Big Brother Spoilers Ginamarie impersonations “It’s a hot girl thing”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


9:40pm Living room

The competition begins where the players have to impersonate Ginamarie. The best impersonation gets to have a BBQ with Helen, Aaryn and Elissa.

In the centre of the living there is a collection of GM’s stuff, the meow meow hat, hair extensions etc etc.

Participants are Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, and Spencer. Helen and Elissa are also in the contest but just for fun. On the count of three they have to race to the centre and grab a prop to prepare.

Each contestant stand in front of the group and does their impersonation. (In my opinion McCrae and Jessie and Amanda are the best flashback to see it all)
Everyone has a great time after they are done with the impersonations the judges head to the have nots to decide the winner

10:00pm havenots the judges Aaryn, Candice, Andy and Ginamarie
Aryn think spencer is the funniest
Andy, Candice and GM like McCrea
GM likes Jessie because she told the story to a “T”
GM says she would like to give it to McCrae or Jessie
Andy agrees: “McCrae surprised me the most”
GM I’m going to pick McCrea and Jessie and they can rock paper scissors for the win. This evolves into giving out two prizes the winner get to choose the HOH room for a night or the BBQ.

Most creative is awarded to Spencer
Best accent Amanda
The 2 finalists are Jessie and McCrae
McCrae wins the Rock paper scissors and gets to decide either the HOH room for a night or the BBQ. McCrae chooses the HOH room giving the BBQ pass to Jessie.
Jessie does a second impersonation..

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


10:18pm Bathroom Helen and Jessie

Helen: “I’m so glad you won it .. I so wanted you in the BBQ. the rules of the BBQ are no game talk .. If you talk game you take a shot”


10:39pm Amanda and McCrae shower

Amanda: “I love you “
Amanda is talking about Howard saying to him that Amanda is using him. She’s pissed off by this.

Amanda asks him if he feels he’s in a bad situation. “Will you talk to me you’re driving me crazy”

MC: “I’m just trying to think about what is going on”
Amanda says he’s just like her “three year relationship” where guys would threaten her and he didn’t do anything.

A: “Can you speak do you want to end this.. what are you thinking”
MC: “No.. I’m just trying to think.. what we are going to do.. about the game”
The rest of the houseguests start leaving the HOH room some of them pile into the bathroom and start chit chatting

Essentially there are 1 zillion n!p sl!ps during this conversation I’ve put some the time stamps here


11:00pm HOH GM, Jessie and Spencer Spencer tells them everyone is going to bed early tonight because they have “that Meeting at 7am” Before Spencer leaves GM asks him if she was too harsh on Candice during the nominations. Spencer doesn’t think she was. Jessie and GM jump into the tub for a bubble bath. Aaryn joins them . Gm start to go over what she told Candice today after the nominations.

Aaryn saying the person that bothers her the most right now is cockness..
GM asks who is being cocky. She mentions the people that walk around thinking they run the house.

Aaryn is really worried Candice will try hard for the veto because she’s already won the 5 thousands during the HOH last night. GM says she plans on working her ass off to win it.

They start trying to figure out who the MVP is GM mentions that McCrae won MVP. Jessie points out if McCrae wins MVP he’ll put up Spencer.

Jessie tells them that Helen does not want to talk game at all at the BBQ.

GM says she’s made deals some simple deals with people. She’s told 4 people she won’t put them up if they don’t put her up.


11:25pm Cockpit Spencer and McCrae

Spencer says he wants to keep Jessie for this week and get out Candice.
MC: “To me it really doesn’t matter strategically there is no difference.. GM really wants Candice gone but Elissa really wants Candice to stay”
MC says Elissa is really dumb it annoys him because Candice was trying to flip the house against her he cannot understand these people sometimes.

Spencer: “My vote right now is Candice” Spencer tells him that Candice will come after him next week she a much bigger threat to him that Jessie.

