Big Brother Spoilers Competition Practice Caleb – ‘I didn’t hit the ball one time no point’

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11:30pm FIREROOM Victoria and Nicole
Victoria says she’s making oatmeal in the morning and caleb is talking to Donny about the 8 person alliance. He walked up to her in front of Donny and said ‘So I heard you made a deal with Devin.. to vote Zach out” Victoria is worried that Donny believes him. Victoria thinks Britney and Devin have a deal. Nicole says Brittany has never done anything for her to question her trust. Victoria mentions when Brittany was up in the HOH for 2 hours and then Devin took her off after hating her all the first week. Nicole says if I was in on the block I would be up there too she was trying to be safe. Victoria thinks that is exactly the reason she went up there and made a deal with Devin. Nicole says she doesn’t trust Jocasta at all. Nicole says Brittany has never lied to her or anyone. Nicole has never told Brittany anything ‘Crazy bad” she thinks it’s obvious something happened in the HOH that night but she’s not going to read too much into it.Nicole tells her that Devin isn’t really her atget that much.
Amber comes in they ask her what the house vote is. Amber tells them the ‘house wants Zach out. they ask Amber is she’s been crying. Amber says she’s hearing things that people think she’s in an alliance with Devin/Frankie/and Caleb. Amber tell them this is a new start for me she adds that Caleb is upset because she hasn’t even talked to him all day, “I don’t like Caleb the way he likes me but I adore him as a person and a friend” She tired of having her name being thrown around. Amber accuses Devin for playing a dirty game. Amber says Devin is being cruel in a way that she would never be. Hayden rolls in Victoria asks him to pass her the vaseline. Nicole makes a big deal about Hayden having a ‘Crush” on Nicole and Hayden likes ‘those exoctic women”

About ten minutes of house guests coming in and out chit chatting just HAyden Amber and Christine remain when Amber leaves HAyden looks at the camera says “I hate her”

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11:41pm BEEHIVE Jocasta, Caleb, Brittany, Derrick and Cody

Caleb is telling them Amber and him are not working together, “I like her i’m going to keep her here as long as I can.. it’s not called an alliance” He points at Cody with his arm over Jocasta “I could call that an alliance.. looks that way.. showmance looks that way.. ”
Jocasta tells him to pull it down they don’t know what he’s talking about. Caleb says they don’t have a alliance it’s the buddy system everyone has a person they don’t want to go home. Caleb doesn’t want people to blame Amber for Devin running his mouth saying she’s allied with caleb. Caleb says he loves them all and he just wants them to know he’s not in an alliance with Amber they can call it a showmance they can call it a friendship whatever but not an alliance. Jocasta say to the camera that her and cody Ain’t no showmance. Jocasta goes off thinking that Caleb called her and cody a showmance. She storms out. Caleb leaves. Cody looks at Derrick asks if she thought Caleb was calling this a showmance. Derrick says caleb wasn’t but she misconstrued it.

BB16-2014-07-10 00-33-02-586

12:00am Storage room
Zach says he was talking to Amber and told her everyone is talking about AMber and Caleb being in an alliance. She immediately started campaigning. He mentions the drama in the BEEHIVE and the “fake” tears in the FIREROOM. Christine call him a genius says that takes all the heat off them. Christine says Amber must think it was Nicole and Hayden. Zack goes on about all the drama in the house caused by this impersonating the people involved (It’s really funny) . Frankie says the twist there are 8 people recruited vs 8 fans.
They list the 8 recruited members as Joey, Victoria, Devin, Caleb, Brittany at 6 the feeds cut
12:05am POWPOW, Hayden and Caleb Rock Room
POWPOW tells them 2 of her close friends were in season 15, Ginamarie and ??? , POW won’t tell them.

BB16-2014-07-10 00-47-43-558

12:12am Storage Frankie, Zach and Christine
Zach says the three of them plus Cody, hayden and Derrick final 6 . They are all down for it. Zach looks at Christine – “don’t get too close to Nicole you’re going to have to cut her soon”
Christine says she a super fan she’s not here to make friends.
Frankie – “Last night when Caleb said Jocasta has to make it to jury I wanted to stab him in the heart”
Zach says Devin came down and found the rule book and brought it up to his HOH room. Frankie tells them they have to win HOH this week. Zach says he’s winning HOH without a doubt. Frankie leaves and Devin comes in to get some ice cream. After he leaves Christine goes on about how much she hates Devin’s guts.
Zach and Christine look at the camera zach says this is the we hate Devin club Zach and Christine are the cofounders.

