Sam “What if its Haleigh [the hacker]” Tyler “Haleigh isn’t smart enough.”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

10:56pm HOH room. JC, Kaycee and Angela. JC – their kissing a$$ is so strong. Angela – its so strong. She’s brought me three meals up here today. Haleigh brought me one, Rockstar brought me carrot cake last night and pancakes this morning. Kaycee – its so f**king obvious. Angela – Haleigh came and feed me salad. Haleigh came and kissed me goodnight. Until they felt like their backs were against the wall, no one talked to me. They ignored me and now that they don’t feel safe they have been so nice to me. Promising me deals, trying to make alliances with me. JC – to be honest I feel bad for Fes. He keeps going with the girls and then the girls literally don’t give a f**k about him. Kaycee – are you going to tell him which way you’re voting? JC shakes his head no. We already have a big group right now. We can’t be a big huge happy family. Kaycee – I mean vote wise. Fes doesn’t need to know. Haleigh doesn’t need to know. Kaycee – they’re oblivious to the way they’re acting. JC – I gave them SO MUCH information but none of it is useful! Kaycee – dude you are f**king with their heads so bad. JC – anytime I give them any type of information they go crazy. Like when Fes goes into the storage room and start banging sh*t.

Kaycee – she is trying to figure out her speech tomorrow. JC – I am going to act very surprised. Let them do the whole little thing. Angela – I think with my speech I will keep it really simple. Like I promised Tyler I would use this veto on him and I’ve played nothing but an honest and loyal game and I want to continue to do so. With that said I’ve know who the hacker is since day 1 and I’ve always been one step ahead. Every conversation that I’ve had with the hacker has been a string of lies for the hacker to continue to manipulate my HOH but I’ve been planting seeds all along so that I could ensure that I kept the veto.. Then I’ll be like to reveal the true identity of the hacker .. then I will look at Scottie and go SCO.. Bayleigh! JC – this is so good for ratings! Angela – then I will be like you had a power trip, you had your time last week with your HOH. You have the power app and now you’re changing my nominations. You didn’t need to do this. JC – she was trying to backdoor Tyler. Angela – for my game to have someone with this much power in the house is not good. JC – I’m going to have to go to bed early because if I am tired I get the jiggles. Kaycee – you get the jiggles?!? Oh the giggles! We just all need to act so shocked. JC – I don’t want her to cancel my vote. Kaycee – she will probably cancel Tylers.

11:50pm Bedroom. Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh. Bayleigh – We need to give the outside world a mission. Outside world go to SwaggyCtv and write him a DM. tell him that he needs to find this part of the live feeds so he can see what we just said about him number 1. Number 2 – Bayleigh loves you. Make sure you write that in capital letters L-O-V-E! Bay – I am waiting to see what happens tomorrow. Like Socttie is so happy right now. Like he was like goodnight daddy, love you! Like he is so happy so I am like what is actually going on. Haleigh – unless this is some secret back door plan. Bay – but why? What would be the point?! Bay – we haven’t done anything wrong to her. Haleigh – thats a good point. Bay – And I was just HOH and I didn’t even touch her. Haleigh – I just don’t want to keep pushing her and talking to her about it. Bay – if this is a backdoor plan for me, I am going to be pissed. She asked me if we all trust each other. I don’t want us three to be grouped together because then that makes us a target. Rockstar – is that why you were mad at Sam? Bay – I wasn’t mad at Sam, stop f**king saying that. Don’t f**king talk about me. Rockstar – I didn’t. Bay – I am talking about her Rockstar! She is going to f**k around and actually make me mad. She needs to chill out. Don’t talk about me. You say offensive things and you’re snappy to everybody. And when people call you out about it, I think they’re mad at me? No.

Rockstar – The house has been really weird this week but it has also been really cool. We’ve all be really hanging out more. Bay – but the last two days people have been really snappy. Including Sam. Rockstar – I’m just saying for me, I’ve been talking.. Bayleigh – yeah but that’s you! You’ve had a great week. Being on the block everyone has been working out and accepting you. As apposed to last week when you were on the block, nobody talked to you. SO now they’re showing you all this attention. But for us we’ve been completely blacklisted. Nobody wants to talk and they’re snappy. We’ve had a terrible week. Rockstar – I’m sorry. Bayleigh – no you’re not, you didn’t even notice. You don’t care about us. You just care about you. Rockstar – that’s not true. Bayleigh – last week we were fighting our a$$es off for you. Its not like we’re on the block, we’re fighting for you while people are snapping at us. Haleigh – I just hope tomorrow goes well. Bay – it has to.

