Brandi – “I genuinely feel bad about last night but I had to go to the dark side”

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12:40pm The live feeds return from being blocked. Omarosa and Shannon talking. Shannon – I’m just worried about offending people. I am worried about what could be taken wrong on the internet you know. Omarosa – You can’t worry about it. Just by breathing you’ll offend someone. Why does she breath that way, why does she blink that way.. Why is she wearing grey? I would never ever be a slave to what people think. Shannon – I just don’t what to get out of here and there’s a fire storm I don’t know about. Omarosa – remember Aaryn, remember the train conductor? It was the same season and he made a joke about having sex with one of the daughters or something like that? Shannon – vaguely. That was a bad season. I just don’t want to offend anyone. Omarosa – live a little.
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Omarosa – we need someone for our side alliance that is going to go the distance. Brandi is coo coo for cocoa puffs. Shannon but she is a good target for in front of us. Brandi is out. Keshia is so strong but she could literally blow up our whole alliance. Like she was like I don’t need this. Shannon – yeah, but anyone could. Omarosa – no, but particularly her because she is so independent from us. We have to work really hard just to keep her with the seven, not just a sub alliance. Omarosa – how do you feel about Marissa? Shannon – she wants the girl thing. Omarosa – good. And how do you feel about Ari? Shannon – I think she’s malleable. Omarosa – by anybody. So who do we have, hopefully you’ve been talking to Mark. Shannon – where Ross is going to help us is with Mark.

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1:05pm Bedroom – Brandi and Ari. Brandi – the problem is if James stays, then he goes right back to being one of the bros. Chuck is playing for Chuck. He isn’t playing for anyone else. He’s not going to bro down if it doesn’t do something for him but I think James would play both sides. Ari – I don’t like mean people. In the end everyone is going to see the truth. Brandi – they’re seeing it now. I genuinely feel bad about last night but I had to go to the dark side. It happens sometimes. Its the dark side that my ex didn’t like. If you hurt me, I will double hurt you back. I am more sensitive than people think.

4pm HOH room – Omarosa and Keshia. Omarosa – I have to win HOH on Friday. Omarosa – if Metta wants to leave. He can walk right out the door as he’s already done. Keshia – and they let him back in. Omarosa – and if you wan to see something shocking. Ross wants to see me on the block.. sooner than people realize. If push came to shove. If it came down to it, if I had to put Mark and Chuck up .. One of them came down.. I still wouldn’t put Metta up. Ross is the ultimate.

4:45pm Chuck and Keshia in the storage room. Chuck – a bunch of us have met each other before but they have a relationship together. Brandi’s kids play with Marissa’s sisters kids. Keshia – that’s nuts.

Metta and Shannon in the lounge room. Shannon – everyone is scared of me talking to you. .. because you’re such a wild card. I would need to know if you and Mark are working together? Voting together. I just really need to know what you’re doing. I know everyone is gunning for me. The best I can do is try and stay another week or two. Did anyone else make any deals? Metta – I will tell you right now my alliance is Russ. Shannon corrects him and says Ross. Metta – I’m not going to put Keshia on the block. Shannon – so we know that Keshia has a deal with Chuck so are you in on that deal? Metta – no. I don’t know if I am going to play hard tomorrow. Is it just Keshia, Omarosa and Chuck? Metta – I don’t any deal with them. Shannon – what is your deal with Keshia.

M7:55pm ark tells Chuck – it doesn’t make any sense for me to not vote with the house. Even if I wanted to vote for him.. which I am not saying I do. I vote against the house it puts a target on you. From the last I heard you’re not that target, he is since day 1. And they’ve got their shot at him. I don’t thing they’re going to miss it. I think you should feel pretty comfortable. But that’s the way I am going right now. Cool. Chuck – cool!

10:30pm Backyard. Mark and Ross.
Ross – just don’t freak out, I’ll fill you in later but you’re safe. Mark – okay, thank you buddy. Ross – I mean for like tomorrow and probably the next one and then we’ll have to re-adjust. Mark – you’re the best Ross.

11:30pm James and Mark in the backyard. James – I didn’t think I would need to play this type of game until later on. Mark – do you want to know why, because they have 11 people here. James – the drew first blood. Mark – I know but I already said 20% of the house is going to be on the block the first week. You can’t play friendships here. James – I think Keshia coming unhinged has made the girls feel like I don’t think I can trust her. Mark – my understanding is that they’re getting bossed around by Keshia and they’re getting tired of it too. They’re getting what we’re getting. James – I think you need to talk to Ross and I’ll talk to Shannon.

Bedroom – Mark and Ross. Mark – the kid (james) thinks there’s been a change in plans. Ross – there’s not been a change in plans. Mark – he’s told me all about it. Ross – what did he tell you? Mark – he said he’s been talking to everyone and there’s a plan in motion .. Shannon, Brandi, Ari.. you’ve been on the fence. You haven’t committed. And someone else, I can’t remember. Ross – Marissa? Mark – yes. Ross – our deal still stands that we stick up for each other? Mark agrees. And says you’ve proven yourself since day 1. If we do this the house is going to blow up. Its going to be a nightmare but its going to blow up no matter what. Ross – can I have your word that the number one target is Omarosa Mark – done! Ross if you win, I have your word that you will work to get her out. Mark – done.

Time to start ranking the houseguests on Celebrity Big brother. If you’ve missed the Sneak Peaks we’ve had a few, Herehere and here . It’s a short compressed season, Could be some fun 🙂

Nothing has changed with the ranking system since BB19. If you forget how it works here’s the skinny.

