Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Janelle says I know Britney won’t vote against me..

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


11:40pm Janelle and Ashley are talking by the pool. Ashley asks do you know who said all that stuff? Janelle says that Danielle said it wasn’t a girl and that whoever it was stayed up until 4 in the morning. Do you think it was Wil? Ashley says no. Janelle asks if she asked him. Ashley says no but he is always with me until early in the morning. Janelle says that she hopes it wasn’t Wil but that Frank thinks it was him. Ashley says it sucks that you are on the block. Janelle asks you don’t think people would lie to me and say they weren’t voting me out and then vote me out. Ashley asks no why would they do that? Janelle says well they almost did that to Frank last week. Janelle says that Danielle said I wasn’t the target and that if I was she would have taken Frank off the block and put me up. Janelle says that she still doesn’t get why Danielle doesn’t like me. Janelle says that she has never said anything about Danielle and that it is sad that she would believe someone who made up a lie. Ashley asks if there is anything she can do. Janelle says no, no you have always been a good friend to me and I know you would not vote me out.
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12pm Britney joins Ashley by the pool and she tells her about her conversation with Janelle and how Janelle told her how she knows she would never vote her out. Ashley says that she feels so bad for lying to her but she is the bad one. Ashley tells Britney that Janelle has never really talked bad about her. Ashley says that one thing Janelle does is she will go around involving you in conversations. Britney says yeah she will tell me something and then go tell someone else that I told her it. Ashley says that Janelle is a liability just like Joe. Britney says that she feels bad but that she is shaddy.


Janelle and Britney are talking by the laundry machines. Janelle asks Britney if she is the one that sold her out to Wil. Up in the HOH room Joe is talking to Danielle trying to make an alliance with her. Joe asks just so you know Janelle doesn’t have any bad feelings for you. Joe then asks who the target is and says that he and Shane will vote however she wants. He says that he watched Dan’s season and noticed how he won by having a tight alliance. Joe says you would not believe how tight I am with you guys. I will not sway. I was comfortable with you putting up Janelle. I think Wil has told too many lies. Joe says that on the day of nominations Wil came out to the hot tub and told everyone there that we need to get out Dan and Danielle out they are just too close.

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12:25pm Britney comes up to the HOH room. Joe leaves. Britney says that she is so pissed off right now about Wil. Britney is pissed at Wil for going to Janelle and throwing her name in the mud. Britney says all I was trying to do was help Wil. Britney wants to grab Wil and confront him but realizes that Wil is in the kitchen with Janelle. Britney says that Wil is so freaking shaddy. Danielle says so is Joe. Danielle says stop sending your little puppy dog up here to do your dirty work. I will pull Wil up here later and ask him. But if I tell Wil is he going to run to Joe and tell him everything. Britney says probably.


12:50pm – 1pm Janelle and Shane are in the arcade room. Shane says that he will talk to Danielle and says that he never really talks to her about game but that he will talk to her. Janelle tells him that she wants to work with him because she knows he is honest and always tell her the truth. Janelle says that she is known for being pretty honest and I never want to be known as a manipulator like Booige. Shane says yeah someone told me that you have never back doored anyone and that she was always true to her alliance. Janelle asks if he voting her out. Shane says that he doesn’t know how he is voting yet and that he wants to vote with the house. Shane says that obviously I want Frank out. Janelle talks about how she has an instinct that Wil is lying to her. Janelle says that she hopes he isn’t but she just doesn’t know. Janelle says again that she really wants to work with him and Britney. Janelle says that Joe is a lot of things but he is not a liar, he like to stir things up, but he is not a liar. Janelle says that the truth will come out and I will find out who lied about me. Shane says that he will vote the way Britney votes. Janelle says I know Britney won’t vote against me. Janelle says that whoever got to Danielle really manipulated her. Shane says that he will let Janelle know either way, when he knows how he is voting. Janelle says thank you because I don’t want to be surprised. Shane and Janelle leave the arcade room.


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1pm – 1:40pm Danielle brings out the HOH camera to take photos. Frank and Boogie don’t want to be a part of the photos, they head into the kicks room to nap. Ian is outside suntanning by the pool by himself while the other continue to take photos.


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Flashback to: Date: 7-18-2012 Time: 1:02 PM BBT Camera: 4 — to see Danielle’s nipple.


