Big Brother Spoilers – Ashley to Frank high as a Kite, “My Group is Shady your group is Thick as Thieves

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

5:20pm Cam 3-4 Wil and Britney

Wil going over his conversations with Frank and Boogie. Wil is really pissy about them, he says the first time he went up to the HOH Frank didn’t even talk to him it was all Boogie, “Fuck that Boogie isn’t the HOH” The second time Wil went up to the HOH Frank was 2 faced.

Wil: “If you feel comfortable telling me who you are working with.. But Ashley and I really want to work with you”
Britney says she’s working with Shane and is friends with Danielle but as far as deals she doesn’t have any (Shhhhhhhhhhhh………….)

Joes comes in and starts giving Britney advice on how to sleep in the Have nots room. (There’s a image in the gallery below)

5:27pm Cam 3-4 Ashley and Jenn

Ashley is saying she’s not going to go up and talk to Frank, she’ll wait to see who he nominates. Ashley: “Is that a good Idea” jenn isn’t sure what Frank will think everyone knows her back is in rough shape. Ashley doesn’t know what to even say to Frank, She feel ashamed that this has happened to her. Ashley: “I have no idea what’s going on or why my back is doing this” Feeds cut..
When they come back Ashley and Jenn are walking up to the HOH bedroom. Ashley walks up the stairs on all 4 says “I’m like a cat” …. feeds cut (I wonder how high Ashley is right now)

5:32pm HOH Keyser Soze and Frank

Ashley: “You know I’m hurt and everything>..”
Frank : “you’re not going up”
Ashley: “ohh ok Cool ..”
Ashley giggles says she thought her and Joe were going to be nominated.
Frank says if she wins POV he doesn’t want her to use it because then he has to make 3 people pissed.
Ashley confirms she won’t use the POV if she just happens to win it.
Ashley: ‘I don’t want you to think I’m useless in this game I’m getting better”
Ashley briefly mentions how she was loyal to Janelle up until she found out all the nasty things Janelle was saying behind her back. Ashley has never felt like she was part of a group, the people she was with in the game were shady and she never fit in. AShley: “Your group was thick as thieves” Ashley thinks Frank’s group has always been tight.

They start laughing and Eagle eye joe. Before the Have Nots Competition Joe told Britney he was hoping that it would involve hauling Bricks. Ashley says she’s bummed out she couldn’t compete in the comp today.

Frank encourages her to not feel like she’s complaining and just do whatever the Doctors recommend. (Lots of feed cuts)

Keyser Soze = Ashley

5:50pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Britney

Very hard to hear because they are whispering ans sucking on candy Canes.
Danielle: “I don’t believe him”
Britney: “I KNow”
Britney: “He’s not untrustworthy.. we Cannot trust him”
Danielle: “He’s way more likley than EAGLE EYE to win”
Britney: “I know”
Britney: “We need someone else to take out Frank and Boogie”
Danielle: “Dan Will”
Britney: “He will?”
Danielle says yes she asks her if Joe and Wil are going up. Britney says yes.

6:45pm Trivia Nomination Ceremonies
7:05pm Trivia Nomination Ceremonies
7:35pm Trivia Nomination Ceremonies

7:44pm Nominations are up Wil and Joe are nominated for eviction this week. POV is played tomorrow.

7:46pm HOH Cam 3-4 Poker

7:51pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Britney, Wil and Britney
Joe is reading the Have Nots Rules and says you are allowed to eat Salsa. JOe: “we can make avocado salsa.. We can make whatever salsa we want” (Steak salsa… For all you that underestimate Joe he just may have found a loophole in the have nots rules.. lol) Joe is going to ask the Diary Room if he’s allowed to make salsa.

8:41pm Cam 1-4 The last hour has been poker :( . Only Ian and Frank remain in the poker game. All the cams are on the houseguests eating talking about working out tonight. (I added a bunch of images from the poker game in the gallery below)

9:00pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Havenots are dividing up the candy Canes.. Some of the flavors : Pina colada, root beer, blueberry, strawberry, bubble gum, sassafras, Blackberry, cotton candy, Banana, Cherry, Spearmint .

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Flashback Buddy Link Britney and Danielle in the have nots 5:50pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Britney


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Haha I have no doubt Frank most def. smokes a ton of weed…


he has already said he did , get on your game


I’d bet my left nut that Ashley is just faking her back injury so she can take her drugs. That and it will keep her safe in the house for the week. I bet she pulls this stunt every other week.


