Big Brother 15 Spoilers Nomination Results “I was hoping a t!tie would pop out” -Spencer

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


4:58pm Bedroom Howard, Aaryn and Kaitlin

Howard: ‘For what it’s worth I have no control over what is about to happen”
H: “But I will say this.. Before Jeremy went home I was the 7-4 vote I was still loyal to you guys”
A: ‘I know you were “
Howard tell them he has no control he’s in no mans land right now.
Howard says after whatever happens this week they can conjure up something he tells them he’s not coming after them.
Of course Andy rolls through. Chit chats then leaves

Howard tells them again he wants to concoct something after this week.

Aaryn tells him If they are nominated and he voted to keep them and they stay they are definitely up for working with Howard.
Aaryn: ‘I’m just scared about the votes”
Kaitlin: “I’m lost i know if i ask any question it’s just going to be lies to my face.. I’m not going to bother.. I don’t know what’s going on in this fricken house”

Howard says he doesn’t like some of the stuff going in in the house right now.
Howard: “One thing I did respect about Jeremy.. he had some growing up to do from a social standpoint.. bravado standpoint but he wasn’t going to be bossed around”
Howard says the people in the house that felt intimidated with Jeremy’s Bravado are now the ones trying to boss people around, “They’re basically doing the same thing”

Howard says he doesn’t like them being a hypocrite, “Using stuff against people that’s outside the game.. but you bring it inside the game.. if the game is to be a game then let it be.. but once you try and hold stuff over peoples heads because you don’t like it or you didn’t do it first.. I aint no punk either”
They thank Howard.


5:05pm Right before the Nomination Ceremony starts

Aaryn counting the votes “It’s only going to take 5 votes to evict someone”
(Most the house is sleeping)

7:00pm Trivia for the past 2 hours


Aaryn telling GM that JUDD told her he she was saying Aaaryn has been twisting words. GM denies it they try to figure out what words Aaryn was “Twitting”
Aaryn alone in the room “What words did I twist”

(During the nomination Speech JUDD said that Aaryn was twisting words around the house trying to cause strife among the other players)
CBS Interactive Inc.


7:10pm HOH Spencer and JUDD Judd is saying if the Veto is played he’s going to put up GM
Spencer is saying that Helen told him he was the pawn last week but she told Jeremy if the vote was tied she would have voted out Spencer.
JUDD says GM is not a threat at all so he decided to put the two strongest girls left on the other side.
Spencer says if JUDD ever wants to make a move he can come to Spencer any time. JUDD says that once the girls are gone they will have to make a big move. Spencer: “I’m with you 100%.. I love your social game.. i’m trying to play low key”
JUDD: “That was my plan coming in here
Spencer: “The only feathers you are ruffling is Aaryn’s and she’s going home”
They are looking at the HOH TV, Spencer comments on how good Jessie looks in the dress she’s in.
Spencer: “I was hoping that a t!tie would pop out”

Spencer pointd out that McCrae and Amanda are really tight, “They’ve written their names in the bathroom.. that’s ballsy” he adds that all the showmances are being knocked out of the game.
JUDD is worried about the twist thinks that maybe his nominees will be safe this week. Spencer reassures him that he’s safe regardless he’s the HOH. JUDD suggests that maybe Aaryn will be able to nominated 2 people. Spencer thinks if Aaryn has to puttwo people up it will be Jessie and Candace.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:25pm Kaitlin Andy

Kailtin tells Andy about what Howard said to them earlier in the bedroom (See top conversation.) Andy tells her even if Aaryn gets the POV he doesn’t think Kaitlin is in danger.

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I actually like Kaitlyn. I love whatever girls are good at comps, and as underrated as she is, Kaitlyn is really good (except at the tiebreaker questions).


I’ve always secretly liked Kaitlin. But now I openly LOVE her.


I would completely agree with this except for the fact she is a Mean and Nasty girl!


She’s no worse than Janelle and we all know how popular Janelle is.


I never understood and never will understand all the adoration for Janelle and/or Rachel. That said, I believe Janelle is the softer-looking Rachel so she ‘looked’ nice to a lot of people. That’s my theory because after watching her and listening to her rather filthy mouth and seeing filthy actions, I just believe she is a bleach-blond Rachel but she ‘appears’ harmless. Kind of like people who hate someone who is black just because they’re black. I think people love Janelle because they love big-boobed blondes with blue eyes. Um, I don’t know – just one thinking woman’s theory…….


