Aaryn asks if H & C go home because of us, do you realize how that looks? Gina says what like black on black crime?

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:05am Ginamarie talks to Aaryn about how she hasn’t been a havenot and people want her to throw it. Ginamarie says I am here to compete, this is a competition, get off you’re fat a$$es and do something about it. Can you play like everyone else, I don’t understand it. Aaryn says MVP was already passed out. Gina asks how do you know that? Aaryn says because it’s the night before. When Elissa got it it was the night before. Gina asks how do you know that did she tell you? Aaryn says Helen told me. Gina says don’t believe everything you hear. You can listen but don’t believe it. Gina says it could be tomorrow morning. Gina comments that I haven’t heard anyone called into the diary except for me because I am HOH. Aaryn says because you know how he came over the speaker and called me? Gina says yeah. Aaryn says he did that to Amanda too in the cockpit. Gina asks he did what to Amanda? Aaryn says called.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Gina says that sucks, whatever!? America thanks for voting for the cool fu*king people!

Gina says that’s why I wanted her out because it’s always going to go to her. Money goes to money! That’s what Jess has been saying. Aaryn says there might be a limited amount of times someone can get it and that’s why Elissa when up that time. Gina says they should give us the rules. Aaryn says we could ask. Gina and Aaryn get ready for bed.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:40am Aaryn says that she is glad that Jessie got it (The other BBQ spot) because now she will be sweeter and bond with Helen and Elissa and she will stay. Gina says she probably feels like a dumba$$ too because she over reacted when she should have just stayed cool. Gina says how awesome are we, getting HOH dude! I bet Jeremy would be happy! Aaryn says she doesn’t think so. Hey a$$hole we’re okay and you’re not! Gina throws up the sign to Jeremy and yells Jeremy with farting noises. Aaryn says that Jeremy threw us under the bus all the time. You were up here, Jeremy said the only reason he gave me HOH was because he wanted to play next week. Aaryn says Jeremy was BFF with David and voted him out. We would be running the house if David had stayed. Aaryn says I still haven’t been a havenot, and you can suck my have a$$! Gina asks YO! You think people know I have some balls now or what?! Because of what I said! Aaryn says you are definitely going to get it (MVP). Gina says that Judd came up and told me dude that was the best speech in big brother history!

1:50am – 3am Aaryn says that’s what everyone said, you are definitely getting MVP next week because of that! Now everyone else is going to have balls and do it. Gina says we should tell Judd to come up here and sleep with us one night. Aaryn says no there’s no room. Gina asks what should I hash tag. Aaryn and Gina come up with the following hashtags for Gina to do in her HOH tweets. #BBBunnies, #JUDDsbearshirt, #Teamgemzy, #underestimatedblondes, #saddleup, #candiceisarat, #shaddylane, #BBXV, #boom, #blackpearl, etc. What should I do with Nick? How do you spell his name? Aaryn tells her Uhas. Gina says oh okay that’s easy U – has. Aaryn asks Gina to tweet Vinny for Jersey Shore because I really want to meet him when I get out. Gina says I need to stay here for three more weeks for my birthday. Aaryn says that is totally doable we just need to work hard and I have to win HOH next week. Aaryn says the first think I am doing when I get out of here is getting boobs! Gina puts her crown on and the walks around saying king of the castle. She then put her furry hat / paws on and says Candi-land is going home (While making farting noises). Aaryn asks do you realize how if Howard & Candice go home because of us, do you realize how that’s going to look? Gina says what like black on black crime? Aaryn and Gina laugh. Aaryn says you might as well get a wasp tattoo. Gina continues to fool around. Aaryn and Gina discuss the veto competition tomorrow. Aaryn and Gina go to sleep in the HOH bed. Aaryn says what if you get Pandora’s box and Nick is in it? Gina says oh my god that would be amazing! I just want to hold him again! Gina asks do you realize I called Candice a rat and she didn’t even go off on me. Aaryn talks about Candice’s nasty a$$ weave. Gina says she looks attractive with makeup. Aaryn says I don’t think she looks attractive at all even with makeup.
CBS Interactive Inc.


