Big Brother Spoilers – Britney: “Frank you have a curly hair on your chest for every good deed you have done”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

7:00pm Cam 1-4 T!T$ + Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They are trying to save Wil.. (LOL i dunno team T1T$ it you are going to make it) Boogie tries to deflect why JOe is walking around acting confident. Boogie thinks it might be because he’ just accepted the fact he’s done and he’s ready to see his kids. Boogie: “If the vote is 8-1 and you are the one… thats gotta shake your confidence.

Wil is wondering how the rumor of him wanting Shane out got around. He feels like the only thing to do is call everyone together and find out.

7:10pm cam 1-2 Hammock Britney and Ian

Talking about who Britney should have picked as players. Britney says the best players would be Shane, Frank and Ian.
Ian mentions that one of Janelle’s biggest mistakes was choosing Ashley over him.
Britney brings up that during her season there was a couple girls that could really compete (Annie and Kristen) she was hoping to get one of those on her team. britney “I thought JOJO and Ashley could compete…”

Ian was shocked by dan’s second pick.. Britney: “What do you think his strategy was.. you think he was planning on going into the game”
Ian: “Ya.. “
Britney: ‘that is why he was playing the social game so hard”
Ian “The first 4 picks made perfect sense to me.. and in the order they were picked”
Britney: “really”

Ian: “I had Jodi as first boot.. Joe and JOJO were pre jury boots.. Frank pegged as unitard”
Britney: ‘When are we going to get some good blowouts “
Ian: “Wacky wednesday”
Ian says he really doesn’t want to be involved in a fight and will try to avoid it at all costs.
Britney tells him the need to make a deal if a fight breaks out they will meet back on the hammock.. and discuss.
They agree if a fight breaks out in the backyard they will hide on the hammock and peak over the edge.
Britney: “It’s funny I had JOdi as first boot to.. “
Ian: “She reeked of it she exuded it”
Britney: “It dripped from her forehead.. I looked at her sweat drops and they spelled out evicted .. I looked at her picture on the memory wall and it snapped to black and white in a second.”

7:35pm cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney

Danielle is complaining about Ashley invading her space… Danielle says that AShley knows they are voting out Wil and she is pissed. Danielle heard Frank talking to Ashley and he mentioned that Joe will be making a chicken dinner on thursday..

Danielle goes on and on about AShley invading her space and looking at her..

Brintey: “you and Shane buddy buddy again.. “
Britney: “I can’t be alone with you 2 anymore … I feel like I’m part of some freaky threesome.. any second you are going to be wearing a dog collar and i’ll look over and see shane holding the leash”
Birtney I cannot keep it straight are you engaged with Trey or are you with Shane.. I’m at the corner of rape me and robe me”
Danielle: “The more I push shane away the more he comes after me … I’m still in trey land”
Britney: “Oh the magical land of trey”

Danielle goes on about how if she ever wants to talk to Shane she’ll just go up to Frank and flirt with him.
Britney jokes that Danielle should go up to Frank when Shane is around and say: “Frank you got a curly hair on your chest for every good deed you have done”

Danielle starts talking about trey (F*ck) she’s saying that trey is good looking and a all around great guy. He may not be waiting for her when I get out.. he might have moved onto other fish. Danielle still likes Shane but doesn’t like the mean comments and she still has feelings for Trey. Danielle: “I had butterflies in my stomach with Shane”
Danielle is really worried that her edit is the Googly eyed girl after shane. She says in the Diary Room they always try and get her to giggle when talking about Shane.

Britney wants to tell her something but doesn’t want her to be upset by this. Britney doesn’t think that Shane is interested in her. She cites all the things he does and says as being not the type of things a dude would do to a girl he liked.
Britney: “I’m sorry for being the one to break this to you.. I don’t want to sound like a mean person”
Danielle: “.. Thank you.. I like your honesty, it’s refreshing”
Britney: “What Shane says is all just a cope out “
Apparently Danielle has a crush on Hayden. She jokes about being introduced to him.
Britney: “Hayden is like Shane but Bigger.. “
Danielle says how attractive hayden was..
Brintye talks into her mic.. : “hayden moss I got one ready for your.. Screened primed and ready..”

