Big Brother Nomination Results Andy: “We need to Honour Ginamarie and Aaryn this week”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


5:55pm HOH Jessie and Ginamarie

GM is explaining why Jessie is nominated. GM wants Candice to go home she’s been talking about it for 3 weeks. GM wants Jessie to know she is a pawn. GM apologizes for calling her a flip flopper but that is how it felt to her because earlier in the season she was close to them then she switched sides but once they had the power again Jessie was trying to get close. GM adds she never wanted to call her a floater because she thinks she too strong of a player to be called that.

GM: “I promise you’re safe this week.. if you go home I’m giving you whatever money I make to you”
Jessie: “Ohh GM”
GM: “Don’t be sad you are safe”
Jessie says she’s not going to be sad this week she’s just a bit worried because how this house seems to be.

GM says she wants Candice to go home because she fights with people for one minute then is besty friends the next minute. GM says Candice is a rat and a tattle tale she wants her out of this house.

GM didn’t want to put Spencer up because she doesn’t want Candice to win the POV and she thinks Jessie has a very good chance to win it over Spencer. GM explains that JUDD, Amanda, Helen and McCrae didn’t go up because they never nominated her when they were HOH.

Jessie AXES her what she should do because she’s worried that Candice will start talking.
GM says not to get involved in the drama and start relaxing a bit.
GM: “I had to vote out Howard and Jeremy and they are cool people of mine.. they owe me to vote out Candice”

GM: “You have to win HOH to survive.. you were a BEAST last night you can do it”
Jessie is just worried that something is going to happen in the house and she’ll wind up going home.
GM: “I will make this house a living hell if she doesn’t go home I’ll bang pots and pans 24/7 “
GM adds they have no idea who the MVP is so things could change. GM wants Jessie to win the POV and safe herself. She stresses that at this stage of the game you have to win competitions to stay in the game.
Jessie asks if GM can help in any way to ensure she stays here jessie will be grateful and have her back.
GM says of course she will help she wants Jessie to stay and wants “Candy” to go.
GM: ‘She needs to go she bothers me I can’t be near her… “ GM adds there is no need to be mean to Candice but on on the flip side she’s not going to be phoney, “I’m not going to giver a stank face because I’m not a b!tch”
They hug it out, Jessie heads to the bedroom to lay in bed Gm calls Candy up to the HOH to talk.


6:04pm HOH GM and Candice
Gm : “Hi sweetheart”
C: “That was pretty harsh GM”
GM: “I’m sorry I think you are a cool person.. I hear things.. err.. don’t believe rumors but you told Elissa about what we said in the bathroom” GM explains that when her Kaitlin, Amanda and Aaryn were in the bathroom talking about Elissa Candice ran up to the HOH and told Elissa that they were talking bad about her and GM wasn’t. Gm doesn’t like people that spread rumours around. The truth of it was GM never said a bad thing about Elissa during that conversation.

GM: ‘People have their own personalities and their own game play I don’t like rats not saying you are .. you are beautiful and a good person”
GM points out that candice has big fights with people then the next minute she is buddy buddy with them again that makes it hard for GM to trust her.
Gm: “no hard feelings.. JUDD and McCrae.. I promised them I wouldn’t put them up. cause they never put me up.. . Andy is cool with me and I promise McCrae I wouldn’t put Amanda up when we’re in the HOH competition… the only last resorts were you and Jessie”

GM: “It sucks and it’s a privilege to be HOH .. this is really hard.. I’m very sorry these are the two choices I made”
Candice: “What you are saying sounds hypocritical”

Candice just wishes they would have come up and talked to her because honestly she never once threw her name into the mix. Candice says the one thing she told Howard she respected about GM was she knew things people said and she never went around saying things she thought thought they said. “The same way you are a momma cub to Aaryn I feel that way about Elissa.. cause she was my friend or is my friend” Candice adds tif she hears something being said about Elissa she will tell her to protect her.

GM: ‘Sure”

Candice explains that Elissa came to her and AXED her what happened in the bathroom because she could hear things in her bed. “the only person I spoke of that night was Aaryn. “I said Aryan was in the bathroom saying negative things out of frustration and because they had a lot of wine.”
Candice: “VERBATIM I said… I think Aaryn has not change.. Aaryn said she had a muzzle but she was still talking about people in the house.. She was continuously talking about Elissa in the bathroom” Candice stresses the only person she talked about to Elissa was Aaryn because she was on the block at the time.
Candice: “I was fearful of keeping her in the house”

Candice tells her about the shady thing Spencer has done to her.
1) telling her to vote against the house week 1 by telling her to vote for Elissa to leave
2) making up the hate shit with Aaryn, “I have a big f**** a$$ if I sat on that hat it would have been f**** destroyed”
3) He went and lied to Amanda and told her some sh!t that was not f**** true
4) Last week when he was on the block after he won the POV he came to her and told her he’s trying to think of a way to save her and Howie . “When it was time for Spencer to do his part he was like OHH she’s crazy I don’t know.. I never told her to do that.. he totally threw me out under the bus after HE created a plan”
5) Howie and I realized he was using me so Howie went to him to tell him he was wanted him to stop using Candice. The next morning She finds out Spencer was spreading around that candice was trying to slip the house and call in her a f**** b!tch.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:34pm Cockpit MC, Helen and Andy
Andy tells them the worst case is Aaryn and JUDD cannot be trusted but they all agree they can trust each other plus Elissa and Amanda. Points out that they have 5 people on their side that are all friends (Superfriends in fact)
Helen is worried that there will be a split vote. Andy is confident there will be no slip vote.
Helen: “I’m worried Aaryn will vote to evict Candice not Jessie”
Andy telling them if they cannot convince GM to take out jessie they should just get rid of Candice because “They” helped them out a lot this week.
Andy: ‘We need to honour Gm and Aaryn this week”
MC agrees, “They help us out SO much.. I would rather get rid of Jessie of course”
Helen stays silent
MC: “If we help them vote out Candice we pick up two extra people, GM and Aaryn”


6:40pm Cockpit Helen and Candice OK OK OK OK
Helen: “I hope Jessie goes home”

(Helen is crying because she misses her family, the house is draining, is said because Candice is up etc etc)
7:01pm Helen saying she needs the money she has two mouths to feed and her husband has been working his butt off so she can be here. Candice had brought up that someone had mentioned Helen is well off and doesn’t need the money (they are talking about Jessie)

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

Spoiler highlights
GM called Candice a Rat and a tattle tale
Gm called Jessie a flip flopper
Right after the nominations ceremony JUDD, Andy and McCrae were in the cockpit laughing sayign they could not hold in the giggles after GM said those things. Judd later apologized to Jessie about this.

