Big Brother Glossary of Terms

Heres some terms we commonly use in Big Brother if your new to the game and what to know what the fuck is going on these Big Brother Terms and Acronyms will help you figure it out.

Big Brother: After Dark

Big Brother After Dark airs nightly on Showtime 2. After Dark shows what goes on in the Big Brother house in California from 9:00pm to Midnight. East coaster get theirs Midnight until 3:00am. AfterDark shows footage from the 24/7 internet live feeds giving the viewers one camera to watch the houguests in a unscripted uncensored environment. After Dark starting with Big Brother 8, at first it was a time when the hosueguests were given alcohol and generaly encouraged to let loose thus paving the way for more Big Brother Live Feeds

However over the course of Big Brother 12 it was noticed that the Hosueguests would deliver a more sanitized show for the after dark viewers. Big Brother cast would increaslginy leave out key stratgey talks and funny/outrageous behavior until after the TV audience was gone. On more than one occasion the houseguests would count down the time until midnight then rush off to talk “game”. They were most likley pressured by CBS to not reveal too much of the games stratgety as to canabilize the TV broadcast ratings. This was a huge trend during BB12 and hopefully will be reversed for BIG BROTHER 13.

Allison Grodner in a interview stated that the 9-12 time slot was the most entertaining saying “That’s prime time for the Big Brother house. It’s when our HouseGuests are most wide awake and having fun, talking about strategy and playing the game. People are going to see quite a bit.” In my experience this is far from the truth. Prime time is usually late in the night 12:30am to 3:00am or right after major contest like the HOH competitions are played. You can only watch that on the feeds

Big Brother live internet feeds

Big Brother live feeds
CBS has made live streaming Internet video feeds from the Big Brother house available through RealNetworks. The system is subscritpion based, you pay $14.99 for a month of feeds. First 3 days are free. The internet feeds give you 4 cameras in the house at any given time. There are dozens of cameras, Big Brother production gets to choose which 4 are sent out through the internet, typically they picks the 4 most active cameras. For the most part all the major events except for competitions and ceremonies are shown on the feeds. There are many blogs online that transcribe and try to make clear what is happening in the house. is a one blog that delivers all the important happenings in the house. Starting with big brother 10 a “Flash Back” feature was included in the feeds allowing subscribers to go back to any point in the past and rewatch the feeds. This option greatly improved the value and allowed people to find out the most interesting time stamps at and see what is happened. The livefeeds have been a popular source of nudes, NipSlips, Big Brother 9 had full stripteases, Big BRother 11 and 12 both had houseguests which flashed the cameras. Sex and sexual actiivites are a common occurrences in the BIG BROTHER house, the Live Feed Cameras are equiped with night vision so even during the wee hours you get to see all the actions. Big BRother 10 had April and Ollie humping, Big BRother 12 had hand jobs by KRisten Bitting onto Hydan Moss and Brendon villages and Rachel Reilly.

During the 12 Big Brother Season Real Player moved over to a browser based delivery system.. This opened the feeds up to any device (phones, tablets, netbooks and PC’s) that can run a internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The availability of the live feeds are most likely the single biggest reason why Big BRother is such a popular reality TV show especially with the internet community. The Big BRother fans are very dedicated and numerous. This is evident by the sheer number of Facebook Fanpages, twitter accounts and Blogs that are available throughout the internets.
CBS Interactive Inc.

Big Brother live show

The Big Brother Television show is broadcasted 3 nights a week, the standard format is Sunday, Thursday and Tuesday. Thursday being the live eviction and HOH show whereas the other two show clips from the week including POV competitions. The live show is heavily edited and can portray what happens in the Big Brother house in a scripted slanted way. This was very apparent during Big BRother 12 where the TV show edit was so different then what actually happened on the live feeds that they seemed like 2 different shows. It was amazing how cleaver editing and scripted Diary Room sessions were able to create a different storyline. During big brother 8 a live studio audience was added to the show for the thursday broadcast. It was common for the houseguests in the house to be able the gauge the popularity of evicted players by the screams of the audience. Julie Chen is the host, She reads a script and asks standard question to the houseguests most of the time this plays along with the scripted story CBS is trying to sell to the TV audience. For this automatic style of hosting Julie Chen has been called he Chen Bot.

