“heard it from Kaitlyn she didn’t tell me Tyler knew. I brought it up to Tyler and he acted surprised”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers It’ll be close.. Scottie should know by know something is up with Tyler..

1:02pm Brett and Winston
They are going to keep their attempts at staying in the house clean.

1:02pm Tyler and JC
JC says to separate Fes and Kailtyn he’ll tell Fes that Kaitlyn flipped the vote week 1
Tyler says Kaitlyn has told Fes she was the flip and now she just told Scottie.
JC – what can I tell him.. I need Fess to not be close to her
T – I think he knows, make sure he’s closer to you. You don’t want to force it
JC – I’m going.. Rachel told me she getting close to Fessy and Stuff.. I want that to separate
JC – because if she gets HOH I want her to go for them.. you know.
T – she already said that she doesn’t think she would that’s not her top Priority .. which is dumb

1:05pm JC and Fes
JC – this is the perfect scenario .. kailtyn and RS are making themselves BIG BIG BIG targets..
JC adds if any of “those four win HOH they won’t even think coming for you”. all they have to do this week is sit back and eat popcorn
JC don’t share anything with Kailtyn

1:19pm JC, Brett, RAchel, Winston

JC to Tyler – this is the most masculine I’ve seen you look.. did you put makeup on
Tyler- Shut up…
JC – good thing you didn’t put makeup on this morning
JC – did you have Makeup on
T – no idiot..
JC – That’s why you look masculine
T – f** you

Winston – JC is the meanest person in this whole house
W – last night he called me .. he said literally you’re so white trash I don’t even understand what you are saying
BRett – he did say that.. then he didn’t know that was a bad thing
W – he was like WOW what’s wrong with saying that .. white trash
W – I was like that’s really mean .
W – Don’t go around calling.. it’s fine with me if that’s your thing JC
JC – I thought it was a accent thingy
W – for warning I don’t want yo to get punched ion the mouth in Kentucky

1:55pm Rachel and Brett
Rachel says as a way to try and get Fes’ trust is terll him right before the vote that they are all voting to keep him
BRett – that’s a terrible idea.. he’s GUNG HO with me leaving..
Brett – he’s one of the number 1 gung ho people
Winston joins them.. Brett mentions how he’s being ignored.
Winston – I warned ya
Winston leaves..

Brett tells Rachel his only goal in the Veto Speech was to have Scottie laugh and that happened..

Rachel – who are you going for next week.. Scottie
Brett – no..
Rachel Rockstar and Fes
Brett – no.. Rockstar and a pawn.. then if I get a chance Backdoor Fes..
Brett says once Rockstar or Fes is gone that side collapses.
Rachel asks him about Scottie because Scottie does want him out of the house.
BRett -t hat would be next
Rachel – we all need to talk who’s left.. you me and Tyler.. .not throwing the HOH..
Rachel says getting so close to win teh HOH wasn’t the best thing for her personal game but she did it for the alliance. They need to talk about moving forward nobody should be throwing HOH’s anymore.

2:10pm Tyler, Kailtyn and Scottie
Kaitlyn – you’re really inspiring me to get more into ankle bracelets..
Tyler- really
Kaitlyn – yeah, like for real
Kaitlyn – that’s what my mom’s into Ankle bracelets..

2:23pm.. Dunno what sam’s doing..


2:28pm Fes and Scottie
Fes says he doesn’t care which one goes based on competitions but the girls like Brett more so down the road that will be a problem.
Scottie says the girls want Brett gone
Fes says the girls are now starting to talk about keeping him after that blow up last night, “it changes every day”
Scottie says he’s worried that rumour has it Sam has a power and she did have a one on one with Brett, “I’m going to have to talk to sam.. i don’t want her to know she has it but I might have to”
Fez – damn .. .if it expires why not break a deal and get it.
Scottie says out of everyone in the house Sam is the one that can get “Shook by the Doctor to use it” (the Doctor is production)
Fes – Winston might go home this week based on Speculation that Sam will use the app
Scottie says shut that idea down whenever someone mentions it.
Scottie says he’s probably closest to Sam.

