Brett “I love how Scottie is sitting out there like a spineless F**K!!”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

10:44pm Havenot room. Kaitlyn and Brett. Brett – I am also told that you are the right hand person in his ear. kaitlyn – I am the one freaking out. How would I be the right hand person in his ear? Why would you say my name? Brett – after I was actively approached by multiple people that you were campaigning against me. Kaitlyn – I said that even if the house was voting to evict you, I wouldn’t! I’ve been trying to convince people to keep you saying if we kept you you would find loyalty in us because you would have no where else to go. I’ve literally been pulling sh*t out of every hole in my body. I really though you were my friend. Brett – You are my friend and I hope one day you will see it that way. I was backed into a corner. Kailtyn – I don’t give a f**k about Winston. I am just all disappointed that you didn’t come to me.

Brett – this wasn’t even my plan.. my plan was Rockstar but he shot it down. Brett – I love how Scottie is sitting out there like a spineless f**k acting like this wasn’t presented to him. He had every chance to justify it and defend it. I presented all this evidence to him. He didn’t defend that you weren’t doing any. I didn’t even say names, he (Scottie) said the names first. You are one of the names he stated. I just love how he (Scottie) is acting like he is guilt free here. Second the kid gets close to anyone.. they go home (Steve and then Swag). Brett – the entire house said you wanted me to go home. Kaitlyn – the entire house?! Come on?! The entire house?! Brett – I am telling you it wasn’t one person. Kaitlyn – so you trust what they’re saying over me. Brett – it was the numbers. It didn’t bite. Kaitlyn – I saw you for who you are. Its too early for you to do this to me. I would have never ever done this to you. I am sorry that you didn’t feel that you could come to me. Brett – I don’t know what you want me to say. On a personal level, I am sorry. I was cornered, that was it. Apparently I got just as played in this scenario. It didn’t bite, it didn’t stick. Kaitlyn – so lets say you stay in this house where does it leave you and I? Brett – I don’t know. You made a pretty public display. I genuinely enjoy you as a person. I genuinely enjoy your friendship. kailyn – but game related.

Brett – I’ve tried to work with you. You’ve stuck with the other side. Kaitlyn – me getting Swaggy out is sticking to the other side? Brett – you went right back to the other side, what do you mean? You went right back to the other side where Scottie is and guess who gets put on the block next week? Me! Kaitlyn – I went to the other side? What are you talking about? I can’t be friends?! Brett – you clearly have his ear? You’re right there. Kaitlyn – what side? Kaitlyn – I haven’t spoken one word to him! Not one word. And we’re going to go there?! Now like I was in his ear to put you guys up to right!? Brett – I don’t know! I don’t know what you’re turning this into? Kaitlyn – I’m not turning it into anything. Its just sad when you meet someone and you genuinely think .. You know that I am incapable of being inauthentic. Do you have any idea how messed up this is going to make me?!

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Kitchen. Winston and Tyler. Winston – the minute he drops that bomb, that would flip Scotties brain too. How funny is that. I almost wanted Brett to say it. What is the negative of him saying it? At that point everyone would know anything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Its the one thing that just might save one of us. I don’t know if he should drop it or not. It would cause chaos. If he said it and exposed her.. that might send her over the edge. Scottie isn’t playing a great game. He will be out eventually too.

11pm JC comes out of the diary room and screams for Rockstar and Rachel to come to the living room!!! He tells them that POP tv has surprise for them in the storage room. In the storage room there is a happy birthday sign with baskets for both of them. They also have cake pops for all of them. Rachel and Rockstar – thank you POP TV! They all sign happy birthday to Rachel and Rockstar.

11:10pm Backyard. Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn – I just had a one on one with him in the havenot room and I almost felt bad for him because literally the way he spoke to me .. he is going to get ripped. Rockstar – wait!? I don’t understand? Kaitlyn – like America is going to be like .. A$$HOLE! I said, I thought you were my friend. He was like yeah I’m sorry. Tyler – what else did he say. Kaitlyn – that the WHOLE house was going up to him saying I was campaigning to get him out.