You’re doing Gods work, good sir.


That’s so nasty of you guys, honestly..


It’s just a nipple. It won’t bite you.

Danielle's Orange Dress

How about a picture for us who don’t have live feeds?


Time to rub one out! Very nice find!


I hear you steveO Pignelle is so self absorbed. Im going to dance around the living room Thurs night after Juile ejects that ass.


And Eagle-Eye Joe is right there taking it all in, eewwwww.


amazing that janelle has yet to figure this out. cmonnnn janelle, this isnt like last week where boogie was frozen out and didnt ask people anything, he knew NADA.

but dang, janelle, this is slapping you in the face and you cant see it

brit is an incredible liar, and I have to say, has gained my respect as a gameplayer because of her ability to basically control janelle, and keep the lies straight. if it gets back to her that boogie was saying she WASNT a liar, and was sticking up for her….oh man….boogie could really gain an ally as with brit that is a huge deal in the long run

janelle and joe next 2 evictions, I think they could do a double eviction this week, and joe would be the one gone unless he won pov, then wil would be.

if this happened, and say one of the secret six not named boogie or frank wins, they and dan can start to plan to backdoor shane.


I think I heard Dan say to Danielle that he first wants to get Joe out, then he may go after Boogie. It’s a case of who’s going to strike ifrst and, unfortunately, it will likely depend on who gets the HOH. I know Boogie is not going to wait long. This is why I don’t like this plan from Dan’s perspective. It’s a 50/50 chance he’s taking, but they could have put Boogie on the block this week and worry about Janelle later.


Why would Boogie, Frank and especially Dan want to get Shane out now? Wait until Jury and THEN get him out. He will vote for some one in his alliance to win the money. He is not a Noobies only player. Those are Wil and Joe.


I didnt say now

I said after 2 more people are sent packing

thats 2 before jury, and with the double eviction possibilities, shane is EXACTLY who you want gone with all his wins

and dan is NOT keeping shane til beyond the first 2 jury seats


I couldn’t be in this game. I can’t lie. I will never respect a lire. How can any of these ppl trust any one. I wouldn’t trust anyone, especially Boogie. I don’t like him at all, never did, never will. But when Danielle is up on the block it will make me smile. I hope he is up on the block soon.

I never wanted the coaches to enter into this game, especially Boogie and Britney. Don’t not like those two at all. I hope the newbies get smart and knock off all of the coaches.


joe saying he is an ally is hilarious. that he has their best interest, all of that. cmon man. you are the one spreading lies, everyone knows this. I’d argue hes partly to blame for janelle being in the dark right now because he sold her that wil was the one who somehow made a deal to get taken off the block and put up janelle. she would rather believe that than boogie made a deal with them. she figured she had poisoned that pool so much that no one would. sorry janie


I wish they would just tell Janelle she is going home. It would make for some good drama!

The feeds are unbearable when Danielle is on! Did anyone watch last night, she was making up so much stuff, I wanted to put her in a psychiatric unit! lol

I hope Boogie wins HOH and puts Dan and Danielle up next week.. now that would be good TV


You know what? I was going to tell you how you are wrong, but you are a Janelle worshipper. Anything I write will mean nothing to you.


Im at peace with Janelle leaving..

Clearly you do not watch the live feeds! If you did you would know how Danielle twisted everything Janelle’s said, and was looking for pity from the other house guests, Thats why she repeated the story 8 times!!!

I just dont like Danielle. Never have


Uhh, no. I did re up my subscription to live feeds after weeks of trash in this game. Danielle was basically spot on with everything Janelle was saying to her, in fact. Danielle is quite exceptional at reading and seeing through Janelle’s garbage.

Dark Horse

I’m all about good tv

I really have no favorites as of right now so I kinda hope that something like that would happen…keeps it interesting

What would be even more crazy…if Joe won HOH, I hope it does not happen but I got a feeling that something like that will happen

With that…I’ll say Ian FTW of next HOH…we need something unexpected and I wonder if he’ll make decisions or if he’ll let someone else make them.


They have to have a double elimination Thursday, right? Everyone wants to get Joe out. Next week would be so boring, if it does not happen.


They have to have a double eviction eventually, I don’t think it HAS to be Thursday.

Dark Horse

I bet they tell Janelle she is leaving.

