Brittnay “4 of these people think they walk on water and are gods gift to everything”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber


7:08pm BEEHIVE Jocasta and Donny
Jocasta says she cares about POW and she wants to give her a vote,, “Especially since I prayed with her”
Donny – It’s going to be sad us being her friend knowing she’s going out there and saying good things about us and we voted her out”
Brittany rolls in, Donny asks her who she wants to keep. Brittany says Zach might benefit her because she’s a target.
Donny tells her they are losing person on their side if POW leave. Brittany knows that Zach is with the guys but -”Devin and Caleb want POW to stay” So she’s trying to wrap her head around it all.
Brittany – ‘I hate Caleb.. I think he’s more toxic than Devin”
Brittany thinks theres people in the house that want them in the house she doesn’t think the big alliance is a threat. She points out it was created day 2 when they had no idea who each other was the alliance is a mix of people that don’t mix. She says someone needs to flip first before all of it crumbles.
Brittany wants a good person to make it in the game. She mentions how Victoria has a lot of Money and some of the other house guests are just here to screw around for TV time.
Brittany – “I don’t care about the TV time honestly that’s the worst part of it”
Brittany says they can rally the entire house against Devin, Frankie, Amber and Caleb. If they don;t they are going to get picked off one by one.
Donny says that is the core, “Those four you are talking about that’s a final 4:
Donny says this week is done it depends on the Head of household. Donny and Brittany agree Frenki telling Devin that the house has flipped is a clear signal that the core 4 is still tight as ever.
Donny – ‘You know who needs to go Caleb.. that is the head of the snake” Donny says they know who the 8 are let them squirm (See image above)

BB16-2014-07-09 19-33-32-071

7:30pm Have nots room
Derrick convinces Victoria that Brittany is with Devin and shouldn’t be trusted.
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BB16-2014-07-09 19-42-04-848

7:45pm BEEHIVE Christine, Brittany, Donny and Jocasta
Christine is coming clean about the Bomb squad says she was never involved in any decision they kept her around as a vote. Christine was told she would be in trouble if she didn’t vote with the group. they said any member that didn’t vote witht eh squad was going to be a target. Brittany tells her she does realize she’s letting another person play her game for her. Christine says it’s only week 2
Donny asks her why if they just decided last night to keep Zach did someone run up to Devin and tell him. Christine doesn’t know. Christine says she’s voting Zach to stay so is Caleb. Christine tells them Devin and Caleb were the ones controlling everything they would issue the order to the rest of the squad.
BB16-2014-07-09 20-06-37-445
8:05pm living room
Derrick asked production from no one i have nots expires the friday saturday “have nots are going to be on slop going into the HOH competition
Derrick tells them about a past Big Brother Players on have nots that ate food. the result was a penalty vote. Derrick explains they snuck cookies into the bed and ate them at night. . POW POW laughs “Thats my favorite player of all time who was that”. Derrick can’t remember.

BB16-2014-07-09 20-13-31-278

8:12pm BEEHIVE Brittany, Jocasta and Christine
Jocasta says people get on big brother they get excited they want to form an alliance and pick out a name so they go down in Big Brother history. Brittany “Four (Caleb/frankie/Amber/Devin) of the people think they walk on water and are gods gift to everything”
Christine says Caleb is the most dangerous out the Caleb/Amber/Devin. Christine trying to act like she’s out of the loop asks them if the 8 person alliance is still considered a thing. Brittany doesn’t know because she’s not part of the 8 . Jocasta says she’s the minority inside the house and outside the house.

BB16-2014-07-09 20-27-51-503

8:24pm Bathroom Nicole and Brittany
Brittany says Cody and Derrick are good people she doesn’t give a sh1t about Zach though. Brittany thinks Donny is very smart they have to keep Jocasta and Donny safe.
Brittany says Derrick and Cody are upset with her because she hasn’t talked to them she feels like she has to talk to them but not about the 8 person alliance just about how she feels, ‘Everyone knows we know about the alliance now”
Brittany see the house being broken into 3 groups. She says the ‘4 people’ (Caleb, Devin, Amber, Frankie) are playing everyone elses game for them and they are holding each other’s hand until the end, ‘Just hand them 500 thousands dollars”
Brittany says Cody and Derrick are with them Nicole isn’t sure she says Cody worries here. Brittany wants them all to stick together with Jocasta and Donny. Brittany thinks Hayden is a good person but Nicole knows him better than anyone.
Brittany heads to the BEEHIVE to chat with Jocasta she tells her they all need to stick together. Brittany names Donny, Christine, Jocasta and Nicole as Strong player.