12:22pm Hammock. Brett and Scottie. Brett – Rockstar has been really calm.. so that makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Rockstar is very calm and she was hysterical before. Scottie – I think she might know something. Brett – that’s what I’m saying.. she feels safe for some reason. Imagine she gets taken off and you get put up! Scottie – f**king piece of sh*t! I don’t think that would happen. I think of all the people in here Angela is a really stand up person.

The LIVE FEEDS are going to blow up tomorrow after the veto ceremony! Get your 1 week FREE Trial NOW!

12:36pm – 12:53pm Backyard. Sam and Tyler. Tyler – how close you and I were. I told her Scottie was my best friend, just to see what she would say and do. Then when Scottie was on the block this week she took him off the block and put me on the block to frame him to make it look like he was the hacker. Sam – what if its Haleigh. Tyler – its not, she’s not that good. And if it is then who cares. Bayleigh has a power, she has to go. Sam – who has the other power? Tyler – I don’t know, I guess we will find out eventually. Sam – so what happens now? Tyler – Bayleigh goes on the block and she goes home. But she is probably going to cancel my vote. So its going to have to be four other people other than me to vote her out. And if not then she has her power and she can change the nominees next week if she doesn’t win HOH. Which means she would probably put up me and someone else that I am close to. Sam – I feel like something else is happening. Tyler – like what? Sam – I don’t know. I don’t think Bayleigh is the hacker. I think its either Brett or Haleigh. Tyler – Haleigh isn’t smart enough. If its Haleigh, she is weak. There is no need to get her out now. Sam – I think Haleigh is the hacker and she specifically chose things to happen. I think my vote will be cancelled. Tyler – no it won’t. It will be mine. I am going to celebrate after the veto ceremony. And laugh. Sam – why? Tyler – because Angela is going to call out Bay for being the hacker and the hacker put me on the block. So the hacker is going to cancel my vote. Sam – I don’t think so. I think that you’re the mark. I think that its intended for you to go home no matter what. I think I will be sitting on the block next to you and the other vote that is cancelled out will be… Tyler – tomorrow you think that will happen? Sam – Angela will take you down. Then Bay will use her power and remove herself from the block. Then the nominations will go back to Angela and then she will have to choose someone new. Tyler – Bayleigh’s power is not a veto for her to come down once the nominations are.. Bayleigh’s power is she can choose before a nomination ceremony from what she said to hijack the nominations. Instead of Angela’s nominations popping up on the screen, whoever Bayleigh picked would come up. We’re just worried if Bayleigh is worried she will go up tomorrow .. maybe her power is that she can change the nominations before the veto ..or pick the replacement nominee. And in no planet anywhere would Angela put you up. She would put up Haleigh or Fes.

2:20am Kitchen. Brett and Tyler. Tyler – they made Scottie swear on the bible that if he won HOH he would put up Rachel, Angela or Kaycee. Brett – that is f**ked up! Tyler – And they made him swear on the bible that he wasn’t the rogue vote for Kaitlyn. Brett – dude tomorrow .. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to rumble!

2:40am 3:30am Backyard. Fes and Sam chatting about random things..

8am zzzzz

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Rachel’s Vixens

“Bay – if this is a backdoor plan for me, I am going to be pissed.”

Get ready to be pissed, honey! I wish Angela tells the Hive alliance to wear Angela branded t-shirts if they want rocklobster down / Scottie up before the Veto ceremony. Can you imagine Bay wearing an Angela shirt while she’s being nominated LOL

Let the bloodbath begin!


DONT call her honey!!! LoL
and of course she is gonna be pissed
She it getting pissed like in any converstation
So.. about getting backdoored !?
She is making the same exit like rachel and her boyfriend
Straight to the door


It’s the pregnancy hormones making Bay all pissy!!!

Justin Trudeau's Sparkly Socks

Bay gonna need a diaper as the piss gonna be spraying the house like a male cat in heat..

Make America Geographers Again

Bay is so self centered. Just keep making her feel safe so she doesn’t catch on. Rockstar shouldn’t put up with her crap anymore


I agree! She is such a b*tch to RS. Bayleigh is the epitome of a bully. It’s borderline abusive the way she treats RS. I hope RS stands up for herself after Bayleigh is on the block. I hope Haleigh sees the writing on the wall and separates herself from Bayleigh. This is one of the few times I hope it’s a unanimous vote and everyone votes Bayleigh out. The drama after today is going to be so awesome!!


I agree. I really don’t understand why RS, Fez, Scottie and even Sam put up with her and her bullying. Hayleigh is also a bully for not saying anything. Biotches. But keep reading your Bible, Bayleigh. Hypocrite.


