Whatever happened to Superfriends “At some point I’ll have to betray Helen and Elissa”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


N*de flashback times here NEW times just added

7:19pm Kitchen Amanda and Elissa
Elissa: “hey Amanda.. do you think we have the votes to keep her” (Candice)
Amanda: “I hope so.. I’ll make .. um I’m going to try an make sure of it”
A: “If I do that do you think she will put me up still“
E: “HUH”
A: “IF I DO THAT do you think she will put me up still”
Elissa shakes her head says “no way only GM and Spencer would”
A: “Yeah that was what I was thinking”


7:33pm HOH Aaryn, Spencer, Andy GM and Helen
(Remember what Amanda and Helen did to Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Nick .. they’re doing the same thing with Jessie now. Expect a lot of made up sh!t to be said about her this week)

Helen mentions how Jessie was bringing up that her and Elissa do not need the money. Helen tells them she needs the Big Brother money, ‘it will help everybody.. you know.. we’re not here for fun. you know.. I’m here working my butt off so I can win this for my family.. you know..”
Helen adds that Jessie going around making comments like that didn’t do her or her family a service. helen points out all the flip flopping Jessie did last week.. ‘I could’ve called her out and embarrassed her” .
Helen says the private deal her an Aaryn made was leaked by Jessie. Helen adds she could have made a big deal about it but she didn’t.
Helen: ‘I could have embarrassed her HUGELY in this house for doing that.. you know.. I didn’t I didn’t .. you know ”
Helen starts to say that she’s been protecting Jessie’s game “you know” she could have made it a lot worse for her but she didn’t “you know”
Helen: “All Jessie has done is hurt my game.. you know.. I’ve never donm anything to her”

Spencer is quick to jump in saying they all need the money, ‘Who can’t use half a million dollars”

GM says doesn’t matter how much money they have going into the house they all have bills to pay.
Andy: ‘i think she was snapping on everybody yeastreda

Aaryn is saying she’s totally fine with Jess leaving whenever it’s her time to leave.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:04pm Kitchen Players are either eating or sleeping

CBS Interactive Inc.

8:29pm HOH Andy listening to music while GM admires her picture of Nick


8:34pm HOH Aaryn and Andy

Aaryn telling him that during the mattress flipping event Amanda convinced 6 people in the rainbow room she was responsible for David and Nick’s eviction, “She convinced everyone in the room it was my fault.. “
Aaryn adds that after Amanda told her in private that Aaryn was not responsible for those two evictions.

Aaryn says you can manipulated David’s mind so easily she’s worried that David’s at home right now thinking she is why he went home.

Andy: “If i Know two things about Amanda is she likes to be in the centre of trouble and two she is very loyal and I want her on my side and not against me”

Aaryn Hopes that they are loyal to her. Andy says he’s trusting his gut on this one and he feels they can trust Amand and McCrae.

Aaryn says they all have bonds with people in this house and if they want to win this game they have to have loyalty. Andy thinks the first couple weeks of this game is all about making those bonds.

Aaryn points out it’s going to get hard once Spencer, Candice and Jessie leave and people start to smell the money, “everyone will want to win HOH and be safe”
Aaryn asks him why does Amanda and McCrae want her in their group
Andy says it’s all Amanda she trusts Aaryn.
Aaryn says they can fully get to final 4 with their group they have, points out that no one will expect it. Andy agrees says that he’s got Helen covered and she has JUDD covered as long as they win a couple competitions along the way they are golden.
Aaryn is a bit worried if Candice wins POV tomorrow.
Andy: “It’s Candice and Candace SUCKS at competitions”

Aaryn is worried because if Candice wins POV and then wins HOH she will put up her and Gm.
Andy : “I love GM but she’ll go home:”
Aaryn loves GM to but she did turn on her a couple weeks ago when they were on the block with Kaitlin.
Andy: “She really turned on you”
Aaryn confirms that she did.
Andy thinks he was overthinking last week.. he’s not as “Super nervous “ about JUDD anymore.
Andy: “I trust you way more than I trust JUDD”
Aaryn: “I know Amanda and McCrae have made a lot of deals with a lot of people..” Aaryn is worried that Amand and MC have a final 4 with Helen and Elissa that trumps their final 4.
Andy doesn’t think so. “At some point I’ll have to betray Helen and Elissa”

Aaryn wonders about the MVP nominee this week. Andy isn’t phased by it because regardless of who goes up they have the votes to take out Candice.