8:53pm Devin still being ignored

9:01pm Production told them they will be able to go to the backyard later tonight. this most likely means there will be a competition outside for them to practice. They will only be given a hour


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LOL – the game they’re practicing looks like something perfectly suited for a golfer…
Zach is a golfer, he talks about it all the time…
Coincidence? Me don’t think so.
That’s ok, I’m sure the POV comp will be a benchpressing competition! 😉

Targa turn

Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of religious people this season? Jocasta obviously, but Christine, Amber, and Caleb are all Christian. I mean There are usually always a couple every season -some of them surprise me (I.e Rachel with her pink Bible) but it seems like everyone’s wearing there Jesus piece this year haha


BB Bible Study. Does that qualify as an oxymoron?


after a season where multiple people in the houe were fired/accused of racist remarks i’m sure the casters wanted to get away from having that kind of thing happening again…just a thought though.


I would venture to say that last years cast, generated as much publicity as any other cast before. Albeit mostly negative, but publicity nonetheless… I also think this cast is as diverse as there’s been. Which suggests to me, that they’re hoping for controversy. Remember the social aspect. The societal aspect. These people are a direct reflection of us as a whole. Racism, bigotry, narcissism, deceit, betrayal, chauvinism, abuse, bullying… We’re lookin in a mirror here people. This sh!t happens, and we all smell of it 🙂


Racism doesn’t seem to be an issue this year, but being religious and being racist are not mutually exclusive.


I hadn’t noticed.

Your intolerance towards Christians is frighteningly hypocritical.

I thought we were suppose to be tolerant of everyone and their beliefs.


@tiredofhypocrites: who is being intolerant of Christians?


Can someone please tell me where everyone’s vote stands right now?


It must be so exhausting to live in that house and worry every half an hour it seems about what he said she said.


I don’t think I could do it…fersure I’d being going crazy…probably pulling a Devin…or some sh!t like that. I know past players have said you do go crazy & become paranoid as hell. So kudos to these players…even to the ones I don’t really like.

Floaters Grab a Lifevest!!

LOL Jocasta thinks she’s a big player now because she has been fed the ideas of who to put up next going forward. I can’t stand all the floaters coming together now and thinking they’re going to oust power players.


Yeah because Nicole and Christine are such classy players with major game.

Floaters Grab a Lifevest!!

CAN’T STAND how NONE of these girls will even talk, like make some moves already stop hiding behind all these boys and letting them be your voice!


Never mind the girls not talking. Most of the guys won’t talk either. Then when they do (Zach) He gets put up on the block. They should have all spoken up then Devon would have had a meltdown.


After just watching the feeds and Derrick had the perfect game until he told Victoria that Devin and Brittany are working together. Everything would have gone perfect for Derrick if he didn’t say that because eventually Victoria is gonna tell either Jacosta or Brittany. Which in that case Brittany is gonna know he is fully of shit and can’t be trusted.


‘Perfect game’?!… ‘PERFECT GAME’?!?!?!… 16 people started, and only 1 has gone home so far!!! They haven’t even shown how big of a pompous and arrogant pr!ck Caleb is yet!!… The ‘perfect game’ has yet to be realized in the history of the BB house, much less before the second houseguest has even been evicted.


didnt dan gheesling from season 10 play a perfect game?
no eviction votes against him and got all jury votes


Its funny how they keep saying that Devin/Frankie/Caleb/Amber (who all turned on Devin) are running the house when its really Cody/Derrick. If Caleb and Amber were smart then they would work with Devin seeing that they are all ready lumped in with him. Minus well use the beast and not make another enemy.

Zrankie Fan

Hold on there Brittany dont you put Frankie with Caleb Amber and Devin! He’s not even with them! Frankie hasnt done shit to you so dont even try. In case you didnt know he’s helping you send home the same girl you said was your greatest threat. So dont try that honey.


Frankies a douche…hope anyone but caleb amber or frankie win hoh put up amber/frankie and caleb/jocasta caleb wil prob throw bob so then as long as devin doesnt win pov send home caleb or devin


Is PowPow the only person in the house who doesnt know about the alliance because it would be something great she could use to try to convince people to keep her. What is she doing?

Butters Mom

Maybe those bracelets they gave them are really tracking devices to keep up with Jocasta … she seems to have found a hole in fence and disappears.


Lets be honest I have seen Jocasta more than I have seen Victoria.


