Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


12pm Danielle comes back from the diary room and says that Janelle was asking if you were up here. Britney says that Janelle is going to want to campaign with me all day. Britney says that she wants to tell Janelle that she is voting the way Danielle does and that she isn’t telling me till 5:45pm on Thursday. Britney says that if we were outside the house I would tell you that Shane is that douche bag boyfriend that I would never like. Britney tells Danielle that she should just have a causal flirty relationship with Shane. She says that casual flirty people don’t cuddle and don’t kiss. Danielle says that she doesn’t want a relationship because he doesn’t even know anything about Trey. Britney says oh poor Trey. She says that she had feelings for Trey and that she didn’t even know how he felt because it was so new. Danielle says that after she won the HOH she ran to the diary room and told them not to put a photo of Trey in her HOH room.
Watch what happens, AS it happens for FREE 3 Day Trial!


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12:15pm – 12:45pm Danielle says that she feels so bad that Trey has to see all this .. that he was so excited he knew if I disappeared then I got on the show.. and that he went out and bought a DVR to watch every episode. Danielle says that she doesn’t even want a showmance with Shane. Danielle says that she overheard Trey’s friends tell him that she was the girl he was going to marry. Danielle says that there was no red flags with him. She says that she cried up in the HOH room because of how torn she is, and that Trey didn’t treat me like this. Danielle says that she doesn’t think Trey will still be there. He doesn’t even know how much I liked him and how attracted I was to him… if he had asked me to be his girlfriend I would have said yes and none of this would have happened. Now he just thinks I am a fat a$$ on TV, will he even want me anymore. Britney says probably not, after the kissing. But that the right relationship can survive this game. Danielle remembers a red flag about Trey saying that his friends said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. Danielle says I hope Trey is listening to this conversation or that someone can tell Trey Gorman on facebook that she misses him and that this has been really blown way out of proportion. Danielle lists off all the things Shane does and how initiates everything and that yes I do give in because I like it and I like the attention. She says that he is a douche. Danielle says that once she makes up her mind she can stop and Shane can come hard and strong all day long and I won’t give in. Danielle says she wishes she could just get a phone call with trey. Britney explains how embarrassing it must be for Trey. Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we will be right back.
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1pm Danielle talks about how there aren’t any cute available guys in this house. Danielle says that Dan is cute but he is taken. They talk about how they don’t think Frank is considered hot by the fans. Big Brother then switches all the cameras to Wil and Janelle in the kitchen. Janelle is telling him all about her wedding and wedding dress.


Superpass Live Feeds: 3 Day Trial!

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Janelle corners Dan and gets him to go into the arcade room. Janelle says that she talked to Shane and he said that he is voting to keep me. Dan says that he needs to confirm with Shane that he is voting to keep you because he hasn’t told me that yet. Janelle says that Wil swore on his dog too that he would vote to keep me. Janelle says um the curly haired guy …what’s his name? Dan says Frank. Janelle says yeah Frank he is acting like he is staying; he is talking about how on Thursday he is going to win HOH. Dan says that Frank hasn’t even come to him for votes. Janelle says that he hasn’t gone to Ashley for votes either. Janelle says that it’s weird. Dan says well if you think you have the votes them I am sure you’re staying. I just need to confirm with people. Janelle asks him when he will tell her what he is doing. Dan says later tonight. Janelle says okay good because I don’t want to be blindsided. And I know you would not lie to me. Dan and Janelle leave the arcade room.


1:15pm – 1:20pm Dan heads out into the backyard and tells Mike that he figures they should tell Janelle tonight that she is going home. Mike tells him that he can’t do that, you know BB would not like that. Dan says he just thought out of mutual respect for a coach. Janelle then joins them in the backyard. They are silently sitting on the couches.


1:25pm – 1:55pm Dan and Joe are in the pool shooting hoops. Wil and Janelle are laying out. Britney and Danielle join them. Ian is rocking in the hammock. Dan starts talking about how life keeps going while they are in the house and then he says what if Chelsea was pregnant. He says if he win HOH and he is told she is pregnant in the HOH room, someone better be behind me to catch me when I faint. The conversation turns to selling things on ebay. Janelle says that she might sell her bikini and then says that she’ll sell her nip slip photos.