MC: “Jessie is a easily dealt with problem.. Candice isn’t easily dealt with”
Spencer agrees says Candice will explode on anyone at any moment but Jessie is predictable.
MC agrees.
MC: “I’m going to have to see what happens with the MVP i’ll probably just go with the house”
Spencer: “To be honest Candice is ready to go”
MC: “I hate candice on more of a personal leave haven’t really thought about it strategically.. to me right now they are equal”
Spencer: “Would you put me up if you won HOH”
MC: “no I would put the same people up”
Aaryn comes in asks where Amanda is she wants to talk to her becuase she seems bummed. MC doesn’t know where she is says they are fighting.

MC says Jessie is jealous because aaryn is higher on the pecking order than Jessie
S: “It’s a hot girl thing”

MC tells him once they hit Jury Helen and Elissa are going to make a strike on him and Amanda.

S: “I’ll tell you this dude .. this is what scares me in the opposite way it should scare you.. once one couple get broken up the other couple will fall.. it’s symbiotic in nature”

MC agrees, says it really depends on how wins the HOH at that poitnt.

MC gets called into the Diary room

11:46pm Cockpit Amanda and Spencer Amanda telling Spencer about when Howard came up to her and told her he wanted to f*** the s!t out of her. Spencer doesn’t believe it says it sounds funny. Amanda says it’s not funny she was sacred (Howard says he never said this Amanda brings it up almost every hour essentially it’s her word against his.. Only people that know the truth is CBS)

12:01AM McCrae, Spencer and Amanda Spencer saying he misses Howard’s friendship in the game but he knows Howard had no game strategy. Spencer adds that once Howard starting getting close to Candice he didn’t spend as much time with him.

Amanda explains Howard leaving was not because he was a competition threat it was more of a number thing. Amanda says Howard was close to Candice and Candice was close to Helen and Helen was close to Elissa. 4 People could have been solid there and that would have been dangerous. (Spencer was close to Howard that would have been five..)
Spencer says Howard was a very intelligent person but his communication skill were lacking.

Aaryn joins them

12:14AM talking about the MVP Amanda says putting her up this week would bve a waste of a MVP.

Amanda says if MVP wants Candice to straight they will put Aaryn up.

Spencer: ‘Who would fu** flip out if they went up as the 3rd nom”
MC: ‘Elissa”
Amanda: ‘I flipped out last week”

Spencer tells them he has trouble believing that the MVP is in the house. He points out as a fan of the show he would be pissed if Rachel. Spencer thinks it’s America that is deciding the MVP. Amanda totally doesn’t thinks so
MC: ‘It totally makes sense I could see them says AMERICA YOU GET TO DECIDE”
Amanda: ‘No one would want Elissa on the block”
MC: “yeah right”
Amanda thinks if America decided Jessie would have gone up.

Amanda: “Ginamarie nominations speech today was the funniest thing i’ve every heard in my life… it was phony as f*** you see Candice’s face”



12:21AM Bathroom Aaryn and Amadna

Amanda telling her if Jessie wins HOH she will put them both up. Aaryn says no way she talked to Jessie upstairs and she’s not targeting them.Amanda: “But who is more likely to win HOH .. look at Jessie and look at Candice”
Aaryn: ‘it won’t be endurance again they don’t choose the same thing twice”

12:27am Aaryn and Spencer

Aaryn is really nervous about Candice not going home this week. She warns him if Candice wins HOH she will put them both up. Aaryn says Amanda isn’t on the same page as they are to get Candice out.


12:28am HOH Aaryn and GM

Aaryn: “Amanda is freaking me out.. she wants Jess. out.. “
Aaryn I should have never told Amanda that Jessie was all over McCrae’s nuts
GM: “If that is the case I would have put up Spencer”
Aaryn: “Jess has to win Veto and If I win it i’ll take her off”
GM: ‘First of all I save f**** amanda twice.. Candice has got to go”
Aaryn: ‘If she doesn’t go we’re f***ed”
GM: ‘You shouldn’t have said anything:”
GM says Helen will vote her way when it comes down to it.
Aaryn isn’t sure
GM says the house won’t want her miserable “believe me.. I am the entertainment value in this house… they do not want me upset believe that they are going to do this one thing that I ask”

Aaryn: “you know what she said to me that freaked me out she said if I go up for MVP however is MVP doesn’t want a vote against Candice”
GM isn’t going to worry about any of this POV is tomorrow.