6:05am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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The racists showing their true colors again. Takes away any notion of thinking, “Well maybe they’re not so bad.” And reminds us why they have no jobs.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

What, were you expecting them to change after only 6 weeks?

When they get out the house, the “Reality Check” will cut them down to size. Then the “growing up” process will begin.


You know what their going to say oh I was just saying those things so people would want to take me to the end because they new nobody would want to vote for me watch!!!!!!


so black on black crime is a joke to most white people ?


sho nuff is !!

Candice is an idiot.

Of course. Don’t you know that all white peopie are devils and all black people are victims?


The way u guys are talking right now and think it’s ok.. ur not proving that otherwise. #SoSad No wonder society is so damaged. I don’t look at while people as devils.. but people like u i look at as ignorant disgusting assholes who need a lesson in humanity and right from wrong.


@Buddy… So you have talked to most black people. Sharpton and Jackson don’t speak for “ALL” black people. I don’t give a f@#k what color, race or sexual agenda you are, if a person is an idiot, that’s on them. That’s one of the big differences between blacks and whites. Black people know these three racist, jealous sluts (GinaMarie, Aaryn,and Amanda) don’t represent ” all ” white people BUT white people are quick to believe “most” black people feel this or that way. Have you talked to or had a conversation with “most” black people??


Learn to spell D@cheb@g!!!!

Buddy D

No, but it seems to be to most black people, because they rather sensationalize any other race killing a black person than their own.


….and u know this b/c you are so in tuned with other cultures and have done so much research into this right?! #IgnoranceIsNotBliss

Buddy D

Umm, hav’e you watched tv recently or maybe read a newspaper. It’s right out there in plain site. When’s the last time you saw Jackson or Sharpton talk about it? Which you won’t, because it does not fit their agenda of causing racial disharmony.


@ Buddy……Most black people know Sharpton and Jackson are publicity whores. If it doesn’t make news, they’re not around. Don’t be foolish and believe the hype. Just look at this show. The poor behavior and racist comments are constantly coming from who?? But people are still acting like black people are playing the race card. When Candace tried ignoring these fools, that was fine but as soon as she started complaining or fired back at them, now she’s playing the race card?? This is a different generation. What the hell makes people think that this generation will let this slide? Other Countries are laughing at how ignorant and foolish we Americans are. Being Military, you get to hear and see their views of Americans. Get some knowledge before you assume shit.

Buddy D

Maybe they know that they are publicity whores, but they still follow along with it so they are just as bad. Look at how votes go, look at the outrage, look at the riots. Yeah, this generation is getting tired of it. There is more of a racial divide then ever. I have worked with people who had that race card placed in their hand the day they were born and they use it every opportunity available. I and many others are tired of it. We are tired of the special treatment, the free benefits, and on and on. I have no guilt and I owe no one anything. Especially for what happened in the past that I was no part of. I’m tired of all the black crime against whites that is hidden by the media, but sensationalized if the other way around. I have went from being give everyone a chance or accepting of everyone, to I don’t care to be around the behavior that this group exhibits. And I am not the only one. This 5 years have gotten that much worse. You speak of other countries. I have contacts that live throughout the world and it is the same there, so what does that tell you.


I think Howard said it best in his exit interview. He was stuck in a house with an immature group of people.


Yes GM America will give the MVP to someone who does the powers bidding


I really hope Candice leaves this week, no one should have to endure this much hatred. These two are amazing, Aaryn’s mother must be pulling her hair out and saying STFU. Aaryn may bounce back one day, she is still young, I hope not but America only has a short term memory and she lives in Texas. On the other hand, GM lives in one of the most competive cities in the world. For her the adage goes like this “She will never work in this town again”, she is really dumb. Unstable, delusional and self-absorbed racist stalker.


Aaryn talks about getting a boob job when she gets home, she may need a whole identity change! She could be in that plastic surgeons office for quite awhile!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Marry a black dude Aaryn!! its the only way!

