Big Brother Spoilers – Britney: “Here’s Ashley crisp panties on about to go on her date..with Frank”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

9:40pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Wil

Danielle acting pissy about JOJO. Say jojo drives her bonkers, shes not going to keep in touch with her outside the house. Danielle says that JOJO asked Shane to kiss her.

Danielle asks him if he went home would he watch the live feeds.
Wil says after he had his anxiety attack he’s released he’s done with Big BRother he needs a break. Wil :”But If I stay i’m good to go…. lets do this”
Danielle asks about anxiety attacks. Wil had one the other day he explains that it’s been a long time since he had one. He usually gets them at night when it hit him here he went into the Diary room, His heart rate was really high. Usually outside of the house he has techniques to combat the anxiety, he goes for a run, or has a cocktail with a friend but while in the Big Brother House he wasn’t able to do that. Wil: “just the stresses of everything building up after 6 weeks.. just wanting to talk to someone that knows you.. this house forces you to be someone you are not. “

9:47pm Cam 3-4 A helicopter flies low getting the attention of some of the houseguests.

9:49pm CAm 1-2 Danielle and Ian Hammock
Danielle says that Wil makes her laugh but she knows he’s the better of the 2 to evict this week. Ian tells her if Boogie and Jenn win HOH he can talk them into putting up Joe and Ashley. Ian is concerned if Ashley wins HOH. He thinks she has a good chance if it’s America’s Pick. Ian is worried bow that Ashley is going on the date with Frank Boogie and Frank will get into her ear.
Danielle: “If they ask who looks better in a Bikini Janelle or me.. cause we have the same body type”
Ian: “America’s vote.. Janelle”
Danielle: “In a bikini between me and AShley who would they say.. “
Ian: “they’ll say ashley”
Danielle: “ohh OK.. if they ask who do you think is smarter me or Britney”
Ian: “i think you’re actually more intelligent.. but they will probably say Britney”
(HAHAH that conversation just happened)

10:13pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Britney and Ashley (Ashley getting ready for her date with Frank)
Britney asks her what the chances of your getting lucky tonight are
Ashley: “Zero”
Britney asks what’s the chances of her making out.
Ashley: “Zero”
Ian’s comes in from the toilet. Britney jokes that the room is really feeling awkward now.. Ian and Ashley. Britney: “here’s Ashley crisp panties on about to go on her date.. and here is Ian her ex at the watering hole after taking a gainge deuce.” (Ian was washing his hands) Ashley jokes about Ian not calling her back so she had to move on. Ian jokes back says he’s really heart broken she’s going on a date with someone else.

ian laughs.. curls up on the bathroom couch . Britney tries to get him to leave says she needs to talk to ashley alone.. they are discussing Douching. Ian leaves..

Brintye jokes about AShley and Frank being the new Big Brother 14 Showmance.. AShley shakes her head no.. adds that the Shane and Danielle showmance will be tough to beat. “That kiss after the endurance comp was beautiful”

AShley starts talking about his guy she was with that wanted to have kids without getting married. She’s not into that she was to “Do it right” get married then have the kids. Ashley continues to apply her makeup and fix up her hair.. she mentions that Frank doesn’t like Perfume. Britney makes some remark about frank being stinky and not using perfume.

Wil joins them to use the shower.. Britney asks her how much alcohol do they have for their date. Ashley says a bottle of beer and beers. Britney: “You are going to get smashed.. Honestly I never saw this date coming”

BRitney asks Wil if he’s been m*sterb*ting round the clock.. Wil :”no i’ve only done it twice.. have you” Britney: “No”

10:40pm Frank and Ashley’s Date
Frank asks her if she wants to start with the beer then drink the wine. Ashley says sure.. they compliment each other on how they look. Frank says they can feed the fish later as an activity.

General chit chat.. Frank mentions how instead of a CD player they should give the HOH a Ipod with 10 albums on it. they chat about different kinds of Beer they would drink. Ashley: “I use to drink a lot of Beast.. Milwaukee’s best”

This is the the Avocado cheescake they will be eating later in the date..

11:10pm Ashley and Frank Ashley is trying to distance herself from Wil as much as possible. She’s brings up some of the annoying things Wil has been doing..
Frank: “I have never told a lie in this game.. Wil is lying to everyone and the lies are malicious”
11:28pm Ashley says that Wil is turning in the mean Gay guy and Joe is just chilling. Frank says that int eh beginning of the season JOJO took a couple sips of his beer and

Ashley: “I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t think Wil is going to stay.. I know you don’t have a vote I really don’t think he’s staying” Frank: “Well Wil has been digging himself into a giant Hole.. putting on the pouty and telling that big lie last week”

11:56pm Frank asks her who she will put up if she wins HOH. Ashley is thinking about Ian and Shane because Shane is such a strong target. Frank tells her that he’s open to helping her out if she wins HOH. He knows this game well, he thinks it would be best if she put up 2 big targets instead of a pawn and a target. Ashley agrees thinks 2 targets is best. Ashley says he’s been meditating hard to win this HOH.

