Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Straight Shooter Vs. Adam

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Not sure what to say about this week.. it’s been a strange one, a lot of hate coming from all sides of the Big Brother fan world. Game fans are hating productions blatant manipulation of the game, JJ fans are hating Shelly’s NASTY lies and backstabbing, the Cat People are hating everything not CAT, Rachel Fans are happy because their girl is kicking ass, Dog Lovers love Kalia and Adam fans are rejoicing because they get to float to the next HOH this week. Personally I’m just glad this week is over. yo

My predictions
Straight Shooter is going home as for who wins HOH it depends on the type but I have a feeling Rachel will win it if it’s physical and Kalia will win it if it’s questions. Jordan probably won’t win it and Adam we’ll never know because he’s going to throw it.

Kalia votes to evict Adam
Jordan votes to evict Shelly
Rachel votes to evict Shelly

Shelly evicted

HOH Winner is Rachel

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Uncle Cool

Hopefully, the fortune teller comes alive physically and carries Jordan out the door.


LoL! If that happens, I’m pretty certain she won’t know she’s been evicted until she gets to te jury house and Jeff tells her what just happened. Ziiiiiiinnnnnnnnng !


jordan need s to go to the jury house .she has already won .i don’t like rachel but if it is between to two of them .( rachel and jordan ) rachel needs to win .she has a wedding to pay for . adam is just plain stupid like kalia poor porcha i wish she would win something.Like I said before this is the year of bb stupidity .big time


it shouldn’t matter she won before all that matters is this bb game

Team Rachel and Jordan all the way

Agree it should not matter if she has won or not and whether she has a great physical competition or not she does have a great social game which counts for a lot in BB, but I have to say that RACHEL totally deserves to win this year. She has been so determined and just love this sensitive side of Rachel when she took such great care of Jordan after Shelly stabbed her in the back. So I hope it is Rachel for the win and Jordan for second place, and by the way LOVE THAT SHELLY SNAKE IN THE GRASS was sent packing tonight and loved it when Rachel called her out about the FAKE ring. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Team Shelly for Life, yo!


Rachel got hoh what a joke and jordon wasn’t even trying she might as well sit around and eat cookie dough because working out is not doing anything for her and did you see the way she tried to make rachel look bad when julie asked her about rachel but rachel put her in check and said I saved us didn’t I lol When will rachel see jordons just using her and she can’t win against her


But…Jordan had a horrible social game this season. Up until Jeff left, she did nothing but twiddle her hair and puff out her lip. Remember the week she wore the humilitard and sat outside….by herself….while everyone else is chit chatting. Her last season, I’ll give her a win for her social game, but this season, it just wasn’t there. Not to mention she herself haven’t done a lot….if anything….

Why exactly does people like her?…am I missing something, because she seems like the lamest player in both her seasons (but I did like her better before than this season, she seem a bit stuck up).

I would say you might like her if she was an honest game player…which she is….for the shear lack of doing anything…


Rachel didn’t call her out on the fake ring. What Rachel said was that Shelly’s ring was not worth $500K.

Julia Christine

yes she did, she said her ring was as fake as shelly is..


I’m with you. I really hope Rachel wins. I don’t think people look at the nice side of her. The changes you some what. I would like to see these haters get locked into a house for that long and see how they handle it.


I agree Rachel has shown a different side of herself and Shelly showed her true self when she back stabbed Jeff and Jordan she showed she would sell her integrity and self respect for the almighty dollar she should be a politician they just can’t get enough money.


I agree I would be OK if Rachael wins she has shown a new side of her by taking such good care of Jordan and Shelly has shown her true side by backstabbing Jeff and everyone she floated to she never won anything and sold her soul for the almighty dollar just like Porche did when she opened that stupid pandoras box maybe they should both go into politics those people just can’t get enough money it’s never enough for some people. Can’t wait till the end should be a real good ending just hope the one that gets the cash puts it to good use.


a wedding and years of therapy


i couldnt agree more:)


or she jumps out and make them cry again


Lol. I would pay to see that. Or flood the backyard and throw life vests.


Simon AG is tweeting that tonight is a BIG show and she’s going to tweet from behind the scenes… That’s very different! So maybe there won’t be 5 after tonight? No IDE I think something may be going on….


