Celebrity Big Brother Feed Leak “he’s unnecessarily afraid to get hit”

Here we go!

Something that might just be fun. Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 11 (possibly 12 “celebrities” if the Frankie rumour is true.. lol) spend 3 weeks in the Big Brother house. We got feeds, we got egos…. It’s promising.

The First Episode of Celebrity Big Brother will start Wednesday February 7th at 7pm. Live feeds start shortly after that premiere episode . The Celebrity Houseguests moved in January 31st giving them just shy a week in the house to get adjusted. Given they are celebrities and big celebrities at that. I’m expecting CBS to give some freedoms.

Lucky for us there was a Live Feed leak Friday at 2pm to give us a look at how things are going. It’s wasn’t much just 15 minutes but it let us know a couple things.

1) The girls are a force. Omarosa/Shannon/Marissa have teamed up. (Shannon is a Knowledgeable fan and Omarosa is trumps apprentice (har har))

2) Chuck’s going to have the best stories keep him in the house to maximize this.

I’m going to watch this season. Looks like it might be pretty good.

The first-ever celebrity edition of Big Brother is here! Stream the premiere Wednesday Feb. 7th @ 8/7c with a FREE trial of CBS All Access.

Here’s some updates ..

2:00pm – Every morning, World peace and Chuck
Every morning – you rose with the sport the sport wasn’t even established..
Every Morning – you took UFC to another level
World Peace – you definitely took it to another level
Every Morning – Matt hughs.. brought..
World Peace – Whole nother level
Every morning – it was on the verge of bankruptcy then a reality show comes out saves the show and these guys pout on the best fights ever and it became another sport

Every morning – you still got the spirit in ya chuck..
Chuck – I still enjoy it

Everymorning – what do you miss most about fighting
Chuck – I miss everything .. I like training.. I like Training camp .. I love Training Camp
Chuck – I like Cutting weight.. (LOL Chucks the best)

Chuck – That’s one tough son of a b1tch
World peace – who
Chuck – Brock

Chuck – he fights afraid to be hit .. nobody likes to get hit but he’s unnecessarily afraid to get hit… that fit wit Carwin.. that’s all b@lls.
Chuck – Carwin’s a beast

Chuck about Brock – That guy doesn’t like to get hit

(Chuck stories will make watching the feeds worth it)

The other cams show Ariadna and Brandi talking after Ariadna leaves the room Brandi asks ‘Big BRother”
“Big Brother, is it possible I could have my meds please”

“Celebrities need their meds”

and …..

While Chuck, Peace and every morning chat the other cams have Omarossa and Shannon. General Chit chat…

Shannon talks about an acting class that taught her how to remember names..

Marissa joins them.. says she was nervous about the women

Shannon – do you guys think any of the girls will turn
Marisa – I don’t think so
Shannon – I just think we need to keep our eyes and ears open
Marisa – I would be SO UPSET, but also I would be like ok you cut off that limb
Marisa – I can’t imagine

Marissa, Omarosa and Shannon pinking swear.. “I’m solid”

Omarosa- you know we have to come up with a name… Shannon..
Omarosa- it’s gotta be something about women and power..

Omarosa – I’m sick of watching reality TV with girls fighting.. and some of those girls are my friends .. I don’t want it … because I don’t endorse that.

They talk about “rodey the riveter” and Channeling her

Marissa says the – Woman sticking together for women rights

By the feed leak looks like the girls are forming up to take out the guys.

first 15 minutes looks good 🙂

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I can’t seem to find your app in the play store anymore, was it discontinued? I really love using it to keep track.


Thank you for answering. I had the Android one is my guess, I got so mad at last season I uninstalled it. Lol


I was confused about “Every Morning”, then searched and found Mark McGrath.
Sorry, I thought it referred to something “private” that he did every morning at Camp Morning Wood…


I love the funny names you come up with!

if u get rid omerosa know

rating will be bad to bone