Bet on. I can use a nut. I’ll put up both my kitten’s, but you gotta wait til he’s fixed.


lol @ hustling with your pets

Preeeeesh Frank Stinks

Picture # 2= That is a sweet looking blunt Ashley is blazin’!! I had a an inkling she was burning herb in the bathroom, I mean come on people her eyes are always red and she is unable to express word thoughts or feelings clearly!! Constantly munching grub!!!Please do not evict this chic, my late night TV will never be the same! I get a high just watching her….Blaze on girl!!


Britney needs to go soon, she’s a threat to Mike/Frank…


mike/frank need to go…they’re a threat to brittany.


Well done.


Love It! LOL


What? Ms. 4th Place…Again… and lying bitch as much as Janelle…


Please get over it, Janelle, and yourself.


I love your comments! Although we may disagree at times about Danielle, I find myself nodding and agreeing with a lot of what you say. And you can be pretty funny too!


LOL, Exaaaaactly!

Ice Princess

Makes you wonder if Britney can win this time around?????


I thought that image of her with that giant joint was real for a second LMFAO

Her back is fine, she needed to get high, and faking pains is the only way….. Bringing weed into the BB house would be sweet


It had me cracking up, and especially because she was talking to Frank lol…


That wasn’t real??? (jk)


If there was weed in the house there wouldn’t be any drama they’d all just chill eat an giggle

Man Toys

Joe knows what he’s doing. Dont be surprised to see my boy Eagle Eye Joe ride this ship to port and walk away with 500k. He knows what he is doing and is playing the other house guests right into his plan. Throw the first couple weeks competition and come off as no threat. Cook for everyone as well and let everyone think he is just a normal guy who is older and cant win competitions but can contribute to the house as everyones personal cook. He knows what he is doing believe me. After this week Wil will be gone and when Joe finally lets out his inner tiger and wins HOH next week everyone will be so sorry for not letting Eagle into any alliances. They will be bowing down to Eagle Eye and shinning his shoes since all the power will in his hands. You dont think he didnt plan this out knowing next week will be a double eviction. EAGLE EYE IS ON HIGH ALERT AND HE’S COMING FOR THAT 500K


Joe isn’t winning…I could see him getting the 50K, but even that would be a miracle, in my opinion…


Dan is “in love” with Mike–it’s Danielle and Britney who are getting played(Britney is used to it in this game)…

Team Shitney

NO NO NO BRITNEY!! Don’t have Danielle ask Dan about getting out Boogie because he will tell Chilltown and they will backdoor you this week!!


Give Dan some credit. He will not turn Danielle into Chilltown 3.0 until the time is right. As of now he thinks that the F4 he has with B/F will be Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle.


yea..daneille is so stupid, she still thinks she has to be glued to dan. Dan will toss her to the wolves, he already was trying get boogie to back door shane and brit last night on bbad. Dan a floater.

Team Dan

You think Dan’s a floater? What’s your definition of a floater? Dan has a strong social game, he convinces others to do the dirty work for him and when he needs to he can and will win comps. He showed all of this in season 10 and he’s playing the same game now.


Daneille is a very needy girl she always need to be complemented, sheis l;ike a clown who hides behing=d thier makeup so does she , she will latch on to anyone who will be nice to her and tell her nice things. When she leaves bb she will be hurt when she sees how she was rejected by Shane and the rest


It looks like Wil is on the way out. Maybe there will actually be some evidence that it is a surprise, and that he hasn’t been clued in by someone who works at BBrother (which would be a nice change after Janelle, who supposedly didn’t know anything, didn’t act the slightest bit surprised).

Wil seems like Janelle Jr., and I’m so glad to see the Silent Six sticking together and getting rid of him.


LOL……Ashley high as a MoFo yo!!


yes brit, PLEASE talk about getting boogie out of the house a little louder, you will go home this week sweetie


She’s in deep shit if he gets wind of it…Mike somehow seems to get wind of everything in the house, just take a look at Wil today…


Boogie was in the room for the first part. Frank tells him all for the second part and Britney told him the third part. Can’t you read?


Ooopps. Maybe I can’t read all that well either. It was Frank Boogie 1st, Britney comes in with 2nd and just Frank for 3rd.


