Derick “watch.. his (Caleb) demise in this game is going to be her. she’s playing him”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

BB16-2014-07-12 18-28-52-482

6:13pm Have nots Amber tells Caleb she’s excited about being a have nots
6:13pm HOH Frog and Derrick
Derrick tells her she’s not going up on the block he just wants her to know that.
She thanks him for not putting her on Slop because she’s not sure her body can handle it.
Derrick – “You are in a frog costume for a week it’s not bad but it’s not fun either”
Derick is confident they have the votes to get Deevin out. Derrick thinks Devin is a stronger competitor than Caleb he’s more mental and physical. .
Nicole agrees calls getting Devin out a HUGE game move. Derrick points out that Caleb hasn’t won a competition since the first HOH and all he did was hang on a log. Nicole warns that Donny is really intelligent and he’s winning a lot of Competitions.
Derrick agrees. Says he knew if Donny wasn’t going to win the POV Devin would have won it today.
Frankie comes in they agree everyone in the house wants Devin gone. They tell Frankie Donny will use the POV on Jocasta. Frankie says all the lies, craziness and paranoia came from Devin, “I honest to god think if he goes home it’s a clean slate”
Frankie mentions how he hasn’t heard anyone mention voting Caleb out.
Frankie leaves.
Derrick – “We’re good to go we have very little blood on our hands because everyone wants him gone”
Nicole saying the more she thinks about it the more she can trust Derrick, she trusts Derrick until he gives her a reason to not trust him. Nicole tells him if he gets nominated next week she’ll try to help him but she’s feeling like nobody is going to go after Derrick.
They agree the house is looking at Donny as a competition threat. Nicole says she’s heard from multiple people that Devin stirs up the most sh!t second is Donny.
They keep talking about Donny causing trouble in the house, being a competition beast etc etc.
They talk about working together and how nobody in the house will suspect it.
Nicole thinks Caleb is going to start looking like a fool because of his love for Amber.
Derick “watch.. his demise in this game is going to be her. she’s playing him”
Nicole – “He went on the block for her. “
Derrick – “He won’t do that again I can tell you that much”
Derrick thinks that Jocasta lost the Battle on the Block on Caleb

BB16-2014-07-12 18-45-19-995

6:35pm Hayden wearing Heels. Frankie gives him pointers in how to walk with heels.

BB16-2014-07-12 18-46-50-148

6:44pm BEEHIVE step up work out
Frog Victoria, Brittany and Christine

BB16-2014-07-12 19-01-05-024

7:00pm Kitchen, Caleb, Christine Hayden, and Amber
Frankie is scrubbing the dishes.
Caleb talking about ways they could eat the tripe. Devin whose off on the dining room table is giving Caleb strange looks (See images)
Hayden tells them his plan is going to be to eat a lot of Slop and have protein shakes. Caleb plans on making protein pancakes. DEvin says he just wants to get this all done so he can see his Daughter. He understands he’s got “Obligations” when you are evicted but Devin wants his Daughter with him in the least. Devin says the amount of “Obligations” you have after the show it depends on how popular you are. Caleb and Devin alone.. Caleb saying he slept in the dirt half his life so spending a week in the havenots room isn’t going to be that bad.

BB16-2014-07-12 19-08-39-445

Rock Room houseguest coming in and out sharing stories ..
The Feeds are awesome this year No Joke! Try It Free! Get 24/7 access to the house PLUS more for 48hrs before you decide!

BB16-2014-07-12 19-15-36-338

7:10pm HOH Derrick and Devin
Derick is going on and on about how good Devin did in the POV competitions. Devin thinks it’s all luck. They talk about how Donny is something more than he says. Derrick thinks he’s former military. Devin says if any of them were going to beat him he wanted it to be Donny, “The paranoia is so intense in here dude.. I’m so excited to get out of here i’m on the same side I’m grateful I came.. Dude I miss my daughter man”
Devin wonders if he’s going to have any fans. Derrick thinks they all will but they all will have haters because they played the game and didn’t float through the game.
Derrick tells him he’s going up on the block on monday and when he does that all the Devin fans are going to hate him.
Derrick is certain that Donny will use the POV on Jocasta but a bit of him thinks he won’t. His reasoning is after what she went through this week nobody will vote her out against Caleb. Derrick tells him after winning the POV Donny came into the house and handed the POV to Jocasta, “It’s TV Gold”

BB16-2014-07-12 19-32-44-086

7:30pm Derrick and Donny
Derrick says Devin was up in the HOH telling him he doesn’t know what Donny will do for sure. Devin was suggesting that Donny will not use the Veto because he thinks nobody will vote Jocasta out after all she’s been through.
Derrick – “He’s saying that to make me paranoid but I’m not buying it..”
Donny says all he’s doing is being nice and saving his friend Jocasta Derrick is the one sending him home. Derrick points out that Devin is telling everyone he’s done with the game but he really isn’t. Derrick promise he would Tell Donny if his name was ever coming up.