Britney and Danielle starts slamming Frank. Stinky, Douchey, smelly, farty, gross, ugly…

Britney: “everytime he tickles me internal bleeding happens”
Danielle says when he tickles her she thinks “Hmm maybe Shane will be more interested in me”
Britney says her husband is going to be pissed to see Frank tickling her.
Danielle: “Doesn’t he remind you of carrot top.. he thinks he is gangster he thinks he is all that”
Britney: ‘He’s annoying”

Britney warns her that not everyone is going to like her on the internet.. “Everyone has a opinion you need to accept that”
Britney: ‘My opinion Frank is a tool..
Danielle: “What do you think of Shane “
Britney: “Nice.. “
Dnaielle: ‘Is he nice to me”
Britney: ‘No”
Danielle: OK.. what about Ashley.. Wil”
Britney: “Nice and Annoying”

8:21pm Most players eating.. boogie running laps.

9:09pm cam 3-4 Britney and Ian

Britney telling him she doesn’t want to be in the final 3 with 2 people in a showmance. Ian and Britney both agree they need to keep Danielle and Shane to be cordial with each other but once it hits final 5 they can go at it.

Ian: “ashley gets HOH we’re fucked”
Britney: ‘We’re not.. stop saying that.. Who would she put up”
Ian: “Joe and.. Me.. You”
Shane joins them, “I’m completely bored out of my mind”
Ian brings up that Frank and Ashley are going on a date later tonight.

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Does anybody else find pure joy in the fact that true reality television, the Summer Olympics, reached an all-time high in viewers, while scripted Big Brother has reached an all-time low?


Scripted took the words right out of mouth I have enjoyed BBAD in the past but this years this season is way to obvious production is scrambling how to keep their favorites to stay, all thr hype about the coaches entering the game and yet the boat for the HOH had enough spots for all the players and coaches without evicting anyone


Britney and Danielle together are mentally draining. Britney alone is bad enough, but then you add Danielle, and the negativity rises 1,000%.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I strongly disliked Britney in her season and now even more, she’s a loser! Danielle, hmm words can’t describe that crazy bitch! Whew!!!


Boy oh boy Danielle will be in for a surprise how she is perceived her perfect little world when she goes home people will speak their minds on how selfish she really is to have her cake and eat it too She’s worried about her butt size she should worry her skills as a cheerleader sucks she is one of the girls thats needs to be popular because her family ignored her or told her how great she was/ is and she believes that she is all that and a bag of chips Good luck Danielle when you get home


Because her family ignored her ? who are u and why are you whining about Danielle , its 2 girls chatting with eachother what’s wrong with that , you need to chill a little bit


“Britney: “I can’t be alone with you 2 anymore … I feel like I’m part of some freaky threesome.. any second you are going to be wearing a dog collar and i’ll look over and see shane holding the leash”
Birtney I cannot keep it straight are you engaged with Trey or are you with Shane.. I’m at the corner of rape me and robe me”
Danielle: “The more I push shane away the more he comes after me … I’m still in trey land”
Britney: “Oh the magical land of trey””

ROFLMAO. Danielle is in lala land. Brit is hilarious! That’s the only reason I want her to stay for a while. She can light up a roomful of boring people and make it entertaining.


Ian and Britney in the end or Ian and Dan


This is a physical and mental competition.

Based on this, these are the players who can make it past final 3:

Pignelle (if helped by Shane)


It is amazing. Originally her and Trey were just dating and not serious. Now, they are engaged. Wow, a lot going on in Danielle world.


I think after that conversation with Britney, Danielle will STILL go after Shane. I’d hate to say this, but I’d prefer crazy Rachel’s red hair extensions over this insecure mess of what we call Danielle. At least Rachel was annoyingly entertaining, Danielle is just plain annoying.

Also, apparently Danielle wasn’t even part of the car crash that killed her friend. It was confirmed by a cousin of the deceased on twitter.
Like geeze, I think that is a pretty low to falsify a serious matter like this. ALSO, there has been speculation that she was never even abused by her father.

There we have it, Danielle is a crazy, insecure pathological liar.


“Floater grab a life-vest”!! Wah-wah wambulance! Nobody likes me. Great at Competitions but annoying as heck the rest of the week.. . that was Rachel..