I missed the conversation with Aaryn and Jessie where Aaryn explained why she was on the block. Same thing that GM told her but more slanted to favour Aaryn.

CBS Interactive Inc.
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All a bunch of sheep with no spine…seriously one of the worse seasons I have ever watched


Wait a minute! Why is Helen crying again? She’s not even nominated, YET!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Crocodile tears, same as always.


Helen has always said that she can make herself cry anytime that she wants too and they are not real just to garner sympathy. Helen is almost as big a rat as Amanda but not quite. Hate Helen and Amanda and want them gone. Wish GM had some backbone and lput up McCrae and Helen and then America put up racist rat Amanda. All three need to go ASAP!!!


helen is scum

after jess helped her out majorly by flipping against her own alliance week 2, this is how helen repays her

helen siding with the racist aaryn, who has directed most of her racist comments towards helen, and helen inviting aaryn to her bbq, and telling jess she wasnt going to invite her

helen joining in and teaming up with the racists on bullying and excluding jess and helen has made a point to deliberately try to attack jess emotionally for the last week, and admitting to want to make jess fear her – helen, amanda, aaryn and gina are the mean girls who just cannot go 5 minutes without trying to be mean spirited towards jess

oh yeah helen im sure your family are proud of you acting like this…some mom you must be…not only are standing by and watching everyone bully jess, but you are actively participating in it…not even giving jess the right to stand up for herself when attacked by amanda the other night

all these people disgust me (except for jess) how they attempt to deliberately break the spirit of one person with the name calling, harassing, interrogation, lying, threatening, excluding…isnt it enough that everyone has turned their back on jess? do they really have to get this personal and show no class? why cant they just evict whoever it may be without all the viciousness attached? so jess wanted to shake up the game with the votes, why are they taking that so personally?


also judd its one thing to not want to be known as a couple with jess (which they never were, it was just friendly flirting) but to so actively trash talk jess and laugh at her, put her down, participate in the group bullying and slander and heavily disrespect her to everyone else is fucked up and heartless

ive lost all respect in you judd


Loved the way you’ve called everyone out and defended Jessie because I feel the same way. This season is a bunch of two faced, spineless motherf&*$ers!!! This is how I feel about each one so far:

1. Amanda: Disgusting, loud-mouthed, slimy, skanky, obnoxious whore that use intimidation, gets personal, and says big lies to get through the game without winning any comps.
2. McCrae: Nerdy ass man whore that hides behind Amanda because he’s a coward and has no taste in women whatsoever!!
3. Helen: Ultimate bull shitter, liar, crier, and all around bitch…kind of like Joan Crawford acting towards her adoptive daughter, Christina.
4. Andy: Ginger haired rat fink son of a bitch that need to be fed rat poison or get caught in a giant mousetrap!!
5. Judd: Pill popping hick from the sticks and jagoff.
6. Spencer: Scum bag, liar, and loudmouth. Future prisoner of San Quentin.
7. Aaryn: Eva Braun reincarnated.
8. GinaMarie: Loudmouthed, racist, not that pretty bimbo that think she’s a Capo. Sincerely wish Renee, Karen, Drita, Ramona, and Big Ang from Mob Wives beat the living shit out of her!!
9. Candace: Stop acting like an entitled spoiled brat and win some competitions so you can rub it in their faces!!
10. Jessie: After the fight with Amanda, I have so much respect for you….YOU GO, GIRL!!!
11. Elissa: Waiting for her to pull her head out of her ass and play the game…like her sister, Rachel. If Rachel was there, she’d take on Amanda one on one and expose that bitch once and for all!!! Plus she’d spray all over the house and furniture with Lysol or Febreze to kill Amanda/McCrae’s germs, fleas, ticks, stains, and lice!!!


awesome descriptions!

zingbot should go on the show and read that to them all word for word


the only one with any genuine sweetness and warmth in that house is jess


Thank you, Name. Appreciate that you like the list; and if Zingbot read it to the HGs, I’d laugh my ass off!


1. BigKenny48: An obnoxious caveman who thinks that women with sexualities are dirty whores. Although we may be disgusted by most of these human beings in the big brother house, I think you are probably as loathesome as the worst of them. Misogynistic pig.


Whatever, Michael.


Amanda overyelled Helen during the confrontation with Jess, but Helen kept trying to insert herself. She is as vile as Amanda.


well nobody is as vile as amanda but helen is fighting for the number 2 spot behind her


Right and which one was it that told Howard he took it too personal. Yes, they are attacking things like Candice’s butt, her big feet, proud to say she made Jess feel an inch high.

I agree that Helen’s kids are in trouble if this is what she teaches them at home.


This ‘doing what the house wants’ BS is really annoying because the house really is Helen and Amanda. Somebody has to smash the superfriends alliance because they are running the show and it’s getting boring. Good gameplay , yes but boring viewing.

That said I think it’s really hard to make a big move in the game. You never know when you’re making or breaking your game. I mean we’ve seen instances where a person is HOH one week and then evicted the next. It’s easy for us viewers to say somebody has to wake up but for them in the house they don’t wanna risk their game by attempting to flip. Look at Spencer, he talked to the wrong person Andy and Andy ran to Amanda and told her of the plan, and the whole house kept Amanda. So much for that. So I can understand people not wanting to ruffle feathers because they don’t know if they can trust whoever they’re talking to. Sometimes the person that tries to start a revolution gets it all backfiring in their face and they’re voted out. Think Keith trying to rally the newbies against the vets.

So I understand why people want to play it safe. For a revolution to be successful the others have to be ready for it.


“I mean we’ve seen instances where a person is HOH one week and then evicted the next.”

Ummm actually thats not true. Non of the evicted house guests have been HOH. Also it’s not that hard to make a “big move”. You simply nominate McManda instead of Candy/Jessie….SIMPLE! Also I think you’re post makes you sound like you have a split personality because you’re contradicting yourself.