2pm – 2:40pm Dan, Danielle, Britney, Frank, Boogie and Ian are in the pool playing with the big ball. Dan tells them that whoever drops the ball when it’s their turn gets an ice grill. Boogie messes up first and gets the cold water hose in the face. Then Britney messes up and get the cold water hose in the back.


2:45pm – 3pm Joe and Shane are talking over by the backyard couch. Joe tells Shane that there is 100% lock that Ashley, Wil, Ian and Jenn are working together. Shane says that makes things tough and says that you have to pick a side. Joe tells Shane that he is never switching from working with Shane, Danielle and Brittney. Joe says that there is not one other person in this game that I’ll protect. Joe says that Janelle is not buying that Wil is with her. Joe says that Janelle wants to believe Wil, but that she isn’t sure. Joe says that Wil might be doing the same thing he did last week. Shane talks about wanting to get Boogie out. Joe mentions that Wil may just vote to keep Janelle just in case she stays. Joe talks about how they need to stick together and if they do it will be money! Everything he has watched shows that a tight alliance makes it to the end. Joe says that Dan is going to tell Janelle tonight about how he is voting. Joe asks Shane to tell him if he hears different. Joe says that is is way smarter to get rid of Frank. Britney comes over by them and asks what they are talking about. Joe says SHhhh…alliances..


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ok, maybe this chick is bat shit crazy…


Which one??? Janelle or Danielle? In this guy’s humble opinion, they are BOTH bat-shit crazy. Danielle has been having a delusional “showmance” with Shane since day one, and essentially just broke up with him, in her little fantasy world where he actually gives a shit. And then there’s Janelle, who has lied to everyone in the house, multiple times, and then says things like…”I know you would never lie to me.” and this insatiable hatred for Frank is borderline psychotic. Oh, BTW Janelle, no need to try and sell your nasty nip-slips, I got ’em for free…..aaaaaand I was NOT impressed. See ya, freak!


In defense of crazy chicks, I haven’t met one yet that isn’t awesome in the sack. Just sayin’.


guess shane and Danielle will not be on the Amazing race like Jeff and Jordan or Brendon or Rachael, I guess she realizes that she and Shane are not going to be Americas sweethearts. And DANIELLE WILL S….when Janiele wins Americas vote for $50,000.00 and when she sees the show later she is ging to see she was used and was a chubby chick and a fool. BRITNEY PLAYS IN THE HERE AND NOW AND WILL SEE HOW BAD SHE PLAY AND ONCE AGSIN THE BOYS SCREW HER.


Danielle has played so well but her self-esteem issues make me want to throw her through a wall.


And I also wonder if she realizes she just probably created a bunch of BB stalkers for the poor guy she mentioned.


Seriously. Bad news for that guy.


I agree!! She seems like a good kid but man she has some serious issues with her self esteem. We have no idea what she has been through in her life so we really cant judge but she is pretty enough that she shouldnt be so down on herself.


Am I the only one that has no idea who Trey is?? I mean, wasn’t she obsessed with Shane 24/7 until this very moment when she suddenly loves Trey? W…t…f…I hope Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil and every other psychologist is waiting for her at the door when she leaves.


And Dr. Oz to explain to her what being a “nurse” really means.


Im actually proud of her for being able to withstand janelle’s constant game that could break some people. of course she has dan to keep her off the ledge

I do think if dan was single, then shane wouldnt be in the picture “for her”

seriously, this isnt going to end well when shane breaks it to her AFTER her time in power that he just wants to be friends. that will be a big backdoor for shane thanks to dan, and likely boogie because they can use him to do it


It wasn’t her, it was Mike who manipulated everything.

Wils Head Scab

Shes crazier than bat shit! Dont insult batshit.


an end of a showmance is bad news for shane. it really is. dan will cut that cord the second they get rid of the floaters in the house who could rally together. once he does that, watch out shane, you are the biggest threat in the house due to the HOH/POV wins and being a newbie


Danielle is crazy, Dan needs to have a talk with her I don’t think Brit will be able to calm her down


I bet Janelle is having a meltdown right now. She probably going psycho & having a hissy fit.


No she is pretty calm, She is STILL trying to put the pieces together, lol. It is Danielle who is acting psycho and having a hissy fit!


This bitch is a psycho, OMG watch out houseguest especially the men. LMAO. SHE IS PATHETIC!!!!! I think Joe was right about her, she’s jealous of what Janelle has, a husband, a baby and a good life. That’s just sad cause if she wasn’t so crazy someone might want that with her too. JEALOUS BITCH!!!!