Buddy D

Candice has shown her true colors too with comments about “Rednecks”, the rebel flag and others.

The Black Fish

Fyck! I thought for sure that Howard going would finally get the great Helen-Amanda war begin. Instead we’re just seeing the same routine throughout all the weeks with Jessie.

1. Amanda wants X out.
2. Amanda makes libelous claims about X.
3. House guests quickly follow suit, X is ostracized.
4. X is evicted near unanimously.
5. Repeat.

If one of Amanda/McCrae doesn’t go during double eviction, I think this season may be over.


The best scenario this week is after these morons successfully kick out Candice, then immediately Spencer wins HOH and puts up the two puppet masters/ sheep herders Amanda and Helen and that guarantees one of them is gone.


I can’t believe how stupid these people are! Boooo! Bore-ing! Let me know when someone gets courage juice to get the leaders of the house out! Aaryn is the most scared of Amanda! Lil punk Aaryn all the talk but nothing behind it.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

90+ Days, 1 house flip, 1 actual Big Move = Jeremy, and 1 Magic Trick = a single HG effectively turns 8 human-beings into sheep.

The season will be forever known, the most bigots on ONE show in the history of Reality TV 9-16.

What will next season bring? I can’t wait…LOL


I wish we were already on next season.


Same shit. Different day.


I’m thinking Ground Hog Day.


Very unlikely. That will only happen if Spencer wins HOH. Nobody else has the guts. Depending on whether Candice or Jessie goes home on the first one, everyone in the house would nominate some version of Aaryn, Candice/Jessie, Spencer, or GM, with perhaps an eye on backdooring Judd. Spencer has no real alliances and knows he has to shake up the house to have a prayer and he would nominate Helen and Amanda. I hope that happens, giving them no time to bully and scheme and just watch the Superfriends melt down on live national TV. That would be EPIC.

Aaryn I would date you just to break your heart :)

Howard is out of the house,yet you still can not keep his name out of your mouth Aaryn and Gina Marie.Yes Amanda is bad also but I think Aaryns pr team created those videos on YouTube like “Amanda social justice warrior” to take the heat off Aaryn .


These girls are pathetic. They worry how it will look with them voting off Howard and Candice and yet not worried how it looks when they make those comments? I guess their parents never taught them “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. They both love to say horrible things about Candice and I think Aaryn especially is very jealous of Candice since she was a successful pageant girl and was/is extremely beautiful and Aaryn is not. I bet Aaryn was the type who would be on toddlers and tiarias. They only people I hope to win this season is Judd or Andy.


I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but Candice is NOT beautiful. Her eyes are in constant “I’m a b*tch” mode.


Any one know how the MVP thing will work with the double eviction coming up?

Candice is an idiot.

Hopefully no MVP. But if Julie has the chance to stick Aaryn in as “2nd highest votegetter” I’m sure she will. She is chomping at the bit to take the heat off of Amaconda by naming and shamjng Aaryn. Julie chen is a vile human being.


Wow! An aaryn supporter! Sad world that we live in….full of haters!


Unfortuantely, Aaryn may have bigger things to be concerned about when she gets out of the house rather than getting her boobs done.


First, Amanda, Aaryn and Ginamarie have actually made me wish that Evil Dick or Rachel would show up as a surprise HG-HOH for a week. That would really rock the house.

Second, I hope that Candice wins the POV to take herself off the block and because of the double eviction wins the second HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae and America’s MVP puts up GM. That second vote will be real interesting because the begging and crying those three will do would be laughable.


Unfortunately Candice isn’t a good enough player to make that play. Even if she were to miraculously luck into an HOH win with her inept ass, she would nominate Arryn and GM 1000%. She plays personally, not strategically.

Candice is an idiot.

It would have to be a cheerleading, nail polishing, makeup applying, or WHINING comp.


I think this is the third time now that GM couldn’t remember Nick’s last name.

My memory is so bad.” “How bad is it?” “How bad is what?


Aaryn: I can’t wait till this game is over so I can get my boobs done.

