Big Brother Spoilers WEEK 5 Power Of Veto Results

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

Frank Won POV

8:45pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney tells Wil he did a good job in the comp. Wil mentions that he always ends up cutting himself in these competitions.

Wil tells them it looks like another night indoors, “And everyone spent the mother f**king day away.. .. Mind you that might not take long to take down..” Jenn: “That competition was awesome”

8:57pm Cam 3-4 HOH

Frank: ‘Wil is super bummed mode now”
Boogie says that Joe is starting to blow his cover. Boogie: “we can’t be seen talking alone with him” Frank says Joe has been winking at him. They need to tell Joe to chill. Boogie: “Chill, Cook the cod, don’t say much and don’t wink at me”
Frank thinks they need to give Joe some more reassurance.

Boogie tells him they are in a really good spot right now, Frank brings up about Britney turning on them next week. Boogie thinks that Dan is going to stop her. Frank: “Beside I had a long talk with her and I think she’s good.. She is worried about us backdooring them this week”

Ian joins them.. “Damn HOH and POV on the pagoda”
Boogie says the zingbot was stupid instead of Danielle. Ian says that Danielle is downstairs right now not looking too happy. The zingbot zing made it look like she was being portrayed a stalked.
Boogie: “You think Shane would be with Kara I’ll just leave it at that.. She’s an attractive girl but…. She has this dream and this vision that she’s this princesses kate.. then she hears this and..”
Frank: “Shane’s sh!t isn’t tight enough for Kara”
Frank: “The zingbot zing on ashley was pretty good only because she didn’t understand it at first”

Boogie tells them Thursday is going to be double eviction they need to start getting bodies out of the house.

9:17pm bathroom Shane, Britney and Danielle

Shane is worried that he’s going up. Britney tells him they need to make sure Frank doesn’t use the POV.. if one of them go up they’ll be down a vote. Shane thinks he’ll be able to get the votes. Britney isn’t as enthusiastic about it. She thinks they have 4 locked but Ashley won’t give them a vote. Shane: “I saved her last week with the POV” Danielle looks terrified about all this talk of Shane being nominated. Frank joins them and they start chit chatting about the Power of Veto Competition.

9:30pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Most of the house guests eating Joe’s Salsa. The Havenots get the first stab at it. Joe found in the Have Nots rules that it states you can eat salsa but doesn’t saw what kind. Joe made a kind of super salsa with tons of veggies, Tomorrow he tells them he’ll make a fruit salsa. Joe is making a Big Brother Cookbook and this salsa is going to be in it.
Shane asks him about Making different sauces.
Joe: “I can make you 15 different sauces in 1 hour.. I studied sauces for 6 months all around the world”

9:30pm Cam 3-4 Jenn, Wil and Ian Ian sayign that was a perfect competition for him to host.
Jenn: “You were definitely helping out the boys”
Ian: “I was trying”
Jenn: “Sure”
Ian:”They were like hey Ian a little Help.. Yaa…. “
Jenn gets up and walks away…
Ian under his breath “Ohh man…”
Ian: “what are you going to do for dinner tonight…”
Wil: “I don’t know you”
Ian: “Crack into those steak things”
Ian: “Pretty clever of Joe to make his own salsa”
Wil: “Yup… Good idea..”
Wil walks away.

10:16pm Kitchen Cam 1-2 Britney, Jenn and Wil

Britney sayign that Jenn is one of the most considerate people she’s ever meet.
Jenn: “You really mean that?”
Britney: “Yes of course..”
Jenn: “thanks I really appreciate that.”
Jenn leaves just chit chat..

Ian’s “For an chemical engineering student, you don’t have much chemistry with the ladies.”
Wil’s Zing; “What do you call Fabio minus the good looks”
Ashley’s Zing “The only thing bright about Ashley is her smile.”
Danielle: “Shane got a special gift for you after the show it’s a restraining order”

11:01pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Wil

Jenn is saying she really thinks the nominations are going to be the same.
Wil is afraid that Britney, Shane, Boogie, Dan and Frank are working together. Jenn is going to talk to Frank and Boogie tonight and find out what is going on. Wil really thinks he is the target. Jenn mentions that Joe was very rude to the girls and they won’t forget that.. (Girls = Danielle+Brittany) Wil brings up a conversation he had with Danielle. She made him feel like he’s going home this week. Jenn points out that they may want to Backdoor Shane in which case he’ll be fine.

Jenn says that there is one thing that Janelle told her before she left. Do not go to the end with too many guys in the Jury house and in the game because they will take her out.

11:47pm They’ve been playing charades ..