8:49pm GM and Aaryn HOH

Aaryn says Helen makes her nervous she feels like she won’t vote out Candice.
Gm isn’t worried she points out that JUDD isn’t going to vote out Jessie nor is Aaryn.

They start planning out the contest for tonight to decide who wins the 3rd spot for Helen’s BBQ. (Right now it’s Elissa, Aaryn and Helen who are going to be in the BBQ. GM has declined to participate. I say throw the comp)

GM starts to go over her conversations with Jessie and Candice.

Aaryn says if Candice comes off the block she is going to cry. Aaryn is also worried that she will go up as the MVP nominee or the replacement MVP nominee.
GM: “In anyone f***s me i’m going to f** them in their a$$”
Aaryn and GM both agree that her Nomination speech today was a big deal and everyone is talking about it.
GM: “No one has b@lls to say something” (Saying gunk about Candice and Jessie does not take balls.. saying it to Amanda now that requires balls)
Aaryn: “You are losing a lot of weight”
GM: ‘I feel like i’m fat.. look at my thighs they are HUGE”


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Remember when CBS promised this was going to be a “floater-free season”…


Exactly. It turned everyone into a floater. Everyone is afraid to really pick a side. Ugh


Remember when everyone that isn’t a floater gets killed by everyone here for being a bully? Lol.


@ I’d spoon, nope. Nice try though. Lol. Keep living in your alternate reality. People don’t like Amanda because she’s loud, and abrasive. That’s not mentioning the house handing the HOH powers to her week after week. What am I saying though, you’re like a wall. I’m sure that you think Aaryn is not racist, just young and immature lol.

Now return head to sand.


They lied just as bad as the houseguests.


A twist will never make for a “floater-free” season. Good casting does. Floating (as in a pre-Rachel sense of the word) is strategically sound; it’s the goats who can lose to anybody and the sheep who follow the orders of “the House” that really break the season. Basically, stop casting farm animals.


I honestly can’t see who are the floaters this season. It’s just one huge set of players in an alliance who continuously win and targets the outsiders or people who are a threat to their alliance. Perhaps if the outsiders win competition and HOH they would be able to knock the huge alliance, apparently for them the outsiders suck at competition.


Just my opinion: But the MVP has been a floater shelter. Think about it: During week 2, after the MC “weaponized” the MVP (Which was the fatal error as they should have recognized it was a HUGE unknown and should have been vilified, convincing the house that they should not let they audience steal their game and create a consensus that all the MVP would do is remove a vote in the contest between the 2 HOH nominees…then later you could flip the script and use it), Helen gathered all the would be floaters and explained to them how the game could become majority rule and the Superfriends were born…and Amanda saw how she could herd the floaters to take out all the real players, then pick them off one-by-one (She’s an absolutely despicable player…but that was a brilliant move)

I would argue that with Jeremy, Nick, and Howard gone the house is majority floater. Think about the CONSTANT ratting and tattling in this house. That’s a floater move (Floater strategy is week-to-week with the goal of keeping the target on anybody else with ZERO tactical thought) and one that they would have used to go from HOH to HOH…but because the MVP made “the house” king, the floaters need only to secure a good spot in “the house” pecking order. If the MVP is never in this game, GM, Helen, Jessie, Andy, Candace, Elissa, Judd, and Aaryn all would have been floaters or pawns for real players, while Amanda, McCrea, and Spencer would have been real players. There’s a reason these three are the ones constantly with their eyes on the prize, thinking strategically, and willing to make moves, both big and small, to get there.

For me a floater is somebody, who NEVER wants to rock the boat, has no clear strategy to win other than to NEVER rock the boat, and will be among the first to hug the new HOH and feign interest in their HOH room, while trying to always pretend they’re friends with everybody, and willing to rat out anybody to ensure they will never be targeted.

The MVP ensured a season of floaters, rather than weeding them out…and honestly I’ve no clue what would make BB think otherwise.