2:47pm HOH Scottie and Bay
SCottie – Rumour is Sam got the week 1 power
S – after I talked to Sam yesterday she wanted to have a one on one with BRett .. I said Ok I got Brett..
S – he has to know abotu this power
B – I ebleive he does
S – I wonder if he tried to stike a deal
B – what kind deal
S – that’s the thing after yesterday being called out I can’t see any world where anybody would listen to any deals he would make..
S – between the Doctor and whatever random things in her ear … she was shook that I was going to put her up and there should be no reason for her to think that

Bay – from what I’ve heard this power expires this week
Bay doesn’t think Sam would make a deal with BRett.
Scottie – does she know we all know
Bay – I wold assume so.. I could ask.
Scottie – has she told you about it
Bay – no
Scottie – I don’t even know where this started.. obviously it started with her
Bay – Honestly lets just be real, I heard it from Kaitlyn
Scottie – OK..
Bay – I just found out yesterday.. She said Sam told her and Tyler about the power and the details of it.
Bay – what I am under the impression of it was the people that vote against he person that has the power are the pool of people that can be Chosen from to replace that person on the block .
Scottie – You said Sam told Kaitlyn and Tyler
Bay – yeah
Scottie- I heard it from Kaitlyn she did not tell me Tyler knew I brought it up to Tyler and he acted surprised

Bay – I’ll let you deal with that what you choose.. (HAHAHAH love it)
Bay – from what Kaitlyn told me Tyler was the only other one that knew about it the whole time
Scottie – interesting..
Bay – I think Tyler just didn’t think it was his place to tell
Bay says that is why Kaitlyn was saying her and Tyler got so close so fast because they were the only two that knew
Scottie – the legit concern I have is Brett could easily spread that one meeting was about this deal.. and if people vote him out she’ll use it.
BAy doesn’t think that would happen she thinks Sam would clear the air before letting a rumour like that spread.
Scottie reminds her that Sam does not talk much game to people as all.

Bay – I don’t think Sam will use her power on Brett.. she doesn’t like him.. She’l use it on Winston before Brett..

Bay – this might be our first Sweep.. at this point Winston is not a threat to anybody but himself.
Scottie agrees.. “no more f***ing powers”

3:30pm Hamlet in the bathroom stall

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I want Sam to use that power! Save a Bro! Why take a chance that next week anyone could use it (for noms or eviction). I’d think she would rather have control of it. Wouldn’t you?

Kid Rock

She would be dumb to use her power on anyone other than herself

Like Literally

This is the very last week she has any say over how the power can be used so she really can’t use it on herself. And to let it expire, is just a waste of a power. Stir the pot. Use the power!


“2:23pm.. Dunno what sam’s doing..” LOL. It definitely looked strange for anyone just tuning in…

She made a foot scrub from sugar and olive oil then gave herself a pedicure using a a new scrubby sponge since they don’t have the “luxury” of a ped egg in the BB house to get the dead skin off.


And again Kaitlyn just can’t keep her pie hole shut. Tyler’s only mistake was trusting Kaitlyn with any information:(

Go home ty

So that weasel deserves it. He’s playing a Vanessa game without the tears, still annoying to me…


LOL Bay’s spilling some Tea… I like how Scottie stored that info, about Tyler knowing that Sam got the week 1 power, away for later.


What’s the fun of sams app when everyone in the house knows about it. Not everyone knows the details but they all know she has it and that it expires soon. Scottie will not be happy if she uses it. So I’m thinking she doesn’t use it this week. Next week will be interesting with the app automatically in play. Especially if fez were to win HOH. If he doesn’t know about sams power, he will soon enough. So curious to see how nominations go. Tyler is walking a thin line but people seem to be protecting him more than they are against him. I thought Bay wanted Tyler out. But she sort of defensed his reasons for not telling Scottie. Bayleigh is really starting to be one I am rooting for. Scottie lost me last night. You know there are 3 powers in play. You just put up 2 pretty big targets and one will be staying for sure. And you blow them up and cause a bunch of chaos. Just not smart in my opinion. Should have just chilled and let the house vote.


i dunno. somehow scottie has moved the target off his back to fes and rockstar based on the conversations i’ve been seeing. i think there were better ways to do it, but scottie needed fights to break out or he was going up and probably out next week.


