Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says she said some mean a$$ sh!t in Brendon’s goodbye message… I was obviously drinking that night.

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12am Kalia and Jordan are talking in the bedroom. Kalia says that she is so surprised how well she did with living with people ..because I hate living with people. Kalia says that she literally hates living with people… she literally despises living with people. Kalia said that people were like you do realize what show this is right. Jordan says it doesn’t seem like it …I would have never known. Kalia says that like everyone is counting down the day .. I literally can’t wait to have my own place. Kalia says that she was maybe a little more argumentative or cavalier before she came in here…and that I have learned that I don’t need to be like that .. Jordan doesn’t know what cavalier means so Kalia explains it to her. They talk about the big house meeting that Kalia went off on people. Jordan talks about how Dani turned on them and if she hadn’t it would have been a different story. Jordan says that if Dick was still in here …it wouldn’t have happened ..he wouldn’t have let her .. it was only week two. Porsche comes in and joins them with her laundry. Rachel joins them soon after. Porsche finishes with her laundry and leaves. Rachel and Jordan turn off the light. They talk about how they really need to win HOH tomorrow. Jordan says she really wants to win to see photos of home. Jordan thinks it will be questions and then maybe endurance next week.

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Meanwhile out in the backyard Adam and Shelly are talking. Adam says that it is ironic that there were 7 duos to begin with, then when Dick left early …then there were six left …and that the final six left are ones from duos. It just goes to show you that duos and showmances never work out. They talk about how many times people were nominated or re-nomed. Shelly and Adam say that they can’t wait to back and watch some of the fights that happened. Kalia comes out and says do you realize we only have two Thursdays left. They talk about how they are so glad that production left the backyard open for them and that it isn’t locked down. They start talking about past competitions. Porsche joins them. Kalia heads up to the HOH room to go to bed. Adam is all alone in the backyard talking and studying the evens of the house. Porsche joins her and gets ready for bed. Kalia starts talking about how she was asking Jordan what they are going to do about the votes. Kalia says that she said that they still don’t know what they are going to do and that they can’t say what they will do anyways. Kalia says that Rachel said that there are pros and cons to both. Kalia says that they said that they may not even be on the same page. Kalia says that if thats the case then a vote that doesn’t matter may matter… and that I could be the deciding vote. Porsche and Kalia start studying the events and dates of the house. Kalia and Porsche start talking about what the final competitions are like physical endurance, skill, questions.

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1:20am – 2:45am Adam finished up talking to himself and studying the dates of the house and heads inside to the bathroom to shave. Adam then goes into the purple room and starts looking at the fortune teller. Then he heads out into the backyard for another smoke. Adam then heads to bed. Meanwhile, Kalia and Porsche continue to study. Kalia gets mad when Porsche tells her the answers. Porsche says that she needs to study too. Kalia talks about how she really wants to win this HOH …and Porsche wants to win the Veto. Porsche promises she won’t open another Pandora’s box. They talk about how close they are. Porsche says that she has stepped up her game. Porsche and Kalia talk about how Jordan and Rachel were talking about how Shelly was swearing on everything that she would work with them. Kalia says that she will not put Jordan up until it is absolutely necessary. They talk about their goodbye messages to Brendon and how Porsche says that her second one was BLANK up to him. Porsche says that she said some mean BLANK …and that she was obviously drinking that night. Porsche says that with Shelly’s goodbye message she only said goodbye I am going to miss your spaghetti. They talk about if Shelly stays she will more than Adam go with the side of the house with the power. They end their conversation. Porsche listens to the music cd. Kalia rolls over to go to sleep. Porsche stays up for a half hour listening to the cd and then goes to sleep.

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:40am All the houseguests are still sleeping.. No Big Brother wake up call yet..

10am Big Brother turns the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

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Team Kalia!


team kalia here too! (we are def. in the minority though … hahaha) i thought her dr’s last night were funny.


Yay, go Team PorKa, yo!



Casual Observer

Team Kalia & Porsche too!

Just because they are newbies and have proven themselves against the veterans. Also because they are not fake. Both of them have always let you know where their loyalties are.

But I truly wish that Kalia would give up her fricking allegiance to Jordan, because Jordan can not stand her. Put that kitty right up on the block with Rachel the first opportunity you get!


Team Kalia and Porsche as well. We may be in the minority but that’s ok lol. As long as Adam Rachel and especially Jordan doesn’t win then I’m good.


Go Porsche! Go Kalia!

very big brother fan

Go Rachel. Go Jordan.


I’m team Porsche and Kalia, though if Rachel does win at this point or get to the final two I won’t be horribly upset.



I’m w/you! Go Jordan Go Rachel! Kalia and Porsche last pick!


Kalia & Porsche – Final 2!

very big brother fan

rachel & jordan final 2


Team Shelly for America’s Fan Favorite, yo!


K’s first HOH was a joke, she made HORRIBLE decisions that ended up costing her her closest friend in the house Dani. Her second HOH was succsessful ONLY because she did exactly what Dani told her to do, and even admitted to it, even though she said she didnt want people thinking that Dani was telling her what to do. same with P when she decided not to use the veto. Then when P won HOH she made one of the stupidest decisions in this game and opened pandora’s box when she was gonna cruise into the final two, and for WHAT? 5 grand? and then just comes right out and admits that she did it for 5 grand? at least say you did it for more money and people would think you were less stupid. just because you win some comps doesnt make you better at playing the game. they hid behind better players through the entire game. and dont get me started on P all cocky now because she wins things. 1) if jeff had noticed that he knocked that clown shoe over the side when he was running back he would have killed P in that veto, and then she won an HOH after that because all the best competitors besides rachel were out of the game. And everyone seems to forget that jordan almost won that HOH, she not as useless as everyone believes her to be. i think adams floating strategy is working better than KP’s stumbling around and getting lucky strategy.