I am wondering if they are bringing the sabotuer back and it is ashley, so she has to pretend her back hurts


What everyone needs to keep in mind when talking about who Frank should put up and evict is that they are now thinking about jury. Taking out your biggest threat may not be good for the jury vote. Having Dan in the jury is better than having Wil or Joe.


ashley is not faking it for drugs…u guys have to get a life lol…..danielle started that rumor because shane was helping ashley out…so of course danielle got jealous……ashley said from day one she has nerve damage…and cyatic nerves are painful as hell when they act up

Brit&Shane fan

Ash isn’t faking I don’t think but I think she is exagerating for the sympathy card (even though she doesn’t need it cause she wasn’t going home and isn’t a target anyways). I hope the silent 6 sticks together for awhile but the quack pack has to turn on boogie and frank before they get the chance to turn on them. Joe drives me insane and needs to leave this week he is fat and annoying and its gross that he doesn’t wash his hands.


I don’t know if anyone has said this or not but on the app, the comments section gets all jumbled and unreadable. also, If you make it a pay app, I will pay for it :)


I paid .99 for the app. It works well except every time I open it, it says “A newer version is available, do you want to download it” and only has a yes button which brings up itunes and some weird arabic (or something) written app. When I close that, the OBB app works great. I tried to find a place to ask about that but don’t know where to ask for help. (I have it on my ipad).


First of all thanks Simon for the link to…I don’t have cable and it was great to be able to watch the live show on Thurs. in real time. I have been following you guys for the last four seasons and I love your blog. The show is so much better when you get to follow the feeds through you guys. Like I have said in previous seasons you do a great job and thank you very much. I also bought the app but like others have mentioned when I first open it the message pops up that reads “New Version Available. Would you like to install the new version”. When you hit the Install button it re-directs me too the App store and something called “Live Games” that is mainly in Arabic. At least I think its Arabic. Thanks again Simon and Dawg for the great job. I’m leaning towards Ian to go all the way. Kinda like the quirky little guy!!


Same thing happened to me with the redirect.


I would pay for the app also, it saved me last night. We had a storm come through and lost Dish and Internet during the show, but luckily I had the app. Thank you Simon and Dawg.

Eric CA

I do not think Ashley is faking it. Pain killers do make a lot of people high like that. My best friend hurt his back and he was in so much pain he could not talk. When they increased his meds there was a period of time he looked drunk and had a very slurred voice. It is that or the weed.

Frank is going to waste his week getting rid of Wil. It is the Season of Stupid. I do not know who to cheer for. I really like Brittney, she can be hysterical. I think Ian is a good kid, and probably the one to root for. I wish Dan would stop throwing comps, the last HoH the only person who was more obvious was Boogie. Part of me wants a final two of Ian and Jen. Another part really wants Ian and Brittney.

You can not play the game, 100% on schedule. Sometimes you need to adapt. This is yest another Season New Players have been put in with All Stars. The rules change. they need to adapt. Realize if they are a target already, taking out a Shane, Dan and defiantly a Danielle. Take Dan up to the HoH and ask he would be open to using Danielle as a pawn. his reaction will be telling. Then tell Danielle that he is putting her up as a pawn. If she freaks out, you will know what her intentions are putting you up as a pawn. Then nominate Dan and Shane. Tell them it was after you talked to Danielle, she said something that concerned you.

Eric CA

Wil and Joe? It is the Season of Stupid


You are as stupid as Janelle. That was the game she was playing. You don’t think that they talk? You don’t think they trust what each other says is true over Frank/Boogie?

Good thing you aren’t in the house, you would be team powerhouse 0.5

Joe's Only Fan

Lay off on the Joe hate. He is playing you all.


Nothing like a good game of poker after nominations yo. LOL I guess it’s safe to say the line has been drawn……for now anyway.


wow this is great. I have to give it too Boogie that he actually is keeping his word this week… WOW. I have to say I was a little nervous if he would have been scheming to get one of the 4 out, but he is playing it smart as well to know there are too many people in the house yet to be able to make a move on the shhhh aliance. this is awesome that it looks like the shhhh alliance will be intact for another week.


Joe’s gotta go before he poisons someone


It’s not nutcase Joe going for revenge, it’s lying ass Britney–Janelle wannabe lol…

Man Toys

Joe is going to be the real silent killer in this game. watch him pick off these crows 1 by 1 after this week. TEAM JOE. gottttta give the guy props he knows what hes doing and is playing every card right


Joe is the most clueless person in the game…

Eric CA

This Season Clueless, could win him the game.


