“The best part is, even with the amount of power she had she still got backdoored”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

1:57pm Angela and Kaycee
Talking about Fes thinking he was going to be the renomination’s
Angela says she’s not going to talk to Bayleigh until tomorrow. what more does she have to say?> Angela says she’s said it all in her speech, “what is she going to lie to me some more”

She wants to make sure there is always a third person in the conversations with Bayleigb so she can’t make anything up.

2:03pm – 2:23pm HOH room. Angela, Kaycee and JC. JC – how are you doing little girl? You did an amazing job. So update.. Rockstars game is so f**king weak. She said I really don’t think Bayleigh is the hacker. Like you’re on the block? If it was me I would be like she’s the F**KING HACKER!! Kaycee – she is defending her? JC – I can’t even deal with her right now. It does make sense that she would be the hacker. That or Scottie. Angela – if he was the hacker, he wouldn’t be f**king with me. If Bay really wasn’t the hacker her and Fes would be running around trying to figure out who is the hacker but they’re not they’re just sitting around. JC – today is going to be intense. Right now she is just thinking about what she is going to do. Angela – like I told Kaycee, I am not going to have any conversations with her (Bay) in private. It’s going to be in front of everyone so that she can’t lie. JC – you didn’t mention the bible thing. Angela – I forgot but if she does talk to me I will make sure to bring it up. Kaycee – now that her power is out there it really f**ks her. JC – having an app doesn’t really make you a target. If I had a power I would never use it to f**k you up. If you don’t have a game and then have an attitude with everyone and you think you’re the queen and all this stuff.. that’s what f**ked her up.

Angela – their pitch to me was that I would be a BB legend if I left Tyler up or put Scottie back up. JC – yeah a BB legend that would go home next week .. because she has a team and if she does something like that. Angela – yeah a BB legend that’s a backstabbing b***h that makes promises and goes back on them two seconds later. JC – she is an idiot. She follows her bible and her game was getting revenge for Swagg. Who do you think you are wonder woman!? I told her after Swagg left that if anyone bullied her we would not have that in this house. Angela – and she is the biggest bully in this house. Kaycee – your HOH was a success even with a hacker. Now you can just sit back and relax the next few days. JC – we’ve got the votes. Kaycee – you’re still going to keep Fes and Haleigh out of the loop right. JC – yes. Angela – I don’t want anyone to know who we’re voting for. It will be like another blindside. Angela – it would make me feel good if it was a unanimous vote. It wouldn’t be good for our game but it would make me feel good. Kaycee – let Fes and Haleigh figure it out for themselves. Angela – this will be the first week they will need to think for themselves. JC – Rockstar’s game is so weak. Angela – speaking of Rockstar .. where’s our lunch!?

2:28pm Haleigh and Bayleigh (hard to hear due to planes flying ahead)
Bay – I can’t believe Tyler yelled at me like that .. he laughed at mty face.. that’s why I’m so confused about

2:57pm HOH Tyler, Scottie, JC, Haleigh and Angela..
Haleigh tells them Rocks did 732 jumping jacks..

3:00pm Rocks and Sam
Rocks is sad “it’s easy to put me right back up.. there’s not a lot of people on my side.. on mu side with me.. ”
Rocks – I’ve been trying to pitch why not all these girls work together ..

Sam says there’s no large groups left, “I’m not concerned about the all girls thing or the all guys thing because that sh1t is going to fall apart any day now”

Rocks thinks they could have made an all girls alliance work.
Rocks has always felt a strong sister hood.. goes on about a goddess women empowerment thing and this is what she wanted to to send a message on a big platform..

3:33pm HOH Brett and Angela
Angela says how
Brett says Fes is freaking the f* out
Angela – of course he’s got no one left.. he’s got Haleigh and Rockstar
Angela says Scottie is with them 100% now.. adds that Scottie has a crush on Haleigh

brett – you killed it in your speech.. I wanted to hug you after
Angela says that she added the HOney at the end of her speech as a jab on his behalf.

Brett didn’t thin Bayleigh was going to explode because she’s too smart for that if she flips out she seals her fate..
Brett is certain Bayleigh is the hacker. Angela says bayeligh would sit up in the HOH all week and blatantly lie to Angela.

