Big Brother Spoilers JUDD: “I’m not going to do what someone tells me to do”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots


7:42pm JUDD, Jessie and Amanda cockpit
Amanda back on trying to get JUDD to put up Aaryn and Kaitlin to force Elissa to use the MVP on Spencer/Howard. Amanda: “You know she’s wishy washy.. she’ll put up Aaryn instead of Howard”
JUDD: ‘If she does that we’ll get rid of her a$$”
Amanda tells him he has to go to Kaitlin and Aaryn and tell them he’s putting them up because if he doesn’t Elissa will use the MVP on them and they want the MVP to be used on Howard and Spencer. (she’s overplaying this angle IMO)
Amanda: “say you are doing a favor to them.. what do you think”
JUDD: “Ya maybe.. I don’t know”
Amanda runs through a scenario that Elissa puts up Spencer and Veto is used so she backd**rs Aaryn.
Amanda: ‘she thinks that Aaryn is targeting her personally more than Howard is.. But for the sake of the group Howard is more dangerous.. Look what happened last week”
Amanda points out that last week she was supposed to put up Howard and she didn’t that could have screwed them big time.
Amanda doesn’t want to sound like a dictator
JUDD says if he doesn’t go home this week he wants him immediately. He adds that she f***ed them last week but in the end it all worked out. Amanda says She still wouldn’t put one of us up or nominated us.
Amanda says they can’t put her in a position where she has a choice to backdoor Aaryn or Howard because she’ll pick Aaryn. Amanda and JUDD think that one of the nominees may get a special power. Amanda says if he doesn’t put GM up she will trust him again. Amanda leaves because she doesn’t want to be seen as a dictator.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:07pm Cockpit Elissa, Jessie and JUDD
Judd tells her Amanda just wants to make sure Elissa will work with them for the MVP. Elissa says of course.
Elissa: ‘You would consider putting me on the block”
JUDD: ‘No no I just want to make sure we have enough time to discuss it.. you don’t have to nominate until Sunday right”

They start speculating on what the twist is.. Elissa thinks something will be unleashes on the house. Jessie leaves. JUDD tells her they have to talk about it and agree together 100%, “you have as much power as I do”
Elissa: “I’m so like… nervous”
JUDD: “don’t be nervous I won’t put you up that will never happen”
Elissa says she just so happy that JUDD is the HOH rolls her eyes “I’m so happy.. I’m so nervous”
JUDD: “I didn’t want it so early.. “ he adds that he didn’t want Kaitlin to get it. He thinks she would put Candace and Howard up but you can never be too sure.
Elissa: “I’m so nervous”
JUDD: “what are you not telling me”
Elissa: “Nothing i’m just “ (Feeds cut)
JUDD is trying to figure out what is wrong with Elissa, She keeps saying she so excited and she’s having so much fun in the house.
Elisa: “ I need to work out.. that is probably why I feel so weird”
Elissa says she feel like she’s just started playing the game and now it’s going to be shaken up. (She worried she’ll lose the MVP power)
JUDD tells her he didn’t feel like anybody was targeting him and now he’s going to have to draw the line.
JUDD: “I’m not going to do what someone tells me to do.. soo.. if I backdoor Howard.. .umm You like Howard more than Spencer and I like Spencer more than Howard”
JUDD: ‘If we don’t backdoor Howard we can vote out KAitlin.. or Aaryn”
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


8:48pm Bedroom JUDD, Kaitlin, Andy, Amanda

Kaitlin says that Elissa is going around saying “Look like you picked the right showmance Jessie”
Kaitlin asks them why put salt on the wound I would never do that. Kaitlin says that someone threw out Jeremy’s cologne. Andy thinks production would have seen it. Kaitlin doesn’t know his cologne is missing, “Someone could have picked it up made it look like it felt empty and tossed it”

They agree that GM is over doing it with Nick and the crying. Kaitlin mentions that her and Jeremy were way closer than GM and Nick. Andy agrees says he’s way over Nick. Kaitlin points out that GM wasn’t expecting Nick to be leaving so she’ll give him that. They mention that GM sleeps with Nick’s hat on the pillow.


8:56pm Cockpit McCrae and Amanda convincing each other that they are in a good spot. McCrea: “we’re in a good spot again.. just as long as the twist doesn’t f*** us”
Amanda: “What are you looking at”
MC: “Looking at your body how good it looks”
A: ‘thank you”
A: “I would be really stupid for someone to come after us right now we have everyone on our side”
MC mentions if Howard catches word that they are gunning for him they are “Super F****ed”
They agree they will get JUDD to do their dirty work this week. McCrea: “I wonder if he’ll backdoor Howard”
Amanda: ‘He is”
MC wishes both him and JUDD hadn’t won the HOH he feels they didn’t need it this week.