I agree with you. I love how P&K say they are playing thier own game when after everything they do they say this is what Dani would have wanted lol. I have a new respect for Rachel right now, she has done a complete turn around and has really got her head in the game. I hate to say it but I’m not sure Brendon is the best influence on her, I think she plays better on her own. I also love how her & Jordan have formed a better bond, they actually seem like friends, even tho they both know that one or the other may have to knock one out, they seem ok with that. Jordan’s big heart will probably want Rachel to win the money so her and Brendon can start thier marriage off better. I realize she and Jeff are considering moving in together as well, but Jordan is just a generous person. I hope it’s shelly that walks tonight I really do, she doesnt deserve anything. I tend to take this game way personal lol sorry bout that. Thanks for allowing me to ramble lol.


kalia is gross. All she does is eat, sleep and fart like I said gross

very big brother fan

she’s just like me


Don’t forget pissing in the hot tub. She should be evicted for that alone.

no surprise there

Apparently she hates living with little Yorkies too!!!


The show is a complete rig. This week they completely screwed Shelly who was in a really good position and played the game good. But because Americas sweetheart was evicted and Shelly had a hand in doing so, CBS decided to give the majority of America what they wanted, undeserved revenge on Shelly.

This is very much now fair. I bet the next comp will be geared to Rachel just like the Veto was.


Theres a pool of comps CBS pre prepares before the season begins it’s these comps they select from for the season. Some make it some don’t. they do not decide to do comp Z on week 9 in April they decide to do comp Z on week 9 7 days before week 9

Rachel is going to win the physical comps she’s in the strongest physical shape in the house.


You’re in the wrong and you are calling others a moron? Classic


If it weren’t for CBS intervention, either Rachel or Jordan would be going home and the other would be in serious jeopardy. They really want them to stay until finale night.


sorry I just dont believe that, sounds like sour grapes


You’re entitled to your opinion, but former HGs agree. Jun, Dick, Matt, James Rhine, and others.


And if CBS does interfere, but I guess they didn’t help them when they were on BB right! They only complain when they’re not the beneficiaries. If CBS helps people out, maybe Evil Dickhead isn’t so special after all, huh!!!!!


If you believe that than you’re a moron (typical). Blind Blind Blind.


it didn’t screw shelly’s game, not winning the veto screwed shelly’s game, just like jeff he didn’t win veto and he is gone, shelly did not win the veto so she is probably gone quit complaining the show is rigged

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!

You mean like how conveniently the Double Eviction twist happened on Jeff’s HOH week insuring he couldn’t compete for HOH and didn’t have time to fight for votes? I guess you’re right, BB is rigged!! ….NOT!…Production didn’t choose the pairs, and Porche has been doing better at physical comps than Rachael. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Sure production provides some intel in the DR, but it is impossible for production to completely determine who will win a comp. The comp was more geared toward Porche to begin with considering she is the best physical player left.Every year that Pandora’s box has come out – people whine the same crap. She didn’t have to open it, she knew it could be bad. No one’s fault but the idiot Porsche.
.I bet tonights comp will be geared to Kalia The Hut just like the HoH was.

Syan Reacrest

The clown shoe POV was geared for Jeff, not Porsche. And if prosche didn’t open PB, tehnprodctuion would have found another way to add the partners twist back in so they could have a chance to save both of them.

Syan Reacrest

I totally disagree with you on the HOH and POV comps being pre-planned. They may have the a list of possible comps, but they don’t have them planned weeks in advance. And did you notice that R&J were the only ones in the POV hanging comp with “short” shorts on. Production told them to were them because exposed skin gave them a better grip.


I think this is a stretch… I agree with everything else but production doesn’t tip off contestants and Jordan had knee high socks on so it voids your statement.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

As far as the comps go, yes, sure, here are a certain number of comps that are planed b4 the season starts. BUT there is also evidence that CLEARLY show that production DOES make up a few of the comps along the way, and I will name some:
1. In Dani/Dick season (bb8) they used to play beer pong where they would shoot things in a cup in the kitchen, bla blah blah. Later in the season they had a veto or a od comp that was based off that game they played.
2. BB6, that girl in the “Friendship group”…ummmm…Evette, that’s hr name. I think she was responsible for the coaster game they played all season where they tossed plastic coasters onto the circle living room table they had that season. Later in the season they had a veto comp made based off that game.
So its CLEAR that production DOES make up shit along the way.
ALSO I think that production DOES base a comp or two just off of houseguest feedback just t make th HG feel they know the game oh so well. Remember this season when they had that knockout comp for HOH? ALL week everyone was saying “oh I wonder what the HOH is gonna be..u think its gonna be some type of knockout? Yea, I think its gonna be knockout.” Then that goes viral all over the house and then wham! Next comp is a knockout


I don’t see how you think the veto was rigged for Rachel. The other girls could have been able to hold on just as easy. Rachel wanted it the most. Give credit where credit is due. For once


Hmm, maybe the next competition will be who has the lowest IQ so that Jordan wins.


anyone this season could win that one


Where can I watch BB tonight….football is on CBS ):


Watch on Global


What is global?


It’s a canadian station, Global TV


I am in Pacific time zone – also pre-empted by football tonight. Try CBS @ 1:30am for BB.


bigbrother live stream


CBS show BB on at 10 PM CA time

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

It would be just like ShelHe to tell her husband that when she is involved in getting J or J out, make a call claiming that there were death threats to her family. This would dissipate some of the heat on her and might allow her to gain some audience compassion. That’s the way she is playing this game………..ruthlessly.


