Amanda says I bet you give mad he@d! If I had a p*n!s I would shove it down your thro@t right now!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

CBS Interactive Inc.

1am Up in the HOH room – Judd, Spencer and Howard are talking. Judd says that he felt really good about the other talking to Kaitlin and Ginamare. Jessie comes up to say good night. Judd convinces her to stay. He asks her who she thinks should go home. Jessie says that she doesn’t know maybe vote out Kaitlin. She says because I am closer to Aaryn. Jessie says she will do what the house wants though. Jessie tells Judd that he is the captain of the ship and people will do what he wants. Jessie says that she knows Elissa doesn’t like Aaryn but they shouldn’t do just what she wants. Spencer says that Kaitlin just came off a POV win, she is a sitting duck. Jessie says that Kaitlin is a triple threat and if Elissa doesn’t want to vote her out, you can just tell her that’s what the house wants. Gina joins them and tells Howard that his clothes are down in the dryer. She says that she didn’t know if the wife’s clothes were in there too. Howard says nope, I wash my own clothes. Spencer jokingly says are those your panties I saw in there? Gina heads back downstairs.

1:20am Jessie tells Spencer and Judd that Kaitlin is playing both sides. Spencer says I don’t care Kaitlin goes this week, and Aaryn goes next week. Judd says whoever stays I want to be able to work with them. Jessie says well then keep Aaryn. She will work with you, Kaitlin will just continue to play both sides. Spencer says I don’t do anything, anything that gives Amanda and McCrae any strength. Judd says they think we are all stupid and puppets. Jessie asks who do you want out next week. Judd says hopefully Aaryn or Gina. They talk about how loyal Gina is, she’s carried around Nick’s hat for a week. Jessie says Aaryn will never work with them. Spencer asks if Jessie can control Aaryn. Jessie says she can. Jessie leaves. Spencer and Judd continue to talk about keeping Aaryn over Kaitlin.
CBS Interactive Inc.


Meanwhile out in the backyard – Kaitlin, Aaryn, Gina, Amanda, Andy and Candice are all laughing and joking around about when Jeremy went home and Ginamarie was going off in the kitchen during the live show. They start stretching on the ground. Aaryn show a stretch on Kaitlin that her personal trainer did with her the first day that made her super uncomfortable.


1:30pm – 2am Howard joins Judd and Spencer back in the HOH room. Spencer tells Howard and Judd when Andy comes up here lets name our alliance to make him feel a part of it. Spencer says I like the name “3 men and a lady”. Spencer talks about how he saw Kaitlin’s titt*es in the shower today! McCrae pops his head in the door for a second. Then leaves. Spencer says that he wants to bust that up in a second (Amanda and McCrae). Meanwhile in the havenot room Andy talks to Jessie about how he doesn’t trust Spencer or Howard at all. He says if I get HOH I will put them up and get them out. Andy says that Spencer acts like he is my best friend but he isn’t. He is making deals with everyone. Andy says that you, me and Judd are cool. Andy then leaves to go up to the HOH room. Up in the HOH room – Andy, Spencer, Howard, Judd and Candice talk about random things. Judd talks about how it’s weird being up here in the HOH alone. Spencer says I would just beat off in the shower. The conversation turns to talking about Judd solitary confinement room. Judd heads downstairs. Andy, Spencer and Candice talk about Jessie. Candice says that Jessie is intelligent and knows worldly things. Spencer says she has some nice titt*es!

Out in the backyard – Gina and Aaryn are laying on the hammock together. They talk about how it sucks both being up together. Aaryn says I told you we would both be up together. Gina says she has no one to talk to other than you two. Gina wonders why Judd had to put you two up. Aaryn says because no matter what with the MVP the other was going up. Gina says I came here to compete and win sh*t, I am a competitor. Aaryn says if I stay by some miracle I have to win the HOH. Aaryn says I just hope there is some power for the HOH. I am nervous for what the twist will be.


2:05am – 2:50am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Howard, Candice and Spencer are talking. Spencer asks Andy questions about what type of guys he likes to date. Spencer asks Andy if he has one night stands. Andy says no he doesn’t go looking for it but that he wouldn’t be opposed to it. The conversation turns to talking about dating online. Judd joins them. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking by the hot tub. Aaryn says I know I am going home. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that Jeremy is her brother. Kaitlin says that she is shocked right now. You’re lying! This is weirding me out. I don’t like this if this is true. Kaitlin says but we cuddled in front of you. Aaryn says I know I am going home so I figure I might as well tell you. Aaryn then tells her that she was just fu*king with her. Kaitlin says you fu*king bit*h I want to punch you right now! They both laugh.
CBS Interactive Inc.

Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she has heard Aaryn is staying and that I’m staying, I am just so over it. Kaitlin says they are going to pick us off one by one. Meanwhile Gina and Judd are talking on the hammock. Gina tells Judd that Jessie is a floater and a half. Gina says Jessie is useless she hasn’t won anything and has been a havenot a couple of times. Judd tells Gina I got you longer than I’ve got her. I’ve got you to the end. Gina says I know I got you too. Judd tells Gina that both sides are pretty much voting the same way. Voting Kaitlin out. Judd tells Gina not to tell anyone. Judd tells Gina we might have to work with McCrae and Amanda. Gina asks how they are with Elissa and Helen. Judd says that Elissa will be going before jury. Judd tells Gina she will make it to jury, just stick with me. Gina talks about how she thinks Howard is that MVP. Judd says that Howard said he was psychology major and he wouldn’t even look at me in the eye. Judd says that Spencer is dangerous too. Judd tells Gina not to tell Kaitlin or Howard. Judd says we will need to get out Candice too. Gina says if I get HOH I will put up Candice and Elissa. Judd talks to Gina about going to the final four with her and Amanda and McCrae. Judd says we could win against them and they get the $500,000 and the $50,000, screw the $13,000. Judd tells Gina that Howard and Spencer are playing us.