GM: After you get them done we should go out together and flash a bunch of guys.

Judd: How come everybody cheers when chicks flash their T&A, but when I pull out my D&Bs, i’m a registered sex offender.


I would like to see Amanda as the MVP nom, win VETO, and Helen as 2nd MVP nom and get voted out; or vice versa. Really would like to see Andy in that mix but I know that won’t happen.

I do think that McCrae should be talked about more often; he’s a big threat. He wins comps and he’s liked. Amanda and Helen are both big walking bull’s eye. I think Aryn is going to be in the final 2. Don’t care for her but she’s playing a good game.

I would, however, like to see Judd, Elissa, and McCrae in the end.

I don’t think anyone’s fazed by Helen’s crying; they just tune her out. Helen reminds me of a 40-year-old wanna be cheerleader. I just find her extremely annoying and least personable of all the remaining guests.

Aryn, Ginamarie, and Amanda are just very hostile, negative, hate-filled people. They promote hate and are so toxic that I would avoid any prolonged exposure to them.


Really you want the one that is just playing the game and working hard without being vile, nasty and racial with the other guest. Yes, she is kind of annoying sometimes because talk so much but she is not nasty, mean and bully. I rather see her stay rather than those who has no balls to get their hands dirty, those who are mean, nasty and vile towrds others, yes, yes yes, When were you evicted?


Helen led the charge with Amanda to blame Howard and Candice for the racism, going so far as to apologize to Aaryn for believing their manipulation and lies. Helen is either a racist or knows how to use racism ( her “political” resume was working on some GOP campaigns in Virginia…Virginia GOP politics introduced us to the word “macaca” to describe black people” ) and is just better at hiding it unlike Amanda, Aaryn, and GM.

Starting with Nixon, Helen’s GOP has mastered the use of coded verbal cues to mobilize racists and racial backlash and she’s put it to use in the house.

Big Sister

Actually, former Governor George Allen, while running for the Senate in VA, used this term to welcome a young man to America. The young man, who posed a question to the candidate at a political event that George didn’t like, was actually an Indian-American, born in the USA. “Macaca” supposedly is a derogatory term used in Tunisia, where George’s mother was born. George tried to say he made the word up and hadn’t realized its origination. (The old Virgiia would have allowed this, but not the “new” Virginia.) Needless to say, he lost the election. George is also known for the Confederate flag he hung for years on his living room wall. He tried to cultivate a “good old boy” image, wearing cowboy boots and chewing tobacco. However, he was actually a rich boy, son of the former Redskins coach.


McCrae is really flying under the radar this whole game. Usually the first HOH has a target on them right away,but his only drawback from winning the first HOH was drawing the attention of a giant bedbug!,

Candice is an idiot.

Do you mean a giant predetermined winner bedbug?

Arya Stark is a Badass

So who in the house would have the balls to put Amanda up for eviction? Spencer?




Helen, in her crying moments, knows she has to target that bully. Wish McCrae would win HOH and put Amanda up and tell her ” Hey babe, just playing the game!’ She would go thermonuclear on him!


1:50 AM-3:00 AM Best clip of the season. Thanks, guys. I can’t believe there are people here who would rather watch Candice, laying around, painting her nails, sucking her helium and WHINING!!!! GO @underestimatedblondes!


Yeah,always entertaining to watch two grown women making farting noises,speculate on how awesome they are,and make disgusting racial slurs non-stop! You have an interesting taste in entertainment!? I am horrified by those two… : /


Good morning, BuddhistGirl69. You always brighten things up with humor. Glad you’re here,


These are some really mean nasty hateful. “Little Girls”!!!! But Aaryn wants to say that
Candace is making her seem like a racist. Why bring her hair and weave up. All the ladies were playing with GM’s extensions
on the bb after dark show last night. Everyone but Candace CBS can put up disclaimers because I’m sure their lawyers told them too but I am getting tired of this. I am so over this season. Where is the strategy and REAL game play. Is this a game to win 500,000 or a new version of the movie
Mean Girls!!!!