Oh wow. Well. That was pretty risky but that works for me is rockstar especially is targeted. Kind of ok with fez but doesn’t really matter either. Good for Scottie if he pulls it off and gets the target somewhere else in all this


i think wants them to use the power


Loved the conversation between Sam, Haleigh, Rockstar, Bayleigh, and JC about what breed of dog they would be:

JC- “I’m a pug” Sam says “JC, you are a Jack Russell Terrier”
Tyler- Maltipoo, Greyhound, or Golden Doodle
Kaycee- Pit Bull
Faysal- Mastiff
Kaitlyn- no offers or suggestions of breed, just chuckles
Haleigh “What kind of dog am I?” JC “you are a cat” LOL
Sam- “I want to be an Australian Shepherd”
Brett walks in; “What kind of dog is Brett?
“British Bull Dog”….Sam “Rhodesian Ridgeback” Brett- “ooh, I like that”


Simon and Dawg
Thank you so much for this awesome site and all your hard work. It’s much appreciated! Youre my go to everyday after work:)

Everyone please support this site..go to support this site in the drop down bar (upper right corner)
Enjoy the season. It’s great so far.


i just clicked a random video about Pride Parade and saw JC

youtube vid PQYe3apT1Sw @ 3:40

boo me

a pro trump gay guy….he is as stupid as he looks

Too much

Did anyone else hear the convo between Tyler and Kailtyn today where she tells Tyler a psychic told her she would meet another man in her life that starts with a “T” and it is the universes orders that it’s tyler. Feel so bad for her long time BF! Someone get her off this planet.

Too much

Haha! I only caught the end of the convo so I was hoping it would be here, but she was basically confessing her lover for him and obviously some higher powers had to do with it.


She was telling Scottie about that this morning, too.


* Ex Boyfriend . Kaitlyn Boyfriend broke up with her on Twitter .

Like Literally

After Dark was insane last night, That girl is so self centered. Swaggy is giving interviews on the outside claiming he KNOWS Tyler is falling for Kaitlyn. His powers of intuition have not improved. Also, Kaitlyn putting Fez’s hand on her breast to “feel her heartbeat”. BF is done, Tyler was never truly interested. It’s all game. I think Kaitlyn would have jumped at a legit showmance with either Tyler, Brett, or Fez.


Wouldn’t it be fun if Sam used her power this week? They could form a tight alliance and systematically work to pick off their competitors for a while. Btw, has anyone thought that Kailtyn could be another Vanessa? Vanessa grated on everyone’s nerves but her whining and fussing got her to the finale. Could Kaitlyn be the “evil genius” instead of Scottie? Somehow, I can see a similar finale with Scottie evicting Kaitlyn at the end and winning the game.


Kaitlyn is no where near the player Vanessa was. Vanessa just go too emotional. Kaitlyn is from another planet. She is definitely no evil genius.


I completely agree! Vannessa got annoying with the crying but wasn’t totally out there crazy. She was logical pllulled some great moves and was never the one getting misted! Kaitlin is just fucking out there and crazy an she needs to quite putting Tyler’s name in her mouth when she talks to people.


If you were on this site for BB17 the Vanessa hate was off the charts. I loved her and to this day feel she is Top 5 to ever play this game.

Angela was a finalist to be on BB17. I think Angela and Vanessa would have gotton along well. Interesting to think how Angel may have fit in the BB17 house. I could see a Angela, Vanessa, Shelli, Steve F4.


Re: Vanessa, SAME for me. I loved Vanessa in this game!


kaitlyn is the antithesis of systematic. other than the emotional outbursts she and vanessa have nothing in common. vanessa was a savvy game player who was so good at playing up the waterworks she convinced herself they were genuine emotions. kaitlyn’s just nuts.

Like Literally

Agreed. I think Vanessa is uber smart and could have won the game if she could have controlled her anxiety. I forget if they said she was bi-polar; I know she was on meds to control that or something. That would be TOUGH in that environment. Kaitlyn is just giving her feelings credit for being intuitive, and her feelings change as the wind blows.