2:54am Out in the backyard – Aaryn comes over and asks if they want to do the cinnamon challenge. Judd says that he will do it. Jessie, Aaryn and Judd line up and try it. They all cough it up. Gina says that she could do it I can swallow anything. Gina then loads up a teaspoon of cinnamon and says let me show you how it’s done! Gina dumps the teaspoon into her mouth and slowly works it down. Everyone can’t believe that she did it. Kaitlin says I can’t believe you did that, I’ve never seen that done before. Gina asks why is that so hard to do? Aaryn says I blacked out for a minute. Gina wants to the milk challenge. Andy comes out and says that Judd threw up in the HOH bathroom. Gina then does another one that is 3 times the size of their first one. She goes out into the middle of the yard and yells for all the cameras to be on her. Everyone starts chanting for GIMS, GIMS, GIMS! She then swallows the spoonful and works it down. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Gina is finish and the others can’t believe she just did that. Amanda says I bet you give mad head! If I had a penis I would shove it down your throat right now. How about you go get us a banana and show us how you deep throat. Gina asks is that a lot of calories? Kaitlin says I bet that isn’t going to be pretty coming out.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


3:35am In the lounge McCrae and Amanda are talking. McCrae wonders how much a plane ticket to Florida would be. Amanda says I don’t know I am sure you can afford it. McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda asks what do you mean you don’t know. McCrae says that he has some messes to clean up back home. Amanda asks like what? McCrae says like work messes. Amanda says better not be girlfriend messes. McCrae says um yeah I dunno. Amanda says or you could just not talk to her any more, you don’t owe her anything. Amanda asks McCrae if she was the first girl he proposed to? McCrae says yes. Amanda says and the last!! McCrae asks her if he is the first guy that ever proposed to her? Amanda says I’ve never been engaged, till now! They start making out.


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:50am – 4:10am Out in the backyard – Howard, Spencer, Kaitlin, Gina and Aaryn. Spencer gets a message from Aaryn. Gina says that she can do it way harder. Gina then gets up and starts digging her elbows in his shoulders. Spencer says okay that’s too hard. Gina says “that’s what she said!” They start talking about $ex positions. Aaryn talks about how she doesn’t understand some of the positions guys put her in with her legs up over her heads. She says she’s thinks what the hell are you doing, that hurts!? Kaitlin says she gives the bitchiest looks some times. Spencer asks what their favourite positions are. Kaitlin says she likes doggie style. Gina shows them her favourite position. She gets down by the small fridge and the wall and show them. She says it’s the best position because you’re right up against the wall and you don’t go no where. Gina talks about how she will be looking up Nick when she gets out. She says he likes instagram better than Facebook. Gina then asks what’s Nicks last name? Kaitlin says Uhas. Gina asks how do you spell it? Kailin says U H A S. Kaitlin says she is going to bed because it takes awhile to fall asleep. She says I’m used to being cradled. Gina says Nick never touched me, I did give him a massage once though. Kaitlin and Aaryn head to bed. Spencer, Judd and Gina talk about needing to see who wins HOH to know how to move forward. Spencer asks Gina who should stay/go. Gina talks about the pro and cons of both Aaryn and Kaitlin. Gina says I think I am a 7 but my personality is a 10.

4:25am – 4:30am In the bedroom – Aaryn and Kaitlin are lying in bed talking about how ugly the house is this season and how it was better other seasons. Aaryn tells Kaitlin again, I think I am going. Kaitlin and Aaryn discuss who they think will be evicted in the coming weeks. The decide to go to sleep.

4:35am – 4:40am Howard, Spencer, Judd and Gina are still talking in the backyard. Gina asks Howard who he would put up if he won HOH. Howard says he would go with the house and probably put up McCrae and Amanda. Gina says I like Helen but she is sitting to pretty and needs to go up on the block. Spencer says a lot of people are sitting too pretty and need to go up. Howard brings up how they tried to frame him to look like the MVP.

4:50am Gina starts talking about Nick – She says I love him! I don’t need him like the other girls need a guy in here! Gina says I ain’t no rat either! If that starts going around I will never work in New York again. People get shot in the face for that sh*t. Spencer says well I don’t want you to get shot in the face. Judd says lets just wait and see how the HOH plays out. Gina gets called to the diary room. Spencer says best case scenario is Aaryn goes home and then Kaitlin goes next week. Judd says that he has mixed feelings about Aaryn going this week. Spencer says I really don’t care I just think kaitlin can win HOH and then we could use her. Spencer says whoever wins HOH the safe thing would be put up Kaitlin and Ginamarie. Gina comes back and tells they that they just wanted to know if I was okay after the cinnamon sh*t. They’re so nice.

5:10am Judd talks about separating himself from Jessie more so that they aren’t seen as a couple. Spencer tells Judd he shouldn’t sleep in the same bed with Jessie when his HOH is over. Judd is worried about Jessie’s feelings are towards him. Howard says that he thinks she just wants someone to talk to. Spencer agrees. Spencer tells Judd that he think he should talk to Amanda and McCrae to ask them who they want to stay. He says that will reveal who they have a deal with. Judd, Spencer and Howard head to bed..

8am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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can they please get rid of amanda

the Truth

Fucking A! ….I cant stand that beast.


Just saw someone post this on the BB facebook page. Not sure of the truthfulness of it.

Having worked on CBS for years, and having been part of the BB Production Crew, I have some inside knowledge I want to share. I would like to remain anonymous because I still work in media, just not for CBS anymore.
I, until recently was involved in the selection process for the BB 2013 season houseguests. Let me fill you in on who is going to win this season, it has already been pre-determined. Amanda Zuckerman will be the Big Brother winner and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.
In case any of you are thinking that I am wrong and that Elissa Slater will win because she has been pre-chosen by CBS, you are half right. Elissa was pre-chosen by BB Production Crew, but not for winning the $500,000.00. Elissa was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre-chosen to be the winner of BB15, and that is Amanda.
Amanda is and has been friends with Allison Grodner for the past few years and will win BB. I have some evidence that backs this up and will be anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale airs.

Teri B

Big words….will be interesting to see how it plays out. I think I believe this. Think about how close Rachel came to being evicted and Production manipulated it so she stayed IN the game, and eventually won it. Intriguing!!


I hope this isn’t true, but it does sound plausible since they’ve been giving Amanda great edits, ( even though I consider her a bully who has also said mean and racists remarks). If this turns out to be true I’M DONE with BB. I stopped watching this show after the Evil Dick season. We decided to give this season a shot which has been crazy with all the racism and homophobic incidents and remarks. If they allow one of these bullys or bigots to actually win? We’re done with BB and CBS.


very interesting

a few things to consider…

amanda getting golden cbs edits

pretty much being the inhouse cbs spokesperson for anti racism on the shows, when amanda herself has said racist remarks and been called out on it many times by mccrae

not going on the block during the mvp twist this week, when it looked very evident that many many fans voted all 10 votes for her as third nom, with her name being mentioned more than any other

i heard amanda talk about working in post production in LA in the past…amanda always talks about in the house – “this is how they will edit it” etc

it will be interesting next week – hopefully she goes on the block, and is evicted, if not, then the week after…i have had enough of her


Yes, Yes, Yes, I couldn’t agree more. U took the words right out of my mouth. In fact, just yesterday, I was posting on here about how pissed I was that Amanda wasn’t the 3rd nominee. I was in shock. She should’ve even been ahead of Elissa. Then they put GM up. WTH? I call BS on CBS. Then I said, well it kinda makes sense production wouldn’t want to take the chance on having Amanda evicted. Bc they’d lose their Diary Room Host. Bc she is this season’s DR host. They’re constantly using her sessions. Which I have to say, I do like them. I like her DR sessions, but I still wanted her nominated & possibly evicted.