Angela – worst case scenario this week it’s unanimous

BRett – do you want me to not be unanimous
Angela – yes. And pin it on someone

Angela says both Fes and Haleigh were trying to get Scottie put up.
Brett – they are f*ing snakes dude..
Angela – they are so fake..
Angela – Rockstar brought me breakfast Hahleigh made me a sandwich and fed it to me..

Angela – she was up here before I went to bed and called it the amazon alliance..
Brett – that’s not real ..
A – she would ensure my safety

Angela – bayleigh was always our target it gave me a great excuse to send her a$$ home.
They bring up how horrible Rocks speech was “Expect the unexpected use it on me”
THey laugh at the poor game play from other side.
Brett – they’ve had no f*ing clue..

Angela says bayleigh was on a unreal power trip
brett – and we’re -knocking a power app out
Angela – she’s been gunning for Tyler.. that was her plan last week.. i think Fes told someone that
BRett says he’s had a conversation with Scottie where Scottie gave him everything on what the other side has been up to.
Angela says Fes goes next than haleigh followed than Rockstar
A – I like seeing her Squirm.. (Rockstar)
Brett – let her ride the block for three week,,
Brett – her only pitch is I’m a really big fan of the show… expect the unexpected.. Cool go home and watch the f*ing show.. how about what are you going to do for me.. give me something..

A – make yourself useful
Brett – I really want to be here but I never cook and Clean.. never.. she said I’m not cooking when I”m here I do enough when I’m home

Brett – do you understand this is a social game.. what a f*ing loser dude..
A – and Bayleigh thing this whole time was to avenge Swaggy
Brett – she had no game her game is Swaggys game
A – they both were backdoored
B – she had to with the power app..

Angela – Rockstar and Haleigh tried to start an all girls alliance again and leave Sam out.. (LOL I love it freaking love it)
Brett- 1/2 of me hopes Scottie grows a gut (?) and get haleigh out.. he likes her but he see right through he’s not stupid..

Angela about Bayleigh – she felt so safe.. like so safe..
Brett – she looks defeated out there
Angela – too much power

Angela – Bayleigh you were safe there was no need for you to like come in here and try take over and control my HOH but you had you week this is mine and now your power trip is over..
Brett – the best part is even with the amount of power she had she still got backdoored.
Angela says the vote will either be 2-5 or unanimous.
Amgela asks him who he thinks the ptehr side puts up |
Brett – – totally depends on who wins.. if JC wins who does he put up
Angela – one of each of us.. tells each side their a pawn..

Brett and Angela…


Kaycee.. lol

4:14pm Sam delivers the laundry to Angela.

Sam – I hand washed it and dried it flat…
SAm – I didn’t fold your panties though .

4:41pm Rocks gets to cooking.. .

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5:11pm Everyone look Sam is working out..

5:28pm Rocks jumps in to do 5 squats “that’s enough of that”

5:31pm Kaycee tells Angela tomorrow is her last day in the peanut she’s going to jump in the pool..

Every time Kycee says she’s not working out she gets buzzed by production to work out.. lol

Make your body Hard from your pecs to your butts.. when it comes to working out i’m totally nuts… ”

5:55pm Rockstar and Scottie agree that Bayleigh isn’t the hacker otherwise she would have picked Fes as the POV player not Kaycee..

Fes joins them jumps in the shower.. Haleigh joins them starts rubbing Scottie back.. Rocks goes on about how if she is the one that is going this week she wants to make sure they are set up for next week.

Fes – that doesn’t do it for you.. .
Rocks – big stupid Geanie..

6:19pm Rocks is telling Scottie that BRett is the head of the operation on the other side..
ROCKS – I love Sam but there something about her that makes me feel like you know… she could easily be a mastermind of everything…

(F**** poor thing is still clueless… wounded lamb bird)

6:35pm Rocks going on about Brett and Sam having to go up next week. Says Brett is the brains the nucleus of the other group.

Rocks thinks the hacker is Brett…. (She thinks everything is Brett or Sam)

6:46pm Rocks and Bayleigh

Rocks wants to establish a plan to take the other side down..
Bay – the lines are already blurred.. I don’t think that is going to happen.