LOL true. And apparently I’m gullible because I was excited about FT too:(
I hope Adam goes tonight too… can’t take much more of him and it sucks hes staying over that someone that plays hard like Shelly.


You grab a drink, I will too… And we drink when we hear these things in Shellys eviction speech:
1. 100%
2. Jeff & Jordan
3. Love/adore y’all
4. Friendship outside the house
5. Alliance with my family
6. Josie & Tony (two finger kissy ick)
7. Big move, not afraid
8. Game move, had to do it
9. Physical competitions, me no good at

That should about sum it up πŸ˜‰


Looks like I’m wrong, again. LOL
Dang CBS this show is getting BORING don’t you hear your fans screaming out for excitement? Ugh


This is hilarious! HAhahahaha!


You forgot the best thing she could ever say..”STRAIGHT SHOOTIN “


You just gave me a sudden craving for crown and coke. Off to the fridge I go. My liver salutes you.


Skulk the BB drinking game requires SHOTS! Take another drink for your sissiness πŸ˜‰


i think that the fortune teller is going to speak. they had a contest on twitter as to when you wanted the fortune to speak. 1 live show 2 super pass 3 BBAD 4 live feeds. you had to choose which one you wanted.


AG’s tweet a few minutes ago….
allison grodner
The fortune teller might not have spoken tonight, but rest assured, she will be in the near future… #CBSBigBrother


Lame tweet. Someone already leaked what the Fortune Teller will say on the twist:

“1. 100%
2. Jeff & Jordan
3. Love/adore y’all
4. Friendship outside the house
5. Alliance with my family
6. Josie & Tony (two finger kissy ick)
7. Big move, not afraid
8. Game move, had to do it
9. Physical competitions, me no good at ”

And that’s the honest truth. (Thanks, Stephiep for the leak)
Go, Team Production, yo!


lol no problem.


get rid of shelly and adam……

Go Rachel


The Shelly and Adam eviction was what I was thinking and I hope it happens. YES 2 FLOATERS 1 SHOT! OH YEAH!

Does anyone know who won the HOH yet?

Not a PHD student

don’t you mean 1 player (pacer) and 4 other people? they may evict a person during the week, insted of having another double evict on one show.


The BB houseguests were talking about that: this Thursday they go from 6 to 5, next Thursday from
5 to 4 and then what? Clue us in Simon, pretty please πŸ™‚


maybe the final 2, will be a final 3 this year…hhhmmmm


Today they will go from 6 to 5 people, next Thursday they will go from 5 to 4 people. Then on the Sunday show before the finale they will go from 4 to 3 people, then start the final HOH competition. This is how they have done it in some past years.


It is much easier to win HOH towards the end of the summer, because the fewer amount of people competing means a higher chance of winning. Usually when the show starts there is 14 people playing for HOH that means everyone has a 7.15% chance of winning HOH. But as numbers dwindle their chance of winning increases, so this week there will be 4 people playing for HOH, so that makes each of their chances 25%.


WRONG; It’s easier to win HOH in the beginning of the season because most people are throwing it.


Thats how Jordan won her only thing of the summer. That’s also the same way Adam won his veto for all those saying Jordan is better than Adam.

Jordan is hot

Wrong again. She beat everyone for her HOH. Only Jeff threw it to her. She earned her HOH.


and brendon


no she didnt, she was second or first to putt. jeff and brendan let her win


or what if they are in duos – like two teams are the final two – so next week they get out one more person – and then duos for the final 4,3,2..(all the same) – and BB gives both players 500K


Not gonna happen. The extra $500k is not in the budget. How else are they going to afford Allison Grodner’s salary?

Go, Team Production, yo!


Hey Simon, there is a taped eviction on Tues 9/6 that will be shown on Wed 9/7 show. My best guess is that after Tues taped show they will have the final 4 HOH and then the winner will have to do nominations some time that same day. Then Wed they will have the POV comp and Veto meeting leading up to Thurs live eviction and final 3 HOH starts hopefully

THis also means the feeds will def be down on that Tues till they show Wed nights show … major bummer if the feeds were still any good this year ZING!


Well I’m hoping they learned there lesson from there huge screw you to there paying feed customers by keeping the Final 3 HOH endurance comp from us last season. The original reason I even signed up for the feeds in the first place was to watch that comp whatever it may turn out to be.