11:15pm – 11:30pm Havenot room. Rachel, Angela, Brett and Winston. Brett tells Winston about his conversation with Kaitlyn. Winston – you didn’t think about dangling the carrot about Sam? Hey also I know you were the seventh flip vote. You can say I haven’t told anyone yet. Dangle that carrot. You can drop it at the veto. 100P! Brett – you think I want to be friends with you? You acted like a child. I was approached by multiple people. Like f**k it! Rachel – she is fake. Its for the show. Is Scottie straight!? Winston – don’t even go personal. Its too easy to put that kid down.

12:15am – 12:35am Backyard. Kaitlyn, Scottie and Fes. Kaitlyn is rehashing the events of the night and her conversation with Brett. Kaitlyn – not in f**king 2018 am I going to allow the world to see me being walked over and being spoken about in that way. Sorry NO! That is a disservice to the world! Fes – yes, take your stand.. but just so you know this is going to happen every week. Kaitlyn – this is a miracle. A miracle is not me winning 500K. A miracle is a shift in perception. And my perception is lets stand up for yourself. I am living my purpose by doing this. If someone does wrong by me then I am allowed.. Fes – but you want to go far in this game? Kaitlyn – when I sent home Swaggy I was like the sides are broken.. F**K that! Literally F**K that! F**K them! It is game on! I have fire and lava coming out of my a$$hole! Fes – as long as its not a luck draw.. I will win the HOH. Kaitlyn – who are you going to put up? Fes – no idea. Kaitlyn – Are you f**King kidding me?! You’re not going to put up the other one? Fes – and who else? Kaitlyn – Angela? One of you f**king wh*res have to win HOH next week!

12:43am – 12:50am Kaitlyn & Winston. Kaitlyn – I kept you here last week and I feel like an idiot, I should have kept Swaggy. Winston – did I go behind your back and do anything like what Swaggy did? Kaitlyn – what you just said was worse. Winston – you weren’t the only name thrown out. You have to separate game from personal. Kaitlyn – its called a loyal game. I gave you my word. Winston – You talk loyal .. What did you do week one? Kaitlyn – they all know that I flipped. Winston – so why are you talking about a loyal game when you flipped on them week 1. Kaitlyn – because if I didn’t, Sam would have used her power and the noms would have switched. Winston – so within your own game there are lies. That is part of this game. Its not personal, its part of this game. kaitlyn – okay, just know whoever the f**k was telling Brett I was gunning for him… You’re now staying this week because of all of this. Winston – I’m sorry for all of this. Kaitlyn – alright good night and good luck.

1:05am JC and Rachel in the HOH room. Rachel – f**king Winston and I as like does he (Brett) actually like like me? Like would be like like me? And Winston was like I’m his friend, I know that he would be. It just this weird awkward situation we’re in with the house and like you two clearly have a really strong chemistry with each other. JC – you’re not going to f**k on tv? Rachel – I’m not trying to do that with him here. I just think he is incredibly attractive and I am attracted to him. Honestly, I don’t ever check out guys but for some reason there is just something about him. I want to tell you something under the covers. Rachel – its his personality too. JC – really that’s what turns me off. Rachel – I love his personality. JC – really yuck! Rachel – I always get nervous with him when he tries to have serious conversations with me. JC – I don’t think he is trying to f**k. Rachel – I’m not either. JC – well right now you have a big advantage because he literally hates all the girls. The only other was are Angela and Sam. Rachel – if Fes wins HOH I am already locked and loaded to get him to put Rachel on the block.

1am – 1:25am Kaitlyn whispering to Haleigh about the events of the night recounting all her fights/conversations with the bros.

1:27am – 1:43am Big Brother blocks the feeds..

3:45am The live feeds are still blocked..

4:10am The feeds return to Fes taking a shower and everyone else asleep. He then goes to sit in the lounge room and heads to bed.

4:25am All the house guests are sleeping..

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What the heck

Brett can stfu
Every time he opens his mouth it’s all lies lies lies
I’m over it


Yea to people who he’s not aligned with, people who lie to him and want him out. I’m not tryin to say he lies less or w/e…but he’s playin Big Brother…and most of them lie to peeps that are targeting them or not in their group


If I was a client who had paid thousands of dollars to Kaitlyn for “life coaching,” I would be demanding a refund right about now.

double D

Who had Kaitlyn as this years crybaby in this years office pool?

