Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly’s HOH plan “stash medicine in my pocket so I can take it for my back” **updated**

6:50pm Purple Room Jordan and Shelly Shelly tells Jordan that Porsche is on the fence and Kalia is 100% on the other side. Jordan says that her and Jeff are going to do something before the final 5 to take out Brendon and Rachel. Jordan: “Brendon and Rachel are going to pick us off they’re better competitors” Jordan adds that she’s been trying to talk to Kalia and get her to see that but she doesn’t know if it’s the right thing to do. Shelly is shocked Dom threw the veto, Jordan doesn’t think Dom threw the veto. Shelly says that Dom told them all that the targets are jeff, brendon, Jordan and rachel..

Shelly says they are begging her now for a vote they want her to talk to Porsche and tell her to be like Janelle and make a big move. Shelly knows Porsche has had a rough life, that her father has been hard on her because of her weight and she’s been manipulated her whole life Shelly isn’t going to do that to her.
Shelly: “the fact that she (dani) would tell me all the lies then think I would trust her and do her dirty work.. I didn’t fall of the turnip truck”. Shelly brings up she doesn’t like when Jeff Yells at Jordan, Jordan says it OK he just mad sometimes. Shelly: “This game is kinda sad when you think of it.. never thought this is how it went down” Shelly says they need a couple more week then they have to take BR out, “I’m ready when the time is right”. Jordan says she now knows why Dani wanted Cassi out becuase of dom. Shelly: “Cassi was strong she would of fought with us” Jordan wishes cassi was still in the house her and Jeff really wanted it to be the 4 of them..

Jordan: “it’s pretty much all of us versus Dani, kalia and Lawon so it’s basically all of us Vs. Dani”
Shelly: “how did dani win so many vetos”
Jordan: “I dunno I never watched her season.. they say she won 5 or 7 and she really good at hanging”
Jordan tells her that once Dani drops in the HOH comp her and Jeff willl throw it to Shelly.
Shelly says her plan is to:”stash medicine in my pocket so I can take it for my back” Shelly then asks if she brings a jacket with her if she can wrap it around the rope. Jordan doesn’t thinks you can do that.
Both shelly and Jordan think that Dani’s working out will not benefit her in the HOH comp. they talk about how mean and cold Dani is and how she always has to be angry at people.
They talk about how Dani always brings up how Production messes with the game and how they have to keep that in mind when they make strategy. (Dani is 100% right) Shelly and Jordan do not think it’s like that, they are both sure that dani isn’t liked and if there is a power to vote she won’t get it.
Shelly points out how big of a ego brendon has gotten because in his season he had no power but during this season he feels like he’s in control of everything. Shelly knows Brendon and Rachel will be hard to take out but she ready to do it. (Shelly is a freaking pitbull I love and Hate her all at the same time). Jordan asks Shelly what made her apply to Big Brother. Shelly explains that she’s always been a big fan and it was something she wanted to do. Shelly goes on about how adorable Jeff and Jordan were on Big Brother 11.

Jeff comes in and Jordan starts to talk about them turning on BR. Jeff says “we just went threw all that today and now you guys are talking about this” Jordan explains that she just wants Shelly to know that the 3 of them are good that we’re not going to pick her off. Jeff tells Shelly they are 100% with Shelly she never has to think otherwise he just wants to get to Jury then they can start scheming.

7:37pm Shelly cleaning

7:55pm Have Nots Dom, dani and Lawon sleeping with a bit of chit chat.. (Only some back to back comp wins is going to save this group but good for them for trying so hard gave us some great feeds to watch)

8:28pm Brendon Jeff nothing happening .. (Do you really think these 2 are going to turn on each other)

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94 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly’s HOH plan “stash medicine in my pocket so I can take it for my back” **updated**

    1. i said exactly this an hr ago. the keys will deff have something to do w it. so much that i think since key holders were forced to be stagnant so long, the comp will involve only skelly, sexy D, fake rocker, and spacenuts. and that whoever wins will get hoh for two weeks instead of one. but will get the glory of 2 weeks of nominations and vetos. that scenario could play out very well for dani and the newbs.

    2. My guess is the keys open doors and Dom reenters the game when dani opens his door and he wins the next hoh…a long shot but it would be better than watching a group that is so collectively dumb that they can’t figure out how to dodge a slow speed bullet.

      Still laughing about kahlia fooling everyone and not giving her super strength away.

    3. That is exactly what I was thinking! Since they couldn’t play in any comps, then they would get the opportunity to do that all by themselves. How good would that be?

    4. Why are you making these assumptions, I don’t think there is nothing to the keys. The twist is that everyone is no longer in groups which is not really a twist since people already know that. Julie said the Golden Keys was a gift and a curse. A gift that they are safe for three weeks, a curse that they loose their partner. There is nothing else to it PEOPLE!