BB16-2014-07-10 01-06-20-979

12:50AM Havenots Derrick and Hayden
Derrick say people are talking too much they are trying to cover themselves but they are revealing too much. Hayden Says Caleb is going around saying he’s not in an alliance with Amber but he wants to keep her around and protect her.
Derrick “Well that’s an alliance”
They agree Brittany is talking way too much. Derrick says if they win POV POssible they could backdoor Devin but they can’t put him up right away. Derrick asks HAyden if he won HOH tomorrow who would he put up . Hayden says Brittany Jocasta.
Derrick – ‘jocasta?”
Hayden suggest Brittnay one side Jocasta the other side. Derrick adds they can paut Nicole and Victoria up with them.
Derrick says they can’t put Amber or Clab up yet he’ll lose it and it’s too early for that to happen. Zach joins them. They agree the main target is Devin. Derrick doesn’t. Derrick says he likes Brittany but she’s being shady “She’ being different”
After HAyden leaves Zach tells him about telling Amber the house thinks she’s allied with Caleb and devin. Derick says he has a family at home the last thing he wants to do is get sent home because of somebody else. Derrick says they are good for 5 to 6 weeks.

Where is the vote
Zach staying POWPOW leaving it’s on lock

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This great the whole house is turning on Fakie, CalebMarie, Divine and Wam Bamber.


CalebMarie?? LMAO! I think that I just died laughing!!


I honestly feel bad for Devin. He’s not the best player by any means but the way the house has shunned him and ostracized him is despicable. He’s being blamed for everything and I still cannot believe that Brittney thinks Devin and Caleb are together. She’s really drinking that Derrick koolaid or she must truly despise Devin even when he’s told her everything.

I hope its not another season of an undeserving winner like Jacosta or a Nicole/Victoria


Zach told her he has Caleb and Ambers vote and she still thinks their working with Devin??? That makes no since


No way do any of those players win this season (Well nicole isn’t the worst player I’ve ever seen). But screenshot this post folks, if Jacosta or Victoria wins this season I will post a video of myself eating my own shoe.


in the dr, didn’t devin call himself the “puppetmaster” because he was “pulling all the strings”? this is what happens when you pull the strings too hard, too often.

i don’t feel sorry for devin, he brought on himself, and he’s done nothing to reach out in an attempt to fix it.


I don’t feel bad for Devin at ALL! The Guy literally makes me angry! He walks around like he basically OWNS the house. He tells people how things are going to happen and when and should ANYONE disagree they become his new Target! No one is allowed to have a thought unless he gave it to them. He makes decisions without consulting ANYONE in his alliance – I would like to see how he would react if another member did that withough consulting him. His a big phoney – and a bully and I can not WAIT to see him evicted!


Feel bad for Devin? He is a ticking time bomb. You really can’t talk to him because he goes off without thinking. He isn’t getting shunned, the HG just don’t want to say the simplest thing that will set him off. He may make for good TV, but he needs to go because he really can’t handle the pressure. It is Devin’s way or the on the block way!


Missed most of day. Did Britt talk to Derrick at all? or has she continued to hook her ship to titanic known as devin?


They haven’t talked and she is not a Devin fan, but wants out Caleb first.

give me a break

Now it’s getting tribal….Amber is going to realize she’s black when Caleb go…and the house shuns her like Devin. Jocasta is becoming untrustworthy to the Cop brigade( Cody, Zach, Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Derrick) because she’s having an opinion…and that’s a no no to that group….black people are to be seen and not heard…from this group….I know the the colored people are not going to win…and once they figure out that Brittany has Latin blood she gone….at this point i rooting for Donny….a regular guy..with a regular job…


And Powpow leaving this week because she’s asian? Please, Racism has got to be the worst conclusion on why Devin, Amber and Jocasta are being targeted. Powpow is leaving because the house thinks that Devin (who had a complete HOHitis and thinks everyone must play their game for him) is working with her, same as Amber (who is lumped with him because of her closeness with Caleb) and Jocasta who Devin called up into his HOH room last night. In case you may not notice Britanny is also being targeted by a few people for the same reason as Jocasta and she is white. Racism is real but on big brother I don’t think it was a reason why people voted one off. (Perhaps last year but from the way I see it, no one last season actually voted someone out because of color) Also Danielle Reyes reached the finals and she is black, has the jury not seen the diary room sessions she would’ve won.