You apply a ranking from 1-5 to each houseguest using one of these two pages: Voting (with images) and Quick vote (without images)

You have until the end of each day to “Lock in” your ranking. Each day the rankings are compiled and viewed on the grid.

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This is only half of what happened. Shannon did a lot of work tonight, trying to keep James.


I thought they were trying to get James out? Why would she work to keep him??


They dont want Keisha, Omarosa and Chuck to become a threesome, Plus Keeping a bigger target (James) in the house.

The Foosa

The way this is already shaping up after only a couple of days, CBS better start meddling before it’s a complete hen party and having to listen to the constant me rambling from that despicable ombrosa ( misspelled purposely) and brandy (y and no i). The hen party turned out so well in this year’s Celebrity BB UK, think that franchise just put the last nail in their coffin.


Simon and Dawg,
Thanks for doing this site. With my work schedule I’ve only seen the first episode. Will catch up on Sunday. I look forward to reading about what is going on. I appreciate your time commitment.


OK…Shannon, you surprise me! Why would you want to keep James? He’ll turn on you the first chance he gets.
Ross is turning out to be a sneaky snake. And I liked him a lot at first.
What’s up with Keisha? Is she really being bossy or is that Oma just trying to get rid of her because she doesn’t like her politics & thinks she’s a threat to her?
Meta wants to leave???? It’s only the second day!
This CBB isn’t as bad as I thought it would be…..


wow Simon and Dawg

I don’t have access to “live stream” – thank you for these updates!
What I don’t understand is – how did Brandi “go dark”. I know of
Brandi via RHBH – this is her 24/7 – people seem to think that her behavior
rants will change without alcohol..nope..she is vile and will “slice a bitch” if
she is in a mood.

Are Celebrity twists more famous than regular BB twists ?

I watched last nights show. Pretty obvious why BB cast Omarosa now. It would be nice to be able to watch just one damn TV show and NOT be taken right back into Todays toxic Political environment. No matter what side you are on, wouldn’t it be nice to just watch a TV show and be entertained without the Political division VERY disgusted at CBS for this

The Foosa

#liberallogic….Thats all that needs to be said….It does get tiring.


This place is a deserted island this season.

Shannon wants Chuck gone first and James to hang around because he will be more of a target to people later after this week. Chuck is a blob. He isn’t going to help her. She can use James for a few weeks as a shield. i.e. he takes blame for some of her bullets.

Ross and Shannon are together but not really. Ross wants to run the show and he knows Shannon runs the house. Ross will stroke Shannon until he can strike. Little does he know Shannon isn’t falling for his game and he will be gone before he can take her out.

The whole house knows Shannon is huge threat and anyone would say “yeah let’s get rid of Shannon” if the numbers are there to do it(only Rissa would not) Ross thinks he has Rissa on lock but she is actually more loyal to Shannon.

You see Shannon working Metta hard because he is a number she will need later.

Chuck will most likely go tonight and we will see if it’s a double tonight. It’s a 2 hour episode tonight and this needs to move fast because only 30 day season. Omarosa could be in danger if it is a double tonight.


Thanks for the info about what is going on.


Well I wouldn’t 100% guarantee anything I say is accurate haha. I am trying to follow myself on limited scattered time. I don’t have the feeds this time and try to follow on just AD and the CBS shows. One reason I’m here but this place is no help so far. Ha.

I dig that everyone pretty much is playing hard. Shannon is trying to get Metta in the game as he is only one that is floating. Chuck tries but is just not suited for this. He is bad TV. Dead weight. Hopefully he exits tonight. Would not be mad if Oma left tonight too. She rubs me the wrong way. I know she stirs drama up but it isn’t even good drama it’s Oma same old same old crap. Everyone is just kinda like “yeah ok” when she tries to pit everyone against eachother. Boring.


The ratings were up 24 percent for the CBB premiere over Season 19’s summer premiere.

7.3 million watched the premiere. That’s decent. We will see if it holds.

The celeb houseguests are more into game talk than playing some dumb game they invented or putting on some lame show…which is good. These D list celebs at least have a little more of a clue what puts butts in the seats than a summer season cast.


so if was bunch alister what they do?


curious…is Brandi feeling bad about making a comment about James package?


I’m in Canada trying to watch thru VPN but getting content proxy data error….tried everything but to no avail. Even their support people cannot help me! Could you let me know which VPN you guys are using? I had no issues last year but now I’m having no luck with mine whatsoever!


I’m in Canada. I use Hide My Ass. Works no problem.



VPN Service

Get a trusted, reliable and cheap VPN. We’ve used for many years. It’s cheap, fast & secure.


Greedy Canadians! Always trying to steal our feeds and you’d get away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!


yet greedy american steal bb canada feeds!


I thought you had GLOBALTV.COM up there. Did you try it?


i stil wish publiv voting just likr uk version because hgs voting well know james would go!


why arent booting out metta need to go providing that shannon uses pov on chuck!

Sorry charlie

As much as I hate to say it, I hope James sticks around.
( Sorry chuck )
Sad face…
But…the drama!

bb ever

James stays and Chunk left


I’m very surprised that there aren’t lots of comments on the posts! Aren’t people tuning in? I gotta say I totally agree with what was written on twitter 2 days ago around 9am: celebrities have been playing and articulating a lot more game than everything that went down in BB 19! And it was the first time I EVER SAW BB in trending topics around 9AM! LOL

Anyway, Simon, Dawg, as always here I am loving the website! Will click on ads and support! Please do the same, readers…

I hope this to be an exciting season. So far I’m very pleased with it.