I think Candice is going to be quite shocked and hurt when she realizes Helen and Elisa never had her back that she was always disposable to them and she was a number like everyone else. I think thats why when Helen and Elissa do things to her it makes her emotional and hurt she didnt understand if they were with her why wouldn’t they include her in deals and ask her to leave when talking game. Helen and Amanda are cut from the same cloth and for all the mean and horrible things they have done I hope won of them wins and it was worth it


Candice is one ugly mofo and a Bitch.


I think Candace is really pretty. I don’t understand how you could call her ugly. Other than Spencer, everyone in the house is outwardly attractive, inwardly attractive….not so much. But I find Candace, Judd, McCrae and Elissa the most like able of the group. I find it hard to find redeeming qualities in most of the others. Sad season.


Hey here is a news flash. Aaryn and GM are not the exception but the rule in the USA. Most people in this country think this way but keep it in their homes but these two are just really dumb to do in front of cameras so of course there is going to be outrage from the minority in this country.


Candace realizes it already for sure..its a shame she can’t when competitions because the girl is damn near clairvoyant…..if she were to confront Helen she would have no allies in the house real or fake. Helen would be going up stairs telling Amanda how that black girl “threatened” her again..so yeah even though it does seem like a lost cause…she basically has no one else now that Howard is gone (and then again she really didn’t even have him either)

That's the wrong thing to do

Smh these people really need to stop hating on Candace.

derick alaska

This is getting pretty disgusting. I can’t even focus on the game anymore because of all the filth coming out of Aaryn and GM’s mouth!! Whoever selected the cast this year NEEDS TO STEP DOWN and put back the people that discovered Rachel, Enzo, Britany, Evil Dick, Danielle, and Jeff&Jordan.


Julie Chen being married to the CBS head commander is probably behind the scenes trying to decide how to fix this season! I think she is as uncomfortable as the rest of us… wish they could evict them for a violent act because the bullying they do with their taunts and slurs is violence to me!


Julie Chen is not uncomfortable; she is enoying it. Helen is just a closet racist and you can tell just from the way she says things and things she does. She pretends to be Candice’s friend and then stabs her in the back. I would rather know who disliked me from the front, and do not think it has anything to do with Candice being black from Aaryn or GM but I think it stems from her being Miss LA USA and jealousy just like they would be jealous from anyone that had one that title, but Helen is definitely the closet racist who sneaks up from behind your back ans stabs you. Pageant girls are catty biotches all of them and that is where the jealousy is coming from Aaryn and GM. HELEN and AMANDA are not jealous of Candice they are just Racist pure and simple. Not unusual for minorities to hate minorities and that is Helen!


Don’t twist it because Aryan and GM are definitely being racial and are RACIST (Yes we need to call people what they are and stop acting like that label is worse than the pain being inflicted on minorities..)…jealousy of Candice is just bringing that racism out. I could have serious jealousy of Candice’s accomplishments but you will NEVER hear me calling her an aunt jemima, a n*******, a sewer rat, a crab, a cockroach, shaniqua, etc because I am not an entitled racist bitch


I’m really starting to think that CBS wants this because why else would you keep these 3 very nasty skank bitches on the show Aayrin, GM and Amanda

give me a break

Aaryn and G.M. have not change….is just Horrible that we have a choice of who’s the most racist to put up…I wish we could put up both Amanda and Aaryn…..i believe if Amanda never told Aaryn about how she’s being portrayed during the bed flipping incident….Aaryn would of being as disgusting as Amanda…..
Everyday you could see Aaryn itching to let her inner racist come out….she laugh so hard when Amanda say’s something racist…when Amanda made the coco butter, watermelon comments about Howard…..Aaryn was dying laughing….I think that’s why Aaryn gravitate towards Amanda….because she wishes she could say racists comments, but she has her quote on quote …” self impose muzzle on”….it’s disgusting that one of these people have a chance to win .
I know Amanda is bigger target than Aaryn….but i believe they are equal..because Aaryn laughs so hard when Amanda says racial slurs…which tells me Aaryn has not change and she’s loves hate speech…….like Aaryn and Amanda said… ” The problem is not us, it’s them”……this season is ruin because of these Two and their minion would find racist talk ok