Danielle Reyes would’ve been a perfect example if it wasn’t so outdated. Come on, that season was over a decade ago. The last racial minority to make it to final two was Natalie Martinez in BB11, five years ago. The contestants might not be as mean spirited or hurtful as last season, but their preconceived notions towards the one another based on physical attributes does have an effect on who they feel like they can work with or trust and unfortunately it can be tribal. It can’t be pure coincidence that Monet, Lawon, Keith, Dominic, Howard and Candice all never made it past week six in their seasons.

Jody H

Let’s be real. Lawon went out because he was an idiot. Special power, that was nuts.

Affirmative Action

Obviously, the show needs affirmative action that guarantees people of color win 50% of the time. Because mandating handouts to people who are unqualified is what the American Dream is all about.


Based on comments made by Gina Marie, Aaryn, and Amanda….I wouldn’t be too sure that race wasn’t a factor in Howard but definitely Candice because of what Aaryn said and did right before she went home.


Why are you bringing race into this? No one trusts Devin cause he’s crazy or Jocasta cause she doesn’t talk game with any of them – not cause they’re black.


And Zach isn’t crazy? Did Devin call one of the HGs a B and talk about pulling their tongue out? And Jocasta has been talking game for the past couple of nights. Last night she subtly called Christine out…she came to Jocasta, Donny and Brittany explaining how she knew nothing, about the BS operation etc. etc.
She would never have voted out Donny didn’t know he was even going to be put up. etc. etc. She was forced into it. etc. etc. She was trying to see who they planned on voting out.
Then she accidentally let slip (or purposely) that Frankie was a major role player and she knew his plans. That’s when Jocasta told her not to let anyone “play her game for her”. She said “I know you Christine and you are a smart player…much to smart and strong to allow yourself to be used.” Jocasta said that’s the third version I’ve heard of that. Each version was from someone in the original 8.
When she left she and Brittany exchanged notes with Jocasta saying…”That’s why I told her..I KNOW you.” She indicated that Christine was just playing the game.


Devin reminds me so much of Willie in BB14. These first couple of weeks have been so much fun to watch. As much as i don’t want him to go much farther, i do want him to last couple of more weeks since it is so entertaining lol.


Oh Please!! Has he got in anyone’s face or attacked them? No. He ‘s not even a bully. What does Evil Dick or Amanda remind you of? PLEASE!!


You don’t consider him a Bully?! He Tells everyone what to do and how to do it and if they dare go against him – he flips the house on them (Or tries). He walks around like he runs the show. He has a very intimidating demeanor and he uses that to his advantage. Just because he hasn’t “Attacked” someone (Yet!) doesn’t me he is not a bully or threatening. I will be happy to see him evicted – sooner than later so that these people will actually play their own game not one that the “Puppetmaster” plays for them.


Devin’s problem seems to be his stature. he’s just big. Yet, he has not demeaned women by calling them the B word or made a physical threat. Zach has…yet he’s not a bully.


I’m quickly losing hope for Derrick, he better come to his senses soon. First, people are going to realize he’s “best friends” with all of them and he’ll be on blast, just like Frankie. Derrick is playing it a bit more covert than Frankie, but when discovered his trust level will drop drastically.
Second, his cop skills sure are failing him; Brittany is NOT with Devin and she could be a great partner but he’s too blind to see this. All the other better players already have other alliances which they’re going to be more loyal to than with Derrick. Brittany and Derrick together could be strong.


Derrick is just throwing her under the bus because she doesn’t want to talk to him last night. Trust is lost so he cut the tie. He knows she isn’t working with him


I’ve been saying this the entire time. He started playing way too hard with way too many people.


Simon & Dawg…

Based on your unique perspective of having observed and written about this game for thousands of hours, and removing your personal feelings about the person, what player, in your opinions, has the ‘right’ grasp, understanding, and mindset going into next wk? And what makes you come to that conclusion? …


HOH seems like it’s up Zach’s alley which might not be such a bad thing for the entertainment factor of the game. Pucker up, Devin and maybe even Caleb, Frankie and Amber. Seems like another great week in store for the fans.