@Name, get the feeds. If you have them already, watch more. There are more bouys floating around than a kayak race.


The only floater I see this season is Andy. He is doing exactly what Jessie was doing last week only she got called out for it and paid the price and yet guess who is still doing it to everybody because he is in everyone’s “good graces”? Andy. He is the house rat this season. He runs like a lap dog to whoever’s in power EVERY week and rats to the HOH of what he hears in the house. He then proceeds to make these relationships while the person is HOH thus making him safe for next week making him someone who they can “trust” for next week and not a nominee. He is a FLOATER and although he has a good social game, I don’t respect him or his gameplay. Ronnie was labeled a RAT during his season for doing the exact same thing but since carrot top is “special” he gets away with it. Not fair. He is very manipulative and he accuses everyone else of being shady. Notice how he accuses everyone of being shady and yet he does the same thing? How low can he go? I don’t consider him or Amanda loyal in any sense of the word, Big Brother needs to stick a dictionary in there so they know what these words actually REALLY mean.


Lets be fair. There’s no floaters. There are weak players but no floaters, everyone has picked their side, everyone except Candice and Spencer are superfriends, and Helen is trying to have her side talks with both Candice and Spencer. Andy is a little rat but not a floater. Aaryn and GM want to be with the power, there’s no where for them to go, so they are not floating either, just picking a side. This side will eventually have to go against each other though, so we’ll see what really happens, the most lethal and vital player when the superfriends turn in to World War 3 (or 178 in the BB house, too many fights) is Andy. He rats 24/7 and no one suspects him of anything, I’d be interested (though I dislike him) to see if he can officially ‘float’ his way into the finals and also who he would be loyal too.

P.S: I need Amanda out.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

That’s what I’m screaming. I mean, floating is still a strength. People in the house ACKNOWLEDGE that others are floaters and still pass them by because they think “oh they aren’t a threat”. That is why everyone love/hated Rachael Reilly. She had a different strategy and knew she couldn’t actually BE the best unless they beat the best. She rocked the $hit out of the boat every week. I hate the superfriends but if I were in the house you can bet your a$$ that is right where I would want to be. Though I couldn’t choose one redeeming character in that house to play ;) Can I just be Batman??

amandas mean-spiritedness

here are some of amandas most mean spirited moments in the house, essential viewing really…the world is watching…

google…Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Jessie…
youtube .com/watch?v=XeyigpelcTU

google…BB15 FIGHT: Amanda vs Jessie (08.02.2013 1:55AM CAM 1)
youtube .com/watch?v=yym5CzOX-CA

google…BB15 Bigotry Supercut
youtube .com/watch?v=xCUbKcKVtVM


I would love for Julie on Thursday when the show begins to say to everyone in the house… “expect the unexpected”. we were supposed to have a double eviction tonight, so every one in the house please do America a favor, pack your shit and GTFO the house. no one is getting the 500K, this season has be adjourned.


*this season has been adjourned.


This season cast has been so different from other seasons, any ideas on who will be America’s player? For me it seems to change from week to week who it might, be, but with all the people left I don’t know of anyone that stands out to win America’s Player.


When somebody decides to go “against the house” aka Amanda, then they will get my vote. As it looks right now, unfortunately, that is nobody. So disappointed with this season.

Its Her Time

Get your vote? Are you a house guest? When you get a vote….is this Nick? Nick you do know that you are not in the game any longer? Plus have you seen Gina’s thighs lately. Gina keeps saying that she wants to wrap those legs around you. My suggestion is that you take deep breaths and bob a weave…..bend your knees as well.


Amanda is not “the house”. She pushed for Howard for 2 weeks before he even went up. However, building trust in this aliiance has served her well so far. What is interesting now is watching the two sides of this alliance jockey for players for when they go after each other. Amanda and McRae vs Helen and Elissa. I think Andy and Judd have for now chosen A&M because she pisses people off and he seems weak laying low behind her, while Helen, and Elissa to a less extent because she’s crazy, continue to try and play nice. Helen was tricked into keeping Aaryn last week, but I think she will fight hard for Candice this week.