7:16pm Sam is talking about missing some baptism…


7:53pm The rocks and Sam are best friends now..

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Houka Inumuta

In light of Angela using her veto on Tyler. The Tyler eviction party is postponed until August 16. You guys would have to watch scooby doo later.

Scottie is in a great place now. No one is after him. His side is set on getting Tyler out. L6 is after Hay, Fey, RS.

Scottie is the winner of bb20.


His side? Haleigh was the hacker, Bayleigh could hijack the initial nominations but they screwed up the execution and Bayleigh is going home. They don’t like him and he knows it. Scottie is more free agent that has no home team.


Scottie for the win. Tyler is playing a great game; however…
Scottie for the win!

Botox Pelosi

Angela – speaking of Rockstar .. where’s our lunch!?

Angela is a baller. I’m so glad she saved Tyler and dumped on Bayleigh.

Blacks for Trump #maga

Angela is a boss.

Angela - Mean, rotten, nasty, insecure trash.

Yea…a boss b*tch. She’s nasty and when people are like that, they have insecurity issues. Playing this game doesn’t involve trying to destroy people with your mouth and the things you say to and about them. She could easily be pulling this off without saying all the nasty things just like she could have worked against Rachel last week without trying to verbally destroy her in her goodbye speech and then gloating about it.

I can’t stand trash and it’s hard to respect someone’s game play when that’s what they do. All Brett had done is talk s*it about people and call them names since he was on the block with Winston. Both are busy thinking everyone else is clueless but neither have any idea about jury management. Hopefully this crap comes back on both of them and their little dog JC too. Ugh!


who’s voting out tyler? tyler goes up against any alliance member, sam, or jc the person he’s up against goes in a unanimous vote. against scottie, hayleigh, fes, or rs/bayliegh (if somehow bay stays) that’s only 3 votes to evict max and you need 4.


Dude, you’re as screwy as Baighley! Just watch the show and enjoy it; we finally have a great season.

Hookah Da Looka

Do you actually watch the show? Or are you just special needs?


Yeah, some people actually have a life, family, job…and can’t sit & watch the live feeds 24/7. I’m extremely grateful for those who Do watch & update the rest of us. However, watching the show is huge! And very entertaining!


that really wasn’t necessary …don’t need to make an insulting comment because he views it different than others do (me included). Could have and should have just left it at do you watch the show.


scottie will not win because each side is going after each-other. They still haven’t confirmed that he is one of them now, they are telling him things in hopes of getting him to vote their way..thats it!. This side still sees scottie as a target, they can’t get fessieboy out they will put scottie in his place, Scottie is nothing but a number. Even his original side were going to evict him because they think Tyler is someone they can control and make vote their way. As of right now, they are talking about getting brett out or sam, tyler wasn’t even brought up as one they should nom next week if one of them wins HOH. If they do get bay out this week, that side will not have a clue what to do, the conversation between hay/fessieboy/rocky was unreal. Rocky blames brett for everything and now she thinks sam could be the mastermind behind that side. So, don’t see where you would think they would try to get tyler out. They are 3 ppl after this week, if one is HOH next week, they will only be 2 votes and they have no pull with anyone in the house, so that side will pretty much decide who stays…not them.


If he is not the next hoh . He would defently use the cloud.he wont let the hacker put him again


It wouldn’t protect him from the hacker. It’s not a nomination ceremony. His power prevents him from being nominated at the ceremony or the veto meeting and only at one of those. It’s very weak unless he knows he’s the target and it would be best to use it for the renom at veto if he’s not already on the block.


That would be great if Scottie won. With half a million and the BB makeup and comp production teams working on fixing him up for an appearance as the returning champion , they MIGHT be able to fix that hair of his. #victimofaswampygenepool


they should be rooting for a unanimous vote, it hides their numbers better.

and rocks, you should have moved off your all girl thing. fes, jc, and scottie were all potential numbers for you that you could have scooped up and made a big group alliance but you were so focused on your all-girl alliance that you overlooked them.

Who said that!

It should be a unanimous vote.It would be messed up if Haleigh and Fes voted out Rockstar considering she is the only one left that is loyal to them.