She like Rachel, but Rachel knew how to keep a man interested, by putting his dick down her throat…. bredon ain’t goin nowhere

Dark Horse

OMG I can’t take it…when will it be over…



Danielle is really becoming scary. She reminds me of those stalkers that you read about with celebrities. I’d stay far far away from her.

Terri Balentine

Danielle , Danielle….wtf ? Trey one week , Shane the next ? Girl , why do you think you HAVE to HAVE a MAN in your life to be happy ? Your game is good , but think how much better it would be if you weren’t worrying all the time about which Guy ? If I were TREY…I would RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!

Dark Horse

I agree.

Danielle needs to stop worrying about a man and worry about the 500K she signed up for


I know Dan needs to talk to her

Dark Horse

Did production put in her head that she would be a Showmance and now she is heartbroken and talking [borderline] psycho cause the potential Showmance wants nothing with her?!

TREY, Listen up!….Ruuuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!


Wow thats so messed up first danielle is all obssesed with shane but then when hes mean to her all of a sudden she misses this guy and loves this guy and only liked the attention what a whore

Dark Horse

Was Shane actually mean to her OR is it because he does not want to kiss her?

From what I see…Danielle wanted a kiss if she won poker, Shane just wanted to rub her back…NOW she’s pissed and he’s being mean!! What!

Seriously guys this is a bit much…guys I know cannot stand needy girls…and Danielle is the definition of that!


Shane kissed her after he HOH win, there was no reason for him doing that if he didn’t want to fuck her………. amaybe just ONCE then send her packing, a man would have to really gay to not hit that phatass at least once, and he can always get a restraining order later….

hopefully after Whornelle goes, she’ll be gone in the next couple weeks

Aqua Bernie

Cuckoo! She seriously has many problems.


Yes Dani is CRAZY! But Shane brought this on himself, when he kissed her in front of everyone after her HOH win. Stupid move on his part, I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. Wish BB would bring Kara back for a day or two so we could watch the fireworks….


EXACTLY, you NEVER EVER , EVER kiss a women like that, unless you plan on having a relationship …. felt like the kiss from titanic , you know Dani saw that 8 million times LOL


lol ..I was thinking the exact same thing!


Trey’s profile pic is him and some blonde chick. Guess he didn’t wait. Her profile has some nice, slutty pics, tho.


lol. Dan is so stupid for trusting boogie, i cant wait till frank win hoh tomarrow and puts shane and dan on the block, because thats what dan get, he knows how boogie rolls. obviously boogie wants to take frank all the way, by the way he was damn near crying of the fact frank being out the door. It just sucks now that shane game is totally screwed because of dan. Frank should be going home.

now team chill!

i agree…cant wait for chill town to backstab dan, & dani & brit. they are gonn a regret getting rid of jani


It’s like ‘Days of Our Lives’ with Danielle. This girl has her marriage light on so bright it’s blinding people. Anyway, I’m legit starting to feel bad about Janelle not having a clue. You can tell Dan was too, then he goes and talks to Boogie about teling her and Boogie shut it right down like the evil little leprechaun that he is.


Trey’s profile pic is him and some blonde chick. Guess he isn’t waiting. Oh, but her profile has some nice, slutty pics. Worth the look.


What’s wrong with you Danielle? How many guys are you hooking up? Shane is a perfect one. That’s so messed up.


My god, does she even know which reality show she is on?? Somebody should tell her it’s not the bachelorette, so sick of her and her quest for love, geez, I wish she was getting the boot rather than Janelle, at least Janelle keeps it interesting in a messed up kind of way.

Lady E

I thought she and Ashley signed up for a dating show and both ended up on Big Brother. If she didn’t get on Big Brother, she may have gotten on the dating show. How did Trey come into this? Possibly because she knew Shane didn’t like her in that way, and now she’s feeling lonely and is thinking of a dude back home.


Omg..Danille is fucking crazy..she really thinks her and shane are in a relationship? lmfao this is the funniest shit i have evern seen on TV..poor Trey he has no ideal what he is in for. And Britney makes it no better.


Britt is not one to give advice. Because of her constant flirting with Lane on her previous season, she lost her boyfriend back home at the time.Now she’s quickly moved on and married someone else…


No… Not at all. Britney was engaged before bb12… She married her fiancé soon after.


haha she married someone completely different actually


Wrong HG , that was Kresten that lost her BF at home because she was flirting with Hayden… if your going to bash someone, get your facts straight 1st

Lady E

Overall, Britney didn’t marry her original fiancé.

