“Shannon would kill somebody to win this game”

In case you missed it Chuck was evicted 7-1. So basically the only person I was personally interested in seeing is gone. Perfect.

7:03pm Gym Kesha, Meta and Omarossa 

They tell Meta that James is the biggest threat in this game.
Keisha – they’re all working together
Meta – why would I vote for James
Omarosa – he’s the biggest threat
Sounds like Meta thought he voted for Chuck to stay
Meta – no I said I wanted Chuck to stay
Keisha – you said Chick that meant to go
Meta – F****ng mother f****rs
Meta – I said I vote for Chuck to stay.. that’s what i said..
Keisha – I’m cool..
Omarosa – we can play for HOH
Keisha – I’m cool on them..
Meta – I said I vote Chuck.. does that mean Chuck goes..
Omarosa – yeah
Meta – mother f*****er
Keisha tells Met not to “trust them”

7:08pm Brandi, Marissa, Ross, Ari
Brandi – now all we need to do is win HOH
Marissa – can Shannon just win it..

7:10pm Shannon, Brandi, Ari.
Talking about how good it is that Metta voted with them.
Shannon – Mark had a conversation with Metta to convince him to vote for James

7:30pm Ross and Metta
Metta – my targets are Shannon and James ..
Ross tells him the one way Metta can make sure Shannon or James don’t win this game is if he votes for Ross in the finale. (LOL)
Ross explains how everyone comes back and get to vote for the winner.
Ross – Keisha didn’t nominate you, so help me send her home
Ross – I can get the whole alliance to agree.. Monday is the next eviction .. then the one after that.. Thursday
Metta – even if I’m HOH.. I’ll put anybody on that block.. I don’t give a f*** honestly ..
Ross goes over his plan to get rid of Omarosa or Kesha. He say that those two are together so he needs to break them up.
Ross – I don’t care about the order
Ross says after he takes our Omarosa and Keisha he would take out Shannon and James.
Ross – that’s in a perfect world

7:49pm James tells Ross is more worried about keisha
Ross – it’s going to get real dirty pretty soon

7:54pm Shannon and Omarosa
Omarosa brings up Shannon talking game to the guys
Omarosa – just don’t lie to me give it to me straight
Shannon says the deal she had with Mark was if I don’t put you up you give me the same.
Shannon – I haven’t talked game with him further till.. last night and more today than last night

Shannon says there was a trickle these last few days of keisha going to chuck that means she lied to them.
Shannon – she went behind out alliances back
Shannon says Keisha should have gone to them and said “IO as HOH would like to make a deal with chuck”
Shannon – that is what I suggested as the group..

Shannon goes on about how Keisah was lieing to them and setting up side groups in case Chuck would win he would go after them not Keisha.
Shannon says Keisha wanted them to pull Chuck off the block for no reason it was a big red flag.
Omarosa – she thought you and Mark had a deal that she now knows is true
Shannon – I don’t care we don’t

Omarossa asks Shannon who is running the group.
Shannon says no body is
Omarossa says Shannon is because to think that Brandi and Marissa are coming up with Strategy is laughable

Omarosa says everyone was disrespectful of Keisha’s HOH and when they go back to watch the episode it will be apparent.

Shannon – I haven’t lied to the group
Omarosa – yes you have Shannon..

8:23pm Keisha and Omarosa
Omarosa says she was the only person to vote fort James to leave
They agree Metta is with the other side.
Keisha – I’ve never put any of the guys before our alliance
Omarosa brings up Shannon complaining about Keisha making a side deals when she was HOH.

Omarosa says she told Shannon she never game Keisha the respect on her HOH and once Keisha one Shannon ran behind her back conniving with everyone
Keisha says she was being friendly with chuck but she was never putting chuck ahead of their alliance.
Keisha – I was trying to get Metta out cause I thought Metta wanted to go home. I was feeling sorry for his ass
Omarosa – don’t feel sorry for him

Omarosa – you were right, Shannon would kill somebody to win this game
Omarosa – Shannon’s been coming to me… I’m trying to get my career back I don’t want to be the mean girl
Keisha – she’s going to be .. she’s the mean girl right now
Omarosa – you look like the backstabing lieing bitch mean girl..

Omarosa – Shannon was the one that started Keisha is a easy target she goes home first on ever reality show

9:50pm HOH being played..

11:40pm The feeds are still blocked..

1:25am Still nothing..

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Guy Fom Canada

Yes. Worst twist ever with a quick blindside to recover it. Come on James for the win and put Rudy and Trumperosa up! I only really like Shannon out of those season but I want to see Omarosa get shocked, ha ha


Who won 2 hoh ?¿ does any body know yet !!!


The feeds are still blocked …


I was completely shocked. Thought when Shannon had her little meltdown that she would fold. Good For her. But in what universe does aligning with Omarosa seem like a good idea? I have to say I am enjoying the show so far. I really liked Chuck. It doesn’t feel quite the same but players are playing and it’s not bad. Ross is pretty funny I think mark is going to surprise everyone and make it pretty far. And Shannon has to minimize the target on her and she could win it.

Double D

Ross talked her into it.


Brandi is 1 more procedure away from full blown cat woman. We all complain they should have more older people on the summer seasons. This celeb cast is older but all are people who are desperately trying to younger. Even Shannon has signs of a possible face procedure. I love Shannon but she dresses like she caught in 1997. Ha.