Wow, the hostility……
Yes people have been evicted before after being HOH in past seasons. I wrote my comment assuming I’m talking to people that have seen seasons where this has happened. I wasn’t talking about this season obviously.
As for the split personality call it whatever you want it’s actually seeing both sides of an issue. Let me put it this way. On the one hand it’s annoying them doing whatever the house wants but on the other hand I understand why. To clarify some more so you undersatnd, my annoyance stems from my opinion as a viewer seeking to be entertained, but at the same time if I try to imagine being in that house I can understand them not wanting to make big moves.

And with Big Brother big moves are a huge gamble. Waht if Gina puts up Amanda but her army still stays loyal to her and comes after GM next week. What then? I mean America already nominated her and she had 0 votes to evict. Peole have failed before trying to make so called big moves. Sometimes the ‘sheep’ do make it far unfortunately.

Let’s debate this maturely, no attacks on personality, But then again it’s your choice.


For right now yes, but keep in mind that if Candice, Jessie and Spencer do go home next, the rest of the “sheep” will have to turn on each other anyways and then things will get interesting then.

Big Sister

Just left the Facebook page and it is overwhelmingly anti-Amanda and pro-Howard getting America’s Favorite. His exit interview with Jeff was as classy as the one he had with Julie, if not more, since it lasted 30+ minutes.


Whenever I watch Helen and Amanda speak during the show I sneeze because I am allergic to fake people and their bullsh*t.


yep alot of fake f-cks in that house

The Black Fish

Bye Candice, at least make your exit interesting, us BB fans really need the excitement at this point.

Candice is an idiot.

Black fish…What was heaven like? You didn’t stay there very long.


Bye Candace!!!!!


LOL all the thumbs down!!! The fact is that it doesn’t change the fact she is still going home. Doesn’t matter what we think, it’s what’s going on in the house. Writing has been on the wall, has been since Jeremy went. It’s not there (the house) fault for the bad game play and choices made by the evicted. Dreaming and wanting a different person isn’t going to make it happen. Some of the things we have learned are not know in the house. It’s BB.


Elissa: Is there anyone special in your life back home?

Andy walks in

Judd: No one right now. I used to have a girlfriend is named Lynn. She spells her name “Lynn”. My older girlfriend’s name is Lyn, too, but she spells it “Lyn”. Every now and then I screw up, I called my new girlfriend by my old girlfriend’s name, and she can tell because I don’t say “n” as long.

Andy: What? I don’t get it

Judd: I’m a mumbler. Sometimes people don’t understand what I say. One time I was at a restaurant, and I ordered a chicken sandwich, but I don’t think the waitress understood me. She asked me, “How would you like your eggs?” I thought I would answer her anyway and said, “Incubated! And then raised, plucked, beheaded, cut up, put onto a grill, and then put onto a bun. Damn! I don’t have that much time! Scrambled!”

Judd leaves

Andy: Judd has to go


Totally a Mitch Hedberg joke!


Lurker: Keep the Judd gems coming. He is the absolute best and so are you for posting them. :)


LOL! I’m only here for the JUDD jokes because this season really blows. I wonder why there hasn’t been a celebrity BB yet? That would be fun to watch. It would be C or D list celebs like Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin, but I’d get a kick out of watching it. That might be the only thing that revamps this franchise. It’s been steadily declining the last few seasons. Step it up CBS!


I would like to find the 6 people that downvoted Mitch Hedberg and help them join the Dufranes.


I’m voting Dawg for the third nominee ‘cuz of the remaining houseguests he’s the only one that needs saving… from the other houseguests..
Run Dawg RUN!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Can a brother get ONE week that’s not predictable? GODDAMN

I know I say every season I say “I’m gone buy the feeds next time”, but I’m happy I didn’t purchase the feeds this season, what a waste of $30 that would be.

Greatest thing about past seasons(I’ve been watching since BB10) is, NOTHING stays the same for long, eventually things change. This season ONE change “week 2” and the rest of the season goes one way because everyone else is scared sheep, I can’t get down with that no matter who I like/don’t like in the house.

Amanda and Helen are looking like a maniacal geniuses, and in comparison to past seasons they really haven’t done anything special. If the other players weren’t mindless sheep, Their game would’ve been figured out at least by week 3, and it would be a wrap for them.


Funny thing is Candice always seemed to be able to figure out the game early on, now her radar went down.She and Helen were a fierce team in the Have-not room the first two weeks. GM is going the same damn route as last week,predictable! Candice needs a POV badly and they need to vote out Amanda please this week!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Yea, Howard threw Candice’s radar WAY off.


This is what Helen wants to do, She wants to keep Candice but some of you do not seem to get it that is why she is kind of hard with Jessie.. Helen knows Jessie has been trying to get rid of Candice. Jessie tried to flip the house last eviction to vote out Candice and she is doing it again.


i bet julie chen is disgusted with helen, siding with the racist crew, particularly aaryn


Candice was one of my favorites during the first two weeks, until she started protecting and defending “her person”. Howard may be a great guy but he is one of the worst game player ever, he is not in the house anymore yet his game is dragging Jessie and Candice down in flames. He planted seeds against her best allies and says to put trust to the worst possible person in the game. Helen is starting to campaign to save Candice and hopefully it comes to fruition. I’m hoping that Candice stays this week and wins the HOH in the double eviction and nominate Amanda and MC Crae, it would be fun to see Amanda’s shocked face as she goes out the door. If Candice goes, Helen’s face would be so fun to watch, she’ll soon realize that she is not as powerful as she is.

Its Her Time

Candice is just a bad player. Its her time to leave. Yep the girls have been mean to her, but she doesn’t have a clue how to strategize and build an alliance. Let a better player stay in the house.

Ian fan 111

You might’ve already answered… But why isn’t Simon’s name on the polls

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Because Dawg said so,and you don’t wanna go against the Dawg. ;P


I hate AMANDA and yet she still stays in the house!!!! BB has become so predictable…I am glad we were gonna see a BB like no other season…same shit different season…even the players know whats coming….I hate that every other player is only waiting to make it to jury…what happened with trying to win the whole damn thing….stupid people!!!


Use your head, once enough people are gone and there’s 9 of ’em left they’ll start playing the game !! Just taking so long this year cuz they had more house guests than usual.


