House guests equipped with Activity Trackers – Calories, Minutes, Miles and Steps

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-09 15-16-05-919
3:15pm Donny and Jocasta Bathroom
Donny saying the ‘8’ is not as strong as they all think. Jocasta has never heard about a 8 person alliance being in this game. Jocasta starts talking about her kids saying “You freaking me out man” and her husband doesn’t like it.

BB16-2014-07-09 15-19-03-870
3:18pm Nicole and Victoria
Nicole says there really was a 8 person alliance her and HAyden weren’t in it that is why they went up on the block this week. Victoria says Caleb told her there was no alliance of 8. Nicole again tells her it’s true they had a plan to make it to jury there was 8 of them.
Victoria – “Caleb is making sh1t up”
Nicole – “they all are… There was a 8 person alliance 100%
Victoria brings up that Zach bullied her in the have nots to get her vote so she told him he has her vote.
Nicole begs her to not tell Frankie she knows about the bombsquad
Victoria promises she won’t claims she never tells Frankie any game talk

BB16-2014-07-09 15-35-23-886

3:35pm Donny and Nicole playing chess.
Donny is teaching her how to play.
Nicole says Caleb is saying there wasn’t an 8 person alliance
Donny says there is a 8 person alliance he talked to Hayden earlier today and filled him in, ‘Hayden was not in on it”
Donny explains his understanding of what happened. There was a 8 person alliance Devin got mad at Zach put him up and they tried to bring in Hayden to replace him. Devin left the alliance after they decided to keep Zach.
Donny thinks Cody was maybe playing along with them all but it’s hard to tell who to trust even with the people you like.
Donny says the four main people in that alliance is Devin, Caleb, Amber and Frankie the rest are thrown in for numbers.
Nicole – “this is a small chess board.”
Donny – “I don’t know why it’s uneven it makes me nervous”
Nicole tells him that Frankie is most likely playing all the side in the house. Donny agrees say it reminds him how Andy played last year./
Donny suggest that maybe they can sit on the sidelines and watch Cody/HAyden fight Devin/Caleb
Donny suggest if they can get rid of Caleb is cuts the the Devin-Clabe-Amber Alliance. He proposes if they both win the HOH they nominate Amber on one side and Caleb on the other that way they guarantee one of them go up.
Donny asks how close she is with christine.
Nicole says fairly close
Donny think they should nominate Devin/Amber and Christine/Caleb.
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BB16-2014-07-09 15-45-07-677

3:44pm Hayden and Frankie
Talking about the entire house wanting Devin out and nobody is believing what he’s saying. Frankie says the house knows everything about the bombsquad there’s not secrets anymore.

BB16-2014-07-09 15-46-08-681
3:42pm Storage room Victoria and Christine 
Victoria brings up Caleb coming up to her in the Kitchen saying that Devin is spreading rumours about her saying she’s made a deal with Devin to vote out Zach.
Christine says the same reason Victoria promised to vote Zach out to Devin is the same reason she followed along with them , ‘You can’t say no” Victoria say Caleb is mean and degrading. They Hug Victoria lands a kiss on the cheek.

BB16-2014-07-09 15-58-24-057
3:56pm BEEHIVE Frankie and Donny
Frankie asks him how everyone is doing. Donny says everyone is being very pleasant it’s feeling like half the people are already gone. it’s been quiet. Donny tells him he saw Brittany and Amber whispering when he came out of the room. Frankie leaves and pats Donny on the head.

BB16-2014-07-09 16-33-24-874
4:20pm Everyone Living room
Victoria comes in with a box and a card. She reads from the card.
Houseguest in this box each of you will find brand new activity tracker to wear while living in the Big Brother house this summer. This will allow all your fans to monitor your Activity levels including how many steps you take, total miles, Active minutes and calories burned”
Each player will receive a tracker which is individually labeled they are not allowed to swap the wrist bands or the tracking devices in the bands. When changing their audio equipment in the morning they are to place the activity tracker in the box provided this is when they sync the devices for online. Please wear form when they pick it up to when they drop it off. The devices are waterproof but you do not have to wear it in teh shower unless you want to .

BB16-2014-07-09 16-22-31-167frankieZombie
4:26pm Frankie as a zombie

BB16-2014-07-09 16-29-46-067

4:30pm While the players in the living chat about the activity trackers Devin is in the storage room alone.






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Devin talking in a nutshell:
my daughter
i have a daughter
my daughter


…& tug on the neckline of your shirt…..just too muscly for this!! tehe


What about bro, bro?


And what’s with the obsessive HOH door locking? From what little I’ve seen so far, I would be having a huge problem with Devin if I were a HG. I can’t stand his personality type.