12:35Am MC and Amanda Cockpit

Amanda tells him if they get rid of Candice it isn’t going to bother a lot of people if they get rid Jessie it will bother Aaryn and Ginamarie
MC: “We’ll be the swing vote’
MC explains that Helen and Elissa want to keep Candice. Amanda: ‘WHY?”
MC: “Because they’re stupid” He explains that Helen knows they can count on Candice’s vote so when they start to come after him and Amanda they have more numbers.
they both agree that Aaryn most likely is going up as MVP. MC: “I just hope it’s not you”

Amanda says it’s a waste of a MVP to put her up theres no chance she’s going home. She thinks if Aaryn goes up she has a chance to go home.

MC wonders if Spencer, Aaryn, JUDD and Jessie have a finaly 4. He concludes it’s a shady final 4 and not as solid as their final 4.


12:58AM HOH GM and Aaryn

GM: “Candice annoys me she’s a rat b!tch C**t I can deal with Jess I can’t deal with Candice.

Aaryn :”Well Jess needs to go next week.. If you say you don’t care then people will vote Jess out”
Gm: “I’m telling you I don’t care… Jess is going this week”

Aaryn: ‘Everything Amanda does is strategic she told me”
Gm: ‘Sure so do I” (LOL)
Aaryn: “everything I do isn’t strategic.. I feel with Amanda it’s constant.. she uses everything to her advantage and throws people under the bus to get what she wants.. I can’t blame her for doing that cause you know its a game”

Aaryn says they have made it so far after everyone else in their original alliance has been wiped out it is amazing.
Aaryn is worried they are going to get blindsided this week. “Every time we’re in power we get blindsided”
GM: “I’ve never been in power”
Aaryn adds as long as they do what the “House” wants they are fine but once they do something against the house they run into trouble.

Gm points out when Amanda went on the block last week she was suspiciously scared.

GM: “I’m f** funny and I’m funny why am I not MVP”

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what if a gal and a guy go on thursday?


All you got is what ifs… Man howard left, people mourning out here


I farted and it smelled like this season


Am I the only one who thinks Judd looks like a meth addict when he smiles?
Also, I’m voting for Howard as America’s favorite house guest just to piss off Amanda and her minions.


People in Juddville, Tennessee all looked like tweakers.

Big Sister

Glad you’ve gotten on my bandwagon. I have been posting that for days now here and on Facebook and Facebook is on board as well. Spread the word!!


most folks assume 2 gals are going out on thursday via the D.O!!!!!
its more likely to be 2 gals than 2 guys for several obvious reasons,
the big catfight was a distraction! i’m assuming a gal goes, and then
a guy goes, because we may see two backdoorings in less than a
half hour of each other! the superfriends are too quiet. something is
afoot. normally that lil barbeque would be in total gameplay mode if
helen had yet to secure the next big vote to a 90 percentile or more!!!
helen is trying not to look like a total control freak & there is a politics!


BB fans are so confused about what’s good or bad about this game for instance…

I don’t get why you all hate Amanda’s gameplay she is playing a really good game right now, she’s ruthless, she lies, backstabs and has everyone afraid of her and doing her dirty work that equals to an amazing BB player! The only thing I don’t like about her is her personal attacks on people but as far as her game goes it’s pretty solid SO FAR!

– Fans hate her.

Andy is playing a great social game, he’s in great with everyone! HE’S NOBODY’S TARGET and you all call him a floater which he’s not. He’s aligned with Amanda and McCrae. And, a lot of people like to call him a rat but lately he’s been very selective of what he tell to who which is smart on his part.
P.S. I think he’s funny!

– Fans hate him.

Helen catching so much hate is amazing to me ’cause she’s playing a good too that’s why she’s not really anyone’s target. They all kiss her ass even when she’s not in power. Which to the fans she should be a boss no matter how she acts with those people she still has them wrapped around her finger so she must be doing something right in the BIG BROTHER house where lying, backstabbing, fake crying and everything else is allowed.

– Fans hate her.

