Big Brother Spoilers – Dan To Britney: “Play that whole relationship Ninja style.. QUACK QUACK”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

9:13pm Cam 1-2 Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle and Frank doing a cheer about his spiritedtard “B I G B R O T H E R… Big Brother… big big big Brother…Bye Bye Spiritetard life with you has been so hard I won’t be sad to see you go”
Frank: “I won’t be wearing you no mo”

9:20pm Cam 1-2 Hot tub Wil, Frank, Jenn, Danielle, Shane
Wil says that AShley got 2 cortisone shots.
Shane doesn’t understand why they gave her cortizone shots..
Wil and Danilele agree that Ashley looks really sick. Frank wonders if she will leave the game due to medical reasons.

They are asking Wil what drugs ashley is on. Wil got to read the pills bottle a bit but it was all covered.. It didn’t look like anything he’s ever seen before (Ashley’s on some experimental Drugs) .
Wil: “She has to have a pinched nerve”

9:25pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Brintey gives him a rundown of her conversation with Wil. Summing it up that Wil is looking for people to work with and Wil’s conversation with Frank and Boogie Did not go down well. Wil called them bullies and he doesn’t want to tell them he won’t put them up because he will.

Dan asks Britney if she is OK with the decision to get out Janelle. Britney shrugs “YA” Dan: “I’m not going to lie i’m glad it went through.. if Wil wins one.. You have to be really careful Boogie and Frank don’t see your relationship with him” (Hard to hear what Dan is saying)

Dan is worried if Wil picks Britney for Veto players it might set off alarm bells with Boogie and Frank. Britney says that she is going to go talk to Frank tonight tell him that Wil asks her this morning because he has no one else. Britney: “Ashley’s a cripple and Joe’s on the block.. so who’s he going to pick”

Dan: “You need to play that whole relationship (Britney and Wil) Ninja style you’ll be able to help QUACK QUACK” (Dan actually did quack.. )

Britney: “Frank and Boogie need to go and we don’t want one of us to have to do it.. thats the thing you want to do in double eviction.. get them out”

10:05pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Wil, Ashley, Frank and Britney

They are talking about when you are out at a bar and just hanging out with your “Girlfriends” and guys hit on you. Britney wishes you could just tell them “Look i’m not interested” and not have them freak the fuck out on you and call you banes.
Ashley mentions how it’s hard when she goes out because she’s so “Smiley” guys take it the wrong way.
Ashley: “I don’t want to be too hard on the guys because it’s really hard to go up and meet girls”
Frank and Wil leave.. Ashley and Britney continues to talk about random things.
Dan joins them and tells them all about CHUB DAY. Chub Day is on the a Sunday and right after Church Dan and his wife eat a pizza and eat chicken wings.

Talk moves to true crime stories. A horrified Ashley (And simon) listens on as Britney tells the brutal crime story. There was this 15 year old hitchhiker who was raped and had her arms cut off.. The guy did 8 years in prison for the crime and committed murder after release. He died in prison while awaiting sentence for that murder.
Below is a excerpt of the story..

TAMPA — Lawrence Singleton, who chopped off a teenage hitchhiker’s forearms in California and later was sent to death row in Florida for killing a prostitute, has died of cancer behind bars. He was 74.

In 1978, Singleton, who died Friday, raped 15-year-old Mary Vincent, cut off her forearms with an ax and left her to die. The next morning, she stumbled down a road and, with her arms aloft to stop the bleeding, flagged help.

10:31pm Frank talking about how strict his father was he didn’t want Frank to go to U of A instead he went to U of Memphis. Britney says that Oklahoma is a open carry state now. She can now walk around with a fire arm. (Just lots of random conversations)
Frank starts explaining that his mom buys and sells commodities.. yawn..

Frank adds at one point the company his mom works with bought all cuttings from A tampon factory and sold it to a livestock feed company that used the tampon cuttings to bulk up the feed.
Dan: “What like plastic”
Frank: “no the cotton part”

10:45pm in the backyard Joe, dan and Ian are exercising.