9:09pm Doing dishes yo

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Everyone pls vote for Amanda to go up on the block, reality is going to hit Aaryn so hard when she leaves the house, but Amanda’s bitchy attitude lately got me over the edge, also Judd would most likely put up Aaryn on the block so hoping Amanda gets the second most votes to go up on the block


I am so with you Tippsy … I would love to see the look on Bully Amanda`s face as she goes up on the block … that would be an awesome sight .. and funny …


I am a Canadian viewer .. I just want to thank all those smart American viewers who are voting for Amanda to be the third … luv ya and lets keep our fingers crossed… the look on Amanda`s face will be priceless…lol ..


You can vote from anywhere in the world. I’m European and I vote. You just have to make an account on and that’s it. It’s free. You don’t need to buy the feeds to vote.


It is going to be Aaryn that gets voted in without a doubt because of the way CBS has portrayed her. But I am assuming if Judd has her up already (which I’m sure he will) they are going to go with the next in line. According to the poll here that would be Amanda but they don’t make her out as the big bully on the show so I’m not sure the general public is voting her. Maybe Katlin, guilty by association.


Perhaps if the HG the audience votes for is already on the block production will decide to leave it as is and there will only be two on the block and not three.

Big Sister

Yes! I am telling all of my friends and relatives to vote Amanda ten times. It doesn’t matter if they watch the show or not. She has gotten on my last nerve with her constant diatribes about Howard.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Amanda, Helen, Elissa, are great choices.


Vote for Amanda to be third nominee!!! She’s too pushy!


Who else is voting for Amanda as third nominee?

production rigged it

I am i can’t stand the big mouth b*tch, all she does is try to tell everybody what to do and who to put up like they can”t make a decision without her approval.


Amanda wants to be in control of everything but doesn’t win anything. I like her game talk some times because she spice it up but she needs to cool down a little be or the house will turn on her eventually. I would like to see her in the hot seat just because I know she’s not going anywhere and the after math drama is going to be of the roof. Hopefully Aaryn is next…


I voted 10 times for Elyssa.

I want her gone…..G-O-N-E….The MVP twist might have been interesting had they either had an all-star cast or a cast of nobodies that had zero fan base to begin with….but this woman winning it each week solely because she is Rachel’s sister is just wrong.

Amanda can be pushy…..but I dig her and McCrae…..she gets antsy and I think stirs stuff up just to have something to do in the house.

If I were Judd…I would nominate Howard and Aaryn….with the plan to backdoor Helen or Elyssa depending on the POV/MVP situations. Make a deal with whomever wins it and have Jessie, Mcrae, Amanda and GM all in line to vote how they should.


I voted Elissa 10 times too! I also like Amanda & would much rather hear her mouth then Elissa or Helen! everyone hollering about amanda & look who’s still up in HOH right now, Helen,Elissa,Andy,Spencer,Howard & Candice… super friends,


I definitely want Amanda nominated (just to see her rampage-scramble) but I’m not sure if I want her gonegone. I can’t help but admire her moxy…and she is one of the funnier HGs…okay, she’s really the ONLY funny HG, except GM, but that’s not intentional.

Captain Underpants

I would love to see America vote for Helen just to shake things up….. but it will probably be GM or maybe Spencer if Aaryn and Kaitlyn are nominated by Judd.


Despite the viewers votes, CBS will put up GinaMarie with the other 2 “mean girls.”


Hey Simon,

I’m thinking you might want to get an online petition ready for CBS tonight. How on earth are you and Dawg going to manage transcribing an entire week where Judd is heavily involved in most of the meaningful conversation without the assistance of subtitles…


Lol@ bobsky, its going to be painful and a headache trying to understand him. Good luck Simon and dawg


Gina Maria. Of course. Predictable but I’m not mad. America hates Aaryn and Gina Marie after the racism stuff got out to the press. It’s a no brainer. People who follow what goes on in the house (fellow BB addicts) may hate Amanda for being bossy but they’re delusional if they think America (or, as some think, production) will nominate her. America loves Amanda. BB showcased Amanda telling Aaryn that she was being racist and calling her out after she flipped Candice’s mattress. Amanda is golden in the public’s eyes.

Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Gina Marie will go on the block. Judd will put up two and the MVP (aka America) will put up whichever of the three is left. That’s what’s left of the “mean” group. Now as to who will be the replacement nominee… that’s another story (perhaps Howard) but as far at the original nominees goes, it’s a done deal.

It’s in the bag. Amanda is in no danger. Uh people are really out of touch if they think that there’s even a smidgen of a possibility that Amanda will be the MVP nominee, lol!


Two days ago Amanda started the race “thing” back up. Her comment that Howard is trying to use his race to intimidate the house?? What the heck does that mean? I know what she means because I’ve been around people like her with that biased, profiling attitude. Her mom said she’s dated athletes, so it can’t be his muscles, Hmmm…….. She’s called Andy a queer a few times and made negatives bigoted comments on different occassions. She’s no better then Aaryn or Gina Marie. I thought is was funny (not really) when she was calling out Aaryn when she has a questionable mouth and mentality herself. The only reason she confronted Aaryn was because like any bully, she wanted to talk Aaryn down before she started telling Jessie stuff out of anger. Most bullies will try and talk over someone and make them feel foolish while they hide their own mess. The funny part is ( not really again) Amanda was talking about Jessie and putting her down ( a day later) as McTacky sat there giggling and agreeing, like the wusspuss he is!!


Did you read my comment? The point wasn’t I-like-Amanda or Amanda-is-great. I personally feel neither way. The point was let’s-be-realistic-about-what-America-will-do. Yes, Amanda has done those things but have they been featured on the show? Nope. Only her “good” moments have been shown. The American public hates Gina Marie (whose racist remarks have been showcased AND who has received national media attention for said remarks) much more than Amanda to say the least!

If you’ve watched Big Brother then you may (or, as I get the feeling from some, may not) have realized that the America Votes card is not a reflection of what BB fanatics think because of the feeds. It’s a reflection of the general opinion as a result of what’s shown on the episodes. Read the BB blogs… people were tired of Elissa being voted MVP after the second week but what happens the third week? Dun dun dun she gets MVP again because the public still didn’t have a strong “favorite” on another singular person (splitting the vote and giving Elissa MVP again). Or how about we use Jeff (of Jeff and Jordan) as an example. People on the blogs seem to hate the guy. He’s had a few not so stellar moments on the feeds, too. But who does America love? Good ‘ol grinning banana pancake Jeff lol. Or how about last season. Frank definitely wasn’t the most liked guy according to blog comments or blog polls… but the friggin’ guy ended up getting America’s Favorite Player lol.

Now personally, I would rather Gina Marie’s over dramatic butt go home over Amanda. What does Gina Marie contribute to the show? She’s been racist, aggressive and cries non stop over Nick. I kind of think that she’s seriously mentally unstable. Who is this obsessed with a guy after two weeks?? What does Amanda contribute? She’s willing to make moves and play the game. Like her or not, she’s one to watch.

I could end up being wrong because I don’t know when voting ends and whether or not what’s shown on the upcoming episode will influence it but I think people are out of touch if they think Amanda is hated more than any of the “mean” girls.


I split my vote between Howard and Gina Marie. Howard is going to cruise to the end because no one has the hutzpa to nominate him at this rate and Gina Marie is so irritating. I actually really like Amanda I think she is a sweetheart you isn’t afraid to call it like it is and if it wasn’t for her MC would be taking everyone out one by one right now.

7 Seven 7

I went on and I voted for Amanda 5 times,Gina Marie 4 times and then I went out with a bang by using my last vote on Helen. Yeah Helen go and cry about that, I sure showed her.


Why would you split your vote? You basically cancelled out your votes.

If I give 5 votes to Helen and 5 votes to Aaryn, I mine as well not have even voted…

7 Seven 7

Well at the time I did not know who would win hoh

Will.I.Am, I Think

“Amanda doesn’t want to sound like a dictator”

Too late

lol what

ugh Amanda is really getting on my nerves can’t stand her lately… she acts as if she’s some mastermind but really isn’t …as of right now I would compare her to jenn from last season


Judd the power is in your hands to make a bold and risky move and throw up Amanda and mc ( I know they are in an “alliance”), but there have been like 50 of those this season. If the person that had the same womb as Rachel is MVP, Helen will be in her ear for Howard more than likely production will step in and say no…… It’s Aaryn or Kaitlin or Gm. Judd turns around and says…. Well that was my plan all along


Judd putting someone from his alliance of knockouts would cost him the game. If he do that he needs to be align to Spencer, Howard, Candice, Arryn, Kaitlyn and GM. Looking from his perspective, it would be better if he stayed with his “trusted” group” rather than flip sides because his position in knockouts is better than the alternative.