Aug. 1, 5:02 AM, Cam 1-2
Howard and Candace in cockpit….

Now tell me the words “F*** the S*** out of her” will never come out of “Howies” mouth.

Keep in mind this was BEFORE Candace knew about this sentence being said to Amanda.
So it is not like he or she was aware of Amandas claim.
Not proof he said it to Amanda, but is IS proof that he is not the Patron Saint of BB everyone is
trying to push on the sheep.

*Credit to Anon poster on LaLa’s blog for posting this*
Hope that is OK Dawg/Simon.


Sorry not any proof of it at all… Amanda’s filthy mouth was all over that phrasing if you look at the Youtube spot on the racist, nasty crap coming out of this house this year. Be really surprised if CBS doesn’t do some firing after this season. This household is shameful and sad!


You completely missed the point of what was posted though. That clip shows that Howard is quite capable of using the language that Amanda stated he used. There was no claim it was “proof” that he did actually say that to Amanda, only that the man is capable of such statements.

I get you all hate Amanda, it’s hard to miss – but the bottom line is Amanda being a horrible person doesn’t preclude Howard always not being that stand up of a guy. In the situation where he whispered something to her, at the very least he used really hardcore poor judgment. If you view Amanda as someone who lies and twists words, you certainly don’t whisper to her where no one can hear. At the very least he was trying to stir stuff up, regardless of what he said.

Of course in post-show interviews he denies having said exactly what she accused him of saying. I certainly would… why admit to that when there’s no audio to prove or disprove it.

But the flashback referenced there stands for what it is: proof the man can actually say things like that.


Tsinivari, did not see your post until after I replied also.

Thank you for “getting it”

*thumbs up x10*


STOP TRYING TO RUIN Howard’s entire life. HE DID Not say what that biotch Amanda claimed he said. I hope he sues CBS and AMANDA FOR SLANDER because that is what it is pure and simple.


I DID say it is not proof of exactly what he said to Amanda.

I ALSO did say it IS proof he would use THAT EXACT phrase.

Is everyone so in denial that seeing the words come out of Howards mouth is still
not enough? It is not like it was doctored!

And if you do not have the feeds to actually see it with your own eyes-
Howard was talking about being horny, and sometimes it is easier to just find a girl
and “FUCK the SHIT out of her”.

Do you understand the point I am trying to make???? *SMFH*


You do realize amanda already said she lied right……


I read someones post claiming Amanda lied.
And no where in the post did I see her say she lied, or allude to lying.

Besides the fact that Howard claimed he said “He loves her, she is hot, get together and hang” (HIS words),
which indicates he did say something to her that was of a sexual nature (does not matter that he was trying
to get a rise out of her, he said SOMETHING), which indicates she did not lie.

Thank gods none of you people are serving on a jury, your minds are shut like steel traps.


Amanda didn’t say she lied, she said it’s gameplay. She was trying to use Howards comment for gameplay like she did with his religion and the idea that he was playing the race card (which he wasn’t). I don’t think any of these people are saint or devils. I don’t think Howard was a good player, and I think Amanda is good, and more importantly she is entertaining. There are always weeks when things get predictable but this season has been exciting, it seems like the early boring “house votes” are just happening in the middle instead of the beginning this year.


I mean really Helen, tears. you are the worse kind of fake. YOU talk entirely too much. You and Andy are the snakes in the house. Jessie tried to be, she is too young to hang. I hope the next HOH put Amanda n Helen on the block or judd n aaryn, Of course Amanda n mccrae or Amanda n aaryn could be fun to watch. oh, oh Andy n Helen, andy n judd. I bet you judd would learn to speak clearly.


worried there will be a split vote? good grief, who brainwashed these idiots that all votes need to be unanimous. helen dont want to vote out candice due to she wants her in jury. given that and what she said last week the first time amanda got the mvp nomination, there may be a glimmer of hope that the superfriend break up might be coming soon. probably not, but i can’t root for any of the HGs, so i root against all things nerd herd 2.0.


Damn it gm don’t be such a sheep I thought the mvp twist would be good but I think this is the reason everyone is doing what the house wants because with mvp there is no way to guarantee your nominees go home so its better to take the easy path and say its what the house wanted hopefully amanda goes up again and gm has the balls to backdoor mccrae


If Aaryn is the MVP nominee she should be evicted! I would love it if Jessie and Candice both stay and Aaryn gets evicted under her best friends HOH and GM follows her with the double eviction next week ’cause the dumbass can’t play for HOH during the show. That would be the perfect scenario for CBS. Both mean girls in one night! LOVE IT!!!!


Sooo, essentially you want the 2 “mean” girls out instead of the 2 “stupid as all hell” girls ?? No thanks


Lol seriously I would rather watch the goofy drama of gm and Aaryn then have to sit and watch Jessie cry and Candice have one of her mood swings !


The ignorant racist crap spewing from those two dummies(GM&Aaryn) is enough to want them out of the house. Yes the other two are emotionally unstable but after non-stop attacks from the other women in the house we all might be crying in our pillows too!

Candice is an idiot.

You have to understand that some of us do not find hysteria entertaining


Seriously Buddhist Girl what are you smoking lately. The racist crap coming out of Amanda’s disgusting mouth is a million times worst than anything Aaryn has said. Now GM has said some horrible things like calling Helen gook, and I cannot stand Helen, and worse. Aaryn is just stupid but Amanda is a racist that CBS is protecting..


what do you mean both? your assumption makes it sound like they are the only 2 that can claim mean girl status.

secondly, who exactly is going to vote out aaryn in your scenerio? nerd herd 2.0 love her now because she can actually win stuff and shes puppet enough to do exactly as they say.

an mvp nomination for aaryn right now is a waste of time. just be patient, she’ll get hers.


That is what Helen has been trying to do. That is why she campaign against Howard and not Amanda cause she knows she does not have the numbers yet and she was able to save Candice. She knows that Aryan and GinaMarie want Candice out. I would like to see if she can pull it off to save Candice again. People are not liking her game play but at least she does not say ugly nasty comments about the other houseguest and I was rooting for Amanda before but lately Amanda has been saying mean things and the lowest is what she said about Howard. I really think thst Helen wants to go with Elissa and Candice final three.