Nothing borderline about it. It is abusive.


Rockstar would never call her a bully though because she isn’t a white kid.


But she is privileged. You know Rockstar hated the privileged.


I think under normal circumstances Rockstar would stand up for herself but probably feels like she is in harm’s way being on the block and doesn’t want to rock any votes she might have. I like her, I have from the beginning. I hate the way Bay talks to her and I would catch a case before I let her talk to me like that. Nasty @$$ biotch. Let the door hit ya on the way out cuz you are on the next thing smokin’ out of that house. I can’t WAIT to see her face!!! Bye Felecia!


RS just might crack a smile at veto ceremony when Angela names Bayleigh as replacement nominee.


agreed! the way she talks to rockstar is very offensive


I agree, but rocky not saying anything to bay showed me that little rocky can dish it but can’t take it. She has made comments about others all season long that were just as ignorant. I hope both these women watch the show, read the comments and see what others really thought about them. With rocky I kept saying attack game play not personal but everything with rocky was personal, as if she is this great prize. I honestly can’t wait for the nonqueen bay to go up and out the door. This is going to be priceless. I love how they are all working together except them 4 and they don’t get it. I haven’t seen a house work this well together in a long time..its great. lol


If only Swaggy had “backdoored” Bay she wouldn’t be pregnant.


He did give her some good choices of where to put it….the floor or her butt. She chose the wrong place.



The quiet one

Okay that one made me LOL.


Gosh I cannot wait for Bayleigh to leave!! The way she talks to Rockstar is disgusting. I sure hope the plan to evict her goes smoothly!


Rockstar idolizes Baleigh no matter how Baleigh speaks to her – and then Haleigh copies Baleigh and talks that way too to her. Rockstar is very weak. She’ll only snap at Brett because he’s a rich white male ( she hates white people. Even Baleigh called her out on hating white people).


Good observation. I noticed the same thing about Rockastar. She has a very weak and impressionable mind. She’s been programmed by propaganda to hate white males. But I do feel bad for her when Bayleigh treats her like garbage.

BB Fanatic

Does anyone know if her boyfriend is white? She has like three kids from how many different men? She tries very hard not to be white so I wonder what happened in her life to make her so bitter? Sometimes I feel bad for her…then she opens her mouth and all pity goes away lol.

Paul Treffinger

BB Fantic, I know rockstar, two of her kids are from an illegal immagrant and the recent one is from a white guy who is just as weird as her. She is poor because she works at dead end jobs at Home Depot and the back of the strip club and then also waitress’s at a little restaurant that the total bill is $20-$30 each time. (These jobs not all at the same time)

JC is Pervy

Her bio says her only rule is to never work somewhere that doesn’t have music because music is everything to her. She talks very slangy and uneducated. No wonder she hasn’t achieved anything in her years. BB wasn’t a good choice for her get rich easy scheme.


I totally agree. It’s hypocritical the way she calls BRett a bully yet takes that crap from Bayleigh. But I do still feel sorry for her that she’s that weak minded. And Bayleigh just needs to GET OVER HERSELF. She has become the first houseguest of the season I can’t stand to watch.


Yippee…my fave topic these days…trashing rockface. But on a serious note…it’s so hard for me to have empathy for her because her ignorance, her ugliness towards people diff from her, and her warped sense of reality and socio-economic issues, is her choice. Yes, she’s weak. I feel for weak people. I even feel for ignorant and clueless people, if they show the ability of wanting to learn and know things. But with her, she doesn’t. She is a nasty-a*s excuse for a human being. I thought I caught a glimpse of progression, when she started engaging with other hg’s and doing the veto penalty like a good sport…in turn, others started engaging back and I really thought, mayyyybbbeee she is going to prove me wrong after all. Nope…I heard her bad-mouthing white, privileged people again (Brett). Having said all that, as much as I think she deserves a taste of what she dishes out…I don’t think being ugly to her (Bay) and treating her like crap is called for.

BB Fanatic

I think it’s funny because Baileigh is a privileged black girl, wonder how Rock-a-bye-baby will act once she sees Bay’s house!?!


HA I’d love to see her reaction, but I’m sure it will be nuthin cause she’s scared to death of Bay. As a matter of fact, so was rach


Question: why bailey is talking rockstar down like that? Can someone tell me what rockstar done to bailey talk her like that? I don’t have feeds thanks


Rock doesn’t do anything to her. Bay just needs to feel superior at times and chooses the weakest one that allows her to do it.

JC is Pervy

Because she can. RS doesn’t put her in her place. Bay is careful who she treats like that.

Double Ds

Bay has been a real B…. this week. Must be all those pregnancy hormones.