12:09AM Charades YO CAM 1-4
I added to our Google+ Page a image of Boogie playing charades..

Share it YO!!

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I’m glad Frank won. I hope he goes after Shane, Britney or Danielle. Will can be dealt with another time, he needs to get those assholes out. I think the best alliance would be Boogie, Frank, Dan and Ian maybe Jenn. I hope Boogie and Frank don’t waste their HOH on a floater. They need to strike first cause those assholes are still gonna come after them if they win the power next week, so what’s the big difference? I thought Boogie was supposed to be smarter than this, if he takes out a floater then he proves why Dr. Will is a better player than him. He’s nothing without Will Kirby.


Apparently you were in a Coma last week, when he single-handedly changed the majority of the houses mind, and instead of getting Frank out, backdooring Janelle. He planted the seed from Dan’s mind, and that meeting between the four coaches was crucial, if you think Boogie is stupid you obviously weren’t watching BBAD, because the questions he was throwing at Janelle in front of the other coaches were brilliant, putting her on the spot and grilling her.


I suppose you think wasting an HOH on a floater is a good thing in the game huh? Janelle has nothing to do with this week, she’s gone so that doesn’t really affect this week and the rest of the game and obviously you haven’t been paying attention, Britney and the rest of them want Boogie and Frank out just not at their hands, if he doesn’t make a big move this week ( getting Wil out isn’t a big move ) they’re gonna get him or Frank out next week. So Boogie needs one of them out or he is DUMB, point blank.


He’s not watching the feeds he doesn’t know that. He is sticking to their plan of picking everyone off and letting the silent 6 then battle it out. He’s not dumb if he doesn’t know what she’s planning next week


I know what BBAD episode you are talking about. Boogie was at good finest that night. He literally talked 4 separate people into doing what he wanted.

It was an epic BBAD.


Evicting Wil is not a bad idea since it’s so obvious Wil would come after Boogie and Frank. They could be just digging their own grave by evicting one of the four, Shane, Brit, Dan or Dani.


I think Boogie can work his magic on Wil. But, those four will make it their duty to get either Frank or Boogs out, for sure. Maybe, Boogie can pull one out of his ass at the next HOH, MAYBE!!! That’s a long shot.


What you fail to realize is that Dan wants Boogie around. He has GREAT sway with the Quack Pack. Boogie also wants Dan and the rest of the Silent 6 around for jury. If you are going to win by “scumtowning” people you need more than an alliance of 2 and the votes to evict people. He does not have the votes to evict anyone in the shhhh…. yet. He needs people in from the core 4 to be ready to turn on each other before a move like that can be done and then he’ll make a run.

Also he needs another week to feel out the sub alliances. Can he take out Danielle and not piss off Shane and Britney? If he takes out Britney will that stop Shane from joining him? Can you get enough votes to evict Dan until you are down to 4?


Based on game, Mike will beat Dan if he makes it to the end, I can’t believe you can’t see that…Mike is the only one playing game out of this bunch of clueless fools…


Im hoping Frank doesnt use the POV.. u know Boogie and his grand ol ideas and whatnot. Hope the noms stay the same.


Is it just me or do any of you get annoyed with franks hand gestures and blinking??!


It pisses me off so much. it’s like he’s always fantasizing about groping boogies tits with all of his hand motions.


are they planning another backdoor? or what? whats up with this secret with joe?


darn it.. what a waste! they should really consider getting dan the hell out. there is no reason to keep him around. he is so disgusting to look at !! lol.. him or shane.. either one. but i don’t care if wil leaves he isn’t a fave, he was a terror to janelle.


i wonder if he’s regretting his decision to evict janelle or is he thinking this is karma?


I know frank is not a fan favorite but the guy deserves to be in the finals. He has won 2 HOH has been on the block 3 times and just one POV. from all the people in the house he pretty much is one person so far that deserves to be in the final 3


Well if you consider bb saved him just saying he would of not even be here if it was for bb


@nothing.I agree.Frank butt would’ve been evicted and Boogie would’ve had his mouth open because of the blind side,that Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane planned on doing to them(Boogie&his entire team)Lol.But production had to screw them over and save Frank,which also helped Boogie.I guess Boogie&Frank is productions favorites this season,and anyone who watched last season(Rachel&Jordan saved by pandora’s box)should know how production will stop at nothing to save/protect their favorites from being evicted.Which also means that the rest of the house guests should just walk out the door,because production will give Boogie&Frank hints on who is plotting against them.Lol.They’ll(production)also save either(Boogie&Frank) of them from the danger of being evicted.


production did save Frank, but they were also the main reason he was on the block in first place. They most likely hinted Janelle about coming in the game and that’s what she used to persuade Britney that they need to get rid of him (she told her he was going to rally all the newbies against them). So in this case I feel like it was only fair.


