Big Brother Spoilers Season Reboot Nomination Results

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest

8:00pm Cam 3-4 HOH Wil, Danielle and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Wil telling them it’s OK he knows he’s not the target. Wil tells danielle not to feel bad he still respects her.
danielle tells him she wants him to still come up to the HOH and Hang out with them. Wil says he will, it’s just a game and he can still hang out with them all.
Danielle: “I think so highly of you.. I’m sorry”
Wil: “Don’t Worry.. Give me a hug”
Wil hugs both of them and leaves.

Dan: “Ian’s a rat” Dan caught Ian talking to Boogie after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Dan tells her they cannot trust Ian they’ll have to see what he says tonight. Dan: “Wil wins the POV you should put Boogie’s ass up”

Dan says that Boogie is pissed he looked at the fire pit the entire time, “If Mike Boogie is such a good player.. lets see him pull a rabbit out of his hat”

Dan asks her if she wins POV will she consider removing Wil as a nomination. Danielle is considering she’s definitely going to fight for the POV. Dan: “Yeah of course you want all the power” Dan says that Boogie was pissed because he thinks he’s the greatest player and Danielle didn’t nominate him.

Britney comes up tells them the lowdown downstairs. She says Boogie is PISSED and Janelle is a bit happy but not 100% Britney explains that Janelle wants to start a Coaches alliance and work with Boogie.

Dan: “how’s this for a zinger Ian’s a rat.. Don’t bring anything up to him.. lets see what he says”
Britney isn’t sure about Ian he’s coming up tonight to take a bath and he’;; talk to him then.
Dan explains that Ian leaves a bad taste in his mouth especially when someone comes to you with an alliance then steps back. Dan thinks he’s waiting for something better with Boogie.

Danielle mentions how when Janelle was last up in the HOH she used cheese crackers to count the votes out to her. Danielle thinks Janelle underestimates her intelligence, D “I can do MATH”

Shane comes up
Dan says he’ll defer to them if they are down with Ian he’s down with Ian but right now he’s 50/50. Danielle mentions she trusts Wil more than Ian. Britney doesn’t trust Wil at all she trusts Ian. Britney points out that Wil is after the coaches. Shane says that Wil is after Janelle and Boogie.

8:20pm cam 1-2 Arcade Janelle and Ashley

Janelle and Ashley talking about voting Frank out this week. Janelle is pissed at boogie.

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8:24pm CAm 3-4 HOH Danielle and Shane They are saying how they trust Wil. Wil has promised to keep them safe but he hasn’t promised Dan and Britney.

8:25pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Frank saying everyone in this house has lied to him to a certain degree except for Boogie. 
Boogie is pissed.. says at least this week his name will be up for the POV. 
Frank wants to tell Dan to Fuck off.. but he can’t he needs to keep it classy like a gentleman. Frank points out he’s been nominated three times and this time he wasn’t even worried. 

Boogie: ‘I’m the one that stands between him and this legacy.. you know with the books and his web chats.. he knows if he gets me out He’s the winner” Boogie goes on about how Dan wants to be the guy that takes out the great MIke Boogie.. and backdoors him. Boogie says that he has a real life outside the house he’s not one of those Big Brother internet nerds. (I am) 

Frank: “If I win HOH next week i’ll fucking scalp him” 
Boogie: “I don’t think I can live in this house for much longer without exploding on him” Frank doesn’t think Dan will fight back. Boogie says he knows how to get under people’s skin. 

Frank: “America.. Dan and Janelle are the biggest phonies that have ever played this game… this is real talk with Frank eudy”. Mike says he probably would not have signed up for this season if he knew he was going into the game. “It’s like playing 2 different games but the first one doesn’t count” Frank mentions how Dan had been telling them for the last 4 weeks he wants to roll with them and he was lying the entire time. 

8:47pm HOh Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan saying that they are in a good position for tomorrow.. Danielle: “As long as boogie doesn’t get picked for POV” Dan isn’t even worried that if Boogie gets picked because it’ll be 5 on 1 for the veto.

