Big Brother Spoilers – Porsche doesn’t want to side with Dom because of all the drama, “I want Directors to work with me after this”

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5:08pm Have nots Dom and Kalia Dom says he’s making him self target number one, he’s going after BBJJ and it’s known. He wants to talk to Porsche and tell her if he stays in the house then Dom and Dani are the first 2 targets to go. Kalia thinks it might be best if she talks to POrsche because she’s been working on developing a relationship with her.
Kalia: “we have to be smarter about the discussions.. it’s so obvious what we are doing”
kalia adds the person she is trying to be is the person that benefits herself and the ones she’s with.. she can’t make the other players thinks she’s strong. Kalia: “we have to play this smarter”.. Dom agrees.
dani joins them tells them that she’s had a long talk with Porsche, “she’s teetering she’ll need more work”
They briefly go over some of the things that were said to them today. Dani: “she told me I had a black heart.. I don’t care what they think of me..I’m genuinely hurt because I’ve done so much for them” Dani told Porsche we need the numbers and we need the competitors keeping adam gives us the numbers but not the competitors but if we keep dom we have the numbers, Competitor and the number one target in the house which keeps the heat of us. They start counting the votes. Dani says the lines have been drawn i’m voting for dom cause either way it doesn’t matter. They come up with possible votes to keep Dom: Kalia, Dani, Lawon and Porsche and the votes that will evcit Dom Jeff, Brendon, Jordan, Shelly. best case it comes down to HOH to break the tie.. Dom thinks there s slight chance

They start talking about how Jeff treats Jordan. dani: “He calls her BLANK stupid” Klaia is amazed she’s still with him. Dom jokes that if he wins HOH he’ll say i’m putting Jeff up on the block because I don’t think him and Jordan would be together Jeff treats her like garbage and I want Jordan the chance to meet someone else (HAHAHAHA) They continues to bring up examples of times when Jeff insulted Jordan..

5:40pm Washroom Porsche and Dom Dom tells her that him and Dani are the number one targets to that pushes the heat off her. If you come with us it’s you me and Dani we’re the top competitors on our side… one of us has gotta win.

POrsche says that dom and cassi were never nice to her they are now but the first couple weeks they weren’t. She points out that Adam wants to be in this game more tan anything and he’s always been nice to her. She continues to explain that they are all young and have bright futures Adam is old and this show is all he’s got (OMFG Porsche is Hilarious) Dom: “I want to play with you… you are the strongest competitors if I stay in this house I want us to fight and make a run for this or you’re just going to get picked out you’ll be the 6th or 5th voted out”. Porsche tells her that he’s still close to Dani after all she did so how can they trust him. Dom says he’s friends with her on a personal level but on the game level. Porsche: “Personal and game level are the same thing when you are spending all your time with them”
DOM: “We gotta go toe to toe with them”
Porsche: “Personally I think I can go toe to toe with them by myself”
Dom: “I don’t want to play with dani she screwed me I want to play with you”
Porsche says she see how strong the vets are and she knows they will seek revenge on everyone that voted to keep Dom. Dom asks her if she wants to go down fighting or picked off. POrsche says she doesn’t see it that way, its noe them against us. Dom: “They have a final 4 to the end!!! you are not going to get past that best you got is we can take on of them out before they run through the rest of you” Porsche says she wants directors to want to work with her so she can’t get caught up in all this drama. What bothers Porsche is that everyone has had a chance to win the comps and the newbs haven’t won anything she wants to play with people that win comps. Dom tells her that he wants to fight 10 times harder than adam and Porsche is the biggest competitor in the house he wants them to rip through the house. Porsche not convinced dom leaves.