Frank and Boogie need to keep Ion in on “strategizing” because Ion may have some good insight if Boogie’s ego will allow for it. They may also get a clue that some of their Shh alliance is on Quack- LOL

Then Frank/Boogie should ask each HG who they would Backdoor if they were in Frank’s position. ITs a great question because it may provide good intel!


@needaspaday.“Then Frank/Boogie should ask each HG who they would Backdoor if they were in Frank’s position. ITs a great question because it may provide good intel!” If I’m not mistaken this is one of the moves that Dan is famous for during in his season(season 10),or he did something similar to this.So,basically Boogie&Frank will be copying Dan.Lol.If they(Boogie&Frank) tried this,Dan will tell his core/real alliance(Danielle,Britney&Shane)how to answer this question.

Team Dan

Dan did do this in season 10 and it was referred to as veto or renom roulette (I can’t remember which exactly). Dan did it in front of a group of people and “encouraged” a few names be said before it happened. It was another way for him to try and keep his hands as clean as possible.


@Team Dan.I knew that idea seemed familiar. Your right about the name of Dan’s plan involving the word roulette.But I think in Dan’s speech to the jury members.He said he did that in order for Memphis to want to take him to final 2.Which means that he(Dan)wanted the other house guests to look at him as the bad guy(no one wants to take a house guests that other people in the game view as playing the game with out making others angry/the good guy).Thus,making Memphis feel comfortable with the option of going against Dan in the final 2.I remeber when Dan explained how every move he made was strategic. When he told the jury members why he did the nominations the way he did.That’s when I knew how great a player he is.I also think the fact that season 10 jury members only cared about who played the best game(the jury had good personal reasons not to vote for Dan to be the winner),really helped him in being crowned the winner.There’s been a few jury members who based their decision on personal reasons,when it concerns who should win the game.Which sucks,because the jury should only vote for the person that had the superior game.


what does the POV card that Shane won in a previous comp do for him???


hope next season they get competitors instead of talkers i am tired of people talking their way to the final because competition wise final 3 should be shane, frank, danielle


I think boogs is screwed either way, so he should go big here then go home

but ok, take out wil, but brit WILL make sure you are gone next week, they are all so afraid of mike boogie, yet who won pov….oh right, his meatshield frank


@gah.“but brit WILL make sure you are gone next week,”And production will do everything in their power to prevent Boogie or Frank from being evicted.Lol.Just how they did,by only allowing the coachs to play with strings attach.The string attached was having no eviction(everyone except Boogie&his team knew Frank was 100% going to be evicted).Which meant that if one of the coachs hit the buzzer to play the game(production already knew Dan,Janelle&Britney would choose to play the game,because Janelle said the DR asked her,and Dan&Britney have said if given the option they will play the game.All three of them said this the same week of the twist.Production made sure the twist will protect their favorites(Boogie&Frank),and I don’t think that will be the last time production steps in and help Boogie&Frank.They’ll(production)probably give them hints or flat out just tell them who’s targeting them.You have to love production.Lol.They(production)obviously like this whole chill town thing,that Boogie&Frank have been doing.If one of them gets evicted(not over production’s dead body)it will put a end to that.


What Production likes is drama. While they are together they produce drama. But Production knows that if Boogie is evicted, Frank will go ape shit. The only one that has been holding Frank back at all has been Boogie. (At the moment Frank has a fixation on Dan and getting him out.) If Frank got evicted, Boogie would seek revenge and scheme like he has never schemed before.

If they stay together or one is evicted there is drama and Production Wins.


Dan has been hanging with team t*ts (Ash, Jenn, Wil) an awful lot the last 2-3 days.
I know he likes to work on his social game but do you think he may be planning something for down the road?


Dan is probably just getting close for votes!


the zing bot is cool…finally told danielle she a stalker…. funny


she’s obseesed with shane, but yet she talks about trey. she always talks about saving shane but you never hear shane say he will save her.


For someone who could barely walk last night Ashley is moving around good tonight.
I think someone didn’t want to be a have not.

Thats funny the Zingbot called Dani Shanes stalker.
You you’ll be hearing talk about for the next few days.


i know right. I’m just glad it didn’t call her fat or bring up janelle to her. The zingbot only told her what brit and dan have been trying to say to her. she didn’t understand their nice way of trying to tell her to leave shane alone, but i bet she gets it now.


Aahhaha, if the zingbot said that, Danielle would’ve gone ape shit on him.

MU Tigers

I bet she still doesn’t get it.