Aaryn’s hate is self explanatory and it has nothing to do with game so F. Her!

– I hate her too not just every BB fan and former players.

Elissa is hated on by certain fans because she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister and she gets the MVP every week umm… I don’t remember her being asked for that sh*t! If it’s rigged then that’s productions fault not hers so the fans can’t blame her for that. All the bullying that girl endured in the BB house is unbelievable ’cause I don’t think anyone ever in BB history got treated like that ( the hat and ass situation) ugh. As far as game she’s not a floater either, she’s been with Helen for day 1.

– 60% fans hate her.

So my question is, what do you think is playing the BEST GAME, not personal shit?!?!

Big Brother is not a game of honesty, integrity, morals or anything good.

Big Brother is a game of lies, backstabbing, betrayal and ruthlessness.



i dont give a sh!t about amandas game – she is a turd

you cant polish a turd – cbs need to flush her down the toilet


The thing about Amanda is that she is the BB-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior” when in fact she is probably just as offensive as Aaryn. I think she is playing an okay game. People are going to catch on to her, but her current control over the Houseguests is superb. The problem is that it is too good, and none of the Houseguests have the balls to do anything about the status quo (which is boring for us and the show).

Andy is playing a great social game, but that means nothing if he sticks with McCrae and Amanda. Obviously, they will take one another to the Final 2 over Andy. Also, talkblocker. *Andy joins them* (Drink).

Helen is playing an OK game, OK. Her social game is OK; her strategic game is OK, her physical game is OK. What’s annoying is she overdoes it with the tears, OK. She’s very, very loud, OK. OKOKOKOKOKOKOK……

Aaryn said some disgusting things, but her gameplay is actually alright. She really switched into high gear last week. Expect to see her deep in the game.

Elissa is playing horribly. Successful in the game, but an absolute bore to watch… unless drunk. Get her some of Rachel’s HOH tequila and then let’s talk.


Even if Amanda is playing a somewhat good game, she is still a vile person who goes above and beyond in personally attacking people. I used to like her but now I don’t. Helen I used to root for her but ever since she showed her hypocrisy in regards to Howard especially when she is the master liar and manipulator, ny respect for her went down.
I hate Aryan Nation or her sidekick GinaMarie and wish they were out of the house.

Andy has the best social game but I want people to find out he is a mole/rat/tattle yell.

I can’t root for Judd especially when I saw how crazy he was off meds. He was like a rocking timebomb.

I don’t care for Spencer like at all.

I root for the underdog so I want Candice to win POV because if she doesn’t she us out the door.
And I want her to make up with Spencer and use her head more in addition to her intuition.

I’m not sure about McCrae, I’m in wait and see mode.

Don’t really care for Jessi

I think McCrae is poised to win it all and I think he is getting tired of Amanda.


To each their own.
I personally don’t think anyone in the house has great game. I understand that a lot of people will backstab,manipulate, lie, and betray however I thought and this is just my own thought even though Jeff and Jordan mostly Jeff not making it twice, I still appreciated their game play as a whole. This current season has been more then boring but I do have hope that someone in the group will have big enough balls to remove the cancer that is amanda. It’s no secret that I’m what you’d call an “Amanda Hater”, whether it’s her constantly being the victim or even being as hypocritical enough to say someone is being a bully and trying to manipulate other houseguests to try and take her out is beyond stupidity. I’m not cutting you down for what great game you think she’s playing but I seriously don’t see any game? All I see is predictable moves being made week after week, no one in that house has developed their own thought. They came close to imagining getting her out but never follow through, must be because she’s on her A game daily. I say if this game is rigged then every houseguest except Amanda should just vote themselves off, there shouldn’t be a veto or HoH because that spot is already taken by her who shall not be named!, dun dun dunnnnn the victimized duck faced Amandamort.

I do hope someone Anyone1 whether Dawg or Simon throw some ninja smoke bombs and hadouken Amanda, because Helen may possibly drown the rest of the houseguests with her tears.