If you watched Janelle’s first season she was kind of like Jeremy at the beginning and no one really liked her. But then she found herself on the wrong side of the big alliance in the house. The friendship alliance was like a bunch if mean girls and Janelle was the target. She was a competition beast who they could just not get out. I like an underdog, especially one that fights and wins. That was why I started to like Janelle. Particularly because I could not stand the friendship girls. Puke!!! They were awful. Janelle was not bad in All Stars season, much milder. That’s my take on Janelle love.


Kaitlyn relaying the Howard conversation to Andy is a bit stupid and not forward thinking at all. Hoping to keep Howard in the line of target will close down options for her and the triangle. At least Aaryn is trying to figure out possibilities. Howard threw them a bone, Aaryn is burying for later, Kaitlyn is giving it to the other dogs.


she really is mean and nasty, she is only slightly better than aaryn in that regard, she has said and done some distasteful, nasty things… who cares if she won one comp and came in second during two HOHs, does anyone want to see someone like her win this game??

Amandas Vagina

She is nothing compared to me!


I never disliked Kaitlyn as much as Aaryn or GM. I DID question her taste in guys and thought she was somewhat shallow but I was more or less ambivalent. But I have to say, I’m impressed with how she’s handled Jeremy leaving. She’s got her eyes on the prize, I’d say, which is worth something, yes? Not that I’m pulling for her…


she latched onto a man and ruined her social game, a man like Jeremy no less!!!! come on, social game is at least 50% of this so actually she sucks

Will.I.Am, I Think

Alright now, Aaryn and Kaitlin is on the block, now America’s next highest vote Amanda will be the 3rd nom, I just hope big brother let’s the house believe Elissa did it, then Demanda will be voted out.

Kayla J

more like Whore-manda

Amandas Vagina

How dare you speak about my carrier like that!


I hope so. It would be great TV and no one would see it coming.


HA – “Demanda” – perfect!



7 Seven 7

Aaryn and Kaitlin is not really a threat to Judd

7 Seven 7

*Are not


They lie and do cause a lot of confusion in the house and that could hurt Judd.


I hope America has enough sense to make Amanda America’s Choice or Elissa and that the other house guests kick either Elissa or Amanda out of the house. I would so enjoy seeing Howard and Candice and Kaitlin and Aaryn join up with Howard and kick Helen, Elissa and Amanda and Spencer’s butts out the door. It would at least be a fun game then and not the boring crap we are now watching. I really, really like Howard. He is a CLASS ACT and has always been loyal!


Oh forgot to add that little scurrying rat of a human Andy to the list. Cannot stand HIM!!


I agree with you on Elissa she can go I really don’t care anymore, but not Amanda. If she (Amanda) is nominated I hope she fights like hell and survives eviction. Elissa just doesn’t do it for me.


Yes, and Howard lies while swearing on the Bible–a real class act?!?

Aaryn's hood

When did Howard swear and lie on the Bible?

A) He swore on his religion, not the bible
B) When he swore on his religion he did not lie, he said he swore he voted with the house. The house=majority, majority voted David out, Howard voted David out therefore Howard did not lie and voted with the house.


He join in on every conversation like it’s Howdy Doody Time…Those who are to young to know who howdy doody is google him lol he looks like Andy


Kaitlin might not be popular right now but I want her to win POV and then HOH. Time for a powershift.
The Aaryn alliance being picked off one by one week after week would make for boring TV.

Kayla J

But of course! Kaitlyn runs and spills the beans to the sneakiest rat in the house!!!
what a stupid girl


Kayla, and I’m only blaming Howard for this. Why on earth he is talking to them knowing they can’t be trusted?
I think spending so much time with C. Is affecting his thinking. Goshhh WAKE UP HOWARD. can’t he freaking tell everyone wants him out?
Howard come back from lala land and start playing the game.

Big Jim

Good nominations. If one of them pulls themselves off I guess he would have to put up GM. Would prefer Amanada or Helen but they aren’t coming after him. Neither are Howard or Spencer so no one left really.

You so Funny

If I was in this house, I’d walk around buck-naked at least once per day, like Richard in Survivor Season 1. Like, who’d seriously want the naked guy voted out?