6:05pm Porsche and rachel HOH Porsche spilling it all to rachel about her conversation with Dom, Kalia and Dani. Rachel says she can’t believe dani is so mean.. Porsche agrees says that they are trying to build a army to take you guys one. POrsche: “I told Dom I don’t see how me, Dani and him can beat Rachel, Jeff and brendon” (BRSJJ run the house with a iron grip right now nothing short of twists and a couple weeks of back to back HOH wins is going to shake this BLANK up yo. bb13 FTW 😉 )

6:10pm have nots Dom, Dani, Kalia, lawon and Shelly there all talking about the conversation Dom just had with Porsche. Shelly is telling them that porsche is way way way tight with Brendon and Rachel.. Shelly says she’ll talk to he. (HOLY BLANK what the hell they all trust Shelly everyone is screwed this season LOL… )

Dani tells them that Porsche worked with Janelle at a place called ‘Mint’ why don’t we use that in a certain way.. that is how Rachel pulled her in because Porsche and Rachel WORSHIP Janelle. Dani says that maybe she can use that angle to try and convince Porsche to make a big move.
Kalia agrees says they need to appeal to Porsche that she can be the next Janelle. Dani doesn’t think they should frame it that way they have to say something like. “Janelle made huge power moves and wasn’t afraid to take risks that is why she was popular” They decide that Shelly will talk to her and bring up Janelle. Shelly adds she start the conversation off by saying something like “you know there’s one Big brother players yo remind me off…. she was blonde very powerful physically .. hmm I what was her name..” Dom asks if there’s any point of him working on Rachel, they all agree NO BLANK WAY, Rachel is Brendon just like Jordan is Jeff. Dani starts to tell them how Brendon and Jeff would yell at Rachel and Jordan for talking game when they were not around.

(I have no idea what to think right now.. this is getting super exciting, love seeing them fight to survive I hope it pays off for Dom)

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Zach J

If Porsche’s performance as the POV host means anything, then no director will want anything to do with her until she takes a few acting classes….


Or spends time on the casting couch.




I’m crushing on Emmie tonight & you are right. The only job she will get in movies is some sleazy soft core porn about a country girl in the barn. hmm, maybe she could look up Enzo once she gets kicked out in a few weeks. He has a movie career now doesn’t he?


Rockstar, like I said in the previous thread – BB brings out the worst in some of us. LMAO!!


I agree. Her voice made my husband leave the room.


“I want Directors to work with me after this”

The only “directors” that will work with any of the females on this show are the “porn” variety, bitch needs to get your head outta the clouds, after BBJJ are done using you it’s back to Hooters for you.


This shit is golden right here!!!! If CBS packages this nicely and doesn’t make Jeff and Jordan look like victims……GOLD MINE!!!!!

Twists here we come. Lol


Kalia says she can’t let the others see that she’s strong. Dani says she’s hurt because she did so much for JJBR.

LMAO at how CLUELESS these two dimwits are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is like four kids in kindergarten talking about how they’re going to kick the asses of the eighth graders.


LMAO, agreed. Go JJ


Amen, do you see how these newbies stay in the havenot room all the times! If they walk like a rat, act like a rat…they are the rats…..


Why are they keep talking with Shelly and Pacer? do they not understand that everything that they here goes back to BRJJ?


They don’t have a clue ILL WILL. I often wonder do these people even watch the show.


I don’t know what I was doing that ended up with me coming across this site, but there are companies that hook models and actors up with auditions to be on basically anything. I don’t think half of the people auditioning via these companies even know what BB is, they just have the look or something that their looking for I guess. I want to audition for BB but my waist isn’t small enough and my boobs are plastic enough. Grr


I was wondering the same thing about why they are saying all that shit infront of shelly???


Oddly, I wonder if Shelly is flipping, because of the fight that happened earlier… She seems to be acting differently than she did before. I know she normally goes and talks to the Vets after talking to the newbies, but what about after this? I’m still watching the feeds from here on so I’m not there yet. Did she go and talk to the Vets after this 6-7ish pm convo?


I’m thinking the same thing. What is wrong with these newbie idiots? Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly has shown her allegiance and it ain’t the newbies. WHY OH WHY would they talk any legitimate game with her?

Does anybody know if a short yellow bus backed up the BB House and let these ‘special’ contestants off?


Wow, so thankful for this site, Simon & Dawg you are the best!!! I am not able to get the live feeds this year, but you guys came through detailing the blow up this afternoon. Thanks, I cant wait to see what transpires over the next 24 hours.

Big Brother is my guilty little pleasure and I had been disappointed these last few weeks thinking it was boring. So glad that things are getting exciting finally.