*** As far as the “BB Insider” comment above this post goes, I don’t know what to believe. Bc typically when I see crap like this my BS meter goes off, & I don’t believe it. I just tell myself it’s a fan trying to get attention. But this commenter makes some good points with Amanda. I could see where this would make sense. My only thing is: even if Amanda made it to the final 2, how do they get the ppl(jury) to vote for her? Bc they can vote for who they want??? Or maybe they pay them off or something & make them sign contracts. Bc think about it. That could work. Lets think bk to 13. When Rachel won. A lot of ppl thought Portia was gonna win, bc she’d get Adam’s vote. But when it came down to it, he voted 4 Rachel. That didn’t make sense to me. I really thought he’d vote for Portia. So the producers could’ve stepped in & said look Adam, u didn’t win, you’re only getting $13,000. How about we make that $30,000 and u vote for Rachel??? LOL. Just a theory:)


Are you not tired of this request yet.? Just a joke. Good luck on your wish hope it comes true soon, however for me Howard should go soon. He is hiding and letting Others do his dirty work. May the best game player wins.


What exactly is Howard’s “dirty work” and who is doing it? Seems like ol’ dude is just trying to stay afloat and be counteractive.


Agreed. Howard hasn’t done any dirty work that has had much affect on the people left in the game. He secretly participated in the MC and he switched his vote on week 2 to vote out Elissa. Elissa is still in the game and he wasn’t even a lead member in the MC. Why does everyone find him so threatening (aside from the fact that he could be a good competitor in physical competitions, which is speculation since we haven’t seen it yet)?


Hiding and letting others do you work is exactly what Amanda and McCrae are doing, but they’re playing good right???

This house needs to flip or it’s boring as f**k if it goes one way til jury.


Ive wanted that for the last 2 weeks and each week I get my hopes up and then they are shattered lol I believe that heifer is gonna make it to the END!!! And she might even win. Why America Why? Didnt you vote to put her on the block I cant take her Make out sessions anymore w/ Pizza Boy I fast forward through them, it makes me want to poke my eyes w/ something sharp lmao

Dan Fan

Amanda’s thesis – ‘DAN = HOWARD’


Give Judd back his blanket from home Candace for fu$$s sake. Everybody else is already taking advantage of poor J U D D so can’t a guy get some personal propery to himself? My Gawd. Spencer, give the guy his bed when he walks in the room instead of putting yer hand down yer pants and talkin bout how nice yer life is….Good Lord people.


Judd. I secretly wished you were on the howard and spencer boat. Man was I wrong. I have to give you one thing though, you are playing the best game right now.

You got everyone on your danm side. Howard and spencer, as much as I want you in the game, your days are severly numbered.



Come on people vote for Aaryn to be evicted!!!!!!!

Elissa's cute little dimples

GM won’t have no problem taking her medicine at the state mental institution.


Order of my removal preference:


Final Two: Judd & Jessie
Winner: Judd

Not a great season for likeable players, though.


You just proclaimed Candice winner of bb15. Lol
I’m good with that. *thumbs up*


Yeah and he forgot Helen too. So Helen and Candice F2?

Tax Obama

When does Helen go?


yep final 2 judd and jess

they are doing a good job at downplaying their partnership


After listening to the convo in the HOH room last night between Spencer and Candace about her job, I feel less burdened with the onus of having said that she could not possibly be a pediatric speech therapist. I didn’t get a very ‘good’ rating for that. If anyone listened to her description of her job and having been sent to a home and there were cockroaches in there and she was just like ‘fuck this’ and she hates actually going on these jobs that she must be tortured to go on. The big bucks is what she said she wants but she only has her ‘bachelors’. How quaint to get into helping tiny people who need the aid of someone and they may live in condition which may require social concern or her having to report that the home is not a nurturing/clean environment – OOPS – she admits what she actually wants to do is open a clothing store. You Go Girl. Way to abandon those in need who don’t have a voice on top of having a hearing impairment. God Bless Americans. Well at least she’s not a short-circuited fembot, I guess.


I fully agree!!! He is so gross and I want him gone if just for that reason!!! Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Doesn’t he think she read this site!! What a D****he!


Personally, I have worked in the public sphere myself (public education) and although I went to school thinking it was going to be all good and dandy, it was harder than I though.The pay was crappy, and I had student loans up the wazhoo. I was working on my Masters in Education, worked as a Special Education Teacher and then realized it wasn’t for me. Why? Because I didn’t want to be broke. Although I loved the job and helping kids with learning disabilities, I wasn’t getting what I wanted and was not satisfied. I instead got a Masters in Accounting and getting my CPA license…because it was something I was good at and i could make money off of it. This happens to Americans all the time. 3/4 of Americans go through job changes at least once in there life and change. You just decided you wanted to rant again Candice and used the shittiest excuse.


Spencer is one hell of a pervert!! All he does is sit around with his hand down his pants talking about Jessie or any girls tits. He is one nasty ndude and for the life of I can not u derstand why he is still there. Also, can someone please tell me why everyone seems to be afraid to put up strong players??? Example….Helen, Judd, Spencer and Elissa in HoH talking about them needing to go at some point and how hard it would be to get them out!! Duh…if they got the numbers they keep claiming to have, then put them up…at least one would go home. If they think there strong players now then they’ll be stronger as game goes on. Come on dummies…use your brain and put McManda on the block…Howard too and Spence…you can’t trust Spencer as far as you could throw his fat ass and Howard is one scheming dude that seems to have these winning ideas but not sure what he is waiting on. Put him and Candice up….again, one will go and make it Howard.


Judd….send Aaryn packing. She is gone.


Can we just fast forward to Thursday


Spencer is a sexually frustrated pig.


Can’t believe CBS/production let them do that cinnamon shit… I’ve heard about people dying from that stupid shit. What’s next? They gonna let them suck the Freon out of the A/C unit? Vodka eyeball shots or butt shots? Recently heard about kids “snorting condoms”… maybe they can do that.

yoga stretch

I googled “cinnamon challenge dangers,” — not good, it can have serious side effects.
wonder who had the initial idea…


Yeah I was surprised production didn’t stop that either. I just watched, waiting for one of them to pass out or get sick enough they’d have to bring in the medical peeps. Wondering how they’re feeling today – guess BB figures that this is one way for someone to be “evicted” from the house.


