Joe says he is going to try and buy himself 2 weeks by offering to exit in 2 weeks.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!6:30am – 10:40am Mike wakes up, makes coffee and heads out into the backyard to workout. He starts doing laps around the yard, push-ups, stretches and free weights. Mike Boogie is working out like an animal in the backyard. 8:45am and he is still going at it. Looks like Mike is getting ready to be released into the game. At 9am Boogie finishes up and heads inside to take a shower. 9:30am Joe wakes up and head out into the backyard. Joe says what a night last night? Mike says yeah! Joe comments on how he slept better. He then goes and lays out in the hammock. Joe heads inside and prepares some salmon for breakfast. When he comes back outside he says that he is going to pitch an exit strategy. Mike asks what it is. Joe says that he is going to try and buy himself two weeks by offering to exit in two weeks. Mike says yeah it’s worth a try, so your Harry Potter with your magic wand. They talk about how hard Wil parties and can imagine him at a real party. Mike says imagine if he had real alcohol and a place to go. Joe says that Wil was tipsy after one drink. Frank and Dan are awake. They head inside to make breakfast.
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10:45am – 11:10am Mike is alone in the backyard and starts talking to the camera. He says that Joe must think his players are stupid to think that he can get his plan to work. Mike says what fu*king snake oil is he trying to sell! What’s the point in staying here two more weeks and then leaving? He must think I have a shirt on that say I am stupid. But I really want to hear it, I am up for a good laugh on a Sunday! Dan comes out into the backyard. Mike says do you wanna hear a little stand up comedy? Listen to this… Mike tells Dan about Joe plan to offer himself up to exit in two weeks. Joe comes out right then and the conversation ends.


11:30am Wil, Ian, Shane, Frank, Dan, Ashley, Mike, Danielle and Jenn are out in the backyard talking about random stuff.

11:35am Mike is in the storage room with Frank. Mike tells Frank about Joe’s plan to offer to evict himself in two weeks. He asks what does he think we are stupid? I just want to listen to him say it for the comedy of it. Frank says yeah watch him say as part of it that he just doesn’t want to be alone with Jojo. Mike says his plan is straight up retarded. Mike leaves the room. Up in the HOH room Shane and Britney are talking. Britney says that Janelle’s whole team is gullible. Shane says that if Jenn or Ian win HOH and nominate me, then I am going to lose it. Britney tells him that he would just need to win POV, or I could win the coaches comp and save you. Britney heads down stairs with her laundry.


12:05pm Ian, Danielle, Joe, Britney, Ashley and Wil are out in the backyard by the pool talking. They talk about how Big Brother has all of their names pre-recorded. The conversation turns to talking about Jodi. Ian says that she walked in on him going to the bathroom. Ashley comments on how Ian is over her. Ian tells her that he is not over her. Dan brings up that Ian has a crush on a girl back home. Ashley asks how many people go to
his university. Ian says 5 grand. Ashley asks so 5000? They laugh.

Ashley tells them about how to reset your body by shaking your body and moving around. They get Ian to go up and do it with her. They all laugh as Ian and Ashley shake their bodies. They continue to lounge around the pool and talk about random things. Meanwhile in the kitchen Wil, Janelle and Britney are talking about New York.
12:40pm Out in the backyard they bet Ian can’t climb into the metal ball in the yard. Joe says that it is mathematically impossible. Ian takes the challenge and climbs inside it.


12:45pm – 1:45pm The house guests are having a relaxing Sunday. Not much going on, no game talk.


2:15pm Dan and Joe play a game of beach volley ball against Ashley and Frank.


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2:40pm Frank tries to one-up Ian by showing him that he can fit in the metal ball too!

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52 thoughts on “Joe says he is going to try and buy himself 2 weeks by offering to exit in 2 weeks.

  1. Joe would hump Wil he has said so much stuff about Wil’s looks its so “str8 but curious ” I’ve had encounters with guys that were like that and Joe fits the bill! Though my guys were hot compared to Joe. Joe is such an idiot at anything except for cooking. Who talked about heir branding and stuff in tv for everyone to hear to steal his ideas about Bistro!! Go back to the drawing board Joe, you opened Ur eggs before they hatched! And vowing to be dead weight in 2 weeks than now is basically what it is DEad weight. He should convince all the houseguests he will make MORE food each houseguests ANY time of the day and feed it to them like a baby.

  2. Enough about Joe y’all, This is all about me. Do y’all think I’m FAT? Do y’all think Shane really loves me? I think Ian needs to go next week so I will be the tiniest house guest left y’all.

  3. Is Jenn even living in the house anymore? I don’t get the feeds but from reading these and watching BBAD it seems like she doesn’t even exist.

  4. Joe is an idiot if he thinks people will fall for stupid…Still say shane need to back door frank..but oh well.

    1. lol..last night frank and mike were already talking about how next week they hope if janiells teams win hoh they want shane there go your 3 amigos.

      1. Not going to happen. Janelle’s team will lose 1 player and down to 2! Janelle’s team is not going to win HoH. Frank will win HoH and put up Wil & Ashley on the block.

      2. @underpresser810. When I read what Boogie said lastnight,about taking Shane out the game.It had me laughing.Shane actually thinks he can trust Boogie&Boogie’s puppet/Frank.Shane must not know Boogie is known for being cutthroat/shady.Well,Shane has heard about Boogie’s reputation,but for some reason he refuses to believe it.Since Boogie is with Frank.Boogie is teaching Frank to play his game,how Boogie played it.Which is to be cutthroat,shady and ruthless.Shane will find that out for his self,real fast.Lol.Even when all the coach’s come in the game this Thursday, I think Boogie will find a way to convince Frank that he should work with him and get Frank’s biggest competition out the house(Shane).That shouldn’t be that difficult to do because Shane has won 4 competitions in a row.Keep in mind he’s only been in the house for three weeks.So,this should be easy for Boogie to sell to Frank.I can’t wait until Thursday.Lol.