Judd put up Amanda or something she is super annoying and admitting to being a racist whyy hasnt this site posted that when they always do updates on big brother show Amanda saying she is racist along with her racist comments too


Amanda is playing the game to win second place and have MC win the game. Not sure if its so she gets to help him spend it(getting him to invest in whatever real estate deal she finds in FL) without having to pay taxes herself on it, or if its so she brings him home to mom and dad with $500k in his pocket so they cant complain.
Either way she wins.


she is not winning shit


I voted for Amanda 10 times on CBS website.

Is true Aryan said her father or grandfather don’t get cbs where they live? LoL


Vote Amanda, tbh.

Fan Person

I know everyone hates Amanda and for good reason. But why vote for her and waste an extra nomination on someone who is most likely not going home? Even if she does go home, there goes half of the strategy in the house. I’d much rather see someone like Gina Marie, Aaryn, Elissa, or Helen go up.


I can only speak for myself. I don’t want Amanda out. I just want to put a scare in her. Her alliance won’t vote her out. But I want her to start thinking about why she was put up. Maybe she will think it is either her wanting Howard up, or that she is being too bossy. Either way, maybe she will start to rethink how she plays.


Same here BBl! I gave her half of my votes just to create some drama. The other 5 to aaryn because you just NEVER know!


You don’t think Amanda would rationalize that it must be Rachel fans that put her up and she then targets Elissa?


Amanda needs to go vote her for MVP she is so bossy and hasn’t won shit so why does she feel she is entitled to who should go up then throws a fit when it doesn’t go her way …she is a bossy racist she is lucky big brother is working wonders with her editing they aren’t showing her ANTI Howard campaign or her laughing with Aaryn about the racist stuff she said about Candice


If its anti-Howard it is already considered racist? You are as dumb as Arryn. She wants howard out because he is the threat to her game.


Thank You NAME! Amandas had to put up with “getting Jewed” remarks…& GM was the one that said she was more of a racist than Aaryn after Amanda tried to talk some sense into Aaryn!


I’m hoping america/production decides to put amanda up as the mvp nom and judd nominates aaryn and kaitlin again. I’m so tired of amanda and mcrea pulling the strings and I’m tired of seeing the same people nominated every week


I want amnada nomianted not because i hate her… I want her nominated because every week she does the same thing when someone has power .. even though she is playing the game … messed up attitude and sense of entitlement what happens to getting the right people backing u then u can shine like the star … I want to see some changes in this game . I want amanda to know what it’s to feel the hot seat … the people in this game that never do shit for you always ask for the most ….. I need lines to be drawn in the sand and people pick a side stop all this back peddling and shit because if i was in the house i would of shit on everything amanda loves and nominate her ass …. IF these players dont get her or macrea out just write her the cheque because how it looks cbs alreading loving her they edit her good …..actually i am sick of all these players some days i love them other days when they target my favourite players i want them gone if she would leave howard alone i may love her yes bias much … ALL AMANDA HAS IS MOUTH she needs to win HOH then she can make all her dreams come through but wanting someone to pull the trigger for her unbelievable .. every week she rides on the HOH coatails


At least Amanda knows she’s bossy & don’t try to act like she’s so nice & wants to be superfriends with everyone. She’s there to play that game & Howard was after her “cause she’s smart” up until MC was outed…Amanda is freaked cause she knows something is up with production & Howard, like Elissa saying DR told her not to put him up, she just don’t know what is going on…She don’t know what we do….What I don’t get is how no one notices how Andy seems to walk through walls, he pops up in every conversation……


And I would much rather hear Amanda talk than Elissa…she was making my ears hurt when I was typing that last comment….& talking about her & Rachel being born classy…W. T.F.! I can’t stand her voice! come on cat people, thumbs this down I don’t care, I have 9 dogs…


voted for amanda ……… don’t like her play. she is in an awesome position right now, why is she playing so hard? the others will go after her. the next dangerous player i believe is k she is coming close in comps it’s just a matter of time before she wins something. but amanda needs to go … break up the next showmance … howard and candace may be next but they sure had a low profile this last week …. they were hardly mentioned in the live updates? judd, will put up A and GM to please the house. hopefully the votes will be amanda and the house take the opportunity to vote her out with no blood on their hands, what is MC gonna do? can someone explain who are in which alliances and sub-alliances … thanks. so hard to keep track