Everyone knows that Big Brother is a game of lies and backstabbing and we have all seen that and have seen people win that way. Been there, Done that. As a fan, I want to see someone go to the end and win who doesn’t do this or at least to the lowest degree lies and backstabs. I want to see someone who actually plays a somewhat honest and genuine game win. I want to believe that you can go about things in a good way and come out on top. I don’t want to see people being “nasty” and “ugly” and extremely manipulative to win. Its been seen and I want to see something else.


This comment is hilarious, go and watch BBUK and BBAU. The US version requires backstabbing, manipulating and lying. With the concept of power, comes the concept of survival. How can someone be an HOH and do not lie when all house guest ask that they do not want to be put on the block. This version of big brother focuses on strategy and politicking, if you are tired of how they do it, I suggest you watch the other franchise.


So I shouldn’t be able to root for someone to play the game differently because that’s not how the game is supposed to be played? thanks for your opinion on how I should watch and root for players.


The problem I have with some of these people is that they are so hateful. you can play this game and be ruthless and lie and scheme but once you start attacking people on a personal level, that is all I see. To me Helen is an example of being cutthroat without making it personal. As far as I know she has never said she hates someone or wished them dead or injured or made racial or vulgar remarks about anyone. Now I don’t like Helen but I can respect her game because she isn’t being vile about people. She is a hypocrite but not vulgar

Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer are just way over the top. They have all at some point said such horrible things that I just don’t care how they play the game anymore. I just want them gone so I don’t have to listen to it anymore!


I do not think Helen is hypocrite it is a game and it might look like she is but I think she is not. Totally agreed with you that her strategic play kind of involves some kind of lies but if you notice there is a truth to it. She is not a vile person and all her moves are directed toward the game. She really protecting only two people here that is Elissa who she bonded with because everyone was hating Elissa being Rachel sis and she was the only one that came to her rescue and now she is trying to help Candice who seems to be being bullied. Helen got upset with Jessie because she tried to flip the house on Candice. Fans hate her because of her strategy but at least like you said she does not say vile, nasty, degrading, racial comments to any of the houseguest. Elissa, Helen and Candice hoping for F3 if Candice does not go home.


Said it before, I will say it again. Amanda is absolutely playing the best game, but b/c of all the other stuff, 70 percent of the people on this board disagree. They are blinded by their unmitigated hate for a woman on a reality show playing balls-out and playing to win. Take away some of the off-color comments and cat people would STILL be crushing her every other comment.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

You got the term all wrong, the “cat people” are the ones who completely dismisses what people don’t like about their favorite HG and root for them no matter what.

I accept her so-called game is good, but that’s only because the other HGs are stupid sheep. As I mentioned before, put her in that same house with the actual “great players”, and she would be brought to her knees instantly.

Evel Dick alone would make her self-evict.

She’ll probably win this season, I don’t doubt that one bit.


I was rooting for Amanda and Helen but now I have changed my mind on Amanda because with her strategy involves vile, nasty comments and the most recent one on Howard was the lowest. I also overlook her romance with Mccrea which is too much, she has a boyfriend outside and Jessie called her on it, but lately she has stated some racial, nasty and vile comments and I cannot overlook her last made up comments on Howard so I hope that she gets evicted if America voted for her eviction.


I don’t remember Ian or Dan or anyone else from other seasons acting the way Helen, Amanda, Arryn, and GM have been acting. One could play this game without personal, cultural attacks on others. Maybe you think that is entertainment, but I’d rather see the lying and secret alliances. Saying the things these people have said is not making me want to watch every episode. Helen is a trouble making drama-horse, she is always throwing fuel onto a fire that doesn’t even involve her. (I guess it is a strategy, but I don’t like the huge arguments with one person on five others. The others mentioned above are self-explanatory. Racism is becoming a major problem again in our country, with the media and pop-culture playing “Helen” with it.
Judd I think is playing the best game. He needs Jessie to stay, so he could have him, Arryn, GM, Jessie, and Spencer. Those five will need to start their own alliance if there is to be any chance of excitement this season.
I’m not interested in a Andy, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Mccrae final five.
Elissa is playing a pretty good game, she is under the radar from what I can tell.