  1. Yes please throw HOH to Shelly, so she can have the option of putting one of the “Fantastic Four” up, on the block with the possibility of backdoor the other 2 in case the noms win, PLEASE let them be the stupid.

  2. This has been the best 24 hour period of feeds this season. This is the first time I’ve felt like I shouldn’t turn the feeds off for anything since Cassi left.

  3. Daniele does not need nor deserve the 500k prize money. Why? She is starring in a blockbuster movie due this summer!

    PLANET OF THE APES!!! paha

    1. I don’t understand how some guys think dani is so hot. There is something I can’t figure out that makes her NOT pretty. She has a ‘hard’ look about her.

  4. Wait, isn’t this the SAME thing they went ballistic on Dani? Now they are doing the same thing to Brendon and Rachel? (Not that I care, I wouldn’t care of any of those four disappeared).

    Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly isn’t gonna hang in on any endurance competition unless it’s non-stop chain smoking.

    Production must be keeping a close eye on the blogs. It seems like every time an issue is discussed on here, it pops up in the HG’s conversation. (case in point, everybody has been talking about how bad Jeff treats Jordan now suddenly Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly is bringing it up…hmmmmm)

    And whatever happened to the art of eavesdropping? It seemed like it used to happen a lot more in previous seasons. These guys don’t know how to play dirty.

    1. I know right! It seems like all of them came to just hang out. I’m like did you guys forget you’re on Big Brother? Where’s the game play, hardcore backstabbing, easedropping, and jaw dropping arguments?!

    1. Very true – Jordan isn’t the brightest bulb and neither is Jeff actually. He and Jordan are a bit flighty, but he leads her and quite honestly a girl like her needs to be lead.

  5. Shelly saying that Porsche has had a hard life and doesn’t want to manipulate her. Sounds like the same thing she said about Cassi.

    Yet she’s manipulated them both. Least favorite houseguest ever.

  6. this is why jeff doesnt want jordan to talk game. its just stupid beyond belief. yes, at some point….EVERYONE will be turning on each other outside of the couples, DUH!!!! so why spend any time mentioning a B/R backdoor, if shelly goes and tells B/R, then you have that problem AGAIN, without dani to blame for it.

    sometimes I wonder about jordan, I mean really…let it rest for a couple weeks while you take out the other competition

    and STILL no one considers that at the end, it comes down to a jury vote, and no one will vote for B and R…so why the heck would you get rid of them? Cassi, she is someone that would have had jury votes, dom…may be a guy that could get votes…but B and R? none!!! Id be trying to get to the final 3 with those two

    1. You haven’t thought this through properly. If you get down to final 3 with Bren and Rach, these 2 are BEASTS at the competitions – chances are, they will win then vote YOU out and it’s just them 2 standing at the end. The Jury can’t abstain from voting so they will HAVE to choose between Brendon or Rachel. So either way, they win since they are a bonafied couple (but i’m hoping Rach runs off w/ the $$)

      This is why they want them out of the competition.

      1. Dani is the biggest beast in this game when it comes to comps. They need to get rid of her before anyone gets rid of BR.

        1. Yes Dani is great at comps and should be taken out. My comment was in direct response to Ron regarding taking Bren and Rach to final 3. It’s not a good idea.

      1. that doesn’t even make sense…just give credit where credit is due…she looked at the first clue and asked jeff who played mitch on baywatch and jeff told her david hasselhoff and she went to the DR…she got it with jeff’s help but the initial idea was still hers…she may be flighty sometimes but she isn’t dumb as dirt like most people think she is!

  7. I feel like Shelly is doing too much. Like why is she even acting all hard for? She has a golden key. What the heck is she so aurgumentive about? Shelly is like the instigator who just won’t shut up and let people go at it without butting in. I guess her true colors are coming out.

    I really really hope this twist tomorrow has something to do with Dom coming back in the house. I’d be so happy.

    1. Ron, I agree, she is not fat. Because she has that gold key, we really haven’t seen her in action. We have yet to see but she is not fat.

    2. Very true, it’s quite mean. It’s no wonder why women suffer from horrible eating disorders just to please society’s unrealistic standards.

      1. She isnt fat but she is fatter then when she first came in the house, i think thats what most people are saying…

  8. i find brendon and jeff`s relationship very weird they`re both very cocky and controling, yet they both work really well together.

    1. i agree i was just about to post that, i think they have a final 2 arrangement. When JJ had HOH it was Jeff that didnt want to backdoor brenchel and this week it was Brenda that first squashed the idea of bacdooring JJ. I dont know about them, they are always telling their ladies not to talk game unless they are around, i think they have something on the go…maybe they are both really gay and just realized it late in life and are falling in love…

  9. Simon can you fix these just in case they dont show when I post em plz. thanks.

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  10. Oh man, I didn’t know Porsche had a tough life and that her father was on her about her weight. That’s really sad. I’m laying off of her because I feel sorry for her.

