Angela “I just wonder how its being portrayed. I hope Kaitlyn doesn’t get bullied.”

8:15pm Hammock. JC, Angela. JC – I wonder if Fez and Kaitlyn already talked. She is so concerned about forgiving them and stuff. She made the move and then cries about it. Angela – like if you’re going to make a move you better have a pair of balls to back it up! JC – we knew this from the beginning she (Kaitlyn) is someone that is very easy to manipulate. Angela – she’s not going to flip. If she flipped, you know how that looks. JC – then everyone is coming for her. Fez is taking this worse than Scottie and its just pissing me off.

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“If my future child watches this and at least sees her mom stood up for herself that’s enough for me”

***** UPDATED ****** Kailtyn – I can’t look at you
Swagz wants Tyler to com up here at some point.
K – last week was hard for me I thought I had solidified friendships and alliances..
K – I heard from multiply people that I was a liability and i am reactive.. it’s true i am .. I just didn’t want it to be you..
K – you didn’t speak to me all week.. I don’t know.. I didn’t want to do it Swaggy.. from the minute you won that first competition I was sacred.. I wanted to join you I wanted it to work.. my intuition told me not to.. you told me you didn’t trust you that’s scary..
K – I’m just sorry I liked you as a person, I feel so terrible.. my younger person .. never stood up for myself.. being part of a group I knew they were talking about me and I just stayed because I had nowhere else to go .. I kind felt like that with our gropu.. I knew it was a huge risk. I knew I had a lot to lose I kept saying I don’t even care if I get out Week 3 at this point

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“I swear on my dad’s dead grave I never said Bottom of Totem Pole.. ” – Swagz

Updated ********* Big Brother Spoilers – 2:24pm Swagz and ROCK

S – she had her little twitter poll talk show with Tyler. And she asked me a question and I said well.. umm ..umm.
S- She asked who do I want to see go next if I win HOH
S – I said Winston and she asked why I said he’s talking about me behind my back
She asked him about the Deal with the Bros
S – I was like it was nothing adn she’s like F*ing tell me right now
S – I was like OK first of all relax.. I’m a grown ass man don’t talk to me like that second of all they approached me we didn’t know what to do we never took it serious
S – she got mad that i yelled said Don’t talk to me like that
Swagz – swaggy just so you know I’m a 12 year old girl and you’re a grown a$$ man you’re scaring me right now ..
S – at the end of the day we talked it out..
RocK – Tyler and Bret told her So many little girls will be so proud of you..

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ROCK – “Tyler has to go he’s the root of the disturbance in our force.. he’s Palpatine”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:27am Haleigh and ROCKSTAR
Haleigh – JC cannot take direction I hope they penalty vote his a$$
Haleihg – My neck hurts
ROCKSTAR – my back hurts.. Day 20

They bring up Kailtyn saying Swaggy has the power. Neither of them believe that.
Haleigh – It’s going to be so dramatic Rockstar I really don’t want to be involved.. I don’t want to be involved..
ROCK – I hear you.. like I don’t want to be part of it either
Haleigh – I’m already trying to plan out where I’m going to go I think I’m going into the Have nots room..
Haleigh says Bayleigh is not going to handle it well.

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Big Brother 20 – Kaitlyn writes “I Want To Kiss You” on Tyler’s arm..

12:15am – 12:40am HOH bed. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Tyler – alright little sis. What’s going through your head? Kaitlyn – you don’t want to know. Tyler – yeah I do. Do you want to write it. Kaitlyn just wrote on Tyler’s arm “I Want To Kiss You” She then turns over and he rubs her back. Tyler – you remember what I told you. I would never let anything bad happen to you and never lead you in a bad way? kaitlyn – MMMhhh. Tyler – I promised that and I would never put you in any situation that would screw you up in the game.

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