Rachel Is Boy George

same here, I had the live feed last year but didn’t have the money to do it this year, thanks for the constant updating


If Pinto wants to work with directors after the show, what makes her think being close to Rachel would help that.


Because Rachel has connections! How else do you explain being unemployed for over a year then coming back onto a reality show you were on less than a year ago to stay relevant? Connections, baby!


Or because sh is one half of the most hated couple in BB history going up against the most Love couple in BB history?

I know Rachel knows rich men who pay her big tips for “serving them drinks” *wink,wink*, but Hollywood connections that’s doubtful.


If they somehow find a way for Dom to stay, this will get interesting. Either way Dani is screwed if one of the vets win HOH


After watching the argument between Dani and Jeff, I feel like he’s taking this almost like he got cheated on by Dani. His reaction seems way over the top.


Is tomorrow night when they reveal the twist? Oh this is going to be so good. I predict a dani HOH which I woukd be ecstatic about



B sleazy

Things have officially gotten good! Porsche is so delusional I find it hard to stop laughing. I can’t wait until the California porn industry gets their hands on her amazing acting career.


She looks like she can suck a mean one.


That comment was un called for. Who the hell are you to say such mean things. If you cant say something nice dont say nothing at all. Your comment I found very offensive. KEEP IT CLEAN SO WE CAN ENJOY OTHER COMMENTS. What if that was your daughter or sister would you like it.


If I had a daughter or sister on this show who acted like Porsche does, I’d disown her.

And then I’d ask myself where I went wrong as a father or brother.


Porn? Please. More like a cameo appearance in grainy YouTube Video shot at in ED’s basement..


How many times do these goofs have to get burned by shelly?? Adam is playing it right…don’t tell shelly a damn thing!!

Directors really?

I’m kind of numb to this season now. BRJJ are right the newbs are stupid.


I think she might have to literally “burn” them for them to catch on.

Not Meg

I’m with you 100%!
What type of director is Porche talking about?


I really hope the twist is to bring back a previously evicted player. That way if Dom goes home he can be voted back in the house. Last year I loved Brenchel, but after watching feeds and BBAD this year I hate them!!! Brendan is an arrogant douchelord. No longer team BRJJ!!!


I’m thinking the upcoming HOH competition will be tailor made for Dani. I really think this is where Dani gets some revenge and ONE of the “Fantastic Four” goes home the following week.

Then right after one of the Fantastic Four goes home, and we have the results of an America’s vote, one of the old houseguests comes back–It’ll be Dom, Cassi, or if like Season 9, the last evicted houseguest.

We’ll see, but if we can all agree that BB is not rigged (hahahahahaha) then lady luck can’t shine in the same dog’s ass forever, RIGHT??

A newbie alliance member will win HOH this week. My money is on Dani. And then this thing will get very interesting.


Porsche: “Personally I think I can go toe to toe with them by myself”

Good luck on that shit yo. She’s on a suicide mission. LOL


when do they put the latest episode up on cbs? my shitty dvr didnt record it. /sad face\


Directors didn’t want Porksha before the show and they don’t want her now and certainly not after big brother. Best shot she has is in porn with her fake boobs and that’s a maybe. She’s gonna have to cut down on the fat though unless she wants to be in fatty porn.


is shelly still playing them all? if so shes a pathological liar its like she gets joy doing this


Oh shit yo………Jordan’s gonna throw mad grenades yo! BOOM


Can’ wait to see her bite.


shillbilly will go back and say something she can’t be trusted.


Jordan FTW!!!! 🙂 LOL


REAL TALK, I think this post+comments has made me laugh the most. Its TOOOOO damn funny.
Pinto thinking she has a career outside of PORN? *DEAD*
The plan to get Pinto to flip by having brief one-by-one conversations this late in the week *DEADD*
They are hanging out with a known snake Shelly *DEADDD*
The fact that everyone that has gone home hangs out 90% of their time in the “HAVE-NOT” room *DEADDDD* (I’d hang out right outside the HOH room IDGAF)

I stand by my statement… dumbest cast ever.