Dan asks her why Britney is so afraid of Wil, he’s starting to trust Wil more and more. Danielle says that Wil is targeting the Coaches and britney is freaked out about that. Dan is OK about that as long as he targets Boogie and Janelle.

Dan: ‘Who do you think the first non shane or britney person that will come up here”
Danielle: “Ashley.. Janelle.. Jenn”
Dan says he would be pissed if a player like ashley or Jenn win Big Brother 14 because in his opinion they really don’t play the game, ‘Mind you those type players never win they may get to the end but they won’t win it”

9:15pm Dan in the HOH listening to some tunes.. everyone else down in the kitchen listening to eagle eye talk about bacon.

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so shane and danielles only goal is to get their coaches ahead?


EXACTLY! the morons dont see it. while their coaches are planning for them to be


So Boogie’s pissed, what else is new.


Frank, you got this. Danielle, you got to backdoored Janelle! She needs to go home! Don’t let Janelle play! Bye Bye Janelle!

Beyonce Fan

Stop hateing and get a life every week its some plan you have in your head how janelle or her players are going home


I speak my opinion! The only reason Janelle got to go because she floating around & doing nothing

MU Tigers

Doing nothing? She’s won 2 of the 3 coaches challenges she was in. She has also been pretty good at getting others to do her dirty work.


Wow….and the beat goes on….smh

Beyonce Fan

Do Britney all ways have to tallk shit about janelle? Its like she just have to say some just because and do shane and danelle think janelle wil boggie or frank whoever stay is not comeing for them next week? So dumb.


I dont get why they want janelle out so bad? Janelle wants to work with them and they know that but they dont want to work with her they want to work with… IAN. or Wil. 2 people who havent won a single thing. Dan/Dani/Britney/Shane alliance is so fucking stupid. once janelle gets evicted i wont watch this


liar :)


I noticed. She’s obsessed with her, just like she was obsessed with Rachel. She’s nicer this time around, but her nasty side still comes out from time to time.


I wouldn’t call her thing with Rachel an obsession, Whores do that to people get under their skin, and everything about Rachel does that to EVERYONE who is around her for too long, and she had to LIVE with that psychotic skank…..


From what I remember, you were as obsessed with Rachel as was Britney. Rachel this, Rachel that. If Ragan who was just as nasty to Rachel can make up with her and become friends, and say he simply got to know her better, then it speaks volumes to me about Britney’s hatred for Rachel. Rachel may act crazy at times (usually when she drinks), but Britney can be plain nasty.


Britany hates Janelle that is why she has to talk smack about her all the time like you do with anyone who does not like Janelle. As to your second point, they do know that is why they are saying the have to win HOH next week. Duh.


I really think Boogie wants out and he is going to force the issue till they do it.

Red Lampshade

I kind of wish Danielle had defied Dan and put up Frank and Boogie, but it’ll work out as long as Boogie doesn’t win the veto. I’d also like to see Danielle and Shane take everything that Britney and Shane say with a grain of salt. They don’t exactly have their best interests entirely in mind like they did before. It is a tricky situation though. Whatever alliances are forged in the coming weeks will essentially draw the lines in the sand for the rest of this game. Everyone except Boogie and Frank seem to be trying to hop on team BBSD. Well, Jenn isn’t. But Jenn’s boring as hell.


there are so many things wrong with this scenario but the major one being they’re all under estimating boogie…i can’t stand the guy but if he is angry and determined enough he might win pov, then he takes frank down and they’ve wasted the perfect opportunity…it should have been frank and boogie up there because regardless of who won pov one of the 2 would still be going home…this is one of those situations where they’re convinced they’re sitting pretty and everything goes wrong…i really hope i’m wrong and boogie fails miserably on the pov…shane needs to get his 4th in a row!!!!


I love it! Everyone is scrambling and looking for a life raft. What I want to know is what is Janelle doing? Not much is being mentioned about her right now, and I wonder is she laying low, or does she really think Brit is joining forces with the Boog?

Shane's pink Tank

Well at least Im safe!!!


omg…now dan want to put up boogie.


Dan’s not playing a good strategic game, IMO.


What makes you say that?