That’s what I’m thinking, if it’s unanimous then it helps everyone and Bayleigh couldn’t hold it over anyone’s head when she’s in the jury house. Somehow Bay would blame Rockstar for the vote like she blames her for everything else, lol

Who said that!

Somehow Rockstar is to blame for knocking up Bay.


It deserves to be unanimous simply because she’s dumb. She did not use her power app because she wanted to protect Angela’s HOH. How do you protect Angela’s HOH when that means having your alliance members on the block? Just dumb. I had such high hopes. smh


Think you are always better off ensuring that there is at least one vote to pin on another to make them a target for next week. It should be made obvious to Bay’s dumb alliance that she is clearly the target, so if they were smart they would just vote along and try to make it unanimous. But only 1 to be safe, just in case they don’t get the clue. It would be awful for all the strategy to get wasted by too many people just being nice instead of strategic.


she was also focused on talking about the bros when it wasn’t about the girl alliance. lol


Haly is cancelling one of theyre votes.. they have to all vote bailey. I hope they wont mess with this.


I’d love to give Samantha a poke…drool

Double Ds

Sam brings the laundry to Angelia…I hand dried them flat.

How is that girl single and living in a trailer????


0.o Nothing hotter than your grandmother’s personality in your little brother’s muddy little body. Ew.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Because you’d have to listen to her talk, and talk, and talk…….

Hoping against hope

Angela is really eating up the attention from Brett now that Rachel is gone…..

On point

I think bayleigh isn’t the only one that feels entitled
Why is Sam washing Angela underwear and asking why rock star hasn’t made her lunch yet



I think it was a smart ass-y type of comment because rocky/bay/hay have been bringing her food to the HOH room the whole time. Not sure about the laundry, last year I heard 2 of the HOHs talk about how they will miss production doing their laundry, maybe they stopped doing it and Angela threw hers in the washer and then just never went to finish it and Sam wanted to wash something…i don’t know. lol

Blacks for Trump #maga

Brett is gay, so I dont think you will see a showmance. He might give her a foot massage and put nail polish on her toe nails.


Hahaha Bayleigh you thought you were the Queen B and you were Queen Backdoor!!! Power trips and bullying other houseguests got you out the door!! How’s that for being 1 point away from being a genius?!? Ha ha HOW YOU DOIN??


You are so pathetic bbfan-820..whatever

Bay’s Hairy hamster

Awwww! Poor Gre Gre! Haters gonna hate huh!? Angela is a boss! Bay got her lippy entitled ass smacked down and is already packing her box-O-luggage. Bu bye Bay…


How is that comment pathetic? With the exception of “Ha ha HOW YOU DOING?? ” the whole statement was right on and to the point of what an entitled mean B@tch Bayleigh is. She made a comment on how she has to watch her comebacks in the house because in life she is always quick with the comebacks. News flash most people don’t have to worry about their comeback replies in life. I am guessing she lives her life defending herself and her actions daily! I am also sure its never her fault…….

On point

So its ok for Angela and brett to talk shit about other house guest but as soon as bayleigh says some thing of similar nature she is attacked. What double standard is this. Not.that I am.in agreement with what bayleigh does or says but I think that she has been shared a raw deal.


“Fessy can suck it: if he wants a virgin he can go to Pakistan and get him one. That’s what they do.”

On point

Sure you also impress with Angela and Brett
The way in which they speak of other house guest is disgusting. It is so wrong

Smitten By Haleigh

Who will pickup the drama and become Public Enemy #1 once Bay leaves?


I’d love to see Haystack on the block next to Fuzzy. Lol.

Who said that!

Can’t we just all agree that all the house guests are horrible and just enjoy the game?(except Sam since she’s not really playing)


The HGs? They are human… just like you.. just like me. Well, except for Sambot. But, Sam sure made metal look good. Uh huh! Sure did! She was probably constructing a top notch satellite or an orbiting dog shelter, weather balloons, or even an entire BB space station while she was behind the scenes. Astronaut Sam! Gotta love her!


She is still looking for that one point…..in the hacker comp.