Baby bird

No I just think she’s a rotten bitch period.


Bayleigh needs to go home ASAP!!! I cannot stand her or the way she treats the other houseguests. Bay is very disrespectful to Rockstar on a regular basis and Rockstar is too afraid to stick up for herself! Bay is also the biggest Hypocrite in the house!! She snapped at Brett over him calling her “honey”. Like get real!! She is a horrible person and I wish someone would stick up for themselves and tell her about herself! I was pissed over the JC and Bay race fight she caused, but she says and does the same thing. Fessy and Rockstar gets belittled by Bay yet they are still friends with her. I don’t get it! I cannot wait until Thursday to hear Julie Chen “say Bayleigh you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.” Then I’m going to laugh my behind off because karma got you Bayleigh!!


Nobody can tell Bayleigh anything! She is a spoiled selfish B*tch. I truly feel sorry for her in life and I doubt she will ever get a clue as to her behavior.


Bayleigh is the definition of narcissistic behavior and so is Swaggy. Perfect match


“For the past two days everyone has been snappy” – says Queen Snappy herself. LOL. The hypocrisy just kills me !!


I love her telling RS it’s been an easy week for her because she is on the block and hard on everyone else. WTF?


Well, apparently she feels that being on the block builds trust and Angie should be getting all sorts of inside tips and information from Angela because Bayleigh vomited the details of her power to the woman she put on the block.

Trump says- "Impeach THIS B@tch"! #MAGA2020

If by “snappy” you mean “happy’. Then yes everyone is “snappy” you are gonna be leaving.


It will be funny when Angela does these hack speech, but oh she is so wrong. lol Wonder if Hayleigh will be able to hold it together during. The smartest thing Hayleigh should have done is pick Fez for POV, he wins and noms stay the same, then Hayleighs big move would have been good…but once again its going the wrong way. lol Also, Sam seems to be smarter than what people give her credit for. Sometimes the ones that aren’t talking game are observing and I think that’s what Sam is doing.


no sam is dumb. she is just obsessed with hayleigh. that convo with tyler , even he was getting annoyed. shes so dumb why is she even in the house? saying hay is the hacker doesnt make her smart.

JC is Pervy

Hay IS the hacker. Sam hit the nail on the head.

another name

I don’t think it’s dumb to try to get other people you are aligned with to try to target the person most likely to target you. Whether it’s ‘observational’, or ‘obsessional’. Is it any more obsessional of Sam to try to get people to target Haleigh than it is obsessional for Haleigh to say she’ll nominate Sam just as many times? Each is aware the other would target them. Each is trying to get the other out. Each is trying to get their allies to target the other as well.


sam has a vendetta against hayleigh as many people speculate that hay reminds sam of sam’s brother’s ex-girlfriend.

hayleigh is however smarter than the rest of hive. based on putting tyler up and pulling scottie down, it appears she sees through tyler, acknowledges scottie as a number, and also she’s the one keeping the alliance together as fes, rockstar, and bay all don’t particularly get along but all like hay. furthermore despite being the centerpoint of the alliance level 6 is mostly targeting her allies because whenever the hive approaches L6 with a scheme destined for failure hayleigh sits back and just lets bay or rocks take the lead, making hayleigh look less significant of a threat. hayleigh is in trouble no question but she actually should be in even worse shape.


I think if she had picked Fez for POV it would’ve made it obvious who the hacker was.


Picking Fez would have narrowed the hacker possibilities though. Kaycee hasn’t been in contention with anything and makes it a bit more confusing as to who the hacker is. Haleigh has the same problem as the rest of her side, she doesn’t see how close Tyler is with everyone else and they’d save him over most folks on the block at this time. If we were 3-4 more evictions in, Tyler would need that veto.


If I was Rockstar, I would just stop talking to Bay all together. The poor woman can’t open her mouth without being degraded in some form or fashion. Once Bayleigh is on the block, maybe then Rock will stand up for herself. I actually feel sorry for her!!

Uncle Teddy

Bring back Steve

Chick in Louisiana

I hope the feeds come back immediately after this happens! This is going to be epic! Bayleigh is going to blow up. Lol Simon/Dawg what time does the POV meetings usually take place? I NEED to be here for the fallout!!!


Some times around noon..


Noon in what time zone



Hi my name is Scott

T minus 6 hours til lift off! The roar will be deafening when the Queen B rocket blasts off into orbit! It will be epic!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I want to tailgate before… Got my pop corn, my new #BackdoorBaileigh flag & t-shirt that Sam made out of beet juice & Rockstar’s tears.