I do think this was a good choice if you put both up Boogie and Frank both play in pov now only one that would save Frank is Boogie why risk 2 people playing in Pov to take themselves off if Boogie does take Frank off Janelle goes up against Wil see ya Janelle If Frank wins Boogie goes up


If she put up Boogie and Frank and Ian won POV he might of took Boogie off to save his coach


But this isn’t about getting Boogie out. This is about breaking up the Boogie./Frank duo. One of them remaining in the game isn’t a substantial threat. Just my opinion.


Disagree. If she put both up, one would go home. Now there is a chance they both stay.


The newbs have the number advantage for a limited period of time but seem determined to be lambs leading themselves to slaughter by not nominating vets when they can – It’s so hard to root for them – didnt they learn anything from last year’s dud of a seaon?


All I can say is that Shane or Danielle better win the POV because if not they will be in big trouble. Plus Danielle better remember the conversation she had with Dan when he was upset that she has a crush on Shane and he told her when ur playing the game you have to take your emotion out because there will be people who you will have to cut there throat. The last time was just was a paper cut by throwing her under the bus telling Boogie. As time goes on he will cut her as well.


If shane gets to play

Beyonce Fan

Ashley trying to look super cute because I’m hoh y’all.


.“Dan explains that Ian leaves a bad taste in his mouth especially when someone comes to you with an alliance then steps back. Dan thinks he’s waiting for something better with Boogie.” It’s was obvious to me that Ian really wants to work with Gollum(Simon,you should put Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings,as Boogie’s picture.Lol.)I’m surprised Britney can’t see it.I want Britney&Dan to talk in private about what their plan should be in the game.Obviously the both of them(Dan&Britney)are going to need to come up with their own separate agenda apart from the two newbies(Danielle&Shane)because the vets will be the targets for a lot of these newbies.They need to talk with Janelle about it to.I would say Gollum,but he’s acting to butt hurt right now.Maybe he will change his tune,if they can get rid of his puppet Smelly Frank.Oh,and if Smelly Frank gets evicted on Thursday.The vets next target needs to be Wil.


Just get Booger out of there. I’m sick of his bitching. He’s pissed because he aint shit, he’s all talk. He’s pissed cos he’s always in Dr. Will Kirby’s shadow. He’s pissed cos he never had a rap career and couldn’t be Eminem. He’s pissed cos his dick is crudded up with warts and what not. He’s pissed cos he works out 3 times a day, eats healthy and still looks 93 and can’t win an endurance comp. Any woman that would fuck this guy has to be the saddest bitch alive.

He’s not even a good villan and he’s certainly no underdog. It might be interesting to see where Frank goes with Booger out of the house.

King Silva

Wow LOL at your comment. :D

MU Tigers

Don’t hold back Lioness. Tell us how you really feel about Boogie. HAHAHA

BTW, your comment was hilarious.


@Lioness.This was the funniest part,“He’s pissed cos he works out 3 times a day, eats healthy and still looks 93”Lol.


Hey Simon,
Will you please clarify what a floater is? Some believe that Jenn is a floater because she hasn’t won anything (at least that is what I am assuming) while others believe that Janelle is a floater because she “floats” from one HOH to the next.

King Silva

No matter what the definition is, Floaters need to get a life vest! ;)

<3 my girl Rachel! She was a Floater killer. :p


I wouldn’t call Jenn a floater just yet. She has been firmly Team Boogie. She just hasn’t done anythings and is flying under the radar. I have not seen her try to make deals or anything as the power shifted. Janelle… there is a floater. The week that Frank was in power – she was up his and Boogie’s backsides. Last week and this week – she wants to be buds with Brit, Shane and Danielle. She is following the power to stay alive.

Red Lampshade

Can we not make predictions for who’s going to win POV too prematurely? No one can honestly predict that Boogie, Shane, or Ian will win it, since we don’t even know if they’ll compete for it! There’s the possibility that Shane won’t even have the chance to win a fourth POV in a row, and it’s possible that Boogie won’t even have the chance to win the POV and take Frank off. The only people that we know are going to compete as of now are Danielle, Frank, and Wil.