For Nick’s sake, please keep Ginamarie there as long as possible…he needs as much of a headstart as he can get!

Sausage N Eggs

Aaryns racism doesnt seem to bother houseguests otherwise she would have been out last week. If Helen really trusts Aaryn she clearly needs help.Amanda seems to be running the house without even winning anything. McCrae is the pimp. Howard and Spencer are shifty, Jessie has done nothing at all sometimes im sure people forget she is ithe house. Helen is too trusting and it will come back to bite her. Elissa is popular with America, Kaitlin is now alone, GinaMarie is one the prowl for Nick once she is evicted from the house. Judd is jokes and for some strange reason reminds me of Boomhauer from King of the Hill.


the loud ones think they are in power

the quiet, measured ones are keeping their cool, with patience, waiting, watching


so many alliances,,,, side alliances its hurting my head …


I wish they all were on an 8pm curfew!


I see nothing wrong with Amanda. Elissa and Helen want to keep Aaryn in too because she’ll do anything people want to stay. I think some people are taking this game way to personal on this board. I hope Amanda stays because she knows the game. EVERYBODY lies on this show. Other than the mean girls and Spencer, there is really nothing anyone is doing that is beyond the pale. Candice is right. Aaryn should go because of her actions. I think Amanda is in the heads of some peoples heads on this board. Who the f*** cares if she’s cutthroat. The show would be boring without her.


I take exception to that: not all of this need CommAnda’s to entertain us. There are plenty of other fish left that are worth the money and it would be no loss for a lot of us if she and her slacker girlfriend (McCrae( were gone.

Dan Fan

Amanda sees it this way ‘DAN = HOWARD’


The only thing I find hilarious about the keep Aaryn movement is the idea that Helen and Elissa seem to have that they can control her. Nobody can control Aaryn. Kaitlin is the manageable one. Aaryn is useful to Amanda/McCrea/Howard/ Spencer/Judd because she’s a lightning rod who Elissa will remain obsessed with thereby making her potential MVP predictable. If Aaryn wins HOH this week, many people will present scenarios getting somebody big out. If I had to predict how it plays out:

Amanda/McCrea/Judd will make a big play for Howard…then Spencer/Howard/Judd will make a big play for Elissa. Which idea do you think will appeal to Aaryn? Seems like a no brainer from Aaryn’s perspective


amandas not cut throat, you give her way too much credit

just a mean spirited loud mouth tramp with no class and no decency or respect for others

NY Rodent

Gina……..’I’ll never get work in NY again’. I pity the others who will be in the unemployment line with her.


oK, who the hell is Judd with? He’s spilled every secret to both sides.


He seemed to lose his composure since the final nominations were set. I think he almost expected Amanda or Helen would be in the chair and when GM went up panic set in and in trying to over-cover his bases, he’s given everybody information with which to bury him. He was so well positioned before the last 24 hours. He had almost set up Amanda/McCrea vs Howard/Spencer vs Helen/Elissa going into next week, with himself on solid footing with each and able to take Jessie to whichever side netted him the most benefit.

Now he’s mending the potential Superfriends rift (keep Aaryn/Kaitlin, it doesn’t matter, but make sure you have Amanda/McCrea distrusting Helen/Elissa and if at all possible get them to disagree over who to keep and have this disagreement cause distrust in the girls they are fighting to keep, so Helen/Elissa think Aaryn is with Amanda/McCrea, who think Kaitlin is with Helen/Elissa) and telling EVERYBODY he’s just playing Howard and Spencer. Then he reveals to Aaryn that he’s playing everybody and that the two of them need to be prepared to work with Howard/Spencer and then reveals to GM (…GM!?!) that he’s playing everybody (including Jessie) and that the two of them need to be prepared to work with Amanda/McCrea. I have no doubt that sometime today he will go to Jessie and have the same conversation he had with Aaryn and GM, only this time she will tell Jessie they have to be ready to work with Helen/Elissa.

Judd was playing everything very cool and smart…then the BB fear and loathing kicks in and now he has far too many balls in the air and if just one ball falls, it’s likely the rest will fall as well.


He’s not mumbling as much. The Boomhauer tactic was working well for him


the way i see it with judd…

judd with jess final 2 legit – but both keeping distance to downplay partnership to lessen target on them

judd final 5 with jess, howard, spencer, candace (mean girls on the side for numbers gina, and aaryn or kaitlyn)

pretending to be with andy, helen, elissa, amanda, mccrae in various alliances

aaryn looks like she will side with his crew, and not the other side as aaryn lied to them about throwing hoh

he wants amanda out next


I honestly prefer aaryn going over kaitlin!


If only Judd can stop doubting Howard: stick with him and float with rest…..Howard is a real gamer!!! he sees what others dont!!! he can do tremendous stuff in the house if he has at least Judd on his side. worth calling him back for BB16!!!!!!

Dan Fan

Too late. Judd and Amanda now think ‘DAN = HOWARD’


howard has to stop wanting to trust andy

everyone has to stop trusting andy


im tired of every body talkin bad about elssia not helen cause helen dont do that but now judd an jesse doning it they dont want her in the jury i bet you cbs going to make elssia win hoh this week with mvp so she could make new aliences watch elssia is there for jury or win but i think she desivre it im put up jesse or judd if we get to vote agian thrid nom my super team is candice ,howard, spencer,elssia,helen, them the only one i want to win the whole game


Just curious, why does Elissa deserve it in your opinion?


Can I just say that I’m not impressed with any of the house guests at all! The ones I thought might bring some civility to the show, post racism gate, are just as crass and annoying. The only person I like and am rooting for right now is J-U-Double D; hope he doesn’t mess up his game. Amanda doesn’t bother me too much because she is witty and entertaining, but I do not want her to win. Mc-Cray-Cray could be a great strategist IF aMANda would leave.


Amanda is so desperate for McCrae to like her and it is becoming disgusting to watch and read about. She loses all self respect when she’s asking him, “did you like it when we were heavily making out”, “do you love me” “will you move to Florida with me” … geez lady – calm down! It seems McCrae tries to avoid answering some of her questions and kind of grunts answers while eating his nails. She doesn’t take a hint and pretty much makes the kid tell her what she wants to hear. I bet he would be so happy if she got voted out. I don’t see a future for these two. It will be McCrae who cuts the cord once the show is over and Amanda will go all Gina Marie on him – LOL


could you imagine if mccrae cut/dumped her on the show

wow that would be hilarious

fairly unlikely though as he would have to grow a pair


gina wil neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get my vote for mvp she is nuts in the head

Elissa's cute little dimples

I can believe that she has someone’s nuts in her head after watching her down that cinnamon.


