Kaitlyn “Are you f**king kidding me?! You’re dodging a question about a deal you have with Winston!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 1st
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

8pm Backyard – Fez and Steve. Fez – I know the DR is messing with your mind but they want a good story, that’s why they’re going it. I don’t even care if they say stop talking about it. Its a TV show but before that its a game. Make sure we’re good and squared away. Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitchen.

8:50pm Hammock. Rachel and Angela. Angela – him (Swaggy) and Bay are definitely messing around or something. Rachel – they have to be. Angela – I can tell how they act around each other. 100% and they’s trying to hide it and the more you try and hide it the more obvious it is. Its so funny because Swaggy walks up to Winston and goes “Everyone thinks you and Angela are in a showmance. HAHAHA .. oh is that deflecting?! I think so! Rachel – Swaggy said to me today isn’t that so cute he (Winston) follows her (Angela) around like a puppy dog. Angela – Have I slept with a single person other than Sam? Rachel – I’ve only slept in the bed with Kaycee and JC .. people that are gay. Oh and the HOH with Tyler but we don’t touch each other. Angela – oh and you heard about the awkward conversation with Steve. Do you want to hear the reason as to why I should keep him? Because he has been working out really hard and can do sprints now and he’s been really working on his balance and I should keep him because he really wants to be here. Rachel laughs – I’m sorry what?! Angela – quite possibly the worst reason. I said if I kept him I want to make sure he’s not coming after me. And he didn’t even acknowledge it. He said he would never win HOH because he’s never going to win an HOH. Rachel – so you should keep him because he is weak but ..he is working on his balance. Rachel laughs. Angela – no safety promise, no nothing. Rachel – I think he isn’t trying because he thinks he’s safe.

9:15pm HOH room – Tyler, Kaitlyn, Swaggy and Bay. Kaitlyn’s doing her tv show asking house guests questions. kaitlyn asks Swaggy – if you could pick the next person to leave the big brother house, who would it be? Swaggy – Winston. Kaitlyn – tell us why? Swaggy – he talks to much with my name in his mouth. He keeps asking yo we got the deal? We still go the deal? He is just fake. Kaitlyn – I would like to say pardon you but wait for a second. I am curious and I think the viewers are too. What deal? Kaitlyn to Tyler – were you aware of a deal? Tyler – kinda but no. Kaitly – I happen to be good friends with Swaggy and happen to feel a little off put. Swaggy – what’s the question? Kaitlyn – are you f**king kidding me right now? You’re not going to answer that? Swaggy – no. Kaitlyn – oh this is really strange! Swaggy – why? Kaitlyn – you’re dodging a question about a deal you have with Winston! Swaggy – yeah it was a I’ll keep you safe, you keep me safe. Id don’t have to tell people. Me, Fez, Winston and Brett made a BS deal. Kaitlyn – so I am going home if one of them is on the block. Swaggy – I call it a BS deal because we want them out and they want us out. Swaggy – relax and don’t tell nobody. Kaitlyn – who the f**k would I tell?

9:30pm Hammock – Fez and Kaitlyn. kaitlyn – so I was just in the HOH room with Tyler and we were doing our regular tv show. Swaggy was our guest appearance. We asked so if you were HOH, who would you want to see go home? He said I would like to see Winston go home because I’m not following that deal we made. I go what deal? What deal are you talking about? To make a long story short they were under the assumption that on day 1 my best friend would have told me that you made a four person deal with them. I was like what deal are you f**king talking about? Swaggy wouldn’t tell me anything. And he was like sorry I thought your best friend would have told you. He got called to the DR and then Bay was like I thought you and Fez were closer than that. Kaitlyn – are you not telling me sh*t? Fez – no, this is so stupid. Kaitlyn – it is so stupid. Fez – on like day 2 or 3 Swaggy comes up to me and said that Winston and Brett approached him. And I was like what? To be safe the said if we don’t put them up. HE had a talk with them .. basically .. that ummm. I didn’t talk to them, Swaggy did. Basically if they win HOH they would not put me, you or Swaggy up. Kaitlyn – do you feel loyal to that? Fez – no. If I win HOH on Thursday, Winston and Angela are who I’m putting up. Kaitlyn – In the event that you get in a showmance with someone .. am I still your day 1? Fez – yes!