Trey should look into a restraining order as well.


She got a cortisone injection


Back issues suck. One minute you’re fine, then the next minute you’re spazzing out.. .


Is Brit eating Joe’s salsa? :-) :-) :-)


Boogie and Frank can be fine with sending Wil this week, but they need to seriously work as individuals and slow down on winning as much as possible. Honestly would make sense for Boogie and Frank to work with Dan and Danielle as long as possible to at least make an attempt to control the house. Dan is the next biggest obvious threat in the house after those two, and Danielle is unstable enough to control the way Boogie likes to play. Ian is probably the lynch pin in this, but I can’t see any other way for Boogie and Frank to play this.


Does anyone know if Ian has a form of Autism?


It’s very probable that Ian has asperger’s syndrome. He has all of the symptoms.


One day Ian was alone on the hammock talking out loud and he said that he was stimming, which is an autism/Asperger’s related behavior.


Honestly im getting sick of Ian and his fan boy ways he needs to stop it is really getting annoying as fuck all he cares about is shit to sell on ebay n wikipedia records which to a bb fan like myself is frustrating knowing that only 12 out of millions will get to play the game a year


Yep, and the others seem very awkward around him too! More watching paint dry!


Frank Tha Stank is trying to chase down Shane comp wise now.


BB, Please give these people some Alcohol! It’s like watching paint dry!


Is there some sort of weird pattern here, where the HOH just has to win the Veto as well, HOH-Shane, Veto-Shane,HOH-Dani Veto-Dani, HOH-Frank Veto-Frank, weird.


Simon/Dawg or anyone who knows
the girl who was dating during his season is that the same girl he is married to?


my bad


Dan married someone else, not the girl he was dating while on BB10. He said he broke up with her not long after the show.


No Prob Simon, I wouldn’t have known either but he has talked about it a couple times this season.


LOL at the Zingbot over heating in Brit season and during tonights comp.

Pretty cool card tricks by Dani, u know she was loving that spotlight (:
I know magic is a work but still that type of stuff!


shane is gross

Eric CA

Boogie and Frank will keep the nominations as they are.
What should have happened his week is what did not happen.
I say their best bet is to pull a Brittney and Shane out of their Ass.
Have a conversation with Wil and Joe. Then get Danielle alone. They must know some
little factoid from Danielle that they could through into a lie to make it look real. Talk with
Danielle alone, say she was trying to keep Shane safe (very believable.), then ask her a
dangerous question about Dan, Shane and Brittney. Then put Shane up. They can say that
Danielle said something that made the nervous about Wil and they needed to control the votes.
Shane is just the pawn. Please note: Boogie and Frank already know about the castaways.

Brittney: Evict Wil
Dan: Evict Wil
Danielle: Evict Wil
Jen: Evict Shane
Ashley Evict Shane
Ian: Evict Shane/ Wil
Joe: Evict Shane
Boogie: Evict Shane

It is a tie.
Frank: Evict Shane
or the house Evicts Shane

Easy: Do not waste a week on Wil.


I agree the nominations will stay the same and Wil will be evicted. It’s to early for Boogie to make a big move. I think he is trying to get people out before jury who he thinks would influence the jury. Also he is not ready to cut Frank loose yet. Right now it’s perfect for Boogie all the blood is on Franks hands and he will try and keep it that way for as long as he can.


Evicting Will is NOT a waste. Evicting ANYONE is not a waste. If you think so, a floater or a weak non-factor of a player makes it to the end like Jenn. Yes, evicting Shane would be great. But where does the target fall? On Frank and Boogie. They immediately become the biggest targets in the house and they won’t have any decent players to help them out. Throwing in your hat with Joe, Ash, Will and Jenn is pretty much asking to be evicted right away. No Chilltown Lite is better served to wait out. Take out a good social player like Will and make one of the other players take out the likes of Shane, Britney and co. Their hands would be clean.


Ouch…Zingbot getting meaner and meaner. Hilarious tho!


.“Frank brings up about Britney turning on them next week.”How did Boogie&Frank find out that Britney is planning on getting rid of one of them(probably Frank)next week?I mean did another house guests tell them that or did they over hear her say it?If I had to take a guess.I’ll say a little birdy(aka production)gave them(Boogie&Frank)the heads up.They(production)want to make sure that their favorites make it to the end.Lol.


Frank tells Ash to stay out of SR so they can put the beer in there (They won’t bring it with someone in there).
Ash says “Go F&ck Yourself Frank!”. Everyone else is like “Whoaaaaa” and laughing.
Did anyone else think of the scene in Goodfellas when Spider tells Tommy they same thing?
Was waiting for DeNiro to slip Ash a hundred for havin’ the balls to say that, lol.