Hopefully the way it shakes out this time is we dont see all the final 4 interaction in the scenario I described above, but we do get the Final 3 Endurance Comp on that Thurs


Excellent point lol! I didnt even think about that.

Maybe production will realize that and it will involve laying down on some kind of bed-like apparatus and it will be an epic all night drag out battle haha


Amen to that! After watching season 2-5 on Youtube for the first this year, those endurance comps were simple, yet epic. And then the pressure cooker from Season 6. Wow! Now they’re so elaborate and don’t live up to what happened in the past.


There will be 3 people on finale night, and one will be evicted on the finale night like last year.


i have a feeling the fortune teller is gonna have to do with the fans voting and of course they’re gonna vote for jordan to get a free ride to final 3 or something stupid like that…ugh gaggggggggg


I thought Julie said someone gets evicted Sunday and Thursday then final HOH starts Thursday with eviction Sunday


Didn’t Julie Chen say eviction on Wed & Thurs?


I watched the show tonight, and if I heard Chen correctly she said there is an eviction on Wednesday and Thursday.


…also something about a celebrity Pandora’s Box


simon, julie they are going to do a special eviction


I’m not a Jordan fan, but It’s funny how people think Jordan won’t be able to win anything even though she came in second in the last couple of HOH’s. She’s a decent competitor and deserves more credit for that.


Jordan is a whining cry baby. Worst BB player EVER.


No, not worst but pretty undeserving. Lawon and Adam are way worse than Jordan.

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


lol, worst BB player ever, yet she won 500 g’s, more money then you’ll ever see in your life, so call her a whiney baby all you want, shes the one laughing and your the one tugging on yourself, whining about a game show on tv, real classy buddy, keep it up though! some people are so mentally retarded, take an interest in something real, like sports, complaining about big brother hahah, get a life


Again, pot meet kettle.


Wait.. you just sarcastically referred to someone as ‘classy’ and then called them ‘retarded’ in the next sentence? Are you familiar with the concept of irony?


I think the “Classy” was “Sarcastic” “Ironic” ………Isn’t it.


Rigged twists make it possible for bad players to win. Jordan is a bad player.

Jordan is hot

I believe you have whined the most this season. WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wait just one minute there Kalia has cried and wined more than anyone this season except for maybe rachel. jordan hardly ever complains about anything. U need 2 get ur facts strait. besides all of the best players are out of the game so they might as well draw straws for the winner.


kalia may have cried and whined, but she won competitions and didn’t ride anybody coat tails like jordan. and for the record, jordan complains about everything and everybody. just watch the live feeds without being biased


kalias won 2 jordans won 1. big whoop. 1 difference.


Well said. But leave it to Kalia to evict her ally and duo partner, Lawon. That’s Kalia’s claim to fame.

Go, Team PorKa, yo!


the only difference was kalia won them fair and square, she didnt have anyone throw them for her to win


Bye…Dani was evicted like a wk ago!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree!!!! Except I’d hardly call Jordumb’s existence on BB13 as that of a ‘player’, more like one who takes up space. Jeff did all the thinking for the two (4, if you include S & A, at least until D started thinking during her final week for S). Upon Jeff’s departure, R picked up where Jeff left off. Jordumb has always exhibited the pain and annoyance she feels whenever she has been faced the slightest opportunity to think for herself, which is why she avoids it whenever possible. She and Adumb are the biggest floaters this season and, I suspect, in life. Agree, disagree, this is an indisputable fact!


Either Rachel or Jordan will be HOH this week.


I am hoping Jordan wins and Rachel wins next week. I hope Kalia goes home, and then Porsche, or Porsche goes home then Kalia. I hope it’s Adam and JR in the final 3 and JR in the final 2.


Are you psychic or something? Cause you totally read my mind there.

Uncle Cool

I don’t think it matters since everyone going for HOH has told Jordan they’re never nominating her. She doesn’t have to win HOH again. They should just give her the prize money now.


Hey who knows, lets say she manages to win a bunch of comps from here on, and is in final 2 with adam lol I know she already won once, but do they REALLY wanna give adam 500g’s?