Wow. I mean WOW! That is so far out there that I don’t even think the real haters can grasp that theory. LOL And BTW, your name is, well, offensive.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

I am here to offend those who I can offend. I would say my plan is working to a tee………..bwahhhhh….bwahhhhh.


That made no sense.

Midwest Fan

Do you have a link to the Sheriff’s statement?

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

Below from the local LA news where they were reporting on TMZ’s report. Ruthless I tell you, ruthless.

Anger aimed at Louisiana Big Brother contestant
Posted: Aug 28, 2011 11:07 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 29, 2011 4:25 PM CDT

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) – It’s clear some fans of the CBS reality show Big Brother are not pleased with the actions of the show’s contestant from Louisiana.

Shelly Moore, who lives in Prairieville, Louisiana, is the oldest contestant on the show. Her moves during a recent episode also made her one of the most controversial contestants of the season.

Shelly had previously aligned herself with two fellow contestants named Jeff and Jordan. However, after realizing she might have a hard time beating those two, Shelly helped to orchestrate a plan to get Jeff voted out of the Big Brother house. The plan worked and some fans of Big Brother were not pleased.

At least one of Shelly’s relatives has received several phone calls from people upset about Shelly’s actions, a person familiar with the situation said. A website related to the show also had several entries from fans who were upset with Shelly as well.

The Executive Producer of Big Brother sent a Twitter message urging fans to keep things in perspective and remember that it is only a game. “No matter how much you dislike a HG (house guest), this is wrong!,” said the Twitter message from producer Allison Grodner. “True BB (Big Brother) fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!,” the message said.

A celebrity website, TMZ.COM reported Sunday that Shelly’s family members were preparing to get the FBI involved. However, an FBI spokeswoman said Monday that the FBI has not been asked to investigate.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley also said his agency is not investigating. Shelly’s family lives in Ascension Parish. “While we are under NO obligation to divulge whether we are or are not investigating, the answer is no….. at this time,” Wiley said in an emailed response to WAFB.

Copyright 2011 WAFB. All rights reserved.


You are so right … It came from junk news just to get some sympathy for Shelly … WHY? cause BB fans grew to hate her…. No matter where i looked there was no news on this matter… ALL IS SUCH BULLSHIT….and so many fell for it … Come on people look at the source …. those who believe must be those who read the TABLOIDS to get their news…LMAO … People start crap just to change Americians oppions … Just like last year when Bratty Britts house caught fire in the middle of the night because of a BBQ.. a charcoal one at that … and what did America do … VOTED HER AMERICA’S FAVOURITE…. GAG ME on that one … GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN 🙂

Midwest Fan

I believe Shelley and her family were threatened.
BB’s Allison Grodner made a comment about the threats.

Midwest Fan

I found one article quoting the Sheriff.
I, also, found another article, dated 9/01/11, reporting the threats have stopped.


do you have a link to the sheriff quote .

Midwest Fan

I’ve sent you the link directly from the Louisiana CBS WAFB report.
I hope you get it, since the internet link I used earlier today has been removed.


I got it thanks.. It’s on one of the comments approved.


It is not Jeff’s fault someone is doing this and people shouldn’t think he had anything to do with those actions. Just saying…
Maybe she is still “playing” and trying to put the spotlight on someone else instead of herself now that she dug herself a HUGE hole.


Literally… if Kalia says literally one more time, you’ll literally find me on top of a belltower with a rifle in hand….literally.

Casual Observer

Literally, please don’t forget to release the safety and point in your immediate direction!


It’s like, [shoves food in mouth] you know, [farts] it will come out, [shoves something in mouth] literally, seriously, like, *shocker! [passes gas]

I will totally do an Adam (kiss some serious arse) to Team Production if they can manage to steer Shelly and Kalia to Final 2.


She picked that up from Dani. Her and Porche both now say “literally” and “Shocker” in almost every sentence. It just shows what mindless sheep they really are. They had no game play of their own so they let themselves be TRAINED by Dani on how to act and talk. They are both completely useless in the house and do not deserve to be there.


The are not the only two as Rachel started copying Dani too. She says “shocker” like all the time. Did you catch in the diary room on last night’s show?


when rachel does it she is making fun of dani


how about like, what j says all the time like like ike


your comment literally made me LOL


Kind of like [shoves food in mouth] me, as in, literally [passes gas] like the same as you, really, [shoves food in mouth] kind of like, literally [farts again], I can swear on my dog’s *hooohaaaah*

Go, Team PorKa, yo!


This is the thing S’s move was not a big move. Jeff was in power you can’t get out a person holding all the power.
Dani was by far the strongest player on the other sides allience and S also had to get her out to have any shot at winning. Did she really think she would not have the chance to get Jeff out without Dani? She had it the very next HOH ( K won no way to know if D would have done the same). Had she NOTt done what she did.
1 vote Jeff out (no one except A knows it was you)
2 blame it on A
3 Jordan believes you
4 Jordan votes A out tonight
5 S still in the game with no one in house knowing the truth about what she did & still in good with RJ
6 That would have been a big game move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a fan of jeff and jordan, but I realize getting jeff out was a smart move, but the way shelly did it was just stupid


Simmon, I know you are asked this every week, but where can we watch the live episode online. I hate football.

Shelly's Left Nut

For all in the Los Angeles area BB is on @ 10pm….let’s hope the game won’t run over.