Simon it was Jessie that said Helen already had money, last night…

You So Funny

Wish we could evict four players this week.


wish we could evict the entire cast and the casting director

Geez Louise

A few days ago I compared this season to Mr. Rogers Neiborhood. My bad…. I should’ve said The Muppets since most houseguest are just puppets!

Candice is an idiot.

This cast is all Jerry Springer rejects.


Been thinking about this…
What occurs to me about this fight last night is how eager all are to say Amanda was bullying Jessie.

How many watched her trying to deal with Jessie before this fight blew up?
Jessie was whining, crying, refusing to hear anything sensible. Acting like a spoiled child pretty much.
Amanda was trying to get her to stop crying and buck up, and she did start to get abrasive.
But the question is who here wouldn’t have snapped?
Do people who are passive/aggressive (Jessie) and screaming for attention of any form
get a pass if they push someone to just lose it and go off on them?
Because that is what you all are giving Jess, a free pass.

Amanda really did try to calm Jessie, she just got tired of the cry baby act.
So she does not suffer fools gladly. One thing you can say, she is not fake.

The hate of Amanda is so deep within some of you she could save an invalid puppy from a
burning building and you all would say she only did it so she could later rape and murder
said puppy.

I don’t know why I keep trying, I know the witch will burn at the stake.
I will mourn over the ashes for sure, because the house will be filled with inane babble (OK? Love You!) for
the rest of the season.

You So Funny

You’re right, Amanda is a beautiful human being.


That was a helpful comment…

At no point did OriginalNoName make any such claim, it doesn’t invalidate the point though. Jessie threw a fit because she wasn’t invited to the BBQ…a child’s temper tantrum can try the patience of the saint, which Amanda definitely isn’t. I don’t think anyone is arguing that Amanda is the picture of a saint or the world’s greatest person. She isn’t actually the Devil though, despite what a lot of the comments I’ve read seem to imply.

Is some of behaviour extremely ugly? Yes, it is. However, I do agree to some extent that we toss the word “bullying” around a little too freely at times. The household is full of sheep, and they choose to be sheep. Like her or not like her, Amanda is playing one heck of a game and she definitely helps keep things interesting…


You sir or mam,really need to learn what bullying is.judging by your view you would fit in perfect with this horrible house


A little late in the reply to this…but I had to say something. You want to basically call me a bully and say I’d fit into the house after a total of three posts I’ve made anywhere on a big brother board? Really? When I haven’t used language anywhere as harsh as what you’ve used on me and multiple times about other people? I think some people posting on these boards need to take a look in a mirror and chill out. how is what you’re doing any better when anyone that has a dissenting opinion from yours is trashed in such a way? Jesus…

Candice is an idiot.

Does CBS pay you 2 guys overtime when you work this late?


I have a question. Did you actually see (or hear) the video with the fight. All the screaming and swearing? It was waaay beyond losing patience whatsoever because of someone’s whining. She was very drunk and completely out of control.


Yes, I watched it last night as it happened.
I have watched a lot this season in fact, probably on par with Simon & Dawg.
(I sleep when the HG’s sleep, lol). Got some time on my hands, not by choice.
I base my opinion on what I see as it happens, not on perception of other
peoples comments.

To whoever said CBS is paying us…Yep.
I get a lot of money to post on this forum.
Last year I got paid to talk about how much I disliked Frank & Danielle.
CBS paid me for that too. It is a sweet gig, I feel blessed, perhaps I will retire on this bounty.

Now run with that, since everything you read on the internet is true =)


Watch the numerous Youtube videos showing all the flowery loveliness coming from Amanda’s big mouth! She is really someone to get behind! : (



your post is utterly ridiculous

just because jess chose to stand up for herself doesnt mean she wasnt being bullied…just listen to the ferocity and hate in what amanda was shouting at her, and trying to not only break her spirit, but trying to instill fear into her in a very malicious way…every point jess made was absolutely correct…this is why amanda apologized to jess the next day, not the other way around, because amanda knew she was in the wrong

listen to the audio of the fight below…amanda sounds like a psychotic lunatic…

i have been watching very closely and amanda has bitched about and bullied jess in various ways for the entire season

you know when amanda talks about wanting to knock jessies teeth out and string her up and slit her throat and then sodomize her that she truly hates jess…this is no act – this is amandas real self on show – and the world is watching

google…Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Jessie…
youtube .com/watch?v=XeyigpelcTU

google…BB15 FIGHT: Amanda vs Jessie (08.02.2013 1:55AM CAM 1)
youtube .com/watch?v=yym5CzOX-CA

google…BB15 Bigotry Supercut
youtube .com/watch?v=xCUbKcKVtVM


Amanda is the biggest threat. The only people who had balls to get her out was Spencer and America. Jessie had “the nerve” to speak up, (a tiny dog with all bark and not bite), but she’s now on the block. The way people think on this show is not High Risk/ High Reward…it is Low Risk/ Make It To Jury.


I find it really funny people bashing Amanda allll the time like seriously people get a life its a god damn game you guys aren’t the ones who are gonna win 500k. Yes shes a loud mouth yes shes horny as shytt but shes playing the best game in the house right know

You So Funny

Does Spencer still have the megaphone? Dang that stinks, he can’t talk game… Oh wait…

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Whoever America votes for as MVP won’t go home, which is why the twist should end.

Aaryn is the Mcranda’s pet now, so she wouldn’t go home anytime soon.

Vote for Amanda, we ALL know she’s not goin home.

Helen and Elissa, MIGHT have a bigger chance of going home, but not this week.

If one of the HOH noms wins POV, Spencer is going up ,but is staying.

Candice and Jessie have been demonized the same way Howard was, no way, they’re staying.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Oh I forgot, they also have terrible game just like Howard….. ;P

Teri B

Totally agree.


Its crazy how people can bash amanda needing to be out when she is playing the game. all of the greats in the game has done sneaky things, mike boogie and dr will manipulated people and i don’t see them get bashed, dan “misted” danielle and pretty much everyone while laughing in the DR making fun of how stupid they can be for falling for it. I dont get why we are all bashing amanda when she is playing a great game and if the houseguests fall for it its THEIR fault, not her.


this is why because this is how she plays the game:


Sorry but I take great offense to the idea that Amanda is playing a game worthy of mentioning in the same breath as Dr. Will, Boogie or Dan! No way!! she has weak ass people and she is non-stop threatening everyone to get behind her or else. So happy when Spencer kept telling her to shut up and listen! That is how you treat a wannabe Dominatrix! Get down on your knees and beg Amanda!!!!