I think Bayleigh must be pregnant and hormonal the way she’s snapping like that. Honestly, it must be the Universe telling her she needs to leave the game with the way things are going down. First of all, I don’t know what POSSESSED her to open her trap and tell Rachel- someone on the enemy side of the house- about her power. Even torture wouldn’t have gotten that out of me. THEN to tell them ALL of the details about the power??? Smh. I’m with Kaitlyn in thinking this just must be her time to go. Someone else is supposed to win, but she’s maybe going to get a bf and baby out of this. Though I wonder why she didn’t use a condom. ANYWAY. Whatever. It’s not my place to judge.


Omg and kaytlin gonna be like “i let them have that sex in MY hoh room!! That was my mission!”


man, you had me fall off my chair laughing omg


A narc will accuse you for of being unloyal, not sensitive enough to their feelings, trying to hurt them etc and they will talk to you in a condescending way like you are beneath them.

Won’t be missing you Bay. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out <3

Like literally

what time we will get the veto ceremony feedback ? from now ?


Wow, what is happening to Bayleigh?? She was not like this in the beginning of the season and during the last few weeks she is becoming a totally different person. Last night, she spoke to Rockstar like garbage! It was so humiliating to watch.


I honestly think she is pregnant….she seems very hormonal.


i think that is who she is, just an obnoxious person.


Oh my God Angela and Bayleigh are so awful! Why does that idiot RockStar allow Bay to treat her like that? Bay is so rude and offensive to people! Seriously I havent seen anyone go on a power trip like Bay and Angela. Shameful butt kissing going on here!


I don’t see Angela on a powertrip. She isn’t forcing anyone to swear or the Bible or a dead relative. She isn’t asking anyone to bring her food (they just do) or making up any crazy rules for her HOH.


She may be cold and calculating but she hasn’t been a tyrant yet. We’ll see what happens after the veto is played. We may see her mean side rear its head again.

JC is Pervy

Angela deserves her power. She won HOH. The hacker crap screwed her and they are trying to get around it.

Gigi Tomasa

Yes rumble! I am back into my classroom today and will only be able to catch up in the evenings! San Bernardino, California are back to school today! Shame because it has been the best BB is years!


if you get the feeds you can rewind until your hearts content! Maybe a Big Brother themed unit…


Bay is so rude to Rockstar. I’m not sure how RS keeps her cool with the way Bay talks to her. I’d be fighting back against that Biotch, but then that takes a lot of energy. I hope the door hits Bay on her way out. Too bad she made it to jury.


Dearest Darling Godly Bayleign
Please take a moment to open your Bible to Matthew 5:37 or James 5:12.
“Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay”. You are not suppose to demand people swear oaths on the Bible or anything else. When Scottie says “ NO” you should take him at his word OR better yet just remember this is a game based on lies and, like YOU, people are going to lie and make false promises. Deal with it…….oh and Good Bye.

who me?

Why does everyone (even Tyler) say the hacker will cancel out his vote? See even Tyler can be dumb. He is on the block…he doesn’t have a vote.


He is coming off the block. Bay is going up.


He’s being taken off. Hence he will have a vote.


He is going to be taken off the block when Angela uses the veto today. So he will have a vote Thursday unless it’s cancelled by the hacker.

Baby bird

He’s coming down off the block, she hasn’t made her pick for lose a vote yet and will do so after the veto ceremony. So no, he’s not dumb.


Poor, sweet, wounded, baby bird lmao


Wounded baby lamb


Can’t even own it


I’ve never in all the seasons, been more anxious to see the results of the veto ceremony and it’s aftermath! Seeing the Queen B deposed is gonna make my week! Lordy, I love this season!

Smitten By Haleigh

So is Tyler saying that Bayleigh can still use her power before the veto nominations are used? Haleigh is not that dumb. She is smart enough to keep her mouth shut.


I kinda think Angela knew that is Bay likely not the hacker.

Throughout the week as Angela is thinking through the possibilities she says “it doesn’t make sense…” then changes the subject.

Angela, early on she tried twice to suss Bay’s game, she quickly recognized that Bay not throwing Tyler bus. She teased apart the nuances of Bay’s pitches and Bay pretty much admitted that Bay placed Fessy, Tyler, and Haleigh over anyone in the house, including Angela. After Angela realized that the all-girls alliance, clearly a lie, Angela started putting work-in overtime to dismantle Bay. Every time, Tyler expressed theorized that Bay has been trying to backdoor him for the past two weeks, you can see Angela is totally resisting the urge to say “I don’t think so.”

another name

Sam is thinking it can be. Tyler is saying it can’t. He’s trying to calm her paranoia after what i can only guess was a weird d/r session.