12:07Am Badminton

12:18Am The date takes the next step
Frank really pushing for her not to put Ian up he recommends she puts up 2 targets that are close. He’s hinting that she should put up Shane and Britney.

12:22Am They kiss
Notice how Franks jeans are unbuttoned. More kissing pics

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75 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Britney: “Here’s Ashley crisp panties on about to go on her date..with Frank”

    1. I hope Brittney understnds that when she isn’t talking game she is coming off as trailor trash, what an foul mouth ignorant muppet

      AG is a d-bag

  1. Frank may be smelly and all, but he seems like he has a great personality. My opinion is not based on the edited shows, but more so on the feeds and BBAD.

  2. OMG get real the shane and Dnielle kiss was a laugh… no touge action common hes not into her …. but i bet frank will be seing tounge action with ashley.later.. now that will be the realll showmance this year..

    1. I saw the chemistry between Ashley and Frank a couple of nights ago. I think they are into each other. Every now and then I think Ashley isn’t as dumb as she acts. Maybe I’m wrong and she really is an airhead. Dan and Brit look worried about Frank and Ashley getting together, and Ian is freaking out. I think it would be cool if Ashley and Frank work together for a while. Maybe Ashley can make him see that Boogie is a liability to him. I’m hoping they can wait until they leave the house to hook up. I don’t want to see more than we saw tonight. I had to laugh at Frank saying, we have to wait until the cheesecake gets hard, he kisses her and she laughs.

        1. Can you list off who is who? I think I’ve got all of them except the second row and the first one in the third row.

    1. my faves are:
      1. carrot top
      2. hannibal lector
      3. lube (for joe right?)
      4. im assuming the troll is janelle


  3. Great job with the photoshop of Danielle! Made me do a double-take and crack up!!

    “Tell me Danielle. When little Shane is on the block, where will it tickle you?”

  4. Another brilliant stroke by Mike Bookie…Frank gets her on board their team…So what are the odds Frankie gets laid tonight?

  5. Holy shit, hahaha, I just saw the photoshopped hannibal lecter face on Danielle in the hammock pic. LOL!!! She’s gonna have a breakdown when she see’s all the stuff online. Still I gotta say, she brought it all on herself. Maybe it will be a wake up call to reality and she’ll lighten up and get a sense of humor.

  6. @Simon.Frank: “Well Wil has been digging himself into a giant hole.. putting on the pouty and telling that big lie last week” What big lie is Frank referring to?

    1. I think he is still referring to when Wil acted like he wanted to work with Boogie/Frank and said he was voting for Frank to stay, but then the coaches twist happened and Frank found out he would have been leaving.

        1. @Jh.“Frank holds a grudge like no other” Lol.I know right.I said earlier that Frank is a grudge holder,like Jeff on last season with Danielle.Jeff was still mad at Danielle,even when they were both in the jury house.Yet,Brendon was being cool with her.Lol.

      1. Its also a good move on Ashley’s part to attach herself to other people since Will will be gone. Shes not Afraid of letting people loose which is great in this game

  7. I thought Boogie liked Ashley.I guess Boogie&Frank are both going to take turns with her.I think Ashley will be played like a fool by Boogie&Frank.

  8. Get it, son…Get it, son…Ian is a little boy, Frank is a man…Ian really f’d his game tonight and his chances with Ashley…Frank still working game too! lol Frank’s a G…Mike Boogie is behind this, guy is a BB genius…

  9. Boogie is gonna be STOKED when he hears about Frank and Ashley! They just pulled another vote for themselves and Frank is probably gonna get some ass too, so great!!!!

    1. Jenn does seem to not be happy at all. I am sure these people are not like anyone she normally hangs with. She seems cool…though.

  10. Boogie and Frank are passing Ashley around like the Kennedys did Marilyn Monroe. lol

    on a side note- I’m scared for these people around Danielle. Trey’s gonna have to go underground, and right now I think Danielle’s staring daggers at everyone. Nobody’s safe! If this all started cos Britney told her straight up about Shane, or what Ian was saying in the hammock, then this girl is going to soon flip the hell out!

    I can only imagine the entertainment we would have if Dick Donato was dropped into the house for just one day with Danielle.