LOL true.
Don’t forget, “Nobody gets in between me and my man!”
Oh her laugh still gives me nightmares.


@Simon/Dawg OR anyone

I forgot. Where did Team Tits come from? Also, Britt was previously dating another BB contestant??

The Man

The name has been around for a LONg time and it has NEVER shown up on television…..That is why i think production stepped in…it also may be why that name was chosen…because it helps them stay under wraps.

But it hasn’t even been hinted that they are together in the edits we see on TV


Okay, so I’m bored. There’s zero drama just random chit-chat about this and that. So I’ll just pose a few questions out there just to pass the time. But with my luck I’ll probably get 1 or 2 replies. But what the heck here goes..Your thoughts on these:
Worst/ Best alliance in BB history
Most underrated player, Worst Floater/ Most clueless player, Most undeserving winner, Best/ Worst season, Player most deserving of a second chance, Best Rivalry, Most embarassing moment on TV, Most memorable fight…….Most annoying player…..


Worst Alliance: Regulators
Best Alliance: Chilltown, 99% of the credit going to Dr. Will.

Best Rivalry: The Friendship vs. Sovereign Six

Most Undeserving Winner: Jordan could be a good winner based on great social game. Maggie could be a great winner by overcoming poor all-around game.

Most Underrated Player: going really old school here…. Jason BB3, made it very far with a secret alliance with Danielle, great socially and really good competitor. He had to have declined an invitation, but not even a chance at All-Stars?

Most Annoying Player: Josh BB3. Nobody got under my skin like he did in the first weeks of his season. Or Holly BB5 * giggle giggle giggle*

Best Season: I’m partial to 8 because that’s when I got into BB. Family drama, ED was a psychopath. Zack was such an awkward guy but I kinda rooted for him and Jameka in the Final 4. Loved watching Dan mastermind his way through BB10 as well.

Worst Season: Season 9. So forgettable.

Most deserving of 2nd chance: Just to give BB1 some love, anyone from that season not named Chicken George. Honorable mention to Jessie…… NOT!


Friendship worst/Chilltown best
Matt Hoffman or Zach (bb 8)
Ashley this year
Jordan or Jun
BB 7,6,10-best BB 1,14,9-worst
Dominic (bb 13)
Dick vs. the women of bb 8
Dick vs. Jen
Dnel this year by far!


Top five players:

1)Dr. Will
2)Evil Dick

Honorable Mention:Danielle (bb 3,7)


So I have one question why is Dr. Wil considered the best BB player, he never won any competitions. All he did was manipulate everyone,I just can’t see that as the best player, just a shady player.


Simple. He controlled the house.


Brittany is hilarious. I am laughing reading this. Like Frank’s chest hair joke to the sex talk, she is funny. I wish I had the live feeds because I would be ROFL. I am not even sure if she was this funny on season 12. I always liked her then and I lover her more now. I am glad she is back since she is a highlight in this boring season.


I wonder what it was about Jodi that made Britney&Ian think she would be the first person evicted.


Love how britney puts it on frank that HE tickeles her… really?? He just happened to forced himself on her. what a hipocrite britney can say no frank i can’t he will understand that she is married. Frank is the single one it’s britney’s responsibility to tell him no since she is married.


brits a funny girl…i like how she lightly tries to break the news to Danielle that shanes not into her, which what everbody in the house knows, and i think brit is getting the idea how america is viewing danelle and is trying to warn her about it thats cool. Team Shane/Brit

Team Big Willie-style

Uh-oh Trey talk…………Again X 1000…


If you’re a guy, Danielle has a crush on you.


Ummm…. zero chance.


i thought i liked brittney and danielle and alot of the others but they always are taking shots at each other and its just mean i hope they dont talk to their family like that….. i dont like any of the new houseguests this year bb could of done better than this


Gawd, now Danielle wants Wil to send her love to Trey when he leaves the house. What a nutcase. She really is delusional. Poor Trey.


Danielle wants to be Britney so bad!