For those of you that are voting for Rachael to go home, duh!!!!!!! She’s off the block!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know, I really liked Shelly at the beginning, even after everyone started calling her trash, and a terrible human, I still liked her. Even though she evicted my favorite character Jeff, I still like her. I mean I want to see her go now, because I like Adam, a biiiit more. Point is, I still like Shelly. Plus I don’t want to see a final 5 with girls… NOT sexist or anything haha.


If Shelly’s evicted, it will be five girls.





Team Adam, FTW.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

I know right?! Lol




I think it is kind of smart for JR to keep KP out of the loop on who they are going to evict. However, I think that KP will realize before the live show that this is the strategy and Kahlia will just have to put forth her best guess as to what they are going to do, which I believe she will guess right that they evict Shelly. On another note, I am so looking forward to the fireworks at the jury house. I imagine that most of the sparring will be between Dani and Jeff. Jeff being such a sore loser and all. Jeff better watch it though, Dani may just tell Brandon exactly why he got evicted….I am referring to the thrown veto comp that Jeff not only won $5K, but made it possible for Dani to replace Adam with Brandon on the chopping block.


usually at the jury house all is forgiven and most people become friends or friendly


Julie said that there were “fireworks” at the BB Jury house.


CBS will say that the biggest drama is happening in the Jury house right now stay tuned and all will be revealed on thursday’s show.

The ratings will suffer tonight so CBS is trying to make up for it.


If Kalia can’t see that the ‘we may not even vote the same way’ comments from JR are complete rubbish then she deserves to go home next week. Kalia seems like a decent person and she’s good at comps, but she’s horrid at reading people and situations.

Casual Observer

I agree Skulk. She over analyzes everything and thinks because Jordan and her spoke often earlier in the season, she can somehow trust her.

If Kalia had put up Jordan on the block instead of Lawon with Rachel, then Rachel would have been evicted and had to play Brendon for the right to come back into the house. That would have been very entertaining. But one of them would have been going home. And the other would have been evicted the following week. Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve…

Live and learn….


Kalia thinks that Jordan is her friend. Jordan has been talking crap about her from waaaaay back. Would love to be a fly on the wall when K finally gets to see the show, so she can see that even though she has had some loyalty to Jordan, Jordan has NONE for her.


That’d be sweet, watching Brendan mop the floor with Jeff’s ass. Guessing two hits, Brendan hits Jeff, Jeff hits the floor.


there won’t be any fireworks tonight, they are trying to get people to watch


Why does Kalia have to sleep in the HOH bed with Porsche? Can’t she sleep downstairs in her own bed like the others. I saw BBAD where Porsche said she was going to take a shower and then Kalia jumps in the shower first like it is her HOH but gets called to the DR and she gets mad saying can’t you see I’m in the shower and Porsche says you have to go or you are going to get in trouble. She was hinting at her get the hell out of my room this is my room. Did Kalia sleep in the same bed as Dani when she was HOH?


most females that are in the same alliance do sleep in the same bed. this is normal and a privilege. kalia did sleep in the HOH bed when Dani won and vice versa.

chief c

kalia thinks everyone is her bestie she isnt smart about much but an opinion on everything she is a diva not the good kind just spoiled and greedy porshe shoulda saved the 5 grand for dani kalia doesnt even appreciate it egod i like porche better than her by a landslide jeff and brenden probly fine after initia blowup and dani she probly calmed down now to a mild

“its not fair” by now hope shelly then kalia go then its up to jury and last comp to decide go jordon go rachel and porche just go


Kuntlia has mooched off of every HOH, except Jeff’s week, since week 4 Dani’s first HOH. It looked like by the third week up there with Kuntlia Dani was getting tired of her always being there. Neither Dani or Porche have had one minute of time alone in the their own HOH room. That is floating to the max. She has treated that room like it is her’s every week. She even shaves her nasty crotch up there. If I were Dani or Porche I would have told her she could sleep up there maybe one night but not every night. She could not even let Porche have her last night in the room by herself.


This is response to the other topic…Jordan is in no way shape or form people smart…That is a laugh…She is as naive as they come and if she were people smart she would be able to read people…Shes cute but her intelligence is neck and neck with a waffle house waitress..I am from the south..I have an accent and she is the quintessential reason people think that someone with an accent is not very smart…How embarrassing…

The southern belle analogy someone said is so off..That term is from the 1800 where the southerners were upper class..Sorry give her 500000 and even give her another 500000 and she still will not be close to upper class…She might live in the neighborhoods if she wanted but at the community parties she would be laughed at…


I also want to say someone said Jordan has never lied or anything…Well teh game had been going the way she wanted so of course she didnt have to…But look at the first sign it not going her way shes ready to lie now…Wake up people everyone lies on BB…THAT IS THE GAME…when things arent going your way you make deals and you should backstab and get people out…but thats not a big deal…If you play that way you just lose jury votes…


I lived in the south for about 10 years and everything you have said is dead on. I agree 100% with your assessment of the game and the girl. Well said.


Of course Jordan lied, they all have. Anyone who says someone has played ‘honestly’ the entire game is being dishonest themselves.


Shelly has shot straight the entire time.. 😉

Casual Observer

^^That’s what he said!^^^ Very funny Simon!


Call me slow (again), but I just noticed last night that Shelly, indeed, walks like a man.

And the editors really played heavily on the dumb blonde joke when they aired J&R’ conversation at the backyard when R was talking game play and J just had a blank stare.

What a way to hide Team Production’s bias in favor of America’s sweetheart. Go, Team Production, yo!