You know this crap in her soul is coming from a deep place of insecurity, but it is so horrifying to hear her, gm and amanda. This season has made me cry,never done that before watching this show!


hey simon and dawg,

can you maybe add a (amanda/helen) whenever recapping the phrase, “what the house wants”


Could go the rest of the season without hearing or seeing the words racist or bully typed on this board again. These girls don’t know when to shut the f*** up. America, stop focusing on hating Amanda and lets put up these two girls as our MVP choice. MVP sucks but we should at least use it for someone awful rather than someone who actually plays the game.


to all the people voting on mvp nominations…

trust me, there is no getting aaryn out with it. as long as demanda is in the house, aaryn is just fine. demanda will bully and manipulate the others to keep her tools around. mcpussy is her little plaything, andy is her snitch, and aaryn wins competitions for her.

for you people voting for aaryn, you need amanda out first.

the only people worth voting for are demanda and helen due to the higher likelihood that if either of them go up as the 3rd nominee, it might trigger the other to make a move on each other. helen thought about it last week and demanda is always thinking about it.


These two bitches are dilusional. Having balls woud be going against what “THE HOUSE” wants and not to be a puppet.


Oh I like how Gina and Aaryn when they were on the outs were saying, we are not the power players. Why take us out? Now they have been back to back HOH’s and to scared to take on Helen or Amanda.

King Goldy

These chicks do not realize they are on TV being put on blast. I am glad they have no job when they get out. So Aayrn can cancel her boob job because she will need her stipend for food. Gina can better save her money for food as well. No they better save their money for body guards because the Asians, blacks and gays will have their heads on a platter. Not physically but create enough still to put their butts in the welfare line for a few years.

Say What

What makes it so sad, Gina actually thinks she is so funny. Everyone is telling Gina that America loves her after that hate filled nomination ceremony. Oh Gina, they know quite the opposite. Amanda, McCrae and Judd are laughing behind your back, knowing that you doomed yourself before the house and the TV audience.

Weiner Texts Amanda

Simon could you please put up a poll of Who Do You Want To Win BB15?


But if you do, could you add “no one” as an option.


HAHAHAHAHA…it has come to that!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX



Aaryn seems obsessed with always bringing up the black/white thing….you can tell its on her mind and she knows she’s in for it when she leaves the house. also its amazing how Amanda and GM always throw in an insensitive comment about race. I wonder what they’d say if there were no
cameras at all…..

King Goldy

I think that is the only reason people are watching this boring season. I know I am watching on to see Aaryn, GinaMarie, & Amanda get booted. To see how they deal with the backlash from their comments. I also want to know what Julie Chen will say about it.


And yet, if it is on her mind, why does she continue to throw out these comments.

Aaryn's Ex

Aaryn keeps bringing it up because she is trying to rehabilitate her image. Aaryn needs to persuade the public that she never said anything racist and it was all Candice’s fault. That’s why the fake apology right out the racist’s playbook. Its the victim that mistakes the funny comment and over reacts. How Aaryn worded it: If you took anything wrong I said, then I apologize. LOL! You see, Aaryn is magnanimous. She apologized to Candice in front of the cameras even thou Aaryn felt she did nothing wrong.


maybe if she made friends with candace and was sincere about her apology america would be like see that she redeemed herself in the house . black on black crime should be stopped . it affects everyone black or white . blacks kill other blacks . the person who commis


No, it really isn’t. Don’t judge us all by the actions of these ignorant, despicable, not too bright little girls. White people, or at least many white people, are mortified by what they are saying and how they are behaving. But it has woken this sheltered woman up to the fact that racism is alive and thriving in America, and that’s nothing less than disgraceful in this day and age. Just disgraceful.