      1. I can’t wait to see Joe Meeting with Julie Chen this Thursday and Janelle’s face is priceless.

    2. Next week – my prediction coaches enter the game
      Janie wins HOH – puts up Frank and Boogie
      BD – Shane or puts up Frank & Shane and BD – Boogie
      I think either Boogie, Frank or Shane is gone
      Next week :-(

      1. Your Prediction is wrong! Frank wins HoH, put up Wil & Ashley. Shane wins PoV, Keep the nomination a same. Sending Wil out of the door. Next Week!

      2. Janelle will be one of the first to go home from the Coaches if (when) they comes back in the game. Even her own players don’t trust her 50%. She is a has been and won’t win any comps vs the newbies.

    3. Shane will never backdoor Frank. He is an assess on Shane. The Nomination will be a same and Joe is going home.

      1. I wonder if Joe thinks (like Adam BB13) that BB fans are rallying behind him. I think Joe is just afraid that the Hantz family will be waiting for him at the door.

        So now Joe beats Gerry of BB3 (the guy who does the number 2 and then proceeds to prepare a salad for everyone without washing his hands). The thought of that sandwich is going to give me nightmares. Thanks a lot folks.

        Go, Team Jenn FTW, yo!

  5. Shane, Keep the nomination a same. Send Joe home to his Family! Joe is much a floater. Janelle, Great Job picking three floaters. They didn’t win anything. Their useless.

  6. Speaking of dumb moves/ stategy ( Joe’s proposal), what do you guys think was the worst, dumbest move made by a player, something worthy of the BB Hall of Shame? One of mine is when Marcellas didn’t use the veto to save himself and got betrayed by Danielle as a result

    1. Lawan beats Marcellas for the biggest dumb ass move of all time. (Evict me and I’ll come back with a special power).

      1. I agree. I think most people forget Lawan because it was so incredibly stupid that it’s hard to believe it actually happened.

        1. Dishonorable mentions: Nicole Shaffrich (BB2) choosing Dr. Will for Final 2 over Monica is pretty high up there along the likes of Janelle and Erika trusting Chilltown, and Britney having no clue about the Brigade.

          Brian Hart (BB10) making alliance with everyone in the House that made him a replacement nominee and first evictee is pretty high up there as well. Then you have Willie Hantz the copycat making deals and alliances left and right.

          How about Kaysar and Ollie giving up a chance at HoH for fake deals that get them booted.

          Now Janelle has not been evicted a third time. So she is not a three-time loser yet. The dubious distinction of getting three evictions go to Kaysar (twice on BB6 and once on BB7 All-Stars) and Brendon (BB12 and twice on BB13).

          But you guys are right, Lawon takes the cake.

    2. One that comes to mind for me is when Dustin from Evel Dick’s season (I think I have his name right), offered to go up on the block without so much as a second thought because he just ‘knew’ he’d never go home, thought he was part of Dick’s brilliant plan to use him as a pawn. Long story short, I remember watching Dick convince everyone to vote Dustin out, Dustin had really no clue, and when he was told that he was evicted from the house, the look on his face was priceless. That’s exactly the night that I became an Evel Dick fan for life!;)

    3. @Queen Bee. That has got to be the dumbest move ever.It also showed how great Danielle Reyes is at this game.I mean,she was able to convince Marcellus(a guy that already didn’t trust Danielle)to not save his self with the veto and that decision,got his butt kicked out of the game.Lol.

  7. its best to just send joe home. realize if frank got sent home, they would let him play to get back in the house. if joe goes, they will wait for the next powerhouse to get a blindside. just a guess of course, but I wouldnt be sending any power players to sequester this early. just because we are down an extra player doesnt mean we are closer to finale because of it

  8. It’d be great if they stopped saying “mathematical impossibility” considering they’re proven wrong every time.

    1. That’s so true! Kind of interesting how Danielle is adamant about coaches not coming into the game but spends hours totally perplexed about her kiss with Shane or if people are calling her fat.

      As a nurse, she probably makes patients answer a series of questions before administering their shot – such as asking patients to tell her if her uniform looks as good on her as the other nurses???…do you like my hair pulled back in a twist or just hanging down???

  9. Joe… sigh….:( Seriously, I do have to give him credit for being the first person in history I’ve seen with a Mohawk on his chin… or is that a Brazilian Bikini wax? Mad Love to you and your thong-wearing jaw, Joe!

      1. I actually wasn’t thinking of anything that homophobic;) I was more thinking that this guy is a douchebag, not a cocksucker.

  10. BB seems to like bringing back vets, presumably for ratings. So, since it has been 7 seasons since the last one, I think that next year they should just do another All Stars season but, only using All Stars from seasons 8-14. Or, it could be a season composed of the winner or runner up of each season – if neither of them were available, then America’s favorite houseguest for that season. I think it would be great to gather a large group of former houseguests and make them compete in some 3 part competition – BB trivia, endurance and athletic events – in order to be able to enter the house and compete.

    1. Allison? Is that you?

      Why don’t we retool the show and just make it 24 hours of Jessie working out.

      That’s way better than putting the same people we’ve already seen for the past 3 seasons on AGAIN!

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