OMG people. If a man in the house was playing like Amanda is they would be heralded as the next Will or Dan. Get off your high horses and give credit where its due.


yep! how quick people forget that the real “nice” bully just got through being HOH, if Amanda wasn’t talking then she would be there “to hook up with a guy” or “she would be a floater”, Same way some kept saying she would dump McCrae after his HOH but that didn’t happen either…she likes her pizza boy & I think that’s her business…


I completely agree! Amanda is masterminding the game right now. She’s not being given a ‘good edit’, she’s actually playing one of the best games in the house. I mean, the only person targeting her is America at this point…every week she’s had a hand in each persons eviction, she was the one who dissembled the Moving Company, not Helen (who is getting a great edit, Thanks BB), and she isn’t bossing people around, she’s getting exactly what she wants without getting any of the blood of her hands-its great. She’s using other people to her advantage, she’s all about manipulations, and thats what makes so great about her at this point. Nobody likes to say it, though, since she’s a (GASP) woman!!


I don’t think America is targetting Amanda at all; she’s not on their radar I don’t think vis a vis most are only watching the shows and therefore don’t get the whole picture. It’s some of us on OBB who are targetting her. America will vote for Aaryn hands down, or GM. I wish Judd knew this as I think he’ll put her up too, which is a “waste” of one of his nominations.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Yes! Thank you Someone! Amanda is playing the game and so far pretty well since she and Mccrae are an obvious couple yet are so far under the radar. They have covered their bases and if they can get someone else to do their dirty work kudos to them. That’s smart game play. It’s the fact that it’s a woman that has everyone up in arms. Go ahead and dislike but it’s true.


Yup! Up til MC got outed (thank you amanda) all Howard,Spencer,Jeremy & Nick talked about was getting rid of Amanda cause “she’s smart”!……Elissa has said at least 25 times now “I vote to evict my dude”….she keeps saying it over & over & over & laughing like it’s the funniest thing anyone has ever heard! I can’t take her!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiren Dar

Does everyone know Howard threw that Have-nots competition to screw Aaryn and GM? I ask because Aaryn and GM seem to know.


I mean regardless, his team still won the comp………


paranoia maybe but I get the feeling Elissa already knows the MVP is being changed this week. I got the feeling when I watched her talking with Judd & her talk of being excited about playing the game, etc…. It would be funny if somehow Elissa ended up going up.


I just voted Amanda 10 times because I want her to come off her high horse telling people what to do. Maybe if she’s on the block she will start campaigning for herself instead of being bossy. I know she won’t go home this week. But she needs to come down to earth. America voting to nominate her will wake her up.


Don’t waste your time, it won’t be Amanda. The majority of viewers don’t watch the feeds or follow sites like this one, so it’s going to be Aaryn, Kaitlin, or GM, whichever one isn’t nominated by Judd. Even if you factor in the live feeders and site followers, GM is still bottom of the barrel next to Aaryn, so yeah stop hoping for Amanda cause it aint happening.

production rigged it

You’re assuming of course that production will actually use the votes of the viewers and not just put up who they want.


I voted for Amanda ten times. She needs a reality check. I am confused on one thing though. For example say Judd nominates Aaryn and GM But America MVP nominated Aaryn, would the second most voted person go up or does Americas MVP get nominated before Judd has the chance to nominate people. (sorry if Julie already explained this in the episode; i haven’t watched it yet)


Damn I had a friend drop by so only caught the HOH (I’m west coast in Vancouver BC). YAAAAAAAAY JdoubleDD!!!! Right On! OK, so he’s not going to nominate Aaryn ’cause America will put her up. It’s gotta be Amanda at least, for sure, right? Who will he put up?

billy bob

i wonder if america is gonna vote for the racist who julie chen said offended her, hmmmm?

eli rules

We finally have the power. Let’s take it back and put up Elissa!

Based on the polls on this site, she’s been getting about 25 percent of the vote. That means the other 75 percent can now concentrate their votes on her and let her know that she is not America’s sweetheart!!!!


i think you need to look again…..Elissa is at 9.47% – first is Aaryn 40.05% and second is Amanda 20.1% on this site……and I think the voting is over on CBS……


Being that mostly everyone is cheering for the Mom Squad, no way they are nominated. It is really going to be a toss up between everyone else seeing most votes will go to Aaryn. I would say GinaMarie but America the people who hate the mean girl may all vote for Aaryn and not her. The only people who are safe from getting nominated is Elissa/Helen because America loves them. Its a toss up. Doesn’t really matter though. Aaryn or Howard will be voted out regardless of who the 3rd nomination is.