I’m wondering why none of the house guests say anything about Andy…he is another one that has deals with everyone in the house. He sits in on everyone’s conversations – and then runs and tells everything. People want to talk about how Spencer and Howard have final four deals with everyone – what about Andy??? Always telling someone “You’re definitely safe this week” …He’s way too sneaky and if they don’t catch on soon he will be down to the final two. And this was supposed to be the season of “no floaters” – he is the ultimate floater!


I wonder the same thing.. the problem is the superfriends have controlled the game for the past month once they start losing some numbers Andy’s sneaking will hopefully be exposed


GM and Judd are onto Andy, but don’t see him as big a threat as others at this point.


Gina tells Judd that Jessie is a floater and a half. Gina says Jessie is useless she hasn’t won anything and has been a havenot a couple of times. Judd tells Gina I got you longer than I’ve got her. I’ve got you to the end. Gina says I know I got you too.

gina is the worst player there and also hasnt won anything

she is so dumb disrespecting jess to judd like that, especially after judd saw and heard all the nasty things gina and co did against jess through the season and particularly the night of nicks eviction

judd playing with gina like a toy, telling her what she wants to hear, and the fake gina/judd f2 etc


i hope elssia win mvp this week in get penobox saying you got three week safety


“Gina then asks what’s Nicks last name? Kaitlin says Uhas. Gina asks how do you spell it? Kailin says U H A S.”……

Dear Nick U-H-A-S,
Now would be a great time to change your last name….your Facebook, instagram, your address, your appearance, even your gender if possible. If your unaware Glenn Close will be “looking you up when she gets out”……

Telephone Operator: Operator. May I help you?

GM: Operator, I’ve been trying to get 555-8129. 212? The recording says its been disconnected.

Telephone Operator: Just a moment please.


Telephone Operator: I’m sorry, the number’s been changed to an unlisted number.

GM: Operator, this is a real emergency please. You need to give me that number.

Telephone Operator: I’m sorry. We’re not allowed to give out that information.

GM: Well *fuck you*!

-Fatal Attraction

A very concerned woman


Soooo, Gina-Marie is cuckoo for coco puffs over Nick despite the fact that:

– He’s never kissed her or touched her other than holding pinkies
– She does not even know his last name
– He went to Yale and she doesn’t even have a basic grasp of the English language
– He probably is face palming himself every time she sobs into his shorts and declares her love for him
– She’ll probably be on “—— insurance” (her words NOT mine) after finding out she has no job

Did I miss something? Oh yea she rates herself a 10 for personality so that might make up for all of the above!

lil ole moi

Nick is a Yalie? Nick is an actor’s ACTOR?
Nick saw dear David and had to take out
the surfer competition from the get-go???
Nick has the savvy to be Actor’s Studio?
Gina is about to date a Yalie and believed
all his sweet nothings when he was letting
BigBro add to something like a blooper reel?
Now i feel sorry for street~smart Gina who
never is a snitch or a rat or a stool pigeon!
Nick talked up a great DAN game, recruited
four bumpkins into it, overplayed his hand
and then in his 30 minute exit interview had
his EGO dominating the tube equal to Newt
Gingrich’s quieter and introverted moments?
Nick was not after the half million? the Yalie
wanted both the publicity and notoriety, and
yes, i think he had poor GM pegged from the
get-go if she can come out with lines from a
Cagney flic as a philosophy of life! Naughty Yalie!


I rather Aaryn to be gone this week and next week is Kaitlin turn.


Really? I think it’s Spencer’s turn.


Why you want Spencer for next week? Will keep spencer before jury.


I fear for Jesse’s safety. Why doesn’t someone shut Spencer down when he goes off about her ( and other female HG’S ) body parts?

Forget about it!

I do not care who goes first but it would be nice to see Aaryn win HOH and see if she keeps her word to Amanda and the crew about nominations?
Will she say screw it and choose her own and go against her word? How about if Kaitlin wins and puts up Amanda and Mickey Mouse? How sweet!
Just saying…………


Amanda says I bet you give mad he@d! If I had a p*n!s I would shove it down your thro@t right now!

but you do have a p*n!s aMANda

hope she is next to go next week


I am tired of everyone thinking that Howard is the MVP, are they really that stupid? This is the worst cast ever, all they do is flip flop. I think Judd, Amanda, or Helen will win this game. Howard devalued his word the minute he started making side alliances with everyone in the house; he could of been sitting pretty like Andy or Judd.


elssia desevre it cause they treat her like trash the first week cause she as reachel sister i being like everybody got brother in sister but that dont mean you the same way it just a fill sorry for her in the house evrybody talk about her thats why she desevre it every body do nomater who your brother in sister are


Amanda plays a good game but her flaw is she’s a hypocrite. Howard is playing the exact same game and he’s bad because of it. She schemes with Mccrae he schemes with Spencer. She lies, he lies. They both have a showmance. She made Howard swear on a bible so she kinda used religion not him. And worst of all he’s using race because he’s with the only other black person in the house and they had eac others back with the whole Aaryn thing. Right so Amanda you are even worst because Andy, Mccrae, Elissa and Judd are all white. Talk about using race.


Having worked on CBS for years, and having been part of the BB Production Crew, I have some inside knowledge I want to share. I would like to remain anonymous because I still work in media, just not for CBS anymore.

I, until recently was involved in the selection process for the BB 2013 season houseguests. Let me fill you in on who is going to win this season, it has already been pre-determined. Amanda Zuckerman will be the Big Brother winner and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.

In case any of you are thinking that I am wrong and that Elissa Slater will win because she has been pre-chosen by CBS, you are half right. Elissa was pre-chosen by BB Production Crew, but not for winning the $500,000.00. Elissa was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre-chosen to be the winner of BB15, and that is Amanda.

Amanda is and has been friends with Allison Grodner for the past few years and will win BB. I have some evidence that backs this up and will be anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale airs.


I am intrigued! My feeling is that Elissa goes just before jury, if she won’t win, she won’t want to be stuck in jury with a bunch of people she feels are inferior to her. She is behaving like a saboteur. If what you say is true, I hope Amanda gets Keisha’d. I hope it’s Judd that wins the whole thing, he’s about the only one that has his head in the game and I like the way he sits back and lets everyone tear each other apart, while he looks innocent.


Actually I’m pretty sure Amanda would have gone up this week had “America’s vote” been real – so I’m interested to see what you have to say as we go along. I wouldn’t be at all surprised by this.


Sorry, but there’s no way the AG-Amanda relationship could be true. It’s illegal for friends/family members to participate in game shows where they know an employee. As much as some of us might not be loving CBS right now, they wouldn’t take this risk – there are HUGE fines involved.