Is Danielle really that stupid?…….
Why don’t u put up 2 coaches? The newbies could have gotten a huge advantage but no!!!!
This “dUMB bimbo” is not thinking things thru.
This will be he biggest play in bb history thanks to Dan.
Oh well, always next year:)


Now Dan says “Dan says he would be pissed if a player like ashley or Jenn win Big Brother 14 because in his opinion they really don’t play the game, ‘Mind you those type players never win they may get to the end but they won’t win it””

obviously he never watched Jordan win the 500K. The only thing she did that whole season was crush on Jeff and eat cookie dough (don’t get me wrong I still liked her in that season. She was a sweet girl/ not so much in last season tho).

jay marks

Boogie got Boogied by Dan and he can’t take it.


Dan seems like a total paranoid bitch. Luckily he is being followed by two puppets who will do whatever to keep him and Britney happy. I still don’t understand why he thought Boogie was so untrustworthy… because week 1 Boogie made a deal to keep Frank safe against Kara? Big fucking whoop Britney put your player up buddy. And Janelle would have thrown you under the bus much harder.


Wasted opportunity. Dan now wanting Boogie out after talking in circles about putting up Wil…ridiculous. Danielle should have gone with her gut. I guarantee you that production is going to have Boogie play and that he’s probably going to win. Boogie’s going to take Frank down. Even Ian might take Frank down if given the opportunity. Then who would go home? Wil? Someone else who’s useless?


To cite one blogger’s name: Prod. rigged it!… And they will in the future. I’m confident that this is just a bunch of wannabe-actors who act what they’re told to do by Prod.
I don’t see any other explanation for the “Picking the POV-Players Ceremony” to be made off the feeds.
I really believe they tape how Danielle picks a name from the bag where there’s actually only one name in there. Then they put the second name they want to compete in the bag and shoot how Frank fake-picks. Then they put the 3rd name (or Players choice, if it’s more appealing) in the bag and tape how Wil picks that name.
Over the years, there have just been too many times where it was the perfect picks for the most possible drama!


I fully agree that the best strategy for the newbies would be to just get rid of the coaches, one by one, and then play the game they thought they were going to play in the first place. It shouldn’t have been the coaches entering the game, it should have been the players who have already left coming back, and the coaches leaving the game.

And, I also agree with everyone who has posted that new people and returning players should not be mixed into one house, it’s just not fair and not as good to watch. But, I do love ALL STARS shows, and it seems like it would be ok to mix returning players from both Big Brother and Survivor together.

An interesting point was made in the post about how the coaches are no longer playing with the best interest of the person they were ‘coaching’ in mind. Now, the coaches are definitely playing for themselves, but the newbies do not seem to have figured that out yet?

King Silva

I agree that if the newbies were smart they would get rid of the vets when they could.

Of course for Danielle/Shane they would save Britney/Dan til a little while down the road but if any veterans are still around and it is final 5 then people made some serious mistakes.. They should be gone by then they have a very good shot of winning if they are in the final 2 imo.

As for your Survivor/Big Brother cross over idea I would LOVE the fuck out of that!

Have an even amount of players from classic Survivor players and Big Brother All-Stars duke it out and hell then follow it up by tossing [hopefully the same cast] them on the island to duke it out for that title.

I’d love to see Brenchel, Jeff, Jordan, Danielle, Janelle, Dr. Will, Shane, Hayden, Evil Dick etc on Survivor and say Parvati, Colby, Richard, Ethan, Cirie, Amanda, Ozzy, Sandra [only 2x Survivor Winner!], etc duke it out in the Big Brother house!

I think I would die of excitement! :D


this is the PERFECT time for one of those “sacrifice” pov’s.

where we all know the person who REALLY wants it, goes for it.

Im talking boogie has to take 24 hour lockdown, has to deal with slop ALL year, much like they did I believei n the all stars season boogie won

does it mean boogie prob wins pov? yes, and he needs to, it keeps the drama flowing, means we then lose maybe joe, which is a best case scenario, and then you finally have opposition to the big 5.

why janelle hasnt tried to get with boogie and team up, I dont know.