The twist will be that in the new HOH competition since 4 people will have had the golden key, including adams whos will be useless, only those 4 will play for HOH. So as long as Katie Morgan and Jessica Tandy dont win, 2 vets will be nominated.


Julie did say the the keys could be a blessing or a curse yo.


Im pretty sure she said that getting nominated was a blessing and a curse


It’s still early and although it’s fun to pick on them I have a feeling that there is more to learn about some of them. I’m hoping some they spill some personal shit that’s unexpected and open our mouths. AG’s comments in tv guide about Danielle surprise me, but she’s still not in power and not making friends so we’ll see about her. Big moves too early lead to early demise, so I’m just warming up to these characters. Simon & Dawg have every right to put out their prejudices, just like we all do. I have to say Colette Lala has the wittiest comments so far this season, but I’d hate to live in that mind! Scary & immensely creative. Thanks to everybody who puts some thought into their comments for all of us readers!


I have been on and off shellys team and trying to figure out how sticking with JJ is going to get her to the end and how stupid she is being!

Thinking harder on it I think i figured her out. She is wanting to sit at the end with Jordan…….it is highly unlikely they will give her the prize twice…especially from mama Shelly with the kid at home. She is gonna ride their coattails and snatch the prize right from underneith them.

I am not on the Vets side…they are arrogant and their clear advantage is they have solid duos…even if they didnt work as a team, and were out numbered, they were duos that would never turn on eachother and that its what killed the newbs (besides that they cant win any HOH’s).

the ONLY chance the newbs have now is if Cassi returns, realizes that Shelly is a snake, and finally work together with Dani and Cassi leading the charge, and some sort of REAL rift between JJ BR….I really dont see much hope for them if this doesnt happen.


if I was a director I would totally “cast” porsche…and proceed to sleep with her till my “funds” ran out

true story


Me too, but when I’m finish I wouldn’t pay her, I’d kick her out of the car(after stopping of course) and say “Sorry but I don’t make the casting decisions”.


Simon I’ve been watching the live feeds most of the day. GREAT STUFF!! and GREAT recaps!! I just caught the tail end of the Shelly/Jordon convo. WOW!!! I think everyone is scrambling to figure out where they are in this game but I don’t think Shelly will turn on the Vets, nor will Pinto. Unless the Jeff and Brendon’s ego gets in the way Dom is out. Another thing…. I think that strictly from the outside looking in… The Vets tore up Dani. Her defense was very week and she did bury herself. Of course it might not play out that way in the house and Jeff and Brenda went WAY overboard in there arguing. If Dom had any of the balls he claims he has he should have stuck up for her more. Funny how nobody saw that. He pretty much slithered into his corner when Jeff/Bendon when Ape Crap on Dani. GREAT STUFF GREAT SITE.


OMG someone please tell me what show Porsche is on bc it’s certainly not BB…this girl is delusional….she shouldn’t worry that directors won’t want to work with her bc she is involved in drama…she should worry bc she is a MORON


That skank should be kicked off…she doesn’t deserve to be on there.


From all the BBs I have watched, production/directors love drama and especially the people that can stir it up.


Is There a Chance The Twist Might Be That Dominic Gets To Stay Or Something Like That????


Thank you for all you guys do to update us. I love


Thank you for all you guys do to update us. I love onlinebigbrother


Effing A that’s funny!


It’s time for Dom to go, but since Evil Dick is out they outta bring in another newbie.


Porsche is an idiot. Staying out of the drama and being a floater is not going to get her scouted by directors! I forget she is even in the house! The only remotely interesting thing she’s done there is gain 20 pounds and wear jogging suits for weeks at a time. And she needs to open her eyes and realize she has no chance of winning if she sticks with br/jj. They will drop her as soon as they are done using her ass. She needs to take this opportunity to rally against them and break them apart before its too late or they will completely dominate this season and make a clean sweep for that money


I think that tonight’s twist is that only the Golden Key holders can compete for head of household.


EVEL DICK said the exact same thing on his Twitter


Got a link for that tweet?


i went back to try to find it but Twitter allows you to go back maybe 24 hours or less. depends on how many tweets us post.