I hope Zach is safe and Pow Wow goes home. Then from there they target Devin. Don’t feel sorry for a guy who caused the house to turn on him by his dictatorship as well as his lack of game play. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it…well lie is something he does well…well not so well lol


Any reason you decided to use my name? What’s the point in that?


Dictatorship?? Why?? Because he didn’t do what the rest of the house wanted with his HOH like most others do. If you saw last nights episode, it showed Derrick, Zack, Cody, talking about backdooring Devin. This was before Devin put up Zack. Devin caught on to it, Zack admitted he said it, and asked to be put up. If Devin was smart he would rally the non alliance members, including Caleb and Amber, because they are also Derric/Cody/Zack’s target, and suggest they stick together, then Frankie would vote to evict Zack (He only changed his mind because of Caleb). But of course, if he did that, everyone would call him a dictator, and bully.


Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

By the way, no one’s excluding Devin from hanging out around the house. Although no one trusts him, He’s choosing to be secluded and pouts!! What is he going to do, just hide away for the next 1-2 months?


I dont think he pouting I think hes pissed and wants to kick some ass but being quiet cause he doesnt want to “scare” anyone


I was wondering that too but I don’t have the live feeds and only watch BBAD and the episodes besides checking here. So I was wondering if he’s been mainly staying to himself because it comes off that way. Seems like it would be better to mix up with the house. He already went balls to the wall with his other antics so it is what is. Seems like being around makes it harder from them to go and whisper and continue the” myth of the beast”. Maybe he knows he only has one more day left in the HOH room or something. But he really seems to not have any real social intelligence or isn’t aware of certain social politics in how you talk to people, how uncomfortable you make others with extreme emotion etc etc. I wonder how he’s going to be this upcoming week.


I DO NOT understand this season! Why is everyone acting like lying is a unspeakable rule in big brother? Why are they fighting so hard to keep in strong players? Why are they flip flopping every three seconds? Why is Jocosta constantly wearing ties? WWHHYY are all of the guys trading fake glasses that don’t even have lenses in them?? WHYYYY? I NEED ANSWERS!!!


Zach is getting a gift here. tastes the block and quickly you see no one is all that worried about it. I can see it being a long time before that guy is voted out. as much of a “threat” as he may appear, the college shirt wearing dude is not brenden. he looks pretty upper class white kid athletic.(I can say this as I was an unathletic upper class white kid)

Jimmy 64

What do all you people have against some one nice winning
Big Brother. I would rather see a Nicole , Hayden win over a
jerk like Caleb or Zach .


How are Nicole and Hayden nice? Name some nice things they did. Going around “hating ” everyone and talking $hit and being all cliquey. Even most of the Bomb Squad group are way friendlier than Nicole and Hayden.


I’m all for someone nice winning. Hayden is, but I think Zach is nicer than Nicole. Nicole hates Amber for no real reason. Zach has only been rude to Devin (deserved and circumstantial) and Victoria (less deserved, but at least 5 other people have done this as well so… Must be somewhat true).


any reason you left Donny off of your list? I would love to see Donny win.


Being “nice” and floating through the game is a tactic that can get you the money. (Jordan from BB 11) But it seems unfair for someone to win that way. Its like giving the winning trophy to the water boy. They didn’t get any dirt on them, why should they get the money?

What's The Hurry?

They have only been there 2 weeks. Why should you get dirt on your hands so soon? Some have gone too hard, too fast. Very hard to undo some things so early in the game. Smart is holding your cards close and observing. Perhaps this comes with age. Could be fun to see a season with older, more mature players (not OLD). Maybe they would be more strategic, don’t know.


I would love to see a season of older people. It would be nice to see people with more life experience playing. At this point in this season I think a few are playing too hard, too fast. Going to be an interesting season because these kids are clearly not sheep. I hate it when they all do as told.

Power Of Veto Corleone

I agree with Ava. BB should include more seasoned HG’s that know what’s going on in the world and not a bunch of adolescents that act like a cranky school kids. The earlier shows had older players and I think they were more entertaining and knew how to play the game and they are not as easily intimidated or manipulated.

Jimmy 64

Not too old we don’t need another Jerry in the game.


I completely agree about having a season of players that are slightly older!


About Pow saying she had to friends in the house last year. If I remember correctly last year Gina Marie and Elissa were talking and realized they had a friend in common maybe it was Paola .