Depends what you look like naked. LOL


now that aaryn’s up In old man Jerry’s voice Amanda your going hommmmmmmmmmeeee!


Let us all pray that Amanda gets booted out, and that Howard, Judd, Jessie, Candice and Aaryn and Kaitlin team up to get the other snakes in the grass out. That would be classic!


Pray? Really? I think that whomever you are praying to might be offended you are bothering him/her with reality tv.


Take out the 2 mean girls and you have about the most boring setup in the
BB house since the Brigade was down to final three.
No thanks.

Janelle pov queen

Why would Howard tell them girls that? Andy will let Amanda them know


I think Howard has the game figured out and he told them the absolute truth. I honestly do think Howard understands and forgaue and likes Kaitlin and Aaryn. He knows that they need to get in an alliance and kick some of the other “racist” “homophobic and sexist pigs” and “queen for the day and her allies” out of the house. He is one smart man!!


Wait till howard leaves the game and he finds out how much aaryn is hated by America, for her racism. He’s gonna feel like an idiot for kissing up to that nazi. Ha! you’re an idiot howard.

The Veto

He’s a dummy. That’s why. I can’t see one smart thing he’s done so far. He can’t even lie right. He gets caught every time, and nobody (with any brains) trusts him. If he includes Candice in his little plan, maybe it would make some sense. But he tells Candice to work on the girls while he works on the guys, then he goes and tries to ki$$ a$$ and make deals with girls who Candice barely even trusts.

It’s hard for me to admit this, but that deal he just tried to make justifies everything Amanda’s been saying.

Bob Saben

That damn Andy, such a snake…but playing a good game so far


You are so right!!!! It is difficult to have a favorite this season………I miss Brittany’s DR comments, proof you don’t have to be a mean girl in the house. The best BB fight in the house ever was Ragan and Rachael lol Ragan told Rachael off she started stuttering lol

Geez Louise

I just want a favorite! Is that too much to ask?? Someone, anyone, give me favorite for this season… I feel like a floater fan because I can’t find someone…


I feel your pain. I’m in the same boat.


Spencer is a dirt bag!!! making comments about Jessie and women in general is disgusting! And supposedly he has a girlfriend too! I think is just saying that because he knows there isn’t a woman in that house that wants to be with him EVEN Jessie!! lol So playing off he has one makes it seem like he isn’t interested when all he does is talk to these women very sexual and especially behind their backs.

Spencer makes me GAG

But CBS continues to edit Spencer wonderfully well. It makes me sick!! I had to stop watching the show because I will not watch a show where CBS is editing like a good person whereas he said that when a woman says no it means yes, whereas in the LEGAL SYSTEM the word is RAPE! I read the feeds.

This Season Blows

Actually, Helen’s getting the most squeaky-clean editing. She went on a crazy bullying rampage all last week and CBS didn’t even show a nanosecond of it. And they especially made sure not to show the classless comment she made about Jeremy’s parents.


I seriously hope Amanda ends up being the third nomination. I can’t take her. But I don’t think production will allow that. They’ve been giving her too good of a CBS edit to allow her to be placed upon the block (standing up for Jessie, addressing Aaryn’s comments [DR and face to face], consoling GM + the showmance/meet the families). I suppose if they run with the bullying aspect (which they semi showed with the Elissa MVP mom spat) it could work but we’ll see. A lot of people were voting for it to be Amanda and since Aaryn’s already nominated, it could very well be her. All depends on the way production feels at the specific moment and how they want the “story” to go.


If Amanda gets voted out (and I hope she does), will McCrea go nuts like Gina Marie? Somehow I think he will because he’s just a love-sick puppy and Amanda is just feeding him a bunch of bull to keep him licking her hand and following her around. I see Amanda as an extremely intelligent woman who latched onto him in the hopes of gaining lots of camera time for a “showmance” and furthering her game. She’s funny, but devious!


I love Amanda she tells it how it is. I can not stand aaryn!!!! I want her to go home so bad she is so rude and has no respect for anyone I’m glad she lost her job. Discriminates against about everyone! Rude!!


Amanda and Aaryn are no different. She’s said the same nasty stuff about race and people’s sexual orientation. “Look at the outcasts. The gay the Asian and the black. Hahaha” I mean come on. Only difference is that CBS is dragging Aaryn through the mud whereas with Amanda, they’re portraying her as some type of hero, when her and Aaryn are truly the same.