You might as well give it up you are wasting your breath with this pack of haters that are driven by a lust to see Amanda publically burned at th stake. All these whiny cat folk seem to forget that Evel Dick’s mouth was way worse and he bullied and badgered everyone ALL DAY EVERY DAY! He was 10 times worse than Amanda could ever be, but because she is a woman, she is obviously the best gamer in that house AND she is playing an out in the open type of game, these people are LOSING THEIR MINDS! Its laughable. I now want Mcmanda to win the whole thing IF ONLY JUST TO shove it in the face of all these “WAAHHHH, AMANDAS GOTTA GO! SHES DISGUSTING!” babies. Thin-skinned babies that would not last a day in that house as a contestant.

I think the only thing worse than some of the things that she jokingly says, are the comments on this board. Everyone is threatening to stop following this season…Hell, I say people with sense and knowledge of what kind of game BB truly is, need to threaten to stop watching these comments. It’s th same shit every other post. At this point, Spencer could walk up to Andy and chop his off and the responses here would be, “That effin bitch AMANDA!! She caused that!!! PLEASE VOTE HER OUT ALREADY!!! WAAAHHHH!!!”


the point is if a house guest is going to make statements about wanting to kill and rape other house guests in such a vicious way they should be kicked out

add in all the racism and homophobic comments and bullying, and she is bringing negative attention on what is supposed to be a great show…by behaving like this she is disrespecting all connected with the show, and many different groups of people

cbs are making it worse by trying to hide her disgusting side, and try to portray her as a great person which she clearly is not, and in the process attempt to trick fans, many of whom are young kids


again…2 words….EVEL DICK. Waaay worse on all levels and didn’t have nearly this much of a public outcry


i dont agree he was worse, but thats not the point

if you say sh!t like wanting to rape and kill house guests it should be game over in my opinion


chop his head off*


hahahaha gm called Candace a tattle tale. that’s funny.

GM thanks to Jessie’s stupidity, may now be this year’s porshe who just makes it to final 3 sliding along OK with everyone but not super close


Can’t wait to see Amanda being put up as the third nominee


jess should do a little dance when amanda goes on the block if she is the 3rd nom


RIP Jessie. You gave us all hope for about 2 minutes.


Do you guys think that Candice can beat Jessie in voting? Also what are the chances of the house really flipping on Amanda this week if she is the third nominee. Ironically after being the most hated in the house I think Aaryn would be completely safe if she ended up being the third nominee.


Who am I kidding anymore this season is trash. I give up..


For next seasons BB, I propose two rules: 1) The McCranda Rule…you may not be sleep in the HOH bed if you do not win HOH. 2) One or both of these changes need to be made…every week the player who has shown the most improvement in their game (voted on by America) gets TWO votes. This won’t be revealed until the vote. AND/OR America not only gets to pick the 3rd nom, but also gets a vote for eviction. 2 votes that no one knows about will make things interesting. It won’t even be revealed to the most improved player that they have a double vote. Although, the House will know that this is the twist, they just won’t know who it is.

my opinion

The 2 racist that Julie Chen called out on The Talk are going to be the 2 that are responsible for getting out the 2 african americans…Classic.

pot calling kettle

For one Julie Chen is a piece of garbage and liar. Aaryn is not the one responsible for getting Candice or Howard out that was all Helen and Amanda. So put the blame where it belongs. Julie Chen apparently has a problem with blonde blued eyed women because she has no problem with the shit that comes out of Amanda’s big fat racist mouth and she has been doing it from the beginning or the crap that comes out of the liar Helen’s big fat mouth or Spencer’s. So Helen was offended by the rice comment but wow has she heard what Amanda has said about her. Julie Chen is a lying piece of garbage who is playing to the cameras and hope that she is sued along with CBS and Amanda by Howard who was slandered on this show. NO way cbs, Chen or Amanda can condone slander and that is exactly what was done to Howard. Hope Chen, Chen’s sorry husband, and Amanda all end up on the street after Howard and his attorney and hope he gets a really good one are done with them. Her little sick smirky grin last night as she condoned Helen’s bullying of the house guests made me ill!!!!


Please. Howard isn’t going to sue anybody. Not in his character. I promise you care more about Howard’s alleged “slander” than he does. And even if he did, you think some Hattiesburg yellow pages local will stand a remote chance against CBS big corporate legal team? Think again.


Looks like GM has guaranteed her place in the “Mean Girls Club”. There was absolutely no need to embarrass Candice and Jessie like that on National TV. I hope she gets it back 10 fold when she is nominated and I hope Candice gets to do it. GM is a phony and she is NOT A BLONDE. She is mean and acts so fake to Candice’s face. If Candice does go home, I hope she slaps a couple of racist bitches on the way out. I would have been expelled weeks ago. No amount of money is worth putting up with these hateful disgusting excuses for human beings.

Candice is an idiot.

GM would knock her prissy ass out cold.


with gina karma has already bitten her and will continue to bite her in her life after the game…

1. nick doesnt want anything to do with her
2. she lost her job and reputation in her industry
3. out and about in public people will know her as a racist and mean girl
4. those that have seen the show know she is disgusting without makeup

Jack Daniels

Helen is crying because she has realized that she has lost all the power in voting out Howard. She now has to do what Amanda wants. Andy is a snake and I hate his gameplay style. He changes loyalties and is fake to everyone. I cannot wait to see his game implode later in the season when he is forced to betray a whole side of the house. These nominations were the best decision for Gina Marie. There really is no other option. Aaryn has started to play the game so much better. She is actually quite smart and manipulative. I think she should get off the Amanda train right after double eviction, and start playing a game that ensures she is in the final 3 with Gina Marie. She can beat Gina Marie in finals, and no one else. With any other HG in finals she will be perceived as a villain. Although I do not like Amanda, I have to give her game play credit. She is running that house with an iron fist. I have never seen anything like it, except Dick(who was majorly helped by America). Amanda is running the game without any production help. She is smart, savvy, intimidating, and always a step ahead. It will be fun to watch her inevitable blindside and downfall. Im not a fan of Mc Crae either. I think he has just ridden Amanda’s back and if they are in finals together Id rather the actual player win, beacuse she will be the person that got him there. Judd is my fave so far but he is oblivious to Andy. I think Andy and Amanda will push for his eviction during DE night . Elissa went from target number 1, to an definite spot in Jury. She has laid low and played herself into a good position. This upcoming eviction much like last week is crucial. If Candice goes, I think Andy Amanda, McCrae are a definite for final 5. Id rather Jessie leave because although she has the balls to put up McCrae and Amanda, she has no real allies in the house. Candice on the other hand still has Elissa and Helen. With there help they can shift the power and open up the game.


you had me until the bit about amanda is doing whatever without production help. its a well known fact she is getting the hero treatment with the best edits for the primetime telecasts.