Simon, when did Amanda admit that she was a racist? I missed that? Did that really happen? was she joking? or is she dumb enough to say that on National TV?


I’m not Simon but she didn’t say that, Amanda has had to put up with the “getting Jewed” remarks herself, GM was the one that said she was more racist than Aaryn when Amanda tried to talk some sense into Aaryn…


Thanks. That’s what I thought. Im sorry but the truth is that so many people on this sight are reckless with their accusations. That is damaging!! Their (HG) actions will speak for themselves but lets not put words in their mouths. I want Amanda to go up. I don’t like her but do it the right way…… with the things she has actually said and done. There are more than enough. Can people really be this careless or is it that they can’t read, or hear, or just believe what anyone tells them? SHEEP!!


I find it amusing that people are quick to defend Amanda about people saying she admitted to being racist. Whether she did or not is not the real issue. Her repeatedly saying Howard is using race or the racist comments that hv been made as game play is to me a discrimmating statement. I have heard her say more about the racist comments than Howard or Candice and they have bn the biggist targets. If anyone thinks what has been said it not wrong or has been played up says a lot about their own views on race. I have always believed when minorities are accused of playing the race card that statement is a little racist itself. To me it says that their feelings don’t matter and to just accept whatever being said or done. Anyone that laughs or remains silent when these type of statements are being made are just as bad. Howard, Candice and even Helen and Andy are really handling them self well because I would not be. They are lucky that Candice middle name is not “Shaniqua” and Howard prays because “Shaniqua” and a non religious Howard would have went HAM on their dumb butts!


Voted Amanda. Deca


Trying to read between the lines (a possibly pointless endeavor), I get the feeling that Judd is loyal to his crew (Helen, Andy, McCrea, and Amanda) plus Jessie and would never nominate them…but I also think he appreciates this isn’t a team game and beyond not nominating/voting against his allies, he has to operate in a fashion that benefits him.

With that in mind, he seems to have given a lot of voice to the idea that the girls are just picking off the guys. Which is pretty obvious, especially when Amanda is adamant that it has to be Howard leaving and if he saves himself then Spencer has to go. I thought the conversation with Elissa was interesting, especially the part where he said we’re co-pilots this week and she likes Howard, while he likes Spencer. This almost felt like he was planting the seed to treat them like a push: “You’re good with Howard, so I won’t put him up, I’m cool with Spencer, so you don’t put him up.”

I also think the harder Amanda and Helen push, the more likely Judd might be to retract (and this is just the universal nature of man in the face of nagging). Judd also voiced displeasure this week with Helen trying to run the whole house and making promises for him with Kaitlin and others. I’m sure if he thinks about it now, he will also realize that Amanda’s suggestion goes against Kaitlin’s expectation of safety, possibly making him her target. He also know that if he tells the two girls they’re just pawns, it increases the likelihood of this news getting back to Howard (and Spencer) and no matter who goes home, there could be 3 people targeting him.

Now can Judd take the next step and see that even though the idea that the Superfriends can run the game plotting eviction after eviction is plausible, at some point they will have to eliminate each other. And if Amanda gives voice to letting others (Elissa) do the dirty work, does he stop and wonder if she will be fine letting Kaitlin, Aaryn, and Spencer do her dirty work to evict him. Even if he can’t make that leap, Judd has to realize that he’s good with Spencer and Spencer and Howard are both good with Jessie…meanwhile he’s not especially good with any of the mean girls. Simply put, Howard may be a threat to Amanda, but he’s not a threat to Judd…but the mean girls are. The smart play for him is to put up Aaryn and GM (they are the two he’s been most uneasy with and this honors Helen’s promise for him with Kaitlin) and let Elissa do whatever she wants (which we know is nothing) with the MVP. Should the veto be played, then depending on the 3rd nominee, he can weigh his options, but if he’s smart his replacement would be a pawn to send either Aaryn or GM home.

The one thing he does need to do is start playing the game for himself and not let himself be bullied by Helen and Amanda, which means if he sees they desperately want a 4th straight guy to go home AND he sees Amanda sidling up to Aaryn (no love for Judd after he voted David, Nick, Jeremy) and Helen sidling up to Kaitlin (same no love as Aaryn) and Elissa and Candace (imagine how she will love Judd if he backdoors Howard) remaining tight, then eventually those 6 could come for him and because of Amanda, McCrea is safer than him, and therefore might be blind to what Judd sees..