Candace seems like a nice person, as did Howard. They don’t deserve this, and many are outraged by the hate they are enduring (or endured in Howard’s case). These kids will feel the disgust of good, decent people soon enough. It’s coming. Hopefully, this week but very soon if not. Candace and Howard will be vindicated, mark my words. They have done nothing wrong and BB viewers know it. They have bth been dignified in the face of hatred, and that does not go unnoticed. It doesn’t, Black Lion. They will be admired and the little white girls will be vilified. As they should be,

While the racism is disheartening, please know the outrage by BB fans is real and powerful. Perhaps some good can come from it. I hope so.


The racist continues, when it ends.


Helen is dumb and thinks that she can get rid of Amanda and Mccrae later, but she won’t be able to because Amanda now has JUDD, Aaryn, GM, and Andy up their asses. Most likely the order of the next few evictions will be Candice, Jessie, Spencer, Elissa, and then Helen


yawn…when’t the next comp?


Aaryn will plans on getting boobs to further her (now) non-existant modeling career. Let that sink in.

Ians Beer

I think what boggles me the most about this season is the immaturity level of a handful of these houseguests….Their parents must be so proud, or maybe that`s exactly where it comes from. The Entitled Generation. Aaryn is so excited that now she can afford boobs and she doesn`t miss an opportunity to tell the world over the cameras…wow, a big goal in life. They talk about Candice`s weave but GM and Aaryn both are sporting hair extensions also. Boob jobs and hair extensions for all…it`s pretty obvious who in the house has them but jeez, can`t they invent implants that come with some brain cells so that you automatically get smarter after adding all the fake stuff. Although I don`t find Alyssa as offensive, is there anything on that girl that is real…she is smarter than the other 2. Amanda…oy!


Worse than a couple of middle-schoolers


So now we find out that Thursdays “live” eviction wasn’t live, but was taped at noon in front of CBS employees, but the HOH competition was live. Thus explaining why the feeds kept going to fish last night whenever the talk turned to the Thur. eviction. Not to mention why it went to FOTH for hours on Thur. starting around 11:15 a.m. Just great BB, more manipulation.. Quit jerking the fans around !!

VA Vet

They did that because they didn’t want to give anyone time to plot Amanda’s eviction.


When the show started here on WestCoast it said Taped Earlier.


it’s always taped earlier on the west coast !! it’s live on the east coast normally, but not this past Thursday..


GinaMarie Zimmerman is a racist, think I’ve heard of that last name.

Candice is an idiot.

You are so clever.


…Cousin George.


Hey, Beavis he said Zimmerman ..huh..huh..cool. Grow up, dumbass.

thats the wrong thing to do

I think that a good twist this week would be too let america vote to evict instead of the houseguests.


them some classy broads!

I hope when Amanda is nominated by the MVP vote, these fools better strike cause the iron is hot! Stop the bs make a power move already. All of them are starting to see through her bs.


If Amanda goes up as MVP I am HOPING that Helen will use her brain and decide now is the time to get her out. Last week she said it was “too soon” I don’ know what her magical ideal time to get rid of her is, but there seems to be enough whispering about the power of Amanda that it could be a possibility…. Aaryn knows amanda is a threat, GM seems to realize, Jessie knows, Spencer knows, Helen knows,…. they just need to figure out that they don’t need to be scared of the backlash, if Amanda goes the threat goes with her, the house would be so crazy after I doubt there would been be a specific “fall guy” the only one who’d want revenge is McPizza and even then with the last few days being how they’ve been he will probably just be relieved.

But, then again someone will tell Andy and the plan will get destroyed before it even takes off.

I know Spencer ain’t many ppl’s favorite but him telling Amanda to shut up was priceless! And to see her look of shock and play the “don’t talk to a woman like that” line, I was howling. Don’t know what being a woman has to do with interrupting someone constantly and not listening to a damn thing while you yell at someone. I don;t care who you are if you’re acting like that someone sure as hell has the right to tell you to shut your mouth. He won me over a lot with that line.

Sill have yet to even choose someone to cheer for… This season for me is more of a cheer for people to get kicked out, not cheer for people to make it. Oh well, there’s always next year.