Carolina girl

I have no idea what Scottie was thinking but he is definitely not playing smart. Its like he is in a competition with Kaitlyn and Rockstar to see who can make themselves a bigger target. And they all 3 seem oblivious to it.


scottie doesn’t have many good options. he was already the target going into this week and had he not won hoh, he definitely would have at least ended up on the block if not gotten evicted had sam or level six won (or jc, but i think he’s throwing comps), so he had to go after one of the more likely duos that would target him and be a comp threat as he needs comp wins to stay. there are ways to mitigate the damage from there that he could be doing a better job about, but again, he already was a huge target. most of his mistakes were actually made week one when he neglected to build relationships with the rest of the house in favor of hanging out with steve.


I agree with you, he had to nominate the Bros. I’m praying to the BB gods that after the veto meeting Winston explodes and spills out everything about everyone he knows. DRAMA, I’m loving it!


That’s pretty disgusting for Rachel to ask if Scottie is straight. She wouldn’t know what straight means considering she walks around the house as if she has a dildo up her behind. That aside, I’m starting to see how emotionally manipulative Kaitlynn is. It’s really the world against her.


Women wonder that all the time, particularly when confronted with a 26 year old guy that claims to have never been kissed.


Derp, that’s a bit unfair. he has a different value system, and has been raised in a different way. On top of not seeking attention from girls, he’s nerdy and not the type that usually attracts the attention of girls. There are many late bloomers like him. And if he was gay (which I don’t think he is), as Rachel is asking, would that make his opinions less valuable?


Who has a value system where you can’t kiss someone. There are plennnttyy of girls who go for “nerdy” guys. I’m not buyin it.

Goony Burd

Well, she’s used to weaponizing her sexuality…


No idea why it would be disgusting to wonder if someone is gay?


It is to people who find being gay offensive I guess. I don’t and I don’t think it was disgusting either


I saw that, and I believe she asked if he’s straight in the way a professional dancer who has tons of gay male friends would ask. Like, as a nonjudgmental fact. Winston was the one who responded as though Rachel was insulting Scottie.


Awwwww yeaaaahhh! Let the game begin!

Douchey C

Kaitlyn displays histrionic personality disorder at its finest

Roll Tide

Kaitlyn needs a life coach. Imagine when she leaves the house and finds out her 5 year relationship is over. Giant melt down coming!


It is??? What’s the scoop on her relationship?

But, um

I read her boyfriend took back his signed waiver that she could talk about him. After that happened, they blurred his picture that was in her HOH.


I would love to see Sam use her power this week(yes I am aware whoever she would use it on still has a hurdle to win to get back in) It would be grand to see the looks on RockStar and Scotties faces if neither Bro goes home this week. BOFL!

Scottie is acting a little too cocky for my liking(by the way his voice is beyond annoying) After his HOH is over he is not in a great spot even if one of the bros goes.

Kaitlyn just wants Fess, Brett or Tyler to profess love for her. All she wants. She tells each one they are her “#1” Brett is so over her now, but all he would have to do is sit her down and tell her he is in love with her and she would vote for him to stay 100%.

Rachel is also right that Kaitlyn does a lot of this for the cameras. She wants desperately to be the main character on the show. So she creates fake drama.

The Angel is safe this week. All that truly matters. Ha.




“Rachel is also right that Kaitlyn does a lot of this for the cameras. She wants desperately to be the main character on the show. So she creates fake drama.” Definitely 100% true. You can tell each time she claims how America will be displeased she is being treated so badly or that America is so happy with her at the time.


The bros will stay and it will create havoc on the entire household, and I for one am giddy with excitement! I am not a Bros fan, I just love the fact that almost the entire house is against them, and they just do not care and keep pushing through!

And Scallywag (Scottie) knew he was in trouble b4 he got the HOH, and since getting it, got way to cocky, way to fast, and therefore the target on his back has grown expendentially!(sp) He was somewhat tolerable b4 but now, he is just an unbelievable jerk!