  11. It’s really a great gameplay move by Mike/Frank…Ashley is smitten with Frank, and she will most likely bring Jenn on board with them…I didn’t expect this at all, but it’s a great move…Bye-Bye Britney lol if Boogs, Ash, or Jenn win HoH…

  12. Danielle just keeps getting more pathetic. First Wil goes sucks up to her for some sympathy and her for a vote, and glosses right over it and asks him to please tell Trey I love him when we vote you out, then she asks Ian what America probably thinks of her compared to the other girls, and he tells the truth (it was really funny). When she was playing pool with Joe she looked really pissed, but I don’t know what her problem was. Maybe she is jealous that Ashley has gone on two dates in the house, and she hasn’t had any, and Shane won’t even look at her. Why would he? He doesn’t like her and it doesn’t help that she is “playing hard to get” and trying to piss him off. Then she’s looking for approval from Dan, and now Jenn. I don’t know how they all manage to keep their cool around her. I feel bad for Trey. He obviously barely knew she existed. And she continues to lie about it. I love Shane, I want to marry Trey, why doesn’t Shane kiss me again, I don’t want to hurt Trey. It makes my head spin!

    1. Now that the Shane/Danielle showmance is fading, maybe they’ll focus on Danielle’s dellusions. A montage of all her self-centered/insecure comments would be hilarious! (If they have enough time in one hour to show them all.)

  13. Ashley is gonna spend the night in HOH and when morning comes Ian is going to be crushed. Poor kid. Frank better hope Ian doesn’t win HOH or it’s backdoor city on Frankie.

  14. I’ve been catching up after being away for a couple of days. I have to say that Dan made the biggest boneheaded move this season by telling Frank & Boogie that Frank was going home. If he had only kept his mouth shut, others may have told them but Dan could have played innocent or called them liars. Instead, he threw everyone under the bus to keep Frank & Boogie happy. For that alone, he needs to go because he blew the cover off of everyone’s game, even his own.

    I still can’t stand Boogie and it’s no wonder this egomaniac is single. He is letting Frank do all the work for him and bitched about having to play again. They would be smart to get him out ASAP. Plus, it would cut down on my irritation with his bragging all the time about how great he is, especially in the DR. I think Frank would be completely lost without him and he might not really have anyone on his side if Boogie was gone. Boogie has stopped him from making some truly dumb moves, such as backdooring Dan this week.

    Unfortunately, most of the newbies this season aren’t even BB fans or really seem to know much about the show. I don’t understand why they have to pull people from auditions for other shows. It has been one of the most boring seasons ever and it isn’t even fun to watch the idiots wandering around wondering what they should do. A lot of people said last year was the worst, but I loved it. If BB wants to keep interest from their long-term fans, they need to take the game seriously as well. No more producer manipulation to keep the THEIR favorites on the show. All that does is create mistrust in the viewers because, even if someone plays the game perfectly, the producers can come in and ruin it for their own purposes. It’s like allowing the refs in a football game to make calls so their favorite team can win. What fun is it if the outcome is going to be somewhat predetermined by outside forces, not game play? Let the game play out as it is and let the chips fall where they may. Stacking the deck (i.e. cheating for their favorite players) makes fools of us all. I rooted for Rachel last year (while annoying, she was bullied terribly in both of her seasons), but the Pandora’s Box was set up to keep her in the game and I didn’t like it. That is not a competition but a scripted outcome. If that’s what they want it to be, then at least be honest about it, as in, we are going to manipulate the game but you’ll never know what’s coming instead of acting like it is fair.

    1. I feel the opposite, I’m liking this season so far…The hated Mike Boogie has been running the house, and making all the big moves, and he did another one tonight via Frank-Ashley hook-up…He’s out to prove a point that he is not just a “Robin” to Dr. Will’s “Batman…

    2. boogie has a bad ear infection, he cant hear anything, hence why frank has had to pick up the slack this week. of course seeing as how boogie just last eviction hatched the strategy and executed it to perfection to evict janelle and save frank, I’d say he has earned these few days of not doing much considering frank is HoH, and he did also totally orchestrate the HOH comp as julie chen pointed out on the talk like a puppetmaster.

      getting rid of him is flat out silly

      why vote out a man who you deem to be so pathetic. so useless. so disliked? when he is the easiest to beat in the end. the man who is sunk by his ego, its like taking russell hantz to the finals(see pavrati) its a guarenteed win, and dan will do it if he can and take boogie

      1. The main problem is that I don’t see the other PLAYERS disliking Boogie enough in the end and I don’t want him to win any money. It’s much better to get a strong player like him out now and leave the weak to pick off easily later. I have never really agreed with the strategy of getting out all the floaters and leaving the better competitors. Leave a few in that can’t win anything and they won’t be respected (like Adam last year) and are easily beaten in later competitions.