Sorry, but there’s no way the AG-Amanda relationship could be true. It’s illegal for friends/family members to participate in game shows where they know an employee. As much as some of us might not be loving CBS right now, they wouldn’t take this risk – there are HUGE fines involved.


CBS gets around that because officially they are not classified as a game show.

They are classified as a reality show which is a totally different category.

That’s how CBS skirts the rules on a technicality.

They can rig the “game” all they want and get away with it.

It seems that they have chosen the winner before BB started and it is Amanda.

Such a despiteful creature she is and she will get half mil when she doesn’t even need it.

As soon as BB is over she will dispose of Mcrae.


If that’s the case..I am more disgusted than I already am!

Jeremy's (Eddie Munster Widow's Peak)

If what you are saying is true, I am pissed royaly. Amanda is my least favorite house guest and it also pisses me off to learn that BB is truely rigged.

George Zimmerman

That makes two of us, I am pissed also. Whatever happened to fairness and letting the system play out on its own?


FAIRNESS??!!?? whatcha talkin bout Willis?


Ex-Employee, thanks for the insight…It is definitely something to ponder.

(Humor me but..) I guess my question is why would CBS or the show’s executive producers want to rig this show? What is the purpose in selecting a “pre-determined winner”? I understand why they cast certain personalities, give subjective edits to cast, and even throw in twists to help certain cast stay in the house longer (i.e Jeff, Jordan, Elissa…) but why pre-select a winner?

Did Allison Gardner pre-determine this annoying showmance too? Because I think both Amanda and MC are much more interesting pre-showmance…I was actually a they are repulsing me

Elissa's cute little dimples

After hearing that, my cute little dimples are about to fall off!


Chill out little sister, you’ll still get your large stipend check when it’s all over.


All along I knew something was up, although when everybody said that the show was rigged for Elissa to win I knew that couldn’t be because she has no game in her. If Amanda really does win I will stop watching future BB seasons, this will be my last. I hate Amanda, hope that you are wrong and that she gets evicted soon. Next week would be soon enough for me!!!


Sorry, not buying what you’re selling – you would have had to sign a binding non-disclosure agreement.

Dr Will (Tattoo removal & dermatologist

I know for a fact that my season was not rigged at all. But as BB seasons have progressed it seems that to hold viewers attention, they have slowly and more and more tampered with the BB house. This disheartens me as I am a true competitor and any rigging would go against my nature.


It was a try – but a big failure on your part to impersonate someone who cannot be impersonated/duplicated.

Susan Whelan

Are you really Dr Will? You are my favorite of all the BB players from all seasons. I wish that you would come back to play BB again, you would kick a$$


Me 2, wish Drwill would come back for 1 more season


Me to, I have a cavity, wish Dr Will would drill me.


For yur info drWill aint no dentist


Girl, I ain’t talkin bout no dental cavity and I ain’t talkin bout no dental drill.


I’m going to have to call bs on that one. I do believe production has their grubby little mitts in the game but as for it being pre-determined, I highly doubt it.


Congrats, now you’re gonna freak a bunch of fools out who believe a major corp. like CBS with stockholders to answer to would be willing to “rig” a game. I on the other hand know you are a poser & know nothing about the show or it’s outcome as it isn’t pre-determined.

lil ole moi

In the 1990s CBS management fired and/or sent into early retirement all THEIR people who remember that a dude
with the last name of VAN DOREN wrote a well thought of and scholarly biography of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN!
the man’s nephew in the 1950s was at the center of the celebrated quiz show scandal. CBS today is clueless!
CBS today is 100% ratings driven. all of the Hays Office era “old guard” who used to read Bosley Crowther’s
film reviews are in Florida if alive or long gone. Today’s CBS makes Jerry Springer look like an Oxford Don!!!!!!!

Mucho Grande & Chunky moi

You mentioned Jerry Springer, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the way Amanda acted and heard what she said. Remember all those racists who appeared on the Jerry Springer Show? EXACTLY! I think that CBS wants such a hateful creature to make it all the way just to drive up their nielsen ratings.

We should all write in to CBS and pressure them to drop Amanda from the show. Seriously, Aaryn is ten times more tolerable than Amanda.


dude — you made the same darn comment to two most totally different postings of mine!
dude —- poor jerry springer almost had three different gangs go at it and rumble on him!
dude —- amanda is only demanding. the others are worse by the old Hays Office code!


the smut said by BB’s HGs on the live feed is up to the high standards of HUSTLER magazine

Mucho Grande & Chunky moi

DUDE, the first one was sent by mistake to the wrong posting, RELAX dude!


Verrry Interesting. Thanks for sharing and assuming that all you’ve said is true, I have a feeling that Elissa will make it to jury to either give Amanda the extra win vote or try to sway the jury to help Amanda win.
– From day one my gut was telling me Elissa is a plant and her drunken tirade against production crew solidified my theory for me.
– I also felt that Arayan, Kaitlyn, Spencer, GM et al were also chosen to distract from the other “good” guys and generate publicity for the show. Sadly, the pawns have ruined their lives more than they realize right now.
– I definitely didn’t guess Amanda to be the chosen one, but did feel McRae was because who wouldn’t get behind a geeky pizza delivery boy winning some $$?

I guess we shall have to wait and see…can you give us more behind the scenes goss pls ;-))

Ian's squeaky hammock

I too would like some more gossip from cbs insider 🙂

lil ole moi

i am a total IAN~truFan! yes!yes!yes! even if this is
a FOX or ABC or NBC person who NEVER worked
a day in their life for CBS handing us L.A or NYC
stale gossip, coooooooooool! lets all sort the wheat
from the chaff before we read the BB tea leaves!!!!
we really know this is not the Disney Channel and as
the OBB missives from DAWG or Simon read more
and more like as if PLAYGIRL went into a partnership
deal with PLAYBOY AFTER DARK but tried to exclude
LARRY FLINT’s HUSTLER from the spotlight & limelight,
and yes, its hot and the summer is only halfway over,
we are bored to tears and need more intel and factoids!

Mucho Grande & Chunky moi

You mentioned Jerry Springer, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the way Amanda acted and heard what she said. Remember all those racists who appeared on the Jerry Springer Show? EXACTLY! I think that CBS wants such a hateful creature to make it all the way just to drive up their nielsen ratings.

We should all write in to CBS and pressure them to drop Amanda from the show. Seriously, Aaryn is ten times more tolerable than Amanda. Yessir!


Oh yeah!! You left CBS to go work on the Glass House thinking you’d hit the big time. When that show turned out to be a loser like you, you went back to CBS looking for a job and they told you to go screw yourself. So now you want to get even with them by saying you have the inside scoop. You have mistaken us for people who really give a sh*t. Loser!!!!!