Joe is annoying the shit outta me…how many alliance has he started or tried to join

“Joe says you would not believe how tight I am with you guys. I will not sway.” I hope Danielle gave him the ‘am I stupid’ look when he said that.

I would want to get him out for cooking all the food…with contaminated hands no less.

Ragin' Cajuns

I have to say, I commend Britney for her gameplay this year. She’s definitely stepped it up since Season 12. She must’ve went back and watched her season and learned a thing or two because instead of being the person that’s being played, she’s doing the playing this year. I laughed when I heard Janelle say that Britney would not vote against her. Janelle has no common sense at all if she really has not figured what’s going on this week yet.

Red Lampshade

Me too. I don’t understand the people who are criticizing her just because she got played two years ago. She’s doing pretty damn well this year. She’s been playing Janelle like a fiddle (“Britney won’t vote me out” lol) and she’s become a really good liar. She’s also got solid allies and a few targets in front of her which means she’s basically guaranteed jury at this point, and I think she’ll get much farther.


What a moron! Janelle felt sympathy & gets votes. Janelle, your screwed right now. Your first class ticket back home to your beloved husband & your kid. Danielle just singled handed backdoor you. You are out of here. I hope you learn your lesson of leaving your kid behind.

Dark Horse

Boogie has a kid too…it does not make him less of a father than it does Janelle a mother, just sayin.


boogie’s kid isnt under a year old, and boogie’s kid has the mother there iits not like he left with full custody

Danielle is fat

Janelle baby is with his father you idiot. Stop talking cause you keep making yourself look like a dumbass. just saying


Danielle did a good job but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, she would NOT have done this without Dan telling her to.


Correction, she would not have done this without her alliance going along with this. She wanted to do this from the moment she won HOH.


ONE MORE TIME: Danielle wanted to put up Janelle in the first place. She wanted the Core 4 to agree so that they would all be on board. Dan was against putting up Janelle. Danielle did not put her up. After the meeting with Boogie, the Core 4, including Dan, agreed to backdoor Janelle. Danielle always wanted to get rid of Janelle. She did not “single handedly” backdoor Janelle. That was a combination of mostly her and Boogie. Dan did not TELL her to backdoor Janelle but changed his mind and agreed with Danielle’s original decision.


boogie pitched the idea

boogie sold dan and brit in one single coaches meeting

if he doesnt get ful credit for this turnaround, ill be pissed

ive never been more amazed watching bbad than I was that night, and I was already saying “send boogie home since hes not going to play”….well…hes playing all right


One more time, Boogie did not sell Dan on the idea of back dooring Janelle, Dan knew that Wil wants to put him up, he asked Janelle who her players would put up, and she said she didn’t know, Dan knew she was lying, that is why he agreed to work with boogie.


Wil and Joe are annoying and frank is just laying low


Does anyone else think that Danielle is starting to really think she is tough shit. She is getting really full of herself. She loves to talk about herself and exaggerates her encounters with Janelle.

Dark Horse

I just think that Danielle is now playing the game and will work her butt off to win comps in the future…unlike Ashley & Jenn.


I noticed that too, she will never win BB all the guys are gonna play her like they did Britney in season 12. She’s an insecure, dumb bitch. I bet you she goes out worse than Janelle and it’ll probably be at the hands of one of her trusted “alliance” members, can’t wait for it!

VA Vet

I never liked Janelle but I’m starting to feel sorry for her. They should just tell her she is going home Thursday.


That’s what Ive been saying…..just frikkin tell her instead of lying to her and she will leave everyone alone! It’s almost like they like the drama and love to talk about all the encounters with her……I used to like danielle and britney but good lord you are not any better than her lying to her! And the excuse Danielle used for putting her on the block was so lame and it just fueled all the drama…..I would have said, this is purely strategic and I cannot win this game with you here….end of story……but she’s an insecure 23 year old girl that cant stand upsetting people or people not liking her. I by no means like Janelle by the way she is playing the game this year…..but Danielle is not any better

Dannie Boy Rocks

Danielle is seriously psycho. I think Shane should be worried for dear life. I think it would be funny if Janelle stayed because I’d rather her go after Danielle than Boogie and Frank. Let’s face it Danielle doesn’t trust Boogie and Frank. She put Janelle up for personal reasons. Britney wanted her up for personal reasons too. I don’t see how getting rid of Janelle is beneficial to Britney at all. Just like in her season, Britney will make it to 5th or 4th place, but that’s about it. We all can see what Boogie is capable of. Frank is nothing without Boogie. I’d rather see Janelle in the house rather then Frank at this point. If for anything else,…pure drama.