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10:15pm – 10:20pm Backyard pool game. Fez and Swaggy. Swaggy – I know that Kaitlyn is kind of upset at me.. it is what it is but I don’t back down from no one. Fez – at the end of the day as long as we stick together in the comps .. we get to final three. Swaggy – there is going to be a time when everyone has to go. I know my girlfriend is going to have to go eventually. It won’t be from me but… If I do win this game or come in second. I will still talk to her and want to be with her.

Fez – what do you think about in a week, 2 week or 3 weeks from now … we do a you, me Haleigh, Bayleigh thing? Swaggy – that was supposed to be .. that is my plan. I didn’t want to include Kaitlyn. Its that four, the only four I care about. Those are the three untouchables that I do not want out of this house. Anyone else is expendable. You know what I’m saying. Bay keeps asking about the 5 person alliance… I don’t give a f**k about that shit. Fez – eventually we need to sit down. Swaggy – Haliegh doen’t trust Kaitlyn that much. I don’t trust Kaitlyn. Rockstar don’t trust Kaitlyn. Fez – she has been acting shady. Do you trust Haleigh? Swaggy – I do. She is the third person I trust in this house.. it goes you, Bayleigh, Haleigh. Fez – the only thing that will suck is if you and Bay get put up together .. and if you win the veto .. which one to take off. Swaggy – I would take myself off. Then it would be her and someone else. If they put you up .. then they have to worry about if you stay .. you’re coming after them and if Bay stays then I’m coming after them.

10:50pm Bedroom – Winston, JC, Angela, Kaycee and Rachel. Rachel tells them that she thinks they should all say they’re voting for Steve to stay. And then get Sam to ask one of the others for a sympathy vote. Then all 6 of them vote out Steve plus the sympathy vote. Winston – that won’t work, Chris (Swaggy) is smarter than that. Angela – does Sam have the power? JC – no she doesn’t have it.

11:20pm – 11:36pm HOH room. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Angela – how about Swaggy not helping Fez with his vegan ham at all today. He said that’s his punishment he can finish it. Fez was pissed. Kaycee – they’re unraveling. Angela – like that is so f**ked up. If one of you had gotten that I would have eaten half of it for you guys. I would have swallowed it whole. That’s your main boy and you’re not even going to take a bite. Who the f**k do you think you are Swaggy. They start talking about who has the power again. Angela wonders if they should go to Kaitlyn and say we know who has the power, come over to our side. Tyler – I could tell her right before saying the votes are over here, I know who has the power, everyone is voting for Sam to stay. Angela – what we need to do is befriend her so she is more likely to come over. Soon after Kaitlyn joins them. After she leaves, they all say they like. They agree that Tyler should approach Kaitlyn first. Angela – maybe say that you have both sides keeping you safe and you can keep her safe if she comes with you.

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The Big Brother's Rubber Duck

Lol Winston still thinks Swaggy is this big mastermind for the other side … I think he’s giving Swaggy too much credit . The other side are mostly floaters that would’ve fit gratefully on BB19 and will switch sides next week its already starting to happen with Rockstar and it won’t stop from here I see half of that side trying to distance themselves from Swaggy except for Bayleigh and Faz (that obviously can’t see the writing on the wall.) .


Angela wants to win the next HOH and take out Swag or Fess. I don’t know, everyone like Rachel and Jaycee are too gung ho on her doing the big moves. They think they saving themselves from blood. The only people she can trust right now are Tyler and Sam. Rachel you can’t trust 100% And JC for sure not. KC not fully yet either. Brett and Winston only lookin’ out for themselves.

I don’t think they are going to get Kaitlyns vote this week either. That whole plan is a clown show. Though Steve will go home anyhow which is who Angela wants out.

I wish Scottie would start playing. Get Steve out of the house already so Scottie can come to life.

#AngelaSamScottie- The A$$ alliance:-)


I like the way Angela is playing. I’d love to see Angela, Sam alliance. I also like Scottie. I think once Steven is gone Angela and Sam can pull him in.


So is Kaitlyn doing the schtick were she’s auditioning for a talk show like the girl from last season? It’s still early and at least a lot of these people seem to be thinking about the game even if they slip into social media crap from time to time. There’s still time for some drama!