11:05pm Cam 3-4 Hot Tub Jenn and Wil
Wil: “If the nominations stay the same.. i don’t know it’s too early to start thinking”
Jenn: “Just get through the day.. get ready for tomorrow”
Wil: “I just want it to be Sunday”
Jenn suggests that maybe a shower will make Wil feel better.
Wil: “No I already showered… don’t want to get my hair went.. I’m OK.. just you know”
Jenn: “I’m sorry”
Jenn really misses her cats….
Boogie joins them..

11:15pm bathroom Cam 1-2 Britney, Frank, Danielle and Shane

Britney asks them where Eagle Eye is.. (screen cap above) Frank says he’s outside. Britney tells him that earlier in the day After the nominations Wil came up to her and asked her if she would like to play in POV if he gets houseguests choice.
Britney plays it up says it was really weird and awkward wil told her that he can’t pick AShley because of her back. Shane chimes in that they will do whatever Frank wants with the POV.

Franks doesn’t seem to care.

11:36pm Cam 1-2 Room Wil and Ashley

AShley has noticed that Jenn has been acting off lately. Wil thinks she’s been doing this “motherly Shilt” Ashley really doesn’t think Wil is the target.
Ashley: “Shane has really been throwing Britney under the bus”
AShley says that after the Have nots Shane said “At least now coaches don’t decide our fate” Wil wonders if maybe Britney isn’t as close to him anymore. Ashley says that Shane has been saying he’s like Hayden from BB12 he wants to be the beast.

11:52pm Cam 3-4 Arcade room Boogie and Frank

Boogie had talked to Wil about the conversation earlier today. Wil was pissed off about it because both Boogie and Frank were talking to him but he only wanted to talk to Frank.

Boogie explained to Wil that Frank and him are a team and for all intents and purposes Franks HOH is Boogie’s HOH. Boogie adds that AShley and Wil are talking in the room and every time Boogie walks by them they stop talking Boogie: ‘I’m really not feeling him right now… He’s gotta go… “

Boogie goes over his conversation with Joe. Boogie told Joe he’s safe this week but has to act like he’s worried. They’ll have another talk with eagle eye after the POV. they won’t offer him the world but maybe get more mileage out of keeping him in the house. Boogie: “Don’t cause trouble around the house just go cook cod for the week”

Boogie: “But we are really in a good position right now.. but Wil’s gotta go” Frank is nervous about Dan’s position in the house. He’s feeling like they may be making a mistake leaving him around for the next 2 weeks. Frank still wants Wil gone this week and hopefully the following week someone puts up Joe. Frank is confident that after Joe is gone they’ll have Jenn, AShley, Ian, Boogie and Frank against Dan, Danielle, Shane, Brit. If they play their cards right they’ll have 5 vs 3 in the HOH competition.

12:44AM Cam 1-2 Jenn plucking out Danielle’s whit hairs (Image in the gallery below)

12:48Am CAM 1-2 Shane and Britney
Talking about Danielle applied for a dating show and ended up on Big Brother. Britney has been really trying to steer Danielle away from Shane. Britey told her that if there is anything happening between her and Shane it’ll still be there in a month she needs to chill out for the remainder of the game.
Shane appreciates Britney doing that he has talked to Danielle as well and he didn’t come on the show to meet someone his

Shane is convinced that Ashley is a actresses he suspects that she isn’t really hurt and is just deceiving them all. He notes seeing AShley crawl around then a hour later she was moving around fine.

Shane is worried that If Frank wins Veto Tomorrow he’ll backdoor one of them. Shane: “if I win HOH I’ll put Ashley and Jenn up.. I’ll say these are 2 players that have been floating time for them to go home” Britney tells him at some point they will need to take out Frank and it would be ideal if it wasn’t one one of their 4. Shane wonders about Ian, Britney says there is no way Ian will backdoor Frank. Shane and Britney go to sleep