Spencer makes me GAG

Know Amanda is worse because CBS is editing her so she stays a closet RACIST!!! Shame on CBS and Amanda is old enough and deals with the American public enough that she should know better. I would not want t buy a home from that Racist. She is not too be trusted!


Voted for Amanda 10 times. Praying that she is the 3rd nominee and her ass goes home, she needs to eat some humble pie.


Is this an example of your prayer(?) “Dear God, please turn your back on the genocide in Sudan and Darfur, please skip the leverage you might have to get the bipartisanship out of our government, also please ignore for the time being the Catholic priests’ inability to keep their hands off young innocents. I ask you to do what you can to adjust my reality tv program to my liking.”
Can we just leave prayer out of this pot of swill?


I Can’t Wait To See The Feeds after MVP noms Tomorrow!!!

7 Seven 7

Why would Kaitlan tell Andy what howard told her lol she is sinking her own boat and Howard’s

Janelle pov queen

Big brother will let everyone know America voted the 3rd nom they not about to get heat on Elissa I hope it’s Amanda god that will be so good I don’t want her to leave but it would be good for tv when do they play veto?


I don’t know if they will reveal it or not. They would be smart to keep the house guests wondering who in the house has it. Now that I wrote that, they will probably reveal it :/


LOL. Spencer’s imaginary friend.


I don’t get why Howard thinks he can talk “real talk” with girls like Kaitlin. I cringed the past week when he was giving Kaitlyn encouragement about her possibly using the veto or not. These girls have proven where their head is through their behavior and poor choices socially and with their general mentality. But especially with them being on the block. It’s not that I fault him for trying to form an alliance but geez dude you don’t know when to say certain things and when not to. Now she has went back and told the little shifty red-headed weasel who burrows in out of conversations and reports back to “headquarters”.


Lmao! Your description of Andy and him “reporting back to headquarters” just killed me 😀


I don’t agree with anything you just said BUT… The last part about Andy has me LMAO so bad!!!! Hahahaha, too funny!!!!!


Howard’s speaking to the wrong choir.


i told all she be up i hope amanda is the third nom did all vote if so for who

lol what

NOOO aaryn is nominated I wanted her to be the 3rd nominee as Americas mvp choice damn now who will go up?!?!?


Spencer is such a disgusting creep. Can he go one convo without talking about Jessie? I think he is talks to Judd so he can have a showmance with Jessie vicariously through him.

Will.I.Am, I Think

“Howard says the people in the house that felt intimidated with Jeremy’s Bravado are now the ones trying to boss people around, “They’re basically doing the same thing”

110% truth right there, but I guess if you have the numbers it’s OK to boss people around if you do it in a nice way and cry fake tears like Helen did last week looking like a hypocrite.

This Season Blows

When exactly did Helen do anything in a nice way? Last I checked, Helen was the one accusing Jeremy’s parents of physically abusing him as a child, claiming that Howard has been lying about the racist comments in order to “play the race card,” claiming that anyone who refused to submit to her bullying was a “whore,” and threatening to withhold “the people’s food” from anyone who wouldn’t vote her way.


Dammit Kaitlin, you moron! Howard was actually trying to help you. Not that I want Her or Aaryn in the house, but that would’ve been a good move for them. She’d make it a lot further teaming up with Aaryn, GM, Howard, Spencer, & Candice then she will with her phony alliance. Lol. How stupid. Does she really think Helen, Andy, Judd, Elissa…..and the rest are going to keep her around. If that were the case then she wouldn’t even be nominated right now, which is what Helen & Andy promised. I just can’t believe how dumb that was. On her part. Now I hope they send her home. Geesh….what an idiot.

Not to mention the fact that this gives Amanda’s fire against Howard some fuel. Now he really will need to be a target. Not just to Amanda & McCrae, but the rest of them too. Damn u Kaitlin. Why do u run your mouth every single time someone tells u something. She did it with Aaryn earlier(or yesterday) too. Right after Aaryn told her about Judd’s possible nominees & McCrae not being MVP, she runs & tells them.