Bay this week, Angela next! I don’t like her a bit. I want Tyler/Faysal/JC/Sam/Haleigh to be the last 5. everyone else sucks!


jc needs to go. karma will come to angela. tyler isnt a fool. he will see she is a threat. angela wont ne final 3

Level 7

Any chance Bayley watches this back and sees what a terrible person she is? It’s unbelievable that Rockslob still talks to her, let alone stays aligned with her. Bayley really has to be one of the most self-centered people to ever play Big Brother


Of course she won’t, she thinks she is the Queen Bay. Swaggie has been watching and doesn’t think anything of her attitude. Good for him since he’s stuck with being her baby daddy!


Being deprived of my BB and OBB fix for a week was painful. Yet, not much really changed. There were a few surprises that keep things interesting.

Tyler remains my #1 for obvious reasons. This kid is a gift from the BB Gods.

Angela hs moved to my #2 for her HOH reign and general awesomeness.

Brett is my #3 because even though I really dislike this guy, he is playing to win.

Kaycee is my #4. I love this girl and can’t wait to see what else she offers.

Scottie is my #5. He has taken this week like a champ.

Jc is my #6 because I am still impressed with his ability to balance both sides of the house and stay out of the line of fire.

Sam is my #7. She had that crazy Hacker Smacker idea. WHAT????? I still love her mad crafting skills!!

Bayleigh is just gross. I liked her, then was disappointed by her; loved her, then disgusted. Too bad she had to pick the wrong side with that amount of potential. I wish her nothing but a happy life as a Swaggy wife.

Haleigh surprised me by taking her Hacker role seriously. It’s a shame it won’t work.

Rockstar is still above Faysal, because at least she is speculating about L6.

Faysal is last on my list. I can’t believe this guy is such a blockhead.

Fast forwarding to Thursday, I can’t wait to see who gets HOH. I’m hoping Kaycee steps up because I really want to witness her HOH reign!


Kaycee hoh reign would be whatever tyler tells her to do. she is a lapdog


Not so much a lapdog but their interests are tied together. He’s the mover in the house and she’s the foundation. If it wasn’t for her, he’d be in serious trouble. It’ll be interesting to see who stabs the other first. Kaycee may be ready to start trying in the comps now.


No, not really…it’s called an “alliance” or anallice…whichever u prefer. Secondly, we haven’t seen her win yet, so I don’t really think u can call her that


Granny who do you think would win the game. final 2 prediction?
We truly miss you granny.


Still too early for me to predict a final 2, but if Tyler is in it then he should win.

BB Cat Lady

Granny’s back! I’ve missed ya Granny! Your insights are one of the things I look for when reading the comments. 🙂
Totally excited for the Veto Ceremony… really hoping Queen B is sitting on the block! She’s just too nasty to other people and I’m ready for her to be blindsided 😉


Thanks! 🙂


Welcome back…missed your insight!


Granny wrote: “Brett is my #3 because even though I really dislike this guy, he is playing to win.”

Being #3 on your list is simply not good enough for him. This is why Brett is going around the house these days with an “I LOVE GRANNY” / I heart Granny SWEATER.


Love the Brett-ster!!!!!

Teri in Oregon

So happy to see you Granny…we missed you! xoxo


Ok who fed Sam the intel?


Sam doesn’t like Haleigh so it’s entirely possible she’s looking for a reason for someone else to target her too.


2 great minds


I know Bay’s reaction to being nominated will be priceless (BOOM!), but I’m more interested in Hay’s reaction. It’s going to be shocking for her to realize that being the hacker has blown up on her & her alliance! She got all this power & her alliance member is being evicted.

On another aside….I thought Bay took the “Plan B” pill. Why is she worried about being pregnant?

Bay has been so obnoxious to Rocks lately! She’s complaining about Sam being snappy & then acts the same way (& worse) to Rocks! Sheesh! Bay’s got me feeling sorry for Rocks….not an easy thing to accomplish. And Rocks has been pretty good this week. On the block, but giving it her all with the punishment (kudos to Sam & others for their support of Rocks).

Sam’s got Hay’s number & she’s the only one that does.

Fessie….oh good grief Fessie. Stop it with Hay…just stop it! You’re acting creepy.

Tyler FTW & Sam for AFP!


That’s what I’m looking forward to when Angela starts talking about the hacker and knowing who it is. Haleigh’s face will be priceless. Then to know she got her Bay put on the block. These people just can’t win. Get a little power and they screw themselves. Par for the course with them.
I heard the same about the Plan B. But I know someone personally that took it as well and it didn’t work. And she has a healthy beautiful baby now. Don’t know what the statistics are on that. But I know it didn’t work for her.


plan b isn’t 100% effective and it gets worse the longer you wait before taking it (seriously rush to a pharmacy and take it immediately after a condom breaking, don’t wait til morning). i never got the impression she took it as timely as she should have.