    Jordan, I love you, but what the hell are you thinking in bringing up getting rid of anyone in your alliance? Glad Jeff said what he did.

    Maybe the twist is that Dani goes into the DR never to return ala Dick and Dom comes out to take her place. I’d like that twist.

    1. LOL…I’m sorry, I can’t watch that yet. I’m just getting caught up on my Cat Deeley hate while watching SYTYCD.

  11. Shelly is easy to love and hate! On this one though she has to be smart and save DOM!!! Adam is awesome, but dom spices up everything that goes on in the house. I really hope rachel or brendon go home next week to see them be whine asses for the rest of the season haha Dani will get revenge on rachel and production will help make it happen! does anyone else think brendon has really corrupted jeff’s mind??? Jeff was never such a dick before so once brendon and rachel are gone everyone will get along!

  12. The twist or the HOH competition might just save the newbies but there efforts to save Dom is kinda sad. I actually feel sorry for them because they are getting excited and starting to believe that they can really save him. Sad… and also kinda funny.

    1. It wasn’t sad at all. As the day went one, the newbs began building momentum up to turn the house on it’s head. Sadly the girl named after a car and the woman who believes she never lies and shoots straight can’t see the incoming storm that will rock them senseless.

      1. Agree 100%. It’s sad they couldn’t unite earlier. I’m tired of all the “I wanna get to the jury” and the “I want to spend the summer together.” Bu-bu-bu-BULLSHIT!!
        Its go for gold or go home and move closer to your girlfriend. Derp

    2. Let’s face it without a twist or HOH win Team Dani is just pathetic. They are using Kalia to do there social game now!!! Of couse they shouldn’t just give up (I hate the “I am doomed” crying all alone in the bedroom way lot’s of people get in this game) But they should figure it out by now that it’s not as bright as they see it. and start figuring on Dom being gone and work on Adam! but they can’t see it. And holeing themselves in the have not room all day didn’t help there game plan either. sad.

  13. bahahahaha i find it hilarious that jordan thinks that her and jeff will get farther the brendon and rachel. thats not gonna happen. the vet order of takout will be jeff brendon then either rachel or jordan. i have no idea about dani the thing that sucks about getting rachel or brendon out is that if one of them goes the other will win hoh the following week. automatically. Production will make sure that happens and that couple is so beast at competions they’ll probably win anyway. No matter how much people hate brendon and rachel, their a much stronger couple then jj. period. however if i was in that house and was going out i’d hit all four where it hurts
    Jeff: Your homophobic and your lucky america doesnt see your true colors. take a long look in the mirror.
    rachel: you think your relationship is going to last when your boyfriend had an affair on the internet. Sit down Dumb ass.
    Jordan: the fact that your with jeff is dumb alone as he treats you like an idiot
    Brendon: your just an idiot how your getting a phd is beyond me your a crying little bitch
    Oh my gawd if i was getting sent home in that house all hell would break loose. Too bad im 18 though. one question if you threw water in a fellow houseguests face would you be sent home?

  14. Team Daniele, always! I will be ecstatic if she or ANYONE besides BR/JJ (I guess Shelley too..) wins HOH tomorrow. I’m so annoyed with this season.

    Also, I’ve adored this site for ages and am going to start commenting, and will probably donate in a bit since it’s the only one I read :)

  15. I don’t know what the twist will be, but I bet it will benefit the newbies in some way! NOT that I want it to! Just play the damn game, I hate when production jacks with it! Ugh!!!!

  16. Ok, my hatred for Kalia is starting to boil over. I LOVE how everyone comments on how nasty, dirty, and lazy she is. I just heard her say on the feeds…”I’m not hungry, but if someone is making food – I’m down to eat it.” OH MY GOD! YOU’RE GROSS! No one in that house can actually like her / stand to be in the same room with her. And that one bikini that she attempts to wear? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please spare us and the other house guests, Kalia. Your fat is literally devouring the strings of your bikini and it’s horrendous.

    I can’t be the only one who feels this way…?

    Also, I loathe when I overhear Porsche talking about how she’s almost guaranteed an acting gig when she gets out of the BB house. ….really Porsche? Yes, you’re so much more spectacular then the other 12 seasons of women who have been through before you….I’m surprised directors/agents aren’t busting down CBS’s door to get at you already – because you’re just so hot and awesome *wink wink.

    It feels better to vent about these people. No one else bugs me like these two, at the moment.

    1. That’s why we call Kalia Audrey II

      Pacr a.k.a Porsche only chance at a movie deal is pornos, or a non existent walk on part in a made for tv film

    2. Oh no, you’re not the only one who feels that way. I only wish Brendan would have ripped Kalia even more for being so lazy. She’s a slob and a sloth. If she put as much gusto into the competitions as she does eating she’d be in the game. I do NOT want her or lazy Lawon to even get to jury. They don’t deserve it.