The only good thing, I can take away from this post is that, I’m ecstatic Aaryn was nominated, now I just pray Amanda gets chosen by America. And that CBS tells them it was America. Just to get them all thinking about what we see that they don’t. Lol, bring on the drama:)

Oh & sidenote to Simon; Did u know that 98% of the time, when a person says a statement then follows it up with Just kidding…..they really aren’t kidding??? LOL. It’s ok, Elissa’s not the best & we all know it. Even her fans. I like her in the game, but I know she’s faaaaaaaarrrr from the best:)


Amanda has unfortunately and inadvertently fucked up her game. I wish she didn’t run her mouth because she is really smart. I wonder how Elissa will react to this because she’ll probably be the only one who knows what’s up since she didn’t get mvp… just my thoughts.

No Name

Kaitlin is playing a stupid game. She could go far in the game if she just teams up with Howard Spencer and Candace but she just goes with the majority of the house instead, she’s going to be the target after Howard is gone.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Weasel told Amanda what Howard said… Damn Kaitlin is a f**king idiot.


I could just smack her, and frankly, smack Howard too…although I *think* I know what he was thinking: wanting to isolate Amancrae, but truly, Howard, I think you have just cooked your goose. Kaitlyn is intent on setting you up as replacement nominee.


OMG Please Please let America vote to put Amanda on the block I cant take anymore and its just GROSS her and Pizza Boy make out all the time. They talk about every other couple is a Threat Do they think so highly of themselves that no one would dare include them as a couple that needs to be evicted. It would be awesome to she her face and reaction when she is put on the block by America lmao


I think CBS wanted to show America picked Aaryn lol But Judd didn’t listen to PRODUCTION!! Now we will see who PRODUCTION picks as MVP choice? You know it won’t be Howard or Candice if they want DRAMA they will select Amanda but CBS/Big Brother doesn’t want target on Ellisa (They want her to stay at least until jury) so PRODUCTION will probably pick Jessie / Andy or Spencer!! Because they are NOT part of the storyline that CBS is portraying!


Kaitlin is stupid and Howard maybe more so. That was just dumb to have that conversation with those two girls. Kaitlinis like Helen. She tells EVERYTHING!! And if Howard wanted to try that angle he should have waited until after the POV… and then if it waasnt him He should have waited after the Next HOH. STUPID!! this year is horrile. None of these people realy know how to play. They all came in overly aggressive. over playing, lying when they didn’t need too, to people that they did not need to lie too….. making deals with people they do not need too. And they ALL TALK TOO MUCH!!! This is why I don’t understand why they see Howard as a threat. He is a nice guy but terrible player. Candace use to have her head in the game but I haven’t seen her think about anything but Howard in the last week in a half. This is the first year that I have NO favorite. I just want Aaryn and GM out soon. Howard, Candace, Andy & Helen are stupid if they let her get to jury. If they are not up against another minority, she will NEVER vote for them.


Excuse my typo’s. I should have proof read before I hit submit! I just got so fired up!!!


How funny is it tonight watching Elissa freaking out b/c she hasn’t been called to the DR to be given the MVP! Too funny! Can’t wait till tomorrow after the 3rd nom!


Everyone’s hating on Amanda (you guys are incredibly oversensitive) and deeming Howard the ‘good guy’ in all of this, but are you forgetting that Howard SWORE ON THE BIBLE, and LIED!? That’s like what Dan did, swearing on the Bible about something that is a lie. Where I come from, lying on the Bible is a hell of a lot worse than pushing to get someone evicted. Chill out with the hate.

Will.I.Am, I Think

ONCE AGAIN… Swearing on the bible is as meaningful as swearing on a Harry Potter book. Lying is Lying, nothing can elevate a lie to be worst.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Howard and Dan were/are playing a game of LIES, get over it and enjoy the show.

Aaryn's hood

Once again Howard did not lie on the bible

He swore on his religion not the bible and he also swore that he voted with the house. The house =majority, majority voted David out therefore he did not lie

Will.I.Am, I Think

Uh Oh, Big Brother let a cuss word slip on BBAD… LOL



Any word on if the evicted house guests have returned to their normal lives? Or are they in sequester? I haven’t found any on social medias.