Yep, and then watch as FARTLia begs for her life! XD


more than likely it will be rachel, the POV is very important from here on out

very big brother fan

go rachel & jordan.

ps jeff is my fav player


Jeff is my favorite game show person ever! He is awesome! Big Jeff forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I say uckfa little jeff


i know this has probably been asked a million times, but can someone please tell me the site i can go to watch the live show since i have stupid football on?? simon and dawg, you guys are the best, i love this site!


omg simon, i love you! thank you <3


yes, you can watch there, my name is doodlepook for some reason, lol.


sucks that BB is pre-empted by Jets and Giants on the east coast


At least Shelly returned the puppy to Rachel – what a gal.

Hey Shelly, Netflex called and is requesting the return of Liar Liar and Dirty Rotten Scourendels from the overdue list!




and an inconvenient truth plus the invention of lying πŸ™‚


that is sort of funny because they called me too and told me to tell rachel and brendan they need to return all the pornos and who to movies back


Team JR4L YO

Jeff sucks

Jordan ftw, and Rachel will win next week lets go ladies.


I’m More interested in what’s going on in the jury house than what’s happening in the bb house at this point. Team dani 4ever


I bet Jury House has more action going in there than the Big Brother House, because of all the anger, fighting, joy that the person who got them soon followed, etc.


Can’t wait to see the jury house. Brenden and Jeff just might have a huge blowout because brenden was a part of jeff’s alliance and he voted him out. i just want to see the jury house when shelly walks in.


Me too, BB is boring they got rid of all the drama, they wanted ratings well how bout a negative number


Hopefully Kalia will win HOH. I so hate Rachel and Jordumb. Porsche screwed up royally opening up that box. She’ll be very lucky if Kalia wins. I hope Kalia wins HOH just so I can watch BB’s worst player ever, Adam, scrambling again back to the newbies. He is pathetic. You’d think CBS would try to get people who want to compete to be on this show instead of people who can’t do SHIT!


this has been the worst big brother ever smh team K and P


i hope kalia wins hoh also, but she won’t put jordan up. leaving jordan in this game this long is very dangerous


I Cant watch it tonight, so I am depending on you Simmon, and ever so greatful for all you do. Thank you

dumb jordan

Either Kalia or Rachel will win this week. I hope those too players make it to final. They both deserve it.


They will be evicted as a duo???


For the 1,000,000 time Porsche didn’t have to open it.


no, pinto didn’t have to open it, but, the last few pandora boxes were very good for the HOH and the houseguests. so, it was created more or less to help jordan more than rachel


As a hardcore Rachel fan, for my taste I would rather have Jordan win HoH. Here’s my thinking: IF Rach wins HoH tonight, she won’t be able to play in the final 4 HoH which is next week, and she will only have the PoV to save herself.. it’s pretty risky. BUT, if Jordan wins HoH tonight, then Rach gets 1 week of safety, and she will get to play in HoH next week as well as in the PoV, so she’ll have 2 comps to save herself instead of just one. And then she makes final 3 and is eligible to win HoH again because it’s the final one. TEAM RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hardcore rachel fan here too and the perfect scenario would be a questions comp that Jordan wins and then next win have Rachel win HOH with an endurance of or physical competition (which means it would be great if Porsche were evicted next week bc i think she is the only one who can challenge Rachel in physical comps)


Now why would you say the dog lovers love Kalia… isnt she the one the threw her dog against a wall… personally didnt like her mouth when she talked or ate or both at the same time , then when the dog comment came to light … Well… If i could would throw her up against a wall…
fogive me if i took that comment the wrong way .. GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) TO WIN πŸ™‚


HELP! I just realized football is on instead of BB. Is there somewhere I can watch it live on the Internet?





Lol calm down. I believe they always say


Comcast on the east is showing it at 1:37 a.m.

Karen S

Same here Tammy. Both of our CBS affiliates are carrying the chiefs game. Someone please post a link for live feeds.. please?


Soo happy Dani is gone!!! Have a gd time in the jury house dani!! Hope brendon & Jeff give u a hard time for what u did to their gals in BB!! Yay wicked witch is gone!!


You’re about a week late buddy.

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!




Nick B

Team Dani 4 Life! πŸ˜€


Team Dani 4 Life! πŸ˜€

Midwest Fan



Wednesdays show got canceled Simon.



No dick at night last night.. strange


Nobody saw it live Simon, Dick never did the show.



Simon, please tell me that you aren’t really Team Kalia!!!