Hey, I’m a paying customer and I will cheer for and hate whoever I damn well please. Thanks for posting that novel but I couldn’t get through the first few sentences.




Amanda is clearly playing the best game this year. She is playing such a good game in fact that other players (with the exception of Helen) can’t touch her and that pisses fans off. They want to not be sure who is going each week and fans love to have someone to hate. Since Aaryn is no longer acting racist and vulgar and most of the other characters are meek they pick one person who is willing to ruffle some feather. They should realize if Amanda wasn’t having some drama with people the show wouldn’t have any entertainment at all. She is one of the only strong personalities this season has had. If she left the house at this point there would be no point in reading the feeds.

Go Elissa!

You make great valid points HOWEVER we all know this game is social as much as tactical. If folks feel coerced or bullied then you’re not going to succeed. Amanda attacked Jess. I know I felt the stress of that and the attack wasn’t geared at me. That’s why Mc pulled back from Amanda that evening. Her jealousy was ridiculous. Mc had clearly chosen Amanda over Jess so it was pointless except to rile folks up. Amanda shot herself in the foot. America didn’t like it either and she will be the MVP selection again this week and likely until she is voted out which would be the best thing for Mc’s game.


The only reason Amanda is doing so well is because the others are sheep. Each viewer has their own favorite type of game play they respect. I don’t like Amanda’s game play because with this cast she has no competition. I have read she is friends with AG and is being set up for the win. They really didn’t cast anyone who will give her any problems. I think this is the biggest reason people want her out so bad. I hope she is voted out so that someone steps up to the plate and new dynamics are created in the house, otherwise we will just continue to see Amanda’s hate list bumped off one by one.


This seasons got me down… I’d feel better with a thumbs up


This is my favorite update in a while purely for the fact that it supplied ample evidence of what a total babe Jessie is. Simon, the screengrabs are much appreciated, dude.


jess is fine


Do U Think Bobsky Will Not Post Again Now That Howard Is gone? I’ll Miss His IntuitiveCommentary


Thnx Simon, I was watching the contest with my wife and I couldn’t stop blushing at Jessie. I had to dial it back a notch b4 I ended up in the dawghouse (pun intended). I’m glad you got the screencaps, really paid Jessie no mind until tonight

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

ROLMFAO MaCrae and Amanda so desperate to sleep in the HOH bed, dude put on a bikini top…

Why you choose HOH Bed over a BBQ? I guess you can’t sleep on a BBQ.

Has he forgotten they could’ve just bum-rushed the HOH bed like they been doing the last 5 weeks? They could’ve had the HOH room AND BBQ.


“Aaryn saying the person that bothers her the most right now is cockness..
GM asks who is being cocky. She mentions the people that walk around thinking they run the house.”

Every single fly on the wall screams in unison: “You’ve 2 have let them run 2 HOH’s in a row that they did not win, only somebody with brain damage wouldn’t be cocky!!!”


I don’t even know who the other side of the house is anymore, everybody’s fake allies




Ima fly over the Big Brother house with a sign that says, THIS FUXXING SEASON SUCKS!!!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Go ahead, CBS is going to shoot your aircraft down to “edit” that little truth… ROLMFAO

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

GODDAMN, Elissa got nice body shape…. Thanks to Yoga

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Had to down vote my own shit, I didn’t see that it was Jessie in high-heels… She got good shape.


What you fail to realize is that the personal attacks have become their game play. it’s not complementary to it.


RIP to the homie Howard. Spencer may be our only hope. No Head of Household can help one man against the whole house. He might need the Landlord key to make it to the end.


I appreciate your hope


Elissa: Judd have you ever tried meditation or naturopathic products for your anxiety?

Judd: I’d rather just take my lorazepam. It’s so much easier.

Andy walks in

Helen: I didn’t know you had an anxiety problem.

Judd: I hate when people ask me the time cause something happens to me. I just panic. I can’t read my watch. When I’m alone, I’m great at reading my watch, but when someone asks me, I just have this anxiety attack, and I just can’t make it out… I always end up saying something useless, like, ‘It’s 20 of 9:40.