I get boogie’s frustration though, he played a game a certain way, and he turned down 5x the cash reward to stay in that first game, and now hes forced into the house with one ally. sucks. mostly sucks because dan does want to use this as “I took out boogie”, and ID prefer if he doesnt get the satisfaction. in fact, Id prefer if it was janelle via some sweet backdoor that gets boogie


“Frank mentions how Dan had been telling them for the last 4 weeks he wants to roll with them and he was lying the entire time”. Dan played the both of them.Smelly Frank&Gollum were fooled.Lol.They should just accept it.Lol.“ Boogie goes on about how Dan wants to be the guy that takes out the great MIke Boogie.. and backdoors him. ”Gollum is putting great in front of his name.Someone needs to remind Gollum that he was in a alliance with Dr.Will and out of the two of them,the majority of Big Brother viewers will only put great in front of Dr.Will aka the puppet master name,not Gollum.He was Dr.Will’s side kick.There’s a reason why hardly no one will ever refer to Dr.Will as the side kick and Gollum as the puppet master.It’s because it’s not true.Gollum is just butt hurt because he got played by Dan.He actually believed every word Dan told him.Just like a fool.Lol.I wish Gollum&Smelly Frank would try and cause a fight with Dan.It will only make them look bad.Dan knows how to control his emotions,so that plan will back fire.


your hatred for boogie is pathetic

he won 500k, he won final hoh by outsmarting janelle

get over it man. I never saw boogie call himself a good looking guy, you focus on his looks a LOT for someone who claims not to like him


@OKL. First of all,I’m not a man I’m a woman.I don’t hate Boogie.I don’t like Boogie.There’s a difference between not liking someone and hating someone.Boogie talks about other people looks.In a earlier post,it was said that Boogie called Danielle ugly.Since Boogie is no where close to looking like someone who can call someone else ugly.But he obviously thinks he is good looking.Boogie has no problem calling Danielle ugly(which is a joke)I don’t have a problem saying who I think he looks like.In my opinion Boogie looks like Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings.What does me not liking Boogie aka Gollum have to do with me calling him Gollum?I can not like him and still comment on who or what I think he looks like.On this site,they normally wil have pictures of the house guests and right next to it.They will put a picture of some one or something that either looks like the player or remind us of a certain player.They will be doing the same thing this year.Are you going to have a problem with Simon&Dawg if they don’t put a picture of Brad Pitt or someone else who’s attractive next to Boogie’s picture?If you have a problem with my comments about Boogie aka Gollum,that’s too bad.I will continue to write my opinion on the house guests and what’s going on in the game.If Simon or Dawg has a problem with what I write, then I will stop because this is their website not yours.


dan is a hypocrit. he claims to play this perfect sweet game, and now he justifies playing like old boogie by saying he can just pray it away. what a guy!


Boogie lived in the same house with 6 guys until he was 40? Wow. Anyway, Janelle is making a lot of good points (with Dan). Boogie would be smart to get away from Frank at this point and try and save his own ass. That’s what a sneaky player would do. Boogie’s just acting on emotion right now.


Why does Janelle think that the coaches have to get to jury for a coach to win? This isn’t last season. The coaches didn’t bond in the beginning like last year’s vets. I don’t see Brit voting for Janelle in final 2 or vice versa, nor do I see Boogie voting for any coach.


It’s perfectly for Will and Boogie to pull everyone’s strings, but it’s not okay for Dan to play the exact same game. Boogie knows Dan owns him and it’s EATING AT HIM!


I would**** agree, but there are big differences

boogie owns up to what he does

dan just passes it off as something he can “pray to get past” and “rid his sins”. I dont like people who claim to play this straight up game, and will defend that to the death, when hes no BETTER than boogie in terms of backstabbing, so why try to make it seem like its bad for boogie, but OK for Dan. the truth is boogie TELLS people he lies, dan tells people he doesnt.


sort of expected the newbies to rally against the vets, no just bend over, and let them use their HoH to take out other newbies or a guy in boogie who wouldnt win in the f2 against danielle let alone anyone else.