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That works for me. I was just about to buy a few things tomorrow thru Amazon.

Love this site!

I buy crap from Amazon at least once a week. lol I’ll do my best to complete any purchases via your link. 🙂

But... I like Caleb.

Hi Simon,
Do you think you can place the Amazon link at the top of the page? It’s easier than looking through the comments for the link. Thanks to you and Dawg for the great site. Been with you since the beginning. 🙂


Next time I buy something on amazon I will do this for sure. Appreciate what you guys are doing.


I seriously hope Caleb leaves this week!! It would make TV GOLD!


Oh how I wish we could do a condensed collage of last weeks “we need to get rid of psycho Devin” posts. You guys talk about flip flopper! Jeeezzzzz! Bring on the thumb-downs!!!

Power Of Veto Corleone

Devin should plant a bug in Donny’s ear that Derrick doesn’t trust him and that he heard Derrick might come after Donny later. Maybe then Donny won’t use the POV.


Devin wouldn’t do that. Even though he knows he’s going home, he trusts Derrick.


Big Thumbs Up on the name !! Didn’t even need to read the comment :-))


That would require tact and intelligence that Devin doesn’t have. He’d have to say it in a subtle way to get donny’s mind going. And then Donny would have to be smart enough to connect the dots. Two major ifs. His best bet would be to simply ask Donny indirect questions about the future, like who has won the most competitions so far…. I wonder who will be the biggest target for the next two-three weeks after I (Devin) goes. It sure will be interesting to watch from home. It sure is crazy how I was part of an eight person alliance and half the house never knew, but now that its blown up, I wonder what other new deals have been made and are out there.

These are the kind of seeds that you can plant in someone’s head that can make them think, a few hours or even days later and change their mind and sometimes you can never change the mind. There are so many factors in the house and secret deals and alliances that often the best player still loses the game.

Captain Crunch

Nicole is an idiot what drama has Donny stirred up? she’s still drinking derricks kool-aid i see
its wont be long before they take her and the rest(Christine, Victoria) of the above average nose club members out.

smd nicole

donny has been stirring the pot lately dude he is talking too much

The Cheese

I wish Nicole would wear a cheese suit

Grow up

Really? Making fun of girls with large noses? Are we still in grade school? smh


It’s only a matter of time before the girls have egg on their faces and realize they should have listen yo Joey.

Devin did a job on himself, fell right in the hand for everyone to target him. That was a easy call they all could get behind and use to their advantage. It buys them all a week. There is nothing he can do at this point because no one want to work with him.

Now everything will go back yo the predictable game play.

smd nicole

nicole really is smart! i was getting a little bit worried she was just going to be oblivious but i had faith she would talk more game and she is! she reeeeeeaaaaaallll cute also. she has a good shot at winning this game if u ask me
(here come the down votes)


Nicole is my favorite girl in the house by far. She’s smart not to want Donny around too long. I LOVE Donny, but everyone knows he will win if he makes it to the end. Any smart player would be gunning for him now, especially after he’s proven to be a threat in competitions.

I wonder how Caleb’s “little man syndrome” is going to take Donny being a bigger competition beast than he is? XD

smd nicole

i feel exactly the same way about donny he is such a great guy which is why he needs to go…. and i hope caleb goes this week he has been much worse than devin this week and i think devin understands how he acted poorly unlike caleb who is a psycho


SMDH (added the H in for ya) Nicole,

It’s easy to know when you’ve behaved badly when an ENTIRE house is against you…and lets you KNOW about it.


So now Nicole and anyone that is suspicious of Donny is smart….

…But when Devin brought it up the first week everyone said “noooo, Devin’s paranoid.”

Devin’s batshit crazy but he was onto Donny’s charm long before anyone else and got crucified for it. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Power Of Veto Corleone

Good point by Mallory. Devin will be gone soon and then the messages will be about how boring it is around the house. The dude is crazier than a shithouse rat but usually was entertaining and we never knew what would come out of his mouth.
Meanwhile Victoria Tucan, Christine and Jakeasta get to float around for a few weeks longer bringing nothing to the house.