The strategy here is pretty obvious to the outsider
The key is not who gets put out tonight, but rather who wins the HOH
But to gain an edge, RJ should split their vote and force P to be the deciding factor. This will expose who PK are working with.
The HOH comp will then be a 2 vs 2 and the ones that win, will be in ultimate control .
A and S are are the ultimate floaters, and will do or say anything to who ever has the power( as they should be if they want to win).
It is laughable that A and S every week, say {THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HOH or VETO comp and I HAVE to WIN) and proceed to go out and SUCK AT IT! I predict if either wins, they will say, they purposely threw every competition, and I won the ultimate competition. BULL! neither is capable of winning any competition. I would love to see a Secret Power that would morph Adam into MATT from last season and Shelly into Lazy Eye Brittany. Now that would be interesting


Even if they split the vote it won’t be a tie because K is also voting 🙂


FIRST! LOL anyway I hope Kalia wins HOH today.. Its semi-annoys me that whenever Rachel and Jordan loose something they get testi but whenever they win the suddenly think that theyre holier than thou. Shelly was so disposable to the Jeff and Jordan alliance that all she was a vote on their side. As soon as she defeated her purpose as a vote Jordan and Jeff abandoned her..And then Jordan makes it seem as Shelly freakin stabbed her and Jeff (which she did) but she was literally putting the power couple ahead of her. Jeff and Jordan colectively won 515,000 dollars since season 11. So its not like they really need the money as much as everyone else. Jeff just likes competing and Jordan said she really didn’t want to take part in this season. I know everyone in the Big
Brother house is really cool I just think their captivity and competitiveness kicks in.


how about when P won the HOH last week they were bouncing around and dancing right in front of JR and P wore her stupid HOH crown around everywhere to rub it in? when R won the pov they weren’t breaking into dance and wearing the pov necklace on their head. I think that shows something right there. and as for shelly’s reason for evicting jeff was because she was putting them before her, doe she really think PK isnt before her if shes with them? or even before that when she was trying to keep dani, you think dani would have picked shelly over K? please, shelly was in the same boat no matter where she went, atleast with jj maybe jordan would have had some more compassion at the end if they went final 3 and gave shelly final two since she knew jeff could win over shelly and jordan didnt need the money again. as unlikely as that might of been she still would have made it to final 3 instead of where she is now. and also i dont understand why you are putting jeff and jordans money together, they arnt married, just dating, so im sure they arent sharing the money. sure jordan probably pays for more dinners and the trips to go visit jeff, maybe a present or two, but they arnt and cant share the money, its against bb rules.


when R won the pov they weren’t breaking into dance and wearing the pov necklace on their head. I think that shows something right there.

Actually it shows nothing, it only means that they were still upset, if you remember Rachel and crew have always thrown it in the losers face when they win threatening the house to do as they say, and when they lose they act like the world is about to end….


Yeah, Rachel is the worst at that. Even when she’s not HOH. She is so arrogant in her DR sessions.


Correction Jeff also won 25k his season for Fav Player


I’m not looking forward to watching those two bytch made pussies, Jeff & Brendon, gang up on Dani in the Jury house. I’ve never seen two men yell on women like those do. Abusive douche bags. And whoever is threatening Shelly’s family or plans to when she goes home, needs to cut it out and get a serious psychiatric evaluation. This is a game of strategy. No one ever said integrity had anything to do with it. If you can win like that so be it.


i hope when they all get to jury they look around and notice that they are all vets and then turn to eachother and say, “huh, i guess if we had stuck together we probably wouldnt be here right now.” im hoping D realizes after she watches this season that had she just not gotten bored and tried to make a big move week two,she had a good chance of winning BB.


Nope Dani’s mistake was breaking away 2 weeks too early. She eventually had to flip because when it got down to final 6-7 they (BRJJ) would have evicted her.

When she was HOH with 10 left she should have flipped to the newbies side. 6 vs 4 and got rid of Brendon.
6 vs 3.

Right idea, wrong time.


No excuse, she was bored and thought this was the greatest game move ever, her dad said it was to earlt and she would be out in several weeks and he was right on. Shelly did the same thing and she might be out tonight


ALL dom is to her is another self center trophy, she does this to convince herself she is all that and she realize she is always going tom be rememeber as evil dicks daughter unles she leaves bb and gets decent job and stay away for bb reality shows and gathering like las vegas bash


Be realistic, I think everybody has yelled at their woman out of frustration. It happens when your with girls like Rachel who just becomes jealous & looks at anybody prettier than her as a threat. Plus these guys knows each HG on a personal level & you would be a hypocrite if you think this doesn’t happen in a regular household.


Rachel gives Brendon great reasons to yell at her and talk down to her, besides him getting his rocks off on tearing her down and then building her up with delusions and ego boosters ..


Fireworks!! Only reason I am watching tonight is because of the Jury House.


But first, don’t forget your catch phrase, RC24: Team Dani 4 Life, yo!


Why is it a terrible thing when a man yells at a women, But no one says a word when the women yell at the men?

Dani made her bed, and now she has to lay in it.


Same reasons why it’s a terrible thing for a man to hit his women when she deserves it , but it’s OK for women to hit her man when he deserves it.

The world is a confusing place, Welcome ;-P


I know Brendon likes ganging up on women and smaller people, see BB12&13

Jeff is just a douche bag to everyone, who is not treating him like Big Jeff


you know i’d probably appreciate your comments more if your language wasn’t so foul! do you not think you can make your point without being offensive??

have to wonder if this is how you react to everyone who’s point you don’t agree with.

just saying


If there are any “fireworks” at the JH, I think all will be forgiven when Dani changes into a bikini. Jeff has a thing for Dani.