I can’t believe Janelle is not wise enough to see that she is the target. I am ready for Wil and Joe to be gone as they irritate me as much as Booger BUT people are still being manipulated by Booger and don’t realize it. I can’t see how anyone but Frank would believe one word Booger says UGH. Ready for Thursday to see who wins HOH. This week is already done. I would really get excited if the house flips and keeps Janelle just because I want Frank and Boogie split up SO BAD!!


Man this stuff with Janelle is just getting sad, I think she truly believes she’s not lying or being a condescending b*tch to people.


Does Janelle really think she is going to stay?


Dear Danielle,
you are a pathetic insecure exaggerator. If I told you I was feeling a bit blue I’m almost positive you would retell it to others that I was on the verge of a nervous break down.
You suck. Shane does not like you, “boyfriend” my ass. Even Hypothetically he has no interest in you.
You are just as much a liar and shit smearer like everyone else is in that house but the difference is you are truly unlikable in sooooo many ways. But the Constant need for approval is by far the most irritating aspect of your personality. Get over yourself.
You “toot” your own horn and ask the room what they think fishing for compliments, sheesh.

One last thing, you claim nursing school is the same as medical school…

Nursing school and medical school are worlds apart. It’s like apples and oranges. Physicians must pass 3 sets of boards to be licensed, then attend a residency, then pass board certification which in many cases has an oral portion…all of this added to 4 years of medical training, which is the most intense stuff imaginable. Entrance into the two fields is vastly different as well. (I had to get that off my chest)


Agree. Its pathetic.. She is unbearable to watch!!!!!

Yeah Nursing school is NOTHING like med school, especially her pathetic LPN license which takes a year to get!

mel is a BB fan

Agreed! I’ve like Danielle until I got the live feeds, Now I get to see every moment of her whiny complaining, and nasal retelling of the same story over and over


Dear Danielle,
you are a fantasic player and have mad BB skills. I understand that when someone makes natsy, unkind remarks at your expense you want to get back at them and use hyperole to get your point accross.
You are sweet. Shane does not like you as much as you’d like but someone will realize how wonderful you are and want to be your “boyfriend”. He may not be the guy you want. Stay away from the Showmance, you don’t need it.
You play the game just as well as everyone else, you understand how it works, how lying and getting in people’s ears is the way to further your game, just like all great BB players. You have so many wonderful qualities that make you lovable ins soooo many ways. Your friends do appriciate you for who you are and you need to trust that they love you the way your are. We understand that sometimes you need to stand up and be counted for what you do.

Your educational accomplishments should be lauded and praised.

Nursing is a noble profession. Nurses have more contact with the patient that the very busy doctors have. Doctors have to rely on their nurses to get an accurate idea of what is going on with the patient. I am sure you would acknowledge all the hard work and extra schooling that doctors go through. (Just needed to remind people.)




One thing regarding Nurses: The nurse takes care of the person, the doctor treats the disorder or disease. Be good to your nurses, they keep doctors from killing patients.


Janelle, you got gotted! You are going home to your beloved husband & Kid. The queen of bb has come to the end. So long Janelle!


I think we know that she is leaving! You dont have to repeat the obvious, trolling for a response.

How about we talk about the house guests that will stay and who you want to see win, backstab, etc…

Bye Janelle, can we move on now!?


Tell you what, you stop slamming Danielle on a personal level and I’ll stop reminding you that your goddess is going home.


See, you will bash Danielle for years for this move but want everyone to lay off your beloved Janelle.

Pssst! Janelle is going home.

Janelle is going home.

Janelle is going home.

Janelle is going home.

Janelle is going home.


this silent six thing can only work for so long but i dont think they can openly put one another on the block i think the first pair out of the 3 to win hoh and has a chance to back door another pair should take that chance and do it right now im hopein its frank boogie and dan final 3


Its amazing how I read post after post and never once hear Jenn’s name!


exactly lay low let the storms begin and there will be the rainbow in the end just what jordan did


Carol & Steve

Jenn who? LOL!!


Whose Jenn?


