Big Brother Spoilers – Sam is not going home this week… I F***ing know it

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

Big Brother Spoilers – It’s been slow this morning. Other than the conversation with Kaycee and Tyler I haven’t heard much game talk.. Enjoy the pictures.. 🙂

6:12am Wake up Spoilers

  • Winston reading a tiny bible
  • Steve Deep undercover chain smoking
  • JC warming his hands

6:14am HAM.. HAH!


10:00am Kaycee and Tyler HOH

Kaycee thanks him for letting her “crash” in the HOH last night.
Tyler says it’s not a problem JC has been camped up here these last 4 days..

Did Swag really walk in here at 3 in the morning looking to use the bathroom
Tyler – yeah

Kaycee – come up and check on you.. daddy swagz


Kaycee says people are going to love their alliance because they started it so long ago.
Tyler – Sam is not going home this week… I F***ing know it
Kaycee – oh my god.. what does she have a power a extra vote.. did she tell you

They agree Steve is confident he has the extra vote.
Tyler – no.. I’m positive..
Kaycee – they’re really thinking he’s staying.. O.M.G How big is that..
Tyler -it’s going to be insane..
Kaycee – it’ll be 8 to 7 for numbers .. Total..
Kaycee says if they were keeping Steve that would be giving the other side a number.
Tyler – they are going to be so shook.. but they’ll be motivated to win HOH even more..
Kaycee – it’ll be 7 on 7 ..
They agree if their side wins HOH again the other side will fall apart.
Kaycee – they put all this trust in this guy.. (Swagz)
Kaycee – I wonder what the power is
Tyler – I dunno.. but it’s gong to help this week. I’m telling you

Production – ROBOT ONLINE…
Everyone in the kitchen “That f*ing sucks”
Sam – I was going to clean the bathroom
Everyone in the kitchen “That f*ing sucks”
Sam says the longest amount of time she was in the house was 2 days in a row. That was last week
Everyone gets a hug.

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11:50am Bikini/workout pics.. 




1:28pm bros

2:08pm babes and a foot

2:30pm Snap chatting…..

2:31pm Robot Sam making progress

2:33pm Winston, Angela Backyard
Winston – Swaggy came to me earlier.. .. I just want you to know the rest of the house wants you and you are in similar showmances…
Winston= hes’ trying to break news.. ohh you’re sweet to tell me..
Angela – that’s so funny..
Winston – I just bite my tongue.. I’m not even going to give him the time of day.. t
Winston – it’s all good..
For some reason Winston thinks it’s double eviction. .. (LOL)

Winston – He thinks he has the numbers.. it’s so hiliarious ..

(you all are going to hate me but I love the Bros this year.. Damn I’m really liking all the houseguest. I don’t want anyone to go. Last year I wanted everyone to go)

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Goony Burd

Fez is a bimbo. How did he see Hamazon, and not think it might be a food-related punishment? One that’s prohibited by the religion he is an active practitioner of? Sure, it’s vegan, but still! What if they weren’t going to provide that? Then he’s sort of effed!


Maybe he thought it wouldn’t apply to him because is Muslim and he didn’t think they’d make him go through with it. It seems like he’s the kind of guy who’s used to getting what he wants. That’s why he seems so fixated on why the girls don’t really give him attention (besides the one that has a bf).


I love when Simon is into the same chick as I am:-P

Thank you for the pics. Rachel looks good then you see Angela and you like “God Bless America and bye Rachel” 😉

And there really is more to Angela than looks. She is the most intelligent woman in that house by a long shot. Sam is a sweet girl who is honest and loyal, but Angela can win this game. Her looks actually hurt her as she has jealous haters like RockStar working against her 24 7. My god do I hate me some Angie(RockStar)

If what Tyler told Kaycee gets out we know Kaycee has a big mouth. Tyler has proven loyal and honest by not going around telling anyone what Sam told him. I think he trusts Kaycee, but I don’t yet.

JC is Pervy

Does Sam know she only received a “chance” at returning to the game?


I missed that part too. Can you explain?


I thought it was immediate return but if not used then the fourth person automatically gets a chance.

Smitten Kitten

Yeah, “CHANCE” was the only word written in all caps & she totally breezed right over it.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on Sam’s part?


She said ‘chance’ when she was telling Tyler that she got the app. She just didn’t go into full detail about what her prize was/is.

Christy Michelle

I agree Simon, lovin the Bros this year! I actually really like all the Level 6 with Tyler and Kaycee being my favs. Along with Haliegh and Sam too

Christy Michelle

Yes! I like him too, Kaitlyn is probably the only one really annoying me so far but the summer is young. 🙂


Who agrees if Tyler cut his hair he would look better? I’m not a fan of Brett or the Bros. Not enough time to be really annoyed by though anyone yet. Swaggy is kinda annoying but if he dialed it back he would be okay.


I really like his hair pulled back and feel like he looks totally different….so much better! He is a good looking guy, but when his hair is down, it’s hard for me to see past it.

Smitten Kitten

He looks like Bozo the clown when his hair is down, he also like Leif Garrett (man, I’m showing my age!).

He’s got such pretty features, yes pretty… he’d be a beautiful woman, but he’d be gorgeous if he hacked that mop off.


Noooo, I love his long hair! It looks great when he puts it in a bun too. He’s actually pretty beautiful.


I love the bros too!


I don’t mind Brett as much, but Winston is just annoying and thinks he is the boss of the alliance and the house. He is as cocky as Swaggy but in a more sneaky way. He has a way of talking down to people and at 5’3 that is hard to do:-) What I do like about him is that he plays the game and I like to watch convos about gameplay, not convos about farts and condoms.

Brett and Winston are the “bros” I think you are talking about, but I add Fess to the “bros” and while he is a huge goober and in love with himself I see a good person down deep in him. He has no chance to win this game though. He is one of those guys that thinks whoever can lift the most will win all the comps and win BB. That is always funny to me when most of the really important comps are not physical at all.


Today, Swaggy was bragging that he has the votes to evict Sam 10-3. Then he said maybe it will be 7-6. His confidence is almost appealing…then he starts talking in 3rd person, again. It’s a good thing Bayleigh calls him out on his ridiculousness. She is good for him.

Ino Yamanaka

Who do you guys think would get the most trending and least trending app this week. We all know Sam cant get it. Faysal probably wouldn’t qualify either. So I would like to see who are you guys voting for?


I plan to vote for Angela simply because of the target Kaitlyn and Rockstar have put on her


I will probably vote for Tyler for most trending just because he has proven loyal to Sam by not letting her secret out. I am also considering Angela as well since she would go after Swaggy. Least trending I am voting for Swaggy no question.


Just noticed the “fan club section.” LOL!


No hate for you Simon, I love the bros too ?