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In response to criticisms of Danielle not taking care of Ashley – Nurses are not bedsitters. Ashley has been seen by a doctor. She has been given at least one cortisone injection, which is an anti-inflammatory drug. She may or may not be on painkillers – my guess is that she is not on narcotics. It appears she is having a muscular or nerve issues. The doctor would have instructed her on her own care (how to lie down, what activities to refrain from, etc.). This sort of condition is not uncommon and care is usually up to the patient. My opinion is that, while Ashley may be experiencing discomfort, she might be milking the situation for attention. It is so hard to tell with her because of her normal, earth child, loopy behavior. If Ashley’s health was at risk, BB would have had her removed for liability reasons. She may have injured herself or may have a congenital issue, which is quite common with back issues. Just because you don’t catch Danielle checking on Ashley does not mean that she isn’t keeping an eye on her. For what Ashley is experiencing there is really very little that can be done except to minimize activity and remain in a position that does not cause discomfort.


very well stated, thanks for posting. as anyone with back issues is aware, there isn’t much else that can be done at this point other than what’s been done, and having friends nearby is the best for ashley.

i’m sure bb will re-evaluate the situation if ashley fails to improve soon.


If Ashely is being seen by a Doctor, and or the Nurse provided by Big Brother, unless Ashley specifically approaches her, there are COBRA/HIPAA laws in effect which prevent Danielle from getting directly involved. Not to mention if she does something medically, she is not covered by insurances, and could also be subject to losing her License, also it could be the fact that she is Licensed as an RN in whatever state she comes from, and NOT California. There are actually probably several reasons why she is not directly getting involved.


Your right on that I get those shots to be able to function back still hurts I just don’t feel it and then I get a burst of energy and can overdue it then I get stomach trouble by day three for the meds. But hey for the price of walking it’s worth it. It affects my back, thigh, knees, muscles and bones I understand this all too well.


So, is dan with the 4 with brit,shane,daneille..or is he with booogie and frank?


Yeah Dan is keeping his options open, that is his game. Good relationships with everyone.

But…Dan has to realize it would good for him to be sitting next to boogie at the end. I see the Jury being filled with Dan fans.

production rigged it

so ashley can’t compete in the have nots comp and doesn’t have to be one, that’s real fair to the ones that have to be plus she’s sure not acting like she’s hurting right now on BBAD she’s sitting up right now, oh and now she’s up and walking around (perhaps exaggerating a little bit to get out of being a have not plus a little sympathy) if this continues they need to make her leave instead of just taking up space.


I think Ashley needs to lose weight with all her snack the presure on her back or lower back is strained, make her do a few days on slop and cod and than let her eat I can’t remember was she ever a have not this season


Simon so Boogie and Dan are the only 2 never on slop yet or is Jenn another one

quack-pack fan

I don’t think Wil has been have not yet…


Dan is with DDBS, Quack Pack, Dan/Froogie and S6. He’s got himself in a strong spot, with little chance of being exposed.



Did Frank actually wear that spiritard all week without washing it? Or did he have several for changing?


Please, please, please send Wil home.


Ugh. BBAD is so BORING right now.


Dawg is flying under the radar. He is the one pulling Boogie’s strings. Dawg for the win!

production rigged it

will is such an idiot i can’t believe he just said to ashley that things would be so much different if it had worked out week one and kara would have stayed instead of frank, earth to dumba$$ it was your fault you’re the one that voted her out no wonder you’re going home this week unless u win pov


I love when Dan and Brit have these little talks, it’s like the negative demon and Father Dan. Such an unlikely duo. Sadly, Team TITS is sagging. I’m all about the Quack Pack minus Danielle. Her personality is just annoying. I hope that if Boogie continues to want to keep the power 4 that Dan dumps Danielle for Britney, but I’m probably wishful thinking.

production rigged it

now he’s complaining about frank and how he owes them for voting for him to stay week one and then again last week and saying that he’s a jerk and they should have voted him out, too bad he didn’t realize that sooner too little too late


I wonder if Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Avenger will use his powerhouse abilities to win the POV. That way he has one more week to sniff out more alliances and make his powerhouse even more powerful.


So, I am watching BBAD. And I am seeing Ashley lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows, talking with Wil. Over the years I have had various back problems…muscle spasms, pinched nerves, etc. At no time did it ever feel comfortable to lie on my stomach. Lie on your side or lie on your back with your knees bent. I think that they go ahead and give Ashley the week – she is not nominated and won’t play in veto. But, if she is still complaining come next Thursday, BB needs to tell her she must either compete in HOH and all further comps or remove herself from the game. I think everyone will let her get away with one week not having to compete in Have Nots, but come next week, they will expect her to participate or leave.