It’s BB, anything can happen, but it would take a miracle at this point for Joe to win…


Gasp! How dare you insult the mighty POWERHOUSE!!! You are talking about Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Avenger! He should try the olympics, because superhero chef is going for the GOLD!


. It’s obvious everyone makes fun of Joe. Who was the last HG in BB history to be made fun of this much? If you remember…


Whoa, If my count is right, Joe’s got three fans now!!!! Do I hear four?

quack-pack fan

You are kidding, right? He has no idea what he is doing and that’s why he finds himself alone without any alliance or real relationships. I am sure he is nice enough person in real life but on BB it’s almost painful to watch/listen to him every day.


Im guessing you are related to joe…. That would be the only explanation


They didn’t edit what Boogie said about Dr WIL cheating on his wife to be with Janelle, it is all over the west coast and I am sure all of Dr WIL partients and friends all know about it now, thanks to his best friend Boogire


I have to give it to Ian as well that he was able to have an alliance with Boogie and Frank and have alliance with the orignal 4. And boogie and Frank dont even know anything about it!! It’s like the shhh alliance +one… Though Ian might have to pick sides at some point in the game and that might be dangerous.


I’ve got one question. Is Beyonce Fan gone now lol?


Yeah. She’s taken time out to enroll in an extensive ESL course with a minor in grammar.

MU Tigers

I thought I saw a post from them saying that they were losing their internet and said bye to everyone. Pretty sure that was Beyonce Fan that posted that.


@MU Tigers. Oh you are clever but bad. I believed you when you told me the last veto comp involved the HGs filling up toilet bowls. Think I’m way too gullible to apply for big brother geriatrics?

MU Tigers

haha… That was funny. But I am pretty sure it was Beyonce Fan that posted that they were losing their internet and said bye to everyone on here. But grammar lessons for that person would be appreciated.


If it hadn’t been for Eagle Eye Joe, Janelle would of been here a long time fo so, where did he come frome where did he go, where did you come from Eagle Eye Joe.


so ashley is laying around in positions that a person with a bad back would not lay…Let’s see, she lays around, high as a kite and makes it to the final 2 LMAO a serious floater


The key point in this game right now will be the HoH a few weeks down the road when the Silent 6 finally dissolves, if Boogie and Frank can secure that one then they have a real shot at winning this game.


Joe’s got “fans” now because he found a loophole in the system? lol He’s still dumb as a sack of bricks, and not entertaining at all…


If Wil is evicted this Thursday.Then I think Dan is probably thinking of ways to get Frank out of the game,with out Boogie knowing he was the one responsible for it.Frank is a threat to Dan’s game and Dan is a threat to Frank’s game.But Dan can’t just nominate Frank,because that will make Boogie want to work against Dan and rally up the newbies.Which will be a major problem for Dan.The key is to get Frank out the game with out causing Boogie to want to come after him.But Dan also have to be the master mind behind Frank’s eviction.That way,when he gets to final 2,he will give the jury another reason to crown him the winner of the game once again.How many of you guys think that Dan is trying to think of ways to get rid of Frank with out Boogie knowing he had anything to do with it but also look like the master mind to the jury?Going by how Dan played the game on his season(season 10)I think Dan likes making moves that will guarantee the jury will be in awe of his game play.Which will make the jury vote for Dan to be the winner.Go Dan!

Team Dan

I completely agree with you. Dan had no choice last week but to align himself with Frank because he knows his best shot at winning is to sit next to Boogie at the finale (since the both have won the 500k) and they’re a package deal. I would bet that he may keep the six going one more week but then I can see Dan setting the stage for Frank’s eviction. He throws out a hinky vote and his hands stay clean and Boogie still trusts him.


I think you’re right and what’s more, Boogie should – and probably does – have an eye on he and Dan as final 2. It’s more than just honouring their deal for Boogie, I think he wants to keep Dan. Makes the most sense and if they both keep playing the way they are, it’ll happen. Dan can maybe set Brittney for a Frank fall, but I think Boogie would know who the puppet master is, they know each other’s games. Dan will have to lie low on that for a couple of weeks though, just like Boogie and Frank are with him.


Not saying that Ashley is lying, but a few weeks ago she was talking to someone, might have been Jenn and she said that she “lives at the gym” outside of the house. Now, I’m not trying to criticize, but Ashley’s body does not looks like it’s ever seen a gym, let alone “living” at the gym and actually working out.