And Angela, I know she is going to break out soon, and blow the roof off of that house! She had the right idea of coming on too strong too fast, but that only works in a group of sane hampsters, this is not a sane group by any stretch of the imagination! But she will shine!(imho)


Not an Angela fan at all, but agree with most everything else


Love the new pic


Oh no…. hopes brett still has the votes.
Sam using it on him will be epic also.


What a great night of Feeds …I’m not a Kaitlyn fan but she is good TV and seems to be the most entertaining in the house right now . I feel like none of the people outside of the foutte are entertaining in the slightest , and I also think it’s a huge mistake leaving Brett in this game it might be good for short term but long term is bad they might as well send him the check in the mail if he stays.

My Two Cents

Come ON!! I wish someone (ANYONE!!) would tell Scottie that Kaitlyn was the one who voted Steve out!!!


He still doesn’t know??? I thought everyone in the house knew at this point.


SAME! I get the impression that Kaitlyn is forgetting she is no longer HOH. She has a wonderful way of putting a target on herself, so give it time and she’ll tell Scottie herself. lol

eta @ 1:16 CDT-And there she goes telling Scottie everything! 11:13 BBT


I agree Granny the one thing Kaitlyn has proven is she can’t keep her mouth shut ?. However a lot of the HG can’t seem to master that with the exception of Tyler. He only talks to deflect or to sway, he never just gives information away.


Yeah, that’s why Tyler is in my Top 3. He has a great handle on what he should and shouldn’t reveal, keeping himself as safe as possible. I admire his gameplay!


I was wondering if anyone had told Scottie. That might be the one thing that will get him to use his veto & put up crazypants.


Craig Marshall
I’m sick of Ratface Scottie and his duplicity. He likes to impress people with how smart he is but he only demonstrates that he can’t be trusted to keep a confidence. He accuses people of lying but he has been lying like crazy lately, particularly his blatant betrayal of Slappy. His dogged obsession with finding out what went down with Steve’s eviction borders on psycopathy. Dude, you knew the guy for a week, but that doesn’t explain it. He’s put a giant target on himself because he went against the side that saved him and the lesser side doesn’t trust him because he screwed Slappy, so he really doesn’t have an alliance that will stick by him because he’s a loose cannon that plays by his own rules. He doesn’t play well with others. I don’t like those tiny rodent teeth either.


I feel like watching his DR sessions on the show explained that he really didn’t care about the Steve vote. That was just to throw people off, he was putting up the bros regardless. His swaggy vote didn’t screw swaggy, again it was just stirring the pot. I’m surprised his hoh has been this interesting, I was worried everyone else was going to be telling him what to do. He has shown a great side of himself imo.


Scottie’s playing a game and he’s lying. He’s trying to hide whatever he can and mislead people. Plus he might already know that Kaitlyn flipped and that bringing it up freaks her out and she’s nuts. He may see her crazy as a great distraction from the stuff he’s doing. I’d have a hard time keeping things straight with her crazy everywhere.


I would love it if Sam used the power and Brettcould somehow stay. Epic would be Brett winning next the HOH and Putting Scottie and Kaitlyn on the block.


Tiny rodent teeth lmao…they bug me too

My Take

I had a dream Kaitlyn was evicted. Also Jessica from last season is influencing votes on twitter. Pushed for Bailee to get the power. Doesn’t she have a wedding to plan?


bayleigh was obviously getting the power regardless. level six was going to split votes and she just lost swaggy.


I just wonder if 1) Brett and Winston can check their own emotions to see that their best move is to keep Kannonball worked up and 2) smart enough to direct her tantrum on Sam?

Sam will not play the game, so any movement has to be personal. If they can get her to feel under fire with them, then she might bring the power into play. Are the bros smart enough to see how Tyler stage-managed Kannonball and can they show him what a massive liability she is, how one person tells her he said anything she perceives as against her, she blows up in the most public fashion. That’s the biggest threat to Tyler’s game…but can they scare him?