I already can’t wait for this Devin vs the house coming up. in Devin’s mind he’s on some terminator mission to take down the BS. he’s beyond control now and don’t give no dambs about it…lol.


…at the end of the day, bro, I have a daughter, bro

smd nicole

“While the players in the living chat about the activity trackers Devin is in the storage room alone.” laughed so hard when i read this


I loved the picture that went with that caption lol


He was trying to scare the food items into voting his way. The only option at this point.


He was inviting the apples, bananas, and oranges into the bomb squad but telling them not to let the grapes or strawberries know.


I’m new to this site, just a few days in. Still trying to maneuver my way around. But, I gotta tell all of you are funny crazy nuts. Love it.


Victoria is just as delusional as devin zach didn’t bully her he apologized to her and talked to her normally and told her the benefits of keeping him and gettin rid of pow she is so stupid wants ppl to feel sorry for he


Yep……a little “it’s VICTORIA, not Vicky, *sniff, sniff*”, goes a looooonnnng way!


Victoria = victim. She says everyone is threatening her, scaring her, bullying her. I wish she was up in Pow Pows place and we can just get rid of the negativity. Plus she flip flops. Talk to derrick, voting Zach to stay. Talk to Frankie, voting Zach out. Talk to britney, vote zach to stay. Talk to cody, she’s afraid of zach, and voting him out. blah blah blah.

Sheep Deprivation

Thumbs up if YOU threatened Victoria.


He called her a B…and said he’d pull her tongue out. Devin hasn’t threatened to pull out anyone’s tongue has he?
Then Zach called Pow a Liar etc.


I noticed that bit too. They high-fived for cryin’ in the night. And now he’s bullying her? I don’t think this is even game-playing on her part. Not sure what it is other than garden-variety dislike.


I know girls like Victoria she does this for attention. Didn’t she tell Devin she isn’t intimidated by him because in Miami all the men are as big as him and he is a teddy bear??? Or something like that. She was on the outside, nobody talking to her but if she plays the “victim” everyone will try to make her feel better or see how she is doing. Spoiled girls always act like that it’s how they get men to protect and cater to them.

andy 2.0

way to go donny for calling frankie’s gameplay out as andy all over again!! i like the fitness band thing too (lol @devin hiding from everyone)


He nailed it saying Frankie is playing like Andy.


I liked that conversation too. Donny’s in the game now and he’s thinking is good.


This episode only confirms how deluded Devin sounds while reading these updates….lol

Sheep Deprivation

Now we will have measurements of “scurrying” activity. we will find out who the real rat is. Frankie, or Derrick, or ???.SCIENCE!!!


Devin is going to end up leaving the the house Chima-style. That picture of him alone in the storage room is scary!


I thought the TA missions would be better than the two options they gave America, sadly they are lame.


oh so lame


Really? Think about it. Get Cody to kiss Amber and spread the rumor to Caleb. But they will need to back away quickly cause Caleb will lose it!! Talk about throwing off Amber/Caleb’s games.


Hayden would be all to happy to help stir the pot. He really wants to get even with Amber.


I hope the powers that be pick B for America’s Team first mission. I feel no matter how people vote can will pick what they want. Comments??


is it allowed to show what those options are here in the updates? I don’t know what the choices are or what gets picked. 🙂



Butters Mom

wow… well that Team America Assignment is obviously A trying to get everyone to turn on Nicole and Hayden… Im voting B.

smd nicole

no way the go for nicole and hayden i bet they would go for amber and caleb


I think they want Cody to kiss Amber…think of the results!!


I think it’s great they have to wear Fitbits, I just wish we could ‘friend’ them!


Im sure not even Devtopia would be big enough for Devins ego…


Sure Devtopia will be big enough for Devin, his ego and his daughter…you know he has a daughter right?


Devin is batshit crazy. I would hate to be stuck in a house with him. Hopefully the next HOHs will put him up and send his crazy ass out the door.


Also that pic of Devin alone. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining!


LMAO Heeerrrreeee’s Johnny, err Devin!


The way the editing is going , tonight’s episode should be titles “Honesty is NOT the best policy Part 1”


Did they show the post veto argument between Devin and zach on the feeds?


I wonder how much of the immediate aftermath they will show tomorrow


Ok thank you also you have a great site


so is zach going home almost for sure?


is zach staying for sure?

smd nicole

I’m honestly pissed off that devin called himself the puppet master


Ugh, i am so mad they didn’t show the fight at the veto meeting, now we have to wait until tommorow to see it… screw you CBS…


I wish BB USA was like Big Brother Brasil.