Was Ash serious when she said that or was she smiling or joking around?


I think a little of both, she played it jokingly, but I think she was irritated he was bossing her around.


What time did that happen? I’m trying to find the Flashback.


Think it was in the last half hour of BBAD or so. Somewhere around the time of Danielle’s card tricks but before team charades I think.


Tried to find it on flashback, of course they had FISH when it happened.
At about 11:11 they show Ash asking “Frankie you’re not mad at me are you?” on cams 3/4, but that is all you will see of it unless you have BBAD DVR’d (It happened sometime between about 10:57 and 11:05).
Thanks be for BBAD, at least you very rarely get fish while watching that.


lets just say the nomination stays the same,
i just felt Brit and Dani will try to flip the favour on Wil and keep him in the house so there’ll be someone who’ll be coming after Frank n Boogie besides them
they can convince all the girls to be on board plus Shane and Dan

Danielle – Evict Joe
Britney – Evict Joe
Shane – Evict Joe
Ashley – Evict Joe
Jenn – Evict Joe (if she’s loyal to TITS)
Dan – idk about him. He might want to do whatever Boogie’s telling him for this week. But if he’s more loyal to his alliance, might as well Evict Joe.

This should be entertaining right!


no way that happens

if they do that, they go against the word they gave boogie to vote together. will void their deal right there.

and no way they convince boogie and frank otherwise, and they will see right through the attempts.

wil is as good as gone unless the silent six wants to lose boogie and frank before the next hoh, and I know dan doesnt, as I think if they gave him a choice to go f2 right now and auto evict everyone but one other player, he’d say “sorry danielle, but I have to go for the win, boogie final 2”


yes anonymous that sound more like what will happen. ggod insight.


. It’s not impossible. Dan & Britney can’t get rid of Frank. Probably either evicted Wil in week 6 or double eviction.


I was having a hard time finding a favorite this year, i was leaning towards Team Frank, but I am at the part of BBAD where everyone is gathered around talking about what they drink when they go out and i think i found my favorite, Shane’s my guy. Team Shane Yo….


So Joe might make it through this week? Wow, the Joe alliance has the makings of being one of the most powerful alliances in BB history! Telling tall tales, being the soul vote to keep Janelle, cooking with toilet infected hands, and a little late night loving with his self-alliance whilst other HGs are sleeping in the same room. Bet some of the past players are watching just kicking themselves for not coming up with such a brilliant game strategy!

Where’s Franks grandma when you need her to tell Joe to “keep it classy”? :)

MU Tigers

This should be a sign for Danielle. Actually it should be a giant flashing neon sign for her, but somehow I doubt that she sees it. If anything, she is going to start a new pity party over how the Zingbot was mean to her. They can’t get her out of the house fast enough.


lol what did danielle say about the zing? i didnt watch bbad last night


Am I the ONLY one that wants to snatch that little patch of hair off Joe’s chin? I dated a biker with a ZZTOP beard and my late husband had the cleanest tight groomed beard ever (loved it) but “Joe’s patch” bothers the hell outta me. “bless his heart”


Frank, better keep the nomination a same. Send joe out of her. He is too much.


Frank keep the nomination a same
Jenn:evicted Joe
Ian:evicted Joe
Ashley:evicted Joe
Britney:evicted Joe
Shane:evicted Joe
Danielle:evicted Joe
Dan:evicted Joe
Mike Boogie:evicted Joe
8-0 bye bye Joe!


you better be right Captain or someone else will do the predictions.


@KEVINS If Joe keep his mouth shut. Yeah it will happen.

what the hay

correction….its her ex best friend telling the truth about danielle’s lies


Frank, Don’t rock the boat of saving Wil or Joe. Keep the nomination a same. Silent 6 plus Ian will make it that far.


My guess is Dan and Boogie have had a final two pact from the very beginning in case they were put into the game. They get along and seem to respect each other. Dan idolizes Dr. Wil. Teaming with Boogie, Dan can claim membership in Chilltown thereby forever tying him to Dr. Wil. Both would probably have a better chance of taking the top prize standing next to the other instead of a newbie. How could either chance being beaten in the end by a newbie rather than a previous BB winner? Wouldn’t do much for either’s BB legend. Boogie won All Stars, if Dan won over Boogie he could claim BB top dog title, if Boogie won he’d have beaten yet another previous BB winner. Worth the risk for both of them being the final two? Yup. Worth the risk against a newbie? No way.


Frank should not trust these people. They back door him every single time!!!!!!! Don’t be fooled frank


who did they put on the block tonight ? I missed it