Nomination Results “who do you think is the flipper”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Angela nominated ROCKS and Scottie. They have not had the Hacker competition yet. No Idea why Nominations lasted soo long. Maybe Tyler popped his cloud app. I find it hard to believe.

Nominations Today

8:15am Sam is up..

Dips a cookie in her coffee (sinful)

8:21am Rocks and Sam

Rocks – yesterday wasn’t great but today is a new day..
Sam – it could be worse you could be RAchel.. you are the jury that’s what you wanted right?
Rocks – yeah.. yeah that is true

Rocks puts on her costume.. Camera pans to Rachel’s picture on the memory wall.
Rocks – I’m not a crier sam
Sam – it’s OK to cry
RS – it’s ok sure
Sam – You just mean you are pushed to the point where crying is unusual
RS – there’s not other ways to react up in here.. .. you can’t even go be by yourself really.. you can’t go walk in nature… You can’t fight no body.. not that that’s what I would do ..
RS – you can’t be zapping out on people
Sam – yeah..
RS – I’ve cried more in here than I have ever cried.. I just don’t cry it’s so weird I knew it would happen. I knew it was part of the experiment. I just didn’t think I wold cry so much.

9:09am Fes and Bayleigh
Bayleigh tells him he’s not going up
Fes – really.. I got the vibe she was putting me up
FEs – that’s cool thanks
Bayleigh – she’s never lied to me she’s always been straight.. this is going to be a surprise to everybody

9:20pm Rocks in the pink room talking to Fes with Bayleigh and JC in the room
Rocks using a mix of whispers and sign language tells Fes that she thinks Tyler is working with Brett.. .”I’ve thought that from the very beginning” (he’s wounded bird)
RS – when the votes flip and sh1t

they’re talking wakes JC up..
JC – go into ROCKSTARs bed I want to sleep a little bit more before this ceremony
JC – I’m going to f*ing slap you

bayleigh’s in the room with them doing her thing.

9:34am A cloud comes up on the screens.. the feeds cut…

Noon Feeds finally come back. They had the nominations
FEs – who do you think is the flipper
JC says he thought it was Scottie but now it’s Rockstar
JC – if she’s really working with Brett.. they’re doing an amazing job..
JC says when he talks to Brett he always says how much he hates rs and when he talks to RS it’s vice versa

JC – why so much
Fes – try to win it man.. try to win it .. we need to win so we have power.. just go fast you will be alright

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noms may have teken so long as there was a prolonged discussion of production trying to convince bay to use her app.


Haha, you’re probably right

Fezzy's Nose Goop

So production is just going from side to side helping out the team in trouble??? Last week they help out Hive. This week they give L4 help. Next week they help out Hive. WTF???


And *that* would help both JC and Tyler.

Roll Tide

Production already helped Tyler giving him the cloud app. It reminds me of the power Paul got, I think it was 3 months safety. Tyler’s is good for how long? Like Paul, Tyler has already been on a CBS game show and pretty sure he will be on B&B. He is the new CBS darling. Pretty sure production will be sure he wins.
I like for the under dogs to at least be one of the finalist.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

If she bucked Production, its a very good chance she will be evicted VERY soon. If players do not play ball with production they will shown the exits.


Just out of curiosity, where are all these ex-players backing you up. Surely with 19 seasons, there’d be dozens of disgruntled players done dirty by the all powerful “production” with their stories of sabotage?

I mean these people went on a TV show so surely all are still thirsty for 15 more minutes – especially those who know an invite to return ain’t coming – so why aren’t we inundated with confirmations of this vast, silly B-reality show conspiracy?…

It’s because few of these people ever grasp the deprivation challenge of the game, so they imagine DR clues, conjure the hidden meanings behind questions, think when they’re asked to punch up a response it’s telling them something…until they get and realize it was their own mind playing tricks.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

The show has been sued for game manipulation and many many past players have spilled the beans on Production rigging. They do sign non-disclosure agreements so many past players are reluctant to come forward. Evil Dick was very open about it. Use the Google Machine and you will be surprised at what you find.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

bad link. here is the FCC issue. Big Brother is not a game show but a reality show like wrestling. So they are allowed to pre-determine the results including the winners.


Evel DIck talks about production manipulation *extensively* on his twitter. Google is your friend.

But, um

Well he should know because he was definitely helped!!

Tom A

Angela is a flat out bitch. Her grudge against Rachel is nasty and unneccessary. Really showed her true colors. That is all.