I have 2 slipped discs and 6 pinched nerves in my lower back. The ONLY thing that takes the pressure off in the immediate is to lay on my tummy and prop myself up EXACTLY how she is doing. HOWEVER … laying like that only makes the pain much much worse when I go to move or stand up. Makes my back about 10 times worse then before I went into the position in the first place. I agree that sides or back with pillow are the best as far as healing but when I lay on my tummy it takes ALL pressure off my back somehow and I don’t feel a thing for a while … until I go to move …


Shane needs to put some distance between him and Danielle. She is ruining his game and also dragging Dan down with her. But wherever Shane goes, she will be there, edging next to him. And now he’s stuck with her in have nots room.


Pay close attention. Quite often Shane is the one tracking Danielle down.


Looks like Boogie is dead set on getting Wil out, not Joe.


.“(Britney and Wil.. Dan actually did quack.. )”Huh? Does this mean Wil is in their alliance too?I hope not.But you put Wil’s name there,so now I’m confused.


.Britney: “Frank and Boogie need to go and we don’t want one of us to have to do it.. thats the thing you want to do in double eviction.. get them out” What was Dan’s response to what Britney said to him?I’m really interested in knowing if Dan is on the same page as Britney,when it comes to getting rid of Boogie&Frank.


It would be a better move for Frank and Boogie to keep Wil b/c he will do their dirty work and put up Dan, Shane and Danielle

Its better for Dan to get Wil out and keep Joe b/c it would keep him safer!


ashley should prob go home.

im worried for mike boogie’s game right now. he needs to axe brit or shane while he can, or he is gone within the next 2 weeks. I know he wont win, and thats why Id like to see him do more dmg, or make it far based on that

too many hgs are focused on mike boogie, and not on dan or brit. they should be going to frank and boogie trying to get brit put up, not just sitting around moaning about mike boogie.


The problem for Boogie is that if he gets to the end neither Wil or Joe would vote for him in jury. So, he has to take the risk with keeping the others for right now to ensure that these two bozos don’t get to jury.


dont believe for a second that a guy who wrote a book on reality tv, is going to take brit over boogie in this game. dan will put the target on frank, get him out first. he wants boogie in that final 2, or at least further where he will then get mad and take someone out for him.

they are insane to get rid of mike boogie, the guy who would get max 2 jury votes. its just crazy to me. hes not even a comp threat, but getting rid of frank first, id do that.


If PowerHOUSE makes it through the week it’s game on! Watching him work out with Shane, Boogie, and Jenn tonight was like watching the montage in Rocky.


What’s quack quack?

Ian's Bitch

It’s a sound a duck makes……lol…sorry, couldn’t resist.


lmao… that’s funny! But seriously what the hell are they talkin’ bout?


Please please send Joe home. He is too much annoying & poisoning every houseguest. He needs to go home. Wil is next to go. Don’t let him be in the jury.


Team Silent 6 allliance shhhhhh!


who’s in the quack pack alliance??


This has to be the dumbest bunch of newbies on the Big Brother House. So, Wil could be put on the chopping block and he will not promise Frank and Boogie safety next week? How stupid can you be? If you get evicted this week, what good would your plan to evict Frank or Boogie be next week if that is your plan? Considering this is the Big Brother House, you would have lied thru your teeth and gave it your best acting job yet, you tell Frank and Boogie no? If there is one big reason to evict Wil this week, it is for being stupid! Joe might end up a bit smarter that Wil this week and may survive yet, another week!


“Frank is confident that after Joe is gone they’ll have Jenn, AShley, Ian, Boogie and Frank against Dan, Danielle, Shane, Brit. If they play their cards right they’ll have 5 vs 3 in the HOH competition.”

Dang, it hasn’t even been a week yet, and Frank already wants to turn the tables on the Silent Six. He also mentioned backdooring Dan yesterday, according to another post. I hope Danielle realizes she shouldn’t have kept him.


Can Danielle just leave already? Damn, why aren’t Chilltown 3.0 targeting Shane and Danielle yet?