It would be fun if Janelle leave this week & Joe right after her. This would be double whammy!


Are you guys watching? Danielle just sat in Shane’e lap and ran her fingers through his hair. He’s her boyfriend now. He may not want to, but I don’t think it’s up to him anymore. Haha.

mel is a BB fan

As long as they vote out Janelle , I think they are smooth sailing, That Joe character is definitely a weird one!


I hope nothing flips & Janelle goes home. She is one of the biggest liars in the game. She has not changed. Just like Rachel always did, she wants pretty girls out. Maybe she realizes she is not that pretty. Plus she is fake crying like Ivete did. Janelle is 2 faced & I hope she goes. Then Joe & Shane. Every year til this one, I liked the guys better. This year I like Jenn.

I liked Ian at first. But when Mike gave him money & called him up to the HOH room because Ian was afarid of Willie, he has decided to throw in with Danielle. She will use him like yesterday’s bread. I do not like to see nonplayers like him. At least Jenn seems to be aware of what is going on. Ian is like Willie. He thinks he knows but he is in the dark. I hope he is out before jury. I do not care whose side he is on. but he acts stupid about it. I thought he was really smart. Now I see he is book smart only.


LOL, Janelle is very pretty, she’s the prettiest one in the house ,
Jealous much? ;)


Are you on crack? From 1″ below her tits to 1″ above her tits she is pretty. Below, the baby she had really did a lotof damage and above you have the chest fungus and a pig snout on her face. Really to get away from looks which are too subjective she has made many comments that lead me to believe she is a horrible person. In real life I can guarantee she is nice to someone she’s talking to then as they walk away she is talking shit about them and how much better she is than them. I used to really like her but something has happened to that girl we used to know. I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.


Yeah Janelle will be leaving, no doubt about that…

but I think midway through your rant about Janelle I think you started describing Danielle.. if anything she would be the one jealous of Jani. Look how jealous she got over Kara and Ashley!

If my memory is correct didnt Jani pose for playboy? I assure you Danielle would get no offers to do anything like that. Love her or hate her Dani is not in Jani’s league. lol

The only thing Danielle could get is maybe a spot on a Proactive commercial.

Jenn is in a great spot unless she gets put next to someone of from the silent 6


You are totally wrong about Ian because he is playing a GREAT game. He is by far the safest person in the house because he’s in Dan’s 5 and they trust him 100, Boogie needs him for many more weeks and Joe’s misfit group even wants him in an alliance. He is portraying himself as the harmless, loyal, nice young kid really well and will go very deep in this game now that the lines are being drawn.

The only thing I don’t see in him (yet) is a cutthroat side–if he has that in him and stab the right people in the back near the end then he can win the whole game.


Janelle is 2-faced and a liar….. Umm, have you ever watched big brother???? Isn’t that kind of the point of the game???? Danielle is easily the most annoying, whinny, jealous, and insecure person in the house. She is constantly looking for validation that she’s pretty and thinks she is some Big Brother goddess all the sudden just because she won 1 HOH and 1 POV. Never been a Boogie fan but I personally can’t wait until he and/or Frank send her packing.


You really didn’t think that the Janelle worshippers would let that comment go. “the prettiest (girl) one in the house?” Just by straight looks she comes in 3rd. Add her personality and she ranks last of all house guests, yes even Joe.

I think your assesment of Janelle was spot on. Your assesment of Ian was off. He may not be a Powerhouse player but he knows more of what is going on in the house than Joe, Jenn and even Wil.


In an earlier season, there was a young player who said he would not lie. He was young, nice looking & kept his word. He did not lie or backstab the entire game. They laughed & called him an angel. He also did not drink. He stayed til late in the game. If he had won the final HOH, he would have won. Memory fails me so he might have.

Red Lampshade

Zach from Season 8?


Danielle is such a sad insecure girl! She nominated Janelle for personal reasons (as Dan pointed out repeatedly) and is doing Boogers dirty work for him – because Booger understands that the only person that can beat him is Janelle, with her gone Booger is free to go after all the “dead weight”. But seriously Danielle has some serious insecurity issues, that girl is obsessed with Janelle, she constantly talks about Janelle. I would love to see the look on Danielle’s face when she goes back and watches all the DR’s of Booger talking about her. What was it that he said “Some girl I didn’t even know her name two days ago?!” Also Booger has always been so obvious about his problems with women and Janelle has tried to warn Britney about this many times, all the women were safer with Janelle in the game because she would always be Booger’s main target but with her gone I bet Booger is going to target all the women in the house first.