That scene with Spencer made my top moment in the season so far… I can almost get behind him to win except he has quite a few crappy comments in the YouTube reel too.

political correctness

Whites are the worst they act overly offended by comments show how much they are not racist. Shutup about tour


Since Aaryn knows what a WASP is, she absolutely knows what she is saying.
As an Irish Catholic I have been bitten by some WASPs in my life and it is degrading….I feel for Candice.

I still like GM for the win…I find her entertaining and she won the cinnamon challenge twice that alone deserves some cash.

Candice is an idiot.

Me too. But the PC mob is gonna get ya!


WOW, SERIOUSLY GM for the win when she is the one that used the N word, most horrible word in the dictionary, and that is who you want for the win. To use that word is when I call someone a legitimate racist. That word is so degrading!!


Spoken eloquently in the land of two vapid ignorant low class bimbos.


I hope Candice keeps her cool until Thursday, and know that her nightmare will be over. It is so uneccesary for these two to be so mean and hateful to her, for no other reason than her Race. As a native New Yorker, GM is a freakin embarrassment. I guest that’s why SI is the forgotten borough. Aaryn’s newly acquired publicist will probably quit by week’s end, due the inability to save her reputation and former career.


In my world I don’t see color and neither do my kids. When I heard the show had racism I actually had to figure out who the targets were. The fact that Candice was black NEVER crossed my mind. I actually didn’t even notice or care. I thought she was pretty and nice. It’s just not something some of us think about in this era. I have friends of all races. So this is all very archaic behavior to me. It’s really bad and unfortunate to see.

Those girls and any racists watching need a wake up call. They’ll have to deal with this for years to come.


I’m tired of all the colour related jokes. They’re insensitive and they’re wrong. GM should not have a free pass and I think Julie should drill her with many questions like Aaryn will be drilled.


Wondr if Aaryn has black roots in her family line. I say so because on day I was looking at her
Pictures closely and the thought came up in my mind , is there some black here? The last time I had
A thought like that was with a friend of mine, his cute blond hair blue baby boy that I was holding , I had that thought so I said
Which I still can’t believe I did it, lol, I ask his father is it a little bit of black in the blood line. He pull me to the side lol
And said yes it’s on his mother side, how did you know? I told him I was wondering why I would even think it?
Hmm. Lol

Hmm, Aaryn? Racist talk. Why. You so young. Who are your parents, hey may need o have a good
Talk with you you may be in for a surprise. Lol


Come on C B s take the hating racist fools off.I think this will be the last season for BB.It is for me.Ameican Idol has lost the viewers and this show is next


I have actually stop watching the shows on CBS because I know nothing is going to happen…. I come to this site a few times a day hoping something changes be never does. Most people make those racist comments in private amongst friends but for them to make those statements time and time again with the Whole World watching and listening in amazes me.


I miss Talla and Andrew from BBCan :( I love BBUS, but they should take a lesson from BBCan and instead of finding the most vile, disgusting human beings possible, let some “real” people give it a try. I feel like this year, they picked people (especially the women) based on looks and not personality.

Am I mistaken by saying that BBUS hand picks most of not all of their contestants? Do they even do auditions? Because it seems like in some respect they are all related to someone famous, or something…for example, Frank is the son of a pro wrestler, Kara Monaco used to date Rob Kardashian, etc..


you’re going to die Aaryn

Candice is an idiot.

So now we see the true hater


Gm: Aaryn would you date a black guy ?
Aaryn : oh my god are you kidding me no way


If they really want Candice out and Jess wins POV they need to put up Andy. The clues are all there for Aaryn to approach GM to rationalize neither Amanda nor Helen can afford to lose him. If spencer, or Judd go up they will go home before Candice. GM will be stuck on giving Andy her word that she would not put him up. Howeve, GM could rationalize to Andy: “Hey Dude. I really want her gone. Everyone loves ya and this is the only way I can get her gone.”


If Amanda and Taryn make it to jury, could Julie still talk about their racist comments when they get eliminated?