor ad in paper on her season and when BB cam to mich this past winter they ran ad on CL under actors wanted for game/reality show

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Been thinking the same thing, mabey next year I’ll tryout for “The Price is Right” and end up on BB 15!

BB King

Who is more socially awkward in all of your opinions, Cochran from Survivor or Ian? I feel like it’s Ian. At least Cochran is funny in an weird way and he has wit.


bout the same although we have to see Ian alot more
I think everyone on here said Ian has aspergers that’s why he has no social skills.


My son has Aspergers, and I have thought the same about Ian since the season started.

Team Boogie YO!!

So Simon is this all we are gonna have till the live show tomorrow?? I mean just chit-chat until we hear With a 3-2 Vote Frank You Have Been Evicted From The Big Brother House??? I would be so dissappointed lol if there is no last ditch Boogie effort..

BB King

I know man, this season of BB is boring as hell. Boogie is not very entertaining without Will. We need Chill Town back! I would even settle for the Brigade just to get Enzo back, we need him to throw some grenades up in this mother f**kin house yo!


boggie has ALWAYS sucked… rode Wil’s coattails twice before and now he is just boring alone… i hope he is the first coach to go home!


it is always chit chat til live show dah. (mostly about AD show and live feeds)


got ya you meant in BB house LOL though tyou meant on here :)


Lol Danielle applied to be on a dating show? With her smothering shane, massive insecurities, and constant bringing up her weight, I’d hate to see that show.

Like honestly, I’m afraid for Shane’s life. If he tells her that he isn’t interested, she might go Kathy Bates in Misery, and strap him to the HOH bed and brake his knees.


Shanes gay boyfriend at home in Vermont will whoop her ass if she tries to get to his man!


After finding out how many of the house guests were found by bb production and not by application it seems like the only chance you have of getting on the show is pure luck. (Das some bullshit) Dan is the only one I know was found by application/casting but that was season 10. Is there any hope for real people to get on this show or are they purely looking for characters? My only hope for next year seems to play some kind of wacky character for casting and then be real and kick ass on the show! Love the site guys! Keep up the great work!

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Sorry, I just found out next years cast has already been picked. It’s going to be Rachell and Brendumbs bridal party!


Frank must have been told by DR to say he wished his kiss with Danielle was longer and “maybe” he’ll get another one Cuz we all now that Shane isn’t into Danielle. (maybe he was drunk??) booty call wish?? What a spin. Can’t wait til tomorrow. I would love Frank the Stank and Booger out tomorrow (coaches twist). We’ll seeeeeee!!


Why do they insist on seeking out models and such? Is there really not enough fans applying? Maybe they should do a season of only fans that apply for the show and see if they can get a more interesting cast. Is Ian the only one that was actually a fan of the show? Jenn, Kara, Shane, Ashley, Danielle, Wil and Willie were all contacted, they didn’t apply, correct? People have complained in previous seasons, but this cast seems to be the worst. If I was someone who had been trying to get on the show for years, this would seriously piss me off.


Really glad Boogie didn’t get to “chill by the pool” all week. He owns this and he owns that, blah, blah, blah. UGH


i know if booger is so rich why does he have to constantly brag about it? most people I know ( and I do know a few) who have millions NEVER talk about it or flaunt it.


IIMHO those who constantly brag about how rich they are… don’t have squat. The only one they’re trying to impress is themselves.


Omg can you even IMAGINE Danielle on a dating show!!!???


And now on BBAD, Danielle is whining because someone said she was heavier than someone else…please Danielle, please get over this stuff…I’m starting to want to see her go home…I can’t take all of this insecurity


Adam got on the show last year by applying. Yeah, that was a bust.


Theres a difference between “fan” and Obsessed ! I think Adam was TOO into BB to ever play all the way clear headed..It was miserable watching him.

MU Tigers

Or even be much fun to watch. He thought about doing a lot of things and making some big moves, but in the end he did nothing and unless someone brings his name up, I forget he was even on the show.


Maybe Boogie is anticipating entering the house and doesn’t want to make himself an even bigger target than Shane after the HoH. The chances of him saving Frank right now are slim.


Ah, what?

“Ashley comes in says he’s full from all joe’s cooking.. Flops on the bed then kinda passes out. Britney and Danielle look at each other and giggle. AShley finally wakes up says a bunch of weird things.. cut to fish.”


Exactly what I’ve said. This means this entire cast with the exception of Joe ( who probably initially applied for some cooking show ) & Ian ( huuuuuge BB fan ) were scouted.

Sucks for the people that wait on those long lines to audition.


i thought joe appled for top chef.


Jani best win this season :)


And your saying it makes it true?


hell i wish it made it true. lol. that would be easy.


everybody is like against her but its nothing new to her lol


Like Howie, Kaysar, James, Michael, Ashlea, and others during Season 6. And in season 7 she started with 3 of her teammates from season 6: Howie Kayar and James. When they started getting picked off she hooked up with Dr. Will who (with Boogie and Erika) helped her get to final 3.

Yup, she is so used to playing this game alone.


Agreed! She played with the Sovereign 6 on BB6 and then with her Season 6 alliance on BB7. And only season 6 had the luxury of basically having the meat of their alliance in All Stars! I think Janelle even said once in a DR session that she wasn’t good at playing this game alone…because she’s always had people on her team.


Is the plan to evict frank still on?? Cause on the bbad i just say wil and boogie laughing and talking.? what gonna happen thursday?

MU Tigers

If all goes as planned, Boogie won’t be laughing and chilling tomorrow night. If Frank leaves and coaches come back in, the feeds could be crazy this weekend. Starting with Thursday night.