OMG when her parents said they had her tested and she was 1 point away from genius I burst out laughing. If she was that intelligent you would think she wouldn’t be doing the things she has. I don’t care if she wanted to have sex with some guy she just met but my god why would you do it on game show when you know there are cameras following your every move and you’re being recorded. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets home and has to have that talk with her parents about what she did. I’m betting this is why her family forbids her dad from watching the live feeds. He doesn’t seem like he would be happy with his little girl doing that, nor happy with scaggy going around bragging about having sex with her all over the place with all the other house guests. I hope she isn’t pregnant or she is ready to do it alone, scaggy doesn’t strike me as a stand up type of guy who would accept responsibility at all. I see him running far far away.


At least he has professional experience in babysitting…


I think you are confusing intelligence with common sense, the latter Bay seems to lack.

another name

rockstar’s best campaign: guys, i’m not throwing comps. i’m that bad. I have math issues so i’ll never win a tie breaker. i’ve been on the wrong side of the vote every week, so tactically i’m not a threat. keep me and the worst thing that happens is i’m on the wrong side of the vote a few more times. I can’t help you, but obviously i can’t hurt you either.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler hangs on to her until the end, it’d be an easy win for him. Plus he can use her to help take out his big threats.


Well……at least she’s honest.

another name

to everyone but herself. she’s decided sam or brett are the matermind that needs to be taken out. even she can’t believe that: reality… here is the person that nominated me, and the person that embarrassed me. she’s also sure brett is the hacker. why not just include that in the hypothetical campaign above… ‘and no matter what happens in the house or who did something… i’ll just blame brett because i’m grudging… i mean…. on my daughter’s birthday.’


Watching Bayleigh’s post veto breakdown on YouTube. “I have been nothing but honest and caring in this game”. Did you not tell one of your closest allies (RS) to “shut up”? She is 10 years older than you. Accuse her of lying and wanting her to “prove” you are not lying?

Can’t stand her. Lots can happen in three idle days. Her only plea is the Evil Dick strategy of “why do you want to get rid of a target”?

To this I quote Bayleigh “shut up!”

On point

How is that any worst that what Angela and Brett are doing..
If we are going to pick and choose who we call out for shit then wr are just as bad.
Everyone should be called out.


What alliance member are they berating? Sure they’re talking shit. They all do that, but what Bayleigh did to Rockstar was below the belt, mean and nasty. I don’t even like Rockstar but I just wanted her to get back in her face but Bayleigh is such a loose cannon they all give her a wide berth.


And grabbing the chips from JC and screaming at him like she’s the damn chip police…..she is condensending like that to everyone! She’s just a bit@@


Maybe early pregnancy hormones? Been there, done that!


I agree, people on this board have their favorites and will find just about any reason to attack anyone who isn’t in the cool kids club. Take it as what it is.


SOME people are actually funny about it though. There is just something incrediably Condensending, bossy & rude about her. Plus she is constantly picking her nose!! She’s just nasty!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She must have memory issues – she told lies to everyone who came up to her HOH – which I don’t fault. That is part of the game. It’s the hypocrisy that people seem to cast moral judgment on others who lie and somehow justify their own lies. Lie your butts off, just don’t be mean for no reason…. ESPECIALLY TO YOUR FREAKING ALLIES! She is very UNcaring. SMH. She’s got issues with Sam… Sam can be bossy as well which Bay considers “disrespecting her”. She wants to go off on Sam. PLEASE DO! I think sweet southern MacGyver Sam can throw down if need be. That would be so awesome!

BB Fanatic

Good game move but Angela is truly an ugly person bet she’s 10 times worse in real life when there’s no cameras

On point

She is indeed an ugly person. Very few people are turning a bli.d eye to that. They only see what bayleigh does


I saw plenty of comments decrying Angela’s goodbye message to Rachel. I think Angela is mean too but I think she genuinely believed Rachel had double crossed the alliance and was pissed as a result. She should have talked with her and handled it differently, but even that was because Bayleigh misinterpreted what Tyler had said about Angela. She then did lie about something but I forgot. So yeah, I think Bayleigh is coming out worse so far. I’m sure Angela could be the next villain.


I never realized how much Brett looks like Justin Trudeau. Lol

On point

I bet just in is not an asshole

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Off point loves to judge his/her least favorite house guests and his least favorite commenters here. Let Off Point have his/her fun. It’s going to be a tough season as all Off Point’s fav house guests run crying out of the house, still confused about the rogue votes down to the final 4.