The question for Amanda is if she is smart enough to realize Judd isn’t dumb and won’t just follow orders and really embraces Jessie in the next few days to manipulate Judd into believing their foursome is legit….and if she does, Howard might just be cooked.


yeah, I like Amanda & I wish she would take a breath & let Judd do the right thing. I know she is freaked out about the whole DR thing not wanting Elissa to put up Howard & she’s right about him having numbers but I do wish she would let up on Judd…I thought Judd/Jessie & Amanda/McCrae made a final 4 deal but there’s so many deals I haven’t been able to keep up with which ones are real…


That’s entirely possible about the final 4 deal and I just missed it. It’s so hard to keep with the deals this cast makes (except for Howard…even though HE’S the liar and schemer…). I do recall reading Judd trying to convince Amanda, McCrea, and maybe Andy that he wanted to bring Jessie in to make 6 with Helen and Amanda said no and that they would just protect her from the outside…but maybe I even misinterpreted this.

I just get the feeling Judd has his own ideas about the game, and right or wrong, I’m with you that he needs to follow his own way…if only for our entertainment.


That was said about Jessie cause Judd kept saying they weren’t “together” together & later that night McCrae told Amanda the next day they were going to tell Judd that Jessie could be brought in. His logic was something like, what did it matter anyway it was still so early in the game & saying how he didn’t like it when Howard,Spencer & Jeremy kept saying everyday that Amanda had to go & that Judd needed someone to be that close (game wise) to him too PLUS he could keep her away from Howard & Spencers game talking, McCrae has followed this game for ever & is smart about it. I think for the game him & Amanda compliment each other cause he hates confrontation & she is a quick thinker when questioned & he’s laid back & of course she’s not & just several other reasons that if I wasn’t so tired I might could go into right now, lol. i’m getting a little cross eyed right now, time for bed on the east coast…


im vote for amanda 10 times too tired of her bully people she always in the hoh room lucky i ant there i put her up


Wow Gina Marie is one serious psycho. Crying over a guy she met a couple weeks ago, with whom she was not even in a relationship with and acting like he died and they were married!


i do like Boomhauer, i mean JUDD.


I don’t think we actually know too much about JUDoubleD yet, so this HOH will be enlightening for us and him! I hope it’s the makin’ of our Dear Mumbles because I’d really like someone to seriously root for. I really doubt his plan will be to send up or back***r Howard, I think they are pretty tight. My money is on him playing it safe this week with at least Aaryn being nominated. I think Mumbles will agree it’s a good thing to even the girl/guy balance in outsvilles. I do so wish he’d put up Amanda though, for sheer entertainment value if nothing else…but he likely won’t, he’d lose MaCrae who I think he could work really well with; in fact, they’d likely work much better without Amanda around.


Elissa – “I’m so nervous, I’m so nervous!”

Looks like production has already clued her in that she’s not MVP this week. Probably knows about the 3rd nom twist.

And I didn’t vote at all because CBS doesn’t count your votes. They’ll put up whoever they feel like. Judging by the cast portrayal so far, hard to see anyone but Aaryn going up. I’d like to see Helen go up, she gotten really high on her horse this last week. Like to see her get knocked down a peg or two, but she’s getting to good of an edit.


That would be fantastic, but if I’m CBS, how do I explain the person voted MVP 3 weeks in a row, who should be immensely popular for whatever reason, now gets voted onto the block by the same voters?

I just hope the HGs are told about the twist eventually. If they think it’s going away or at least isn’t guaranteed to be Elissa every week, maybe they’ll quit treating her like the golden goose and consider cutting her loose.


oh I hope so! I can’t take Elissas voice! my ears feel like they’re bleeding when she talks….

Shiny Happy People

i sent 10 votes for Elissa to go up as the 3rd nominee. it has to be done to stop her from skating through this game without actually playing it. If she goes up, she will go home. The house knows now they can’t control the MVP anymore, but Elissa is still perceived as having the strongest fan base. They need to get rid of her to avoid her receiving further favoritism down the road.

Will.I.Am, I Think

They might as well get her out, the twist has to end at some point in the game, and everyone in that house aside from maybe Helen is voting her out since the MVP is her only use to them.

She’s a sweetie, but her game is pure garbage, I’ll bet money even if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister, she would still suck, nobody can make that excuse for her anymore. After the 1st week of protection, she should’ve got her gameface on and figured the house out and used that power to her own advantage, but she let others dictate who she nominated. 3rd week don’t count “live feeders” know what that nomination was really was about and who’s decision that was, so she has 2 solid weeks of following orders.