Dr. J

Janelle in a nutshell maybe? Look up sociopath and there is more than this to this type of personality.

Glibness and Superficial Charm

Manipulative and Conning
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

Grandiose Sense of Self
Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

Shallow Emotions
When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

Incapacity for Love

Need for Stimulation
Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others. Etc., Etc., Etc…


hit the nail on the head. classic sociopath.


Janelle is catty she makes fun of people (personal attacks) when unnecessary….she was all buddy buddies with Frank week 2 now she is talking all this bad stuff about him….she’s been making fun of him right after the day the power shifted from Frank to Shane


Fascinating, she seems more like a run of the mill narcissist to me. Also you’re basing this psycho analysis off of someone who is playing a game, which stands to land them 500k at the end of said game.

Dr. J

DrJuan, If I may quote Boogie verbatum, “It is not what you say, but what you do.” Example: If I tell you I love you and kiss you, that means one thing, however, if I tell you I love you and hit you in the mouth it means quite the opposite… Get my drift? Oberservations, conversations, and actions are speaking for her.

Dr. J

Oh yes, so sorry but I do concure with you she is also a mega Narccistic personality. It is absolutely me, me, and more me. She feels far superior to others around her but realizes she is no longer the playboy bunny she once was. Her ego far surpasses that of others in the house. Also one other observation about her. Watch her carefully when she is scheming with other about what to do. She always says, “I don’t know, or I’m not sure, etc..” She even asked Joe for his opinon of what to do. Joe? OMG let’s get real here. She is so self centered and desperate about her image and ego she is willing to ask a newbie. I rest my case and will give you the narccistic behavior as I totally agree she also suffers from this… Hmmm, there are also others in the house suffering the same.

Anonymous 2

When did you meet me ex-wife?


Well hell, I said that and posted the same info like 2 weeks ago lol (it’s back there in the mass of posts, too hard to try and find it though).
That day she told Brit she never felt really sad or really happy is when it occured to me.


Oh sweet baby Jesus… I would love to see the look on Danielle’s face when she realizes she has given America the impression she’s a bunny boiler.


WOW! am i the only one who believes that danielle needs a round-the-clock therapist, not a stint on bb??

Dr. J

Read an older post I made about her personality.

The Man

To me the best TV would be letting Janelle believe she is safe and then when the vote sget announced, the house erupts in the Boogie DR laughing spasm he does with people.

It isn’t that I dislike Janelle or etc. I just think that to let her know in advance or etc would be wrong. If they want ratings and visceral reactions to film….then they need to make sure that the results are not told ahead of time. That is BS


agree. as awful as that sounds, this is television, and we want good television, BB is a constant game, they shouldnt even really tell her at all. the vote should do the talking for the house


anyone else wonder how the edit will go down? if they give dan the credit, showing him take mike and frank into the room downstairs etc, then thats kind of sad. they need to let boogie have this one, he did think of it, set it in motion with the coaches meeting they MUST show on cbs. ALL of it. and let boogie do his dance in the DR, then hes gone within a few weeks, but at least we get to see why hes one of the best ever before he goes.

Dr. J

Yeah says, you’ve made more sense than a lot of posters here. I have followed your comments and agree wiith most of them.


thank you kindly.


One more time, Boogie might of been pitching the idea, but Janelle sealed her fate by lying. Earlier in the day Brittany came up and told him that Janelle said if Wil wins hoh he is putting up Dan, when all 4 were upstairs, and Dan asked he,r who would her people put up she said she didm’t know, this is what made Dan go with Boogie for this week.

BBFan 4ever

I wonder if JENN wins HOH if Danielle will have a showmance with her! LOL


I just wonder if jenn and the floaters will try to bring in boogie

I can see him setting up a secret alliance, and ian joining, and ian not telling the other alliance, and will continue to play the middle, while chilltown lets others seem like they are the one’s doing it.

I think dan will let this go down, and if they can get rid of brit, boogie and dan can basically convince everyone to do what they want as long as they then remove shane after a fight with danielle

Dr. J

Go watch Ian’s pre-show interview where he states he wants to be in a large alliance and a secret alliance no one knows about. So you’re dead on with this.