I don’t know if anybody watched…

The Bad Girls Club spin-off Love Games on Oxygen well I heard she dated Taylor the preppy boy from Alabama from Season 2…
I don’t know if she mentioned this in the house lol


Its hilarious since Zingbot zinged DanMEelle about Shane all she can talk about
is Trey to try and save face. It only took so many wks to get it thru her thick head.

Wil’s trying to save himself and she turns into the DanMeelle Show.

i am scared

o my gosh! r u guys watching showtime…danielle doesn’t stop….so shane is bein mean and of course shes all about trey again…now shes crying to wil …wil says ill call trey when i leave if u want me to say anything. so danielle fake cries and says that would mean so much to me…i cant wait til wil actually calls him and trey is like ummm dude that girl is crazy….she also told wil to tell him that what he sees on tv isnt really going on….o really danielle? so u dont chase shane around like a puppy dog….if shane wanted u, u would be all over him u lunatic…and trey would be left in the wind….but apparantly u were never even on trey’s radar…because supposedly hes in a longterm relationship


You need to chill a little bit ..


haha all of your comments are just “you need to chill a little bit”. If you don’t want to hear other opinions, then why get on here?


OK. When did Big Brother turn into 90210? Danielle loves Shane. He runs. She pushes him away and he comes back, blah, blah, blah. Ian goes out with Ashley. Ashley goes out with Joe (?). Ian freaks out. Wil promises to ask Trey in gym class if he still likes Danielle. Ian wants to meet Kristen. Britney sets Danielle up with Hayden…


The convo between Danielle and Ian on BBAD right now is hilarious! Danielle is on another compliment fishing trip and Ian is not biting! Lol

Aqua Bernie

I love this, she must be going crazy in her head.


Danielle: “so what would America say, who looks better in a bikini, me or Janelle?”
Ian: “janelle”
Danielle: “ok, me and Ashley”
Ian: “Ashley”
Danielle: oookkk….who is smarter, me or Britney?”
Ian: “Britney”
Danielle: “ooookkkk………”

Awkward silence….


@Jh. Did that conversation actually happened between Danielle&Ian?If it did,then that wasn’t very smart of Ian to say that to Danielle.When she wins HOH again,I’m sure he’ll be on her top priority list of people to evicted.Lol.


Exactly what I was thinking…I mean he sort of made sure to always say that would be America’s opinion,but not his own…but still, it was obvious that Danielle wanted compliments and I think she will take it personally that Ian didn’t take the bait.


simon are you aware that MeMo07 at twitter knows danielle personally…she has debunked all of danielles lies….her cousin was in the car that danielle said she was in a accident with….her cousin died..and she was pissed when danielle said she was in the car…go to her twitter page lol…she is debunking all of danielles lies

Team Shitney

Hey Simon, this is totally Danielle!

Rocky Maivia

I still don’t understand why they hate Frank so much. He literally did nothing to anybody.


All because ashley dared to speak to shane and janelles comment about how ashley seemed more shane’s type after that danielle now hates her what a pathetic idiot.


ok seriously so is big brother a dating show now? u have ashley goin on a date with frank…and ian is so mad its pathetic….he even went in the bathroom and started pouting to ashley about it, and britney kicked him out….then u have danielle and shane….this is what u get when u cast people who applied to be on a dating show….its just a bunch of dating drama…then ashley made rude remarks back to ian…seriously is this what big brother has come to…why dont they just merge big brother with the bachelor …is that what they are going for? well maybe this will make ian win HOH and nominate frank lol….lets see


I leave the feeds for a bit to watch a James Cagney film, I come back and Ashley and Frank are dating. Wtf? Guess it was bound to happen though. She arouses from her coma, feels horny, and of coarse she’s going to Frank. He looks like he’s straight out of the 1970’s. She probably caught a whiff of those natural earthy pheromones wafting from his arm pits and could no longer resist.


I went @memo07 twitter page danielle’s “friend” from ‘Bama and I found it there.
It’s from
My bad Simon i don’t wanna get u into messed up situation.

Before reading this this I didn’t like Dani, on scale to 1 to 10 I’d
say a 6 now its a 100.
Thats a sad chick


Danielle: “The more I push shane away the more he comes after me … I’m still in trey land”

This has got to be the biggest lie ever told. Shane doesn’t want Danielle. When will she realize that?