I think he looks like Zach Braff ‘s younger, better looking brother.


Umm, you may want to get your eyes checked.


Pretty sure they share the same father… Castro.

Bye bay

I hope that they don’t really have Brett vote to keep Bay so it creates distrust! Dumb idea

Bye Bay.


FES is so clueless it is endearing. He is the male Victoria (BB 16).

If you want to guarantee a win, bring him (and his butter stick arms) to the final 2.

First couple days I thought he’d be a force in this game, but a lame disappointment.

PS, Angela gets the reward for most improved player. First few weeks she was invisible, but last two weeks she has been awesome! I have always loved the poker players in this game over the years, and am pleasantly surprised by her.


Kaycee wins the most invisible BB house guest EVER! If she didn’t have those reward punishments, no one would even know she was in the BB house.


Fans didn’t even know kacey’s name well enough to ask who she was


All Fessy is interested in is gaining entry into Haleigh’s pants. He is oblivious to anything else that may be going on around him.


I love Fes. He is dumb and gullible, but he seems pretty genuine.


Bayleigh “if they wanted me out so bad they should have evicted me last week”

Sam “It was your HOH”



Can’t get much dumber than that, huh? Adios Bayleigh…


Omg for real?

The Canadian

I laughed out loud! Hahahahahaha!


Who would make an interesting HoH next week? I’d lean towards JC or Scottie making an unpredictable week. Everyone else has a pretty solid base to work with. JC has Fez he’s holding onto so there would be some interesting dynamics going.


JC has Fez, but never votes the same way as Fez. It’s odd. I would like to see JC on the block or as HOH just to hear more about what his strategy is going from the middle of the game to the end.


You can tell the path most of the houseguests are trying to take to get to the end. JC and Scottie have the least straightforward paths and it’s hard to tell if they even have a plan. It’s the reason I’d like to see one of them with a HoH. Angie is once again stuck on the wall and just like the last time is not going anywhere unless someone drags her along.

Blacks for Trump #maga

Bays incredible stupidity
1- She uses power and puts up Tyler and Brett
2- Angela wins pov takes down tyler and puts up Bay
3- Bay and Brett up
4- Votes to evict Brett- fes rock scottie hay
5- Votes to evict Bay- JC Tyler KC Bay uses power to cancel Sams vote

By a 4-3 vote, Brett is gone. Bay stays. Level6 is now L3. And its as if Angela was never HoH. Even if she was backdoored, she would still stay. WTF did she do? What was she thinking?

She basically was willing to sacrifice her own side, cut a deal with Angie to save her own ass, and next week she would still have her power app. But she would have one less member. Bay really did her own team dirty. She could have protected herself and Rock. One of her side would have gone up, but Hive had the votes to save Rocks or whoever was up. It looks like she was going to blow up her own team and swing with angie in a matter of days. Pretty dirty moves.

BB Fanatic

Uhmmmm if Bayleigh used her power this week she wouldn’t have it for next week. She wasn’t the hacker so she can’t take away Sam’s vote. Your scenario couldn’t happen, sorry!


hayleigh won the power and could still cancel a vote from that side. bay needed pieces to fall, but they did and she should have taken her shot.

Blacks for Trump #maga

I know she couldnt have it next week. I said she was saving this week because she mistakenly thought she had some sort of deal with angie. Her mistake was thinking she didnt need it this week and could use it next week. My scenario plays out exactly is she used it THIS. And #5 was a typo. its should have read Hay and not Bay. Scenario works is just followed the plan


Bay didn’t have any power to cancel anyone’s vote.

Blacks for Trump #maga

typo should have been Hay


I thought the same thing too.

Blacks for Trump #maga

typo. Hay not Bay


Comments got shifted. “I thought the same thing too” re your breakdown of how it could have played out

Blacks for Trump #maga


Finally a good season

Bayleigh deserves to go out this week. She played a horrible game. However I would really like to see Angela out next week and join her in jury.


It would only be good if they did live feeds of the jury house too. Can you imagine the fights?!?!

Oh Brother

I hope that happens in a double eviction on Thursday night so they have a week together to figure it all out.