Shane's (Protection Order) against Danielle Murphe

After knowing what went on in my diary sessions and others that lived in the house with me, I tend to believe you.


If any of what you say is true, and that is a big IF, I don’t buy it either way. I don’t believe for a send that YOU are an ex CBS employee, but keep talking, you certainly are entertaining-I’ll give you that.



Sharpie used by both Terrell Owens & Kaitlyn

What youre sayin iz trew

BB is rigged

BB is rigged!


if that’s true, why would production try to keep howard? (prod. wouldn’t let helen and elissa put him up). he is amanda’s no 1 threat? and if winners are really pre-selected to win, why on some seasons did ppl like maggie win? janelle or kaysar would be been a much better winner those seasons.. i dont think it makes sense that anyone is pre-selected. also, in the past 2 episodes, amanda is not getting the best edit.. they made her look like a beast with mccrae (even though they are clearly both into each other) and they didn’t have to show uher going after howard as intensely as they did if they wanted her to look good… i think this is bs.


it does look very dodgy

amanda cbs golden edits

cbs never showing amandas racism, and making her seem like she is against racism(with the aaryn montage and DR sequence) – why did production choose amanda to approach aaryn about it? and then not air amandas own racist remarks that mccrae calls her out on and says,”its racist, its bad.”

very suspect

amanda somehow surviving mvp 3rd nom twist twice when it looked certain fans on sites like this wanted her nominated more than anyone else – there is no way after giving elissa the mvp 3 weeks in a row that fans would suddenly turn on elissa and vote elissa as third nom…then gina was the convenient replacement third nom…again on sites like this most fans i saw were giving all 10 votes to nom amanda

amanda in the bb house talking about working in post production in LA in the past, and talking about how she knows how every scenario would be edited


I knew it was true, I believe every word that you say. All along I’ve been saying that Amanda has been getting favorable reviews. They have carefully edited her to make her look like an angel even though she’s a foul-mouthed wench.

There have been times that she’s been accused of saying racist remarks yet they haven’t been aired on the regular BB show. If you watch BB After Dark, you might catch some of Amanda’s racist remarks, but not many because the camera will switch to another room when her foul mouth starts spewing.

However, if you have the live feeds, you will see Amanda in all her glory being a racist. Its not till she’s already incriminated herself that CBS will turn the tv screen into fishes and by the time they get back either the conversation has changed or its focused on another room.

It’s really not far fetched that production could have rigged BB so that Amanda will win. She is only using Mcrae to further herself and has absolutely no feelings for him. Serves him right for being such an idiot.

Amanda is from a rich jewish family and would never marry “down”, if you no what I mean. She is a money grubbing wench and has no shame and will use any angle, lie, or body part to further herself in the game.


on after dark her racist song about how asians cany drive and are good at maths did air in the first week, along with mccrae telling her that her comments are racist and bad

Dan's Funeral

Thanks for the inside info, will be waiting to hear more whenever you decide to give it to us. Never trusted CBS, they are very sneaky. It seems that whenever Amazing Race or Survivor or Big Brother are on, they hardly ever start on time. They are usually delayed because of a football game (understandeable), but a lot of times it is for some other lame reason.

I find myself forced to watch 60 minutes because it runs into the time when BB should’ve started. I guess 60 minutes would have very little viewers, so CBS steals the BB fans to boost their ratings.

That is very sneaky and underhanded. CBS has low ratings and they deserve even lower ratings. If it weren’t for the three reality shows I mentioned, I would hardly watch CBS. CBS stands for Cheating Bastards Station.

Aaryn's training bra

You’re so right about that but I never really noticed it happening so often. It pissed me off not knowing when BB would start when it got delayed. Now I’ll even be more pissed because I’ll think of what you said.

Stupid Cheating Bastard Station!


What I really didn’t find entertaining or easy to listen to was when Howard and someone who looked and sounded like Shaniqua were shady fu@*ing in the water. Like this girl gets more and more and more grating to hear and watch as the days pass I don’t care if you want to stick your c)#k in her somewhere but it was just so shady looking. Maybe it would have been better if she wasn’t so hard on the ears. Ironic, considering her profession. He’s great to look.


I will add to my comment *Name says: 8:57 am that Candace sharing with anyone who will listen all Howards habits and OCD traits and so forth is one of the largest parts of why I dislike her so much. She has no right to diminish his game by giving away his vulnerabilities because she thinks it’s ‘cute’. Just sayin’: girls gotta shut the f**k up when she gets the urge to talk needlessly. @Candacetalkslikeababy


He’s great to look *at*


I call bs on the disgruntled employee. Although I hope MC or Am win the show, I am not buying that story.


I too have doubts – but if it’s true it’ll be validated. Amanda has a strong social game but there are many many reasons why she would get put up and get voted out. If she doesn’t start winning and we see “powers” that prevent her from going up then I for one will feel like it’s true.

Dan Fan

Amanda’s thesis ‘Dan = Howard’


I’m so confused, who is Judd actually working with?

Dan Fan

everyone except Spencer, Candice, Kaitlin and least for this week

lil ole moi


lil ole moi

i’m hoping thursday is a double eviction and spencer or aaryn goes
out the door after kaitlin if simon is WAY correct about the vote!!!!
he has been accurate and observant! he’s like a LAST HURRAH era
ward heeler because his midnight insights are olympian & godlike!!!!!


People, let me ask you a question. Why you guys want Kaitlin gone? Aaryn will go home. She made every houseguest more miserable and she can’t be trusted. She is going home. If she stays, she is a bigger target.

Dan Fan

Judd thinks Kaitlin is with Spencer, Howard, and Candice. Judd has Helen and Andy in his pocket. Andy is aligned with MC/Amanda who control Aaryn…If Kaitlin wins HOH she will put up Amanda and MC, which will weaken his alliance with Andy and Helen.


Okay, what if Aaryn goes after Elissa & Helen. That’s not good, Aaryn is little bit short and Kaitlin is really tall. Kaitlin can’t win HoH but Aaryn is really good with endurance.


How do you know what Aaryn is good at? She hasn’t proven herself in any competition and easily gives up. She’s not mentally strong enough for endurance.

Dan Fan

99% sure Aaryn will not put up Helen and Elissa. Why? Plain and simple. Aaryn has said enough to damage any possible future alliance with Candice – ‘whatcha goin to do guurrl?.’ To put Helen and Elissa up, would indirectly mean Aaryn is aligned with Spencer, Howard and Candice. That result in going against MC/Amanda, Judd, Andy and Jessie. That’s 5 versus 3(4 with GM – but you can’t count the floater). 1% chance that Aaryn will do this ONLY IF, MC/Amanda and Judd/Jessie tell her they’ve changed their minds and want to work with Spencer and Howard for another week. Not likely.


i hope they do a cut of spencers gross comments, every time he talks its always something about the girls in the house and their body parts. hes kinda really creeping me out, why is he hanging around the showers whenever there is a girl in there?