Why does everyone hate Caleb? He seems loyal to me. I hardly see him on after dark or read about him on the feed updates. It seems his only problem is that he’s lovestruck…


Yeah, that’s his ‘only’ problem… I’d suggest you read more, and/or watch more. You’re missing something…


Derrick is running the show I like him but I think he is talking way too much. As for the Devin I think its not fair that the BS is treating him like that when they didnt wont brittany to go up but they get mad when he takes her down. Its true Zach said crap about Devin just like the rest of the BS and I do feel that Zach should have went up. If floaters were smart they get rid of Zach. As for Team America its not going to last they are already talking crap about each other especially derrick and he hasnt been telling donny the whole truth about the BS is more than a one week deal. Right now I hope hayden wins


Dawg and Simon, you do such a great job. The live feeds would drive me crazy, but you keep me up to date with out the tedium of watching this bunch goofs 24/7. In no time would be just as sleep deprived as Brittany without your hard work. Hope my little donation helps.


I don’t care who wins at the end, just keep bringing the drama! Love this season so far!


I said in an earlier post, you will be able to see who Production wants in the House and who they do not,
Muscle Necks: Physical
Brains: Mental
Anyone Else: Dumb Luck

This says they want the next HoH to be Zach and somebody’s Dumb Luck… These sorts of competitions are dumb luck….
Now in the past this has been a trick, They have had people practice the PoV before the HoH… just to throw them off… It is too soon to do a picture memory game…. way too soon or a morph the house guests.
If this is the HoH and the PoV you will know for a fact that they want the muscle necks out of the house.
I think they are shell shocked from last year.
Unfortunately part of Big Brother is titillation and sex…. they need people in the house people will be attracted to, they need the Showmance… The possibility of Hot people naked or caught in bed… especially since they sell the feeds. So you need muscleheads and maidens. I think that is why they cast Caleb, Devin, Cody, Zach, Amber, Brittney, PowPow and Victoria. I think that they had intended PowPow for Caleb, Amber for Devin, Brittany for Cody and Victoria for Zach… I think that is what they meant when they told Victoria her fate was not going as they thought it would…. They had said a similar thing to PowPow. In a way this has been a Season of “He/She is Just not That Into You”…. So the Love Story this year is of the Surfer Boy and the Geeky Farm Girl… watch CBS.
May guess it that in Interviews they have done there tricks on people to sort of guide the eviction when they interview them (Past Seasons have talked about this… it is also why they call them at all hours and helps them choose who they want to talk too.) PowPow also has said she hates the Diary room because they get in here head….. I think they now believe Zach is staying and Pow Pow is going home “ERIC STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION” … So why not influence that thinking more… make them play golf… a game Zach is good at… he lives for golf… we should keep Zach because he can win this game become HoH and take out Devin/ Cale/ Amber/ Frankie….

Butters Mom

I agree with most of what you said, except I dont think you got the couple correct. Brittany mentioned that at the airport her excort pointed out Devin to her and suggested a possible showmance… also they pointed Brittany out to Devin at the airport as well… and Hayden has mentioned he usually dates exotic women … I think Pow was intended for him. I think Cody was put in there for Nicole possibly and I do think Caleb and Amber were put in there for each other to squash the talk about him being racist. I think Devin is being honest as Devin is capable of being… the thing about Devin is that he acts first and thinks later… then has to clean up his mess… and he keeps making that mistake over and over again… therefor he cant be trusted because he’s unpredictable. This game is definitely set up for dumb luck… even being good at golf doesnt mean you are good at put put golf with obstacles in your way… but Zach probably was on their minds when they came up with it for one of the winners. I wouldnt put money on him actually winning though just because he’s a golfer. We shall see though. I like Hayen and Nicole and Im not bothered by their innocent flirting… I hope they keep it to that though in the house… Jeff and Jordan did and now they are a couple .. Hayden and Nicole kind of remind me of Jeff and Jordans relationship in the house.


All the houseguests were already in sequester when the “racist” Caleb stories came out on the internet. So while I agree that they were probably put in there together in hopes of a showmance, I don’t think it was to stop talk about him being racist. The players were all picked ahead of time. IMO Caleb is clearly not racist or homophobic– you can tell he is being sincere in his obsession with Amber, his friendship with Devin (well, before the $hit hit the fan..) and affectionate behavior with Frankie, and not putting on a false persona. I think he was really angry after coming back from Iraq and said some ignorant things about the president, but mostly it’s because he’s a Republican.

Captain Crunch

Its funny how Cody/Derrick are saying Devin is strong arming people when that’s exactly what they’re doing to get people to vote Zack to stay. I think Derrick is talking way too much and its gonna come back to bite him in the ass.