Call you maybe? No way, It is you not me,Goodbye

What is the use of live feeds if they cut them off at certain moments?Like for example during the Amanda Jessie fight they went to fishes and during Kaitlin and Jeremy sex they switched cameras Wtf

Call you maybe? No way, It is you not me,Goodbye

Lol so they use to cut off even more?

Mccrae is the woman in the relationship officially

Oh great,Not only were people calling Amanda the man in the relationship but now Mccrae is wearing a bra and will probably put on a dress.Must stop watching now, the horror, my eyes run for your lives

Candice is an idiot.

Amaconda wants to dildo f*$k McCrae so bad. If he moves toFlorida, he will be ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race within a year.


LOL. I knew it!! She had to have seen potential in him from the get-go.

Why are people so threatened by a woman taking the lead in a relationship? It’s not you, their happy, calm down, It really frightens a lot of people at a deep level, which is turning to anger. Seriously, take one minute and think about why this scares you so much. Also, I’ve seen women posting angry comments about this as well, so this is a not just about uptight guys, it’s an cultural issue.


Not as ugly as aMANda…..oh wait, you may be correct!!


Helen is so ugly


Says the person hiding behind a computer


Not as ugly as you.


She’s also fake, and cries at the drop of a hat for sympathy when she’s done wrong. Before anyone says yes it’s a game, but Helen is the one that says she’s playing with values, because she’s a mom, and has never lied to anyone, when she’s indeed lied to everyone and through every one under the bus. Amanda is awful, but at least Amanda is loyal to someone, but Helen is only loyal to herself, and if she keeps going that’s going to be questionable.


To be fair but I also like Amanda however Helen is playing the game just like Amanda however the difference is Helen does not say mean and nasty comments about the other houseguest unlike Amanda. Amanda will be nice in front of your face and then bash you behind your back and do not tell me that she does not lie.


floater free season #FALSE-ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!


Team Judd!!!


Well at least helen is saying you know now instead of ok i think thats the most shocking thing thats happened all season

Kelli Jo

With Aaryn at risk for being put up this week by MVP when she wasn’t last week, it’ll be interesting to see if Amanda is nominated over her. It would definitely show that Amanda is the most hated. Two weeks ago Julie said that Aaryn got the “overwhelming” amount of votes but since she was already on the block, Elissa was 2nd. Funny how last week Julie didn’t say anything about Amanda when she was nominated and how close the votes were.

Its Her Time

If the MVP nominee is Aaryn, then Jessie goes home. If the MVP nominee is Amanda then Candice goes home. If the MVP nominee is Helen, then surprise, Helen goes home.


Andy is just handing either MC or Amanda the 500k cheque


At this point that is true. The problem with Opie is he appears to have no end game strategy to get rid of McManda. I thought fron the goof troops formation until last week his plan was to work with Judd. Well that is clearly not true. What’s worse is bringing in Arryn makes it 3 vs 1 in goofy. Does not matter what is said Arryn has this thing figured out. She will sit beside Amanda F2 and collect 50K. That’s 50K more than the sheeple that will all go before her. It’s also Amanda’s garuntee to win 500K sitting beside Arryn.

Looks like we are going to see the 1st crack in the “Helen is running the house” mindset. She is going to be counting a lot more than 1 vote not going her way when Candy leaves. Unless Candy has a blow up(possible) Helen and Ellisa will likely be the only ones other than maybe Spencer who will not vote Candy out!That means Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd will betray Helen on Thursday! LOL

Thursday the second looks more and more like Spencer and not Jessie. Status quo for the final 9. Most of us could have predicted this weeks ago. I think Ellisa has done the best job of getting off peoples radar. Tie between Jessie and Judd as to who has lost the most ground in the last 3 weeks. If you presume Judd was in a F4 spot 3 weeks ago his stock has dropped the most. What’s interesting is that the “pattern of consensus” in the house will likely keep Judd and Helen from working together for each other. It’s not a “cake walk” as HOH will gain some power from F7 or F8 down but looks like the “new” and “improved” goof troop is set for a BIG F4 run. Andy has picked F4 correctly and will see no prize money for it. Best season ever for “make the jury, win no prize” in the history of BB.