Didn’t Pow say she knew Rachael Reilly before she was cast?


She didn’t specify if it was a long time friend… So given GM is 1 of them, chances are Nick is the other one, and they met after BB15 on some event…


First another great season with Simon and Dawg:) thanks for all you do its A lot!!
Question?! Did Amber say everyone is voting out Zach?!
And I thought Nicole and Christine were close and in an a alliance with Hayden?! The trilogy?! Seems like Christine is making a lot of alliances on the side too! She is going to be one to watch! Derrick is good but he may be getting a tad over confident we will see! I have to say I saw Devin and Caleb as bullies but I think so much is going on right now back and forth upsode upside down that its hard to figure out who is and who isnt the bullies?! I have to add I am not a fan of the 2 hoh and the BOB it just seems too much! And the house is crowded do you think there will be a double eviction anytime soon to condense the house?!


How is the house too crowded? Its only the second week. Do you want it to be final 6 in the second week of the show or something? Slow down and enjoy the ride, the house is always better when there are more people anyway.


It only seem crowded because Divot takes up enough space for six other people.


Christine is such a snake. How many people did she sell out today? Nearly the entire house. She told Brittnay, Donny, and Jacosta everything about the Bomb Squad, which sold out everyone in that alliance including Zach, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick, and then she sells out Nicole for Frankie and Zach? How does that make any sense?

I can’t wait until people realize she’s untrustworthy and she gets chucked back to Starbucks.


When did Christine sell out Nicole to the guys and what was said?


Everyone calling Devin and Caleb bullys…. When Hayden Cody n Zach are just as bad but sneaky with it!! Thefemales jjealous of amber for no reason! This season dusappoints me


I can’t stand Brittany. Everything out of her mouth is all about who deserves to be here and who doesn’t. I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t a charity it’s a reality show. You earn the money at the end of the show, not before the season starts. If she was really concerned about the money, she should have freakin studied up on the show. She has never seen an episode and has no clue how the game even works. One of the worst house guests ever. Look at all the recruited house guests….Joey, Brit, Caleb, Devine, Victoria. They have no idea how to play the game. It’s a joke. All image, no substance. Is it that hard to find interesting applicants who actually watch the show?


Actually i think she only saw BB12 and BB14 piror to the show.


I know we already have 2 polls going, but I’m sort of interested in a LEAST favorite person poll, because it might not be the inverse of our favorites. People have a much easier time judging who they hate as opposed to who they like.


I would really hate to be the editing team right now. There is a lot that they will probably have to cut from everything that has gone down.


I didn’t dislike Derrick until now. I was wondering when Amber/Caleb/Devin/Frankie lost their power who would step into that position. We now know its Derrick shooting for that roll and he’s going to be as bad as the F’d Up Foursome. He’s looking to get all the girls out but not saying it specifically. He’s let America’s Team go to his head and thinks he’s been given free reign. I would love it if he didn’t even make it to jury.


It baffles me that Victoria being such a prude would bring crotchless panties in the house – look at the pic it is clearly a white crotchless panty she is putting away…yuck


not white crotchless panties just a bad angle


Victoria is pretentious and thinks she’s special.


Did you purposefully spell Brittany’s name differently every time you wrote it? I count at least 5 different spellings in just this article.


Everyone has family at home, Derrick!!


The girls hate amber reason they found out on her everyone,,they use like her,,member devine sad he only date white girls,,amber was not his type but a friend,,,,caleb dont care he wants her bad hes a war hero served in iraq look it up…devine use be a big leagure baseball player had millions and got women every night ….victorie rich,,zac rich,,,brittaney only one that dont have much if her ex takes her kids then stop paying her home notes she has nowhere have go back live with her family mom and dad….they make money on tvgn its seperate from cbs also cbs pay them something also when they leave,,if they make it to jury you get money i think its 40,000 bucks each member last year…member amanda said to spencer we payed everyday being on tvgn its different network,,see after they leave they get money a check from tvgn,,,also cbs gives something…member other governor moviestar terminator alnold said anyone on tv or used have be paid on tv or ads…this why lindsey lohan will get million dollars from gta 5 cause shes on the game if you seen it thats her…another woman sueing also she get million also shes has a show on tv…brittaney going come out of there with something tvgn money and cbs jury money and being on the show….member howard got money and a deal on few tv shows and films…also he been in big plays…