I don’t understand Nicole. Today she loves Donny, tomorrow she sees him as a threat and wants him out. As for Derrick hating on Donny, I don’t even know what to say. All I can say is thank you Dawg and Simon.


Derrick I liked alot but y is he trying to get out his team America alliance donny talking bad to everyone about him he had to realize donny is this seasons favorite


I wouldnt put too much stock in TA. I don’t think they do either. Why would they? They’re making a few extra bucks on the side together. Why see it as more? Who wants their game to be controlled at all, by anyone, much less America? And with people not of your own choosing. Even moreso, if it is obvious to them that Donny is the fave, why take the chance later on that America gets to vote some special power? Especially right now, with the momentum he has. Donny is a serious threat. Whoever wasn’t aware of that, is aware if that now. Except for Caleb. Caleb still has 3 more levels of beast mode that he needs to be beaten at before anyone is considered a threat 🙂


What? Why is Derrick still doing this. First he tells Devin…who is saying “I’ll be glad to see my daughter etc.” Donny might not use the veto on Jocasta. He thinks people won’t vote Jocasta out anyway. THEN..he runs downstairs to Donny and says…Devin just told me you might not use the veto.
Devin was nice enough to tell Derrick to get out more…stay out of the HOH. He told him that was his downfall.
Derrick goes downstairs…repeats it..but kind of makes it sound like it was his brilliant idea.


I think Derrick talks too much. eventually there won’t be a lot of people in the house and the things he tells one, is going to get around to the other, and when the people he talks to talk to each other, some of his scheming is coming out. Better to be not so obvious, just imply things and not try to say he absolutely knows a thing especially if untrue.

Not so sure what the Team America thing is going to go, if none of the ‘team’ plan on working together on anything other than the tasks.


By telling Devin, Donny may not use the veto, it allows Devin to think there may be a crack. He pursues it. (And let’s face it, the only way Devin stays is if he lays low, keeps his mouth shut, and Caleb talks his way into being evicted. Which is definitely possible). If he pursues it, well, were all hoping he does 🙂 … By telling Donny, he’s reinforcing what Donny already believes, which is Devin can’t be trusted. Hopefully squashing any idea Donny may have of actually not using it, however minuscule… Not that I think it’s even necessary, but there is logic behind it… He’s deep in the game Derrick. With the exception of his family, nothing exists outside of those walls for him right now


i agree, he’s playing the game and harder than anyone in the house right now. We may not like what that means we have to witness (lies, backstabbing, manipulation, etc.) but can you really blame the guy for playing. He took time away from his family so this has to be worth it for him. I am not at all a Derrick fan but again, but I can’t hate him or fault him for his game play (he’s not really attacking anyone personally or engaging in lowball character assassination, like zach is doing by calling out devin for taking meds and calling victoria a bitch, which to me is a reason to really dislike a player). He actually did a smart thing in telling donny “what devin said” to ensure his target gets evicted…. bc even if his lies blow up in his face, he seems to be able to think and act quickly to get out of trouble so to speak and spin stories to his advantage.


Adios Devin!!! Have fun with your daughter!!!!


Cya Devin!!!!

smd nicole

simon and dawg who are ur favorite three so far?

The Obvious

Usually I have someone I’m rooting for but these people are all trying too hard to mimic the gameplay of old legendary BB players.


The jury is still out on that one..


nicole was saying she like to work with donny now she saying she dont she is a followwer she will do what they want in then get send home she playing dumb wright now all derick going to do is to waite until donny wins hoh to tell him in plus derrick an donny an alences team america an cody clabe said they will protect him next week zack will too and jos and frank and brttinay so nicole you playing a dumb game cause everybody likes donny you go before him


Daaaaaamnnnn… So much to say to that, and nothing to do with the game… May I suggest a period every once in awhile? Holy hell

The Obvious

Welp Donny if you’re smart you will pull one of them off the block and go with the plan, any other way and the target on your back gets as big as Devin’s. If you really think you could shake the house up you don’t have the numbers in any way these people are flip flops.


devins daughter is more well known than every single houseguest…..


XD gotta love how everyone thinks Donny is former military. Next thing you know Derrick is going to be thinking Donny is really Captain America since he’s also on Team America and he keeps winning comps. Lol

miss g

Does Victoria even play the game? Hope she goes home soon.