Amanda will be MVP nominee. Judd will be viciously blamed by the whole house behind his back for being the MVP. Amanda possibly will start becoming paranoid that maybe McCrae is the MVP causing a massive relationship bust-up.

The house will be so pissed at Judd that they will agree for Amanda or Candice to be handed to the POV win so that Judd can go up as a replacement. GM will go along will the house because actually she is an arse licker. Judd will be voted out this week with Jessie next.


I agree!! All you need is Amanda’s paranoia ( aka Adderall) to kick in and there it is, the next week’s victim. She has done it every week so far. Any body else notice how she gets those ‘crazy eyes’ every time she’s paranoid? “Adderall makes one think more clearly” yeah right, paranoid is more like it.


I bet! That if Candice doesnt win POV (hope she will win) & if elissa or amanda win…they will remove Candice from the block..

Hopefully that BITCH aaryn is the 3rd nomination

Baby Got Back

Why would Amanda take down Candice if she wins POV? Additionally, I don’t think Amanda can win a comp, her strength lies in being able to intimidate people. The last HOH was an endurance comp, so my guess is that the POV will be some type of question/answer comp. Gina wouldn’t have a chance in that type of comp. Candice should have a good shot at winning this next POV comp.


So far l’ve wasted my summer for this so called ‘Expect the Un-expected’?? Wake me up when someone grows a pair! Who gave ‘Jr. from movie Problem Child’ a.k.a. Andy the RAT the little boy hair cut? Tiger mom a.k.a. ‘I hate a liar’ Helen? Double eviction just, maybe just might get season going.

If water is water does that mean the sky is sky?

If you look deep inside yourself and think very hard you are watching the unexpected. By big brother saying expect the unexpected and the “expected” happening that really means you are getting the unexpected.You were expecting the unexpected but by you getting the expected you were really unexpecting it. Woah I just blew everyone’s mind,I am here all night I might start charging for such great advice.

If water is water does that mean the sky is sky?

2 thumbs down? Woah tuff crowd,You can’t stop me I am taking all of these jabs like a boxer but I will still give great advice. Ok here is some advice for the road,Buying in bulk might save you money in the long run,BOOM “Where does this guy get all of this amazing info” thanks,I try.


I remember saying in a comment last night I hoped they would get liquored up & Jessie would spill secrets,,,so now Aaryn is worried about the 4 A/Mc/H/E & she heard Jessie say to Amanda about Amanda wanting Aaryn out,,, Aaryn heard Amanda go on & on about being “loyal” to the people she’s been with from week 1,,, Amanda let it out in her rage to Jessie who her “people” were & I don’t remember Aaryn being in on that group (superfriends), If they would just quit telling Andy every thing they could pull a move cause I bet Amanda will be back up on the block, *wishful thinking on making a move*

Candice is an idiot.

I see Helen is gaining on Aaryn in the poll. Are all the cry babies sleeping?


Hey, I think Candice is an idiot too, but to act like Aaryn isn’t a racist idiot makes you come off as low intelligence troll.



Would somebody please send a hairstylist in there STAT! I’m not usually this fussy, but between GM’s beehive in a blender, McCrae’s Alice in Wonderland bow and now Aaryn’s Bridget Boufant wannbe doo, I can’t take it anymore, dammit!

Butters Mom

Aaryn has a bump it! lol


and Spencer’s beard!! Gross!!

recharging my moxie and gonzo

is the rest of the summer to see a happy string of insipid cat~fights
like the soap opera vixen one where Jessie tells off Amanda???
poor Howie the class act was dude number 4 and i think that Spencer
or Judd could be backdoored after the PoV competition especially
if Amanda or Aaryn wins MVP~USA! This is all the more reason to
vote for Amanda! lets keep MVP~USA to the THREE As, namely
Amanda, Andy & Aaryn! Do not focus on any other letter of the
alphabet! i respect Jessie’s true grit for the way she went slumming.
i also tend to believe Howard’s version of the remark. Amanda lies!
I think you must remove Andy before you contain Helen! Andy has game.