Simon, are you still team bacon?


maybe they should have Cassi & Dom for season 14 too.

whatever they do…I hope no one is invited from season 13…..not even Dick.


the fan favorite poll is disturbing


And I must confess, I am the fool who has been voting for my idol Shelly so she can keep Dominic from being the highest vote-getter among the -n-o-b-o-d-y-, err, newbies.

Team Shelly 4 life, yo.


Wow its shame how people just spew hate on the internet. SMDH grown folks at that, Wow hate to see your Spawns


I am east coast and football isn’t on, the big bang theory is. and the guide says at 9 big brother is scheduled πŸ™‚
getting the popcorn popped (xtra butta) this one is gonna be good.
hope the macho man shelHE goes. plus they are gonna show jury house. πŸ™‚


Sigh! And I just died a little….[sobs]


I am in New Jersey and since both Jets and Giants play there it is pre-empted. Will show at 1:37 a.m. Guess I will have to watch with my morning tea.






How do we watch tonight (I’m on the West Coast)……………??


maybe tonight both get evicted since it’s all about duo’s….that would make me happy

TD4L yo!!! Go P


spoiler alert: rachel wins hoh tonight!


Adam just says hes going to throw it because he knows he can’t win.

Nick B

He’s been doing that all season…*yawn* why does this guy have fans?




Although there’s nothing to dislike about Jordan, I just can’t root for her to win. I’ve never seen her once seek out another player to talk strategy, or come up with her own plan for the game, one that wasn’t orchestrated by B/R or Jeff. Maybe I’m mistaken, but she’s kind of on par with Adam for me. However, Adam would be best bet to take to the final 2 because I doubt anyone will vote for him, but I think Jordan would likely win again if taken to the final 2. Do people think Rachel will really take her to Final 2 if given the choice? I wasn’t a fan of hers at the beginning of the season, and I still don’t care for her much, but she came to play and has fought the whole way so I think she’d be more “deserving” of a final 2 spot than pretty much anyone else left in the game, and honoring her alliance with Jordan til the end will cost her the big money.


I wonder if shelly wants to win the money so she can finish her sex change operation


i am from the east coast (NYC) and CBS is showing the football game instead of BB – does anyone know how else I can watch – a website or alternate channel online?

i know simon said but does that work for east coasters?


Hahah why even ask that? Just try it!
It works for me in NYC.

Girls Ruled

If Shelly Or Adam whoever they decide to evicted won’t be miss they were just like a fly on the wall.


The worst cast ever, I never watched the seasons with Jordan & Rachel but I seriously loathe them as much as I currently hate Julie Chen…I am patiently waiting for Jordan & Rachel to be evicted, they literally have no brain.


If they had no brain they would have voted out Adam.


How does Julie Chen attach herself to this and still consider herself a serious journalist. Like this is the most fixed thing ever she should be investigating herself.


Simon, I think Dick is going to be on the show or in the house. The fortune teller tweeted something about it last week. I read on another sight that dick tweeted something about see ya in Cali.


football is on tonight . so we miss out on the eviction . this sucks


I know! Here too. We dont get to see it until 1:47am! Thank the Heavens for Simon & Dawg!




Ok guys I’m watching it live anyone who wants info just ask away. By the way I can punch the tv looking at Rachel


Isn’t Adam a pasty weasel?


Julie’s wearing RED! Here Go Hell Come!


The Fortune Teller laughed at Shelly *DEAD*


Jordan the worst player ever? Really? All she did in her season was run with Jeff until he was evicted, then won TWO out of the final three HOHs to make the finals and earn the right to choose who she went up against. Then the jury thought she was so God awful they voted her the winner of $500K. Yeah, she is terrible at BB….NOT!


By the way Simon you are my hero for the live feed. Quality sucks on the big screen but it’s worth it


Simon, we don’t get to watch the live episode in Charleston, SC because of football!!! we get to see it at 1:47am! So I want to thank you for giving us a play by play! Simon & Dawg! You Rock!!!

Casual Observer

Shelly still straight shooting on live TV.


LMAO! Brendon’s been playing ping pong.


where can i watch the show? football till 2am ugh


Over on another webpage, it is being reported that all the HGs are dressed up tonight = not a physical comp.
Also, Allison Grodner twitters that the Fortune Teller will come into play in the future. Stay tuned!


Can someone please post an update on what is happening? I can’t watch tonight due to football.