Ross vs. Shannon in the future should be epic. Ross thinks he has this. So funny. Shannon is going to destroy that poor man. He will flip out upon exit haha.

Oma needs to go next. From there it should get real good.

Nicole put on some lbs. She actually looks better. All the vets want Shannon to win but think she dead in water because she too huge of target. The only one that is real threat to Shannon is Ross. Keep in mind Rissa’s main loyalty is to Shannon. James same. Brandi and Ari will vote together and could go either way. We will see.

Ok I’ll stop tomorrow to see who won HOH. I would say all in all Celeb winter BB is a success so far. Ratings seem good. Julie seems happy. Ha.


Here’s what sucks about BB. Omarosa is getting huge press. There even talking about her in the white house. So point blank there is NO chance she goes next.Production will not be having any of that. I have more of a chance to host a comp then she does going home. I doubt she’ll ever be evicted. She’s final 2. I suspect they’ll do everything in there power to make her the winner but jury votes is the one thing they can’t garuntee control over. She will be in one of those chairs finale night


She won’t go next, because if anything tv shoes live for is ratings, and right now, love her or hate her she’s bringing them ratings. Each episode ratings will sore because of her relationship to the White House and everyone is curious as to what she’ll say/reveal. I agree, even the White House is watching, and if they’re watching she’ll be there. The only way she won’t is if the White House make a play and say she’s hurting National Security by reveling info which would be even crazier. I say she stays a while, but won’t win it. If there’s a jury house she’ll make it to jury.


LOL Shes already GONE!!!


Really, LMAO!


I signed up for the live feeds and I can’t figure out how to get to them. All I see are episodes. Can someone help me? I watched them all last season. Now I can’t figure it out.


With the Roku log into CBS All Access, On the remote push up and it will take you to the top of the page at home. Move it to the right and click on shows. Scroll down and click on Celebrity Big Brother, it will have the live feeds under the last episode shown.
On your computer it is the same, click on shows and right under “Watch Now” you will see Showhome, video, Livefeed …click on live feed.


are you using a browser on PC? Goto Shows, click Big Brother Celebrity Edition, and the very top of the page is a picture of Julie and it says LIVE FEEDS, click start watching

still anonymous

Having a hard time getting into this. But my first impressions of the first episodes….
my distaste for omarosa and the nickelodeon douche is only surpassed by my apathy to the rest of them.
i get the feeling shannon is playing like it’s week five or six by day five or six. classic overplaying and making yourself a target.
who didn’t see the vote flip coming with the knowledge that in the first two episodes they were using the slimeball james as voice of the season in d/r?
i get the feeling mwp’s wife isn’t seeing him any time soon no matter how much he whines.
i get the feeling production is twisting it’s moustache as they ‘play’ the current hoh.
Not that they have much of a moustache left with the telegraphing of the eventual battle of the battleaxes between omarosa and the brandi. wait for it. it’ll happen by the next booze cruise.


“i get the feeling shannon is playing like it’s week five or six by day five or six. classic overplaying and making yourself a target.”

This isnt a 3 month game, it doesnt even last a whole month!



so winning the first two comps and making final 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and a final 7 in the first week isn’t overplaying and creating a target? no matter how condensed the season?


A normal season is a marathon, this one is more like a 100 meter race. The first out of the block has a huge advantage and they don’t really need to pace themselves. People don’t have the luxury of thinking and sitting back and watching if they want to win. They need to act quickly and the one with a plan can set the tone.


well said

still anonymous with insomnia

looks like either ross or marissa (? is that the right name of the broadway one) won hoh. guessing ross as she is coaching him on what to say.
looks like omarosa is seeking medical attention?
looks like the comp has been over for hours.
looks like they’re all sleeping. lucky bastiches.


Omarosa has the nerve to call them the “White Girl Alliance” after her and Keisha isolated themselves and calling their 2 person alliance “Black Girl Magic”!!!!

And her and Keisha both plays the race card, Typical!




Things should get interesting this coming HOH
….. People have different agendas I hope Omarosa doesn’t win HOH because that’ll be the worst HOH ever , and she has a big Ego . I want Shannon to win HOH but at the same time I don’t because she’s already winning too many comps and playing very hard which could be a very bad thing. Not a huge fan of this him but I hope James wins HOH because I want him to show his cards I have a feeling he’ll be the one to send Keisha or Omarosa Home on his HOH .


Feeds popped on around 3:17am, Ross and Marissa are in the HoH bed. Marissa is helping Ross practice he’s nomination speech.

Marissa also mentioned while laughing , that she put Omarosa in the Hospital. Joker’s is reporting Omarosa is in the Hospital.

LOL, werent Keisha and Omarosa talking earlier about “Karma”? LMFAO!


I don’t believe in every conspiracy theory. Oma isn’t some money maker for CBS. One could say she would be more valueable to CBS if she left house in a few days and spoke to press about Big Brother and Trump. I say it all the time but every season people have all these conspiracy theories and 100% of the time they wrong.

When Oma is not final 2 I want to be promised you will never post a conspiracy theory on this site again. 🙂


And the award for biggest projection of the year goes to Omarosa: “scheming conniving mean girl bitchy chick”.




keisha lied to Omarosa