You have hit on exactly why I don’t like the vet alliance. Jeff & Brendon bullying and yelling at the women in the house, including their own girlfriends, put Dani front & center on my list of favorites early on.


since when is yelling abusive, most of the time he isn’t even yelling, how weak do you think women are, if someone yells at me, I’m strong enought to guess what YELL BACK


HOH Competition (Shelly Evicted)-Week 8
Case Scenario-Week 9
Scenario #1
Rachel wins HOH
Kaila and Porsche on the block
Rachel open the Pandora Box-Good Consequence:Golden Key and Pick a player of Big Brother House to make it to the final 3 and not participate in POV and Next HOH competition but can eligible to vote. Bad Consequence:Three Houseguest must compete in POV while one Houseguest must sit out and safe until the final 3. Rachel picked Jordan.
Rachel wins POV keep the nomination the same
Scenario #2
Kaila wins HOH
Rachel and Jordan on the block again
Kaila open the Pandora Box-Good Consequence:Rachel or Jordan have Coup d’etat. Bad Consequence:Jeff back to make Kaila more miserable
Rachel wins POV takes herself off the block and Kaila replace Porsche on the block
Jordan or Rachel has Coup d’etat. Take Jordan off the block, replace Adam on the block
Porsche (N) vs Adam (N)
Scenario #3
Jordan wins HOH
Porsche and Kaila on the block again
Jordan open the Pandora Box-Good Consequence:Golden Key which automatic to the Final 3 and can’t compete in POV. Bad Consequence:Jeff comes back in Big Brother House to damage Porsche and Kaila.
Rachel wins POVs and keep the nomination the same.
Scenario #4
Adam wins HOH
He has to pick a side what he on
He choose JR over PK
Porsche and Kaila on the block again
Adam open Pandora Box-Good Consequence:See his Girlfriend Farah and have dinner about an Hour. Adam press the button about 15 more minutes to have dinner w/his girlfriend and propose his marriage. Bad Consequence: HOH can’t compete in POV competition while 4 HGs battle out in POV competition. Jeff and Brendon comes back to BB House to make Kaila and Porsche life more miserable.
Rachel wins POV and keep the nomination a same.
Tough Spot but it would happen.


If Rachel won HOH, no way would Pandora’s Box be that obvious, it will be something like Cassi tormenting her for an hour while the house gets a party.. now if Kalia wins, then Pandora’s Box will be something else to save JR just like last weekend, while Kalia gets a big gourmet meal.

If Adam wins HOH and get Pandora’s Box a man dressed as a giant Pig will jump out and give Adam a lap dance, while feeding him his favorite bacon dishes, while the rest of the house watches in horror…


I’m not sure, what if Jordan open the Pandora Box and get the vacation something or Golden Key which other HG’s don’t have a clue including Jeff comes back and terrorize Big Brother House. Or what if Rachel open the Pandora Box and get the vacation while Brendon comes back and terrorize the house or Golden Key and pick a player who will automatic final 3 while other HGs who is on the block w/Adam safe. Final 5.


opps I meant women dressed as a pig


Why does everyone seem to think there will be a second Pandora’s box. I recall there only being one per season.


You recalled wrong LOL BB12 had 4 Pandora’s Box Twists Brendan’s, Matt’s , Brittney’s, and Lane’s


Matt , Lane and Brittiany all opened Pandoras Box season 11


Season 12


There will be an infinite number of Pandora’s boxes available, whatever is necessary, so that production can ensure that there will be order in the BB house….all in the interest of fairness.

Go, Team Production, yo!

Aqua Bernie

Kahlia says that she “literally” hates living with people, but she has no problem sleeping with them and eating their food? I think she is “literally” a liar!


Did you not read the part where she said she was suprised at how well she is dealing with it?


rating averages for Big Brother
BB1: 9.1 million
BB3: 8.7 million
BB4: 8.8 million
BB5: 8.3 million
BB6: 7.2 million
BB7: 7.4 million
BB8: 7.41 million 2.1
BB9: 6.33 million 2.3
BB10: 6.51 million 2.1
BB11: 6.98 million 2.1
BB12: 7.38 million 2.4

BB King

How the hell did BB 12 garner more votes thamn BB 11? BB 12 only had four good competitors (Brendon, Rachel, Matt, Brit) and the rest of the house was filled with parasites like Enzo and Kathy sucking off the wins of these competitors. BB 11 had Jeff, Russell, Jessie, Michele, Kevin. Much better fights, an expulsion from the game (that doesn’t happen often), a much better liar got busted by the whole house. You can’t beat BB 11 it was one of the best seasons in BB history.


where did you get this?
I dont think this is right

As far as I know…season 5 had the highst raitings until BB12…and BB12 had more than any other season since season 5

and this season is having more than BB12.

At least 3 Episodes this season had more than 8 millions, and the double evicetin had 8,37 million.. and is the highest at least from BB 12, 11, 10 and 9

neilson ratings


Season premieres

BB1: 22 million
BB4: 9.7 million
BB5: 9.5 million
BB3: 9.2 million
BB6: 8.5 million
BB2: 8.2 million
*BB13: 7.71 million 2.7
BB7: 5.9 million/7.5 million
BB8: 7.4 million 2.7
BB12: 7.35 million 2.5
BB9: 6.9 million 2.7
BB11: 6.6 million 2.3
BB10: 6.1 million 2.2

Casual Observer


It is an indicator that the viewing public thinks that BB is rigged. There is difference in putting in twists to make it more strategic and entertaining; however, to put in twists to aide people who are in trouble, is very troubling indeed.