Roll Tide

Now wouldn’t that be a barrel of fun!


Best season in years! Cannot emphasize this enough!!


It is. Anyone can turn on anyone. Still two rather chunky groups in the house, that will, eventually have to turn on each other.

No one REALLY trusts anyone else.


This is turning out to be a really entertaining season. The picking off of clueless players is always good t.v. The Hive was doomed from the jump. But I can’t wait until L6 has to turn on each other and rip each other to shreds. That will be EPIC!


While I personally don’t like the age group of this season(all 20 something year olds), so far it has been entertaining for all the wrong reasons. One HG running the house is funny, BUT A WHOLE GROUP, makes it uncontrollably hilarious.

Tyler has made people run amok, Brett’s random lies on eviction nights… Rockstar’s naive enough to make a scene for it, and so many other moments.. This season has been a joy to watch, and I agree this has been a really good season.


The age group is always super young (except for celebrity B.B. lol) Because the older we get the more tied down we are, with our careers & families. College students schedules are free all summer. Plus they make more money playing B.B. then they would working some part-time job.


It’s sad watching RS talk to Sam about the all girl alliance when Sam was never included.


They originally wanted Sam to be part of the all girls alliance . However, Sam found the concept of using gender as the basis for an alliance to be offensive. Sam would never admit it but I think deep down she harbors some resentment or jealousy towards the more girly types like Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Angela, etc.


Wow. Clueless… Love me some Sam! Hope she wins something. ?


I can see that. Remember when Sam nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn for eviction? She basically justified her decision by labeling them both as loose women. I like Sam too but she is far from perfect. Who appointed Sam as the chief of the morality police?

another name

every person in the house has agreed that kaitlyn and haleigh were flirting as a strategy (privately in convos after the two were nominated and continuing into this week). they later placate haleigh by saying oh it was just aimed at kaitlyn. even haleigh asked bayleigh (who has agreed twice now that they are doing it strategically) if she should cut out the f%cking around with the guys thing when bayleigh was hoh. she knows she’s doing it as strategy. is it about morals? or is it about trying to keep her own allies close and not showmantically involved so that she herself is no longer a priority? sam thinks of tyler as her number one. kaitlyn was attached to tyler. at the time sam thought scottie was her number two. haleigh was moving in on scottie. If sam thinks her number 1 and number 2 will no longer help her get further in the game because of showmance… why wouldn’t she go after the showmance partner.


“BRett – do you want me to not be unanimous
Angela – yes. And pin it on someone”

This is why they’d be just as lost without Tyler. He’s stage-managed these votes and they think all it takes is a finger snap.


They are getting way too cocky and might end up finally on the wrong side of the vote. If they ask Tyler and he goes along with that I would be surprised. I thought Bay might get her own alliance voting her out if she starts terrorizing them like she does Rock. But if she keeps it together. She might stay if L6 isn’t smart about the vote.


I’m sure before Thursday, they’ll have handle on Hayleigh and Fez’s votes. They’ll have Scottie’s already as he knows one of the chives put him up. There are only going to be 7 votes this time as Haleigh is chopping one. So they need to make sure they have 4 non-canceled votes evicting Bayleigh. Tyler’s vote is probably gone so that leaves Sam, Kaycee, Brett and one of JC or Scottie. This week is too close to risk shenanigans with votes.


Is Brett finally making his move on Angela?? He has said to other HG how attracted he was to her. But she is into him? She might be into Taylor, or shes A-sexual and just into herself.

Angela’s Mustache

I really only like JC. He’s a funny guy!

But on the other hand, I can’t be the only one who has noticed Angela’s mustache, whether she puts make up on or not, I can’t look away when she’s in the diary room!


snake AngelO – and she is the biggest bully in this house. (What!!!! so bullying her best bff rachel on live tv is not bullying? LOL
Queen B– I can’t believe Tyler yelled at me like that .. he laughed at mty face.. that’s why I’m so confused about (OMG queen B is still so clueless LOL)
Snake Angelo – speaking of Rockstar .. where’s our lunch!? (LOL someone should tell snake angelo this is not the mean girls movie and yeah she definitely is a plastic LOL )
Go Anyone except snake plastic angelo LOL


bruh Brett – they are f*ing snakes dude..( ZOOM Wilson might truly miss his bruh LOL)
Angela – they are so fake..(ZOOM OMG snake plastic angelo is so hillarous LOL)
Sam – I hand washed it and dried it flat…
SAm – I didn’t fold your panties though . (LOL the biggest floater and best maid ever LOL)


Who is WILSON???