Jack Daniels

That is what everyone keeps saying but I still think the audience knows what is going on. Amanda may not have her life ruined like Aaryn, but she was nominated last week, and will probably be nominated again. I do not really think she needs productions help much. I do however think production wants to make it appear as if Helen is running the house, and they are starting to give her a rough edit. In reality the edits this year do not truly matter. The game is too far in motion. I think production may be setting up Helen to take the fall as the Queen B, so they can stretch out the MacCrae/Amanda showmance and inevitable nomination against each other mid jury. That will be the week to watch!!

pot calling kettle

The Huffington Post called Amanda out today, and hopefully TMZ will too if people keep writing. I mean Amanda made fun of autistic children and sorry but with all the racist and homophobic comments that come out of that skanks mouth along with the slandering of Howard which CBS and BB is condoning she needs to lose anything she has and wish she could be put in a jail cell for the rest of her rotten life.


i sent the youtube links of amanda to cnn and the la times


Aaryn’s White Power comment was a sign. Every minority will be out soon even Helen. Because in the end I think sh did want Candice there at least a little
Longer. That tear on her face said it all “oh crap I’m going to be along!” She thought she had power becaus they let he think that, now I notice she is being told
What to do. Come on Helen say it ” ok ok ok ok, but no, we’ll , ok ok yea as long as I’m in the finals with you know kkk, ok ok. I’ll be fine just don’t pull he rope to tight. Ok ok ok.

Helen was crazy to let Howard walk out he door. You got to know hen to take the chains off and jump ship.


Helen the worst.


Can we please get someone with some balls to stand up in this house? I’m becoming so fucking bored with this show, yet I keep watching in hopes of someone making a power move. No one isgonna turn against Jessie because she is so easily influenced and we know Amanda is going to be the 3rd nominee which means candice is going home. CBS did an awful job at picking these whack ass people. None of them deserve to win.

I need to be on this show so bad so I can shake this shit up. It’s becoming TOO predictible.


Candice could win POV then she could win HOH during double eviction night and get some revenge. The double eviction night is going to swing things in the house into action. We could see the cockroaches and bedbugs scatter.

Candice is an idiot.

Yes she could, if it’s a nail polishlng comp.


Howard did admit to saying Amanda’s “hot” in the exit interview…however, his mistake was not saying it out loud to the camera so everyone could hear it, allowing Amanda to get inside Candice’s head. It didn’t help that Howard talked in metaphors, so Amanda just filled in the blanks with her own viewpoints. She is the master of lying and twisting.


Are we watching the same show? How do you people not love all of these strong women?? For once women are running BB, I love it & I love my mavin Amanda! They aren’t all sheep. They will play hard when all of the scrubs are gone. I have watched since BB1 (I knew Chicken George damn it) and I have never wanted so many different players to win. Thank you Simon & Dawg for keeping me up to date even when I’m at work. Now I have to go vote for the S&@t to go home.


Honestly, I’m starting to feel like this MVP twist is only giving Amanda more power and influence.

She’ll be nominated this week and the house will fall into paranoid despair. Amanda and her cronies will blame Jessie*, they’ll make up some lies about her, call her deceitful, shore up GinaMarie with Jessie’s vote against Nick, and there you have it. Smear campaign against poor, little Jessie signed, sealed and delivered. Our nomination of Amanda will only give her more ammunition against other people on the block with her. The Supersheep are too tight and gloatful about all past evictions to break off now. This break-off will happen when their various degrees of preference over Aaryn and GinaMarie have to be dealt with once Jessie, Candice, and Spencer have been dealt with.

*If Jessie wins the POV, they’ll blame Candice or Spencer – whoever they decided has reached “their time to go.”

With this said, I think after the first eviction on Thursday, Julie should inform the house guests that while America voted for the MVP the first three weeks, the last three weeks America WAS the MVP. This will hopefully send all types of thoughts to run amongst the house guests (“I’m following a total bitch, oh my god”) and the second eviction might actually be eventful.


we just have to keep putting amanda on the block to maximize the chance she is voted out to try and make sure she does not win…doing this also means she can never vote


GM: She is a rat!!

Aaryn: Candace is the real racist in this house.

Judd: I don’t care if people are white, black, purple or green.” Hold on, now, purple or green? Come on now, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

GM: Purple or green? I don’t get it

Judd: Today I was brushing my teeth looking in the mirror. My teeth are off-white. I’m not even white. I’m off-white. It’s a new race; we will prevail!


Lol, As a person who doesn’t watch the feeds and can no longer stomach After Dark (ok , ok, ok). Those Judd-isms are funny to read since everything is is so tense.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

For all that may of not been the biggest Howard fan, like me, I highly HIGHLY recommend watching his interview with Jeff on

He truly is a very very good man.

Not as bad a game player as you might of thought.

Candice is an idiot.

I was amazed by the interview with Jeff. Howard spoke well, in sentences. He got spacy talking about how Moses’ 40 years were his 40 days,but other thanthat he was clear and coherent.

Teri B

I think we should all guess how many nights Demanda and her lapdog will spend in the HOH room when it should be someone else in there. Oh, maybe a POLL! Simon….Dawg????

It must have killed Demanda for GM to be using it for her own purposes.



I don’t get why Candace is surprised that Gina Marie was harsh. Clearly, she isn’t as jaded as maybe she should be. This is the same person hat ran up in her face provoking her to hit her in defense to what Aaryn did that night. And that wasn’t enough, when Howard removed her she goes into the Have Not room hoping to further the confrontation. She’s the same 30 something year old woman who is on the same mental level of one of the most ignorant people in the house. As much as the bed flipping incident bothered her I was surprised she even had anything else to do with Gina Marie since at the end of the day she and Aaryn are peas in the same type of pod and that’s why they get along so great. A no brainer.