Coup d’État Aka Wizard Power

The power allows the holder to place their own nominations up during the eviction ceremony essentially voiding the HOH‘s nominations. Introduced in Big Brother 7 but not used by it’s holder Mike Booger. It was again brought into the game via a Country wide vote in Big Brother 12 and was awarded to Jeff Schroeder. Jeff had two weeks use the Coup d’État. Jeff used the Coup d’État the second week to overthrow Chima and void her nominations. Chima and Kevin were immune from being nominated because China had Head of Household and Kevin had Power of Veto. Jeff nominated Jessie and Natalie. Chima, Jeff and the nominees were not allowed to vote during the eviction. Jessie Godderz was evicted Day 40. Due to having her powers vetoed Chima become violent on the live feeds and was expelled from the house.


The strategy of backdooring was conceived by Nakomis on Big Brother 6. When she was HOH she Nominated 2 of her Alliance members for eviction. The plan was to have as many people in her alliance compete for the Power Of Veto. This was so one of them could win, take off one of their alliance members and put up an opponent, in her case it was Jase who was the replacement nomination. This move was later called “backdooring” it worked and slim Jim went home. Since then it’s been used many times but it is frowned upon by some players whereas other players consider it a valuable tool to getting 500K dollars.

Double Eviction

Simply put double Eviction is when 2 people go home in one night live on TV. Immediately after the regular eviction takes place the Houseguests compete in a HOH competition then right after there is a nomination ceremony, a POV ceremony then a second Eviction. This all takes place in the 1 hour time slot on Thursday nights. It a very hi stress time in the game where pretty much anything can happen. Looking back at past seasons on of the most notably Double evictions was during Big Brother 13 where Jeff gets taken out after throwing his clown shoe over the edge.

Indoor/outdoor/HOH lockdown

When CBS Big Brother production needs access to the backyard of the big brother house without the players around they call a indoor lockdown. This means that doors are locked and screens are rasied so the players cannot see what is going on outside. When production needs undistributed access to the inside of the house they make the houseguests go outside and they lock them out. The HOH lockdown is when the houseguest are all locked in the HOH room. HOH Lockdown is usually done when production needs to fix something in the house or backyard or in preparation for the live show on Thursday mornings.


The Big Brother Finale is always composed of 2 players with the jury voting for which one they want to win the 500K grand prize. Typically the finale is 2 hours long with the final 3 houseguests competing in the 3rd and final HOH. The player who has won the 2/3 of the final HOH gets to decide who they will take to the finale.


Trivia is seen on the 24/7 Live Internet Feeds when the houseguests are engaged in a competition. Feed Watchers end up knowing the results once the feeds come back on but they are not allowed to see the actual competition as these are reserved for the TV broadcast. This doesn’t mean we can’t piece together what happens during the competition as Hosueguests usually talk about the events for many hours/days after.

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box is a twist that seem to be used more extensively by production in the past 2 season. It allows production to throw pretty much any kind of major or benign game changing “twist” into the game.

Here is how it works. In the final month of the season after the major twist has expired production will have “Pandora’s Box” given to the current HOH. The box is really a door marked with a question mark on it. The door is found inside the HOH room and leads to a small room beside HOH. The Pandora’s box twist goes in line with the Greek myth if the box is opened it unleashes evils upon the world but can also bring a reward with it. When a HOH open Pandora’s box it will
grant some houseguests a reward while penilizing other houseguests. It has been observed that this twist is being grossly abused by produton, however nobody is forced to open Pandora’s box and houseguests know that a “evil” could be let loose in the house. Chances are you’ll see this twist being used up the Ying Yang for Big Brother 14 BB11 had 2 Pandora’s box, BB12 had 4 and BB13 had 2. Complete list of what the Pandora’s boxes did.

Pandora’s Box Started in Season 11

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