Team Brett
Team Kaycee
Team Tyler


I agree. I was a huge Angela fan, but with how quickly and brutally she flipped on Rachel I find it difficult to continue to support her.

Tom A

I have no problem with how Brett blows up, because that is in-game gameplay. Angela has taken it far beyond gameplay. She still rails Rachel every chance she gets. It’s disappointing.


YES!! It’s very disappointing.


Ok nobody cares, we get it you’re Team Kaycee, Brett and Tyler you don’t need to say it in every post.

Haleigh's Melanoma

No less than Andy Herren, winner of BB15 said of Angela: “To everyone thinking Angela was mean in her goodbye message: SHE THOUGHT RACHEL WAS A LIAR AND SHE FELT BETRAYED. When you feel like someone has backstabbed you, you become so so angry. Anyone who hasn’t been on the show has no idea.”


I have noticed that within the game some women can not make a game move or justify a game move as anything other than a personal attack. It is why “women’s alliances” always turn on each other. I thought that Rachel was Angela’s ride or die. I thought they were the woman version of the bros. Then out of nowhere, it turns out Angela did not like Rachel at all. She could not keep Brett as a game move she had to make it personal. It is not unlike all the Brett hate. He really is not that huge a threat or huge contribution, so far he is just a vote… but for some bizarre reason people like Rockstar hated him on site and others treat him like he is a gigantic threat, he is merely good looking… good beefcake eye candy. He really has done nothing than provide cover. He may go far without a good social game. My hope is things flip big time when they get to the jury stage. We haven’t had a good house flip in years.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

So the Hive is speculating the possible flippers were RockJock and Scottie. And yet Angela nominates RockPop and Scottie???? WTF! How can these people be this dumb! Can they count? Can they see who is hanging out together in the house? At this point, you have to now have firm evidence that RockSnot and Scottie were not flippers and that JC and Sam are floaters who gave Angela, Tyler, and KC the 5 votes versus your 4 votes during the last eviction.


Lord please somehow give these ppl (The Hive), a clue, let them realize the ppl outside their alliance are fraud, also give them an ounce of knowledge that TYLER is a puppet master, plz lord Jesus AMEN!!


Lord…please disregard previous message. Amen. Tyler all the way!

Finally A Good Season


On the block

If the votes don’t go their way this time, they will still blame RS and Scottie. That’s how dumb they are. I wish we could see all of them when they watch the show at home and they see how dumb they really are.


They are blaming the flipped votes that evicted Rachel on Kaitlyn.


To tell the truth. I think that they do not see JC as a person in the game or even a person. They treat him like he is a pet and that is why they never seem to notice his moves. Tyler they think is a stupid surfer but he has played a way more intelligent game than any of them. It really is their own arrogance in not seeing Tyler, JC or Sam as people in the game.

Purple people eater

But… But… He’s a wounded birrrd!
Man every time I read/hear that phrase I want to kick something.
Are these people really this blind/deaf/dumb?
I mean… Come on people! Get it together.
Add 2 and 2…
Use Kaitlyn’s damned spirit guides…
It’s just not cute.
I’m embarrassed for them.
Why can’t Scottie have a reliable partner!!


Honestly can’t stand Scottie.




I have not liked Scottie since his HoH, his a-hole showed that week… also his utter cluelessness.


I really LOVE BB, and the strategies used to play this “game”, but I feel so bad for Rock Star they way they are using her, the lies towards her especially. And when she is so loyal to Bay and her alliance, I know she feels alone like an outcast, and that is not a good feeling. So, turning this lemon into lemonade- at least she will make it to jury and continue to get paid until the end. 🙂

Fezzy's Nose Goop

They ALL act this way when its their turn on the block. And they ALL have ZERO sympathy when someone else is on the block. Its BB! EVERY one of them fans the flames when its someone else’s turn. Rachel told the truth and was branded a liar by EVERYONE. Yet the Bay Tyler conversation about Angela is on tape. Rachel was a lousy player but it doesnt change the fact that they are ALL drama queens who get butt hurt when its their turn.


To tell the truth, she should order Brett and say “I am done with this. I hate your ass… let’s work together pretty boy. I help you and you help me because none of my team is loyal. Nobody will see this one coming.” She might as well do that Hail Mary, he might take her up on it.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

Is Bays app in play or was it declined??? These apps and powers are becoming a cluster? Whats up with the hacking power? The game play is getting bad. How the heck could Bay think Scottie and/or Rocky were flippers if the other side nominated them? How could Angela tip her hand like that and confirm that they were NOT flippers? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh


Why is Kaycee so high in the rankings on this site? Is someone able to explain it to me? I see her as someone who has no game and just follows her group.