If BB does not check it self, I can see the show going into re-runs or on cable. But they will never be able to regain their initial veiwership levels. It will be regulated to the cat crazies, low-information and die-hard viewers.


My guess is next year will even me worse than this year. CBS only cares about ratings nothing else matters for this show.

There a huge difference between the serious fans, cat people and your average joe watching it on TV.

The Average Joe watching it on TV is around 7 million the cat people and fans are probably 1 million.


Yep, I’ll bet money right now, that next season will either have past HGs playing the game or as a guest hosting a comp, CBS are gutless , they don’t like taking chances on all-new casts for their reality shows, it;s always going to be a past guest frenzy

Casual Observer

Yeah, true Simon. All it takes is NBC or ABC offering up a better product in a similar genre, to further reduce their viewship.

When you have former houseguests even questioning the integrity of the show…Houston, there is a problem.

Perception is reality for some folks.


this is not right at all

Season 9 had the lowest ever.

You can just check wikipedia and see…season 9 had only around 4 million per episode


Welcome to my rant:

1) I’m getting fed up with BB tweaking the rules this season to help keep the veterans in….all seems very fishy! First ‘America’ votes to keep Brendan in (don’t believe that for a second). Then they throw in the last Pandoras box and the next challenge is almost identical to one that Rachel one already???
I wish they could let the players decide the game and not mess up their game plans to boost ratings????

2) I’m also tired of the whining and drama that results when someone is duped in a game that requires a lot of ‘duping’ to make it to the end. Would be like leaning over to your opponent during Jeopardy and saying ‘how could you..I knew that one too’!

Think that’s all for now…toast just popped!




If someone from CBS production reads this blog, please note.

Next season please add new house guests to BB house, no one from past seasons.

I’m ready for this season to be over. It would’ve been nice to see Dominic and Cassi get further in the game. Again no more duo’s and past season house guests!!!

I hope Kalia wins HOH, so I don’t get bored.

chief c

for real you want kalia to NOT be bored IKES i cant bear her talkin anymore


This just in!
in first 5 minutes of live show, Shelly and Adam will tear off their latex masks and reveal that they are in fact KATHY and ENZO. Both will be voted out, for playing the same game they did last season.


Thinking…. If Adam or Shelly actually make it to the final 2 and by some miracle win this… My hat is off to either one of them! Seriously! Think about it…. Neither one has done jack shit through this whole game! NOTHING! No HOH, No POV’s… Nadda, goose egg! I’m actually starting to think this was both of their game plans. To come into the house, play both sides and float all the way to the end. Shelly got caught, we’ll see if she can recover (doubtful), but Adam is still alive and can actually win this. I’m team JR, and would love to see one of them win it. But I won’t throw up if Shelly, Adam or Porche win. I will however vow NEVER to watch BB again if Kalia wins. I just can’t deal with that. NOPE!!


To people constantly bitching about my posts, Click on my name.


Who are you talking to Billy?


I found this with a quick search: link

“At least one of Shelly’s relatives has received several phone calls from people upset about Shelly’s actions, a person familiar with the situation said. A website related to the show also had several entries from fans who were upset with Shelly as well…

A celebrity website, TMZ.COM reported Sunday that Shelly’s family members were preparing to get the FBI involved. However, an FBI spokeswoman said Monday that the FBI has not been asked to investigate.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley also said his agency is not investigating. Shelly’s family lives in Ascension Parish. “While we are under NO obligation to divulge whether we are or are not investigating, the answer is no….. at this time,” Wiley said in an emailed response to WAFB.”


All I can say is “Go Rachel”. I hope that JR make it to the end. So what if J won before…some people are just lucky. Haven’t you read how some people have won the lottery more then once? It is just the way life is. Get over-it. Besides J stated she hasn’t been paid yet….which is hard to believe.


Who’s comment are you addressing Billy??


Why all house guests annoy me.
(I’m so addicted to the show …I’ll never stop watching)

1. Kalia- Trust Jordan too much. Made bad decisions as HOH. She talks too much.

2. Jordan- Acts as if she done alot in this game. She basically rode Jeff’s coat tails again. She takes the game too personally at times. Bless her for dealing with Rachel all the time..Lol

3.Rachel-Acts as if she invented BB game, takes game too personally, too dependent on Brendon, her laugh is annoying lol , talks about Shelly being a back stabber (she tried to get JJ out of the game), contradicts herself but they all do

4. Adam-Why did he sign up for BB. He is biggest floater ever!! Last night watching the veto comp made me sick. He doesn’t even try!! He’s too confident at times. He’s backstabber and I hate how he calls out everyone game. Adam you didn’t win POV, Jeff gave it to you!!!

5. Porsche-Floater Jr. I agree with Jeff it’s sad that she started talking game so late in season. Her strategy obvious worked, but it’s frustrating how she believes that JR will save her next week. Pandora box was a stupid move. I can’t think of anything else, because she hasn’t done anything. Why did they cast her??

6. Shelly- oh Shelly, she liar (but they all lie) but could’ve went far if she didn’t make deals with everyone. She‘s good at being manipulative. She made bad mistakes by trusting Adam. As a game player you must know what you said can get back to the other side of the house. Adam has helped seal Shelly’s fate. Shelly got too comfortable in house. I think voting out Jeff took balls :). I can’t stand how she lies about lying in her diary room interviews OWN IT SHELLY!!


Anyone else notice how weird Jordan was acting once the Pandora’s Box twist was revealed by Porsche. It seemed she was more concerned with what Porsche got than be happy she had POV chances.