Nope, Joe and Wil are next. Fail.


This will be last time to see Janelle here at big brother house. Next up, get rid of Janelle’s protege Joe. Joe is annoy & can’t even forming alliance. Good Riddance Joe!


3 comments offering nothing new to the discussion. TROLL



Then don’t give them what they want. Your pathetic religion of Janelle must dictate that if anyone mentions the goddess in a negative way, you must stand up for her.

Hmmmm… You seem to troll on the troll posts.


Im not a worshipper. I like her, sad to see her leave. She made a mistake in her game by lying too much…

But lets not act as if she is the only one lying!


someone in production will let Janelle know whats up especially about Boogie and Frank trust me





Boogie I hope you get played just a hard by Dan backdoor Frank


They will also probably save her this week, watch a surprise twist come out of nowhere to save her, just like it did Rachel and Jordan last season…


I’m going to be focusing on Bikini pics tonight.


@yikes. I 100% agree with u. All they are doing is setting Janelle up to win America’s favorite player and Danielle and Britney will be sitting in the audience or on the jury. If one of them happen to make to final two they will not win either. All they are doing is playing Dan and shane’s game. If Shane and Danielle make it to the finals all he have to say is I’ll be ur boyfriend if you let me win and she will tell the jury to give him the money.


Unfortunately this may be true. Except the part about the audience. They will make it to Jury at least.


I can’t believe Janelle is this clueless. She predicted hurricane Katrina, but can’t realize it was Boogie, not Wil. Boogie is so relaxed and happy, it’s like duh! Obviously the DR isn’t dropping hints or if they are she’s not getting it.


Janelle: “I’m not very good at this game”. Girl’s finally speaking some truth!

This is just more lying from Janelle: she’s saying this with the hopes that people will keep here there. Then, eventually, she’ll start dominating competitions, when it is too late for anyone else to do anything about it.

This is why it is so wise for them to get Janelle out now!


Janelle says I know Britney won’t vote against me..

Someone is in Denial

only vote she will get is Eagle Eye Joe


OK up front, I’m a Janelle fan, and I don’t get her game… I’m hoping she does see it and is playing dumb until the final hour to try to dig herself out of this. If you try to early you risk others getting in ears and ruining all your fast talking.
I have no illusions that she’s made of gold, but can someone tell me these lies… last 2 days don’t count as they all scramble when they’re on the block

1. Jojo did say that stuff about Danielle… live feeds in the HOH bath a few days in … Jojo made fun of how she looks, her wierd body shape and the shock that she could possibly thing shane could like her(Danielle)…I do know Jani embelished on her statements…
2. The only people I’ve really heard her say bad stuff about is Frank/Boogie (obv.), Wil (who wouldn’t), and Joe (he’s a nut anyway) as for W&J she was always trying to keep… She even seemed to want to keep Boogie… temporarily…
3. I’ve watched Brit walk from one room to the next, talking to no-one and start spouting what Janelle just said..?? or worse when she brings something up asks her thoughts and when she agrees, Brit starts telling people “Janelle said…”
4. Wil and Ashley seem to come up with some stuff which I’m not sure if they are actual lies or just stuff they made up?
5, Danielle and Shane admitted that they would have put up Wil if she hadn’t saved him “but we don’t have to admit to that…”

I’m sure she has lied more than I’m aware, can you tell me about it… not personally why you don’t like her, just some big lies that I’ve missed..
I’m asking because I just don’t see the big liar she’s being made out to be… is that my Jani goggles?


oops… “moderator, can you please move this to the newest spoiler…Thx! Me”


oops… “moderator, can you please move this to the newest spoiler’s comment section…Thx! Me”


Foghorn Leghorn Joe is at it again! What an idiot! Does he really think Danielle is buying that him and Shane are tight? The guy is in lala land! He is always good for a laugh, and I will love seeing him fall apart when he finally gets that Janelle is gone and he is the only person in the house with no alliance. I expect he will try to get the fish on board for a killer alliance, since Ted isn’t interested. I can just imagine him secretly inviting everyone in the house into his alliance and saying “I have six solid votes to bring on board with you”. LOL.