Guy From Canada

She isn’t offensive
Playing good positionally, no one mentions her as a nom
Not a mean person (would say girl but snowflakes would get angry)
And people feel strongly one way or the other for/against L6/5/4 and fouetté/hive. Since Kaycee is a minor role, she wouldn’t be hated in like the other members Brettttttt, Meangela or Wounded baby bird. It’s not that she is loved more, she just isn’t hated.


I do not question the ratings so much because each of us have those we like better than others for various reasons. I do, however, find it interesting that Kaycee is rarely mentioned, nor for that matter, really participates in discussions. While he? allegence seems firm with L6 she has not gathered nor given any major information re: game play. I find it hard to get real feel if it is her personality( a quiet type person) or game play. Does anyone out there have a better picture on what I may be missing?
On a side note…IMHO this is a great season and once again Dawg and Simon are doing a stellar job. THANKS GUYS!


Its not me..
I LOVE kc shes great and can be the winner
The house loves her and her vote matters every week


angela is the sofa and kc the loveseat


Last night L4 showed their true colours (it was always there, they just needed to be in power for it to come out) It was nasty all the personal attacks they were making on people. I’m sorry I watch for gameplay, not personal attacks, this is how Paul’s group started last year with an initial late night bash session and then it just continued.


Paul started his crap week 2 and too their faces. Because of that no one could play. L4 is doing it behind closed doors (no right but still). Can not compare last season to this season. It’s a game, you stir the pot and make people believe the untruth. Rachel believes Bay over Tyler who was in her alliance which then Angela turned on Rachel because she thought Rachel was throwing everyone under the bus. Bayleigh has said far more worse things than L4.


Exactly, rockface and Bay have been brutal in their nasty personal attacks. I love how people who support the hive are all of a sudden grossed out by personal attacks, that aren’t even personal. I feel like they are watching a diff show or else they’re watching it through the same lens as people like rockface, going after people’s families and upbringing, when truth be told, they know nothing about it.


I disagree. Sure they were makin fun of the other side and what not, but just about everything they made fun of was on a GAME level, not personally, like the hive. You might be able to argue that Ang lobbed some personal attacks at Rach, but in her mind, based on what Bay told her, her Final 2 person, betrayed her. Tyler backed it up. So if I were Ang, I’d believe it. I’m still against ugly personal attacks, but in general L4 was making fun of the other side based on their gameplay, cluelessness, etc.


OMG the clueless team are still clueless about who flipped LOl dude you have 6 people weho are not part of the team lol
How hard is to use the brain and point the flippers LOL
Most Hated players of this season
1. Angelo
2. Brett
3. Pinky sweet bird
4. Sam Baby voice
5. KC

JC is Pervy

Most hated??? LOL. You named the 1st 5 on the ranking. The 5 MOST liked…….

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Most hated? Where are you getting that from? From the same pollsters who claimed that Hillary would win??????


Ignore “it”, obviously by the name the troll isn’t very smart to begin with.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!


JC is Pervy

Thank you Simon. I’d give politics 0 for this site.


HA…funny post. Love when people spout off about knowing how everyone thinks, who everyone loves and hates. That’s great! Go Brett and L4


May be a dumb question, but I don’t get the feeds. SO,

9:34am A cloud comes up on the screens.. the feeds cut…

Any idea why a cloud came up on the screen? Is that the norm? Sorry if its a dumb question.


Thanks Simon. I thought it was strange too. I was worried Tyler used his app, which would be stupid at this point….unless he thought Bay would use her power. This site is my only source of info. lol


I hope you’re right. Tyler having the “cloud” app and a cloud appearing had me doing the RCA dog maneuver. Ears perked and everything. LOL


Maybe Tyler used it to make it look to Hive that he isn’t working with L6


Or maybe even though it’s not the hacker comp…it might have been something pertaining to it

another name

i’m guessing production glitch, sort of like when one of the d/r conversations is accidentally heard in the house.
i’m doubting tyler used his app to avoid the hack nom (it wasn’t in the app description).


I’m wondering if it has something to do with Tyler’s Cloud App? I would be surprised if he used it, since his alliance partner is HOH and he feels that he is on good terms with Bay (who is the only other one who could put him up, since the Hacker comp hasn’t been played yet).


That was my fear too San_Diego_Gal. Fingers crossed that Simon and another name are right and production is just screwing up. Its not like production hasn’t flopped in the past. 😉


It may be for the hacker app challenge…it’s the only other thing I could think of for it to be on now.