Andy: Do you take any other drugs?
Judd: Not really. But the other day Amanda let me try one of her Adderall that she had in her drawer. She told me it was for people with attention problems but would help me with the drowsiness from the lorazepam because it speeds you up. I don’t have an attention problem and when I took the adderall it gave me an extra-long attention span. People would tell me a story, and it would end, and I’d get all mad. Come on, man, there has to be more to that story.

Judd leaves

Helen Ok ok ok You know he scares me and makes me nervous he has to go

Elissa: I agree

Andy: This is what I’ve been trying to tell you


I have to ask… all these Judd gems you’re posting end with a “he has to go” lately; is that actually happening or are you adding it on? I assume it’s a running gag on your part (and it’s got me everytime) but then again I wouldn’t put it past these people to be conspiring and gunning for Judd at any given time.


Dear Helen,

You’re always bragging about being a mom and how you’re so strong/special because of it. Well guess what?! Being a mom is what’s going to get you evicted! You think all of these people are your children and must do whatever you say!! You were hoh ONE TIME! Calm down. Your power is over.


When Helen wa HOH she got rid of one bully ( that person has realized that he is and will change as he stated in his interview with Jule) is that not a good thing Helen is just playing a game. She is not a mean person that says nasty and vile statements towards the other houseguest. She is just too trusting on anyone that speaks to her and exposes her moves. She got rid of Howard because he threw out her name for evictionn and he tries to do it again. Agree that her talking too much is kind of annoying but I think that she has a good heart and work hard. If she goes back on the way she was on week one she will be OK again, however, I see that feeds are not fair and hoping that it can be corrected. I lke that she was able to save Candice before and hope that her and Elissa can pull it off. Although I am liking GinaMarie her comments are not nice.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Amanda: “I love you “
Amanda is talking about Howard saying to him that Amanda is using him. She’s pissed off by this.

Amanda asks him if he feels he’s in a bad situation. “Will you talk to me you’re driving me crazy”

MC: “I’m just trying to think about what is going on”
Amanda says he’s just like her “three year relationship” where guys would threaten her and he didn’t do anything.

A: “Can you speak do you want to end this.. what are you thinking”
MC: “No.. I’m just trying to think.. what we are going to do.. about the game”

Very interesting. Guys used to threaten Amanda and her men not do anything? So she’s used to messing with bitch-made dudes who don’t stand up for their women or themselves? McCrae is in good company when “talking big and bad behind people ‘s backs, but never confronting them”.

I think she could take care of herself though, whoop a dudes ass. I don’t know she seems like a women who could brawl if provoked.


Roses are red violets are blue graphics are bad but rather watch season 2


The banner I would fly above the BB House is “You are all turds to McManda and Helen. Andy the rat should have told you that by now!”


Thank god for Big Brother UK this summer, If CBS’s format was
similar to BBUK’s version, Aaron, Amanda & GM would have already
walked the WALK of SHAME and been massively BOOED by
the Gladiator type audience. Even the house mates that I dislike
all seem like Saints compared to the trash inside CBS’s studio lot.

IF CBS is smart, they’ll totally follow the racist vile housemates with camera’s
and have an update of them leaving the BB house. I really do not
need to see anyone else’s hometown. Let’s watch Aaryn’s first day out
of the BB house. Now that I would pay damn good money to watch!!!!


Can anybody explain to me Why Amanda and McCrae still fighting please?


So let me get this straight….Amanda & MC get the HOH bed for a second night in a row? GM is the most pathetic useless HOH I have ever seen!


I wasn’t much of a Spencer fan until I saw him stand up to Amanda… since then I kinda like him…….he didn’t get flustered by her at all….and did you notice how she was starting to lose it when she realized he took the high way over her way? All in all it’s a game of mind tricks and such.. I just despise bullies and I think that’s why I’m not enjoying this season…


“Amanda says putting her up this week would bve a waste of a MVP.”

Just to see your face when the nomination is named, is worth the price of admission.

Just to see you scramble to try and figure out who the MVP is, is worth the price of you in full out panic mode.

Just to see you get evicted if the beta-drones of the Queen B realize it is time to flip the house, would be priceless.