Scottie is really setting the stage for himself to get evicted next week but with all of these powers that can still be put into play, what will happen is anyone’s guess. I don’t know what happens if Sam uses her power on one of the Bros on Thursday. I mean, I know it saves him from eviction and he will have a chance to come back into the game, but then does that mean that there will be no eviction or does someone else get put up?
I thought the powers would be a cool addition to the game but I don’t think I like the idea of them anymore. Who knows…maybe if they all get played no one will go home for the next three weeks!


The way Julie described Sam’s power is that immediately after eviction there will be a challenge of some sort. If the challenge is accomplished, the evictee goes right back in and there is no eviction for the week.

I’m guessing that the double eviction will happen after the 4th eviction, whether the evictee makes it back in or not.

I could be wrong, but that’s my understanding.


I think production would like to see one of these powers used this week. We will see if Sam uses it, but I think we may see at some point this week she at least brings up that she may. Perhaps after a DR. Wink;-)

Does anyone else feel like Brett took too big of hit for Winston’s stupid F3 attempt with Scottie? Meanwhile Winston walks away unscathed when it was his idiotic idea. Kaitlyn isn’t after Winston’s love though. Brett is one of her trio of needs(Tyler, Fess, Brett) so she blew up at him.

My Two Cents

I’m pretty sure that it was Brett’s idiotic idea, not Winston’s.


Unless Simon was wrong in his update, I do believe it was Winston’s idea. And that just couldn’t happen haha. Also, even though it’s not working out, and the rat went and did what rats do, I still think it was a decent idea and worth a shot. The fact that rat didn’t blab immediately and lied about Brett and Winston coming to him, just shows that he was at least considering it



Kissed By Haleigh

Scottie is doing a great job exposing Level 6. If you get rid of the Bros, Level 6 will self destruct. The other side is very solid. Sam, Kaitlyn and JC are swing floaters


Level 6 will stay strong. The five remaining will still work together and with sam . J.c is also not after them. And Scottie and the rest of the house doesent know about level 6 .. its not exposed.






Is he really? I haven’t seen any evidence of that. He exposed a plan that the bros proposed. That has nothing to do with Level 6. And secondly, how is the other side solid? Are you kidding me?? RockFace and Fuzzball maybe. All the others can be easily influenced. I smell a troll


The feeds were out for so long. They didn’t come back until after 6:00 AM CDT, and then it seemed Faysal was the only one awake. So weird. I really think there have been more fish this season than any other. Just my opinion. So much for being the fly on the wall and getting to see everything we don’t see on edited shows. LOL

Kaitlyn- Well, this is what happens when you make a “big” move and have a lot of secrets. You become an easy target and your name gets tossed around like a hot potato. It seems Kait has a hard time dealing with even an inkling that someone is upset or disappointed with her.

Bayleigh- I am happy to see Bay playing this game, and I love how she talks with the camera. I don’t really see her working with anyone but Kaycee to the end.

JC- he is still running around listening in on everyone’s conversations, offering advice that will be “best” for whoever he is talking to; I see him becoming the house rat more and more each day. He tells each nom who is voting to keep them, who is voting them out.

Sam- she had a meeting with Scottie where she started thinking she might become the easy target. Scottie swore to her he didn’t have a power and Sam was thinking Brett has a power that will take him off the block, making her the replacement….so, she then meets with Brett, and he swears he doesn’t have a power. It really seemed like Sam was about to tell Brett about her power and using it on him, but she settled with just telling him she really wants to work with him and tells him to be honest and open with her. I think it’s actually good for people to know about Sam’s power, but I think Tyler and Kaycee are the only ones who know it expires this week and next week the evictee is automatically offered the chance to return (correct me if I am wrong because I haven’t been able to catch up on all the feeds I missed this weekend).

Love the POP TV birthday party for Rachel and Rockstar. Very cool! I thought it was funny that Kaycee was eating several cake pops (I’m a sugar addict too), and then Winston was hugging Rachel in the camera to thank POP TV and leaned over, eating Rachel’s cake pop right off her stick.