Jeremy was on some kind of trashy gossip show I’ve never heard of. TV is muted cause I’m watching feeds.
Anyway, he was in their studio, they showed him 2 clips – 1 of GM & 1 of Aaryn with some very mild racist comments & asked what her thought about it. He said he never heard them, he’d never say something like that & was glad he wasn’t around when they said them. The hosts then told him that they’d both lost their jobs over their remarks. Jeremy said that they made their bed & when they get out they’ll have to lie in it.
Sooo I’m betting he won’t be coming back in the house…


I don’t think Amanda will be nominated, you all here seem to want her to be put up( I don’t know why she’s a kickass player), but on BB’s Facebook page a lot of votes are for Gina Marie!!
Of course their were a lot of votes for Aaryn and Kaitlyn but since they have been put on the block I have a good feeling Gina Marie will be the one joining them.

Spencer makes me GAG

Probably Production will rig it that way because they are editing the really bad players good when they should show what racist sexist bullying homophobic creeps they are, but CBS is not about the truth.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Right about that, CBS can edit all they want on the main show to fool the sheeple, but the Live Feeders know the truth about what’s going down.

CBS – Edited BS

Live Feeds = Truth


I think it would be good to see Amanda as the third nominee to see her finally fight for her life in the house. Other than telling others how to play their wins and being a leecher

Will.I.Am, I Think

Candice ” I was poppin’ my p***y for some yogurt”

Well, that’s not the weirdest thing to pop-it for…


Yeah just because 20% of people on here and the feeds voted for her, everyone should take a moment to realize that the people who watch the show and not the feeds are not going to vote for Amanda. Quit whining, when she is CLEARLY playing the best social game. I’m going to laugh so hard when everyone that is CAMPAIGNING for her to get votes realizes that will never happen 🙂


Amanda is getting on my nerves, grrr!!!


what if america chooses Aaryan….but she is already on the block so it would go to number 2 – amanda………what happens if amanda or # 2 wins the POV – would the # 3 take the place of #2?


Thumbs up for Amanda! And McCrae! Love them.


Absolutely NOT!!! They are skanky and have absolutely no respect for the other HGs. Last night they screwed around in the lounge and tonight they were screwing around on Judd’s HOH bed. Who in hell do they think they are? I am soooo hoping America votes to nom Amanda and the HGs, wise to her bullying and manipulation, vote to evict her.


Jeff did interview Jeremy it’s posted


If Jeff doesn’t interview Jeremy on Thursday then HE is in sequester! I think it depends if Kaitlin gets evicted or not! PRODUCTION doesn’t want to bring him back if they can’t have DRAMA! in the house…


Jeff interviewed Jeremy today..definitely NOT in sequester.

Will.I.Am, I Think

WTF Amanda and McCrae is doing the nasty in the HOH bed without the JU Double D’s approval… I just hope they clean the sheets when they’re done(unlike Rachel and Brendon from BB13)


Are you serious I almost wanted to see more original nomination I’m glad that kaitlyn sees that helen was lying and speaking for everyone when she shouldn’t have I hope america puts up helen or amanda .


I would like to see Amanda as the 3rd nominee maybe she’ll do something besides lay in bed, on the couch, and in the hammock with McCrea all day.


Jeff has already interviewed Jeremy and so have a lot of other people, Jeremy is not in sequester.

This Season Blows

I’m genuinely confused as to why some people on here watch Big Brother when all they do is whine that they want anyone who actually plays the game, wins competitions, and has more than two brain cells to rub together to be evicted.

Last I checked, Big Brother is a game – it’s not the “Let’s All Hold Hands and Make Friendships and Showmances” Show. Why wouldn’t anyone want the strongest competitors and biggest personalities to stay in it for the long haul, instead of boring-ass floaters like Helen and Rachelissa?


True, very true. I only want to see Amanda nominated, not sent home, just to see her lose it and stir things up. She’s the only non-dull HG,

Will.I.Am, I Think

Word, I want her off her high horse not gone, not yet anyway

I want Helen and Elissa gone, because they’re boring as f**k


How many weeks have they been in the house & Elissa is asking what houseguest choice is? really??? But it is so funny that she’s stressing about the MVP. Hmmm & she says she wants to be on Amazing Race – guess that’s next for her….

Day Yum Yum

Please get that gross, misogynistic, pig Spencer out of the house!! I cannot stand watching and listening to his filthy mouth. I would go toe to toe with him if I heard him say a woman saying no means yes! Where the hell does he get these ideas?? They are sick, disgusting and twisted! And the titties comment amongst many others-is he trying to be funny?? Damned redneck! This dude needs help! Could he really have a girlfriend?? That is so hard to believe!!