7 Episodes a week.

Tuesday – Live 1 hour – Eviction Day
Wednesday – 5 minutes
Thursday – Live 1 hour – HOH Competition
Friday – 30 minutes – POV Competition
Saturday – 1 hour – HOH Nomination and Party for everybody
SUnday – Live 1 Hour – House Guests nomination ( AT BB Brasil HOH put only one person up, and every houseguest gets to veto to 1 person, and the most voted goes up on the block?
Monday – 30 minutes


Feed me first.


whaaat they didnt show it??

guess i have no reason to watch tonight’s episode…

i feel bad for anyone who keeps up with this show without watching the live feeds as well, they cut out so much on the tv episodes…


Donny telling Nicole to put Cristiane up??… If Nicole is smart she will see that she can`t trust Donny.

What has PowPow been doing??


You are so wrong on that. He and Nicole made an alliance today that didnt include Christine. Donny is alot smarter than you think. Common sense goes a long way coupled with keen observation, a closed mouth and facts. I believe he is testing their alliance to see if she will follow through with him or flow to the “8 group alliance” which includes her bestie. Dont count Donny out. 41 IS NOT OLD!!!!!!!


The current missions for Team America belong in a 2nd grade school class. What the heck? Get 2 hgs to kiss and then spread rumours? At the risk of showing my somewhat advanced years, everyone could sit in a circle and play spin the bottle or they could have a “rousing” game of Post Office. Surely AG and her production team could come up with something a bit more devious or intriguing.


Everyone is pissed at Devin for exposing the “Bomb Squad” when both Zach and Christine told before Devin. I really don’t blame Devin for exposing the group because he knew that if Zach stayed he would for sure go after him no matter what he told Caleb. I think at this point he knows everyone thinks he is the bad guy and no point keep up with this stupid alliance. Plus everyone in that group is full of it saying “oh if I ever get put up or go home I wouldn’t expose the bomb squad.” If I know I’m public enemy number one in the house you damn right I’m gonna expose everyone’s game. I’m not saying I’m a big fan of Devin but at least he is entertaining than some of these other houseguest.


I just cant wait till tonoght on bbad and live show tomr shoild b awesome…zach should stay but if he doesn’t he should yell bomb squad and just punch devin in face n walk out door


so where do we go to track the hg’s? on the live feeds site?


Is Devin still in the storage room? he is cray enough to still ben in there.
“I will call this my new Kingdom of Devinopolis I control all of the food in the house now.
They will have to bag me to eat.”


This episode proves how crazy Devin is. After his fight with Caleb he went crazy, like some serial killer talking to himself. He has several of those qualities.


He was talking to America.


You don’t talk under your breath to America. He couldn’t even put thoughts together, he just wanted to flip out on Caleb.


If Devin leaves all the post on here will be, “This show sucks.” “AG doesn’t know how to cast.” Devin is literally making this show, that’s why 90% of these comments are about Devin. I cant wait for next week, its going to be crazy. I hope Devin stays and stays for awhile.


Donny might look sweet and harmless, but the last few days he is showing his game to us and I like it. Didn’t think he had it, but I am impressed. He doesn’t trust Frankie at all, and unlike Derrick, he doesn’t want to go for the TA money at the expense of his game. Donny has made relationships with most of the HG, quietly and personally. He isn’t on anyone’s radar right now, he is the harmless guy that makes everyone laugh, never says a mean word about anyone, he has been laying the groundwork to be well positioned when the big personalities start taking each other out. He consults with Derrick and less so with Frankie, tells them what they want to hear but he thinks for himself and is nobody’s yes man. Frankie thinks he can control Donny, and I think Derrick does too, though Derrick cares what America thinks and won’t throw Donny or Frankie under the bus. I don’t think Frankie would lift a finger to save either of them, he’d put on enough show for the viewers, but he would rather play the game alone. He doesn’t care about the money, sounds like he has plenty, he wanted the title and he probably can’t do that as part of team America. I hope it isnt just stupid tasks and America gets to tell them who they want targeted and who they have to vote for. That would really piss off Frankie if he has to vote out someone he wanted to work with.


You can just cut and paste Victoria’s conversations. I thought the post was updated, but it’s just her repeating the same things. She sounds very immature and she’s focused on what everyone has done to her and everyone being so mean and not the game.

Up Goes the Bomb Squad!

Couldn’t believe what a beast Devin was in that Veto tonight unfortunately 🙁 Don’t understand why we’re using a past competition from last season already though.

LOVE what the situation Nicole and Donny cooked up with Amber/Devin and Christine/Caleb, Would absolutely LOVE Amber or Devin to go home next week!!!


Thanks for the close-up pic of the chess board! It’s in 3D, and as Donny said, it creeps me out! Really weird and worth a look…


The very ending of the CBS show where Brit says can I just say one thing…. And the music goes all slow and stops…. That was hilarious.


Devtopia? The kid is clueless and ridiculous. Talk about misplaced arrogance.