My best friend took Plan B after an “accident” and still got pregnant.

Cali Girl

I don’t feel the god fearing diva would actually take Plan B. Pretty sure she trusts a god “plan,” would never consider ANY birth control and believes science to be fake news. Whoopsie… silly sheeple.


Bay normally uses her personality as birth control


It never ends with Bayleigh. The way she talked to Rockstar. It’s so disgusting, rude and shows she’s one angry POS. No class whatsoever.
What happened to the charming sweet Bay? That I was rooting for. Obviously that was FAKE Bay. BIG TIME,
Queen Bee indeed. Has a drone mate with her. Does nothing. Has all the bees feed her and protect her.
Sounds about right.
I never see Bay cook. Never see her clean up. She’s too good for that. In her petty mind anyway.
I usually feel sympathy for a player evicted. It ranges from a little to a lot..depending on whether I like them and or if they’re good gamers. Or even trying.
Bay? I’m absolutely thrilled about what will happen.
Her drone, Swaggy on twitter constantly. Telling everyone to be scared of Bay.
I think BAY will be VERY scared by Wednesday night. YASSSS !!!


You follow Chris on Twitter? !


Definitely NOT. I look at the tweets on the right side of the feeds. They retweet there.


She needs to be slapped!


HAHAHA bit*hslapped


I hope Faysal become HoH then have a house meeting saying who flipped?


He’ll be confused and still not know what happened.


B seriously talking about swaggy while getting backdoored by snake angelo is hilarious to watch LOL
is now pinky little sweet bird a good christian now? LOL
OMG Finally today we would enjoy a good drama LOL prepare your popcorn people LOL

Baby bird

Simon, is there a way to hide/block people so I don’t have to see their posts?


You can only collapse the threads by clicking the little toggle arrow on the right side of the timestamp.


Simon Can B change the nomination before veto ? Like for example Can B nominate brett instead of her before the veto? or she still is doomed to be backdoored?


I’m just sittin here at work. I usually don’t agree with your posts…but now I’m literally ROFL. Baby bird asking Simon how to block certain people’s threads…Simon answering…then said certain person asking Simon a completely different question. Hi-lar-ious!


Wow, pregnant after knowing someone 2 weeks in the Big Brother house, no less. How dumb can you be. I’m sure her parents are so very proud of her. I wonder if BB will ask her to take a pregnancy test??


Classy…I’ve said she was from the start…but unfortunately, now it’s sarcasm

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bay is just a straight up bitch!


Fessie is the kind of guy who’s girlfriend sleeps with his best friend and he ends up apologizing to her for putting her in a bad situation. Angela is the girlfriend who convinces him she was a victim


Fessie doesn’t know…that Fiona and me….(sang to the tune of “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” from the movie, Euro Trip


I don’t think Bay is preggo, but even if she is!!! Blaming hormones? No. She’s just being a bully, picking on the one whose weakest. It’s like a total abuse relationship between Bay and RS. And even if she does think RS is annoying, it doesn’t make it ok to berate her for every comment and then RS is the one to apologize. Ugh. Wtf Bay!? You were the one I rooted for in the beginning! We’re both Missouri girls (like Ang n Tyler are Hilton Head buddies). I cannot wait for this ceremony. Please, Angela, pull off a great speech!!!


I agree, Tinkerbell. No one should be treated that way. It actually makes me really mad. I was rooting for her too before her HOH.


Bayleigh said she didn’t want to be portrayed as the angry black woman. She sure is doing a horrible job.


Any bets on Bay self evicting once she is on the block?


I was thinking the same thing. I can see her immediately storming off to the diary room and never seen again in the house. Then some production people coming in to pack all of her crap.

BB Fanatic

Omg I said the same exact thing!!! I wonder what Kaitlyn sees happening lmao!!


Bye Bye Baleigh I will not miss you. She’s going to jury right? Good job on Haleigh for trying to make a a big move and get Tyler out too bad many people including Angela have his back. This season is sooo good people are getting blindsided left and right….Winston, Kaitlyn, Rachel and now Baleigh no one sees it coming this season!

Trump says- "Impeach THIS B@tch"! #MAGA2020

Tyler— “Haleigh isn’t smart enough.”

Says the 23 year old lifeguard…..

I heart Tyler in a mom sort of way

I’m not sure what being smart and being a lifeguard has to do with anything?