I wonder if Danielle is like the girl off of Wedding Crashers?


going back to the scouting thing a couple years ago there was a show on MTV called from G’s to Gents (yeah I actually watched it) and I recongized a guy on that show from my gym so I especially watched it after that. I did not see that guy at my gym til the show was almost done. I approached him like some crazed fan (because I had a 1000 questions for him) I asked him how he got on he stated he was approached to do the the show at a dance club in downtown royal oak mich. then I asked him who won? he would’nt say because he said he had it in his contract not to tell. Then I asked him about food, clothes etc and he said they ate really good food and had their own clothes but if they requested new clothes production provided them, Furthermore I asked him if they were ever told to stir shit etc he said when it got boring production would make suggestions as to what to do to cause drama but they never out and out told them what to do. then he said he was flying out back to LA in a week for season finale and live reunion show. So I am sure BB is like this one too..


I feel like at some point Dan and Brit are going to have an intervention with Danielle about the Shane situation if they stay in an alliance. You can tell Dan is worried that she loses focus on the game, cos of her increasing obsession with the Shanester. I’m waiting for Dan to just drop her once he’s playing for himself and she’ll be like “I’m not going to be ignored, Dan!” (Fatal Attraction reference for those who don’t know)

MU Tigers

HAHA…Perfect reference. I was thinking that she was starting to remind me of Rose off of Two and a Half Men.


Ashley: Go Away! You are annoying! you have smoked so much weed you have destroyed too many brain cells!
Shane: Everyone is telling you the coaches are coming into the game, and yet, you are trying to vote out the one person that could help you win this game!
Janelle: You are the meanest person ever! You know Danielle’s weaknesses and yet you keep touching on them! Do you really want Danielle to vote out Frank or not??
Danielle: Every time you say Dan, It reminds me of the movie “Fatal Attraction”!
Dan: Leave Danielle alone! If I was your wife, I would be furious! You have to be around her way too much!


Does anyone else think this season sucks??!


hold your breath it’s only week 3 it’s about to get realllllll good patience is a virtue (or a bunch of shit)


Dan is driving the bus and if Danielle doesn’t get out of the way, she is going to get run over. Notice how Dan is trying to make Boogie think that he believes Danielle will keep Frank, but he is also saying that she hasn’t told him anything firm yet. That way, when Frank leaves, Dan can act shocked and tell Boogie he had no idea, that bitch Janelle got to Danielle last. Boogie is saying he won’t go in the game if Frank stays, I don’t know if he means that or not. The other three want to, so there’s not much point having one coach with nobody competing against him. Danielle is such an airhead, I think Dan will use her as a shield as long as she stays in the game, but ultimately, she is likely to compromise his game if she stays too long. Danielle is going to get burned tomorrow night. I don’t understand why she is going to keep Janelle’s team 3 strong when Janelle and Ashley are “being so mean” to her. She is dumber than Jordan, Holly and Waaamber together. I really hope the newbs have nightmares about Willie once the vets are in the game. They should have listened to him and ditched their coaches then, when they still had the chance. Since Shane can’t play for HOH, the best I can hope for is to see Janelle and Boogie on the block this week. Go newbs, stick together and pick the vets off!! Maybe Brit winning HOH would be the best scenario, but I’m not holding my breath.


I’m not sure where Shane and Britney’s loyalties lie. At one point, they seem down going to the final four with Dan and Danielle. At another time, they seem to be planning when they should ditch Dan and Danielle. I’m guessing they’re playing both sides to keep their options open, however, I do think riding with Dan and Danielle is their best play for the endgame. Anyone can beat Danielle in the final two and Dan seems to have promised the majority of his loyalty to this four. It will be interesting to see which direction this alliance heads.


is funny I am watching BBUK S13 and 1 of the girls on there is obsessed with her weight (deana is her name) she is just like Danielle, keeps asking if she is fat (she is not at all)


I vote to evict….Shane’s hot pink tank top as well as Danielle’s low self-esteem and her talk about her Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bout with Acute Renal Failure.

Danielle really should be on The Bachelor…..her whining, her neediness and her constant use of the phrase “my feelings are hurt” are much better suited for that train wreck of a show.

And if she (Danielle) hyper-focuses once again on whether she is the largest or the smallest girl in the cast…..I may have to throw myself down a flight of stairs.

Women like her are what give all women a bad name.


It really makes me upset that so many HG’s got on without even applying for BB. Why do they even bother holding Open Casting calls then? I went to one of them but didn’t get called back. I really, REALLY want to be on this show. I know the game and think I’d be really good at it. And I’m not a boring person. I might not be the best character they’ve ever had, but I can GUARANTEE I’d be more entertaining than Adam from BB13 and many this year. Danielle is POINTLESS in the house. I feel bad that she and Ashley applied for a dating show and ended up getting called for BB. No wonder Danielle is so hell bent on finding a man.. this isn’t what she’s out for right now. People just want their fifteen minutes. I’m definitely going to apply for next season because I’m not going to rest until I’m on the show but it really is disheartening how it seems to be done. Maybe they’ve learned now since they recruited Willie and that bit them in the ass. GET REAL PEOPLE. You don’t have to pick people like Adam who was probably the biggest flop the show’s ever had. UGH.


Janelle is afraid of getting back in the game & being a target again. Come on Janelle, get back in the game so you will cry back home to your husband & your kid.

Joy Johnson

Apparently one of the mane (sp. intended) requisites – applicable to both males and females – for being on BB is you MUST constantly and obsessively pick, twist, fluff, smooth, shake, straighten, curl, braid, toss, or otherwise molest your HAIR!! Oh, and Frank, CARROTTOP called and he wants his hairdo back!

Dae Yum Yum

Danielle is pathetic! I hope they get her out right after that blowhole Joe!