GM’s biggest modeling job this year was for a costume pkg for a green apple jolly rancher! I think these girls are jealous of the girl who is a speech pathologist and who could’ve helped GM with her diction and spoken word!


Let’s just pray she doesn’t teach the ghetto head roll and finger snap to little children. BTW she’s no longer employed and sha is not what she claims but aspires to own a clothing store. Don’t glorify this chickenhead.

Varys Blackfyre

OMG I’m so shocked by the nominations … I hate it when no one goes against the “house”

You So Funny

I’m thinking the next three evictions will be women.


Nah, Andy’s pretty safe.

Candice is an idiot.

So is McCrae


If you take Amanda’s gameplay and dilute it with some motherly love, a lot of tears, and a whole lot of “friendship,” what you have is Helen’s gameplay. Helen’s strategy is a more polished version of Amanda’s strategy. Helen’s social game is impeccable and i honestly do not think people give her enough credit. The amount of calculation in every tear and in every “I owe you for____” is rather praise worthy. As of right now, Helen is playing the most intricate and effective game.


She hasn’t really kept her word to any alliance, even Elissa was thrown under the bus when she got jittery a few weeks ago. You can’t win this game eliminating all your peeps then expect a jury vote.

Candice is an idiot.

Helen is a scientologist. You can bet she was trained long and hard for thjs show. If she wins, she will be the new “FACE” of Scientology.


i think Helen has realized the error of her ways. She has lost the power and she will not be able to stack the jury house in her favor like she had planned. She will lose Candace and Andy is really not her friend. He is more aligned with Amanda. Her downfall started when she made sure Kaitlin was evicted,. If she was as smart as she thought she would have taken that opportunity to build a team and spitl the house. Instead she continued to think that she could go against Amanda & McCrea later while eevicting all the people that had the guts and the physical stregth to help her. Howard would have won that last HOH comp and he would have put up Amanda & Mccrea if she made a deal with him. If not it would have been Amanda & Helen. Helen, honey, you game is lost. You have no one but Elissa. You are stupid and arrogant. FYI: when you go to war, you need real soilders that arent scared to knuckle up. Now let me see you get you way out of this won. Becasue if you loose Candace now….. forget about winning. You better get a team together quick!

Jack Daniels

I think Aaryn is the new Helen. She personally wants to keep Jessie and out Candice because that is beneficial to her and Gina Marie. Amanda and Helen will try and shift the vote from Candice to Jessie because that allows Helen to have more power, and keeps Amanda firmly in control. Aaryn, Helen, and Amanda are the only people truly playing the game. With America’s vote most likely going to Amanda, I think this will cause a lot of tension and paranoia in the house. Amanda is savvy and will place blame on Judd. He needs to watch out during DE. With Andy in Amanda’s back pocket, they both will push for Judd to go. Although the first half of the game has been predictable I anticipate a strong and intense second half. There are still a lot of catty women in the house and as the pressure mounts, tempers will flare. I think no major moves have been made because all of the power players(Amanda, Aaryn, Helen) want each other in the house to shift the focus off themselves. The followers are all trying to hide under the power players, so no one makes any moves. Elissa is hiding under Helen. McCrae under Amanda, And GM under Aaryn. Then you have Andy floating under all 3 waiting for the game to unfold so he can choose the winning side. Judd, spencer, candice, and Jessie are just trying to make it week to week.


I might be wrong, but I don’t think Amanda will be the 3rd nom. I think CBS will put up Aaryn or Helen just to change things up. Plus, it will keep alive the hope that Julie gets to have her interview with th lil ‘racist blonde’


it would be amazing if amanda somehow gets blindsided then aaryn is evicted right after in the one night as its a double eviction

then julie chen can interview the 2 biggest racist mean girls in the house together killing 2 birds with the one stone

cbs cares

give me a break

Aryan nation is happy….no more black people in the house….

This Season Blows

To all the people who watched season 1 – remember when they tried to bribe one of the houseguests to leave so a more interesting replacement houseguest could take their place?

I wish BB would revisit that twist and bribe Helen, Rachelissa, and Amanda to leave. There’s got to be more interesting and less annoying people out there that missed the cut during casting for this season, right?


Well it comes down to this Candice needs to get her head in the game and win the POV, plain and simple. She needs to focus on maintaining her composure and stop giving away all her secrets as to what she knows about whom. Play them, like they are playing you. She had to know she was going on the block; come on it is Gina Marie and Aaryn’s HOH. So she should have been prepared and basically just told Gina Marie, “it is, what it is, on the day that it is”!!! And said, thanks so I know where you and I stand and left the HOH room.

At the same time, she needs to start building back her relationship with Helen and Elissa. I’m not talking about kissing asses, but building up some alliances.

At some point…she should consider apologizing to Spencer and tell him that she should have listened to Howard that Spencer was trying to help them out by trying to flip the house by splitting up the votes last week. Say she knows that she is going to have earn his trust but give her chance, especially if she wins POV, And stop speaking game play to Andy (he does not have your back).

But at the end of the day, fricken win the damn POV.

Candice is an idiot.

What POV comp can she win? Cheerleading?

pot calling kettle

Screw Helen and Elissa, Candice, Aaryn, Jessie, Judd and Spencer need to come together somehow and all mend fences and get rid of Helen and Amanda and McCrae and Helen’s lap dog Elissa. They could do it if they could get in a room and talk without the little scurrying rat Andy sticking his stinking head into all of their talks. COME ON GUYS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Elissa: I miss my family so much

Helen: It’s so hard when your a mother. No one else here really understands.

Andy shows up

Judd: I miss my dog so much. I just remembered a story from when I was dating Lynn. I called her. She tells me my dog, Stay, just took a dump on her new carpet. I’m like, ‘Shoot him.’ She goes, ‘That’s just like you, Judd. I have a genuine problem, and you’re being sarcastic.’ ‘Alright, Lyn, oops I mean Lynn, I’m sorry. Put the dog on the phone. I’ll talk to him.’


Helen looks like she’s thanking based god in that last photo