What an idiot? Janelle’s think that she has enough votes. How stupid does she? She has no clue that the whole house majority will vote you out. Please Janelle Go home to your kid. You set a bad example of leaving infant child.


I am kind of embarrassed for her.. Girl its obvious you dont have the votes, people arent giving you straight answers! Oh Jani!


Lets count the “votes” (lies told to Janelle):


And the one real vote:


As far as Janelle is concerned, when the “votes” are counted, she’s staying.


Why does everyone want Joe gone, He is annoying, but no threat to anyone.

I wanna see drama. Have Dani and Shane up or Britney and Boogie. Something entertaining!


he makes up ALL the lies. he basically buried janelle with his lying ways, made her side that must less trustworthy

he has to go because he makes the food, uses up all of it, and doesnt wash his hands before he does this

he is the annoying guy who they’d rather get out than a threat

hes the PERFECT guy to guy tomorrow in the double eviction we are sure to see soon, so why not before people talk about blindsiding a real player, get out the guy no one will ever trust, as he has the biggest mouth in the world that they live in

notice boogie is talking to others now, yet he still wont talk game with joe? why is this? he cant trust that joe wont take some sentence about geisha house, and turn it into “he’s coming after you shane”


I’m in between but joe really needs to go. He continue to spread lies as Janelle does.


WE want drama. If you were in the house, you would not want the drama. Do you think Ian wanted to be standing there when Willie went ape-shit on Joe’s big mouth?


Thats true, they prob are fed up with it, thats why they are getting rid of Janelle

Dr. J

So right and if you recall, Joe and Jannele were up in HOH when Joe says something to the effect of, ” Let’s go stir something up with Willy.” If they would have stayed in HOH Willie might stll be there. Just my 2 cents worth.


I want Joe to go because I’m tired of being yelled at every time he’s in a DR.

Red Lampshade

Danielle. Please. Focus on your game. You’re in a position where you could get really far. Don’t fuck it up over something as stupid as boy troubles.

I swear, she’s so damn insecure about everything. She’s probably going to spend the next hour worrying that her parents are going to disown her because her legs are made of cottage cheese and lard. Britney’s probably going to come up to the HoH room one of these days and find her in the bathtub literally drowning in her own tears.


agree w. above on janelle, well thought out.

they shouldnt tell her, seriously, bb wants drama, they have made it obvious they are OK with this, so let it go down, or tell her RIGHT before it happens like, as julie is talking tothe audience

its way too early to tell her

I love how everyone thinks someone else will tell her, dan needs to realize its too early to do this, do it at the actual ceremony


I hope Boogie or Frank win HOH and put up Dan and Danielle.


Why not have Dan win and put up Boogie and Frank? Same drama.


You guys need to calm down… She singed up for a dating show and got on bb and im glad she realized Shanes true color y’all should be happy its Gone it probably wont be on the feeds her game play is great! Shhe just has to remember its big brother and u guys are over doing it with her


They really don’t want her to stop, they want to continue to bash and hate on her. After she leaves the house they will still bash and trash her because that is all the haters want to do.


She is probably home-sick and not feeling good


It would be interesting if Shane wins HoH. Then Joe will be screw as well.


Okay, I get what all of you are saying about Danielle, but I have a couple of questions and points to make:

1) What is the gender and age of these posters?

2) If you are women, can you remember what it was like to be 23 years old?

3) You are not born with low self esteem and body issues – they are the result of events in your life. I for one am thankful she is not a stick figure, but a healthy looking young woman.

4) Women are sold a bill of goods about fulfillment – especially if you grow up in an old fashioned, patriarchal family. With her parents being military and from her comments about breaking free, it may very well be that she was raised with some old fashioned concepts.

5) While a woman should not need the validation of a man to feel fulfilled and worthwhile, the sad thing is, in our society that concept is pretty widespread. If you rebel against that, you are quite often labeled a frigid bitch, etc.

6) Danielle is not a stalker. She is what we used to call boy crazy. Shane is a nice looking, athletic guy who has flirted with her. If he did not want her to flirt back, he should not have opened that can of worms – he doesn’t need to give her back rubs; he doesn’t need to get into bed with her; he doesn’t need to shower in the HOH, etc. If you don’t want the girl’s attention, don’t act like you do….she has said she doesn’t want a showmance.