Now I know my ABC's

Lets focus on H also for Helen


Hate this cast like wtf Andy is ticking me the hell off, he doesn’t deserve any money. Andy the rat does nothing walk in on every convo. What give him the right to talk about anybody. Loyalty with Amanda does not exist your a puppet she doesn’t even see you buddy. Trust she will use you to get who she wants out. Go a head and be someone B**** in bb all you want.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

GM: “In anyone f***s me i’m going to f** them in their a$$”

There’s that hoodtrat charm again.

give me a break

Aaryn as the 3rd nom…would increase Jessie or Candice chances of staying in the house…….I just think Amanda being up as the 3rd nom, the house will be too scared to vote her out…even though it would be the best move for everybody’s game……the only fun thing about Amand being the 3rd nom is her freaking out…

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

No it wouldn’t, Aaryn is Mcmanda’s pet, they’ll make sure the flock of sheep don’t vote for her.
Aaryn will most likely be the last female in the house next to Amanda.

give me a break

I hope the House has enough heart to vote Amanda out and after that finally vote out Aaryn


happy, relaxed elissa is adorable.


She is like a duck faced version of Ayrn’s clown. Ew.


Lol. I call her duck face too haha I’m sensing a pattern.


The past several days, I have been so disgusted
at Amanda, Aaryn & Helen and all the vile nastiness.
I was wishing to myself “Production should do something”
but the more & more I think about it.
CBS shouldn’t do shit – let them reap what they sew


But we don’t want to see them win either.


If they really want Jessie or Candice out they will put up one of their own as a pawn against them to ensure enough votes. Then whose with half a brain can vote out one of the mean team.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Why do they continue to kiss Mcmanda’s ass even what they’re not present? Goddamn these sheep are brainwashed good.


Amanda’s a bully and so is Helen but they like to throw that term around to accuse others. The only one Amanda is afraid of is Spencer. She turned red when he went head-to-head and told her off.


Amanda respects Spencer more for not backing down during that conversation.

Candice is an idiot.

Good njght, John Boy.


Candace: If I left this week I just don’t care anymore. I’m tired of all the racist remarks and still can’t believe what was done to Howie

Andy walks in

Judd: I know how you feel. There’s a kind of racism in the south that no one really thinks of, and that is that there are segregated graveyards. That just to me defies all logic…but it’s also, like, “Well, hats off…you’re going to stick to your guns on that one, and take that to the grave? All right!” There’s enough people to go, “Naw, man..ugh, I don’t even wanna think about it. My dead, lifeless, rotting, maggot-infested corpse…next to some black man’s? Ewww!!! That’s gross!” But that does pose an interesting scenario, because, what’s going to happen when the zombies rise out of their graves? … “We must take over the human race– wait, what were you?” “I’m black.” “F*ck you, you can’t come.” “What? No! But I’m a skeleton, you can’t tell!” “F*ck youuu…”

Judd leaves

Andy: I don’t understand what he said

Candace: no clue

Andy leaves

Andy walks in on Helen and Elissa

Andy: Judd has to go

Helen: Ok ok ok Candace, Judd, then Jessie I really want Candace to stay though


Actually might be an attempt to make them all feel guilty for voting out two blacks in a row. Hope it works. Hope they feel guilty for all their racism and keep Candice out of guilt.


just give judd his own show. i’d watch the hell outta that.


Simon did you catch GM’s major boob slip? at 9:12;15pm Cam4 Nice boob and piercing lol!! This will be a pic for the internet to add with the others…


Whenever Amanda or Helen speak to another House Guest, Simon and Dawg you should quote them saying “baaah baaah” (sheep)


I sure hope MVP is over after this week. I don’t see how they could do it with a double eviction anyway. Anyway, with no MVP, the game probablywon’t be so one sided anymore. We all know America will pick Amanda, but she isn’t getting voted out. The only way that happens is if someone on the other side, say Spencer wins HOH and then puts up Amanda and McCrae… then, they just might have the votes.

MVP = Ridiculousness

As much as the MVP has negatively affected this game, I would not be shocked if the powers-that-be put up the player with the 2nd highest vote count.


unfortunately, without mvp, it’d be even more one sided

for example, while the odds are against it, with mvp there a better likelihood of amanda or helen going out this week. all it’d take is for america to nominate 1 of them and for them to pull the trigger on the backstab. something both of them have already thought about.

w/o mvp, all the show would be, was helen and amanda not winning anything, but convincing HOH “who the house wants nominated” due to the sheep like nature of everyone else. granted, that will probably still happen, but you have to admit, with mvp, there is at least a better chance of it not happening.