  17. just watched the show from tonight.. Why is is alright for JJ and brendumb to have an alliance and its not okay for anyone else? I Think BB needs to leave trash like BB and JJ at home they had their 15 minutes of fame If they bring these scum back again I will never watch this show again

    1. I totally agree,what’s BRJJ’s answer to everything, be with me or you are shit and You cant f’ing think about forming another alliance.
      All bullying bullshit.

  18. Or maybe golden keys will be over and it’ll be a free week of evictions. Because when dick left, Keith still did too. Or maybe no double eviction this season. Don’t they still have to make up for a week somewhere? He’ll I don’t know! Hurry up already HOH comp!!!

  19. If anyone should come back it should be cassidy. She got the raw deal. Dom made his bed with Daniel. He threw a veto. He doesn’t deserve to come back.

    1. IKR!!! BS bout Cassie!! And I agree Dom made his bed and if anyone is on the block and throws the veto they deserve to go just like if someone is on the block and win the veto but do not use it they should def go!!!!!!

  20. Every freaking day I debate on getting BBAD! I wish I had it right now! I hate not knowing what’s going on! Kahlia and Lawon apparently do nothing, I wanna see the blow ups! BUT, this site is the next best thing, THE BOMB!!!

  21. I hope Dom goes and a newbie comes in the house. I really don’t like when the person up ends up staying because that is hard work to get a person out. Dom shouldn’t have thrown the veto. He is getting what he deserves.

    1. They call him PT because he says he is a part-time model!!! LOL it is the funniest s**t of all!! What is the point IDK?

  22. Did you just see on BBAD that it’s starting later tomorrow!! “Special start time” DEFINITELY an endurance challenge.

      1. Damit!! your right. on the other hand….
        I swear I never said that!!! Somebody else told me it started later!!! I never said that I NEW FOR SURE that that was “Special” or not!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU JUST THREW ME UNDER THE BUS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!!! :)

  23. Well apperently keith and cassie have not been kept in secret i would want cassie to come back but i dont think so. i know dom should not have thrown the veto but everyone makes mistakes thats the whole point of a 2nd chance. and is adam found a “p” he would of won the veto LOLOLOL procrastination= 14 letter uhh maybe if dom didnt throw all the letters in the water LOL the twist could be alot of thing but i thought it might be people with keys get to vote if they want dom back or something the vote would be 2-2 tho :S dani,adam vs shelly ,por but im pretty sure it will have something to do with keys , i hope dom gets brought back tho regarless

    1. I heard Keith and Cassi where is sequester, someone else posted that they where…can anyone shed some light on this…are they or not, cause if they are then they both have a chance to come back but if they arent they are done..anyone???

  24. dani is unbelievably hot. her body is unreal, her face, even without makeup, is gorgeous and her personality is really attractive IMO.

  25. Why does everybody hate on brendon and jeff they are running the house. They have the balls other people wish they had. Their alliance is not a secret. So what if they call other people out. Its a good game move. Strike fear in the newbies. Its a game they give us shit game related to talk about. Unlike pinto and kalia who we only mention when they are eating.

  26. Julie said think befor you give out keys they are going to have new partneras but the keys will eather bring back someone or they pick out of the group the ones with keys have first pick. Now kalia has been. Began to be on the block so she can eat sit pretty. Eat no comps eat she wanted that key

    1. Instead of MAKING us click the links to get the jokes, could you not have put the band, song title AND the link beside each name? Ruins the fun for those of us at work.

  27. I actually don’t think Dom threw the POV. I think he said he did, but he really tried. Jordan had a 6 letter word. Dom had a 9 letter word. If anybody threw the comp, it would’ve been Jordan, but unfortunately that really may be the case for Jordo.

    I do feel that there may be some final 2 deal with Brendon and Jeff. Their relationship seems very weird.

    I sure hope the twist is that no one is leaving the house this week and that both Dom and Adam get to stay. It’s time for a newbie to win HOH.

  28. Shelly is Loyal to her one and only first alliace, and that is Jeff and Jordan. Though evicting Cassi led this season to a boring one, I still have respect in Shelly’s game. It’s hard to work like that by herself but I noticed, she really is loyal to Jeff and Jordan. No way it would benefit her to save Dom this time. Among the newbies, though Shelly might be one of the reasons for their fallout, I do think that Shelly has played the best game so far.

  29. WWWOOOOWWW jordan sounds like a battered woman with that “oh it’s ok he just gets mad sometimes”….somebody pass this girl the number to a hotline or a good therapist….

    1. That is usually what women say when their too dumb to leave.

      I see Brendon beating on Rachel before I see Jeff beating on Jordan, I doubt Jordan pisses Jeff off like Rachel does to Brendon.

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