Did you see Victoria called Derrick out. She told him she’s been watching how much time he spends with Amber etc…Asked if there really was an alliance.


Wow! Even Dawg has more votes in the poll than last place Vicky, oh sorry, Victoria..


I don’t get Derrick. You are in an alliance with Donny and Frankie requested by America. You DO NOT go around talking smack about them. I get if it is just a few times to make it look like they aren’t working together but seriously. I love Frankie and hope he is here all summer.

Bigbro Don

Can’t wait ’til Devin is posting his comments here on this site. What a crazed lunatic!


the online sites have not been kind to devin, 90% of the comments i’ve seen are negative. after he reads what’s been said over the past two weeks, i would be surprised if he had anything he would want to contribute, at least not right away – it’s going to take some time to absorb it all.


nicole is messing up the game so the suad could win she was smart at the beging now i wish she goes home next or after she lost my vote all i say to nicole for talking about donny is krama aways come around in the bad thing about it is she knows about the 8 people in she want donny gone i dont see her lasting donny will win compertions i hope donny and jos win hoh next week


Hey I know you!! You are hard to miss!! Wow.

BB fan

Nicole is actually playing a good game. She is telling everyone this and that about Donny or whomever all the while actually plans to work with them, but her saying these things about Donny can’t be trusted is her way of throwing Derrick off of her actually wanting to work with him. I think she has actually talked about Christine in this way also, but we all know she is in an alliance with her. That is the way I think she is thinking anyways.

Kermit The Frog

I am smitten with Nicole, I hope when the show ends she will meet me in my favorite pond for a dinner date. I think I can get the Swedish Chef to prepare us a dinner. VaVaVa Ribbit…..

smd nicole

back of uve already got miss piggy….. I’ve got nobody 🙁

I’m hoping in a way that Donny does not use the Veto and the valiant cowboy ” I’ll do anything for my queen” Caleb is sent packing. Then we get to hear a long winded sit down with poor Julie !


People are getting mad that Nicole is suspicious of Donny. Why though?? Donny is a nice person, but he is a threat. And I wouldn’t dare want to be against him in the final two because EVERYONE will vote for him. Donny does enough to get by, but does not do too much and that’s perfect game play. Nicole is right to be suspicious.


Honestly I could see Donny winning this whole thing.


This Team America mission is scaring me. I’m afraid if Zach finds out about the fake rumor, he’s gonna flip and Donny will be in a huge mess.

BB fan

Is there still a bomb squad? It seems like there isn’t but at times they all seem to be aligned. I would like to see Devin, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie walk out the door in that order. It could happen if Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria would join forces. They would have Donny the competition beast, Hayden, a strong competitor and Nicole and Christine, who are good gamers.


I feel the season cannot ‘let their guard down’ and truly begin until Devin is gone. He has these girls terrified, and these guys are walking on eggshells. The game will reset and unleash. I would hate for this to drag on for weeks with this unstable power control freak awkwardness. And also, did you know he has a daughter he is playing for?


OMG! I know it won’t happen but I wish Derrick would put up Frankie and get him out. I can’t stand listening to him or looking at him. They talk about Victoria acting “entitled”, he is worse. Put him on slop and give him a blanket.


The house is so boring right now this is what its gonna be like when/if Devin goes home. Im gonna need Caleb to wake up and notice Amber is giving Cody more attention and goes off the deep end and he ends up going home. Honestly I don’t think Devin will cause any drama this week because he has accepted the fact he’s more than likely going home


I often wonder if Big Brother would be a better show if the producers picked a variety of people to be on the show instead of just picking superfans and models. I miss the strategical game play of the first ten seasons.


I think Devin was more of a psycho then Caleb. I want Caleb left in the house so Amber can flirt with Cody some more and totally mess up Calebs game. I think its hilarious that FINALLY Jocasta competes and sh*t got real when she actually had to work at winning something. I think if shes in another competition this same thing is going to happen again and again, then what? They just keep her in the game cuz shes bad at it. NOOOOOOOO!!
I think Derrick is doing fine and no more cocky then any normal person would be as HOH. Hes not crazy or losin it like the others were. I agree with putting people on the block who don’t come and talk to the HOH, why wouldn’t you? Nice game so far Jocasta……..Not!!!
I am starting to not mind Victoria. *ducks for flying tomatoes*. 🙂