Will.I.Am, I Think

*was really about*


Maybe Elissa is thinking of a big move.

billy bob

judd reminds me of dale gribble from king of the hill, hoh yo,


Gotta admit…it would be funny to see Amanda go up. I really don’t want her going home but it would be really entertaining,


Basically America gets to nominate Aaryn this week. Thing is she is probably already going on the block. While I do love the discussion this is kind of a useless twist. Say Amanda goes up I don’t see here going over Aaryn or Kaitlin. Just my opinion. This season is getting kinda boring of u ask me. CBS needs to put me in the house. Lol


Helen is in the HOH bed carrying on like she is still HOH, and Elissa at her feet, and they look like they don’t intend to go anywhere. You can tell Judd just wants some quiet and a beer with some food. I hope he gets with McCrae, Spencer and Howard and 3 girls go on the block this week.


I think CBS wanted Aaryn gone this week and because the house decided to keep her, they changed mvp to america’s vote, knowing that America does not like her (due to all the racist comments etc). So now CBS has another shot at making sure Aaryn goes on the block. I also think that it is starting to look rigged to some people that Elissa gets mvp 3 weeks in a row, so a good way to take the focus off of her for a week. I voted for Amanda, her and McCrae need to be broken up.


This week boys and girls we are going to see Howdy Doody stuck up Judd’s ass, even though they are in the same alliance. Wait for it….. Wait for it, it’s coming soon….. You know that dumb ass mouth half open face.


My name is Nick, and I’m a fan of real players winning this game, and that’s why I voted 10 times for Elissa to go up on the block this week.


How many gallons of milk used in the have not competition? Lol seriously? Rigged tie-breaker questions that know one knows the real answer so Julie Chen & basically pick the winner. You never see this bullshit on survivor & that’s why it will always be king of reality tv.


everbody wants me gone……………. not even m boobs can save me now.


If it were me.. the last thing I would be talking about after I won the HOH is who I am going to nominate. Nominations are days away, I would tell everyone to step back and relax for a bit and to stop and smell the fresh air. Seriously, its only hours after HOH and they are all wrapped up into who must go up.. take your time, after all, that’s all you got is time.


It sounds like America’s vote will not be counted until after Judd makes his initial nominations and Aaryn is already 100% going on the block, so it has to be someone else. As much as I would love to see Amanda on the block, I don’t know if CBS would go through with that. Elissa and Howard look like they’re up there now as well, but production seems to really favor them.

McManda Love

I really don’t understand where all this hatred for Amanda is coming from. Without her and McCrae there would be no game talk to watch whatsoever. I understand she’s loud and opinionated, but she is part of the core alliance with Judd. She shouldn’t have “dictated”‘ anything to Judd right away, but I just think she was excited and she can’t help herself. I really think if Judd nominates Aaryn and Amanda goes up as America’s MVP it’s really gonna hurt her feelings and she doesn’t deserve it.


what week is the 2nd endurance comp? always thought it was week 4.


The CBS show which aired last night was (again) disproportionately biased. It did not show Helen as dictator, threatener, school marm, principal, etc. and it DID show Amanda being the strong-arm telling Kaitlin if she doesn’t vote out Jermy she’s going home. Sigh. Funny thing was Aaryn saying to Jermy that people don’t like people who are cute and do good at stuff – yeah, that’s why they don’t like you and Jermy. Sigh.


Aaryn needs to go………… and get the heck out of the BB house she is the one who is racist and makes waves in the house I have not seen elissa or Helen make any waves in the house they are just playing the game is all. I therefor voted for Aaryn to be the third member to go onto the block!!!!! Enough said !!!!


I would love to see Aaryn face that she will be nominated. Bye Aaryn…..looking forward to see Aaryn face with Julie Chen!!!!


Amanda is a strategic player – isn’t that what you’re supposed to be when playing BB? She has shown she has compassion – trying to warn Aaryn she needed to cut out the racism, immediately giving GM back Nick’s things when GM started to cry, hugging Jessie and giving her one of her nicotine patches when Jessie had a meltdown cuz she couldn’t smoke. She makes jokes and comments about Jews cuz She Is Jewish, just like Canadace gets away with saying things about black pple, cuz she’s black. BB would be boring without Amanda and she’s a good player. She is playing a strategic game to her advantage, of course, so I don’t understand why she is being penalized for it by some pple who want her voted out. That’s like when GM and Kaitlin and Arynn goy mad at pple for playing the game, strategizing and yes, lying, to vote David and Nick out. It’s BB people!!! Amanda should stay.