Butters Mom

I think Derrick is talking way too much too.

give me a break

Derrick is a cop….he’s use to being a bully….he trying to strong are information out of Brittany…..if she does not talk to me she has to go….give it a few more days and the Cop will come out…..him not trusting Devin was a given….he’s big and he’s black….and Derrick is a cop….no surprise there…


He’s a cop, he must hate black people! *rolls eyes* That’s such a ridiculous thing to say.


they are not strong arming people they are manipulating them… thats completely different


anyone else tired of listening to brittany complain that other people in the house are playing big brother? “they’re lying! and they formed alliances!” wake up, sister.

next time you agree to play a game for half a million dollars, why not try and study a little about the game before you start playing, brittany? trust me, other people will.

Threat Level Midnight

Awesome season so far… Loving the chaos in the house. However, I always seem to cheer for the ones that get outcast and isolated from the rest of the house (I just do not like mob mentality/behavior.) I know many of you all hate Devin but it seems like he is being honest (then again I don’t follow the feeds) in many of his moves (I might be wrong do correct me if I am.) Thanks for the updates!!!


I think Devin has communication issues for sure but the whole strong arm bully thing is being over exaggerated but yet a great scare tactic to keep a target on his back. Most of the people in the alliance were planning to back door him and he tries to do something about it and is somehow seen as being wrong. And since he speaks loud and direct it comes off as being aggressive which scares people who dont know how to deal with it. Not to mention hes a big black guy which as much as i dont wanna say it i feel it does play a part in how they view him. Ive read worse things come out of Zachs mouth but it get brushed to the side cause preppy golf playing frat boys usually get the benefit of the doubt anyway. Thats just reality and Devin should have known better than to come in the house guns blazing. The first thing people compared him to was OJ so how do you think the people in the house are thinking? And no I dont think they are racist. It just is what it is. I dont no where Devin is from but he obviously is oblivious to the game of life and BB


I think he is way too intense and makes a lot of angry and/or intense faces too, which takes people aback, and he really does keep talking (INTENSELY, lol) until a person agrees with him, like with Hayden joining the Bomb Squad. It’s like you’re held hostage until you agree with what he’s saying. So call that bullying or not– I guess that’s everyone’s own opinion.


Even though Devin acts really erratic and all over the place most of the time, I have a lot of sympathy for him right now because I HATE when everyone gangs up on one person too. (Same with Amber– honestly she hasn’t done anything very offensive and “I hate Amber” is spreading like wildfire through the house.)


Derrick was doing great but messed up big time when he started talking to Victoria. Victoria is going to tellk Brittany for sure what derrick said since she already mentioned that she trusts Brittany the most and its going to destroy Brittany aDerricksrelationship. Also in true fashion Victoria will spin and exaggerate it and say Derrick ” bullied” her into believing all this stuff

Devi(l)n's baby mama!

Please, please let my ex-boo win the 500,000 prize! Ya’ll don’t know what kind of work up in the kitchen it took for “home fry” and I to make our daughter. Daddy needs money to pay up on child ‘sport. And, you girls stop referring Devtopia to the devil, he really isn’t an contemptuous self-absorbed arrogant tool as he puts himself out to be……. oh wait, that’s why I dumped him!

BTW……. Did ya’ll know Devin has a daughter? See you next week boo!


Wow thats funny how you tried to make it sound like shes Black but you might wanna change the accent and slang to a blonde valley girl Devin Loves to screw White chicks and white chicks love to screw black jocks im sure hes screwed plenty including his “baby mama”…..try again


Everyone is so scared ffs. Only 2 weeks so far and people are out for blood . I don’t think its nice for them to be ignoring Devin. I know hes a dink but the whole “lets not talk to him” thing is just plain mean, especially when its more then 3 people doing it. I know he brought it on himself too but still…ITS MEAN!!!
Frankie and Caleb are close and I can see them trying to stick together for as long as they can.
I sometimes like to see the floaters win HOH and watch the chaos start but in this case, is everyone out for the same person? Things change when people have power and I cant wait to see who wins this HOH.


Yea the 4 are forever,,,brittaney is the 5th one,,6th one is donny,7th one is christine,8th nicole,9th is derrick,10th hayden,11 jocasta,12th nicole,13th victorie,14th zac or pow pow ???? going run this way or another way,,depends on hoh wins, watch tonight Caleb proberly be hoh or devine again or amber or frankie or brittaney going be 2 hoh ya then a supreme ruler