Tyler- it seems like he is trying to stay away from Kait (good move). He knows he can’t control Scottie’s veto so this week is completely out of his hands

Winston- how stupid of him to throw the HOH (he told Rachel he didn’t need to have it so he threw it)

Faysal- DAMN! I wish this guy would start actually playing this game instead of trying to figure out who is lying to him

Haleigh- I love her Hamlet reading….very entertaining

Rachel- she is mad crushing on Brett, and that is adorable; I also love her singing voice and comical personality; there is much more to this girl than we will ever get the chance to see on the edited shows, or even the feeds

Angela- it really seems like Angela isn’t playing at all, but she just learned early on that she needed to calm down and stay under the line of fire. Once she comes out of her fox hole, we will see her start playing (likely when numbers are down to 8)

Scottie- I believe he wants Brett out but is worried he could have a power app that would mess up his eviction. Today should reveal more where Scottie is actually going to vote

I want the double eviction! lol


Great post Granny. I could hardly get through Katelyn’s hoarse mousy baby whining voice while crying to her babysitters and then Brett. Watching all of then coddling her was too much. Her temper tantrum and behavior after her meltdowns is that of an unstable spoiled child.
Sorry!! I had to get that off my chest!


Oh, I completely understand. Kaitlyn’s voice almost seems artificial, like when my youngest used to use that singing karaoke app, Smule, and make her voice vibrate with the auto tuner!


That’s my issue with her. If you want to blow up. Do it !! It’s pretty entertaining. But act like you’re a bada$$ and going to let them have it. Then afterwards go cry and insist everyone console you ??? Good lord !! Just own it and leave the pity party out of it.


OMG Thank you Kaitlin for making BB more entertaining LOL
Is they evict Brett and then angela the other have can win the game easily or should I say Tyler LOl


Remember the season they brought in a dog for a day? I don’t know if that would help but I wouldn’t risk the dog.


Dogs are normally good judges of character. A dog that hates RockStar would be a joy to have in the house for a few days. I know it sounds bad, but a dog growling at her every time she enters a room would give me great pleasure:-P

I know I am a horrible person. Ha.


In short order we’d probably have a scene with Kaitlyn crying & bitching at the dog for some perceived slight.


Or because the dog lied to her or had a bad aura


I’ve always thought it would be hilarious to put a talking bird like a parrot or cockatoo in the house and see what gets repeated. Yet, they totally don’t need one this season with Kait and JC. LOL


This whole thing has made me actually like the bros more. Brett telling themnot to go personal attacks its just a game i have mad respect for and Winston telling kaitlyn how you gonna talk about loyalty when you flipped week 1 was hilarious


The bros til the end…or Kaycee, Bayleigh, Angela, or Rach. hahaha


I agree. WInston started pretty sloppy mad about the nom, but now he is actually being quite human about it. I loved it when Brett called out Kait. Way to go Brett.


Yes!!! I loved that too Tico. They both went up a few notches imo.


Really, I thought that the comment about Scottie being too easy to make fun of was rude, cocky, and kind of mean girlish. Brett is keeping personal attacks out of it because he has a real career to think about after this, unlike the rest of these idiots who are probably only there to try to start their careers as reality TV stars. He is obviously trying to be a class act, but Rockstar is right, he does have an entitled attitude just because he is one of the pretty people that is off putting.


It’s so annoying when someone is clean, well kept, not trashy, and down to earth, they are immediately called entitled or some other derogatory term. Some people just can’t stand someone who is just a normal dude without the eccentricities that others have. I haven’t heard anything even slightly entitled come from him or most of the others, for that matter. And I can see how the comment about not making fun of Scotty because it would be too easy, could be offensive if you’re an overly sensitive guy. No offense to overly sensitive guys, I’m just sayin.


Same here, Tico. I’m enjoying the bros this week 100x more than before. It seems like Brett has a pretty strong character, and I loved how Winston threw it back at Kaitlyn that she has no business judging anybody’s loyalty based on that week 1 vote.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

How is Kaitlyn a Life Coach? She is so emotionally unstable. I think now I want Scottie to use the Veto and put Kaitlyn up. That will make for an interesting week. lol if not then Sam to use her Power to save one of the Bro’s. I think it would be best for Sam to use it this week, because then she has control of the power…next week she doesn’t.


I really do wish Scottie would use that veto, but I doubt he actually will. *crossing fingers and toes*


I feel like Scottie got too big for his britches. He’s overplaying his HOH and his loose lips hurt his game in the long run.