I think all Danielle wants is for Shane to stop with the hot and cold attitude, but he just gets deeper into the hole that he dug. If he had said, Danielle, I really like you as a friend – kind of like a sister, but I am not interested in romance….or he could have said he is still recovering from a really bad breakup…any number of things to keep this from escalating. People, she didn’t get here all on her own.


um I know there have been plenty of women who have been on the show around Danielles age or younger who did not act like her.

She is just self-centered, the jealous type, insecure and she was like that way before the whole showmance thing, so i dont thing Shane is the reason she is acting like this

I do however think Shane should stop leading her on, he is not helping her, he is hurting her game if anything.

But as many have pointed out, the issue with Danielle stems from her childhood, and there is nothing that can be done in the big brother house.. she will continue to turn everything into a situation about her, ask for compliments, blah blah only 8 weeks left


so if ti was reversed and danielle had flirted with a 23 year old boy and he was now droiling and hanging all over her would he “just be girl crazy” or would he be a stalker with a restraining order?

sorry but your comment made it sound like a conservative raised young woman cant be a stalker and justified it as just boy crazy.


I guess Shane saying he’s not interested in a showmance to her repeatedly isn’t good enough. He seems to deal with it for game purposes rather than actual attraction.

As previous posters have mentioned, there have been women similar in age to Danielle that have been in this house that have not acted like she does. Personally, I feel she has the best body of all the house guests but her obsessive attitude about a guy she met a month ago (while she had something potentially happening with a guy at home, no less) negates any attraction I have.

I see your points and you make some good ones but every conversation is about game or Shane. She sounds like a lovelorn 13-year-old. It’s not attractive to a grown ass man, no matter how good you look.

Danielle is fat and a whore

I had to add whore to Danielle name cause she’s just getting too crazy with all these guys. Whore of the week goes to: Danielle!


you rabid Janelle fans are funny, get over it, she lost and Danielle got her. She may have been a great player, IN THE PAST, but this year she has played like crap. She has told so many lies and stories and floated so much to the one in power I dont even think she knows the truth from her own lies anymore.

PS, not a Danielle fan myself.


I think Boogie is the one who GOT her. Lets be honest. Danielle was just his puppet!

If I were in the Jury i would give credit to Dan and Boogie b/c they manipulated Dani into doing it!

But yes she will be gone and now we can alll move on!


High 5!!!


I am Trey’s sister. I am incognito because I can’t have that psycho tracking my family down. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I looked up the correct Trey Gorman from Northern Alabama on Facebook he is WAY HOTTIER then Shane!!!!! But is profile pic is him and a girl so unless that is his sister it looks like he is Over Danielle!


Terrible, Terrible boob job on Janelle.


I didnt thnk they looked bad in her Playboy spread? Hmm But then again I dont know much about boobs


its pathetic that janelle thinks if shes told tonight, that its not a blindside

walking around clueless for 4 days, is a blindside.


danielle is ok in my book, but I can see where people call her a stalker, shes a bit scary at times with the men.

I wonder how she handles this now if shes not so tight with shane anymore. do they cut shane ASAP to get a huge threat who can get the votes to win out? they do have boogs and frank to help them for now. dan may sell it, I really believe this.

but I would LOVE if they brought trey or I should say, a camera to trey’s house, to get his opinion. could be classic


well this confirms it.

“I wish I could talk to trey on the phone”

Dear god, do not offer her a pandoras where she gets a phone call with trey and janelle can fight for some BS veto or power


Great season. Great season. Oh, and it’s only week 4. Haha. Remember that guy Willie?


shane is such an idiot. get boogie out?

yeah, like your pov/hoh wins dont put a big enough target on your back

too bad dan would rather take out shane than boogie, and with brit going with danielle over shane it seems, I think boogie and frank slide into the alliance, and shane gets the boot


Just one more day till Janelle forever be gone. It’s pleasure seen you, but joe will be joining you as well.


Danielle: “I picked up a 100 pound weight infront of boogie” Shane:”no u didnt” Danielle:”yes I did, it had 2 45s on it and th bar is 10″Shane:”No it had a 10 on each side and the bar, I saw u pick it up darling” LOL Oh Dani!


Joe become dumber & dumber that the whole would send Janelle out of the door.


Sexy but crazy girls like Dani are EAZY to deal with, you fuck the shit outta them, then get a restraining order, 50 yards at all times……………. if shane passes up that pussy, after kissing her like that, he really is gay and is just trying to save his ass from eviction………