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20 thoughts on “Avatars

  1. Someone help me out with this…

    Top Row: Joe (LOL) and Dan
    Second Row: ? and ?
    Third Row: ? and Ian
    Fourth Row: Shane and Frank
    Fifth Row: Danielle and Ashley?
    Last Row: Boogie

    Will, Janelle, Jen, are the choices left…. Hmmmm If you know what they are, let me know why because I don’t even know what the statue, the bug or the drawing’s meanings are. Thanks!

  2. Why isn’t Wil a Fabio-related pic?
    Jenn should have some kind of “Kitty” pic?
    Boogie could be a gremlin.

    Shane and Frank’s are PURRFECT!!!!

    1. PAzuzu is a throw back to her BB12 avatar the heart was added because she’s not as brutal this year

      Wil picks at his hair all the time. Makes you think there are head lice in there.

      Ashley is Keyser Soze the criminal master mind in the movie “the usual Suspects”

  3. Honestly, some of these avatars are dead on and hilarious, and I appreciate the hard work, but some of the avatars I have to say I don’t get. But that’s probably me just being not deep enough, lol!!;)

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