Fezzy's Nose Goop

I dont care about who people like or hate. I like good game play. Float, shield, comp, social game, lie cheat steal. Whatever. Do what you gotta do. But play smart. WTF happened to Bay???? I thought her and Tyler were light years ahead of the others. But her lack of perception is stunning. Genius IQ and she literally can not count 9 votes? It was 5-4! How can you not count 5 votes and figure this out??? Its painful! It like watching Kaitlyn struggle with a giant 3 piece puzzle! Girl, get you hat on because you are taking clueless to new levels. I wanted her backdoored for being stupid!


“L6 + JC + Sam” need to win either the Hacker comp, or the POV.
If they lose both, then 1 of them is getting evicted during Angela’s HOH.
Since the Hacker gets to cancel 1 vote, if there’s 1 of them OTB on thursday, they only have 3 votes to save, while the Hive have 4.
Sounds to me like BB “adjusted” that Hacker power to be powerful enough to actually screw L6 over. If it had just been “replace a nominee with whoever you want”, then L6 would have had the votes.
Those powers s#ck a$$. Pardon my French. BB used to be about strategy.

JC is Pervy

I agree. L6 is cleaning house and their trying to change it. As if Bayleigh was most trending to get a power. They gave it to her.


Well said, Frenchie. I support some powers being thrown into the mix to add a little extra chaos, but this Hacker Power is ridiculous. Change a nom AND pick a veto player AND cancel a vote?!?! The game becomes less about strategy and more about chance (or production’s manipulations).

Guy From Canada

Are JC and Sam forgotten? They still have a 4v4 tie and Angela would break the tie.


Lets say rc vs bret
Haily baily fes scottie for rc
Tyler doesent vote
Kc j.c sam for bret
Not good!!

Hope the hacker goes to l4


Well said, Frenchie. I support the idea of “twists” in the game to promote a little extra chaos, but this Hacker Power is ridiculous. Replace a nominee AND pick a veto player AND cancel a vote?!?! This Hacker Power takes away all of the strategy and replaces it with chance (or production manipulation).

Jill Chastain

If Angela was even the slightest bit intelligent, she’d backdoor Bay. But Smelly Rocksocks has got to go!!! Talk about floater. Ugh…


She is very intelligent and thats her plan.

Rachel’s Vixens

Angela did mention that if she had a chance, she’d backdoor Bay as she’s more powerful (with her power app) vs Scottie or Rocklobster

Roll Tide

Floater vs Floater

Angela's trap baby

Angela got what she wanted. To get rid of Angela so she can make a trap baby with Brett in the jury house.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

I do not like most of the people in L4 + 2, but I have to give them props for game play. They struggle with comps, but their social, manipulation, and diversion tactics are on point. They know who is on the other side and who can be manipulated. Kudos for that!

Flabby C

Is it possible that: (1) Bayleigh used her app, then (2) Tyler used his cloud app to cancel Bayleigh’s nominations, then (3) as a result Angela got to make her nominations????


Tyler had to use his app before the nomination ceremony and it only protects him from one nomination thing. Bayleigh would still have a nominee on the block, Angela’s might have stayed or Bayleigh may have had to nominate another. Either way, I don’t think either used their power yet.


Im thinking once Tyler uses his power before noms that it would be known that he is not an option. Don’t see how both of Bayleigh’s noms would be voided.


Can someone please answer me this? If you were part of L6, wouldn’t it be good to tell Bay that you were going to put her up, just to flush out her power? And even if she put up 2 people of L6, they’d still have the hacker app? Or at least make a deal that if she promises to use her power, then they could work together to make nominations that both Bay and Angela would be happy with?


The people who show grace under pressure tend to stay and the people who fall apart set themselves up to leave. As KC indicated in her farewell speech to Rachel, she needs people on her team that are solid and dependable not someone like Rachel who is steaming and boiling over while throwing out her own team’s names. That’s kind of what Angela said too except she flat out called her a liar. I’m pretty sure RS over the top crying and yelling has made her the next to go, this house is not really accepting of too crazy behavior in the long run. I’m looking for JC to fly over the top next and damage his friendship with either Fessy or Tyler fatally.


She’s not a crier? All she does is ugly cry!


The general consensus is that Scottie won the Hacker app. Now the veto is super important. He will obviously
take himself down. This is tricky for level 6 because let’s say he puts up Kay Cee..he also plays in Veto AND cancels a vote. YIKES !