Helen, Elissa, Spencer and Aaryn now would be your time to strike. And if Candice or Jessie come off the block oh well another nail in the coffin.


Amanda to Spencer ” What kind of guy tells a woman to shut up “?
In your case Amanda…the kind that has some balls. Spencer has a total read on her bullying and manipulative tactics.
He needs an alliance fast.

Weiner Texts Amanda

i agree. Even if you can’t get her voted out I want to see that look like she has a turd in her mouth when they announce her nomination.

Jack Daniels

I really hope Candice wins veto, it will send all parties in the house into panic mode. I see already that Aaryn is getting suspicious of Amanda. That is a good thing. The problem with the season is everyone is afraid to upset “the house”, which is ridiculous. If Candice comes off the block and Amanda goes up as MVP with Spencer replacing Candy. I think there is a real shot for Amanda to go home. With Amanda out, the house will be in reset mode, alliances will shift, and those hiding under power(McCrae,Andy,) will be forced to actually play the game, and not slide through the game. The DE will shock everyone but I assume either Jessie, Candy, McCrae or Spencer will go IF Amanda is evicted. The house will then have some balance.


After watching Howard’s exit interview with Jeff, I feel like I will vote for him for america’s favorite player at the end of the season. he’s a class act.


I don’t call poop #2 anymore… I call it a season 15 Big Brother SHIT

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

I gotta take a Big Brother 15, real bad…

Yea, it works


Get ready for Andy Evil to start up his obnoxious whispering against Judd when the MVP nom is revealed.


I want to like Candice so much but her game play so far has been flawed, she has to win for herself, she has won no challenges and this POV is her last chance. Want to root for the underdog but I’m losing hope


I feel if we (America) put Amanda up as the 3rd person on the block and no one votes her out like last week I am donre voting and these idiots deserve to go home and not receive a dime

I'm Tall

this season has killed my vibe! B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe!!! To Late!


McC is so just using Amanda for the sexual stuff and protection in the house. I doubt he wants a real relationship with her after. He is sick of her. You can tell. That seems like it’s been for a while. Welcome to the club, pizza boy.

Just wondering

I was just wondering when McCrae will wake up and use his correct head. He really doesn’t look very happy lately. If he really wants the money he would put together a campaign and vote out Amanda when America puts her back on the block. I know it won’t happen, but it would be fun to watch. I don’t know, I just wish someone would wake up soon before the whole season of Big Brother is wasted


Girls BBQ is awesome!!!!


you have to wait until it is down to 9 hg before we see the shake ups. They all are playing safe until jury.


Hey Amanda – I’m surprised your dick hasn’t fallen out yet. Boom. Roasted.

Hey Helen – I’d call you a whiny tattle-tale, but I think entitled bitch suits you better. Boom. Roasted.

Hey Aaryn – I bet your favorite part of taking a shit is flushing brown stuff. Boom. Roasted.

Hey Andy – Look in a mirror. Boom. Roasted.

Hey Elissa – I don’t take your religion seriously. Boom. Roasted.

Hey McCrae – How does Amanda’s penis taste? Boom. Roasted.

Hey Spencer – How are the rape charges coming along? Boom. Roasted.

Hey Gina Marie – You’re Gina Marie. Boom. Roasted.

Hey Candice – This is why high school is soooo important. Boom. Roasted.


Can someone explain why GM hates Candice so much?

No Fan of anyone

In order to really shake up the house, if we get a chance to vote in the DE, let’s vote for Andy or someone who has never been on the block. It has to be united so let’s decide and all vote together.


Does anyone else think that McRae is going to turn on Amanda eventually? Watching back the youtube reel of Amanda’s racist comments… you can hear him muttering under his breath with every comment she makes “Amanda, that’s racist”, “that’s so racist”, “that’s mean.”… Something tells me he has been using her all along, and now that she is wearing on him, he’s going to start thinking about cutting her loose. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he were to take Andy to the final two (blind-sighting Amanda in the final hour)… Buddy just turned 24… there is no way he is in it for the long haul. Am betting Jessie is starting to look pretty good to him now…