Blacks for Trump #maga

The soccer ball from castaway. Maga 2020!!!!


Now Angela is writing a list of “who’s next”: Fes, Haleigh, then Rockstar.
ONCE AGAIN another HOH thinks that they’ll be HoH for the next 3 weeks LMAO. If Fes or Haleigh won HOH i’ll cry laughing. They think they have this game locked up just because they’re getting rid of Bayleigh, yet what they fail to realize is that they still have to WIN the Hoh or they could still be going up next week lol. If Fes wins HOH I hope he puts up Brett and Angela and they actually have to do something for themselves. Brett has won just as many competitions as I have in the Big Brother house, zero. Angela has never touched the block, I’d like to see those snobs squirm a little bit.


Come to think of it
I have noticed the mustache.


Wounded lame bird lmaooo I love you guys


BROOOOOOOOOS! Found this on twitter. Pretty much sums them up! <3 <3



Now I would love a segment where Winston goes to meet Brett’s family!


Awesome, but every time I saw the bros, this song played in my head….



Best show everrrrr!


Cant wait for L6 to pick off the clueless other side and then devour each other.

Blacks for Trump #maga

Given that the Hive is still trying to figure out the alliance working against them (L6) it seems likely


OMG please tell me that Angela wasn’t serious when she said for brett to vote to keep bay – that plan can really screw them all up and end up with bay staying, all it would take is JC to once again screw with them and vote rocky out. I think they need to talk to Tyler about this. One vote on their side gets cancelled, Angela/Brett don’t seem to be thinking this through. I hope it was said as a joke. I would hate to see all that work fall apart at the very end. Then we have rocky, wants to make sure they are set up for next week with a plan incase she goes home, seriously rocky do you think you would go over them being able to get bay out? I just hope on Thursday we see rocky/fessie boy being the ones saying “I don’t know whats going on” instead of the other side saying it. This side all better just vote the same or I will have to LMAO at their own stupidity. If it happens I see Angela blaming it on Brett and Brett going but you told me to vote that way…this will be fun. lol

BB Cat Lady

I’ve been thinking the same thing! 🙂

Domesticated Breakdown

They considered it for 2 seconds before they decided that would be a bad idea because the votes are too close


Now that this week is done (bye, Bay), I want the HGs to start thinking about the Hacker Comp and what the questions could be. I would be studying what is in every room, numbers of objects, colors, etc. It might not have anything to do with the comp, but you never know!

Hi my name is Scott

Well, as long as L6 er L4 doesn’t do anything stupid and decide to try to make sure it is not unanimous, Queen Bay will be gon on Thursday. When an alliance over thinks things they tend to burn themselves


Bayleigh should’ve used that power app. The way the game is going I see Tyler or Scottie FTW .. They really need to pick better people to be on BB. Sam is a scared follower can’t think for herself, & JC he too small to win anything physical all he can do is stir s**t up.


Scottie looks like Drop Dead Fred


I saw on a few big brother accounts on instagram that Bayleigh talked to production and a NP to see if she was pregnant. Wonder if she is and if she will self evict ornjuatbwait it out until Thursday and be in jury.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Bayliegh fell for Slappy because he had really bad skin. She spent so much time popping his zits that she fell in love. That’s her thing, she is the house zit popper. Blackheads, pimples. She did a lot of it in the opening weeks to other HG. Until she became entitled of course.


Haleigh’s Melanoma – that comment was just dumb. Bay was tripping but picking on someone’s looks is just wreckless.

Melanoma Griffith

The first few weeks she was all over HG that had blackheads and zits to pop. I saw Fess slap her hand away in the BR because she was going for a zit on his shoulder. She would lay on Swaggy in bed and systematically pop all the zits on his face and back. I watch the feeds and know what I saw and heard. If you have HD tv you know for a fact Swaggy didn’t have the greatest complexion.