It sucks to say this but Rachel deserves to win 100%. She has been the target from week one and has only made the bullseye on her back bigger the entire season. She has won comps when she had to, has slid by several times, but when you look up she’s still there in the house. Crazy ass Rachel should take BB13!


Simon the comments are falling apart.




You know were getting into the great beyond when people start rooting for Rachel (last season’s most hated HG).

Kudos to Shelly. I hope she stays another week, just for giggles.


I do not like Shelly and want her gone. Her actions are not gameplay. They are really her. It comes too easily to her to just be game play. She almost reminds me of a real shady used car salesman.

I do not like that any death threats happened against Shelly and her family. However, I also read that the FBI has said the threats were not credible and only lasted a couple of days and stopped. Nothing like what I thought was going on.

Of course, Shelly will definately take advantage of this. She will play the victim and will probably sue Big Brother. Her family concern ends where her pocket book begns.

I bet in jury house, everyone including Dani, will be glad she is there and out of the house. Looks like tonight we get to see in thh jury house.


Anyone wanna bet that the FortuneTeller has a diamond veto hanging around her neck?

I don’t know for sure but I am guessing she’s hiding something and the only thing that hasn’t been tried is taking her top off.


I think like, the Fortune Teller Twist [passes gas] will like [shoves food in mouth], literally, like come into play [farts again] only if, like, Jordan literally needs like [takes a nap in the middle of a sentence] help to like, literally not get evicted [shoves food in mouth] and literally like get [shoves something into hoooohaaaaah] to the final two [farts again].

And that’s the honest truth.


LOL … wow, that was a great impression of Kalia. Kudos.


Of course if Dick was still in the game Dani wouldn’t have a reason to get so close to Dom…she obviously liked him, but it started off as strategic.
Jordan needs to grow up in the sense of getting life experience and seeing what’s out there


It’s hard to grow up when you’re developmentally disabled. Take that from me. I know.

I have enough integrity to tell y’all the honest truth.

Casual Observer

NEW YORK (AP) — Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by the Nielsen Co. for Aug. 22-28. Listings include the week’s ranking and viewership.

1. “America’s Got Talent” (Tuesday), NBC, 11.99 million.

2. “America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday), NBC, 11.12 million.

3. “NCIS,” CBS, 9.43 million.

4. NFL Exhibition Football: San Diego vs. Oakland, NBC, 9.27 million.

5. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS, 8.39 million.

6. “Big Brother 13” (Thursday), CBS, 8.15 million.

7. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 8.09 million.

8. “Big Brother 13” (Wednesday), CBS, 7.95 million.

9. “Big Brother 13” (Sunday), CBS, 7.87 million.

10. “NCIS” (Tuesday, 10 p.m.), CBS, 7.49 million.


Team Rachel & Jordan!!! Woo Hoo!!!!


Are these people really still sleeping??????????


LOL at the “They are not fake” line. Come on now, what is fake anyway, it’s a game. If this is the way you think while you play a game then I would LOVE to play poker with you and put a lot of money on the line. People who are not “fake” during a game based at least somewhat in bluffing are also not “intelligent”. Or as Kalia would say “People who are not literally “fake” during a game literally based at least somewhat in bluffing are also literally not “intelligent”.

As far as tweaking the rules to help people, how about Dani getting 4 weeks, essentially a pass on 8 competitions? I would bet a ton of the people angry about the Pandora’s box this week are Dani fans, pretty weak complaining about it now, you don’t get a bigger free pass than she recieved.


The golden keys were essentially handcuffs. After the golden key handcuffs were taken off, the HOHs were Dani, Kalia, Dani, Jeff, Kalia, Porsche. The newbs ended up taking control and if it wasn’t for Pandoras box, Jordan would be going home and Rachel would have followed. Why are you so obssesed with Dani?


Did you notice the entire time Kahlia was talking last night to R and J, she constantly pulled at her hair imitating Jordan. Such a silly girl!


Another Correction:Big Brother 13: (In Progress till finale)-Rachel,Danielle & Kaila (2) each, Jeff, Porsche & Jordan (1) Total:9 HOH wins-In Progress, POV-Brendon (3), Rachel & Jeff (2)each, Dom,Jordan****,Adam & Porsche (1) each Total:11 POV wins***(In Progress)
Total HOH All Season Big Brother
1)Big Brother 6:13 HOH wins
1)Big Brother 9:13 HOH wins
1)Big Brother 7:13 HOH wins
4)Big Brother 5:12 HOH wins
4)Big Brother 8:12 HOH wins
6)Big Brother 3:11 HOH wins
6)Big Brother 10:11 HOH wins
8)Big Brother 11:11 HOH wins
8)Big Brother 12:11 HOH wins
10)Big Brother 4:10 HOH wins
11)Big Brother 2:9 HOH wins
11)*Big Brother 13:9 HOH wins

POV Winners Big Brother All Season
1)Big Brother 6:12 POV wins
1)Big Brother 8:12 POV wins
1)Big Brother 9:12 POV wins
4)Big Brother 7:11 POV wins
4)Big Brothe 12:11 POV wins**
6)Big Brother 10:10 POV wins
6)Big Brother 11:10 POV wins
8)Big Brother 4:9 POV wins
8)Big Brother 13:9 POV wins*^
10)Big Brother 3:8 POV wins
^open pandora box gives advantage for the Veterans


would really like to see Kalia gone next — her motor mouth, her food shoveling, her farting. Her other habits are gtoss or inconsiderate as well — She outgrosses Enzo from last season


LMAOO i find it so funny that Keith only has like 40 something votes on that poll 😛
lol i think he is like the most irrelevant house guest of all time 😛