Jenn is going to be the first player in BB history to win the game without even being in the house. I mean, seriously, this girl is like a ghost. She is invisible.


I just noticed you used Mike’s Mug Shot photo for the Status chart on the main page.. not a fan I assume.. lol. I actually want him to stay in the game, he makes things interesting.


“Dan isn’t even worried that if Boogie gets picked because it’ll be 5 on 1 for the veto.”

So many players have thought just like this in the past, and wound up with a huge reality check! I don’t like Boogie, but he shouldn’t be underestimated, because he is outnumbered.


I really believe that he’s pissed because he’s a player not a coach. And remember he threw the 1st HOH and beat Janelle in 2nd HOH. He has already won this game and i don’t blame him he came in as a coach and only a coach. Really he’s saying i’m giving advice and only advice. Janelle is here for redemption and Britney got played and 2 bad 4 here.

Beyonce Fan

So dan wants the vets to to team up.


I wouldn’t say that. He just wants them there for as long as possible because Boogie and Janelle are bigger targets than him.


The coaches are going to run through this house again.


Dan, Janelle, Britney (and Boogie if they get him to play a serious game) working together in the background is really interesting.


Me too.


Danielle let all this get to her head. She all the sudden grew a pair. Now she is a scientist, a doctor…..blah, blah. She makes me sick.


danielle makes me sick…first off shes so desperate, she thinks shes in thrid grade, and dan knows this so i wouldnt be shocked if dan is using ian into the alliance to somehow backdoor danielle or shane…like maybe say ian must have voted the other way, im not going to lie, danielle is very pretty, but she is so pathetic, and she thinks everybody is alwyas focusing on her, like she is a strong player or something


Whats with all the Boogie hate. I honestly dont see what he has done that is so bad. but it looks like the game is gonna work out for Janelle to win this season. Britney n Danielle are saying thry cant stand her and she does is lie yet she is not even considered for nomination. Why are thry scared of her. Dan is also getting very cocky it seems, not a good sign.

Shane's pink Tank

is it me or is Britney in a great position!? I haven’t heard anyone talking about taking her out! Its almost as if no one thinks that she is a threat! Big mistake, they need to get her out, she is one of the biggest floaters out there!!!!


Dan is so much going to win this season. It reminds me so much of Season 10 when he had Memphis, Kesha, Renny in his alliance and they stayed loyal to each other till the end when they got rid of Kesha and Renny. Dan was and still is very shrewd


About this Boogie/Dan convo. Okay while I loathe Boogie’s personality and super entitled ego, I do like the fact that he’s not about the coaches alliance. If he continues to be against he coaches, I want him to stay in this game! I do not want to watch last season again.

Dan is misting all over Boogie and it’s not working. lol


I’m all for any newbie to win except Joe or Jenn, (Shane is my fav newbie) Boogie can certainly be left out of the equation


Dan is showing all of his cards and he is going to be in trouble when Boogie relays all of this information to Frank. Dan’s game is in jeopardy IMO.


Boogie has proven to be a sore loser. Just been bitching the last few days. Dan and Dr. Will are the greatest BB players. Boogie is nothing without Will. He’s rich as it is and is just here to boost his own ego. I bet that in the next few days, Boogie will throw a hissy-fit and self-evict just like Willie. Doesn’t he get that Dan will never implode on him? Boogie will just look like a jackass. He’s a hypocrite. It’s okay if he lies and plays people but when Dan does it he’s evil. Game wise: Frank needs to go. Personally: I want Joe and his screaming DR sessions out. Boogie too.




Boogie is such a whiner baby! Awww he got his feelings hurt! Poor thing!


I don’t want the coaches alliance at all especially if that means Boogie staying. I liked him in the beginning but hate him now.
So who’s Dan really wanting to play with? Team Vets or Team BDDS?
By the way ever since the reset button was pushed by Dan he has been making the most stupid moves ever. It’s like a domino effect one after another, after another.
The BDDS alliance would of worked especially since the house really didn’t completely see it yet.
I just think he needs to stick with BDDS. The only threat there is Shane who could of been taken out during the mental comps.