I know girls who pull the sick card when things aren’t going their way. I don’t understand it and it irritates the shit out of me.

Reid Harris Cooper

This might sound completely insane, but I think Frank and Ashley are having a secret showmance.

I don’t know how they pulled it off… but they’re slowly being less secret about it.


Could explain her bad back.


When they were talking about candy canes I noticed the space cadet chemistry they have together. Maybe this will be CBS’s next attempt at a contrived showmance, but this time there might be something there. I can see them hooking up over a bong after BB.


Love this! Thank you Simon and Dawg! Long time Lurker and I must admit, I am a confirmed cat person. Don’t hate me, I am more of a cougar anyway. Dan is hot. Dan for the win.


Isn’t Danielle a nurse? Y don’t she help Ashley? Don’t they take an oath like docs?


Nurses are not bedsitters. Ashley has been seen by a doctor. She has been given at least one cortisone injection, which is an anti-inflammatory drug. She may or may not be on painkillers – my guess is that she is not on narcotics. It appears she is having a muscular or nerve issues. The doctor would have instructed her on her own care (how to lie down, what activities to refrain from, etc.). This sort of condition is not uncommon and care is usually up to the patient. My opinion is that, while Ashley may be experiencing discomfort, she might be milking the situation for attention. It is so hard to tell with her because of her normal, earth child, loopy behavior. If Ashley’s health was at risk, BB would have had her removed for liability reasons. She may have injured herself or may have a congenital issue, which is quite common with back issues. Just because you don’t catch Danielle checking on Ashley does not mean that she isn’t keeping an eye on her. For what Ashley is experiencing there is really very little that can be done except to minimize activity and remain in a position that does not cause discomfort.


Y doesn’t Danielle comfort poor ashley? Isn’t she a nurse? Don’t they take an oath? Secrets out already.


Big brother is planning on evicting Ashley cause she won’t be able to compete in competitions if her back keeps acting up. They will bring Janelle back! Just me wishful thinking…..


Janelle won’t be back as a competitor. She is not in sequester. She posted a twitter picture of her and Porsche today.


Team Tits FTMFW!


Is it me or is Frank Tha Stank trying to get on Brittney….. Go team T!TS!!!!


Brit on the feeds talking to Ashley about all these stories from ‘I Survived’ describing the most brutal attempted murders in detail, then saying “You gotta be careful Ashley, they’re a lot of psychos out there.” LOL! It’s Britney’s favorite show. haha! She’s so pazuzu.

Jenn City working out like a gym rat and Joe too! It’s outer limits in the BB house tonight. (still boring, just weird) I want a fight, damnit!!!


Is it me or does the house seem like they are in the last few weeks tonight?
Ya know when it gets down to 4-5 people and there is really nothing more worth watching (the topics are pretty much all retreads, not too much drama left, etc.).
Boring the sh*t out of me.


I bought the iPad app. Also kept getting “New version available. Would you like to install?” with my only option to say yes. Each time “Live Games” screen came up with English/Hebrew writing. Then finally, I caught a glimpse of Temple Run as the window closed. Guess it was looking to be updated. So I updated all my apps and the OBB app has been working fine.
Meant to let you know what a deal it is (and fun). Thanks!


Been playing with it for a while now and it hasn’t come up since. Actualy had my son delete Temple Run and I just updated all mine.

Also glad to hear your doing Survivor AND BB Canada, busy guys. Hope you’re getting some sunlight.

production rigged it

so ashley can’t compete in the have nots comp and doesn’t have to be one, that’s real fair to the ones that have to be plus she’s sure not acting like she’s hurting right now on BBAD she’s sitting up right now, oh and now she’s up and walking around (perhaps exaggerating a little bit to get out of being a have not plus a little sympathy) if this continues they need to make her leave instead of just taking up space.




Bye Bye Joe! Silent 6! Shhhhhhhhh!


Boogie has got to go I think when he told america about Dr Wil sleeping with Jenelelle wwas not call for he knoews he made a mistaje saying this and he went on to stay I hope they block this out i\on the west coast good friend



Jedi Jani

Simon I can’t get the buddy to work….i have the feeds and can view them through B3V Viewer or the superpass but for some reason it won’t work when I clik on ur link…suggestions?

Jedi Jani

Yes sir…..