        I think I have just had it with Boogies’s ego all of these years (I’ve watched since day 1) and his dislike of women. I know he has orchestrated things but I am rooting against him, which is why I don’t WANT his plans to work out, even though they do. I guess that’s part of the fun of the show but he has, basically, worked my last nerve.

  15. It is going to be hillarious if IAN wins HOH Thursday…Ian is going to go after him in a big way for messing with his girl LOL

  16. lol @ the convo between ian and danielle…..she was asking for it!! she calls herself fat & unattractive so often, she’s swayed everyone into believing it….and regardless of the fact that danielle is a nurse, i believe that britney is WAY more intelligent!! i know a girl just like danielle, she drives me insane….her conversations are so self centered!!! heard her talking to wil the other day, he was trying to talk about his feelings due to being on the block,etc. & she just said “yeah…. so shane is so mean to me blah blah blah”. i think cbs has done a pretty good job w/ her edits, but i wish more people got to see the “other side” like the hardcore fans do…and idk what to think of the frank and ashley thing, i bet it will stay hush hush on the episodes, so they can keep the ian/ash storyline…

    1. yes, brit is very smart. a very good liar. she just suffers from bad person syndrome. where you spend all your days finding every bad quality in people and talking about them to no end.

      shes really the only person I havent liked in the history of BB. each char has had some sort of redeeming quality, or moment. I really think she pretends she is this hurt little girl who never says mean things, and is just a sweet mocking bird. but really she is exactly what she claims to hate, and says the meanest things about people.

      danielle I think just got caught up in the whole janelle thing and really just is not handling this whole experience very well. happens.

  17. did anybody else catch the convo joe was having w/ britney about his cheesecake @ 9 PM (west coast)….he said the DR called him in while he was making it and said “don’t even put your finger in it…” LOL he seemed to take it as them meaning “ur on slop, dont even taste it”, but im wondering if they are taking some responsiblity for his less than hygenic cooking methods…..

  18. Been waiting for Ashley to do this….leave one room talking with Wil & now that she knows that Wil is out….shacking up with Frank….oh what a game player….but Ashley not like this…too bad you don’t have enough confidence in yourself that you have to use sex to get what you want!!!!

  19. boogie has taught him well. now lets hope his ear gets better or they will be screwed when boogie cant hear something in a comp. or misses game talk etc.

    ashley could be a big swing for frank and boogie of no one knows she wont put them up if she were to win in say a double eviction night. it would change everything*

    1. Dan is going to f’ around allow Boogs to pull the upset in the finals by throwing everything and hardly winning…I also feel Boogs is much more persuasive than Dan is ie the Janelle eviction…The history of the shows the jury votes for the better player, not who they like, and Boogs is outplaying Dan so far…Britney is Boogs biggest threat…That’s why Frank is working on Ashley to get Britney out, and she will bring Jenn along with them…

  20. gosh, have to hand it to frank. ashley is the hottest one in the house, of course she is also so medicated that she is now even more horny than joe, but hey, it counts.

  21. smart move by frank and boogie and kudos to frank fro getting something and i am also calling bs on girls talking about his odor i have never once heard the guys talk about and if it’s true britney doesn’t seem to mind it when he tickles her and ash apparentely either when she just kissed him

  22. As much as I want to reach thru the screen and slap that dumbass empty head look off of ashleys face every time I see her, she may be smarter than she looks. This whole Frank shomance coupled with her conveniently timed back injury earlier just might be gameplay that she keeps close to the vest. Perhaps she actually is smart enough to know that information from the DR doesn’t always stay a secret in production… maybe that’s why she hasn’t announced her game play to the world.

    Or maybe it is just wishful thinking and I just need another cup of coffee. Either way… it’s food for thought.

  23. This season is starting to lose its steam to me. I don’t think I have anyone to root for anymore…. I was all in on the Quack Pack but Danielle is insane (that article I read about her and how she is a HUGE liar actually scared me lol) Dan this season to me seems a bit smug/cocky/arrogant maybe that’s just me? But he seems very douchey and is so in love with Boogie that it is disgusting to watch. I think I’m just going to root for Shane and Brit. Brit is a bit rude yet very hilarious and her social game is above average. And to me Shane is a wholesome good guy, so far this season he has done nothing that has really rubbed me the wrong way at all. He really is kind of like “Captain America” as Boogie loves to call him LOL GO SHANE GO

  24. It would be funny if Ashley was being screwed by Chilltown 2.0. Remember S7 showmance. Chilltown screw this one. Let’s see if Frank & Mike Boogie top that one. Ashley probably crying.

    Ian….Get over it. Ashley is going for the man! Ashank or Frashley!

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