Trump says- "Impeach THIS B@tch"! #MAGA2020

Someone working for $15 hour as lifeguard should not be evaluating the smartness of someone who is career driven and going to college. I see no evidence that Hay is not “smart”. Its a bit of dumbass comment as I see little evidence of Tylers smartness.


How do I sign up for the live feeds? I tried to sign up on through this site and it says it’s $59.99 or $99.00. That can’t be right-Right?


So is it really $59 or $99? I thought last year it was $5.99 or $9.99 per month.


gosh no it’s 5.99 a month


That may the price for an annual subscription.


I pay $9.99 a month for commercial free. I don’t watch the feeds tho, catching up here is more fun anyway. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


I got it to work. $9.99 a month with no commercials!

Gimmie a Break!!!

Going to be Epic today after bay goes up!!! Jc get those chips ready!!!!! I can’t wait for the feeds will be soo good today! Bay is going to go postal once she hits the block and sees shes getting “The Backdoor Special”…

Get ur snack ready everybody were in for a great show all week…

I heart Tyler in a mom sort of way

The feeds are going to be AWESOME after the veto ceremony today and for the next few days! Everyone should help Simon and Dawg out and try the feeds for a week, it’s free! Just remember to cancel if you don’t want them, you can do it right on the feeds page. The link is above!

Trump says- "Impeach THIS B@tch"! #MAGA2020

Angela – Haleigh came and feed me salad.

Wait! What? Is this gonna be on pornhub? Damn. I gotta that After Dark show!


I just saw NFL preseason football games start this week. I won’t get to see BB live where I live because of a game. I love football, but the game that’s going to be on is the Browns, NOOOOO!! Hey CBS, the Browns won’t win(sorry Brown fans, but come on, you know it’s true), show BB!!!!! I think they usually show BB at like 2 or 3 am Frid, that sucks!!!


I’m in Texas close to Louisiana border so ours is showing the Saints game :(. I’m with you. Love football. But it’s preseason.


At least you get a good team!! I’m actually from Okla and am a huge Cowboys fan, live in Ohio now so get stuck with Browns/Bengals.

another name

What happened to Bayleigh?
I think hoh was actually the worst thing to happen to her.
She attempted to cement relationships, make long term plans, and attain a sense of control.
None of these things happened because of her method.
Heavy handed demands in every pre nomination one on one, loss of flexibility, and lack of ability or concern to ensure votes (her alliance actually said they didn’t care how one of the house guests voted, so they weren’t going to pursue getting that vote) are what ended up occurring.
Now she’s projecting. She’s accusing everyone of being snippy, when she’s being snippy. This is exactly what she did when she was concerned about Sam’s nominations. I’m surprised she didn’t go to Angela complaining about how snippy everyone is being to her, and saying everyone wants her to be the angry black woman again.
Her adaptability that was lauded in the hours after Swaggy’s eviction apparently disappeared.
best funny/not funny tweet i read last night: “how dare they evict her nine months before her daughter’s birthday.”
i guilty-laughed.

Hi my name is Scott

The anticipation is absolutely killing me! They need to get the houseguests up and in the veto ceremony NOW!!!! Waiting sucks!


<——– Bouncin off the walls, waitin for this dang veto ceremony :p


So will L6 make the other side think they are going to all vote RS out? If Angela doesn’tl blast Bay in the veto ceremony, they could pull it off! Make Bay and the rest think Bay is a pawn to make sure RS is leaving, They are dumb enough to fall for it.


L6 is best served by a unanimous vote so the hacker can’t gather information from a 5-2 or 4-3 vote.


True, but they haven’t been able to figure out the votes all season, Hayleigh and Fessie would still think the other one flipped if the vote was 5-2 !lol!!


Bay really is ignorant, her true colours are shining through. I can’t wait to see her A$$ on the block and walking out the door. I had high hopes for her game play after scaggy left but now, i just want her gone. I am NOOO fan of rockys at all, never will be but bay making comments about her not caring about her/hay because rocky has been having a good week, get real. Bay claiming everyone is snapping at her for no reason is BS, yeah bay, cause you would never snap at anyone..right? Everyone on that side except clueless little fessie boy who never knows whats going on are ignorant and just mean. Then we have Sam who thinks she is this big target because she has shown she is a threat the whole game. I even wanted more from her, never got it. She seems as clueless about what is going on as fessie-boy and that is with so many of them telling Sam what is going on. Her crying needs to stop, my god, I have only seen this many tears from josh. I think the recruiters got it wrong with her, she has never seen this show and it certainly isn’t made for her. Now to catch up with what has happened next..LOL