Last post I said something about GM obvious “Head Skills” in the Have Nots competition and I was 100% right NO GAG REFLEXES, they hyad to cut the feeds because it was so obvious. I know Nick at home like “DAMN, I wish I was still in that house” Gotta sample them skills playa,, Real Talk

I wonder if some models also have good Head Game? I know they don’t get all the good deals based on looks alone, someone getting head in that equation.


I’m not lying neither lots of women likes to give head to get ahead. Fast track, compared to Working Hard,


I’m so sick of Amanda. She thinks she’s way better at the game than she really is. I’m sick of hearing her voice.

Dan Fan

Agree on being too loud and aggressive. Hard to argue with results though. Helen/Elissa are targeting Spencer/Howard next week. Andy will target Candice/Howard. Aaryn likely to target Howard/Spencer. Judd who earlier wanted to ditch good troop, is now saying how ‘smart’ Amanda is – see feeds… she’d be smart if she could tone it down….Jessie and GM are the only ones who have not bought in to getting Howard/Spencer out, but then Judd would never let Jessie/GM put MC/Amanda up yet – not next week. If Amanda goes on the block, I believe Helen/Elissa and Spencer/Howard plus GM and Jessie will make sure she goes but they would first convince Andy and Judd. This is in the realm of the possible.


once Spencer leaves the house, him and his hand have some SERIOUS catching up to do


I am sure they are still well acquainted.


I know last evening when Elissa, Spencer & JUDD were in HOH telling E how America could have voted for her to be put up & she just couldn’t believe America would do that. She talked about maybe it was just the edited part they voted for (? her logic) nothing about her talking good about Howard in the DR, that came later. They kept talking, giving her reasons why America would put her up (her getting MVP 3 weeks, want to shake up the house, etc)& when it finally hit her & she started to have a Rachel meltdown,Helen walked in right when the tears came & the cameras went to fishes for a few minutes. When it came back she was still sniffly but very dry eyed & said, “Well I know it’s not because anyone here has been drunk or anything cause they haven’t even give us any alcohol whatsoever” & Helen & Spencer & JUDD were agreeing with her, saying Nah,BB hasn’t been giving them any alcohol. Idk, that just seemed really odd. I mean it aired about the Jeremy-wine “fight” didn’t it? wasn’t that on the cbs show? Anyway right after that is when she started saying she didn’t want people hating her little boy but she was very clear about the alcohol comment as soon as the cameras were back on & her crying was completely over with. I wonder if her husband was very strict about certain stuff before letting her go on the show. I say “letting” because that’s the word I heard Elissa use when talking to Helen one time about coming on the show…


I have never understood, nor will I ever understand why being a floater is considered a bad thing. It is a legitimate and viable strategy and if played right(as Andy is doing) can and SHOULD get the recognition it deserves. Every1 entering the BB house wants to be the next “Ultimate Player”. Manipulating others and getting them to do what you want done whether you ever win a comp or not. But that just isn’t in the cards for every1, and the ones that can realize that and change their strategy and approach in the game to find a spot they can manipulate the game in a more subtle way are just as good of players as the so-called strategists.
The most difficult way to play the game successfully is being the best floater. You need to have every1 trust and like you at the same time. Not an easy task when put in a house with 15 others who are all hand-picked to get on each others nerves and annoy each other to the point of having fights.
It has been said by many former players of BB and Survivor that the biggest key to winning the game is to know where you stand at all times. And the only way of knowing that is to know where every1 else stands at all times, and Andy is doing both to perfection so far.


Thumbs down for plagiarizing my comment from yesterday. Too obvious ;-/


Also would you people stop foolishly saying that CBS does this and that to the game. The only thing CBS does with Big Brother is use it to fill time spots in between potato chip commercials 3 times a week for 2 1/2-3 months every summer. That’s all it is to them and if they believe another show will get them more money from advertisers Big Brother will be gone and something else will take its place.
Allison Grodner and her production staff are the ones that manipulate, rig, and everything else the game.

lil ole moi

AAYRYN and KAITLIN are tied at 46% in the four~way poll


Early this morning Spencer and others were talking about Ellisa only staying for 6 weeks, because she has other commitments. That is why she told the houseguests that CBS/PRODUCTION promised if she stayed that long she will make undisclosed amount of money. That is why she is telling everyone she will NOT be in the jury. They said she will be safe (with PRODUCTIONS help) for another two weeks and that they didn’t care if she was getting her special fee for appearing as long as she leaves before going into the jury…


OK, first of all, Spencer is an entirely awful human being with little or even 0 redeeming qualities. I am positive his name will be in news in future for some sex-related crimes. Secondly, if I were a HG, I would be doing whatever I could to protect Jessie ’cause that’s who I’d want in the final 2. That girl does absolutely nuttin’ So go, Judd!

Dan Fan

Top 2 players so far: 1. Andy 2.Judd…..Not on anyone’s radar and no one has said they don’t want them in the jury. Can’t say that of Jessie.


judd has been the best player i think, and has won an hoh

you may have named the final 3

jess 50k

judd 500k

Mekisha Hale

Just read the article and think that the house is beginning to evict Kaitlin more then anything else then Aaryn which still should be the one going home this week for her racist comments and disliking others for who they are. But the other comments do strike me importantly then the comment about Amanda that there’s something up with her specially that if there is something more then production helping her to make it in the Big Brother by not be put on the block or being on the block to be evicted. Then Big Brother is doing something that it’s been accused of before. But this is the first time I’ve heard about anything like this before,then what was the America Vote for MVP to be evicted if the game is titled towards Amanda. It already looks like a ratings race for who can be more disrespected in the house already with others who are fans of the Big Brother already angered by the Aaryn situation. And now this story about Amanda being known already and is already ahead of every one to get the top notch game for Big Brother. Then there is going to be a huge fan drop off and possible raising the questions about the tactics that are being used to help others who are trying to compete for the game for real could be the one who are only going to be evicted because the game is fixed. Then there should be question raised about how this is becoming a joke,instead of a game for the best who can get to the top and maybe be the winner.
But still Aaryn,Kaitlin,Gina Marie and even Amanda should be the ones to be evicted.


They better hope they don’t get caught fixing this show. I can hear the jewish media crap already. The person that trips me out most is Andy. He is the biggest worm in the house! it was funny how he kept telling amanda about helen and told her she can’t go back and ask. i bet he reiterated that 5 times in 3 minutes. if the people would only talk to each other they’d figure that dude out.