Found this unfortunate rundown of houseguest/dominatrix wannabe Amanda’s hit parade of endearments:

“Big Brother according to Amanda Zuckerman:
About Andy – calls him queer, faggedy andy, fairy
About Candice – kill her with a butter knife and/or stab her with tweezers
About Jessie – knock her teeth out and force oral sex on her
About Jessie – cut her throat and rape her limp body
About Howard – calls him “black mamba” and “dark knight”
About Howard – his penis probably tastes like cocoa and/or watermelon
About Helen – she probably tastes like egg rolls and/or wonton soup
About Elissa – talks like she has “f–king autism” and calls her “retarded”

While Big Brother wants us to believe that Aaryn is “the racist” causing all the problems this season, Amanda is just as disgusting and vile. On the video, Aaryn complains, “People are just so sensitive, that’s what needs to change,” to which Amanda says, “I concur.” Amanda’s dad has deleted his Twitter account as a result of the backlash against her.

Unfortunately, rumor has it that Amanda is friends with BB’s executive producer Allison Grodner, and she’s pre-determined to win Big Brother 15. Have you heard this rumor? Do you believe it? ”
….. I guess it’s pretty obvious this house has issues this year!

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade

to cbs and everyone in that house except for jessie:

this is such a crock of sh!t
what is your motto here? inform on your mates, to save your hide, anything short of that and were gonna burn you at the stake?
youre building a rat ship here, a vessel for sea going snitches
what kind of a show are you guys putting on here?
what a sham
i should take a flame thrower to this place
youre all bums, the lot of you
there is no sight like the sight of an amputated spirit…there is no prosthetic for that
im here to tell you that the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact


Ha…told you all this season was the worst ever, going all the way back to Chicken George season.

I have watched every episode of every season. Stopped watching this season after 1.5 weeks. I saw what was happening.

CBS screwed the pooch on this one. No floater season…I don’t think so. The entire house is full of floaters.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

OMFG, how am I gonna watch the final season of Dexter? Fuck You CBS, greedy bastards.


What about MVP for the 2nd eviction next week? I hope they end it once and for all!!


probably the 3rd nom for the 2nd eviction on the double eviction night will be voted on between wednesday night and thursday night shows…whoever is evicted in the first eviction, plus new hoh and 2 noms wont count in the final tally, so there will be 7 eligible to go up as 3rd nom, and 6 in there is a 3rd renom necessary after veto

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How do these ladies get these dudes to put on a “dresses” they got David and McCrae…. MAN UP and tell them “HELL NO, I will NOT put on a dress”


Judd: Do you think of yourself as a girl or a woman?

Helen: I’m a woman

Andy walks in

Amanda: I’m a woman

Judd: How about you Aaryn?

Aaryn: Im a girl

Judd: How about you Andy? Just kidding

Helen: Why do you want to know?

Judd: When girls go wild, they show their tits to people. When women go wild, they kill men and drown their kids in a tub.

Helen: ok ok ok You are really scaring me right now.

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“Judd: When girls go wild, they show their tits to people. When women go wild, they kill men and drown their kids in a tub.”

Insane how true that is, sometimes.


Funny how Judd set up both Amanda and Helen and had them both say they were woman gone wild. WTG Judd. You crack me up.


I can not begin to tell you how much I HATE Elissa!!! She is an ugly person who has absolutely no game. She is McCrea before there was McDemanda hiding behind Helen”s nasty skirts. But Demanda is such a vile creature that she has to be evicted first. Why are these people afraid of her? What power does she possess? She is a conniving manipulative bully who just happen to snag the perfect weapon, the Rat. The Rat ferrets out information (true or false) weasels it back to Demanda who weaponizes it to bully people to do her bidding. She also snatched up this season’s biggest floater / backstabber / slug in McCrea. She has to go before the nasty Elissa so that she doesn’t make jury. When Demanda is gone the Rat and McCrea will soon follow as they have no game alone.