She can be a life coach because we live in a world that does not judge. Political Correctness allows everyone to have an opinion and 95% of the people that met her knows she is an idiot and the other 5% thinks she is…100% are right!
Sit back and enjoy the ride Folks, you (we) do not have a say, so hopefully the Producers appease us Silly Folk.


I think you are right and I wonder how good business will be for her AFTER the show!

Jeff Morgadinho

Fraggle Rock(Kaitlyn) is a walking contradictory lol Shes completely not in control of her personal emotions. Shes gonna have a rude awakening when she goes back into the real world. YOU AINT AS AUTHENTIC AS YOU THINK GIRL……………..

I was rooting for her at first, but now im actually looking forward to her downfall lol

Why are you talking about me behind my back,,,,,,,,,, I thought we were friends. THIS IS BIG BROTHER not Romper Room

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

She’s already on the downfall….just a matter of time before she hits rock bottom. At this rate, she’s going to beat out Michelle from Season 18 for all the crying. ?


Please just evict Kaitlyn next week she is crazy, whoever wins HOH! I like how Tyler has completely distanced himself from her in the last 48 hours. I think Brett might go this week he’s talking himself into it! Will these people ever learn to keep there months shut when on the block? Bro’s I oddly respect even though they lie a lot at least they are not talking personally about people like the bully’s from last season! I think if Winston makes it further he will be in it at least till jury.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

No, don’t evict her next week…Sam’s Power will have to be used then if she doesn’t use it this week. That means Kaitlyn could come back. I’m hoping Sam uses it this week, the way Sam has the Power. Next week…it won’t be her choice.


BB needs to give the guys in that house some extra nap time everyday, as Kaitlyn is becoming another full time job for them, they have to be exhausted! That girl makes bat chit crazy look sane! I may be the only one rooting for the Bros to stay, and they did me proud last night holding their cool, and staying calm during their onslaught attack by Kaitlyn, Scalywag, and friends! I still think something is not adding up with Sam, there is definatly something more to her story than meets the eye! She may not be a production plant (longstretch) but there is something there I just know it! (rant over) lol

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

After last night, I’m hoping Sam uses her Power to save them. Or Scottie to back door Kaitlyn (but that won’t happen).


You may be right. I mean, she is definitely a lot smarter than the other HGs give her credit for, and she might just be trying to coast through “being herself.”

Late last night, or more like really early this morning, Sam was intently staring at the HG board and talking to herself. JC and Rachel were watching her from the HOH room saying it looked like she was doing some crazy witchcraft or something. LOL! Anyway, it was interesting that someone who definitely does not come off as a “strategic player” was contemplating the other houseguests in that way.

I really like Sam a lot. I can relate to her desire to have harmony in the house and her positive attitude about life in general.


Maybe she’s really the life coach….hahaha!


BB Reruns just started so it looks like veto ceremony is underway. 12:00 PM BBT

Feeds are back 12:55 BBTime


If the feeds were down for the veto ceremony then we can determine Scottie did not use the POV and noms are still the Bros.


Not sure if anyone has said this yet but did you notice it was ok for Scottie to lie about voting to keep Winston but not ok for anyone else to lie? What a hypocrite. I hope Sam uses the power and Brett or Winston come back and hopefully it will bye bye Scottie.


I’m just stunned at how karma bit Kaitlyn fast and hard. And I’m not even trying to be snide either, I’m just shaking my head! She was crying because she said she would’ve never turned against Brett like that and if he had concerns that he should’ve come to her about them. Well honey, I think Swaggy felt the same way!! And at least you haven’t even been put on the block. I’m sorry, but backdooring Swag was such a traitorous, slimy move for someone that was supposed to be in his alliance!! And it was all based on hearsay. Personally I think the right thing to do would’ve been to talk about her concerns. She just wanted to make a power move and get props for it, imo.


I absolutely LOVED how she backdoored Chris! Agree with the karma tho. She was soooo proud of her stand at the time but just couldn’t ‘own it’. She really will blow when nominated. Good TV, can’t wait.


Kaitlyn is freaking gross, it makes me feel sad as a human :/